A One Night Stand Souvenir

A One Night Stand Souvenir (starring Sharon Stone)
by Wingshoe

Welcome to what passes for my life. Here I am, mid-20’s…
single… great job… living in California… I should be
living high off the hog with women left and right looking to
hook up with me. If I only I could be so lucky. Truth of the
matter is, I’m painfully shy. Shy to the point that I haven’t
had sex in almost a year, and that one time was when I was so

inebriated to the point that I wasn’t acting like myself. I
haven’t had a steady girlfriend since college. But I always
held out hope.

I worked as an graphic artist for an advertising agency in San
Francisco. I went to college with dreams of comic book
stardom in my eyes hoping that the Graphic Design background
would help out my artwork. I quickly came to the realization
that the comic business was hard to get into. After months of
doing samples with no paycheck, I took the job in San
Francisco. That was 3 years ago. I’ve spent so much time at
my drawing board lately that I didn’t even realize that it was
almost the turn of the millennium. I was totally lost in my
work, after all, what else did I have to do?

“Hey Todd… you going to the party tonight?” It was Brian,
one of my co-workers.

“What party?” I replied.

“I can’t believe you forgot. The one the boss is throwing for
being getting the city wide millennium deal. Most of the
city’s bigwigs and finest babes are going to be there. I even
heard that some of the Niners are supposed to be there.”

“I don’t know. I’ve got a lot to do.” I replied trying to
get out of it. I hated large parties. My personality really
hits me as I stand in a corner or sit at a table by myself.

“Come on…. It’ll do you good. I’ll pick you up around 6:00
and we’ll hit the happy hour before we go. It’ll be a blast.”
He insisted.

I relented, “Alright. At least for a little while. What
would it hurt.”

I went home and changed into a pair of khaki pants, and a
white shirt. I threw a blue jacket on and headed out. 6:00
came and we hit Brian’s favorite hot spot for $1 domestics and
10 cent wings. At 7:30, we headed to the Hilton where the
party was going to be held.

As expected, San Francisco’s biggest names were there to take
in the evening’s festivities. Some of the San Francisco 49ers
seemed to hold the monopoly on women as all the ladies looked
to be trying to get their claws into a rich football player.

I was sitting at a table….. by myself…. taking in that
scene when I sensed a presence behind me….

“Golddiggers…. I hate phonies.” The mystery voice said.

I turned around and saw that Sharon Stone had walked up behind
me. She was looking simply ravishing in a spagetti strapped
silver sequinned dress that came down to just above her knees.
The dress was decorated with black “floral” accents, at least
they looked floral.

“Yeah… tell me about it.” I was stunned. I was talking to
Sharon Stone.

“The sad thing is, the girls don’t realize that they know what
they’re after. They’ll use them for cheap sex for a couple of
days and then toss them to the curb.”

“Maybe they’re hoping to get pregnant and get some child
support out of it.” I added.

“Perhaps. Not like that would be the first time. Some of
these guys have kids in every city. Mind if I join you. I
need a thoughful conversation and you look like you could use
the company.” Sharon offered.

“Sure…. Mi table… su table.” I tried to be funny, but I
don’t know if it worked.


“No need. I know who you are. I’m a big fan.” I said.

“Now, the thing is do you actually mean it? You’d be
surprised how much the fan base has eroded no that I’m not
doing the gratuitous nudity anymore.” Sharon quipped.

“No, really. I like your new stuff too. It shows that you’re
more than just a pretty face.”

Sharon smiled back. “Thanks. I hate coming to these things
and having people compliment you to your face and talk about
you behind your back. And you are….”

“Oh… sorry. Todd Rollins.” I offered a hand and she

“What do you do, Todd?” Sharon asked.

“Well… I’m a graphic artist working for Mr. Arbogast’s
advertising firm.”

“Really? Do anything I might recognize?”

“Well… it wasn’t the Mona Lisa or anything, but I did the
art for the last TransMet campaign. It’s not what I really
want to do though.”

