A Phantasy Cum True

Title: A Phantasy Cum True

Content: FF, Cons, Oral, Mast

Celeb Characters: Amy Lee & Avril Lavigne

Author: Jessi_t83

Amy Lee had a sexual desire to make love to Avril Lavigne. Amy found Avril very
attractive. She wanted to feel how her lips felt pressed against hers. She often
thought about how her lips would taste. Even though Amy wasn’t a lesbian she
still had a desire to have sex with Avril. Amy would think about Avril and then
masturbate to how their bodies would be against each other.

Amy wanted to feel how Avril felt and she wanted to make passionate love to her.
Amy decided
to give Avril a call, she invited Avril to meet her at her place.
Avril was wondering why Amy would be inviting her over but, she gladly accepted.
Avril went to meet Amy at her place. Amy wanted everything to be perfect,
she was wearing a black dress with black boots and with her black mascara that
showed off her sexy goth look. Avril was wearing a casual tank top with baggy pants
with all her make up on. Avril approached Amy’s place, before she could knock
Amy opened the door. Avril was surprised as Amy invited her inside.

Amy told Avril to make herself comfortable. Avril took a seat on the couch.
She complemented Amy on her place. “Wow this is such a wonderful place you have here Amy.” Amy graciously said “Thank you Avril.” Avril was still questioning why Amy
had invited her there. Amy asked Avril if she would like a drink. “Would you
care for a drink?” Avril politely declined as she didn’t know what the reason Amy
had asked her to come. Amy then took a seat next to Avril on the couch.

Amy got close to Avril and asked “Would you like a tour of my place?” Avril then
replied “Yes, I would love to see the rest of your house.” Amy and Avril both got
up and Amy gave Avril a tour of her house. Amy showed her the kitchen, bathroom,
and they stopped at Amy’s bedroom. Avril was amazed by her bedroom. “This is such
a great bedroom you have Amy, it’s very large.”

Amy then said “Thank you Avril, I made the designs myself.” Amy then went to her
bed “Why don’t you take a seat Avril?” Avril sat on her bed. Amy then sat next to her while Avril was admiring her room. Amy got close to Avril, she could feel her desire burning inside her. She wanted to have Avril right then and there. Amy moved in very close to her, then putting her hand on Avril’s knee and staring at her. Avril was
surprised and wondered if Amy was a lesbian. Amy moved in and gently kissed Avril on the lips. Avril was very surprised but yet she felt an attraction to Amy. Amy gently kissed Avril’s lower lip and then went on to her upper lip. Avril felt very lustful.

She loved how Amy was kissing her. Amy let her tongue slip into Avril’s mouth their
tongues met and Avril was really getting into it. Amy loved the taste of Avril’s
lips and tongue, she had imagined kissing her like that but, it was much better than
she could ever imagine. Amy began to kiss Avril’s earlobe, Avril loved the feeling of
Amy. Amy kissed down her neck which made Avril moan out loud. Amy lifted up Avril’s
shirt and pulled it over her head.

She began to feel her breasts through her black bra which made Avril moan even more.
Amy then unbuttoned Avril’s pants and unzipped them. She slowly slid them off her.
Avril was really getting into it as she was on her back laying on Amy’s bed. Avril
was only wearing a black bra and black silky panties. Amy kissed down Avril’s thighs.
Avril loved the feeling of Amy kissing her. Amy began taking off Avril’s bra as she
starts to kiss her right nipple first.

Avril begins to moan loader. “Mmmmmm Amy that feels sooooo gooood” Avril cried out.
Amy took Avril’s left breast into her hand squeezing it while she took her right
breast into her mouth. Avril was loving the feeling of Amy sucking on her breast and
fondling her other breast. “Mmmmm yes that feels gooood” Avril cried out. Avril
started to remove Amy’s dress until she was only wearing a dark red bra and matching panties.

Avril began rubbing Amy’s breasts through her bra which made Amy moan while she was
still sucking on Avril’s breast and rubbing Avril’s other breast with her hand. Avril
undid Amy’s bra and let it drop to the floor. Avril began rubbing Amy’s breasts with
her hands making Amy cry out “Mmmmmm yesss”. Avril slowly slid off Amy’s panties gently
rubbing around her thighs before rubbing Amy’s cunt. Amy was really in bliss, she loved
the way Avril was rubbing her pussy. Avril got down between Amy’s legs and began to rub
and finger Amy’s cunt. Amy loved the feeling of Avril rubbing and fingering her. She
started moaning louder as Avril was rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm yessss that feels sooooo goooood” Amy cried out. Avril then began to lick Amy’s
cunt while rubbing her clit. Amy really loved how Avril was attending to her pussy. Amy
began to rub her nipples as Avril was licking her pussy. Amy moaned louder, she could
feel her orgasm building up. “Mmmmmmm yessss that’s it lick my pussy”. Avril knew Amy
was getting close to orgasm. Avril began sucking on Amy’s clit which made Amy cry out
even more. “Mmmmmmm yessss Avril that feels goooood”. Amy felt her orgasm coming.
“Oooooo yessss I’m going to cummmm” Amy screamed out. Amy came right into Avril’s mouth.

