A Night with the Queen

Title: A Night with the Queen

Author: Thomas K

Content codes: threesome, mff, oral, hotel

Celebs: Emilia Clarke, Rose Leslie

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. I’m sure they doesn’t act like this in real life.

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A Night with the Queen

So last we left off, I just got a note from Emilia Clarke about how she wanted to meet up at her hotel room tonight for some more fun. I was so excited, first I had to go home and shower up before I went out, thankfully my apartment wasn’t that far away. It didn’t take long before I was ready to go back out. I pulled up into the parking lot, and walked into the lobby, and there was Emilia waiting for me, in a low-cut t-shirt and some nice black yoga pants. The first thought that went through my head was “My god, she’s soooo fucking hot.”

She just smiled, walked up to me, and gave me a big slobbery kiss; I could feel her tongue shoot into my mouth for a second. Then she whispered in my ear “I’ve got a big surprise for you back in my room.” I just smiled; I had no idea what I was in for.

We got into the elevator to go up to her room on the top floor. It was the two of us in there, dead silent as the elevator slowly went up. She just backed up into me, I could feel her ass pushing up into my hard pole, she just slowly started grinding against me, I heard her giggle a little bit, then she took my hands and put them on her breast. I pulled her back a little more and started kissing the back of her neck and as my hands moved all around her chest. She pulled her shirt down and I reached in there, slowly moving my fingers around, how I loved hearing her moan as I slowly moved them around.  She turned around and started kissing me again, our tongues just danced around in each other’s mouths.

We heard a the beep of the elevator as we reached the top floor, she pulled her shirt back up just in time, as there were a couple other people waiting at this floor to go down. We just acted natural and calmly walked out. We just had to walk a few doors down and got to her room. “You’re gonna love this surprise,” she slowly whispered.

We opened the door and walked in. I looked at the bed and couldn’t believe who was laying there waiting for us. Emilia’s friend Rose Leslie, who she met while filming Game of Thrones, was lying there in nothing but her bra and underwear, touching herself, getting herself warmed up for us.

“Oh my god,” I slowly said, I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I couldn’t believe this was really happening to me. “So this was the guy you were talking about,” Rose said with her sexy Scottish accent. She had this big grin on her face. “Yeah, this is him,” Emilia said as she slowly starting crawling onto the bed towards Rose. “Come play with us” they said.

I just threw my shirt off and got in between them. Rose pulled me towards her and started kissing me. While I was focusing on her, Emilia took off her shirt and shorts, down to her pink panties; she crawled next to me and pulled my face towards her breast. I just started sucking away at her nipples, I looked up and saw Emilia lean over and start kissing Rose. With one hand I reached behind Rose and unhooked her bra, she took it off real quick and threw it across the room. Now I had two nice pairs of breast in my face. They kept kissing as I went back and forth sucking their nipples, I could hear them moaning as I switched between them.

Then I started to slowly lie on my back. Emilia just shoved her breast in my face I started sucking and licking away at them. All I could see was her plump breast, but I felt someone’s hands pulling my belt, Rose was trying to take off my pants. After a few seconds Emilia got off me and I looked down to see Rose just staring at my pole with a big smile on their face. “It’s even better then you described it,” Rose said. She leaned in and slowly slid her tongue all the way up it. Then she slowly worked it into her mouth. “Look at her go,” Emilia whispered to me, as Rose’s head bobbed up on down. “You want some too” Rose said. “Oh yes,” Emilia replied.

They both started dragging their lips along the sides of it. Then Rose wrapped her lips around the tip and slowly tried to deep throat it. She kinda gagged a little bit but she managed to get it all the way down. After that Emilia got her turn with it, she couldn’t go as deep as Rose did, but I loved the way her tongue moved all around as she worked her mouth. Then Rose got behind Emilia and started to pull her panties down, Emilia turned around and smiled at her, knowing exactly what she was gonna do.

