A Night with the Girl on Fire

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Dominic Bryan sat down in the log cabin hidden away in the Los Angeles countryside. His ears picked up as the sound of a car rolled up the drive, collecting gravel in its treads as it went. He stood up and moved away from the desk, peering out of the large window, Dom saw a big green SUV slow to a halt outside of the resort. Two people got out of the vehicle and walked to the back of the car. The larger woman opened the back of the car and hoisted a large bag out of the back.

That must be the Hollywood star that Dom was going to have to look after for the weekend. He ran a hand through his long black ponytail and squinted out into the court yard. Dom walked over to the door to the checked himself in the full length mirror, his short, neatly trimmed beard joined up with his hair on the side of his head.

There were two shadows that moved up on the stairs of the resort. There was a blonde and a smaller brunette, the brunette turned to the blonde and gave her a huge hug before taking the shoulder bag herself. She knocked on the door and waited for Dom’s response. He walked over to the door and twisted at the bronze knob on the door, he pulled the door inwards and squinted slightly as warm, bright LA sun entered the room.

What entered the room was an Angel. Dom’s eyes adjusted to the light and he was greeted with his old high school friend and crush, Jennifer Lawrence. She looked at him and she had made the connection instantly just like he had. Her jaw opened slightly and she grinned back at him, almost as if she hadn’t got the joke but it was sinking in later. She made a pleasant, surprised sound and gave Dom a warm hug.

“Dom!” She sounded as he hugged her back. “What are you doing here?”

“I work here Jen.” Dom said with a big grin on his face as they stepped inside the room and walked over to the couch. The main room of the resort had two large green couches that sat in the corner almost at a point. Opposite the couches there was the large oak desk that Dom had previously been sitting at. As you turned left from entering the room, you would find the stairs that led you upstairs to the office. The two youngsters walked past the main desk and into the back of the resort.

“So, you’re looking to get into shape?” He asked as he pulled out a large chair at the desk, he sat down next to her and looked over her file. “Because you look like you’re in pretty good shape already.”

A big smile came across Jennifer’s face as he said that. She had always considered herself ‘average’ and the fact that she was going to be foisted into the public eye meant a lot of people would be criticizing everything about her. “Thank you. You’re in great shape too!”

That wasn’t a lie. Dom had been a larger kid at school, not necessarily fat but large. Enough that the sporty kids would pick him last in gym class at least. His fat rolls of flesh had been burned into a tight, toned abdomen that was a credit to his hard work. His once round face had been carved into a stronger one that gave him a ruggedly handsome look which was complimented by the full beard he had grown.

“Thanks.” He smiled, glancing over the work load for the weekend, he made an astonished whistle. “Wow. That’s a lot of work to be done.”

Jennifer bit on her bottom lip slowly and nodded her head. “Yeah… Can we do it?”

Dom looked up at her and nodded. “Sure we can! We’ve got the archery range just outside so we can start there if you’d like?” When she nodded, Dom smiled and nodded too. “Cool, then we’ll set off hiking in the woods. We can get to about half way before the sun goes down. So we can camp out and take off again in the morning. Sound good?” He saw Jennifer smiling at him and couldn’t help but wonder why.

“What’s up? He asked, as Jennifer smiled warmly again, looked into her lap and back at him.

“Nothing, it’s just so weird seeing you be all in control like that. You could just work out a weekend plan just like that?” She asked, as Dom smirked and nodded his head.

“Well, yeah I like to think I’m pretty good at my job.”

“You are!” She beamed back at him, not really sure how her old dorky school buddy had become such a cool guy. He was attractive too, she had never really saw him in that light before but he had a strong appearance, the type of man that would be able to keep her safe no matter what. Jennifer liked that in a man. She liked protective and Dom had always been that type of person. It just never really clicked with her before then.

“OK, so should we head out now?” Dom asked, as he stood up and walked to the corner of the room. There was a large brown door with a metal push bar that ran along the middle of the door. Jennifer stood up and unzipped the white tracksuit jacket she had been wearing and shrugged it off her body. She was dressed in a tight, grey vest that had two shoulder straps and hugged her body firmly.

“Cool. Let’s rock!” She beamed at him as he nodded and pushed the bar that led out into the courtyard of the complex. Behind the main building was a large metal field of targets, there were five lanes with each target at a different variance of length for difficulty. He picked up two bows and two quivers that were stored by the main ranges, he passed a bow and a quiver to Jennifer. The two walked down to the first gate and stepped through it, there was a round target that was fifteen feet away from the painted white line on the floor.

Dom took a step towards the line and stood tall, his left side closest to the target. His feet parted to his shoulder width, taking a quick look at his feet he made sure that they were ninety degrees from the target.

“OK, see how I’m stood?” Jennifer nodded and stepped closer to him. She stepped behind him and mimicked his stance. Dom peered over his shoulder and smiled, noting that Jennifer had got the stance correctly. “That’s good, now see how I’m holding the bow? You need to make sure that the grip isn’t too tight, it’s like you’re holding a feather rather than a pen.”

Again, Jennifer nodded and picked up her bow. She took the bow in her left hand and brought it up to her shoulder height so she could see down to the target. Dom relaxed his stance and looked over what Jennifer was doing, he smiled and nodded his head.

