A Night With Elton

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of a homosexual nature. Do not read if you are offended. It is purely fiction and does not depict the true sexuality of Lee Ryan, or the relationship between the two artists. Enjoy!

Based on the set of the video for Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

‘Ok, and ACTION’ the Director called

The music started and the boys began lip synching the lyrics to their forthcoming song, a cover of Elton John’s Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

The piano intro started and Duncan opened his mouth to sing

The room was crowded.

There must have been over 30
people on the set, from the Director to the general skivvy, the one who ran around to get anything the boys needed

The atmosphere in the room was electric.

Excitement filled the room as they began work on on the set of their new vid

For the most part, the excitement was due to the fact that singing legend Elton John was present

The Blue boys all admired the singer, no doubt listening to all his records as kids

But today was special. Today they were about to make history…….

‘CUT’ the director called ‘That’s lovely’

The music stopped and the boys relaxed

The room was buzzing with atmosphere, the thrill of a new adventure

Elton, who was oblivious to it all, fixed his gaze on the short blond one

He’d had his eye on him since clapping eyes on him

He had to admit, he was very attractive, his rugged boyish looks made him appear younger than his adult years

His piercing blue eyes seemed full of youth and mischief

There was something about him, something that Elton found very attractive

He had this almost childlike air about him, his cocky, brazen attitude made him all the more charming

Elton had to pull away as he eyed his fancy piece

He had seen many men over the years, his sexuality not a secret from the public eye

Even now, he still found himself gazing at young men, his own youth long surpassed

A voice interrupted his thoughts

It was the Director, calling for order

Cursing, he came back to reality, the lustful thoughts forced to the back of his mind

‘Okay, on to the next scene’ he heard the Director yell

He stood up from the piano, stretching his legs and arms as he prepared himself for the next take

This was old news to him, having done countless videos over his many years in the music industry

But he was surprised to find himself actually enjoying this one.

He had almost refused to take part, believing that old songs should be left in the past

But one thing had finally persuased him to change his mind

And that ‘thing’ was standing mere feet away from him….

The music blared from the speakers, the familiar song rang in his ears

He tried to concentrate as thoughts of Lee slowly crept into his head

He found himself having lustful thoughts about him, wondering if he was a good lover, thinking of how good his soft skin would feel under his own, his burning desire to make sweet love to this man

He jolted as he felt his the object of his affection’s arm brush his, sending a shiver down his spine

He longed for the touch to return, but it never did

Sighing, he returned to his dream world

Was this as close as he was going to get?

The long scene came to an end

The Director called for a cut and filming ceased

Standing up from his piano, Elton deliberately brushed past Lee, his heart leaping into his chest as their bodies came into contact

He looked into his eyes, the mischevious glint was still there

He smiled weakly and quickly turned away, not wanting to arouse suspiscion in his fellow comrade

Moving off the stage, he made his way to the makeshift dressing room

He knew he’d have a few minutes to himself, before filming resumed in a few short moments

His thoughts turned to Lee again as he pictured that cocky elf like face, the mischevious glint in his eyes, the cock air about him

The more he thought about him, the more he wanted him

He felt his cock stir as his thoughts of Lee filled his mind

God, how he wanted him right now!

He nursed his swollen member, willing it to die down as he prepared to go back on set

But it was having none of it, remaining upright as he made his way back on to the stage

Sitting at his piano once again, Elton tried to turn his thoughts to the matter at hand

But images of Lee kept entering his head as he continued his lustful thoughts towards the youth

He couldn’t wait for the filming to end so he could finally make his move

As if the Gods were on his side, half an hour later, the filming ceased for the day

The boys shook hands with him in turn upon leaving

Elton held on to Lee’s hand a touch longer than he should have

Aware of this, he reluctantly let go.

