A Private World Of Darkness

Title:  A Private World Of Darkness

Author: Hydrogen

Celebs:  Sarah Hyland, Julie Bowen, Ariel Winter, Stana Katic, Dianna Agron, Naomi Watts, Chloe Grace Moretz, Deepika Padukone, Daisy Ridley, Jessica Chastain, Simone Simons, Alissa White-Gluz, Nell Sigland, Dakota Johnson, Lena Headey, Alexandra Daddario, Asia Argento, Melanie Laurent, Lana Del Rey, Marina Diamandis, Melanie Martinez, Melissa Benoist, Gal Gadot, Emma Stone, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender, Emilia Clarke, Chloe Sevigny, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Aomi Muyock, Adele Exarchopoulos, Lea Seydoux, Roxane Mesquida, Kendall Jenner, Chloe Delevingne, Poppy Delevingne, Annie Clark, Cara Delevingne

Codes: MF, MFF, MFFF, FF, Fsolo, MMF, MM, inc, oral, anal, voy, fist, facial, drugs


This is a work of fiction. None of the actors behave like this in reality. Also I don’t use drugs, I wrote this purely by reading about the drugs.

Feedback is welcome at hydrogenthestoryteller@gmail.com

Also I’d like to thank Space Samurai (This Dream series), Deep Inside Lizzie (Bacchanalia), Carnage Jackson, Randy Pan and Voodoo Joe for writing great stuff and inspiring me to write. Good work fellas. I’d also like to thank other authors but they write on other websites.

Also thanks to Victoria, for making such a great platform available.

Now, enjoy the story folks.


There is a knock on the door.

Seph had been watching TV, nothing special, just something to entertain himself after dinner. He switched off the TV, went and opened the door. It was his friend and drug supplier, Botolf.

“Hey, man! How come you are here, at such an odd hour? I didn’t take you to be the late night kinda guy.” It was 11:53.

“You remember I told you about that drug maker group called Love and Grace? They made this new drug, it’s not in the market. Sent me three to check them out. They told me to give one to you. Love and Grace is a bit of a weird name for drug making group, don’t you think?”

“I suppose it is. What is the drug?” said Seph.

“It’s called ADV. It stands for Árvore De Vida. It’s a mixture of Salvia, DMT, LSD, Ecstasy, Opium and one other thing that she is not telling me. She says it is a trade secret and she doesn’t want to reveal the whole formula just yet. You see, the five components are separate in the pill. The mystery component kinda combines them. She says that Vida has the effects of those five drugs combined. All in all, very intense. Not a party drug.”

“Wow, that’s splendid. I can’t even imagine how an upper and a downer would combine.” said Seph in amazement. Then after a brief pause, he said “I hope it is safe.”

“Of course, Lucy said she was the first to try it. That is how she knows how it feels.” answered Botolf.

“It is good know a chemist if you are drug dealer, isn’t it?” sad Seph with a chuckle.

“It sure does.”

After saying the pleasantries for the night, Botlof left, as he wasn’t used to staying up that late.

Seph entered his bedroom. It was in a relatively clean state, but it had been cleaner. He sat on his bed and swallowed the pill.

He looked at the clock. It was 12:10.

He lay down in his bed. He was excited, he didn’t know what to expect.

The lights in the room weren’t on but some light was entering the room the door that ajar.

Seph didn’t know after how much time he opened his eyes. He opened his eyes and a woman was sitting with him on the bed. He blinked. The woman was Sarah Hyland.

“How…” said Seph in a state of bewilderment.

“Take me!” she said before ripping her shirt open. The buttons flew as she did so.

She then kissed Seph vigorously.

In a hurry, Sarah took off Seph shirt, al the while kissing. Seph lowered his pajamas as Sarah took his dick in her.

“Oh fuck.” Seph closed his eyes as she gave him a blowjob.

He heard someone opening the door. He opened his eyes and saw it was Julie Bowen and Ariel Winter.

“Having fun, huh?” said Ariel. “The fun begins when we arrive.” said Julie before taking her top off.

Seph was rather excited. He now sat on the bed in a semi upright position. Sarah continued to suck him off vigorously. Ariel took off Julie’s bra to reveal a nice pair of tits, not as big as hers but nice nonetheless.