“Yeah, that’s good.” He stepped in front of her and relaxed her stance. Using his right index hand he showed her the arrow shelf of the bow, using his left hand Dom twisted the bow so that it was now horizontal. “Now you want to put your arrow there. Go ahead.” He encouraged, Jennifer looked up at him and nodded with his words. She reached behind her back and picked out a lone arrow, placing it against the small curve of the rest.

Dom stepped behind her and let Jennifer take over the holding of the bow. He moved his hands onto hers and showed how the arrow should be loaded onto the string. He then helped her raise the bow up to a vertical stance, his hand was on her softer one as he encouraged her fingers to curl her right index finger above the string while the middle and ring finger wrapped around the bottom.

She couldn’t help but smile in his big, strong arms as he tried to show her how to fire a bow. Dom saw her smile and that made him smile, looking down at her he chuckled lightly.

“What’s so funny?” He asked, as Jennifer looked over her shoulder at him.

“Nothing. I’m just wondering whether you use this to pick up girls?”

“A shocking suggestion Miss Lawrence!” He replied. “If I was looking to pick you up I’d do something like this.” He then put his hand on her tummy and lightly drummed against the fabric covered skin.

“I think you’re trying to make sure that I miss so you don’t look bad.” She said with a grin, pushing herself back against him. If anyone had seen them in the court they would have thought that they had been lovers for decades but they hadn’t even kissed.

“Keep dreaming Lawrence. OK, let’s shoot the arrow. You don’t want to actually grip the arrow.”

“Won’t it fall out?” She asked, peeking over her shoulder at him.

“Nah, the arrow’s going to be kept in place with the string. Now, pull back the string using your back muscles not your arm or bicep. Then, pull the string back so that the bottom of the arrow, or your index finger is under your chin. You want it so that the string could touch your nose and lips.”

Jennifer pulled back as Dom let go of her, she wanted to voice her complaint but smiled when he curled his arms around her stomach.

“Now, using your dominant eye you want to look down the arrow and aim it at the target. Got it?”

She nodded her head confidently and made Dom smile.

“OK, if you think you can make the shot…”

“I can.” Jennifer interrupted him, making him grin.

“If you think you can make the shot,” He continued as Jennifer squinted down the range. “You want to loosen the grip on the string, just let it slide from your fingers and that will let the arrow go.”

Jennifer took a few breaths that Dom could feel. Her tummy moved inwards and then outwards, she repeated it and then the arrow sailed out of the bow and tore towards the circular target. They both watched it with baited breath and Dom smiled as it landed in the outer yellow ring.

“Damn it.” She cursed as she observed that the arrow had missed the bullseye.

“No, that’s a good shot. Most people miss their first time.” Dom realized he still had his arms around her and he let go of her as she relaxed her stance. She turned to face him and looked up at him, she wasn’t sure if she bought the story or not.

He smiled and nodded his head as if to reassure her. Her frown soon turned upside down and she smiled sweetly, with Dom’s nodding head. She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you Dom! That actually felt really good!” She beamed at him as they playfully rocked from side to side. When they let go, Dom peered over the smaller woman and made a face as he looked towards the other ranges.

“Do you want to go again? Or should we take off on a trek?”

Jennifer looked down the range and at the arrow that had been buried inside the yellow ring, she bit on her bottom lip and peered back at Dom.

“Do you mind if we go again? I’d like to try and get a better score.”

Dom nodded, walking over to the side of the range, crossing his arms he leant against the fence and watched as she arranged her stance. She pulled out another arrow and fell back into the stance he had taught her earlier. She aimed with the arrow and pointed at the target, Jennifer peeked over at Dom who was watching her eagerly.

“Yes?” She called to him as he peered back up at her.

“Oh nothing. Just want to see you make this shot. See if I’ve been teaching you right.”

Jen stuck her tongue out and moved back to look at the target. Focusing down the range at the circular target that was standing up on three wooden legs. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and let the second arrow fly.

It cut through the air and hit the inner blue ring just outside of the red bullseye. Raising her eyes up to look at the impact of the shot, excitedly she jumped up and cheered at her action.

Dom clapped his hands enthusiastically as Jennifer turned to face him. Grinning, she put her arm under her stomach and bent at her waist bowing to him theatrically. She bounced back up onto her feet and was smiling a great deal excited at her progress.

“That’s great! I’ve never seen anyone make such great progress.” Dom smiled as he took the bow off of her and slung it over his shoulder.

“Should we set off walking then?” Jennifer asked as she looked out to the large green forest of the Los Angeles wildlife.

“Sure! We’ll need to set up a pack for the walk. We can set them up inside though.”

They stepped out of the chain link range and loitered by the cabinet that held the bows and the arrows. Dom placed the items back inside the holding area and locked it up after themselves. He jogged up the stairs and held the door to the camping area of the complex, Jennifer smiled and thanked him for the chivalrous action.

“Still got those manners then?” She asked over her shoulder as they walked down the long corridor to the backpacks and tents that they would be able to carry through the forest. The corridor itself wasn’t exactly unique, the walls were painted in a pastel blue colour from head to toe, there was a single long cable that ran along the ceiling. The cable ran the length of the room and had several lamps that hung freely and illuminated the corridor.

“Yeah, Mom taught me right.” He replied with a casual wink at the end of the sentence. They reached the end of the corridor, he opened the metal door and they stepped into the small room. Dom picked up a large yellow bag and flipped over the navy lid that covered the entrance. He tugged at the drawstring and then pulled the bag open. He smiled and nodded, satisfied with the state of the bag.

