A Pornstar is Born

Title: A Pornstar is Born

Author: tevok

Celebs: McKayla Maroney

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, MDom, slut

Disclaimer: This story is not real; these events did not happen, nor are they likely to, and are not meant to represent how these celebrities act in real life. This is purely fantasy, and should be treated as such. Minors should not read further.

Feedback is always appreciated and more than welcome, either through the forums or my email: xtevok@gmail.com

English is not my first language, so forgive any minor mistakes.


As her phone began ringing, she ran like a madwoman through the room to pick it up. As soon as she saw her agent’s number, the one she so anxiously waited for, she took the call.

“So, how did it go? Please, tell me you have good news.” She asked, biting her lip in anxiety.

“I’m sorry, McKayla, but I’m afraid they have chosen to go with the other candidate.”

Her world fell at those words.

“What?! But… but… Why? I was perfect for that role, you said it yourself!”

“I know, and I still think it would have been a perfect casting. But those things happen, sometimes those roles slip by us; believe me, they will be losing much more than we and you can still get yourself up again next time McKayla.”

She doubted it.

That had been supposed to be her big break, the chance for her to finally enter the acting business with a bang. The role of a young athlete returning from a severe injury, under the looming shadow of early retirement, to become a champion once more? It not only had all the characteristics of a successful role, it had McKayla Maroney written all over it; she wouldn’t even need to act, she was the character.

And yet, she got passed over.

“Your 15 minutes of fame are over already, girl. You really think trying to be sexy and slutty on Instagram or Youtube are going to keep you in the spotlight?”

She gritted her teeth as she plopped down on the bed, fighting the urge to just scream out. Since an early age she had dreamed of being famous, being a big name celebrity; she had finally thought she succeeded when she went to the Olympics, and became a meme with her ‘not impressed’ face—she had posed alongside the freaking President of the United States, for fuck’s sake!

But then, it all got crashing down. Her attempts to capitalize on her newfound popularity with acting and singing had failed, a small stunt on some TV show and some cameos on music videos were her high. Early retirement made her gymnastics career a no go either.

“Let’s be real here, McKayla. The only thing that makes you a celeb, even if barely Z-list, is your body. You are hot, you know it, and you got to use it.”

That man had been right. Those last years she thrived off social media, posing and exposing her body to keep followers. Even those ‘Fappening’ leaks, as bad as they were, at least kept her in the spotlight.

And now, with yet another door closing on her face, she felt desperate. She remembered his words, back a couple weeks ago, and thought back on his proposal—something she felt herself doing quite often lately.

Sitting up, scrunching her face in thought, she walked over to her computer. As she booted it up, she took the chance to think once more.

Was this what she wanted for her life? Her lifelong dream of fame, was this the way to go? Is it worth what she was going to do?

Her answer to her own self-asked questions was given with a simple email. “If you are still interested, meet me tomorrow. Same place.”

Before she clicked ‘Send’, she stopped in thought. If she is going in, she might as well go all out; with a smirk at this though, she decided to add a simple incentive to prove her intention.

She turned her camera on.


“McKayla? McKayla Maroney?”

Looking up from her coffee, she saw the man speaking to her. “Huh? Oh, that’s me.”

“I knew it, knew I recognized you. Sorry to intrude, can I sit down?”

“Well, sure. I don’t mind.”

“Good, good. I actually had been thinking of you, wanted to speak with you.” Seeing her surprised and slightly confused face, he chuckled. “I was going t contact your agent.”

“Oh, you know him? Are you from some company?”

“Yes, though we are relatively new. Don’t think you heard of us yet. Anyway, I’ve got a proposition for you.”

“I’m all ears. Shouldn’t my agent be here too, though?”

“We can bring him in later, but first I want you to hear me out. Here it goes: you are no celebrity.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me; you are no celeb. I know you want to be this big shot, but there are millions like you out there. What differentiates you? That you are a former gymnastic athlete that no one remembers? That you were an internet meme buried in the past? Your 15 minutes of fame are over already, girl. You really think trying to be sexy and slutty on Instagram or Youtube are going to keep you in the spotlight?”