“Oh, the struggling artist.”

“Yeah, I guess. It’s not what I want, but I think I’m doomed
to be chained to the ad table forever.”

“I don’t know. You can break the mold. Trust me, it takes
time.” Sharon chimed in, “All I used to get were sexual
thriller scripts. They just wanted me to take my clothes off
and be a psycho, but I was getting tired of it, so I started
taking movies like ‘The Mighty’.”

“Trust me, I’m trying.” I laughed. “its just hard to get the
ball rolling. “

“How’d you wind up out here?” Sharon asked.

“Took the job. It’s a long way from home though. My parents
are on the other coast.”


“Washingtonville. It’s a small town in PA.”

“Really? Get out of here? Do you know old Charlie Robinson?”
She asked.

“Yeah. He runs that little grocery store on Market St. How
do you know him?” I asked.

“My grandparents used to live there before they moved out by
Pittsburgh. They used to be good friends with the Robinsons.”
She said excitedly.

“Really. I forgot that you’re a PA girl.” I laughed” “Now,
what are you doing here, if you don’t mind my asking.”

“The California story, you now. I assume you mean


“Well, I came with my husband… who conviently disappeared a
couple of hours ago. I don’t have a clue where he went to.”

“You know, if you came with me, I wouldn’t let you out of my

“Sweet, but not like I haven’t heard that before.” Sharon

For the next couple of hours, Sharon and I chatted like a
couple of old friends who hadn’t seen each other in years.
After talking about my “art” we finally got back on the topic
of “phonies”. Looking for examples, she dished the dirt on
how Stallone and Woods had each come on to her on the set of
“The Specialist”. I tried to match with my own examples, but
I have to admit, that my examples weren’t nearly as powerful
as hers.

It was getting late and Sharon’s husband was still no where to
be seen.

“Where the hell did he go? I don’t believe this shit.”
Sharon cursed under her breath looking around the room.

“Do you need a ride home?” I asked.

“Yeah. It looks like it. Would you…..”

“It’d be my pleasure.” I interrupted.

“Just let me tell Arby. If he managed to make an appearance
at least he’ll know that I left.” Sharon got up and walked
over to my boss, who he apparantly knows quite well to call
him Arby.

After about a minute of polite conversation, it was becoming
apparant that Sharon was telling him that she was leaving.
After thanking her for coming, Sharon returned to fetch me.

“He doesn’t know where he went either. I’m starting to think
he’s got something going on the side.” She said shaking her

We headed out to my car. A bit more modest than a celebrity
of Sharon Stone’s stature is used to, but it does the job for
me. As we pulled out of the parking garage, Sharon turned to

“Why don’t we head back to your place. I’m not sure I want to
go home yet.”

“Sure. Why not.” I replied.

I didn’t live too far from the hotel where the party was being
held. As I drove the 10 minutes to my apartment, Sharon stared
out the window occasionally shaking her head. When we arrived
at the building, the garage security guard took a double take
when he saw Sharon. I still don’t know if he knew it was
Sharon Stone, or just a woman who looked a lot like her.
Anyway, he raised the bar, and I parked.

Sharon remained silent in the elevator on the way up. I had
to say something.

“Something bothering you, Sharon?” I asked.

“Wha… no. Not really. Just thinking.” She replied.

“About what?” I asked.

Instead of giving me a reply, Sharon put her arms around me.
Our eyes met and we leaned into each other for a kiss. The
feeling was electric. Then another, deeper. Her tongue
probed my lips until I opened them. My tongue met hers as
they twirled together in joyful greeting. Caution went out
the window. Kissing Sharon Stone was sending chills
throughout my body. I was worried that she’d feel the
goosebumps though my shirt.

