A Perfectly Logical Explanation

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Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened it’s total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any questions or comments on the story send to rockcook5@yahoo.com now on with the story.

Going on a blind date wasn’t how I had planned on spending my friday night but my parents had sprung the surprise on me before I could say no Vicki was pretty a stacked as hell brunette she was quite a handfull of energy she had worked her way back on the dancefloor when I got a text about the dinner I was late for across town I had a tough time finding Vicki as I reached into a crowd of people and pulled just enough to dislodge the body from the pile.

“Time to go.” I said

We were halfway across town and Vicki was being really quiet I figured she was pissed at me so I decided to say something when I stopped at the red light.

“Ok sorry I stopped your fun but I’m late for dinner with my parents and they wanted to meet you.” I said

“I wouldn’t mind so much if I knew who the hell you were.” she said

The voice didn’t sound like Vicki I was only slightly unnerved with the mistake until I looked at the girl to see it was Michelle Rodriguez in a purple shirt and blue jeans with a big belt and a you better have a good reason for this look on her face I’d be lucky to get away with a mistaken kidnapping charge so I had to think fast.

“The short version is my names Money I’m late for dinner with my parents I need a girl with me and this isn’t a kidnapping plot.” I said

“Allright don’t panic I won’t press charges your parents can’t be that bad this could be fun afterall.” she said

The look on my dads face when I showed up was priceless it was a mix between shock that Michelle was with me and envy with a dash of pride my mom was just happy I had landed a pretty girl.

“Let the torture begin.” I whispered

“Awww your mom is the sweetest.” Michelle said

After a 3 hour long dinner complete with old childhood stories featuring me I would have gladly slammed my skull onto the table given the chance Michelle and I left my parents so I could get her home.

“I’m glad you were such a sport about tonight thank you.” I said

“You did need help I tried my best it’s not like I was some tramp trying to jerk you off under the table.” she said

“As much as I would have enjoyed that I would have been disowned not long after it.” I said

“I’m sure you would have.” she said

Pulling into Michelle’s place I had a look at my watch and saw I was over an hour from getting home with having to take the back roads to avoid traffic jams when Michelle invited me in.

“Bringing a random guy home tonight wasn’t part of my evening plans but I still had fun with your parents.” she said

“Glad you had fun I was ready to put my head through the table after the summer camp story.” I said

“I thought it was cute I was expecting it to start with and this one time at band camp.” she said

“Very funny glad you had some laughs at my expense.” I said

Michelle cuddled up to me on the couch with her ass in my lap so I couldn’t move she seemed a bit more playful now than at dinner.

“I have an idea for some fun.” she said

“I’m listening.” I said

“I need an adrenaline rush bad I need something big, hard, and thick to put me in a coma you have something like that to help me out.” she said

“I’ve got just the thing for you.” I said

Her idea was so out there I couldn’t help but feel impressed the prospect of getting laid was just a bonus when she snapped me back to reality.

“Since I’m pretty sure your going to say yes I’ll just help myself to your pants.” she said

“Go ahead.” I said

I had never been so happy a blind date had blown up in my face as Michelle unzipped my fly fishing my 12 inch cock out she was clearly shocked by it’s size.

“Oh baby this is impressive.” she cooed

“You look really good yourself.” I said

As we made out I had worked my hand down her waist getting rid of the belt and sliding 3 fingers into her pants getting a rise out of Michelle before opening them up while my other hand snaked it’s way into her purple shirt I didn’t feel a bra which looks to have gotten her going grinding her hip into my abs.

“Mmmm…if I show my boobs I’m going to want sex too.” she purred

“Just tell me how to make it happen.” I said

The more Michelle stroked my cock the harder I rubbed her clit with my fingers and felt her up easing one breast into view before slipping my fingers into her mouth letting her lick the collected juices off them I barely felt any teeth.

“That’s it just fuck me already.” she said

“I’m on it.” I said

I ripped open her top going up and down Michelle’s neck and chest letting the torn fabric drop in a pile on the the floor as we hit the carpet with a rather loud thud totally naked trying to be on top skidding across the room humping like rabbits getting some rug burn along the way.