“Look, I don’t nee-”

“Yes, yes you do. I have known people like you, who made it big for some time and then fell off the radar, but insist they are a big thing. That never works. Like I said, you only stay relevant thanks to your followers on Instagram that only care for your looks. Let’s be real here, McKayla. The only thing that makes you a celeb, even if barely Z-list, is your body. You are hot, you know it, and you got to use it.”

“So what are you trying to say?” She asked with a glare, looking ready to stand up and just leave him there.

Picking up a calling card and sliding it over to her, the man answered with his own question.

“Have you ever thought about doing porn?”


It would be a month before everything was right and fully agreed upon, and McKayla finally found herself on set to make her first pornographic film.


She turned around, coming face to face with the same man that had talked her into it: a certain Arthur Stone, founder of this little company that was aiming to make a splash on the porn movie industry.

“Hello, Mr. Stone.”

“Good to see you here, thought you would chicken out.” He said, chuckling. “No offense, girl, but I’ve seen it happen before.”

“I guess.” Truthfully, it wasn’t so different from how mainstream movies worked; she knew because she had heard of it in the small roles she had before.

“Anyway, I want you to feel comfortable; we ain’t gonna make you do anything you don’t want. Alright?” Seeing McKayla nod, he smiled. “Alright. Now, have you been informed of the scene? What you gotta do and say…?”

“Yeah.” McKayla said, remembering what the scene was going to be about and her role in it.

As it stood, it was a rather basic plotline. She would be home, having been doing some exercising at the living room, when her older sister’s boyfriend would arrive; being a slutty little seductress and having interest in him for some time, McKayla was to ‘seduce’ him and they would fuck right there, with his girlfriend—her sister—upstairs in the shower.

Not bad for her first scene ever.

“Good, I have no doubt you will ace it. Seducing James should be easy for you.” At McKayla’s inquisitive stare, Arthur smiled. “Oh, haven’t you met your co-star yet? Sorry, c’mon; let me introduce you. Hey, Jim, come here!”

McKayla looked and, as if from a scene of her dreams, he came from within the group of technicians and other people working on the set. Almost in slow motion, as she recognized one of her favorite, and most dreamed of, pornstars.

It was James Deen. James. Fucking. Deen.

“McKayla, this is James Deen. You might have heard of him, or seen him in action.” Turning to James, he continued. “James, this is McKayla Maroney. Again, you might have heard of her, she was an Olympic gymnast.”

“I know, I remember the whole ‘not impressed’ thing.” He smiled at McKayla. “Nice to see you entering the business, I admit I fantasized about fucking you for ages.”

“W-Well… I always wanted to fuck you too!” McKayla blurted out, feeling overwhelmed and nervous at not only being with the pornstar, but knowing he wanted to fuck her—and would soon enough.

“Ha! That’s nice to hear!” James said, laughing a bit. “Say, can I ask you something?”

“Huh? Anything!” McKayla answered a bit too eagerly.

“Can you do that not impressed face you did back then? You know, that one…” At this James tried—and failed—to imitate her, scrunching up his face awkwardly.

McKayla smiled and laughed a bit, noticing how lighter the mood had gotten; she had been nervous before, now he was slowly easing her into it. “C’mon, it’s not so hard. Here.” And she did, her trademarked ‘not impressed’ scrunch.

“Nice. Looks as cute as the first time.” He said, before smirking. “Just don’t do that during sex.”

Feeling bolder now, McKayla smirked back. “Trust me, if your previous work is anything to go by, you will be sure to impress.”


James banged on the door, waiting for it to open. “Is anyone home?”

On the other side of it, McKayla stopped stretching as she heard James at the door. Walking towards it without any rush, taking her time in getting there, she slowly opened it—as if to check who was on the other side—and answered him through the small opening she made.

“Hey James, didn’t expect to have you coming visit me…” She said with a seductress intonation, biting her bottom lip to make her flirting even more obvious.

“Not again, McKayla.” As he opened the door fully, he was faced with the sexy sight of McKayla in her gym attire, with only an sports bra and yoga pants. “I’m here for Sasha. Is your sister in?”

“Sasha?” McKayla thought, doing her best not to let her surprise show. Instead, she huffed and crossed her arms. “She is in the shower right now, so you will have to wait.”

