A Night With Jessica Biel [Parts 1-3]

A Night with Jessica Biel
by The Archer

Chapter 1

My parents have been divorced since I was eight years old. When my
parents split up, I was often the recipient of the "gift dad"
phenomenon. This is where the father figure tends to try to make up for
leaving by spoiling the kid rotten. It was great to eat all that
fast-food, go to all those theme parks and all that stuff, but I quickly
outgrew it. But, I never thought that I would get a side benefit at my
current age like the one that happened here . . .

I went to visit my Dad one
summer in Chicago where he was living. I was
22 at the time and drove myself. I was only visiting for a month, but it
was unrealistic to expect him to take all that time off work from his
very important job. It turned out that one week he had to take a trip to
Omaha for a few days leaving me behind with his bitchy wife (actually
his third). Of course, she works too and so there wasn’t a whole lot to
do during the days and even the nights when he was out of town. So, one
day I decided to take a little trip to the mall near downtown. After
checking out the music stores, the sporting goods stores and anything
else that looked interesting (including some fine young ladies working
in various stores and kiosks around the mall) I was getting a little
hungry. I wandered over to get in line at the Dairy Queen. I arrived at
the back of the line at the same time as a rather cute young lady did.
Being a gentleman, I let her go first. When she turned around to thank
me, I could not begin to realize the series of events in my life that
led to this moment and how they would allow me the experience that was
about to follow.

It took me a second, but I recognized this cute girl as the actress
Jessica Biel from WB’s 7th Heaven. I’ve always thought she was pretty
good looking on TV and I would watch the show if I happened to have the
chance. But in person, she even prettier. Her lovely brown hair was
mostly tucked up under a Cubs baseball cap. Only a pony tail stuck out
the back. By the way, I have always thought that a girl that wore hats
like that was totally irresistible. But getting back to the story,
Jessica had turned around and was saying something about how unusual it
is to see guys my age treating a lady like that. For what was going to
be the last time for quite awhile, my brain worked faster than my mouth.
Rather than let on that I knew her, I was able to mumble something along
the lines of "I’m sorry, it’s how I was raised."

We got to talking, she asked me if I was from around here and I said
no, I was from Michigan. Then she told me that she was here for her
senior class trip and was taking a break to shop by herself. It wasn’t
the best lie ever, but it told me that my instinct to pretend not to
recognize her was the correct one. Just to bait her, I asked her how old
she was.

"18. I’ll be 19 in November, " was the reply.

"That’s cool. I’m 20, by the way." I knew she wasn’t really that old,
so I figured I should subtract a few years to get closer to her real
age. Then Jessica asked me a question that was my first hint she might
be interested in more than casual chatting.

"So what is a guy like you doing by yourself in the mall today?" Was
her feigned innocent question.

"Oh, I’m just killing some time. There isn’t much to do at my Dad’s
place," I explained. I then went on to tell her about visiting my dad
and not liking his wife and stuff like that. Jessica just listened and
nodded kind of a knowing nod. She seemed to understand the desire to
want to get away from familiar people.

"Yeah, I was getting pretty bored to." Well, by now, she was up next in
line and the cashier asked to take her for her order. Luckily, the
cashier glanced at me and it prompted me to into action.

"Hey, you know what? Since we are both bored, let me buy you lunch and
we can just sit and talk a little?" Certainly not classic, but not bad

"Sounds good, thank you. . . I’m sorry, what’s your name?" Jessica
asked after a brief pause.

"Oh, sorry. It’s Brian. And yours?"

"Jessica." A smile and then she ordered. I was up and ordered an
average size lunch, even though I was starving. I knew I’d be nervous,
so I figured I’d take it easy. I paid and we walked to a bench in a
corner by a planter with what looked like large, fake ferns in it. We
sat across from each other and the conversation was pretty normal stuff.
I quickly established that Jessica was stringing together quite a few
lies to keep her "cover" from being blown. Not that I minded that too
much. After all, it is easy to understand how a person in her position
might want to "get away from it all" so to speak.

In all, we talked for probably an hour before she said she had to be
going. I asked if maybe she might have some other free time while she
was here and if I could see her again. "I’d like that. What does your
schedule look like for tonight?" Jessica asked.

"Well, I don’t have any concrete plans I couldn’t change. How about I
swing by your hotel and pick you up for dinner? Say around 7?" Not bad,
I thought.

"O.K., Brian, sounds good. Just pull up to the front entrance and I’ll
be waiting."

"Alrighty then. See you tonight." I smiled and looked into her eyes,
then down to her lips. Jessica must have had similar thoughts because
she leaned over and gave me a nice peck on the lips. She smiled and
walked off without another word.

I’m not sure, but I think 3 months went by for everyone else while I
waited for 7:00 to come around. My dad’s wife was just watching some
crap on T.V when I said I was going to go out tonight and I wasn’t sure
when I’d be home. She just kind of nodded and I left. The drive went
fairly quick and I got to the hotel about five minutes early. Jessica
was already there (a good sign) and she looked scandalous. She was
wearing a sundress and little else it appeared. I couldn’t make out any
bra straps and her legs were bare. I must confess here that I am
definitely a leg man and Jessica had a gorgeous set of legs. I could
suck on those for a few hours easy. Anyway, she got in and promptly
leaned over and kissed me as a greeting. A little longer this time, not
really a peck, but not a long kiss either.