Jennifer smiled and followed him into the room, she saw him pick up a yellow bag and she found a smaller blue one that was the opposite of Dom’s bag. She smiled as Dom tossed a water bottle to her, she looked it over as he tossed his into his bag. They were both clear bottles with a red sports top and a decent size too.

“Yeah, she did. I always thought you were way too good for L.A.” Jennifer smiled as Dom glanced over his shoulder at her.

“Bah, someone’s got to be decent right?” Dom smiled sweetly as he grabbed a water proof jacket from the hooks next to where the bags were kept. The jackets were kept on a rail that ran from corner to corner in size order, Dom knew where his size was instantly as it was almost a ritual to have to wash and clean the jackets after a school outing.

The jackets were separated into men’s and women’s, the men’s were a dark royal blue color while the women’s were a yellow mustard color. They each had hoods that came up and would rest just in front of the wearer’s head.

“You always were decent.” Jennifer said with a smile, stepping next to him she playfully bumped her hips against his. She saw that the smaller, more feminine jackets were in front of the men’s. She quickly browsed through them and found the one in her size, mimicking Dom’s folding. When she saw him smile back at her, she smiled again. Something came over her thoughts, did she enjoy Dom smiling? Whenever he got that goofy smile that ran from ear to ear she wanted to smile as well, like his pleasure increased hers.

God! She never fully understood just how much she missed being in his company. While she had been away on film sets meeting new people she had never really had chance to hang out with a friend. But now, here she was talking, laughing and playing with one of her oldest and dearest friends from high school. A chapter in her life she thought she had closed forever.

Dom’s mind was in disarray, he thought Jennifer had been playing with him as they had chatted. But as he thought about what she had been saying he wondered if she’d actually been flirting with him.

Dom reached under the counter that held most of the camping equipment. He fished out two small camping packs of food. It was kept in a small, clear plastic case with a zip top. Inside the bag there was a pack of chips, a small energy bar and a plastic tub of salad. He then grabbed two small cartons of cereal, dumping the cartons into a blue plastic cup, Dom then brought two plastic cups over to the fridge and poured milk into the cup. He then screwed the cups full of cereal together so that they could have them first thing in the morning.

“That OK for you Jen?” He asked as he showed her their dinner and breakfast for the evening and morning afterwards.

“Looks great big guy.” Jennifer said with a big, cheeky grin. She turned back to packing her bag and her mind began to wander from her chore.

Had she been flirting with him? Jennifer turned away slightly and looked back to the table and her bag that she’d been packing. She sneaked a quick glance at Dom and looked back, frowning as she did so. She wondered if he felt the same way she did, Jennifer scowled at herself. Why did the possible notion that Dom didn’t find her attractive bother her so much? Her mind drifted back to the fact that she was packing for the weekend. She really should be concentrating.

Dom looked up at the wall and grabbed a navy blue double sized sleeping bag from one of the hooks.

“You’re taking a double?” Jennifer asked as she noted Dom pick one up.

“Yeah, I like to roll over in the night. Don’t want to bunch up the singles, I’ve ripped more than one doing that.” He said with a chuckle as he tossed a single sleeping bag to Jennifer. She thanked him and watched as he unraveled two black straps from the top of the backpack and looped it over the rolled up bag. He then clipped it together making the sleeping bag secure on the top of his backpack.

She felt the wind pass her as he slung his bag over her shoulder and turned to face her. Dom was ready to go, Jennifer mimicked him and got her own bag on her shoulders. She dug her thumbs under the straps and followed him and smiled as he walked out of the door.

They made their way down the hall back to where they had stashed Jennifer’s bag for the time being. They made idle chit chat as they walked back towards the warmer section of the resort. Dom could feel her eyes on his back, roaming over his broad shoulders and onto the slimmer small of his back. Was she checking him out? She had been more playful than the last time they chatted. He had stepped up to open the door to the resort and was randomly jabbing at the keypad. He really should be concentrating.

“So, we’ll get you a change of clothes for tomorrow and then we can set off.” Dom said, snapping back to reality. He opened the door and let her walk through and followed her into the main room. They walked up the steps and headed towards the dorms, on top of the reception on the second floor there were two large rooms. A male room and a female room, dormitories for the guests of the resort.

Dom hoisted the bag into the air and gripped the top handle and carried it up to the bedrooms. Jennifer thanked him and they loitered by the female dorms.

“OK, if you want to get a change of clothes I’ll get mine and we can meet in the reception.”

Dom said with a smile and a nod. Jennifer nodded her head and walked through the stylized wooden door to the female dormitory. Dom turned on his heel and walked over to the staff section where he resided. Dumping the bag on the floor, he walked over to the standing wardrobe and rummaged through it. Finding an old Iron Maiden t-shirt and some worn cargo shorts, he tossed them onto the bed and moved onto his socks and shoes. He filled out the backpack and slung it over his shoulder. Walking out of his room, he turned his back and locked his door. Dropping his key into his pockets, Dom made his way down the stairs.