Seph wondered why Ariel’s breasts were big even though he remembered reading Ariel getting a reduction done.

Not wanting to miss out, Ariel took off her shirt revealing two ginormous globes of flesh, which nearly made Seph’s eyes pop out.

Julie proceeded to lick on Ariel’s nipples, which made her moan. Seph was now eating out Sarah.

“Oh yes ah, c’mon make me cum!” said Sarah in delight. Ariel was also going down on Julie. Evidently Ariel was doing a better job at it because Julie was pushing Ariel’s head into her pussy, wildly bucking against her face.

Ariel face came up and she was completely dazed, her face red.

As he took Sarah doggy style, a voice whispered, “Have room for one more?”

Seph looked to his side and saw Stana Katic was standing next him.

“Of course” said Seph, questioning when she got into the room. The lights were taking a dark red-blue hue.

Stana immediately removed her clothes and started to kiss Sarah.

Meanwhile, Julie was licking Ariel’s pussy while pulling at her nipples.

“Oh yes, ah yes mommy do that, yes keep doing that!”

Seph, Sarah and Stana finally broke off. “Okay, let’s try something new.”

She started to finger Ariel.

One finger.

Two finger.

“Oh yes.”

Three finger.

“Oh my god, yes Sarah fuck my cunt yes!”

Four fingers.

“OH fuck yes fuck me Sarah, oh yes finger bang me, oh fuck yes!”

Five fingers.


The fist.

“Oh fuck, I can’t believe you have you fist in me. Yes do that faster.”

Sarah picked up speed, as she roughed up her cunt.


Ariel finally came.

Next was Stana’s turn.

After recovering from orgasm, Ariel sat in front of Stana’s cunt, as she rubbed her cunt. Soon, Stana squirted. Ariel caught some but most of it fell on her face.

Seph hadn’t cum yet, so he started to fuck Ariel. Although she was tired, but she was a crowd favorite. The lights were becoming harsher.

As he fucked her up the ass, Julie started to lick her vagina and Stana and Sarah sucked her pillowey boobs.

The walls started to move, as if something was underneath the wallpaper.

Seph continued his rhythmic fucking, as Ariel moaned incessantly due to

The four-way pleasure she was getting.

As Seph approached his orgasm, the movement of the walls became more and more vigorous.

Finally, he came in her. But as soon as he did, the walls went crazy.

They kinda just bent out of shape, covering his head making him feel confused and claustrophobic.

As his orgasm wore down, the walls came back to normal too. But no one was there. He was quite confused now.

The lights were of a much softer intensity. It looked like it was early morning.

He looked around. The room wasn’t empty. His vision was still a bit blurry but there was definitely someone sitting on the edge of the bed. It was a blond woman. As his vision settled, he observed that it was in fact two blond women, sitting directly behind each other so as to create an illusion that it is a person.

Dianna Agron was sitting in the front, and Naomi Watts was sitting right behind her.

“Hey, wanna fuck?” said Dianna.

This took Seph by surprise.

“Oh no need to be so surprised. We know why we are here. So relax and enjoy.” Said Naomi.

With that, Dianna kissed him. He could see Naomi had started to remove her clothes. Naomi pulled Dianna away so as to kiss Seph.

Seph was already naked, so Dianna put his dick in her mouth enthusiastically.

Naomi positioned herself in such a way so that Seph could suck at her pussy.

Somehow, his skills were better now, as it was quite evident by the sharp gasp that he was doing an adequate job.

He looked up to see that somehow Naomi and Dianna had switched places with him getting to know. It was as if they morphed into each other.

He also noticed that they room was more crowded.

Deepika Padukone was being violently finger by Chloe Grace Moretz. Jessica Chastain and Daisy Ridley were scissoring away to ecstasy.

Odd thing was he couldn’t hear them, at least not until he had seen them. After that he could hear their cries of pleasure.

Intrigued, he went over, as Naomi and Dianna got busy with each other. He was moving towards Jessica, as Daisy was done with her.

He looked down at Jessica’s pussy and it had a bright colorful light coming out although he couldn’t tell what color because the light was that bright, it felt the brightest thing that could exist. Still he felt the need the look forward and move.