Dinner was at an above average place but a fairly casual setting. That
way, I could show a little class without either of us being out of dress
code (I had on khaki shorts and a golf shirt). The booths weren’t overly
large so we spent a lot of time with our legs touching. I think Jessica
liked the feel of my hair on her bare legs. I know I did. Again,
conversation was pretty routine. Jessica turned the conversation to
relationships and sexual matters occasionally, but nothing too personal
yet. Mostly it was light-hearted and she even made a few crass comments
that you’d expect out of a guy, but were a huge turn-on coming from this
gorgeous girl across from me. Eventually, it was getting to be about 9
so we left. The ride back to the hotel was rather quiet. I think both of
us were trying to decide how to make the next move without being too
aggressive. Luckily, Jessica had a great cover for that, too.

"So you like soccer don’t’ you?" She asked.

"Yeah, I’ve even watched a little of the US women’s team in the World
Cup on T.V. the last few weeks. Why?" Where was this going?

"Well, I was just thinking that the semi-finals are on tonight. I
happen to have a room by myself believe it or not and I thought maybe
you’d like to come up and watch it?" IF she was any cuter at that
moment, I might have thrown her in the back seat and fucked her there
and then. The way her face kind of twisted like she does as she asked
that question was priceless. Then comes the suave reply.

"Sure, I’d love to. You got a room to yourself, huh? How’d you manage

"Well, they are putting four to a room, but I signed up late and got
the last room. They had a perfect number of people for the other rooms,
I was the extra. Just good luck, I guess." Another one of those sexy
smiles. Good luck my ass, this was too funny the way she went on with
one little lie after another.

"Cool. Want to stop and grab something for while we watch?"

"Nah, I’d rather concentrate on the game." Jessica said with a wink one
of those knowing-sexy smiles. Thank God we were almost there because if
she did any more of that I was going to start getting hard right here.
Finally, we got there and we breezed right to her room on the seventh
floor. I quickly sized up the room and saw the lone bed was positioned
right in front of the T.V. so we could share the bed. Good. I walked in
and muttered something about being a nice room as Jessica went to the
bathroom. I sat on the edge of the bed facing the T.V. and flipped it
on. It was already on the right station and the game was at halftime
with the US women’s team leading China 1-0. Now what, I thought? Jessica
seems to like making first moves, so I’ll let that trend continue for a
little longer.

That problem was quickly solved as Jessica came out of the bathroom and
didn’t hesitate to sit down on the bed next to me. Both of had our backs
on the headboard. The second half of the game started and the Chinese
team started out with a furious rush that led to a goal, tying it at
1-1. But their emotions got the better of them and a player got a red
card (ejected for the match), their second of the game, placing them
short by two players compared to the American team. From that point on,
the US team carried play, most of it in the Chinese third of the field.
But despite the pressure, with only a few minutes to go, the Americans
had yet to get a second goal past the Chinese keeper. By this point,
Jessica and I were both up on our knees cheering every US shot on goal,
hoping for the winning score. Now, I realize this might seem a bit much
for a 22 year old male while watching a girls soccer game, but if you
had Jessica Biel next to you, you’d do the same thing. Then, in the 89th
minute, Mia Hamm was dragged down into the penalty box and was awarded a
penalty kick. True to form, Hamm buried the shot as you’d expect out of
the best player in the world. Jessica turned to me and put her hands up
over her head offering a high five (or ten in this case). As I slapped
her hands, my brain suddenly lost all thought process and decided to
operate my mouth without thinking.

"I love Mia Hamm," I cried out. "You know, you two have quite a bit in
common, you know that?" Was my next offering.

"Me? And Mia Hamm?" Jessica looked at me with skepticism.

"Yeah. You both like soccer. You are both smart. And you’re both
stunningly beautiful." Was this actually coming out of my mouth? No,
there is no way I would say anything that corny. "The only difference is
that you are here next to me, right now." A little improvement, but was
it enough to cover my faux pas ?

"And how do you plan to take advantage of that difference?" Jessica
purred with one eye-brow seductively arched.

"Hmmmm. . . Maybe like this. . ." I said as put my hands on her hips
and pulled her close to me, our lips meeting for the third time.

This kiss lasted very long. When we finally disengaged, I was totally
out of breath. With only a slight pause, Jessica put her hands behind my
head and pulled my lips back to hers. This time, I felt her tongue on my
lips and we both parted our mouths. After a few seconds of
sword-fighting and tonsil hockey, I moved my hands up Jessica’s sides
and behind her back so my arms were under hers, but grabbing the back of
her shoulders. As I made this move, I was careful to feel for any sign
of a bra. Feeling nothing, I became more bold. I slowly started to slide
my hands over her sundress straps on both shoulders, and they began
sliding off her shoulders. Jessica’s response was to begin grabbing my
shirt and pulling it up from my shorts where they were tucked in.