The kisses became more emphatic as we stepped closer together,
pressing our bodies together. All those fantasies that sprung
up after I saw Basic Insinct for the first time were coming
true as I felt the heat of her tits through our clothing. Her
nipples were hard as they pushed into my chest. My hands slid
down to the small of her back and I tentatively reached for
her ass. She moaned softly as a I squeezed her cheek, pulling
her closer. I reached for the hem of her dress and slid my
hand up her stocking covered thighs. I couldn’t believe the
moist heat coming from her pussy!

The elevator chimed that we were at my floor, and we unlocked
our embrace. Sharon took my hand and walked beside down the
hall to the apartment door.

After fumblling with the keys for a second, Sharon kissed me
gently, “Relax….”

I finally got the door open and allowed Sharon to enter first.
I had no sooner gotton the door closed, when Sharon was all
over me again. I reached behind her and gently tugged on the
zipper of her dress. Sharon stepped back and with one subtle
movement, the sequinned dress slid off her to the floor.
Sharon stepped out of her heels and with a quick movement,
peeled the pantyhose from her body leaving her naked with the
exception of a grey lace thong.

Sharon walked over to the couch, “Come here…” she purred.

I walked over to her trying to contain my excitement. I threw
my jacket on the chair and made my way to her. Sharon tugged
my belt and pants open. As I felt her hand unzip my fly, I
pulled my shirt over my head. Sharon pushed my pants and
boxers to the floor allowing my cock to float free.

I knelt down in front of Sharon, French kissing her. Sharon
giggled and the two of us found our way completely onto the
carpet. I kissed my way down her neck to her near perfect
breasts. Sharon massaged her cunt, while watching me kiss her
breasts. I sucked on her breasts until Sharon pushed me
toward her pussy. The lacy thong was off in a flash and I
tossed the sopping wet garment aside. She had a nice trimmed
patch and I ran my tongue up and down the carpet over her

Sharon didn’t hesitate to tell me what she wanted, "Eat my

I immediately obliged, pushing my tongue into her sopping box.
Sharon’s thighs tightened as my mouth fell on her. I glanced
up to see her massaging her own breasts as I licked her pussy.
I put my hands under her knees and pushed her legs skyward
and she immediately parted them as much as possible. Sharon
draped her legs over my shoulders freeing up my hands. My
mouth fell back on her slit and moments later I had one finger
sliding in and out of her hole.

Sharon’s clit made its first appearance and I found myself
sucking it and fingering her like crazy. Sharon moaned and
groaned, her body writhing on the carpet. I kept this up for
ten minutes, adding another finger and increasing my attention
on her clitoris. I got bold, and took one of my slicked up
fingers and started fingering her assholeat the same time.

“Ooo… “

Sharon was surprised as my finger slid into her asshole, but
that quickly changed. I started working my fingers in and out
of her as my tongue kept up the assault on her clit

”mmmmmm…. yeah…. that’s it baby…. that feels so
good….. I’m gonna cum baby…. I’m gonna…. ”

Sharon’s body lurched as orgasam began to overtake her. She
shuttered and humped her pussy hard against my face as she
came. Sharon must’ve cum for nearly 5 minutes straight! Her
whole body was covered in sweat and a look of pure lust was on
her face.

“Oh God…that felt so good. I haven’t cum like that in a
long long time.” Sharon panted.

I sat up and stroked my penis. Sharon didn’t hesitate to spin
around onto all fours.

“I was going to do this before we started, but I’m glad now
that you made me cum first. I need a few minutes to recover
and sucking you off is a great way to do it.” Sharon smiled
looking up at me.

She lowered her mouth onto my cock. With one hand pumping my
cock, she took her free hand and started massaging my balls.
This, with the sight of Sharon’s beautiful naked body, was
nearly too much for me, but I somehow managed to contain
myself. She was a tremendous cock sucker. Sharon took my cock
out of her mouth and pushed me back onto my back.