Jennifer laid her bag onto one of the small beds and started to rummage through it. Dom had told her to pack lightly since the weather was going to be good over the weekend. She settled on a long sleeved baseball style shirt, it had a white base with black sleeves, she also got a pair of shorts that ran to the mid point of her thighs. Stuffing an alternate pair of cute white socks with pink hearts into the bag, Jen stuffed them into her bag and dropped her backpack onto the ground. She put her own personal bag into the small locker to the side of the bed and locked it. Stuffing the key into her pocket, Jennifer grabbed her backpack for the weekend and made her way out of the room.

She saw Dom was already waiting for her and smiled warmly when he smiled up at her. She stepped down the stairs and she felt like her heart grew a few sizes as he stepped towards her. Jennifer grinned as her stomach gave her a series of twists and turns. She was falling for him. Hard.

Dom watched Jennifer bounce down the stairs. Her long, freshly dyed brown hair bobbed lightly, lapping at the straps of her grey vest as she walked down the steps. He stepped forward to meet her and grinned as she smiled at him. His stomach threw something towards him, something a lot like love. He did like being near her and she seemed to like him being near her too. Was he falling for her again? He wasn’t sure if he could handle that again. Not after last time.

“OK, so what we’ll do is set off east and walk until the sun sets.” Dom started as Jen watched him speak. “Then, we’ll camp out for the night and head back in the morning.” He punctuated the last part of his sentence with a firm nod of his head.

“Sure. Sounds good!” Jennifer wasn’t looking forward to the walk, it was necessary for her film and she wanted the job. She just wasn’t a big fan of walking. But, with Dom leading her she felt like she would follow him to the end of the world if he wanted her to.

They stepped out into the warm sunshine of the Los Angeles afternoon sun, directly in front of them there was a large vast area of open space where other employees would be able to work a class. The resort where Dom worked was almost like a poorly kept secret, it was nestled away in the San Gabriel mountains. The resort was overly suitable for most schools in the local area as it was a great source of outdoors activity.

The area where the resort had been built on was open and wide, perfect for a resort like his. Because of the natural rocky terrain, the site was perfect for mountain biking as well. That was something Dom was particularly enthusiastic about, he liked the thrill of going quickly especially when it was downhill. The resort had at least thirty mountain bikes which would roughly be the size of a school class.

The resort also had a series of mountain climbing ranges that were currently in use. Ricardo, Dom’s supervisor was talking to a group of school kids about how to scale the walls. He nodded towards him and Jennifer as they walked past him, Dom met him with a wave as they passed him.

They reached the perimeter of the resort and a large wooden fence. He slipped a large metal hook upwards and opened the gate, they walked through it and Jennifer watched as he closed the gate after them.

Turning to face her, he smiled and gestured along the path. They set off walking along the beaten path, Jennifer sticking closely to him as they started walking. They were quiet for a few moments before Dom broke the awkward silence.

“So, what’s the new movie about? Some Twilight bull shit right?” His usual tact filled his voice when he was talking about teen fads.

“I’d hardly call it bull shit. But yeah, it‘s popular with teens. Especially girls. Why? You going to come and see me?” She teased as she bumped her hips against his again.

“Heaven’s no. I was just trying to make conversation! Are you going to be killing anyone in the movie?”

“Probably not. Most of the deaths are going to be off screen anyway so we can get a reduced rating.”

“I’m definitely not going to see it then.” Dom replied in a dead pan fashion. Jennifer’s jaw dropped slightly as she realized Dom was joking she playfully punched him in the arm.

“You’re such a jerk!” She spat out playfully as they followed the trail.

“Kiss my ass Jennifer.” He retorted as she smacked him again.

“You know I hate being called that!” Referring to her full, Christian name.

“What? Jennifer?” He asked again, as they carried on walking. She pouted slightly but ran and caught up with the handsome worker.


They had been walking for a good few hours and there was a thin film of sweat on her body while Dom was still in perfect shape.

“Uh… Uh… Mercy.” Jen started, she looked over at Dom who looked over his shoulder at her.

“You want to camp here?” Dom asked as he stepped over to talk to her. She panted slowly and nodded her head, her chest rose and fell with her heavy breaths. They walked a little off the path into a clearing on the side of the hill. Jennifer let out a startled gasp when she saw the view.

“Incredible isn’t it?” Dom asked as he joined her.

“Yeah! It really is!” She looked out into the bustling nightlife of Los Angeles and realized just how far away they were. She could barely hear the traffic as the sun set. Something caught her eye as she peered over the skyline.

“Is that…” She started and Dom nodded his head.

“Yes it is. That’s our old high school.” Dom confirmed her suspicions and aided her by pointing his finger at a speck in the distance.

“Oh wow… I remember thinking this place was so far away…” Jen said with a smile, wistful at the sight of her old school and form of torment. Jennifer shrugged off her bag and dumped it next to a large tree opposite where they had been standing.

“Two kids from Los Angeles camping out in the woods. Who would’ve thought it?” Dom said with a grin as he dropped his large knapsack on the floor and unclipped his sleeping bag.

“I know right? God, I remember daydreaming at school and looking up here.”

“Yeah, a year after you left I remember looking at this forest and promising myself I was going to come up here and get drunk.” Dom said with a smile, tucking the sleeping bag under his arm. Dom walked over to the circle they had made for the camp fire and dropped to his knees. Dumping the bag on the ground, he tossed a few fire lighters to the ground and lit the camp fire.

“Did you?” She asked curiously as she sat down opposite him.

“Oh yeah. Drank myself sober if I remember correctly.” He said with a grin as he watched her look up at him. The fire started to crackle with life as he tended to it.