Since we were both up on our knees still, Jessica’s dress fell off her
body, crumpling around her knees on the bed. But before I could get a
good view of her chest, my vision was obscured by my shirt being pulled
over my head. I raised my arms up to speed the process along and Jessica
threw my shirt aside. It was then that I was able to gaze upon those
lovely breasts, the nipples already sticking out. Jessica moved her
hands to my chest, briefly running them through my chest hair and over
my nipples. Then she pushed me backwards onto the bed. She kept one hand
on me, to tell me to stay down as she stood up. The sundress fell around
her ankles. She stepped out of it and removed her panties the same way.
Then she crawled up to my waist and unbuckled my belt. As she did, I
could see her looking at the obvious bulge in my pants, now sticking
straight up. She got the belt loose, then unbuttoned the button. Then
Jessica surprised me by ever so gently sliding my zipper down, so as not
to get anything caught in the zipper. After my shorts were fully apart,
she grabbed the waist and pulled them down my legs. I lifted my butt off
the bed to facilitate that process. Only my boxers remained, with an
even more prominent bulge in those. The fly was a gaping hole due to the
pressure pushing it up on one side from my erect cock. Jessica finished
undressing me by pulling my boxers off and nearly gasped at the sight of
my dick.

It wasn’t huge by any means, but I imagine to a teen-ager that’s rather
unschooled in sexual matters (as she had revealed during our
conversations earlier), it looked monstrous. But she was only spooked
for a moment. She crawled back up my body, and laid herself down on top
of me. Her breasts rubbed along my chest as she slid up. Reaching my
face, we kissed passionately again. Then she broke away and moved to my
ear. Her tongue going over every surface, sucking and licking. She moved
to my neck, making soft, gentle kisses constantly. She slid down, her
nipples again rubbing against my chest. She continued the constant small
kisses until she reached my cock.

Jessica wrapped one hand around it and began to stroke it slowly, over
the entire shaft. She would stop at the head and use her thumb to circle
where the head meets the shaft, making me gasp in pleasure each time.
Then she looked up at me. Our eyes met and I could see the lust in her
face. She gave me an evil look, as if to show her dominance over me.
Then she glanced down at my dick in her hand. Jessica looked back up,
smiled, and lowered her mouth to my cock.

She kissed it gently, right on the head. Just to get a taste. The
precum was already spilling out, and she slurped it up with an approving
"mmmmm" noise. Next, she licked the bottom of my cock, all the way to
the hairy base where it connects to my sac. She licked it back up to the
head. Then she went back down again, circling her tongue over a wider
area. Her other hand, which had been on my thigh, basically resting,
slowly slid off. I barely noticed, but when I felt it grab my balls, it
had my full attention. Jessica took her mouth off my cock and her hand
gently massaged my balls. I arched my back in the pleasure of the
moment, and let out a soft moan. Luckily I was able to hold on before
cumming. But Jessica was far from finished. She took her other hand and
grabbed the base of my dick, holding it steady. Then her mouth plunged
onto my cock. She started sucking and swirling her tongue all over the
head. She inched her way down the shaft, swallowing a good five inches
of my seven inch dick. I could not contain myself any longer. I quickly
shot my load into the back of Jessica’s throat. She retreated back up to
the tip in response to the new sensation. As each wave followed,
spurting more cum into her mouth, she sucked it all in. I felt her stop
to swallow once, then resumed her licking and slurping of my salty/sweet
cum. Finally, I was dried out and my spasms slowed, then stopped.
Jessica continued to lick up every drop. Then she took her hands and
mouth off my cock and pushed her self up to look up at me. I could see a
little cum dripping down her cute little chin, and she licked her lips
in approval of the taste of my bodily juices of life. Unable to resist
her anymore, I sat up, reached down, grabbed her under her arms and
pulled her up to my face. I used a finger to scoop up the cum on her
chin and pulled it back for her to see. She smiled an embarrassed smile
and dove her mouth onto my finger, sucking it all up.

I laid back down, pulling her on top of me again, kissing her for what
seemed like hours, but was probably only 10 minutes. The taste of both
our fluids mixed in her hot, sexy mouth was unbelievable. The I rolled
her over and placed my self on top of her. I looked down into her eyes
and smiled in true appreciation of what she had done. No words were
needed, our thoughts clearly passed to each other’s mind. I could tell
she enjoyed it, and was pleased that I did, too. My next thought was of
how to repay her. But the night was young, why waste a perfectly good
hotel room. . .

End Chapter 1

A Night with Jessica Biel
by The Archer

Chapter 2

Jessica may have been "inexperienced" in sexual matters, but based on
her performance thus far, I was wondering how true that actually was.
Well, there was only one way to find out.

After we had both calmed down a little bit, I picked my head back up
from her shoulder and kissed her lightly on the mouth. She smiled up at
me and asked, "Well, how’d I do hon’?"

"Hmmm. . .Well, I mean, uhhh . . . I guess it was above average." I
replied, obviously teasing her. Then I was afraid that it might hurt her
self confidence, so I clarified by saying "Ok, it was outstanding. I’m
not even going to ask how you are so good at that. Are you too tired to
from all that? Need a break?" I said teasing again.

"Hmmmhmmm" Jessica giggled. "No way you are getting off that easy.
We’ve got sooo much time left tonight, and I don’t want to spend a night
alone in this big hotel room with nothing to do." Her face formed one of
those irresistible looks that few men could handle, especially when she
is naked under you. So I asked myself, "why fight it"?