With that, she started to position her pussy over my face,
while she could still reach my cock. Sharon pressed herself
back against my face, and I leaned forward and kissed her
cunt. Her pussy was slippery and swollen from the assult I
made on it before. Sharon took my cock and forced her mouth
completely down my shaft until I could feel her lips wrapped
around the base. I ran my tongue up and down her slit,
licking all over her swollen clit. With my eyes open, all I
could see in this position was Sharon Stone’s perfect ass in
my face.

I couldn’t help myself. I took my tongue and ran it from her
clit all the way up to the wet asshole of hers. Even that
tasted wonderful. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could,
then I ran it all around her opening, then back down to her

All this time Sharon was hungrily sucking up and down my
prick. Fuck, I had to be swollen twice the size as normal, and
I knew I was twice as sensitive. My balls were tight and I
knew I was going to come soon. Sharon did too, because as I
got closer, she got wetter and wetter, humping her pussy all
over my face.

I couldn’t take more than a minute or two of this. I held onto
her hips and shoved my tongue as far in her swollen pussy as I
could, at the same time shoving my hips towards her head.
Sharon squealed as my first shot hit the back of her throat,
and all of a sudden her pussy released on my face, completely
drenching me. Her lips throbbed and her hole spasmed around
my tongue as she came all over me. I could feel her
swallowing my come, and after the first couple of squirts I
felt her pull her face back and start rubbing my cock all over
her lips and cheeks. I kept licking her while she stroked my
cock, coaxing what was left of my come out of me and onto her

We laid there for a couple of moments. Sharon got off of my
face and got up on her knees beside me. She looked at me and

“We’re not done yet.” Sharon smiled while stroking my cock.

“You’re quite the sex machine aren’t you?” I purred.

Sharon looked at me and smiled, “When I want to be, and right
now I want to be.”

The combination of lack of action and my partner for the
evening kept me rock hard. Sharon stroked my dick as he got
her senses back. She relinquished her hold on my cock and
straddled me. She took my dick back into her hands and slowly
slid down on my saliva covered cock, grunting as she did so.

I put my hands on her hips and pulled her down until her pussy
was impaled on me.

“Oh fuck yeah….” I moaned as Sharon’s wet, velvety pussy
wrapped itself around my cock.

She hit the base of my dick and began to pump up and down on
me, each stroke down shoving her clit into my lower abdomen.
She leaned forward, hands supporting herself on either side of
me, while I sucked on her tits. One of my hands snaked down,
and I started thumbing her clit as she rode me. Sharon shook
violently, her cunt contracting on my dick. I wouldn’t last
long if her pussy kept that up. She was in Nirvana though,
her breath coming in short grunts of air when she landed at
the bottom of each stroke.

"Lean back or I’m gonna come again," I warned her and she

She leaned back, her pussy stretching around my dick. She
still rode my cock but slower, more deliberately now. Sweat
rolled down Sharon’s body. I reached down, rubbing her clit
again and watching her body tense up and feeling her pussy
spasam and explode with another orgasm. This woman was on

I reached under her thighs and she leaned back more, allowing
us to switch positions with her on her back, legs draped over
my thighs. I rocked into her, watching, mesmerized while her
tits slid up and down with my strokes. Sharon reached between
her legs, fingering herself again. The cunt slammed down on
me once more and I about blew my wad. I had to give myself a

I pulled out and placed her legs up on my shoulders. Sharon
rotated her pelvis and guided me back into her soaking wet
cunt. From this position I was getting good penetration and
Sharon was letting me know it.

“Oh fuck… that’s it… deeper…. deeper….” Sharon moaned
as I thrust myself in and out of her pussy.

I pushed her legs to the sides, and she kept them pulled back
and in a vee. Sharon shrieked and began thrusting hard
against me. Her hands clawed at my shoulders and I began
driving into her faster and faster. Sweat from my head fell on
her tits. I felt her hand slide down over my ass. She
groaned and her back arched, her pussy squeezing down on my
cock again. I stopped moving for an instant, watching her go
through one more orgasm. I stayed in her, hard but unmoving.

"Can we change positions? My back’s gettin’ rug burns," she
told me.