Slowly it became clear. I was like he was looking through a keyhole. He was looking into his own room. He could see everything. Naomi was currently fisting Daisy while Deepika licked her ass. Chloe was fucking Dianna with a strap on that’s seemed to materialize from thin air. Lastly, he could see himself looking into Jessica’s pussy.

He looked away to see what was actually happening in the room but indeed, that was exactly what was happening.  He looked back at her vagina, but nothing.

Jessica pulled him towards her. “You know, you are too tense for a person surrounded by six naked girls that are fucking away.” Saying this, she mounted herself onto him.

“Deepika, come and give this guy some of your sweet titties.”

“No, in fact I want to fuck her while you suck on her tits.” Said Seph.

“You’ re the boss.” Said Deepika.

Dianna, Naomi, Chloe and Daisy were in daisy chain.

Seph mounted Deepika and started to fuck her fast, so fast in fact that Jessica didn’t have a chance at her boobs.

“Ahhh yes fuck me hard ah fuck ye..yessoh” squealed Deepika in delight as she came, squirting all over his cock.

“Daisy, it’s your turn.”

Daisy lifted her head from Naomi’s pussy and came as quick as she could, very excited to be fucked.

“Deepika, lick her boobs.” Said Seph authoritatively.

As Daisy fucked away, receiving great pleasure from both the expert nipple play and the vigorous fucking she was getting.

Finally, her cute face contorted in an image of pure pleasure.

“Okay, Chloe now you.”

Chloe moved towards him. No one else was fucking now.

Seph started to fuck Chloe, at normal speed. After a short duration, he pulled his cock out and plunged it into her ass, her ass swallowing his dick easily.

Side by side, Daisy and Naomi had started to lick her boobs. Chloe was fingering Dianna and Jessica with each hand, of course it wasn’t coordinated but it and the desired effect. Deepika had started to fist her pussy, something that Chloe seemed to love.

As Seph sped up his fucking, Chloe screamed, “Oh my god yes oh fuck me in the ass hard yes harder harder yes fist my cunt oh god yes do it OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCK!!!”

Seph closed his eyes quickly as he came in Chloe.

As he opened his, he saw the room had changed drastically. The walls and floor were no longer there. The bed was just floating away in the blackness. All the girls looked nothing like themselves, they all had colorful skin and such indescribably intricate designs all over them, and they were barely recognizable.

“Oh that was great, Seph.” Said one of the girls, he couldn’t tell who it was.

He didn’t reply. He felt very mellow. And rather suddenly, he lost all consciousness.

He was awoken in an equally jerky way.

Someone was shaking him.

“Get up now, we will start without.”

Feeling very tired, Seph opened his eyes. He was greeted to the sight of Simone Simons and Alissa White-Gluz, surrounding him waiting for him to be up. He noticed he was naked.

“Oh good, we can finally start.” He heard another voice say, although he couldn’t see who it was. He got up and saw that Nell Sigland was also in the room.

“So what do you wanna start with?” asked Alissa.

“You could start with removing your clothes and making out.” said Seph with a smile.

“Sure.” Said Simone, removing her shirt to reveal her perfect tits, apparently she wasn’t wearing bra.

Nell and Alissa start making out passionately. Simone continued to remove her pants. Then she swallowed Seph’s cock, deepthroating it, choking a bit when his cock hit the back of her throat.

Meanwhile, Alissa and Nell had taken off their clothes and Nell had started to playfully lick Alissa’s pussy.

Simone was now on her back, getting fucked steadily, her titties bouncing up and down. He pulls out and Nell sucks his dick for a while before putting it in Alissa’s ass.

Seph starts fucking her like crazy, pulling her hair, making her scream, although her voice was shaky due to the banging she was receiving.

He looks over and sees more people had joined. Currently. Dakota Johnson was being fist fucked violently by Lena Headey. Nell and Simone were sucking on Alexandra Daddario’s boobs.

He moved towards Alexandra, placing his cock on her cunt and then unceremoniously slamming into her. He grabbed her throat, not actually choking her, but just does it in the heat of the moment. As he slowed down, Simone licks Alexandra’s asshole.

“Oh this is heaven.” Said Alexandra.