“Did you drink for me too?” She asked, a big grin on her face as she watched the fire come to life. It made several noises as it started to breath like it was a third party in their conversation. Dom placed a few sticks on it to make sure it would burn through the night and keep them warm.

“Yeah. I was so psyched that you’d got so popular and famous. I figured you wouldn’t be able to so yeah, I drank for you.”

“You remember when we first met?” Jennifer asked, casting a glance up at him as he shook his sleeping bag out ready for him to sleep in.

“Huh. Yeah, I remember. How long has it been? God, nearly ten years right?”

“Yeah… Dom can you tell me the story?” She asked, bringing her knees up to her chest she wrapped her arms around them as he cast a look over at her.

“You remember it don’t you?” He asked, as he slipped into his own bag. She smiled sweetly and nodded her head.

“Yes. But I’d like you to tell me it any way.”

Smiling, the handsome young man nodded his head and ran a hand through his long black hair. “We were in maths class at school and you were struggling with a problem. There was a jackass at the back of the class who kept making dumb comments at you. We broke for lunch and the guy kept on at you, he called you dumb and retarded… I tapped him on the shoulder and as soon as he turned around I smacked him clean in the nose. I sat down next to you and asked if you wanted to have some of my chili fries. When he got back up, he saw me, freaked out and ran off, we laughed and were friends until the end.”

Jen smiled and nodded her head. “You were so brave. I always thought you would have made a good cop.”

“Thanks but I always preferred the outdoors. Couldn’t do with being stuck in the city the whole time.”

Jennifer watched Dom speak almost wistfully. Sleep clawed at her mind but she shook it away, his voice was music to her ears and she didn’t want him to stop talking. Not yet at least. She had yawned briefly between Dom’s swift glances at her, but when she yawned again and Dom caught her.

“We’ve got a long day tomorrow. Why don’t we turn in and get some sleep? We’ll get some breakfast at break of the day and then we’ll get back to working on archery.”

“Sure… Dom, can I ask you something?” She asked, slipping into her own smaller sleeping bag.


“Why didn’t you say anything about me?” Jennifer looked over at him as he brought his eyes up to meet her gaze.

“… How could I? Jen you were way out of my league and now you’re a Hollywood star. You… You were picture perfect and we just wouldn’t have worked.” Dom spluttered out a vague excuse as to why Dom didn’t ask her out or act on his crush. “Besides, I thought you’d never be interested in me. Now you’re a movie star, you’re above me.”

His cheeks turned a shade of pink as he looked at his feet in the sleeping bag. He looked around the woodland but didn’t want to look at his female companion. He was frightened of what she thought of him, he didn’t want to freak her out.

Jennifer turned her head to the side and frowned lightly. Was that what he thought of her? She wondered if he lacked some sort of self confidence and that was why he didn’t ask her out? Maybe he was scared of what her answer was going to be. She took a breath and tried to collect a measure of tact before talking to him.

“Is that what you think of me Dom? You seriously think I think I’m above you?”

She decided to throw tact out of the window as she spoke to him.

“I never said that.”

“No but you inferred it!”

“Jen let’s not fight about this. I was just a dumb kid.”

Jennifer let out an exasperated sigh and nodded her head. “Sure, OK… Good night Dom.”

While she couldn’t quite see it, Dom was smiling back at her. He was glad he hadn’t fucked up their relationship just yet. “Good night Jennifer… Oof!” Dom was hit by something in the stomach, he reached down to grab it and saw Jen had wrapped her dirty clothes up in a ball and tossed them at him. He laughed lightly and rolled over to go to sleep.

After Jennifer had thrown her clothes at him, she lay on her back and gazed up at the stars, well aware of the presence so near to her. The presence of her handsome, high school friend Dominic Bryan. She smiled sweetly at the thought of him being there for her, and how good his hands had felt on top of hers when he had taught her how to shoot a bow and arrow. She thought about how strong his body had felt pressed up against her like that and how safe she felt when he hugged her. Her eyes drifted over to Dom and saw knew there was enough room in his bag for two. She reached to the side of hers and casually unzipped hers slowly, she slipped out of her warm bag and padded over to his. Dressed in her panties and an old tank top that she typically slept in, Jennifer tugged at the top of his bag and slid inside with him.

Dom was in the midst of a particularly boring dream when he felt a soft weight press against his chest. He stirred lightly and looked down to see Jennifer had slipped into the bag with him.

“Jen?” He asked sleepily when his sleeping bag got a little tighter as it was filled with the both of their frames.

“Hey, I’m cold in my sleeping bag. I want to snuggle up with you.” She replied, beaming up at him. As she did that, she hooked her arms under his arm pits and placed her hands on his back. She smiled and nestled into his chest, listening to his heart beat steadily.

Dom was confused and rather aroused. He tried to think of anything else but could do little to stop the erection building in his pants. He bit down on his bottom lip slowly as his shaft pressed against her tight, toned abdomen. There was no way she didn’t feel it, he looked down at her as she looked down into the sleeping bag.

Her big eyes shifted back up to his, a shade of pink flushed to his cheeks as she smiled sweetly. Moving up, she pressed her smile onto his lips and they kissed for the first time since they had met at high school. He tasted just about as good as anything Jennifer had ever tasted, a wider smile crept across her lips as she parted her legs and straddled him inside the sleeping bag.