Jessica ended my mental discussion anyway by lifting her head off the
bed and kissing me more passionately. I eagerly met her tongue and we
embraced each other fiercely while our tongues performed a
sword-fighting ritual in our mouths. She slid her hands down my back
with those long arms of hers. They reached my ass, which she squeezed
slightly, before she moved them back up my sides. All the while, I was
trying to keep from choking on our tongues. I was amazed how sexy her
tongue was, slithering all over my mouth and nearly wrapping itself
around mine.

As her hands moved up to my armpit area, she began sliding them
underneath to my chest. I had to lift myself up a bit to allow her to do
this. She rolled me over and followed by rolling her own body on top of
mine. Her hands stayed on my chest, playfully tugging at my hair. She
giggled and I watched her spreading her fingers across my entire chest,
running them over my nipples, down my ribs, eventually reaching my
modest six-pack. She kept her body positioned perfectly with mine and by
now my cock had begun to realize it was going to be needed some more
tonight. Jessica felt my dick on her inner thigh and her hands swiftly
moved down to grab it. I gasped as she wrapped her hands around my cock
for the second time tonight. She adjusted it slightly, so the head was
right at her pussy lips. She moved her hips to a more comfortable
position and looked up at me, almost asking for approval. My answer was
to arch my back, sliding my cock into her about an inch. This time, it
was Jessica who gasped with this sensation.

She lifted up, almost coming off my rod. Then she slid back down, my
cock sliding into her deeply. I had never done a virgin before, so I
wasn’t sure what I was supposed to feel, but it quickly became obvious.
My dick was suddenly stopped and I realized I had hit her hymen. I
glanced up at Jessica, but her eyes were closed and her head tipped
back. She lowered herself even further, causing my head to puncture her
hymen, the rest of my dick following right behind. Jessica hardly seemed
to notice as she lowered herself as low as she could. I arched my back
again, burying the remainder of my 7 inches into her pussy. Jessica
wasted no time, and began gyrating in an aggressive but very feminine
way. Her hips sliding in a circular motion, and her cunt firmly clenched
around my cock. She began bucking up and down, never more than a few
inches, our juices making an odd mushing sound as our body parts slammed
against each other. I was enjoying it tremendously and decided it was
time to take a more active role.

I shot my hands up from her hips to her breasts, grabbing them almost
roughly. I ran my thumbs over each nipple, circling them a few times. I
squeezed them lightly at first, then a little harder. Jessica began to
moan and I felt her first orgasm as she shuddered. For a brief moment a
thought entered my head . . I had just taken Jessica Biel’s virginity.
Damn. I was quickly brought back to the moment as Jessica increased the
pace. She leaned over toward me, and began sliding up and down even
more. Soon almost my whole cock was going in and out of her pussy. I
could take no more and I told Jessica to hold on. She steadied herself
with her hands on my chest as I exploded another load into her hot,
soaking pussy. Each pulse made her cunt grip me tighter, as if to
squeeze more out. Jessica continued to buck up and down until I stopped
and realized she was cumming again, too.

After a few seconds, we both came down from the rush and were panting
and sweating heavily. Jessica lifted herself off of me, and laid down
next to me on the bed, one arm draped over my chest.

"I need a smoke." I said jokingly. I don’t smoke, obviously.

"Brian, when I’m with you, I smoke during sex." Was Jessica’s sexy

"You were pretty great yourself, Jess. Especially for your first time.
Are you ok, by the way? Didn’t hurt too much, did it?"

"A little at first, but it felt sooo good Brian. How many other girls
have you stolen their virginity from?" Jessica asked admiringly.

"Honestly? You are the first one." I said trying to sound gallant, but
probably came across as awkward.

"Oh? Should I feel special?" She asked with a sly smile and a raised

"You are special, sweetie. Not to mention talented." I added to change
the subject away from this potential landmine topic. Then I rolled onto
my side, facing Jessica and used my thumb to slide some hair aside from
her forehead. Then I ran the back of my hand down her cheek, all the
while looking deeply into her sexy dark eyes. As I got to her neck, she
purred rather like a kitten and I turned my hand over as it approached
her shoulder. I ran it over her collar bone, continuing south towards
her still sweaty, pert tits. They were so soft and smooth to the touch,
despite the slightly sticky feeling of the sweat. As I began to stroke
her breast, Jessica’s hand was still wrapped around my body began to
move as well. She slid it around to my chest and pulled playfully at my
chest hair again. I guess she really likes guys with chest hair, or
maybe she just hadn’t had a chance to be with a guy with much of it
before. Not that I cared one way or the other. I slowly maneuvered one
leg to the other side of hers, so I was straddling her. Then I lowered
myself down onto my elbows so I could use both hands on those tits, not
just one. Her nipples started to harden up again, with my touch. Jessica
must have tired of my chest hair because she took both her hands and
moved them over my shoulders to my back and began rubbing it sensually.
She closed her eyes, enjoying my fondling of her gorgeous chest.