Next, he moved over to Lena and Dakota, who were all but finished now.

“Dakota, lick my ass while I suck his soul out his cock.” Said Lena.

“Sure.” Said Dakota.

Seph was feeling energetic. He grabbed the back of Lena’s head and pushed her head down. She chokes.

After a few minutes of throat fucking her, Seph tells Lena to finger bang Alexandra, which she does happily.

He starts to fuck Dakota steadily. He looks over to see Alexandra squirting like crazy all over Simon as Lena engulf one of her boob with her mouth.

He calls everyone to the centre as he starts to ejaculate. He starts to cum, trying to cum on everybody’s face. Some gets on Nell and Dakota’s face. Some gets in Simone’s left cheek.  Some falls in Alissa’s hair. Alexandra’s tits are smeared with semen. Lena gets the most, her face practically covered with cum.

Lena licking off the cum says, “The others will be here soon.”

“The others are already here, says a voice behind him. He looks back to see Marina Diamandis, Asia Argento, Melanie Laurent, Tom Hiddleston, Lana Del Rey, and Melanie Martinez are standing behind him.

The voice obviously belonged to Tom.

“Let’s begin!” said Seph with excitement and euphoria.

First, he goes for Asia and Melanie L, Asia Riding him while he sucks on Melanie’s pussy.

“Oh fuck yes!” cries out Melanie as she cum on Seph’s face.

Now changing position, he proceeds to take Asia from the ass. As he does so he sees Tom fucking Lana as she squeals, “Oh yes fuck me, lover boy, fuck me raw!”

As he fucks Asia, he asks Tom to come fuck him in the ass.

“Oh all this is so kinky!” said Asia while getting hammered.

Eventually, Seph cums in Asia’s ass and Tom cums in Seph’s ass.

Alexandra sucks the cum out of Asia’s ass while Asia sucks it out of Seph’s ass. Seph then moves forward to Lana, Marina and Melanie M who are in a daisy chain, a writhing cluster of bodies.

Lana starts to suck on his cock while Marina puts his balls in his mouth. After some of that, Lana leaves to fist Asia. Tom comes and starts fucking Melanie M. Beside them, Marina and Seph are going at it, fucking each other like there is no tomorrow.

“Oh god yes, fuck my filthy cunt. Ram it up me!” said Marina.

Now noticing other addition to their orgy, Seph slips away to join Michael Fassbender who is having his way with Gal Gadot and Melissa Benoist. With them, Emma Stone is fingering herself to the scene.

“May I help?”

“Obviously.” Said Emma.

Seph then put his tongue in her, making her gush.

Seeing that Michael was almost done, Seph pulls his cock out and puts it in his mouth. Michael cums and Seph swallows all the cum.

“That was nice.” Said Michael with a smile.

“But we wanted that.” Said Melissa.

“Now, You have to give us what you took.” Said Gal, talking about their orgasm

“I’d be happy too.”

He starts with fucking the shit out of Gal, making her scream like a fucking bitch in heat. Then he fucks Melissa up the ass, hard enough to make her scream till her voice went hoarse. After giving them their much need orgasms, he made his way to Tom who was still fucking Marina while fisting Melanie M.

Seph approaches Melanie, placing his dick in her ass, starting with a soft, slow fuck slowly moving to a harder more vigorous one.

“Oh yes Daddy, fuck me, your little girl loves you, Daaadddyyyy!!” squealed Melanie in joy.

“Guys, get together!” says Seph, telling Tom and Michael to assemble and cum on all their pretty faces.

Tom sprayed his seed on Asia’s face. Some of it landed on Lana and Simone. Michael emptied himself on Gal, Lena and Melanie L with some of it. Alexandra and Emma licked it off.

Seph unloaded his semen on Melanie M and Emma.

After ejaculating this time, he felt tired as if energy was being drained from him. Suddenly, he noticed that the environment that he was at peace with and people he was comfortable with, made him uneasy.

He felt claustrophobic once he noticed that about 15 people were stuffed in a room. These people were sweaty and still going at it, somehow not noticing his tiresome behavior.

This made him very tired, he guessed it was because his hardcore break neck speed fuck session. Either way, he was tired and he fell to the carpeted floor, but not before bumping into three people.