Dom’s hands moved to her sleeping shirt and he slowly slid his hands under the fabric and he started to lightly stroke at her skin. It was Dom’s turn to smile as his fingers touched her soft, silky skin for the first time. Breaking his lips off of hers, Dom started to kiss his way over to her neck. Using his right hand, Dom continued to stroke the small of her back while he moved his left hand up to the back of her head. He ran his hands through her hair, lightly stroking the soft, well maintained hair.

Jennifer moaned, tilting her head backwards as Dom lovingly toyed with her hair. His index finger lightly wrapped a tussle of her long freshly dyed brown hair as his lips kissed from her lips to her cheek to her ear and then to a point just behind her ear. He lightly pecked at one of her more sensitive spots, making her gasp then giggle lightly.

“Oh, right there Dom!” She said, as he nodded lightly and pressed his lips against the sensitive spot again. Dom rearranged herself by sitting up, and holding her closer against him. Dom opened his mouth and lightly flicked his tongue against the spot, quickly moving his fleshy organ against her soft skin.

Jennifer’s panties were starting to get wet as she started to grind her groin against the handsome young man she was sharing the sleeping bag with. Jennifer took his head in her hands and pressed her lips against hers for the second time that evening. Their lips parted and she tasted his tongue in her mouth for the first time, she moaned in bliss as his broad tongue gently stroked hers.

Dom pushed his tongue along the top side of hers, he couldn’t help but smile as she moaned at his actions. He couldn’t believe that Jennifer Lawrence, his old high school buddy was rubbing herself against him and she was horny. When he withdrew his tongue from her mouth, they were quiet for a moment as she let her head rest against his.

“Jen… I’m so happy right now.” He admitted, looking up at her as she slowly opened her eyes.

“Oh Dom… I never knew. Why didn’t you tell me?” She said, a soft smile on her face.

“How could I? You were way too pretty and I was far too nervous.” He admitted, another shade of pink flushed to both of their cheeks as she was flattered by him calling her pretty.

“Y’know, I always thought you were cute.”

“Really?” He asked, looking back at her as she smiled and nodded her head.

“Yep! I always wanted someone who would be able to look out for me. I hated school and you came along like you were some sort of superhero. My own personal protector who would be able to look after me forever.”

Dom smiled this time as he brushed her hair out of her face. They kissed again and Jennifer started to explore his body, she could feel his hard abs through the light cotton shirt he was wearing. He was in shape and probably worked out a hell of a lot, tugging at his shirt, Jennifer sat back, breaking the kiss and pulling the shirt up over his head. Dumping it next to them, she finally had chance to admire his body.

She was right.

He certainly liked to work out and that was just great with her. Her thumbs traced each part of his abs, admiring the grooves of his muscles. She planted a soft kiss on his chest and started to work her way down to his abs. Reaching his shorts, Jennifer looked up at him and smiled sweetly, loosening the string she tugged at the grey material.

He lifted his ass up off of the sleeping bag and let her take his pants down. He wasn’t sleeping in any boxer shorts so his knob fell out freely. Jennifer’s jaw dropped, it was close to seven inches long and proportionately thick too.

“Little Dom’s all grown up huh?” She asked, slowly wrapping the base of her hand around his shaft. Her thumb and right index finger joined together in an ‘OK’ type of position. She slowly started to jerk off the base of his cock as he groaned to the sky and nodded his head.

“Sure Jen… Whatever you say…”

Jennifer smiled, as she bent down to put her lips closer to Dom’s shaft. She figured he probably wasn’t that vocal during sex or maybe he was happy with the fact that she was about to suck his cock? She wasn’t sure but she knew that she didn’t care, she wanted to be with the boy she loved.

Dom’s eyes fluttered shut slowly as Jennifer took his cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the bump just under his dick’s head. She tucked some errant hairs behind her ear so he could see her take his dick in her mouth.

Dom groaned and licked at his lips as Jennifer wrapped her left hand around the base of his shaft and slowly stroked the bottom of his cock. She gave a cute moan onto his shaft when she cast her eyes up at Dom as she smoothly bobbed her head up and down the first couple of inches of his dick, her free hand stroking the other part. Dom let out another groan when Jennifer moved another hand down to her panties and he could smell her arousal.

She took her mouth off of his dick and made an exaggerated gasp for air. She smiled sweetly while still jerking him off and looked up at him.

“You know, sucking your cock turns me on so much. I just have to play with myself.” She gave him a playful wink as Dom groaned at her admission and nodded his head. He pulled himself up to a sitting position so Jen could have more room to play with. He then unzipped the sleeping bag and opened it up so that she wouldn’t have to bunch herself up.

With Jen rubbing herself in the comforts of her panties, Dom groaned as she got back into the rhythm of moving back and forth on his cock. As she bobbed her head up and down, her hand started to cover less and less of his shaft since her mouth was taking a claim to more of it. Jennifer moved her hand to his balls and playfully squeezed them as she worked his shaft in her mouth. She worked her mouth around his dick, moving up and down his shaft, feeling it tense up against her tongue as she brought her lips up and took her mouth off of his cock. When he looked down at her, she smiled and kissed the head of his dick.

“Ohhhhh…” Dom groaned again as she gave another soft kiss against his cock all the while she was fondling his large nuts in her left hand. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Dom’s left hand directly in front of her on the ground, she moved forward and placed hers on top of his. She lightly squeezed it as reassurance, when he looked down at her, Jennifer smiled and made Dom smile in turn.