Emilia just kept sucking me as Rose went down on her. I could hear her moan even with my pole in her mouth. Rose knew exactly how Emilia liked it. Slowly working her tongue around her clit, then she took two of her fingers and spread Emilia lips open and stuck her tongue in there, then she started working her fingers into her hole, sliding in and out, faster and faster. Then Rose stopped for a second and said “Lets really get this thing going.”

Emilia got on top of me, slowly guiding my pole right between her legs. She felt so good, so wet and tight. Rose crawled up to me and gave me a big kiss. We just laid there for a minute or so, just flicking our tongues around in each other’s mouths. Then she whispered seductively in my ear, “Show me what else you could do with that mouth.” Then she got up and sat on my face. I knew what to do.

Emilia kept riding me, starting slowly then she started going faster and faster. The whole bedding was shaking around, just like on set earlier that day. It was awesome, but I was focusing more on Rose at the time, moving my tongue all around between her legs, “Keep doing that, fuck that’s good,” she screamed. After a few more minutes Rose turned to Emilia and said “It’s my turn now.”

Emilia got off me and we got into another position. Rose just laid back and spread her legs. I got on her and slowly worked my way in her. She was even tighter, “You like that, don’t you, nice and tight.” she said with a big smile on her face. I loved the way she talked dirty with that accent of hers. I kept thrusting, faster and faster. Emilia just laid there next to us, touching herself as she watched me. “Come on, keeping fucking me,” Rose cried out. I could feel her body quivering as she was closer and closer to hitting the big O. “That’s it, just like that, keep going, don’t stop,” she screamed, “Oh FUCK!!!,” she yelled out. I could feel her whole body jolt around. Then we started to slow down a little. “That was so fucking good,” she said.

Emilia got on top of Rose and started kissing her, then she stuck ass out and said “One more turn on me.” I got behind her started thrusting in really fast, it was even better then when I doggy styled her on the set earlier. It was so amazing, that smack as I slid in her tight wet hole. Looking down and seeing her and Rose locking lips, hearing her moan through that. I couldn’t keep up the pace for much longer, so I started thrusting in even deeper. Oh how those moist lips gripped me. “Keep doing that, just a little more,” Emilia moaned. “Make her cum,” Rose said with big grin on her face. I kept thrusting as fast as I could. “Oh my god, here it comes,” Emilia cried out, “Oh my god, I’m cumming.” Her whole body shook around, as I felt her tight lips squeeze me and they contracted. I started to slow down and I pulled her back and started kissing that back of her neck. “Are you gonna cum soon,” she whispered to me. “Yeah,” I replied, “I don’t think I’m gonna last much longer.” “Let me finish him,” Rose said.

Rose had me lie in the middle of the bed on my back, and started sucking me. First she went down really slow, almost teasing me, wiggling her tongue all around as she did. I loved it. Then she started going faster and faster. “Come on, give me your cum,” she moaned out as she started to stroke me, “Come on, cum for me, all over my face.”  She started squeezing it a little harder and she stroked faster and faster. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” I said. I popped all over her face. I could hear it splatter, she just looked at me and smiled, Emilia gasped at how much I let out. “Let me have some of that,” she said as she started licking it off Rose’s face. After she licked it all off, the two of them stared at each other for a second, then Rose leaned in and started kissing her. Then the two of them lay down next to me and just started making out as I watched.

They were going at it for a while, if felt like forever. So hot, watching them kiss all over each other, watching them play with each other. After an hour of watching them, I looked down and saw I was getting hard again. Rose looked at it and smiled, “You ready for some more fun?” she laughed. I looked up at her and smiled as they both got on top of me.

Hands and mouths went everywhere as we laid there exploring each other’s bodies. I started kissing Rose first, starting with those sweet lips and working my way down her neck, then I turn over to Emilia and did the same to her. Then I felt Rose’s hand reach down and start stroking me. Me and Emilia were just locking lips and shoving our tongues in the other’s mouth. Her tongue flickered around so wildly. Then I leaned down and started playing around with her breast again. As things were heating up for with me and Emilia, I started to feel Rose’s mouth working down there on me, her lips slowly going up and down.