Turning around before even waiting for his response, she walked back towards the living room. Putting a strut on her walk and a seductive shake to her hips, she could feel James’ eyes—and the cameras—on her ass as she walked and had to resist the urge to smirk.

As she reached the living room she resumed her exercising routine, making sure to keep herself in perfect view of the cameras. It wasn’t a real exercising: basically just a warming up routine, couple with some exaggerated stretches meant to be sexy.

She could feel the cameras zooming in as she stretched like a cat, pushing out her breasts; spreading her legs as far as she could while still standing, reaching down to touch the floor in a way her ass perked up for the camera; sitting down and doing a perfect split, reaching to touch her toes as she stayed in position…

James stopped by the door, leaning on the doorframe and crossing his arms, looking on as McKayla continued to exercise. Occasionally the camera would standing over him, like a POV shot, caught McKayla looking up to him with a lusty look on her face, all but doing a ‘come hither’ motion to show her interest.

“Hhhhmmm… This feels so good…” McKayla said, exaggerating her moan a bit as she stood and stretched once more.

“You are very… flexible.” James said, trying to sound a bit nervous as he fidgeted in place. “Gonna try for the cheerleading squad?”

“Maybe, but I’m already at the gymnastics team.” McKayla said, lifting her leg till it was parallel to her body to show her flexibility. She smirked a bit, doing her best not to blush or snicker at the sound of a ‘damn’ from someone behind the cameras. As she began repeating the action with the other leg, she made a small moan and spoke again. “This leg feels a bit cramped… Could you help me here a moment?”

James, acting a bit hesitant, eventually complied and went over. At McKayla’s instructions, he helped lift her right leg until it was as parallel to her body as the left one had been; at her request, he held it in place by keeping his hand on her calf.

As the seconds passed and he slowly began pulling her leg back down, McKayla made her leg go rigid and whimpered a bit.

“You alright?” James asked, feigning worry, as his hand stopped lowering her leg.

“Just a bit cramped… Can you massage it a bit?”

“How… Like this?”

James began slowly, almost sensually, massaging her calf. As he did so, McKayla’s moans became more and more real; his hands were doing a divine work on her body, both the one on her calf and his other at her left hip, holding her a bit tightly to his body under the guise of keeping her from falling.

“Is it good, MK?” He spoke, now pretty much whispering on her ear.

“MK?” She thought briefly, liking the little nickname. “It’s good… but the cramp is moving now… Ooohh… can you chase it…?”

“We shouldn’t be doing this…” James told her, though his voice betraying his guilt as his hand moved higher—lower?—on her still lifted leg and moved over to her thighs. As she began lowering her leg, his hands wandered over hers thigh, groping, kneading and massaging the flesh. “Your sister is right upstairs…”

“Are you really declining… this?” As she asked it, she moved her hands up to lift her sports bra over her breasts, revealing them. One hand staying to grope them, her other arm reached behind her to pull James closer, moving her body to let him look down on to her naked tits.

If she had been nervous before, any and all nervousness was forgotten amidst the haze of lust shrouding her mind.

And, as James said ‘fuck it’ and leaned down and placed his mouth over one of her breasts, any other thoughts in her head were lost alongside her moans.

James let go of her leg, turning her around roughly so they were face to face. His hand coming up to grab her breasts, making her whimper and moan at his roughness, he leaned down and caught her mouth in his in a hard, harsh kiss.

If she was to be truthful, McKayla had always been a fan of rough porn. Not BDSM or hardcore, but she liked watching the girl being slutty and the male being dominating; it was one of the reasons she liked James, he was not only handsome but dominating when he wanted. She feared she would not be ready for this but, as he began doing to her like she had seen him do so many times before with the likes of Riley Reid or Jessie Andrews, she felt it just natural.

As their kiss grew to a bruising intensity before it broke, James began whispering to her sweet dirty talk but she could barely listen. Smirking, doing her best to keep up a smug expression on her face, she asked him. “You really thought you could resist this?”

“Shut up.” James answered, and in a swift movement he bent down and grabbed her by the thighs, picking her up. Understanding his movement, McKayla jumped as he picked her up and wrapped her legs around his body; he continued and lifted her a bit more, bringing her tits as close to his face as he began slobbering and slurping on them.