By now, my cock was once again ready for action. As it grew, I felt it
make contact with Jessica’s inner thigh again. However, she seemed to
ignore it this time and I took that as my cue to be the aggressor now
that she had done most of the leading so far. My arms were getting tired
from this fairly awkward position, so I dropped down flat onto her body.
She wrapped her legs around mine, pulling me up towards her. My cock
must have eyes because it was exactly lined up with Jessica’s still damp
pussy. It slid in very easily, only a few inches before I stopped. Then,
I rocked it back out almost all the way. But Jessica would have none of
that. Using her legs, she drove me into her pussy the entire length of
my dick. We both gasped at that, the sensations were overpowering. She
let out a pleasurable moan, her nails digging into my back. I started
driving in and out, slowly at first, until we matched each other. Then I
increased the pace, going as deep as I could each time. My balls started
slapping against her tight ass with each thrust into her welcoming cunt.
Faster and harder I rammed myself into her pussy. Jessica let out a loud
yell, loud enough to remind me we were only in a hotel room, not exactly
the most private of places. Her body convulsed with another orgasm. Her
legs were gripping mine so tightly. She began to rub her legs up and
down, her soft skin in contrast to the hair on my legs. With each
thrust, the bed was slamming into the wall. but I no longer cared if the
FBI walked in right then. I was strictly focused on fucking this babe
like there was no tomorrow (even though it was tomorrow already).
Finally, I felt my load building. My balls ached with the feeling of one
hot, monstrous load ready to explode into her pussy again. Jessica was
almost screaming by now, and I was pretty sure my back was bleeding from
her nails scratching and digging into it. Just as I felt another wave of
pleasure pulse through her body, I released my cum into her as deep as I
could get it. One shot after another, causing my entire body to flex in
the most extreme pleasure I’d ever felt before. It seemed like I was
never going to run out, but after maybe nine or ten pulses, I finally,
was able to regain some control.

I was gasping so hard, almost ready to pass out. Sweat from my body,
was dripping onto Jessica’s and I imagined I could hear it simmering
when it hit her skin, it felt so hot. I collapsed onto her, leaving my
now limp cock in her relaxed pussy. I laid there for awhile, until
Jessica stirred. Her arms were massaging my back. Her legs were slowly
stroking mine. I slowly rolled over, or more accurately, slipped off of
her because of the heavy perspiration on our chests. Apparently, Jessica
had caught her breath and she said "Oh my God, Brian. That was the best
feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life."

Over the course of three breaths, I managed to reply. "Me too. That was
great." I managed to tip my head over to look at her. The sweat was
still running down her pretty face. "But, my dear. It’s time for the
seventh inning stretch." I said this as I started to sit up.

"Oh no you don’t. It’s only the third inning and I want more." Jessica
used one arm to push me back down. She was surprisingly strong and I
hadn’t noticed it before. But I was going to notice many things I hadn’t
noticed before. And the best was yet to come. . .

End Chapter 2

A Night with Jessica Biel
by The Archer

Chapter 3

Jessica smiled at me in a way that instantly made my heart flutter.
Even after our night’s activities, she still looked totally gorgeous. I
thought about the situation: naked, in bed with a lustful, young, sexy,
cute actress. I was tired from our first three "innings" so far tonight
but I was sure I could go on. I looked back at her, showing surprise at
the way she was still so aggressive. She began to roll over but I
reached out my hand and stopped her. If we were going to continue, I
wanted to be up front with her. I’m not sure why, but for some reason,
my conscience won out over my brain and my penis.

"Baby, I gotta tell you something." I said slowly, inwardly cringing at
the possible repercussions of what was about to be said.

"Uh-oh. What is it? What did I do?" Jessica asked nervously.

"Well, I understand it, so I’m not upset about it, but you lied. . .
not to put too fine a point on it." I said

"Huh? What do you mean Brian? About what?" Jessica was clearly confused
and worried.

"I know you aren’t here with a school group, Jess." I looked her right
in the eyes, looking for a reaction of some kind.

"You do, huh? " Jessica seemed to relax for some reason. Now I was the
one confused. But Jessica continued with a sly smile on her face. "Oh,
you mean you know who I am? I know you do. I could tell. I was wondering
if you were gonna ‘fess up to it, and I’m glad you did. I think it’s
sweet you went along with it and even sweeter you came out and were
honest with me." If I wasn’t laying down already, I may have passed out.
She knew? How? Well, women can somehow tell these things. Why didn’t she
say anything? Was she testing me? If so, did I pass or fail? Now what do
I say? All this ran through my mind in roughly a second.

"Uhhhh. . . .I don’t know what to say." I stammered.

"You could start with a thank you for the compliment." Jessica said
with mock tone of anger. She lightly slapped my chest as she said it.

"Oh, yeah. Well, thanks, Jess. It was pretty obvious you didn’t want to
be recognized, so I kind of went along."

"How long did it take you?" She asked.

"About 2 seconds after I saw you." I said proudly. I’m not sure why.

"Really? Well, you had me fooled until tonight. I forget when, but you
said something that made me think. . . oh yeah! It was about soccer. You
seemed to know I liked soccer, but I never said that. I know my fans now
I play soccer, so I got to thinking that it was either a lucky guess or
you were trying to play along with my little charade." Jessica

"Damn." I said with feigned anger. "Well, I tried. You aren’t mad are
you?" I could tell she wasn’t. She was obviously flattered anyone would
go to that length for her. So I decided to press my hand and see how’d
she react. My boldness was rewarded.