He gave him a smile, hoping he hadn’t noticed the deliberate move

He was suddenly aware of the increasing arousal in his nether regions

Luckily, Lee hadn’t noticed, and Elton was thankful

Placing a hand on his shoulder, he whispered something into Lee’s ear

Lee nodded and stopped dead in his tracks

The room quickly emptied and Elton found himself alone with the object of his affections

He had made some excuse to be alone with him and was now about to make his move……

He found himself gazing into the youth’s eyes, searching for his soul

His cock grew with each passing second

Placing a hand on Lee’s face, he smoothed his warm skin

‘What u doing, mate?’ Lee asked, his voice showing slight annoyance

‘Don’t hold back, Lee…you know I want you’ Elton found himself saying, his voice sounding more confident than he was

Lee was rooted to the spot, his feet seemed to sink into the ground as the words rang in his ears

He looked up at Elton, seeing the lust in his eyes

Before he could move, he felt Elton upon him, his chunky frame overpowering him

He was helpless to stop as Elton’s lips touched his, his warm wet tongue traced the outlines of his mouth

Lee found himself responding, his tongue searching for Elton’s as he embraced a man for the first time

Lee found it surprisingly enjoyable, the singer’s long tongue worked expertly in his mouth, exploring the walls of his oral cavity

There was something about a man’s kiss that seemed different, it was more forceful and probing and Lee found himself enjoying it immensely

He allowed himself to be kissed, revelling in the new sensation, his tongue searching and exploring the gay man’s mouth

Elton finally broke the kiss, ending it with a loud smack

Lee was speechless. He couldn’t believe he had allowed himself to be kissed by a man

He had kissed loads of women before, but this was incredible!

He stood there, waiting patiently for Elton’s next move

Elton was in a state of delirium, he had finally gotten to kiss the man of his dreams

His aching cock was now screaming for attention, the thick purple head throbbing as it yearned for release

Not uttering a word, he took Lee’s hand and placed it on his crotch, letting him feel around his hardness

Lee’s fingers gripped him, running down the length

Elton felt his cock twitch as Lee’s grip tightened around his manhood

He could tell Lee was an expert as his hand moved expertly over him

Lee felt his own cock grow as he fondled Elton’s protruding bulge

He slid a hand over his own growing erection, smoothing the hardness over the material of his pants

Elton spotted this and placed a hand over his, guiding him across his own erection

Lee closed his eyes, revelling in the sensation of a man’s touch on him

Elton put his mouth over Lee’s, slipping a tongue out to caress his soft lips

Lee responded by parting his lips, his tongue protruding slightly from the small gap

There was no doubt Elton was a fantastic kisser, his many years of experience evident as he gently embraced him

Lee slipped his arms around Elton’s neck, pulling him in closer

His lips widened and he kissed him deeply, taking him in

The passion between them grew as they embraced eachother

Elton slid his arms around Lee, running his hands lightly over his back

Breaking off the kiss, Elton climbed up onto the piano.

Once on, his hands searched Lee’s muscular body

Within seconds, Lee’s top was off, revealing a tanned body Elton would have died for

His eyes scanned his muscular torso, the smooth hairless chest, the perfect pecs, the tiny erect nipples that begged to be sucked

His mouth watered as he imagined making love to this beautiful man

Elton ran his hands over Lee’s soft hairless chest

His eyes and hands searched Lee’s toned body, leaving no part untouched

He slipped his own top off, his pink nipples were already standing erect, soft wispy blonde hairs covered his entire chest

Lee couldn’t resist running a hand over the legend’s torso, his thick digits fondling the matted fur

Elton sighed as Lee’s hands caressed him, his fingers felt wonderful on his skin

He let out a groan, indicating for Lee to continue

Lee’s hands moved up to his shoulders, gently massaging them with his thick fingers

Elton closed his eyes, his mind drifted

Elton pulled Lee in closer, a thrill ran thru his body as it collided with his

He put his lips over Lee’s, his tongue instantly entering his mouth

He kissed him with fiery passion, his body weakening as he deeply embraced him

Lee allowed himself to be kissed once more, the pure thrill sending a rush thru him

He slipped an arm round the back of Elton’s head and leaned in closer

He had never felt such passion before, and was loving the new experience

They broke the kiss off and looked into eachother’s eyes for a few moments

Elton gave Lee a sly grin and Lee’s felt his heart melt

He wasn’t sure of many things, but one thing was for certain, he wanted this man……..

