A Pearl Of Passion

A Pearl of Passion


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A nice
little ditty inspired by
my friend Mesmer Eyes. Enjoy.

There was a lot about Hollywood the British just didn’t understand. Like
how looks could
be emphasized over talent, how most productions thought a touch of class to be a
perfectly alien
concept and how the British were often asked to be Americans. That made little
sense to many,
who didn’t understand why producers would go all the way across the ocean to
hire someone
when there were plenty of Americans around who could do it.

Beckinsale had gotten that experience first-hand. After several years
acting in her
native England, she’d gotten her first major Hollywood break with what was to be
the major film
of the year, “Pearl Harbor.” Yes, playing an American was a bit odd but she felt
it was worth the
effort, given the film’s high profile and sure-fire success.

Which brought up another oddity about Hollywood most British people didn’t
In the U.K., a near-$200 million take would be something worth killing for. In
the case of “Pearl
Harbor,” however, it was considered a severe disappointment, given its high cost
and major hype
and publicity. And Kate’s would be follow-up, “Serendipity,” was barely a blip
at the box office.

Still, Kate was feeling good about her career so far. Sure, “Pearl” may not
have set a new
box office record but its take was nothing to sneeze at and there was still the
income to arrive
with the DVD release. So, Kate had gotten herself more than enough cash to take
a nice vacation
and figured Hawii would be just the spot.

Yes, she had been there before, for the shooting for “Pearl,” but wanted to
enjoy it again,
this time without the need to cut her hours short to rest up before shooting.
She decided to forgo
the major cities and instead settled on a nice beachside place near a small
village, where she
wasn’t likely to be recognized as well.

Which was another thing to get used to for Kate. While in England, she was
rather well-
known, she tended to blend in much more in the States, her face, while
undoubtedly beautiful, not
exactly standing out as much. In this case, that was a rather good thing as she
could see the sights
and even partake in a nice local celebration.

Kate was rather surprised that the village near her beachside place was
having a festival
themed after the 1940’s. There were vintage cars, music of the time and the
locals dressed in
period clothing, encouraging visitors to do the same. While visiting the local
dress shop, Kate had
decided to take part in it all by buying a couple of nice dresses, rather like
the ones she’d enjoyed
wearing for the movie.

Kate was getting such a kick out of them that she was wearing one now, a
nice white one,
with black creases along the hem, buttons and collar era. It had taken some
getting used to getting
it all on but Kate rather liked it and at least she wasn’t alone, just about
everyone in the village
was dressed that way.

She caught a glimpse of herself in a storefront window she passed while
walking down the
main street. Long dark hair well done and framing her face, her lips ruby red
with lipstick, a very
nice effect considering that she didn’t have a team of makeup and costume people
helping her out
this time.

Kate smiled at some passerbys, clutching her purse as her heels clicked on
the pavement.
She glanced at her watch, the one modern-day convenience on her, checking her
time. As far as
she could see, she still had plenty of time to go before her dinner later that
afternoon. Plenty of
time to check out one of the shops she’d heard about.

It was set just off the main street, a small antiques store, but the window
display was
rather interesting, a nice mix of old-style magazines and photos which fit in
perfectly with the
town’s mood right now and with Kate’s as well. She stepped inside, the bell
ringing as she came

The owner was behind the counter, a middle-aged man with graying hair and a
build who smiled at her. He wore a simple shirt and dark pants with coveralls,
nodding at Kate.
“Hello there,” he said. “I’m Thomas if you need any help, just ask.”

“Thanks,” Kate said, her clipped British accent coming to the fore as she
looked about. It
got Thomas’ attention and he looked at her carefully, recognition coming over
him. “Excuse me,”
he said carefully. “Are you Kate Beckinsale?”

“Yes, I am,” Kate said, somewhat surprised to be recognized. “I didn’t
think you’d know

“Well, we do have a movie theater here,” Thomas smiled. “And you can
imagine how that
movie was important to us here.”

“Nice to see someone liked it,”Kate smiled. “I didn’t expect to be back in
the ’40’s mood
so fast and on vacation too.”

“Yeah, it’s a nice local tradition we like,” Thomas nodded. “Is there
anything in particular
you’re looking for?”

“Not especially,” Kate shrugged. “I was just browsing the town, killing
time before

“Oh, with a friend?” Thomas asked.