Avril began licking up all of Amy’s cum. Amy laid back her orgasm really rocked through
her good. After Amy began coming down from her intense orgasm she wanted to please Avril.
Amy pushed Avril down onto the bed and slid off her black panties. Amy began to stick her
tongue deep into Avril’s pussy making her moan loudly. Amy tongue fucked Avril’s pussy.
Avril began to moan out with pleasure. “Mmmmmmm Amy that feels soooooo goooood” Avril
cried out. Amy was fucking her good with her tongue as Amy reached up and squeezed Avril’s
nipples making Avril moan even more.

Avril knew her orgasm was building up as Amy was relentless to take any breaks from tongue
fucking her pussy. Avril began moaning more as Amy squeezed her tits even more and Amy
stuck her tongue as deep as it could go into Avril’s cunt. “Ooooooh god I’m going to
fucking cummm” Avril screamed. Amy swallowed most of Avril’s juices and licked up the rest.
Avril had a very intense orgasm much like Amy’s was. Amy got onto the bed with Avril and laid
beside her and gave her a long wet kiss.

Amy gazed into Avril’s eyes feeling herself very fulfilled by Avril. She stroked Avril’s
hair as she loved that Avril was next to her as she fantasized about. Her fantasy came true.
Amy felt she wanted more, she had an idea that would rock both of them into total ecstasy.
Amy climbed on top of Avril, rubbing her breasts against hers both of them loved the feeling.
They both moaned loudly as they rubbed their tits together. Amy began rubbing Avril’s cunt
with her hand. Avril moaned very loud. Amy had a great idea and told Avril to stay put. Amy
got into a 69 position being on top of Avril. Avril got really excited where this was headed.

Amy started sucking on Avril’s clit, She sucked on it making Avril coo softly. Avril wanted to do
the same for Amy and began sucking and stroking her clit and cunt. Amy was in heaven, she never
felt so good like this before. Amy loved the feel of Avril pleasing her. Avril knew Amy was enjoying
this and Avril was really loving the way Amy sucked on her clit. Avril began licking Amy’s cunt so
gently. Amy loved the feel of it, she just loved to be with Avril. Avril’s licks became more fast as
Amy cried out “Ooooooh yessssss Avril lick my pussy, make me cummmmmmm”. Avril very much
obliged to do what Amy told her. Avril licked her cunt faster making Amy squirm.

Amy really loved it, she continued sucking harder on Avril’s clit. Amy began to insert a couple
fingers into Avril’s cunt. Both women were in total bliss, loving the feeling of each other. Avril
began moaning louder and cooed “Mmmmmmm Amy I want you to make me cummm too”. Amy
wanted them both to cum at the same time. Avril’s licks became more faster, she wanted to make
Amy cum right then and there. Amy knew she had little time, she felt her orgasm building. Amy
sucked Avril’s clit harder and inserted another finger into Avril’s cunt. Avril also felt her own
orgasm building, she continued licking Amy’s pussy faster.

Amy felt herself going to cum. She yelled out “Ooooooooooh fuck yessssssss I’m cummmmming”.
Avril knew it, Amy’s juices began to run out onto her face. Avril licked up as much as she could.
Amy still wanted to make Avril cum so badly. She sucked and fingered her clit and cunt harder than
before. Avril felt her orgasm coming. She gripped onto the bed sheets and cried out loud “Oooooooh
god I’m going to cummmmmm Mmmmmmmhhhhhhh” Avril came right onto Amy’s fingers and
face. Amy tried
to drink up all the juices she could. After Amy cleaned most of it up, she was breathing hard and
so was Avril. They both loved their experience together.

Both Amy and Avril laid next to each other wrapping their arms around one another. Amy knew she
had just fulfilled a great fantasy and knew Avril loved it. Avril felt so good being with Amy. Avril
knew that it was the start of a beautiful relationship and Amy wouldn’t have it any other way. They
both fell asleep holding onto each other. What the next day holds they would surely love what lies

To Be Continued…

This is my first story, if you have any comments, suggestions, or anything else please feel free to email me at jessi_t@hotmail.com.

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