A Night With Candace Cameron

i was sitting in the living room watchin television when the doorbell rang i
got up and answered it. it was a young girl about in her early 20’s she said
she was having trouble with her car it was broke down about a mile down the
road she asked me if she could come in and use the phone to call a towtruck
we waited for the truck to arrive and take her car to the garage upon waiting
she introduced herself as candace cameron i offered her something to drink i
went to get it and i came back we sat and talked for what seemed like hours
she said it was getting warm so she started to unbutton her shirt to let her
neck breath she noticed
me getting really turned on and sat back she sat back
in her chair and gave me a glance between her legs i noticed she wasnt
wearing panties she stood up and started to take her clothes off starting
with her shirt letting it fall slowly off her shoulders onto the floor she
stood there letting me look at her luscious breast then she removed her bra
she stood back and shook her big tits at me and i almost came right then she
then let her skirt fall to the floor she steeped out of it and parted her
legs so i could get a long look at her pussy she started to finger herself
while i watched she walked over and straddled me in the chair she sat on my
cock and rode me hard she said ohhhhh yesssss fuck me big boy fuck me in my
ass i fucked her as hard as i could i stood up and she wrapped her legs
around me i took her over to the couch and started licking her tits she
moaned loudly ohhh yesssssss i sat up kissing her all over her body down her
chest sucking on each nipple kissing down her belly slowly parting her pussy
lips she was so excited that she pissed in my mouth i continued down her legs
to her toes i licked each one individually this drove her wild as i licked in
between each one i tasted the sweat and i savored the smell of her sweaty
feet sucking her toes very hard she came instantly after an incredible
evening she got dressed and went to wait for the truck to arrive

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