“No, just myself,” Kate shrugged. “Just hoped I could pick something out.”

“Well, let me see,” Thomas said, looking about the counter. “I know I’ve
had some of my
favorite items out here. Hmm, this one I rather like.”

He placed a small item on the counter, letting Kate look down on it. It was
a crystal,
exquisitely detailed, shaped and sculpted like a rose, petals and all. “Wow,”
Kate said, amazed
that a simple antique store could hold something that would have fit right in at
any of London’s
finest shops. “That’s beautiful.”

“Thank you,” Thomas nodded. “Got it from a friend of mine, he was always
good at this
stuff. Moved to L.A. a few years back to set up shop there but left me with
plenty of stuff to work

“The detail is beautiful,” Kate said, looking closely at the rose as Thomas
let a slight smile
come onto his face.

“Yes, it is, isn’t it?” he asked. “It’s very nice to look at, Kate, very
nice indeed. I like the
way the light shines off the very center of the main petal, sort of gives it a
nice little glow, I think.
You just find yourself looking right at the center of that petal, right at the
center as it seems to go,
it’s nice to watch it, Kate, it’s very nice to watch the center there, it’s very
nice to watch that
glowing center, it’s nice to watch that glowing center, Kate, it’s very nice to
watch that glowing
center, so nice to watch it.

“You just keep watching the center, Kate, you just keep watching the center
there, the
glowing center, the nice, glowing center, it’s so nice to watch, Kate, so nice
to watch, so relaxing
to watch, so relaxing, Kate, just let your mind relax as you watch it, Kate,
just let your mind relax,
Kate, just let it relax is all, Kate, just let it relax. Just let your mind
relax, Kate, just relax your
mind, watch the rose’s center and relax, Kate, just relax, just relax……”

Kate’s face was relaxed, her eyes still staring at the center of the
crystal rose, the light
from it reflecting a bit on her features. When Thomas’ friend had first boasted
of how the crystal
he worked with often had a hypnotic effect on people, he hadn’t believed it. But
when a customer
had found herself entranced by one of them, he’d realized just how much they
could help him.

Incredibly, he’d at first used it just to get his customers to buy certain
expensive items. It
wasn’t until a shapely coed fell under the spell that he realized what an
opportunity had fallen into
his lap. After reading up on some hypnosis books, he’d finally found a way to
use those talents
right. And Kate was going to be one of the biggest names he’d ever tried it out

As he looked over Kate in her lovely dress, an idea came to Thomas, an idea
that could
save him a lot of time in preparation. “Listen to me, Kate,” he said. “Listen
carefully. You’re
feeling very relaxed now, Kate, very relaxed.”

“Relaxed…..” Kate whispered, eyes still glued to the rose.

“Yes, Kate, very relaxed. And as you stare at the rose and relax, Kate, you
feel your mind
seeming to go back, Kate, your mind gong back in time a bit, Kate, mind going
back, just like the
period you’re dressed for, Kate, just like the 1940’s, Kate, just like the

“’40’s…..” Kate muttered.

“That’s right, Kate,” Thomas smiled. “The Forties. When there was no sexual
diseases, no
birth control, no hold-ups to having sex with someone you wanted to be with. And
you want to
be with me, don’t you, Kate? You want to be with me so badly, Kate, so badly.”
“Badly,” Kate sighed, a slight look of sudden excitement coming onto her

“Yeah, very badly, Kate, very badly,” Thomas intoned. “So very badly, Kate.
You just
want it so very badly, Kate, so very badly, so very, very badly, Kate, so very

“Yes….” Kate whispered. “Badly…..”

Thomas nodded and leaned in. “When I snap my fingers, Kate, you’ll be a
woman of the
1940’s. Very aroused and very ready to please, with no hangups whatsoever.”
Thomas snapped
his fingers and waited for the rest to take its course.

Kate’s eyes blinked open, glancing about a bit before focusing on Thomas, a
slow smile
coming over her face. “Well,” she said in a sultry tone perfect for a femme
fatale of the period she
believed herself to be in. “I didn’t see anything here that got my fancy.” She
looked at Thomas
and smiled. “Don’t suppose you can show me something that will?”