“Oooohhh…!” McKayla moaned, not even trying to hold her moans out at first before remembering. “Calm down… Sis will hear us…” Despite her warning, McKayla continued moaning, scrunching her face in an almost whimper as her hands around his shoulders moved to pull his head further in her bosom.

“You didn’t seem very worried a little ago…” James answered in between sucking her breasts, indulging her actions rather than her words by removing her top completely and throwing it away, then resuming licking and suckling on her breasts like a baby.

It took the director subtly coughing and calling them to break the duo off their current breast-induced frenzy. Letting go of them, James raised one of his hands to McKayla’s hair and yanked at it, earning a whimper from her that was immediately silenced by his mouth on hers once more.

There was no love in their kiss, only lust; it was hard, bruising, their tongues immediately lashing out in an attempt to plunder each other’s mouth.

After making out for a while, McKayla’s hands tightening around his head as he won their tongue fight and dominated her mouth, they proceeded to the next step. With a small movement on her thigh to signal for her to unlatch her legs, James put her down on her feet. While her initial instinct was to go down on her knees, James didn’t let her; he instead turned her around, pulled her with her back to his chest—which was now naked, as he removed his shirt and went topless—and reached down.

In a quick and rough movement, James Deen ripped open her yoga pants. McKayla could only gasp in a mix of excitement and horror as her pussy was exposed to all, almost feeling the cameras zooming in on her naked peach.

She couldn’t dwell on it, however, as James’ hands went up to her breasts to give them a couple squeezes and slaps before going separate ways on her; one came up and grabbed her by the neck, beginning to choke her lightly, while the other hand moved to the hole in her pants and, without much care, a finger found its way past her lower lips.

“Oooohhhh…!!!” McKayla moaned out, grunting as he squeezed her neck tighter as she moaned—as if trying to hold her moans from coming out. Meanwhile he had his face against her hair, his mouth at her ear as he whispered to her loud enough for the cameras to pick up.

“That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it? You fucking tease, you fucking slut!” With each word spoken James thrust his finger harder, reaching deep into her. He could feel the wetness almost overflowing out of her pussy, no doubt showing she was okay with his rough manhandling. “Now take it them, fucking cum with my finger in your tight little pussy!”

It wouldn’t be so easy. Despite the gap in experience between them, James was just underestimating how slutty McKayla could be; it eventually took the rough fingering from three fingers, a slightly tighter chokehold, and the combination of dirty talking and ear nibbling for McKayla to reach her first on-screen orgasm.

“AAAAHHH!!!” Squirming on his hold, her body almost looking like it was having a convulsion, McKayla’s pussy juices began dripping down her still covered legs and soaked his hand.

It was an indescribable feeling for the young ex-gymnast. Being fucked and dominated by her favorite pornstar, James Deen, while on camera, knowing that soon enough millions others would be seeing it… And she might become famous for it? Fuck yes, she was orgasming hard.

“Now taste yourself!”

Before she could recover or do anything really, James turned her around and forced his hand—the one that had been rubbing her pussy, and which was still covered in a healthy dose of her juices—into her mouth. She moaned around it, but had no option but to take it; her tongue, sure enough, began doing its work cleaning his hand, slurping her own juices.

Subconsciously, she began making faces as she lewdly slurped and sucked his hand clean, all the while still being choked and keeping eye contact with James. He smirked at her, enjoying how slutty the young woman was proving to be.

Finally he removed his hand, making a show of licking it afterwards and then smearing their collective saliva—and whatever remnant there still was of her cum—on her face. McKayla could only gasp in surprise, feeling the stick substance all over her as he roughly smeared it all over it. Once it was over, he took a good look at her before his smirk turned into a sneer of mock-disgust; holding her face in his hand, he gave her a small slap, not a violent one meant to hurt but just a love tap, enough to make a good sound and maybe leave a small red spot.

McKayla gasped in surprise, but loved it.

“Get on the floor bitch.”

With another slap for good measure, he let go of her and saw as she immediately fell to her knees, grasping at his pants in an attempt to remove them. He faintly noticed she wasn’t trying to be sexy while doing so, nor was she trying to make the act of taking his cock out of his pants erotic like most professionals did; she was just eager, hungry for cock, and he was going to give her exactly what she wanted.