Jessica gave me a look like ‘don’t be silly’ and leaned over to kiss
me. I eagerly met her lips and we embraced each other passionately. Our
lips seemed to know exactly what to do. Our tongues did their dance once
again. I quickly became aroused. And in some corner of my mind, I was
both pleased that my efforts had paid off, and in utter disbelief of
what had/was/would take place. Our bodies began rubbing against each
other. Again, her legs ran up and down mine, brining my cock to full
attention. My hands rubbed up and down her back, sensually feeling every
inch of skin from her waist to her neck. I wanted her to know I had
genuine feelings for her, not just pure lust. As if reading my mind,
Jessica rolled all the way on top of me, but kept kissing me. When we
finally disengaged, she slid down a little bit and laid her head on my
chest. Her hand played with my hair, pulling it gently. We just laid
there for awhile, each of us enjoying the simple pleasure of the moment.
I gently caressed her arms, neck, side and back, never trying to arouse
her, merely showing affection. After awhile, Jessica seemed ready to
proceed, and began a very slow process down my chest. She seemed to go
one hair at a time, pulling and teasing, tickling, rubbing almost every
inch of my sturdy chest. I adjusted slightly, let out a slight moan to
let her know I approved of her course of action. Mature beyond her years
(and experience), Jessica kept the same pace, slowly building up, but
never increasing speed. Eventually she got to my navel. She kind of
circled it, swirling the hair around it. Then she followed the path that
leads directly south.

Jessica finally got to the bushy hair in my groin area and began
running her finger tips in and out of it. She tugged at them playfully,
occasionally brushing against my cock. Then she grabbed my shaft and
began to stroke my dick slowly and tenderly. I reached my hand down and
began petting her head softly to encourage her. Jessica saw my reaction
and increased the pace, but only a little. Her other hand moved to my
sac and one finger started to trace over my balls, sending a chill up my
spine. She began to get in a rythym, one hand on my cock, the other
rubbing my sac. I moaned slightly as my breathing became heavier. But
Jessica wasn’t done with me quite yet. Her hands both sped up, stroking
my long cock and fingering my balls gently. Every stroke went from base
to the head, causing me to shiver in pleasure with each pass. She gazed
intently at my throbbing cock, almost studying it. Then she slowly
lowered her mouth to the tip, flicking her tongue over it. I almost came
right then and Jessica seemed to sense this. She slowed the stroking and
removed her mouth. Her hand on my balls had stopped too, but I don’t
remember noticing when. As I started to calm down just a little, she
slowly and teasingly lowered her mouth back to my cock.

Her hand continued to gently stroke the shaft up and down, with little
pressure. As her mouth reached my head, she again slid her tongue out of
her mouth, over those sexy red lips. IT touched my tip, then circled
around the very top. As Jessica lowered her mouth a little more, the
circles expanded down the head in ever-increasing rings. Finally her
lips themselves arrived at the tip. She pulled her tongue back into her
mouth, a small string of pre-cum stuck to the end left a trail from her
lips to my tip. She kissed the head as if kissing my mouth. Her lips
grabbed the entire top of my head and sucked, but not roughly. Then I
felt her tongue come back out and slide over the entire tip inside her
mouth. It made it’s way to where the head ends and the shaft begins.
This area has always been very sensitive for me and as her tongue got
there, I arched my back and let out a soft moan of pleasure. Her hand
stopped stroking so as not to overload my senses. Her mouth carefully
slid down my cock, the tongue leading the way, moistening every surface
of my shaft. My head began to rub against the roof of her mouth as she
slowly took me into her hot, moist mouth. Her lips stayed tight around
the head and finally reached the shaft and clamped down onto that as
well. As her tongue reached the base, she pulled back into her mouth and
started swiriling it around my dick inside her mouth. Jessica started
bobbing up and down slightly, her tongue adding to the sensation. She
was very slow and deliberate but the pace of it was extremely

Eventually she began to speed up. Each time she would go a little
further up the head and a little more down to toward the base. Soon she
was able to get almost my entire cock into her pretty little mouth. I
grabbed her shoulders and pleaded with her to finish me off. I felt so
good but my balls had been aching for over 10 minutes. Jessica continued
her rythymic movements. Finally she pulled her entire mouth off my cock.
I looked down at her in surprise. She looked up at me, a string of
pre-cum still hanging from her lower lip to my tip. Then Jessica smiled
at my in a way that no word can truly describe. But the feeling made me
feel like there was nothing in my life but her. She quickly dove her
mouth back onto my dick. She furiously sucked and licked the entire
piece of meat, moaning as she went. I lost all control at that point. I
let loose my muscles and another load of cum spurted out into her mouth.
It had to have been shooting off her throat, so deep was she on me. But
she didn’t stop, except once to swallow, until I was done thrusting and
convulsing. Her mouth slid sexily back up my dick and sucked every drop
off the head. Her tongue licked it clean and she swallowed that as well.