After who knows how much time, Seph woke. He was naked. And like all the other times before, he was not alone. Chloe Sevigny was in the room.

But she wasn’t the only one. There was Charlotte Gainsbourg and Emilia Clarke lay farther on the bed, kissing.

“I was gonna blow you but thought I should at least wake you up.” Said Chloe.

“That was nice of you, I would have liked to experience you in all my senses.” Said Seph, in a post sleep daze.

After receiving a small peck from her on his cheek, Seph felt Chloe’s warm mouth engulf his prick, which was already hard.

“Oh god, baby that is soo good.” He closed his eyes.

“May we join you?” He heard a sweet voice say.

He opened his eyes to see Charlotte and Emilia sitting next to him. He noticed that they were both naked.

“Of course.” Said Seph.

With that, Emilia and Chloe kissed. Charlotte put his cock in her. She moaned silently.

“You know, you have the sweetest voice I have ever heard.” Said Seph.

Charlotte blushed and said “Thank You.” in a small, quiet voice.

Charlotte rode him, moaning slightly. Alongside, Chloe and Emilia were locked in a 69.

After doing Charlotte, he moved towards Emilia.

He prodded at Emilia’s asshole with his prick.

“Ooooh anal. I’m in the mood for some ass fuckery.” She said and in a fruity voice.

He pushed the head in, eliciting a sharp “Ooooh!” from her. He proceeded to fuck her, soft and steady.

He noticed that the room was filling out. He saw Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux humping away. In another corner of the room, Roxane Mesquida was fucking Aomi Muyock with a strap on.

He moved to Adele and Lea first.

“I’m gonna go first okay.” Said Lea.

“How about we go together? Like he fucks yours ass while play with your twat? More efficient.” Said Adele.

“Okay.” Said Lea with a giggle.

In quick sucession, he made both Lea and Adele cum.

After a very satisfy little session, moved over to Aomi and Roxane. Now, Aomi was the one with a strap on and Roxane was on the business end of it.

Seph put Aomi’s nipple in her mouth. It was soft.

“You know, we can chuck this fake phallus and use him instead.” Said Aomi.

“It would be a crime not to use that beautiful prick.” Said Roxane in her angelic voice.

Aomi sucked Seph off till he got hard. He then put his cock in Roxane. He picked up his pace. He finally hit the spot when, Roxane screamed in delight.

As he continued to fuck her, he to came in her with a significant groan. He kissed Roxane and rolled over. He laid on the carpeted floor as he say all the girls surrounded him and waved goodbye.

He was starting to feel sleepy and wave of comfort washed over him as he finally drifted of to sleep.

He woke up feeling very happy, not say he wasn’t happy earlier but he was at peace with himself and his surroundings.

He noticed that the room looked very fresh and clean. He saw that his company was already there.

“Hi, Seph. The others will be here any moment. I guess the started to fucking.” Said Kendall Jenner, the only occupant of the room. It was hard to miss her because she was wearing one of her lingerie dresses from Victoria’s secret, the one that looked like a butterfly.

“What?” said Seph not understanding her.
“Nevermind, we will start till then.”

She started to kiss him, and then took his cock in her mouth. As he felt her warmth on him, he slid his hand into her bra and started to tweak her nipples. Although her boobs could be considered small, they were nice and cute.

He closed his eyes, with pleasure and when he opened his eyes he saw that there was another occupant in the room. Cara Delevingne sat in the chair opposite to the room, she too was wearing one of her Victoria’s Secret lingerie dresses, the one that looked like candy.

“Come with me.” She said.

Cara held one of his hands and Kendall held the other, and they flew off. The room slowly dissolved away. They were now floating through a black void.

Seph removed his clothes quickly, as Cara and Kendall started to make out. When he approached them, Kendall lowered her dress to reveal her tits and removed the panties portion.

She climbed onto his cock and started to ride him rhythmically. The flaps of her dress moved in such a way that in the briefest of moment, she looked like a butterfly.

She leaned in and said to him, “We are all butterflies, living for a day, thinking it is forever.”

She looked up, smiled at him and then she came.

Cara was at a distance from them, masturbating, shoving 3 fingers into her beautiful twat and pulling at her nipples.