Lee cautiously unbuttoned Elton’s trousers

His cock suddenly sprang from it’s confines as it was set free

Lee gasped as the cock came to life in front of him

It must have been at least 9″, it’s thick purple circumsized head glistened with precum.

Lee suddenly felt inferior, his own 6″ hidden away in his briefs

Elton smiled at Lee’s reaction, although it wasn’t a first for him

He imagined thrusting inside Lee’s tight virgin arse, stretching it’s thin walls, coating him with his warm love juices

He licked his lips and gazed into Lee’s blue eyes

He could sense the lust inside him, his inexperienced mind whirling with passion

Oh God how he wanted to be inside him, to deflower that lovely virgin arse of his

Soon, he would get his wish………

Lee inched forward, his face inches from Elton’s gleaming cock

He opened his lips slightly, his tongue protruding cautiously from the gap

He licked the tip slowly, tasting the sweet nectar of his comrade

It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, a faint salty flavour

Her licked again, taking in more of his new lover’s juices

Elton sighed as Lee’s tongue flicked over his swollen meat

‘Suck it baby’ he whispered

Lee opened his lips wider, slowly taking in the fleshy purple bulb, the sweet sticky liquid filling his mouth

Elton placed a hand on Lee’s head, guiding him along his cock

A groan surpassed his lips as Lee’s mouth swallowed his meat

Lee sucked in more of the juicy meat, almost swallowing half of it

He moved his mouth over the tender flesh, his tongue running over the hard length

Elton groaned as the amateur cock sucker sucked him off

He was certainly a natural!

Lee flicked his tongue over the fleshy bulb, it’s purple mushroom head seeped precum

Elton thrust his hips into Lee’s mouth, forcing him to swallow more

‘Oooh…….that’s good’ he groaned as Lee worked on his cock

Lee tenderly touched his balls, the soft sac seemed to melt in his hands

This warranted another groan from Elton, who ground his hips faster, his cock almost disappearing fully into Lee’s mouth

‘Oh fuck, i’m gonna come’ he yelled

Lee didn’t know what to expect and pulled out, wanking him to orgasm instead

Drops of come spurted out from the slit of his cock.

The thick sticky white liquid landing all around him, staining his skin

It seemed never ending as Elton’s juices continued to flow

Lee took the plunge and wrapped his mouth around the bulb

The salty taste of another man filled his mouth, his senses working overtime as he lapped up the sticky mess

‘Oh yes’ Elton moaned loudly as Lee’s mouth covered his fuck stick ‘That’s it baby’

Elton’s body suddenly went limp and Lee knew that the orgasm was over

He looked up at Elton who gave him a satisfied grin

This was going better than planned!

Elton climbed off the piano, landing on the floor with a loud thud

He gazed at Lee, who looked at him expectantly, waiting for his next command

Elton knelt down in front of Lee, his face inches away from Lee’s crotch

He could smell the scent of his new lover, and it excited him

He impatiently unzipped his flies, slipping a hand inside his trousers searching for his prize

Finding it, he set it free from it’s confines, the 6″ meat sprang out to greet him

He licked his lips, his mouth closed in on the hard rock

Elton quickly swallowed Lee’s cock, his mouth worked expertly up and down on the hard length

Lee groaned as Elton’s mouth covered his cock, his tongue working on the tip, drops of precum seeped from the tiny slit

‘Oooooh’ Lee quietly moaned, not believing how good a man’s mouth felt on him

He gently thrust his cock deeper into Elton’s mouth, forcing him to swallow more

Elton sucked hard, his tongue lapping frantically at the hard meat

He moved down to the base, the wispy blonde pubic hairs tickling his nose as went down fully on him

Lee closed his eyes, revelling in the new sensation, his body trembling with passion