Jessica quickly crawled back up my body and laid her head on my
shoulder, kissing it. I held her tightly, not wanting to let her go or
ruin the moment by speaking. I knew I would have ot take the next step
and pleasure her. I began to plot in my mind how to go about that. As I
did, I simply enjoyed her chest heaving on mine, our hearts beating
strongly with something that, for me anyways, was more than simple lust
or desire. Jessica was so smart and sexy. She was caring and
independent, but also liked to be taken care of and to feel safe with my
arms around her. What more could a guy ask for? Well, it was my turn to
make sure I could take care of her.

I looked down and saw that we were both sweating profusely. Well, that
could work to my advantage, I thought. "Jess, hon’?"

"Yes Brian babe?" Was her deep-voiced reply.

"I’m not wanting to stop by any means, but we’re both kind of sweaty,
and I for one could use a shower. Of course, you are welcome to join
me." I offered light-heartedly.

"Hmmmmm, sounds good. Why don’t you get started and I’ll be in in a
second sweeie."

"Yes, ma’am." I said jokingly. I was rewarded by a light slap on my
chest as Jessica got up. I rolled over and got off the bed myself,
heading toward the bathroom. I started the water and adjusted it so it
was slightly colder than normal. I could certainly use the relief from
this unnatural fever I was running. I stepped in and started letting the
water run over my head and down my body. I grabbed for the shampoo and
applied a little to my hair. No sooner had I finished lathering than I
heard the shower curtain slide open. How crafty of her, I thought, she
waits until I can’t see, then gets in. I dared not open my eyes for fear
of that burning that shampoo causes. I stuck my head under the water to
rinse off and felt Jessica’s hands on my hips and other parts of her
touching other parts of mine. I could tell she was behind me and as soon
as I pulled my head out from the water, she encouraged me to turn around
to face her. Now, I don’t know about other people, but there is nothing
quite like a gorgeous babe that is soaking wet (oh, and naked, too).
Well, there stood Jessica and before I could get too good a look, she
leaned in and embraced me fiercely as our mouths interlocked. We stood
there for awhile, the water flowing over our bodies, washing that sweaty
feeling away.

After a minute, I reached down and picked Jessica up by her cute little
ass. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I turned her back to the
wall. She was pinned up against it and I slowly lowered her down until
my cock was in position. Her legs stayed wrapped around me allowing
plenty of room as I slid my erect dick into her welcoming pussy once
again. I finished lowering her when she was about halfway down my shaft.
Then, she used her hands on my shoulders to push herself up and down,
the water providing the lubrication on the wall making it very easy for
her to do. My arms were under her thighs, helping in her vertical
movements. She rode me up and down, my cock plunging deeper into her
cunt. The water was adding to the sensation by it’s constant stream
attacking our bodies. Jessica moaned with every thrust to the base of my
cock. I was overwhelmed by all the sensory inputs flooding into various
parts of my body. The water hitting my side. Her hands on my shoulders.
Her breasts rubbing against my chest as she heaved up and down. My dick
inside her pussy. Her legs around my waist. All of them were making me
increase the speed faster and faster. Jessica seemed to be effected in
the same way as she responed to my pace by suddenly grabbing my back and
her legs tightened up. Her body convulsed with another orgasm, and her
head collapsed onto the top of mine, bu ther body kept pumping until the
entire orgasm passed. As soon as I felt her tense up, I shot my load
into her. Each thrust sent more cum deep into her body. Soon, I was shot
out and I lifted her off me. I tried to set her down but her legs were
week. She giggled and grabbed the ledge that ran along the back wall of
the shower about knee level. This steadied her enough to allow me to let
go of her. And after I regained my composure, I realized this ledge
provided me another opportunity.

I turned around and rinsed my cock off. I stepped aside, letting the
water through to Jessica, startling her. I laughed playfully. She let it
flow over her chest and down between her legs, washing away the remains
of our latest intercourse down the drain. Jessica leaned her head back,
resting it agianst the wall, her eyes closed. "Tired?" I asked.

"Well, maybe a little." Jessica replied.

"OK, well, you relax and I’ll clean you off." I suggested confidently.

"Oh yeah? There are no washrags, how are you going to do that?" She
asked without moving her eyes or head. She allowed a sly, crooked but
incredibly sexy smile to form on her lips.

"I’m sure I can find something to do the job. You just sit tight . .
.or loose, cause that’ll make it easier for me." I said in an attempt to
make my intentions known. Jessica obviosuly had already figured this out
as she simply lifted her hands over her head, resting them on top. I
moved back into the stream of water and saw an immediate reaction. She
tensed up, but was able to keep her eyes closed. I was impressed at her
poise. I knelt down and ran my hands along those sennsual calves. Then
up to her knees. I slid them along her thighs, eliciting a small moan.
This ought to be easy, I thought. As my hands got to her hips, I moved
them to the outside of her legs. I ran them back down to her knees then
crossed over to the inside. I slowly removed four fingers from each hand
leaving only my middle finger in contact with her sizzling inner thighs.
Teasingly, I moved them in small circles, closer and closer to my
destination. Finally, I reached the first pubes and Jessica jumped a
little. She obviosuly had not been stimulated in this way before. I
better try and make it good, I thought.