He switched to Cara. She rode him reverse cowgirl style, still not removing her dress. To add stimulation, Kendall started to lick Cara’s nipples. In a matter of seconds, Cara screamed as she came, a scream that seemed to went on forever.

Suddenly, he couldn’t see anything. He could hear Cara’s unending scream and her soft twat and Kendall’s body but he could see nothing. Just the black void.

It felt like he was falling, he kept on falling and Cara’s kept on screaming as if it was a record that had gotten stuck.

He suddenly found himself in bed, to the pristine silence that he started to long for.

He was naked. Three people surrounded him. Cara Delevingne, Poppy Delevingne and Chloe Delevingne, their oldest sister.

He noticed that Cara looked much younger than she did before. They all looked younger than they were supposed to be.

“You always wanted this, didn’t you?” said Chloe.

“Yes, of course.”

“Today, you’re get it good.” Said Poppy.

Chloe was the first to go, by starting to enthusiastically suck his cock. Seph sucked Poppy pussy, while Poppy sucked on Cara’s perfect ass.

After a moment, Chloe started to ride Seph and after sometime, she came rather strongly.

Seph now switched to Poppy, opting to go doggy style with her. Chloe and Cara kissed and played with each other passionately as Poppy was getting fucked hard by Seph.

Her boobs swung back and forth as he fucked, finally she came, saying “OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU GUYS!!”

After she came, Seph lay on the bed as the sisters indulged in a daisy chain. Seph looked at them from a far and sighed. He closed his eyes, just to rest his eyes.

When he opened them he saw, the sisters were no longer there. Instead Cara and Annie Clark (better known as St. Vincent) lay in place of them, 69ing.

Cara looked her age now somehow.

Seph lay with them. Cara and Annie were done now, they lay in post orgasmic bliss.

“So what does Seph mean?” asked Annie.

“It is short for Sephtis. It is Egyptian for ‘Death’.”

“That’s nice.” Said Cara.

Cara touched him and as if in response to her touch he saw bright colors.

“We should probably start now.” Said Annie. The most beautiful, indescribable flavors erupted in his mouth.

Seph lay there, sandwiched between Cara and Annie. He put his cock in Cara’s ass and fucked her, and Annie used her skilled tongue on her twat.

“Oh my… OhhohHhH MmMyYY… OH MY GOD FUCK!!!” Screamed Cara as she shuddered in orgasm. Annie and Seph looked at each other and smiled.

Annie to wanted it up the ass. He put it in, something that earned a slight gasp from her. The softest and sweetest of gasps.

Seph had just put his cock in when Cara put three of her fingers into Annie’s sweet little twat. Slowly, she added a fourth finger and her thumb and then started to fist her slowly.

Seeing that Annie was starting to get comfortable, Seph started to rock back and forth, fucking her ass. Soon they had picked up the pace and Annie let out a horse cry of ecstasy, squirting all over Cara’s hand.

They lay their in exhaustion.

“I love you. Both of you.” Said Seph.

“I love you too.” Said Annie.

“I do too. But I still want to cum again.” Said Cara.

Seph was too tired to speak. He just drifted off to sleep.

He was woken up, to some rumble. He saw that Annie was still there sleeping beside him. Cara riding on someone, he couldn’t tell who.

As he looked carefully, he noticed that Cara was having sex with him. There was .

“Who you got there Cara?” said Seph.

“Oh this is Seph. He is you. Nothing is different he is exactly like you. But I am a better pussy licker.” Said Cara.

“No you’re not.” Said the other Seph.

This didn’t make sense to Seph in a half sleep state. They erupted in playful banter as he fell asleep.

When he woke up, it felt like he had slept for ages. He woke in a red corridor. At the other end is a door.

He looks in the peephole. He saw himself with Julie Bowen, as Stana Katic fisted Ariel Winter.

This freaked him out. He fell back and noticed that there was no ceiling. Eh saw that this place had several floors to it. Each floor was a different stage in the orgy. He also saw that there were people on the other end of the door in the different stages, as if they were actors waiting for their cues. In one of the stages, back stage, Lana Del Rey was being fucked by a giant lobster.  He also saw many other people waiting backstage, having sex with each other, waiting for their turn to enter.