His legs suddenly went weak and he felt like he was going to collapse

Holding on to the piano for support, he steadied himself as Elton continued to work expertly on him

Elton slipped a finger inside his anus

Lee jumped at the intrusion, but soon recovered as it filled his cavity, the pain quickly turned into pleasure as he thrust his hips to meet his movements

He opened his legs slightly allowing easier access

Elton slid his finger in further, stroking the soft walls of his shit canal

Lee gasped as the thick digit filled him, the sensation was overwhelming and he found himself wanting more

Elton shoved another finger into his tight virgin arsehole, causing Lee to groan in a mixture of pleasure and pain

The other hand went to his balls, stroking the soft sac with his thick fingers

Lee had never felt anything like this, his body ached with fiery passion

He soon climaxed, shooting his load into Elton’s mouth, fillling it with his warm sticky wet juices

Elton happily lapped it up, the warm liquid streaming, overflowing onto his chin

Lee gasped as the climax engulfed him, his body shuddering as the wonderful sensation flowed thru him

Lee stood back for a moment, his heart was thumping in his chest, his body trembling as he recovered from the powerful climax

Elton gazed at him, his eyes full of pride as he watched the young man regain himself

He whispered to him almost incoherently ‘I wanna you to fuck me Lee’

Lee was stunned, not believing those words had come from such a legend

He wasn’t sure how to respond

Before he had a chance, Elton stood against the piano, opening his own legs so he was stood there straddled in front of him.

Lee cautiously slid a finger between the man’s butt cheeks, searching for his puckered anus

Finding it, he slipped a digit in, surprised at how soft and warm the shit tunnel was

His finger disappeared quickly into his arse, the tunnel walls contracting around his fingers

He slowly moved his fingers in and out, gently sliding the digits into his hole

‘Put another one in’ Elton commanded

Lee did so, stretching the tight hole with his second finger

‘Oh God’ he heard Elton moan as he finger fucked his arse ‘Oh that’s so good’

Lee sped up his movements, causing Elton to groan even more

‘Oh fuck, that’s good’ he yelled again

His hips bucked to Lee’s movements in his arse

More obscenities flowed from his mouth, much to Lee’s surprise

‘Stick your cock in my arse’ Elton cried ‘I want your cock’

Lee slid his fingers out and positioned his cock over the entrance of his shit canal

The tip slowly entered the puckered hole, stretching the tight gap

Elton fidgeted, trying to accommodate him, his tunnel swallowing Lee’s 6″ meat with relative ease

‘Ahhh’ he heard Elton groan as he entered him

He wondered if he’d hurt him, but then soon realised it was a groan of pleasure

Half of his cock was now inside the legend’s arse, his thick meat impaled into him

He moved tentatively at first, unsure of his moves, but Elton’s encouragement guided him and he soon found himself fucking him with wild abandon

He grabbed his hips, pulling Elton onto him, his cock now completely engulfed in his arse

‘Oh shit’ he heard himself cry as the tunnel walls contracted around his cock, sucking him in

He’d never felt anything so tight

Lee felt himself about to explode, his cock moving fast inside the older man’s arse

‘Oh fuck’ he cried as he came in his arse

Tons of come flowed from him as he climaxed hard, his cock felt like it was on fire as he released stream after stream of come

Elton gasped as the sticky juices washed thru him, the warm liquid filling his anal cavity

He encouraged him: ‘Come on baby, come for me’

These words sent Lee into delirium and he climaxed again, sending more floods of come into the old man’s arse

Lee collapsed on top of him, his body weak with exhaustion, his mind reeling from the new experience

They both stood there breathless, their hearts beating fast as they recovered from the climax

‘What the fuck?’ they suddenly heard

Turning round they saw Duncan stood there, a look of stricken horror on his face

Lee quickly disembarked him

He tried to hide his limp cock, which was coated in his own sticky wet juices

‘It’s not what you think……’ Lee started to protest…………….

THE END……………..?

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