A Nocturnal Fuckfest

Title:  A Nocturnal Fuckfest

Author: Attila

Codes: Ff, ff, FF+, beast, inc, spank, pedo, oral

Subjects: Julianne Moore, Sarah Palin, Piper Palin, Emily Deschanel, Cate Blanchett

Disclaimer: I do not condone of any of the behavior portrayed in this story in real life. Also, I’m sure that the figures featured in this story do not ever even thing about engaging in this type of behavior with one another, or even at all. If you do any of this in real life, consider getting professional help and maybe checking out a nice jail cell for yourself. Once again, this is merely fantasy, and fantasy is legal.

October 2008: a clearing in the middle of nowhere.

The moon shone down on the clearing as three vehicles stopped under the shade of great oak trees and then were turned off. The doors to the first vehicle, a Toyota Tundra, opened, and out stepped Sarah Palin, dressed in a low-cut puff sleeved shirt, a skirt, and heels, while over her should she carried a wriggling sack. As she placed the sack on the ground the doors to the second vehicle, a VW Bug, opened, accompanying the appearance of Julianne Moore, dressed in a red skirt and an off-the-shoulder top, who also carried a wriggling sack over her shoulder. Upon seeing Sarah, Julianne placed her sack on the ground and rushed over to the other woman, the both of them locking lips and pressing their breasts against each other as Sarah quietly moaned with approval at Julianne’s kiss.

As they kissed, the doors to the third vehicle, a horse-trailer, opened and out stepped Emily Deschanel, dressed in a light dress that showed off her generous bust. Upon seeing Julianne and Sarah still locked in their kiss, Emily walked over to them and tapped them both on the shoulder, causing them to turn around and see that Emily had brought along Cate Blanchett, dressed in a puff-sleeved blouse and skirt, who carried another wriggling sack over her shoulder. Cate placed her sack next to the other two wriggling sacks, and then asked, “Shall we begin, ladies?” “Oh yes!” Sarah squealed with excitement as she walked up to Cate and showed the Australian her breasts, making Cate’s mouth water when she saw them released from their fabric prison.

Cate’s mouth immediately latched on to Sarah’s right breast, sucking hard on the nipple as Sarah moaned with pleasure at the act. Emily followed Cate’s lead, burying her head in between Julianne’s breasts and motor boating as the older actress sighed with delight. The four ladies continued to enjoy each other’s breasts for the next twenty minutes until Emily called it off and began to strip. The other three ladies followed her lead and in no time at all they were all butt naked, the moonlight shining off of their ample breasts, shaved pussies, and firm butts. Their attention soon turned from gazing hungrily at each other’s naked bodies to the wriggling sacks in front of them, all of which were emitting a muffled crying sound.

When they reached the sacks, Cate and Emily gave each other a kiss before picking up Cate’s sack and opening it, revealing the frightened face of a five year old girl with dark hair, bright eyes, and dressed in a bathing suit. A gag was in her mouth and her arms and legs were tied together, and as she thrashed about she cried into her gag when Cate pulled on the ties to the swimming suit. When the girl was naked, Cate laid her across her lap and began to rub her smooth little butt before delivering a spanking that caused the girl to scream shrilly. When Cate began to rub her swollen clitoris against the girl’s gagged mouth, Emily felt herself grow wet and she then began to finger herself, making Sarah and Julianne become wet themselves and grab their respective sacks.

Sarah opened her sack, pulling out her daughter, Piper, who was butt naked, gagged, bound, and trying to escape. “Sweetie, you cannot escape from Mommy!” Sarah giggled as she buried Piper’s head in her cleavage and felt her daughter squirm and struggle for air. Piper’s screams vibrated in Sarah’s cleavage, making the former Alaskan governor’s eyes roll upwards in pleasure as she moaned fragments of sentences such as “Oh Sweetie…..Ah!…..Baby do it!” Sarah then roughly groped Piper’s tiny butt, causing the squirming girl to emit a shrill and muffled squeal before being pulled out of her mother’s cleavage and slapped across the face. The tears welled up in the young girl’s eyes as Sarah removed the gag from her daughter’s mouth and made her engage in a sloppy French Kiss, their tongues wrestling with each other as Sarah moaned in heat.

Meanwhile, Julianne had opened her sack and grabbed her daughter, Liv, and sat on her face, her eyes rolling back into her head when she felt Liv’s tongue enter her dripping pussy. Moans and cries escaped Julianne’s mouth as she continued to shove Liv’s face into her pussy, her cries mirrored by Sarah’s whimpers and Cate’s cooing as Emily walked over to the trailer, and returned with a large Clydesdale. Upon seeing the Clydesdale, the four women stopped their actions, and walked, trance-like over to the Clydesdale’s enormous boner, Emily dropping to her knees and kissing the tip of it as the horse whinnied in response to her touch.

Emily then turned to face the three little girls on the grass behind them, and in a silky voice said “Why don’t you three give us a show while I prep Mr. Biggums here?” Without a moment to waste, Julianne and Sarah grabbed their daughters and forced them to kiss each other, their eyes practically boiling with pure lust as Liv and Piper submitted to the perverse desires of their mothers and began moaning slightly as they continued to kiss. Cate and Emily, meanwhile, began to lick and kiss the enormous horse penis in front of them before Cate popped it into her mouth and moaned with untamed lust as the warm penis moved back and forth in between her lips. Emily kneeled behind Cate, playfully pinching her butt and nipples while Cate sucked on the horse, until Sarah and Julianne approached and begged for their turn.

“Oh fine!” Cate said with mock exasperation as Julianne knelt down in front of the horse and pinched Liv’s nose, forcing the little girl’s mouth to open as the horse cock in front of her enter her virgin mouth. Liv’s cries her muffled, but the tears flowing down her cheeks were a mixture of pain, fear, and lust, something that all four actresses were familiar with. Julianne moved her hands all over her little daughter’s naked body, her fingers feeling the heat emulating from the virgin pussy as Piper walked up to her and kissed her on the lips. Julianne moved her tongue in the younger girl’s mouth as Sarah grabbed the girl Cate had been toying with, and began to finger her, laughing at the girl’s cries of shock.

Sarah, overcome with the need to be filled with horse cock, pulled Liv away from the horse and plunged the cock into her dripping pussy; the Alaskan beauty’s moans filling the air as Liv licked Emily and Cate’s nipples. “OOH! OOH! OOH!” Sarah moaned, the movement of the horse’s cock increasing in speed until she felt the horse’s cock tremble. Pulling the mighty organ out of her Sarah knelt in front of the horse with her mouth open and her eyes closed, causing the others to follow suit as Cate jerked the horse’s cock until a tsunami of cum erupted in their faces. All present her caked in at least three layers of horse cum, the wet gooey substance filling their mouth and trickling down their throats.

Without another word, all present began to kiss each other’s bodies, the vast quantities of horse cum trickling down their throats until they were all cleaned up from their experience. When they saw the moon begin to set, they all exchanged their final kisses, gropes, and spanks, dressed, and then got in their respective vehicles before departing the clearing, leaving no trace of their lust-filled and utterly depraved night behind them.

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