Jennifer closed her eyes and flicked her wet tongue against the head of his dick and as she slipped down his shaft again she made sure to coat the underside of his cock with an equal amount of attention as well. The fire between her legs was burning even higher as she took his cock in her warm, wet mouth like she was some sort of cock sucking expert. She twisted her head to the left and then to the right, dragging her tongue with it as she slipped up and down his dick.

Jennifer moaned through his dick as she quickly flicked from her index finger to her middle finger as she rubbed herself in tiny circles. Sucking cock didn’t really excite her that much but the fact that she was so horny may have been something to do with the fact that she was sucking Dom’s cock. The fire was begging for more attention and she knew she wanted to mount him soon.

Dom smiled down at Jennifer as she slipped up and down his dick, she was doing such a great job working on his cock and while Dom did have limited experience with women, he knew she was something special as she worked herself all over his shaft.

“Ohhhhh damn… Jen, you’re so hot…” Dom moaned as he watched his best friend and incredibly hot actress take his dick in her mouth and smoothly suck his cock.

Jennifer’s moans filled the forest when she groaned around his shaft as she bobbed her head at a quicker pace, gently slapping her tongue against his shaft. She removed the hand from her panties and slipped it under her vest to palm at her moderately sized breasts. Toying with her nipples and squeezing the flesh made her groan again, Dom saw what she was doing and moved one of his hands down to join her.

When she cast a glance up at Dom, she smiled and nodded her encouragement as she quickly bobbed her head back and forth on his cock. When his hand touched her breast she very nearly exploded in a cloud of orgasm, she pressed her soft lips together and started to grind on his shaft. Jennifer slowly lifted her head and licked her lips before smiling up at Dom, she looked down at her and smiled as well. Nodding his head, he struggled to find words to say as Jennifer unzipped the rest of the sleeping bag and slowly peeled her top off and placed it next to the bag. She then stood up and slid her panties down her legs showing off her neatly trimmed bush.

Dom raised an eyebrow and laughed lightly. Jennifer looked down at him and raised an eyebrow at his actions. “Just what’s so funny?” She asked as she put her hands on her hips.

“It’s just… The curtain’s don’t match the drapes.” Dom said with a silly grin as he pointed out that her pubic hair was still its natural blonde.

“Har de har.” She teased him as she stuck her tongue out slightly and got down onto her knees. She crawled onto him and just lay there as they kissed again. Dom wrapped his hands around her waist and rolled her onto her back. She let out a pleasant moan as he got on his knees and started to rub his dick at her very wet entrance.

“Are you ready?” He asked, looking down at her. She bit on her bottom lip and nodded her head, then just like that he was inside her. They both gasped out loud as his dick parted her wet folds. She was the first to moan as Dom withdrew slightly and pushed himself back into her.

Jennifer wrapped her arms around his back and squeezed him tightly as he started to pump in and out of her. She looked up at Dom who had his eyes shut tightly as he made love to her. She reached up and stroked at his face as he looked down at her and opened his eyes.

They met each other in the middle of their embrace and kissed again. Their lips pressed against each other and they both moaned into each other’s mouths as he fucked her. Her legs wrapped around his waist hungrily as he drove in and out of her. He groaned as her pussy hugged and squeezed at his dick, her hands were on his shoulders groping the muscles as he moved in and out of her.

Their mouths opened and they slipped their tongues into each others open orifice. His tongue eagerly sought out hers and he slid it against the ‘roof’ of hers while she flicked hers upwards at his tongue. He put his hands on her breasts and squeezed at the flesh slowly, encouraged by her moans Dom tugged at her nipples making her groan.

When they broke the kiss, they each took turns stealing quick kisses and bites from the other as Dom started to alternate his strokes. Sometimes he would go in all the way in long strokes, while other times he would give short, swift strokes making her gasp with each entry.

There was a thin film of sweat on their bodies, Jennifer was sweating more than Dom as he was used to living an outdoors-ey lifestyle that seemed to be taking it out of his lover. Quickly biting on her bottom lip, he looked down at her and stroked her face removing some of her loose dyed brown hair.

“Are you OK?” He asked as the writing brunette slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“Yeah, very OK,” She said with a grin, looking up at him. She pulled herself up off of her back and kissed him again. “I’d like to go on top though.”

He smirked at the suggestion and nodded his head. Moving his hands down to her hips, he took hold of her body and wriggled her legs off of him. She got the idea and loosened up her leg lock, she then squealed with delight as he threw her into the air as he rolled onto his back.

Jennifer was amazed that he’d managed to keep his dick inside her as they rolled over, but she figured nothing should really surprise her with Dom. He was always there for her and now here he was looking after her again. She leant back on herself and started to rise her hips up and down on him, riding him at a slow rate.

He groaned and let his head fall back and rest against the ground as she fucked him. He put his hands up to her chest and he lightly squeezed her tits, getting a throaty groan out of the actress as she lay a hand on his strong, broad chest to steady herself.

Jennifer moaned out loud as Dom put his hands on her tits while she gradually rocked back and forth on his cock until every inch was within her tight cunt.

“Ohhhhhh… Dom! Mmmm you like that, don’t you?” She moaned and licked her lips as she planted her hands on his shoulders while she rocked backwards and forwards on his shaft getting as much pleasure out of him as she could.