Then I turn Rose around and we get into a 69. I just stuck my tongue in her tight wet hole and moved it all around. “Fuck that’s good, just like that,” she moaned out. Emilia decided to join Rose at the other end and they took turns sucking me. Rose licking all around the base of my shaft while Emilia was sucking away at the tip, I had to stop eating out Rose for a second, I couldn’t think cause it just felt so great. If it was for the fact that I already did it twice today, they probably would have made me cum then.

After a few more minutes of us working our mouths, Rose got off me, and I looked over at Emilia, laying there with her legs spread, all ready to go at it. I got on top of her and for a second, we just looked into each other’s eyes, then I leaned in and kissed her. As we were doing that, I felt Rose’s hands down there, guiding my pole into Emilia. “Come on and fuck her,” Rose said with a big smile on her face.

Emilia let out a little moan as I first stuck it in, I loved how wet and tight it was. “You like that,” Rose whispered in my ear, “you like that tight, wet cunt.” Rose pulled my head towards her and gave me a big slobbery kiss. She was so amazing, she was like a passionate lover and a nasty whore put together. Rose looked at me in the eyes and whispered, “Why don’t you give me some of that nice big cock of yours.”

I pulled out of Emilia and got on my back; Rose went down and started sucking me again. Soon Emilia joined in. I just laid back and watched the two of them work their magic. Then Emilia looked over at Rose, “How do you wanna do him,” she asked. “I want to ride him,” Rose replied. Rose got on top of me and quickly got things going. It was so great, how she rocked back and forth, faster and faster. “Yeah, does that pussy feel good when I ride you,” Rose yelled out. Emilia laid there next to us, touching herself as she watched us.

After a few more minutes, Rose was starting to get tired. “I wanna ride him again,” Emilia said as Rose got off me. They traded places and we kept going. Emilia started moaning louder and louder as she kept speeding up. Rose leaned in and started kissing me, her tongue shooting into my mouth and dancing all around.  Emilia looked down at us and said, “Let me in on that,” as she leaned forward and kissed me. Then the three of us all starting going at it, our tongues and mouths all around each other, me and Rose were making out, then me and Emilia, then the two them started to go at it, then they both started kissing me. Then Rose whispered in Emilia’s ear, “How about you let me fuck him a little more?” Emilia smiled at her and gave her a big kiss.

Emilia got off me, and Rose lean over and got on all fours. “Come and get it,” she whispered. I stopped for a second, just to look at that amazing ass she had, then I spread her cheeks and stuck my tongue right into tight wet hole. “Fuck, I love it when you do that,” she moaned out as moved my tongue all around in her, “Now come on and fuck me.” I thrusted it in slowly a few times, I loved feeling those moist lips grip me. Then I started to pick up the pace. “Come on, harder, HARDER!!!” Rose screamed. I kept going harder and harder, but I was getting tired out, so I started going in deeper. “Yes, yes, oh my god, that feels so good,” she cried out. Emilia crawled next to me and whispered to me, “Doesn’t that feel good, don’t you love that tight wet pussy.” “Fuck yes,” I replied, “it’s so fucking good.”

It felt so good, loved hearing that smack every time I thrusted in, the way her wet hole squeezed me. It was getting too hot, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” I said. Emilia looked over to Rose, “Let him cum in you,” she whispered to her. Rose turned around towards me and said, “Come on do it.” Emilia started to spread Rose’s cheeks so I could thrust in even deeper, “Come on, cum in her,” she said. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, “Oh fuck,” I yelled as I kept thrusting in deeper as I discharged and throbbed all around in her. I could see a big smile on Rose’s face, she loved that feeling. “Did that feel good?” Emilia said to me. I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t think, after how good that felt.

After that the 3 of us all just laid down on the bed and slept, we all played very hard that day. The next day we got up and I said my goodbyes. “Come back any time,” Rose said as I left. It’s like I said, being a boom operator definitely has its perks. I got to work with Emilia Clarke, then I got to “work” with her some more, and then I got play around with her and Rose.

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