“I need that big thing now.” she said

“Coming right up.” I said

We were going at such a fast pace Michelle whacked her head on the headboard twice while I was driving my meat as deep as I could into her pussy normally hitting her womb on every pass.

“UUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNN…that’s it just right.” she moaned

“Time for something special.” I said

I picked Michelle up spreading her legs apart to get better access as her body was impaled on my shaft nearly suspended in the air just by my cock which I found very sexy and it seems she did too.

“So thick.” she said

“Just about ready.” I said

Michelle’s howling orgasm mirrored my own as I pumped several loads into her pussy she was clawing my back and soaking my shaft in her juices while bucking hewr hips letting her orgasm ride through her body from head to toe before she collapsed in my arms drained I pulled out of her also drained and very satisfied with Michelle curled upĀ  next to me.

That was by far the best sex I’d ever had Michelle was an absolute wildcat I kept up with her but barely as I came around after some much needed sleep Michelle was still out her face buried in my chest and my dick between her boobs.

“Best sex ever.” I said

“My pussy hasn’t been worked over that hard without a vibrator in ages.” she said

The bedroom reeked of sex and Michelle was slightly sore below the waist due no doubt to the pounding she had gotten she wasn’t slutty but very passionate.

“Care for another round.” I teased

“Not just yet baby.” she said

She had walked stark naked into the shower and I was right on her heels till I heard my cellphone ringing it was my dad wanting to know how things were going I tried getting through the conversation fast so I could join Michelle until I heard the water shut off which threw me off where I agreed to another dinner in 2 weeks before hanging up.

“Ah nuts I was right behind you.” I said

“Too bad I was really frisky in there had to use the spray nozzle without you.” she said

I cracked right there picking her up and taking her back to the shower playfully pushing her body into the slightly warm tiles shoving 2 fingers in Michelle’s wet pussy.

“Mmmm….already had an orgasm there baby your going to have to work for another one.” she purred.

“Who said I was going in the front door.” I said

I slipped my thick shaft into her ass stretching her anal ring it was far tighter than I thought it would be Michelle was almost virgin tight for as kinky as she has been she didn’t seem very adventurous I was looking to change that.

“AAAHHHH…a bit bigger than I was hoping for.” she moaned

“I’m shocked your this tight but that’s cool.” I said

I began humping at a faster pace making her ass bounce as I pounded into it harder and harder making Michelle rub her clit and pant like a cat in heat arching her back.

“It might split me in half.” she said

“Your enjoying it so far.” I said

I pushed in every inch I had on every stroke while I had Michelle pinned to the wall groping her boobs with my free hands as her legs spread wider to accept my girth.

“Mmmm that’s better.” she moaned

“I’m not done yet.” I said

Michelle was turning into a real anal sex fiend the harder I pushed the more she wanted inside her sitting me on the shower bench for a better ride.

“Let’s see how this will do.” she said

“Bring it on.” I said

Michelle shoved my throbbing cock back into her ass as I sat on the bench her anal ring finally gave opening all the way for my shaft to work it’s magic on her with Michelle nearly impaling herself trying to get herself off.

“That’s it…gonna scream.” she said

“Go for it.” I grunted

Michelle went rigid for a moment before letting loose with a screaming orgasm in Spanish and spasm fit where her girl cream went everywhere splashing on the walls as I unloaded a big sperm deposit into her ass plastering her bowels in thick spunk.

” That was great.” she said

“Glad you liked it.” I said

My cock dislodged from Michelle’s ass with a rather loud pop before she went down on me again getting about 10 inches in before it came back to life blasting hot cum down her throat as Michelle brought her head back her face, boobs, and part of her hair were turned partly white with the cum still churning out of my cock before finally going limp.

The next day

After checking in with Vicki to see how she was doing I found out she had found someone at the club I was just happy there were no hard feelings between us Michelle and I had a good run but I will always remember the fun times we had.

The end

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