“Fuck… Fuck yes…” Dom admitted, nodding his head and moaning loudly as Jennifer kept grinding her wet pussy on his cock. He put his hands on her hips and started to thrust upwards into her waiting pussy.

Jennifer started to get louder and louder as sweat started to drip off of her body while she bounced steadily on his cock. Her tits swayed up and down and when she rode him, she pinched at her nipples as she watched him with a big smile on her face.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” Dom moaned as she bounced up and down on his rock hard cock. The sound of Jennifer’s ass cheeks smacking against Dom’s legs as she rode him filled the secluded area. She smiled and nodded her head.

“Believe it lover!” Jennifer groaned as she leaned her head back as she started to quickly bounce on his dick. Groaning, she felt him thrust his cock upwards, Jennifer punctuated her sentence with a throaty groan.

The fire in Jennifer’s groin was burning fiercer and fiercer as she rode him, her voice started to peak on a higher tone before she started to cum. She alerted Dom by gripping his shoulders and groaning in his ear. Dom knew what was happening and held her tightly not stopping fucking her as he did though.

Finding some breath to speak, Jennifer looked up at Dom and let out a breathy groan as her orgasm washed over her. “Dom… P… Please fuck me hard.” She begged as she threw her body firmly down on his hard, pulsating cock.

Dom wanted nothing more than to please his new lover and with a burst of strength, picked her up and spun her around. Dropping her down on the makeshift bed of their sleeping bag, Dom started to slide his dick in and out of her with a renewed vigour.

Her voice was a whimper as Dom slid his dick in and out of her as quickly as he could, he knew he was close to cumming as well but wanted to make sure that he’d get Jennifer off. He shut his eyes tightly and just focused on thrusting in and out of her, his eyes opened when he felt her hands on his face stroking at his cheeks.

“Talk to me Dom…” She spoke softly, her voice rising as he fucked her.

“Jesus Jen… What do you want me to say?” Dom asked as he drove himself in and out of her.

“Tell… Uh! Tell… Tell me what you feel.”

“Uh… What I feel? I feel like I love you…” Dom admitted carefully as he watched Jennifer’s reaction. Her face softened as she stroked his face and moaned.

“I love you too. Oh Dom! I love you so much!” She cried out and clawed at him as Dom nodded his head and they kissed again. His large, invading cock was being squeezed by every part of her pussy as the enjoyed their embrace.

“I love you Jen, I’ll always love you. I want you to be the only woman in my life and I’ll love you forever.” Dom tried to think of romantic things to say for her but his mind was fogging up with an urge to cum. Jennifer didn’t seem to mind as she clawed and kicked at their sleeping bag, the throes of another orgasm creeping up on her.

Dom could feel the cum in his balls start to bubble up and he knew he was about to cum soon. He voiced his concerns to Jennifer who smiled and simply nodded her head.

“It’s OK baby, I’m on the pill. I want you to cum in me so I can feel your love.”

Groaning, Dom nodded his head and let loose a torrent of cum inside her. Jennifer gasped in surprise and pleasure as he shot his load inside her. Dom’s thrusting slowed to a standstill as he caught his breath. They looked at each other slowly, he wiped sweat off of his forehead and smiled.

They shared another soft kiss as he rolled onto his back, Jen eagerly climbed up against him, letting him wrap the sleeping bag around the two naked bodies. They were quiet for a moment before she looked up at him.



“Are we going to be OK?” She asked, wondering if their friendship was going to either die or fizzle out.

“What do you mean?”

“Dom, you told me you loved me.”

There was a part of Dom’s brain telling him what he was about to say but his heart screamed in protest.

“Jen…” He took a breath and that seemed to signify that something big was coming. She looked up at him with an interested face. “When you left… It broke my heart. I had bought a tuxedo especially for the prom to ask you to go with me. When I learned you weren’t coming back… Well, I got in that tux, got my big brother to buy me a twelve pack and I came up here and got wasted. I figured it was just a dumb schoolboy crush but when I saw you today… It was like I was living that day all over again because you’re going to leave me again. Knowing you’ll be gone at the end of the weekend… It’s like a thousand knives stabbing at me. You’ll never know just how much this means to me.” He took another breath and looked down at her. “So, if this isn’t love. It’s something very close to it.”

Jennifer’s mouth was open, she had no idea Dom felt like that. She stroked his face and kissed him again, two lone tears escaped from her eyes as her lips pressed against his.

“Dom… I’m so sorry. I had no idea.”

“You don’t need to be sorry. I just needed to tell you how I felt. You deserve that much at least.”

She lay her head against his chest and listened to his steady breathing.

“Thank you for telling me. Dom… I don’t think I want this to end.”

“Me neither.” Dom admitted as he turned to stare at the camp fire.

“Will it?”

“I don’t know. Let’s not worry about it and enjoy each other for the weekend?” Dom suggested as Jennifer nodded her head and curled up against him. She yawned and kissed him on the lips before sleep took her. Dom held her tightly as she slept, even with his dick buried inside her. He considered removing it but decided that it felt too good and let it rest there. Dom’s eyes flickered slowly and he fell asleep, Jennifer Lawrence his old high school friend and current lover fast asleep on his chest. Sleep made one last desperate grasp at him and he gladly accepted. He fell asleep. He fell asleep happy and content and in love.

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