He peeped into the keyhole again. He saw himself and Annie sleeping and Cara fingering herself.

By mistake, he moves forward and falls into the room. She looks at him.

“Hi Seph, I just need a quickie. Could you?”
Without even saying anything, Cara started to fuck him. She made enough noise to wake the other Seph up.

“Who you got there Cara?” said the other Seph.

“Oh this is Seph. He is you. Nothing is different he is exactly like you. But I am a better pussy licker.” Said Cara.

“No you’re not.” Said Seph.

As the other Seph slept, they continued, ending in Cara and Seph’s orgasm.

Someone was opening the door.

As Seph stood up, he felt dizziness. He tried to get up, but he fell to floor.

But he didn’t fall to the floor as much as he fell through the floor. The room, everything disappeared as he slowly turned into a movie camera.

He rolled through the black void.

Slowly, as he reached a doorway, he turned human as he approached it.

He opened the door and his parents were at the bed fucking each other in full heat. He remembered it. When he was a child, he had walked into the room while his parents fucked. They didn’t notice but he stood there and watched. He saw a younger version of himself at the door, peeping and masturbating.

Seph progressed through the next door. In the next room, he saw a younger him having sex for the first time with his girlfriend. It wasn’t ideal but it was okay.

Next rooms had various sexual encounters that he had, some of them were; that time he fucked his teacher, the time he had sex with a girlfriend who was much younger than him etc. As he progressed, the sexual encounters became more and more recent until he reached the time when the orgy started.  He moved through them seeing himself fucking others.

In the last room, he saw him and Annie sleeping in bed, Cara and another him after just fucking. The other him was feeling dizzy as he fell through the floor.

Seeing this, Seph starts feeling dizzy, too. Once again, he falls through the floor.

But there is no black void. Instead there is this ever-changing colorful fractal pattern. It seems like he falls for an eternity. He falls for so long that it no lnger felt like he was falling.

He started to hear some faint music. Seph was barely able to make out the words.

“But there aren’t enough archangels in the sky to come down and

To make me feel right

I’m miserable whenever I think of it
And I think of it all the time

You could part their feathered wings and have your way with them, just like you do to all of us, all the time…”

He fell asleep as he fell. He faded into the ever changing patterns of the Void.

Seph woke up in his room. Cara and Annie were beside him. He saw the clock. It said 12:17. Only 7 minutes had passed. It was one hell of a drug.

“When did you guys come?” asked Seph.

“Just now, we still had to do some promotion for Valerian.” Said Cara.

“You were babbling when we came. Something incoherent. I couldn’t understand.” Said Annie.

Seph nodded in astonishment.

“So did you like the drug we made? A super hybrid. I loved it.” Said Cara.

“Oh I loved it but why didn’t you tell me? Why did you get it sent through Botolf?” said Seph.

“We wanted it to be a surprise.” Said Annie with a cute grin.

“Well, it was very intense. It was as deep as I could go into myself. Into my own world.” Said Seph.

Sephtis Irving, a sculptor and ardent and responsible drug user had it made. He had it made. He had been in a polyamorous relationship with Cara and Annie for the last year and a half. Things couldn’t get better. Cara and Annie had been studying chemistry for a while to create and modify drugs. They had gotten very good. This creation of a new drug was a total surprise for him. He loved his smart, beautiful girlfriends.

As they entered the bedroom, Seph started to tell them about his trip. As he started he thought, “It doesn’t get better than this.”


There are some references in the story I wanted to point out.

Botolf means Wolf Messenger.

“Love and Grace” the name of the drug group is just the meaning of Cara’s and Annie’s name.

Árvore De Vida means Tree of Life in Portuguese.

Many visual concepts have been taken from the movie, Enter The Void.

I have tried to keep the drug experience as accurate as possible.

Lobster fucking Lana Del Rey is a reference to the movie Multiple Maniacs.

“We are like butterflies, that live for a day, thinking it is forever.” Is a Carl Sagan quote.

The song that is played when Seph falls is called “Who would leave their son out in the sun” by Have A Nice Life.

I had a lot of trouble thinking of the title, so I finally decided on the current title. It is actually an alternate title for a twilight zone episode called “Eye of The Beholder.”

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