His cock sprung out of its confinement, almost slapping McKayla in the face, and she wasn’t really surprised with what she saw—she had seen enough of his movies to know his size. Immediately she got to work by licking along his cock, from the base up the shaft and finally the head, which she began twirling her tongue around…

Not for long, as James grabbed her hair and forced her to stop teasing him. Instead of just licking the head and shaft as she was doing, she was made to take his cock in her mouth, to twirl her tongue around his cock while her head was forced to bob back and forward on it. At points James forced her to deepthroat, her nose pressing on his pubis as she gagged a bit at his length going down her throat. By then, though, McKayla was already well-versed in the act and brought her hands up to cup and massage his balls, adding yet another stimuli.

“Yeah, always knew you would be great at giving head.”

Was he talking about McKayla herself or just acting for the movie? McKayla didn’t know, nor did she care at that point.

When James began grunting and bucking his hips erratically, a clear sign of being close to coming, McKayla felt proud; proud that she could bring this experienced pornstar to the brink so easily. However, he showed he was not a pro for nothing; with a hard yank he pulled McKayla off his cock, keeping her face at bay as he slapped it with his cock and smeared his pre-cum and saliva covered member on her face, making it even more of a mess than it had been before.

“Now you truly look like a slut.” He said, grinning.

“Do I?” McKayla asked, doing her best Sasha Grey impression by picking his balls up with her mouth and stuffing them inside. Once letting them go with a pop, she made a show of licking his shaft up and down, taking delight in feeling it twitch under her ministrations.

“And you know what sluts get, don’t you?” With a quick move James threw McKayla on her back, holding her legs and lifting till he was pretty much folding her body on itself; her legs were parallel over her upper body, her knees coming to rest on either side of her head. Seeing what he planned McKayla helped hold her legs in place, faintly noticing her ass and pussy were raised and pretty much facing up.

“Sluts get fucked hard!”

With the ferocity of an animal James ripped open the rest of her yoga pants, the hole that revealed her pussy now going all the way to her ass and leaving the clothing totally ruined. He briefly licked his fingers before moving them over her puckered backdoor, teasing it slightly before starting to push in.

“Ooooohhh!!!” McKayla moaned, feeling his intrusion.

“You always teased me with your body, didn’t you? Even when your sister was there as well?” He asked, emphasizing his words by twisting and pushing back and forward his fingers in her asshole, finding space in the tight passage to tease using more than one finger.

“Y-Yes!” McKayla did her best to find her voice and answer, forcing herself to remember there supposedly was a story behind the mindblowing sex she was having. “I always wanted that big cock to break me like it did her…”

“And you will have it, but first I want a taste.”

With those words James moved forward and took her lower lips in his, kissing briefly the contours of her pussy before covering it with his mouth. McKayla gasped, her body arching as she felt his tongue lick teasingly her pussy’s slit, finding and batting her clit as his lips sucked and tried to drain her essence. It was like he was French kissing her pussy, a sensation she had never experienced before.

And that’s without saying that he didn’t relent in fingering her ass; if anything, he became harder and more aggressive in it.

Behind the cameras filming the couple, the directors and everyone else could only stare with desire in their eyes at the scene playing out. McKayla Maroney, soon to be a pornstar, was pretty much folded on the floor, her yoga pants ripped as James Deen ate her pussy out with gusto and fingered her asshole like a jackhammer. She squirmed and arched her body, babbling incoherent words of pleasure in between gasps and moans of pleasure.

And, sure enough, her sounds built a crescendo as her squirming intensified signaling she was getting close. For James Deen, however, this only meant he had to further intensify his own actions, eating her out and taking her ass with renewed speed and intensity.

“Aaaa… Aaaaaa…. AAAAAHH!!” Arching her back, her scream slowly turning into a silent one, McKayla came like a breaking dam. Her entire body convulsed a last time as her juices flowed freely into James mouth, the pornstar drinking them as much as he could. Bringing his finger out of her asshole, he raised it to McKayla’s face while continuing to enjoy her juices; without hesitations McKayla began sucking on them, faintly noticing one of the cameras moving closer to better catch the lewd and dirty action.

“Aaff… James, that was fucking incredible…” McKayla panted, trying to move her hand to caress his hair as she finished tasting her own ass from his finger.

