A Night With Joan Severance

A Night with Joan Severance

disclaimer: This is just a story, it is not true

I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing this. My
car was right behind Joan Severance’s in Houston,
where she lived. Joan Severance is probably the most
underrated actress in Hollywood, incredibly beautiful
and sensual, yet sophisticated, refined. I had tracked
Joan down to her house in Houston, and drove to her
house one morning. I siphoned most of the gas out of
her car, and then waited. After a couple of minutes
she emerged from her house, got in her car, and drove
off. I discreetly followed her, waiting for her car to
out. A couple of miles into her drive I saw her
pull over to the side of the road, and I immediately
pulled over beside her and offered my assistance. She
seemed very agitated “I’ve got to get to an important
appointment, could you possibly give me a lift?” she
pleaded. I readily agreed, and I drove her to her
appointment. I then drove back to her car, and filled
it up with a spare gas can I had. I then returned to
the office where I had dropped her off, and waited.

A couple of minutes later I saw her leave the
building, and walk to my car. “I am so grateful for
you driving me, you are truly a lifesaver”, Joan said,
waiving her fingers through her hair. “Why don’t I
give you a lift back to your car? I discovered the gas
tank was empty and filled it up.” She thanked me and
got in the car. During the ride to her car, she asked
who I was and I stated that I was a tourist. When we
arrived at her car she asked how she could repay me
“How about dinner” I casually inquired. She agreed,
and we had a lovely dinner at a nearby steakhouse. I
however, insisted on paying, which frustrated Joan. “I
was thinking that me buying you dinner was the least I
could do” said Joan. I suggested that she invite me
into her house for coffee, and she laughed “you spend
you entire day helping me out, then buy me dinner, I’m
not going to let you leave without doing something
special for you.”

When we arrived at her house we went inside and she
brought out coffee. I had a few sips, but mentally I
was concentrating on how to proceed. “Could we see
‘Red Shoe Diaries 2′? I’m a real fan of that movie” I
said, trying not to sound overly excited. The movie is
filled with Joan naked and in various sexual
situations. “Sure”, Joan put the cassette in her large
screen TV, turned the lights off, and we sat on her
couch. I sat down next to her, and slowly moved
closer, until her legs and mine were touching. She
didn’ react, so I subtly put my arm around her,
glancing at her to see any reaction. I figured that
the worst she could do at this point was throw me out,
and I was willing to take that chance. My right hand
moved quietly down to her breast, and she still stared
straight ahead, motionless. I began fondling her
breast, at first delicately but then more firmly. I
could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra, that was
definitely going to help things. I could feel her
nipple getting hard, and I put my hand under her
shirt. I now had her breast in my hand. Joan sighed
softly, but still stared ahead at the movie, which was
now showing a hot sex scene with Joan and some guy.
Joan’s breasts were incredibly soft, and larger than I
thought they would be.

I was getting seriously aroused, and I was becomingly
increasingly bold in my moves. I unbuttoned Joan’s
shirt, and looked at her. She was still staring at the
movie, as if she didn’t realize what I was doing. I
took her breast in my hand and felt her erect nipple.
I could smell the soapy fragrance of her skin, I could
feel the warmth of her body, and I could hear her
breathing. I put my mouth to her breast and began
sucking. Joan sighed and put her arm around me,
stroking my hair. I went from one breast to the other,
cupping them, kissing them, licking them and sucking
them. I was so turned on that I took her whole breast
in my mouth and sucked it. The whole time Joan stared
at the TV,pretending not to notice that I was
attacking her breasts. I kissed her chest, her belly
(which quivered at my kiss) and made my way down to
her pants, which I unzipped. I could see several pubic
hairs protruding over her panties, and I put my hand
down her panties and felt her sopping wet vagina.

I let my pants and undies fall to my legs, and sat
down again. I took her hand and put it on my bulging
penis. Joan reacted to that, grabbing firmly ahold of
it, breathing deeply, and murmering “oh my!”. She
briefly took her eyes of off the tv. to stare at my
engorged member, then returned to looking at the
television. I put my right hand back between her legs,
marveling at how hairy, yet soft she was down there.
With my middle finger I stroked her clitoris, as she
lovingly stroked my cock. She massaged my dick with
her soft, smooth hands, as if my penis was a sculpture
she was making. She ran her fingers over the tip,
getting her fingers wet with the pre-cum that was at
the top, and massaging her way down to the shaft,
tracing the outline of the large vein, then moving
down to my balls, which were so full of sperm they
were seriously starting to ache. I knew I couldn’t
hold out much longer, so I laid her down on the couch,
and straddled her. I put her hands on my dick and she
resumed stroking, with the tip only inches from her
face. Her hands were so incredibly smooth that I
didn’t need any lubrication. I could feel an
incredibly intense orgasm welling up inside me, and I
groaned. Joan stroked me faster, and I let out another
groan as a thick spurt of semen erupted from my cock.
The stream squirted onto her mouth, and was followed
by more streams which thoroughly coated her lips,
mouth, chin, nose, and cheeks with sperm. She kept
stroking until my dick had been milked dry. She looked
at me for several seconds before muttering “wow. That
was impressive.”

After a few moments pause, I bent down and began
attacking her pussy. I stuck three fingers into her
vagina and licked her clitoris furiously. She was
dripping warm, wet drops of vaginal juices which I was
licking up. “I want you to give me an orgasm with your
penis” she yelled, hyperventilating. I took my
reinvigorated dick and slid it as far as it would go
into her. She gasped,grabbed my ass, and arched her
hips up to get my cock as deep into her as possible. I
began pumping, making sure that my dick kept rubbing
against her swollen clitoris. She kept holding me
tightly, with her long, lean legs wrapped around mine
and her arms caressing my back. She was gasping for
breath, and talking almost continually – “keep rubbing
it… yeah, it’s rubbing against my clit… oh
fuck…this is going to be the most intense climax of
my life….. god you’re huge, so thick… can taste
you’re cum in my mouth…..so much cum on my
face…gonna pump me full of sperm, oh fuck here I
cum!” With that she and I came together, with me
shooting spurt after spurt of sperm rich semen deep
into her vagina, and her clutching me frantically and
pumping her hips as hard and fast as she could.

Joan and I stayed there for several minutes, panting
and sweating, thoroughly intertwined, as our orgasms
subsided. I then pulled out of her and a thick puddle
of jism promptly followed, becoming enmeshed in her
dark, sweaty pubic hair. “Well, does this mean my debt
to you is repaid?” she asked. “Absolutely” I said,
feeling utterly drained. “Give me your contact
information, I’ll need to let you know if you got me
pregnant.”she replied. “Is that what you want?” I
said, surprised that a woman her age was still
fertile. “Quite frankly, yes. The orgasms, the
passion, they were real. But I am hoping that we
conceived a baby tonight. Boy, you really pumped me
full of sperm – it’s still dribbling out of me!” I
wrote down my contact information, and handed it to
her. I kissed her passionately, then thanked her for a
wonderful evening and left. I flew back to the east
coast the next day, and I’m waiting for her call,
letting me know if I’m going to be a daddy.


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