As my fingers began exploring this new jungle, I leaned my upper body
towards her. I quickly loked up and saw her eyes were still closed.
Soon, my shoulders made contact with the inside of her knees and as I
pressed further, they spread apart. I lowered my head, tongue extended
into the promised land of Jessica’s bush. I didn’t bother to give it to
her slowly at first. I dove my tongue right into her pussy. I licked up
to her clit, already absorbing her juices. Jessica gasped and her hands
shot dowen to my head. She grabbed it strongly, holding it on place. I
flicked my tongue over the tip of her clit. I licked it up and down.
Then I wrapped my entire mouth around it and sucked it. Jessica
involuntarily tried to arch her back, but the wall behind her made that
difficult. As she tensed up in her orgamsic pulsing, I slowed down a
little, wanting to be sure she enjoyed this several times worth. I
returned my tongue to her outer lips and licked the softly. I moved them
inside her, opening my mouth to get my tongue as far in as I could.
Jessica screamed out my name, and was puching my head into her as hard
as she could. I swirled my tongue around, licking everything I could
reach. Her juices were flowing into my mouth and I was having to stop to
swallow every so often.

Jessica closed her legs onto my head, over my shoulders. Luckily, I had
my hands on her hips so they were still free. I decided to move them up
to those pert breasts of hers. I grabbed them fiercely, but gently and
felt her firm nipples in my hands. I stroked each one while my tongue
continued to pleasure her. I felt Jessica shudder again and I was able
to notice that my tongue was getting tired. One more, I said to myself.
I too my hands off her breasts and used them to spread her legs open
again. I removed my mouth and head from her pussy and was able to see
her face finally. Her head was tipped forward, almost resting her chin
on her chest. Jessica’s eyes were closed, but a look of curious pain was
on her face. Perfect, I thought. I slid one hand down her thigh again.
As I reached her pussy, I stroked the clit again. Then I pushed one
finger into Jessica’s cunt. Her head shot up again and she cried out
another joy of pleasure. I finger fucked her slowly, just to get her
going again. Then I inserted another finger. Once again, she reacted by
gasping audibly. One more finger seemed to be all she could hold so I
stopped at three. I dug them in and out, rubbing over every soaked
surface of the inside of her love canal. Jessica’s juices were flowing
over my fingers and down my hand. I crept up to a crouch and lifted my
head to her mouth. Jessica wasn’t expecting this, but met my lips with
her own in a passionate kiss. My tongue slid into her mouth and matched
the movements of my fingers. It was too much. Jessica threw her arms
around me and had another orgasm.

I took my fingers out, disengaged our lips and stood up. I licked her
sweet honey off my hands and fingers. She stood up too. I took her hands
in mine. I looked into her eyes and just stared. I was lost in a wash of
emotions that are impossible to describe. Jessica returned my stare with
her own. She moved closer to me and kissed me. It wasn’t a sexual kiss
at all. Somehow, I could tell instantly that it was one of a deeper
feeling, more emotion, not so much lust. Whatever it was, I felt it too.
I squeezed her hands as I returned her kiss. The rest of the shower went
normally (as normal as a shower with a naked couple can go, I suppose)
and was without words. After we had both dried off and donned hotel
bathrobes, we walked out to the main room again.

I sat on the edge of the bed and Jessica in my lap. I took a comb from
the table and began combing her hair out. "Brian?" Jessica asked, her
voice seemingly far away.

"Yeah, babe?"

"You know I have to leave tomorow, right? Well, today, actually, since
it’s almost morning." Jessica said.

"Yeah, I figured it was a one time deal" I said, knowning what was to
come next. Then Jessica suprised me.

"Brian? Have you ever thought abuot moving? Maybe getting a job in the
TV industry?" Jessica said, now focused on my eyes as I stopped combing.
I was totally lost now.

"Uhhhhh, I’m not sure what you mean Jessica." I said slowly, indicating
I had no idea where this was going.

"Look. . . I . . . uhhh . . .I’m not sure how to say this. . ." Jessica
stammered, now getting flustered.

"Go ahead, just say it, babe. I can take it whatever it is." I said
gallantly, still confused by this line of questions.

"OK." She said firmly, then took a deep breath and spoke quickly. "I
don’t want this to be a one-time thing. I never expected to meet someone
like you and the way you treat me and understand me and everything. I
don’t want this to end. I know you got a life and everything and I know
you barely know me. But I really care about you and I want to be with
you more." She said faster than an auctioneer.

"Wow. Jessica, I feel the same way. But how could we have a
relationship when you are a big star in Hollywood and I’m so far away?"
I had had long distance relationships before, but this would be even

"I know. That’s why I want you to move out to California with me. We’ll
get a place together. I ‘ll find you a job if you want. You can maybe
even work on the sets or something. We can make it work. If we both want
it to happen, we can do it!" Jessica was really getting worked up about
this, almost about to cry it seemed.

"I dunno, Jess. I mean, I care about you a lot, but that’s asking an
awful lot, ya know? There’s so many things to worry about and stuff like
that." I had already made up my mind and was just trying to say it the
right way. "So I’m not sure how it would work. . . but let’s make it

The rest of the morning was pretty good work, too.

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