However, he moved it out and placed her hands back on her legs, keeping her from unfolding herself. Raising himself closer to her, he kissed her passionately, a hard, sloppy kiss in which he shared her own taste with her; after making out for a couple minutes, he began trailing kisses down her neck and chest, making her eyes close and her head swoon in pleasure… before she felt something press against her pussy.


“Now for the main course.”

That was all the warning McKayla got before she felt him thrust his hips, and with them his cock, towards her lower body; his cock penetrating her folds, going straight into her pussy.

In that moment, as she felt how far he reached into her and how much he filled her with a single thrust, she realized she was fucked. In more ways than one.

In no time the James Deen she had known through his films had taken over and he was fucking her in earnest, rutting roughly as he thrust his cock as deep into her as hard as he could, then pulled back till only his head remained and rammed back in again, repeating the rather mechanical yet oh so amazingly pleasurable process again and again and again. For her part McKayla could do nothing but take it, her folded body awkwardly bouncing back and forward with his thrusts as her face looked like she might cry, her voice coming out in grunts and moans and gasps as he nearly growled at her.

As he fucked, James noticed the position they were in and had an idea. Using all his fucking experience he moved McKayla’s hips to face further up, making her body almost perpendicular with the floor, and lifted his own a bit to follow her, never leaving her pussy.

He was, quite literally, placing her in an improvised piledriver position, with him pretty much squatting while fucking her.

This new position seemed to do the trick for McKayla, as she felt her vision white out every time he plunged down into her. Like each of his thrusts was causing her to have a mini-orgasm. Continuing to moan and grunt in both pleasure and a pleasurable discomfort, she lost track of time; if asked, she couldn’t even tell if she was still conscious while he fucked her.

Hell, she didn’t even know anymore if he was fucking her pussy or her ass. If the slight stinging in her asshole was any indication, he had put his cock in there and she didn’t even notice it amidst her pleasure!

She did remember, however, he occasionally bending over her and placing his hands on her face or her neck in a week choking hold; he just looked at her, mouthing dirty words to entice her further or just looking into her eyes with his lustful, predatory gaze.

And, as everything always reaches its end, so did their sensational fucking.

Pulling out of McKayla’s asshole and letting her unfold, he didn’t give her time to complain—or think about complaining—about the loss of his manmeat inside her before he moved around her, yanking her hair to pull her to her knees. Her deep knowledge of porn allowed her to know what was coming despite her mind still rebooting from the harsh fucking, and she opened her mouth seductively.

James barely needed to jerk off before he began cumming, aiming at first straight at McKayla’s open mouth before allowing his aim to wander to the rest of her face and a bit to her chest. For her part McKayla just let her tongue out to try and catch as much of his cum as she could, or lick wherever he aimed for.

The camera standing right behind James, catching the perfect cumshot, came closer to zoom on McKayla’s face as she made a show of licking herself clean and scooping out the cum off her chest, swallowing it all lewdly and in an exaggeratedly sensual manner.

“Fuck…” James said, panting a bit. “You better get cleaned out before your sister comes down…”

Catching her drift, her clouded mind starting to defog a bit, McKayla managed to remember the gist of her line and answered him. “Oh, my sister is not home. I just said that so I could have a chance to fuck you.”

James made an exaggeratedly shocked face, briefly crossing into outrage, before he chuckled and brought a hand to his face in exasperation. “You fucking slut…”

The camera paned down to McKayla again, and she smirked at it, making a split decision to lick her lips and fingers as she knew the movie was probably doing a fade out.


“McKayla! Girl, you were amazing!”

A couple days later McKayla was greeted by Arthur Stone once more, this time on the phone; apparently, he had seen the first few edits of her scene and had been impressed.

“Thanks. It was… fun.”

“Oh, I bet it was.” The perverted chuckle on the line made McKayla roll her eyes. “James says you got a lot of talent, no doubt you are going far on the business. You are going to be a pornstar in no time.”

“That’s what I’m counting on.” McKayla spoke truthfully. As much as she loved the experience, she was in this first and foremost for the fame.

“Don’t worry, you will be big in no time. In fact, I already have plans for some other works I think you would be great on…”

McKayla smirked at hearing that. Her new life as a pornstar was just beginning, and so far she was enjoying it greatly.

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