A Problem At The Agency


The Director looked over the file again and frowned. It’s contents made unattractive reading and worse still indicated a considerable threat to his organisation. “You are sure that this information is correct?” He asked looking up at his secretary.

She didn’t bother answering but then he didn’t expect her to. The programming, which had made so many stars into perfect fuck toys for the rich and famous, had turned her into the perfect personal assistant. The facts she had presented in this report would be as accurate as it was possible to get.

“Well we always knew that someday
we would come to the attention of one of the press” the Director said resignedly, “I just wish we weren’t quite so busy at the moment. Shutting down will create a gap in the market and cause innumerable complaints.” He glanced across at the other files which lay on his normally tidy desk. Requests for services from various clients, reports on the programming of four new starlets and customer evaluations all vied for his attention. This new problem couldn’t have come at a worse time. He looked again at his assistant and dismissed her. It would have been pleasent to spend a few hours being relaxed by her this morning but right now he didn‘t have the time.

Looking around his office the Director came to a decision very quickly. Past experience told him that dealing with the press was tricky but the information in the file suggested that this particular journalist wouldn’t be too much of a problem and in any case moving would be a pain. He reached forward and pressed the intercom button on his desk. “Jennifer tell Mr Quillan that I want to see him at three this afternoon for his staff appraisal.”

At three pm the Director welcomed Quillan into his office and waited as his assistant brought in the coffee. He hadn’t had much contact with Quillan since he joined the staff, even his interview had been handled by someone else, so he took this time to look him over.

James Quillan was of above average height, maybe 6′ 2″ and had obviously once been in pretty good shape, though now going to seed. In all other aspects his appearance was exemplary and the director saw how he had made a favourable impression.

Once coffee had bee poured the Director kept things polite and fairly quick, as was his style on these occasions. Praise was offered and accepted where appropriate and then quite unexpectedly the Director asked. “So how long have you worked for the local press?”

He was quite pleased with the shocked expression on Quillan’s face as the journalist realised his cover was blown but being an experienced journalist he wasn’t about to give in easily. Quillan attempted to deny it, but in the face of the Director’s carefully collected evidence he tried a new track and attempted to threaten the Director with exposure to which the Director simply smiled. Unknown to Quillan the Director’s security personel were removing every shred of information which Quillan had so carefully acquired over the past month.

“Mr Quillan I do not take kindly to threats especially when there is no need for them. If you would listen for a moment you would realise that I am attempting to bribe you into silence.” In spite of his distaste for both the man and the situation the Director kept his voice level and polite.

Quillan laughed at that. “I know you’re rich but you couldn’t begin to offer me the sort of money I can make by exposing you. This story will rock the world. It’s fame, fortune, and promotion, maybe even a Pulitzer Prize.”

“Is that all?” The Director asked. “Mr Quillan this organisation is connected to some of the most powerful people in the land. Not only could we easily ensure that you disappear but discrediting you and your story would be childsplay, however, as I said I dislike threats and prefer to use other means to achieve my ends. I am prepared to offer something, which I feel, will guarantee your silence.” The Director reached for the intercom on his desk and spoke into it. “Would you send Miss Gellar in please?”

Quillan’s head shot round towards the door as it opened and he gapped at the young woman who walked through it. Even the Director was impressed by her entrance.

Sarah Michelle Gellar walked slowly towards the two men obviously pleased with the attention she was receiving. She wore a simple white top, which complemented her smooth and even tan and a pair of blue bikini briefs. The top ended just above the waist band of the briefs leaving her beautiful and toned legs completely bare and was tight enough to outline her small breasts and rock hard nipples. In short Sarah looked absolutely stunning.

The Director managed to look away from her to spare Quillan a glance and he was pleased to see that she was having an equally strong effect on him. Quillan’s own lust filled eyes gave more than adequate confirmation that his secretary’s information was accurate. “Sarah, I’d like you to meet Mr Quillan.” The Director began indicating the dumbstruck man sitting opposite him. Sarah gave him a bright and friendly smile, which seemed to stop him from breathing. “He was going to be doing an expose on our little company but I think that with your help he will change his mind.”

“I’m always willing to help the company sir.” Sarah spoke turning her smile onto the Director. Underneath the table his own erection was beginning to feel uncomfortable and he began pity the effect she must be having on Quillan.

“Excellent. Would you mind removing your top so Mr Quillan could see what he will be receiving? And then kneel down next to him.”

Sarah pulled the top over her head in one smooth motion and dropped it to the floor. She toyed briefly with her pert breasts and then she knelt between Quillan’s legs. The Director heard Quillan’s zipper being undone as Sarah Michelle Gellar went to work.

“My my sir you are pleased to see me arn’t you.” her voice came from beneath the desk and Mr Quillan gasped as her expert lips slid around his penis and began to pleasure him.

“Mr Quillan I’m going to leave you two alone to get acquainted. Buffy here will do whatever you wish so I don’t expect that I will see you for some time. If you still wish to expose this organisation at the end of your session then you will at least know what you are missing out on. If, however, you change your mind we will have to see about making you a preferred customer.”

As he left he saw Buffy’s head moving up and down on Quillan’s lap as she sucked him off and the Director had no doubt that Quillan would soon see things his way.

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