“Maybe in the back,” Thomas said with a grin, stepping back to lead Kate to
the back era,
pausing long enough to put up the “closed” sign in the window. He led Kate to
the back,
revealing a staircase leading up. “I live upstairs,” Thomas explained. “Saves on
“Really?” Kate smiled. “Maybe you can show it to me?”

With that easy invitation, Thomas led Kate upstairs, Kate feeling arousal
building within
her as Thomas opened the door and let her in. Kate’s eyes swept the room, her
entranced mind
not allowing her to see the modern-day conviences like the TV, DVD player,
computer and more
that dotted the room.

Kate towards Thomas, her hands going up to her dress and starting to
unbutton it. “I think
we both know I came in here for more than antiques,” Kate smiled. She undid the
dress, pushing
it off in a move that took a bit more time than a simpler dress would have. She
wore a dark bra
and panties with garters and hose to boot. She undid the bra, revealing her pert
but firm breasts,
the nipples already erect as she bent down to undo the rest. “No.”

She looked up to see Thomas almost naked himself as he looked at her. “Take
off the
panties but leave the hose and garters on. I rather like that.”

Smiling at the idea, Kate slid her panties off, showing off her black
garters and thin layer
of hose covering her slim legs framing her dark bush. “So, you like what you
see?” Kate smiled,
moving up to Thomas.

“Indeed,” Thomas got out as she pressed her lips against his, kissing him
hard as he
reached around and held her in, the two stumbling towards the bed, falling onto
it as they kissed.
The trance was making Kate far more aggressive than Thomas had expected, her
nails raking over
his back as they rolled about, Thomas pushing Kate down on the cushions. Parting
her legs
allowed Thomas to push his hard cock into Kate’s waiting passage.

Kate moaned as she felt Thomas begin to work at her, his cock sliding in
and out of her
snatch, his mouth kissing each pert nipple as he went at her. Kate’s legs worked
around his waist,
holding him in tight as he went at her, his cock pulsing in and out of her
harder with every thrust,
Kate’s mouth open with moans as he went at her hard. Her nails continued to rake
over him,
scratches in their wake as Thomas took her.

They moved themselves up as they went, into a sitting position, still
working at each other
hard, Kate having no hang-ups whatsoever and giving her all as she pushed
herself against
Thomas, loving the feeling of him in her. Thomas was liking it a lot too, and
this time didn’t have
to worry about making sure he was stocked up on condoms or pills beforehand,
just the act itself.
As Thomas felt his cock work in her hard, he could tell Kate was getting ready
to come and was
getting set to burst himself. Tensing to hold as long as he could, he finally
released, blasting his
seed into her body, rocking her with orgasm, forcing Kate to let out a loud
scream of pure

As Thomas slid his rod out and lay the moaning Kate down on the bed, his
mind flashed to
another idea of how to have fun with his latest customer…….

Kate sighed as she entered the hotel room. It had been a wonderful dinner,
with a great
view of the sunset and a nice meal to boot. All she needed now was to take a
quick shower and
go to bed.

She paused at the envelope waiting outside her door, lowering herself, her
nice red dress
showing off a slit in the leg as she picked the envelope up, opened it and took
a look at the
contents inside.

Thomas checked the clock for the tenth time in the last five minutes,
trying not to pace too
much as he waited. His wait came to an end as the door of the shop opened, Kate
stepping inside,
looking about. “Um, hello?”

“Yes?” Thomas smiled as he looked at her, Kate showing no recognition
whatsoever at his

“I’m sorry,” Kate said, a bit nervous. “I don’t really know why I came, I
found this
outside my room.” She held up a single rose, which went well with her dress.
“And I suddenly got
this urge to come here, even though I didn’t know where this place was even.”

“Maybe it was to see this,” Thomas said, holding up a rose of his own, the
crystal one.
Kate looked at it, closed her eyes, then opened them. With a smile, she slid the
straps of her dress
off, letting it fall to her feet, her braless breasts showing along with the red
panties. “Sorry about
the late night visit,” she cooed as she moved to him, falling to her knees. “I
just wanted to give
you a good-bye treat.”

With that, she unzipped Dave’s trousers, letting his hard cock free and
started sucking on
it. As Kate sucked him off, Dave had to admire the town’s great tradition yet
again. Thanks to
that and a special rose, he had gotten himself a great lover for the remainder
of her trip. And once
again, the world was his oyster. Or in this case, pearl.

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