I agreed, my knees taking a beating from the rug too. We
uncoupled and she stood up. She leaned over the couch. I
stepped up behind her, my hands traveling up her sweet ass. I
remembered seeing pictures of that shapely ass before and
jerking off thinking about doing her from behind. I took my
cock and began pushing it up Sharon’ s pussy from behind. She
parted her legs more and bent over the couch.

I was up her in seconds. As I fucked Sharon from behind, I
grabbed her hips for support and started slamming my cock into
her faster and harder from behind. Her ass jiggled with each
stroke and I could see the reflection in a mirror of her tits
swinging wildly. Sharon’s eyes were half closed, her mouth
open. She was grunting with each new penetration by me.

“Harder…” Sharon panted.

I couldn’t say no to that. Soon I was fucking her with
everything I had. Sharon’s head began to thrash around.

“ooooo…. fuck yeah…. give it to me…. I want you to
cum…. in…. me…..”

I couldn’t hold back any more and exploded in Sharon’s cunt.
Load after load of cum whitewashed Sharon’s insides as I came
like never before. I continued sliding in and out of her as
her pussy milked me dry. Finally, I could come no more. I
fell over her hot back, my hands travelling around to grasp
her tits. Sharon moved her ass still, trying to get more out
of my dick. I rose up and Sharon slowly stood too. She
turned to me and we kissed. She took my hand and led me to
the bedroom, where we slept until daybreak.

I woke the next morning with the morning wood in full effect.
There was no one in bed next to me. I wasn’t drunk so I knew
that I had in fact spent a wild sex filled night with Sharon
Stone. I was starting to get out of bed, when Sharon walked
in with her silver sequined dress from the party the night
before back on.

“Good morning sleepyhead. I wasn’t sure you were going to get
up before I left.” She said as she put her pantyhose into her

Sharon spotted my hardening cock. “You look like youre ready
for another go.”

“For you…. anytime.” I flashed an evil grin.

“Who’s the sex machine now” Sharon purred.

She reached under her dress and proceeded to pull her thong
panties down and kick them into the floor.

“The cab’s will be here to get me in about half an hour, so we
don’t have much time".

Sharon hiked her dress up and proceeded to straddle my cock,
bringing her pussy right to the tip of my cock. Then she
reached down, and grasping my cock she rubbed the head all
over her moistening lips. Then without warning she started to
sink her weight down on me. Slowly she eased herself down on
my member until her ass was resting on my balls.

When she hit bottom she let go of her dress and let it fall
around our joined bodies, then she pressed her hands against
my chest and, supporting herself, started riding up and down
on my prick. I reached up and pulled the straps from her
shoulders and slid down the front of her dress giving me easy
access to her breasts. Sharon’s nipples were very erect. I
one in one hand and the other into my hungry mouth.

Sharon just shut her eyes and leaned her head forward over me
while she enjoyed my cock being in her. I was already so
horny to begin with, that I knew I couldn’t take much, and
from the way she was acting, she couldn’t either. After just
a few strokes she was panting and starting to ride my cock
like crazy like last night, but I just couldn’t hold out this
morning. My started exploding in mom’s wet cunt. I tried to
hold out, but I just couldn’t stop. Blast after blast shot
out of my prick into my own Sharon’s womanhood.

Sharon smiled and gave me a kiss before she climbed off of me.
She was starting to put her panties back on when she stopped.

“Here, “ she said handing me her panties, “something to
remember the night by. I don’t know we’ll ever be able to do
it again, so you might as well have a souvenir.”

Just as I was going to say something the phone rang. I looked
at Sharon as I answered the phone.

“Hey Brian…. no…. I didn’t mean to ditch you last
night….. I met a woman….” I said looking at Sharon with a
smile. “No…. don’t think anything’s going to come of it,
but she did leave something to remember her by.”

Sharon smiled. She gave me a quick peck on the forehead and
walked out of my bedroom….

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