A Posh Experience

A Posh Experience

By: Unknown

POSH SPICE KIDNAPPED screamed the tabloid headlines, & rumour was
rife on the streets why this should have happened, a ransom being
the popular choice.

Few people knew the real reason for the kidnapping, and these were
the friends of Mistress Zoe (MZ)
She had decided that it was time to teach the bitch a lesson, & had
devised the plan.
Posh Spice (PB) had been drugged & taken to MZ’s dungeon, stripped
and spreadeagled, with her wrists chained to the ceiling and her
ankles to the floor.

MZ was dressed in a black PVC catsuit, the other mistresses ( Emma,
Amy & Katie )were dressed similarly, but in different
colours. All were wearing masks and carrying whips.
As PS gradually recovered conciousness, she realised her
predicament. ‘Let me go you fucking bitches’ she screamed ‘what do
you want with me’
‘This is part of your education my dear’ said MZ ‘ To teach you not
to be such a fucking arsehole in future’ ‘and also to give me and my
friends a great deal of pleasure’ she added under her breath.
‘Why me ?’ screamed PS – ‘Why not !’ replied MZ ‘lets get on with it

‘First a gentle whipping I think’ said MZ ‘Then we will proceed to
more exciting pleasures’
She took her long slender whip, and cracked it close to PS open
PS winced. ‘i see you like that my dear’ said MZ , as PS screamed as
the end of the whip caught her full on her pussy. ‘Oh no – please
dont’ pleaded PS as the whip cracked again, and a dribble of blood
oozed from PS’s pussy.
‘Im sure you are enjoying this’ said MZ, with another carefully
placed whipstroke, and instructed ME to take her whip to PS arse.Red
wealts could soon be seen across PS buttocks as the whip cracked out
time and again.

‘Time for the table I think’ said MZ & PS’s chains were removed &
she was carried and laid out on her back on the table, with her feet
and hands tied to the table legs.
‘You like tattoos dont you bitch’ said MZ. PS was silent. ‘I thought
so, I’m sure you will love this little memento of your visit here ‘
said MZ
‘What is it’ asked PS ‘Wait bitch’ replied MZ

The mistresses set to work with their needles, and eventually were
satisfied with the tattoo they had drawn on PS’s body.
‘What is it ?’ demanded PS ‘Bring a mirror !’ ordered MZ ‘so the
bitch can see !’
The mirror was brought & held above PS ”what does it say ? ‘ asked
to PS
” I AM A TOILETSLUT ” exclaimed PS, as she read the words tattooed
across her stomach. ‘What does it mean’ she screamed.

‘I think it is about time you discovered that’ said MZ
‘Slave, get the toilet box ready for our guest’
‘It is ready’ replied slut69 ‘ including the adaptations you
instructed MZ’
‘Good’ said MZ ‘ I will reward you later slave’

‘Bring her’ ordered MZ & PB was carried to the toilet box and laid
inside. ‘ I see you have made a slot along the whole top of the box’
said MZ – ‘Excellent – we can now all sit together on top of our
‘Tie her legs & arms, and put that electric clamp in her mouth so we
can control her opening and closing it’. ‘Now’ said MZ ‘who is going
to sit where ?’

They then developed a real squabble between the mistresses, all of
who wished to sit directly over PS’s face.
‘I have a suggestion’ cried slut69 ‘Shut the fuck up slave’ said MZ,
‘I am mistress here & have decided that I will sit at the top & we
will each take turns to piss and shit on her face and the rest of
her body. And you slave, as your reward, will kneel down beside the
box & lick clean our pussies and arses as we wish. Understand slut
‘Yes MZ’ said slut69

MZ then sat down over PS face, the others sitting in a line beside
‘On my order we will give her a little shower to start with’ said MZ
‘Pee’ came the order & MZ directed a small stream of piss into PS’s
mouth and on her face. The others followed & PS was was drenched in
piss. A gargled scream was heard from the box, and the electric
clamp operated so that PS could drink the piss in her mouth.
‘OK’ said MZ ‘Change position’ & each mistress moved one space along
the box. MZ moved to the other end of the box, but not before making
sure her pussy had been licked dry by slut69.

The mistresses then moved position, each one pissing into PS’s mouth
& making her drink it, as well as all the other parts of her body.
‘Now’ said MZ ‘comes the exciting part. We will have a competition –
the winner will be the mistress who deposits the biggest single turd
in PB’s mouth’ ‘ Our referee will be slut69, who will look through
the hole in the end of the box & judge how big each turd is, and
record its size. – Now, who wants to start ?.
‘You ready Posh ?’ said MZ looking at the horrified face in the
toilet box.
‘Mistress Amy – you first’

MA sat on the box, slowly opened her cheeks & dropped a small turd
into PS’s mouth. The clamp was then operated to allow PS to swallow
MA’s shit.
The other mistresses then took turns to shit into PS’s mouth, slut69
recording the size of each turd, although Mistress Curry’s effort
almost choked PS, it was so fluid !
MZ dropped the final turd into PS’s mouth, a nice juicy one which PS
eventually managed to gulp down, and then MZ asked slut69 to
announce the winner.

‘Mistress Emma has won’ declared slut69
‘WHAT’ screamed MZ ‘ I dont fucking think so ! – how big was her
turd ?
‘Over 3in long MZ’ replied slut69 ‘OH YEH’ said MZ ‘ well mine was
bigger than that !’
‘No MZ’ said slut69 ‘yours was much smaller’

‘I See’ said MZ ‘you two been fucking each other behind my back
again, havent you ?’ ‘ Nnnnnn no MZ’ stammered slut69
‘Mistress Emma put you up to this didnt she slut ?’ MZ demanded
‘Yes MZ’ cried slut69 – ‘ she said she would tell you that I had
fucked your boyfriend if I didnt’
‘OK slave – I’ll deal with you later ‘ said MZ & suddenly MZ smacked
mistress Emma across the face & sent her flying across the room.
‘You fucking little bitch -you mess with my slave again and i’ll
kill you !’ she screamed.

‘OK – Lets get back to the fun’ said MZ ‘I guess I won so I’ll have
the pleasure of going first this time & letting go my full load on
this pathetic creature in the box.’ which she proceeded to do. The
other mistresses followed, and PS was literally covered from head to
feet in shit.

‘Get her out !’ shouted MZ & PS was dragged from the box and placed
in front of MZ.
‘Now listen you fucking toiletslut, I hope you feel totally
humiliated. Get out of here & fuck off to Madrid & dont fucking dare
to come back here. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ?’

‘Yyyyyyyyyeeessss’ cried PS & she was taken out of the dungeon &
dumped a few miles away, naked & covered in shit.]

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