A Pussycat, a Fox, and a Bunny All Get Naked Together…

Disclaimer: The following is a work of pure fiction based on a recurring fantasy. If you’re under 18 and/or offended by graphic material, I advise you not to read this.

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While most people are peacefully getting their eight hours of sleep, Playboy Playmate Jessica Burciaga is currently tossing and turning in her bedroom. This was not the first sleepless night for the woman known as Miss February 2009. Jessica had experienced three occurrences like this while attempting to slumber, but she had no idea what the cause was. Even stranger than her recent bout with insomnia was the fact that along with her tossing and turning, the petite beauty was also experiencing orgasms.


The oddest part of all as far as Jessica receiving some sort of sexual pleasure in her sleep was the fact that both of her hands were free. It was almost as if some powerful force from above–or below–was titillating her in immense erotic fashion. Regardless of the cause, Jessica continued to let out numerous emphatic screams of orgasmic joy.


In actuality, a powerful force was turning Jessica on from just a few miles away. Not too far from Jessica’s house was the lair of pop diva Nicole Scherzinger, and the sexy songstress was in her bedroom looking at Jessica’s centerfold from her issue of Playboy. She gently stroked the folded picture with her finger and stared at it longingly and amorously as she did so. All the while, the image of Jessica tossing, turning, and screaming was shown her mirror.


It was clear from what was going on that Nicole has some supernatural powers. Along with being a singer and a bit of an actress, the voluptuous beauty is also a wicked vampire queen who has a romantic affinity for the lovely Playmate. After only five minutes, Nicole stopped her otherworldly act on Jessica. The first thing the young beauty did was regain her composure, but just as she did so, she heard what sounded like a woman’s evil laughter echoing her bedroom. Along with that, her necklace–which Jessica received as a gift a few days ago–was glowing. Like always, thinking that it was all in her head, the Latina Playmate went back to sleep–fully unaware that Nicole was watching her.

“Sleep tight, my love,” Nicole said as she licked her lips in a lustful manner. “Because you will be mine soon enough.”

The next night saw Jessica leaving a movie theater at around 11:30. She wasn’t alone, as she had big screen actress Megan Fox as a companion. The pair had only been seeing each other for less than a week and it was clear that they were quite the romantic item–especially due to the way that Megan was looking at Jessica. “You look so lovely tonight, Jessie,” the raven-haired bombshell said.

“Thank you, Megan,” replied Jessica. “And thanks again for this beautiful necklace.” The pair of beauties were about to kiss each other, but their embrace was halted by Jessica–who was shaken for yet another night by the sound of evil laughter. “What’s wrong, Jessica?” asked Megan.

“Did you hear it?” asked Jessica.

“Hear what?” said Megan.

“That creepy laughter!” Jessica replied in sheer terror. “I’ve been hearing it for far too long. It has kept me up nights. And that’s not all. For the last few nights, I’ve…well…” Jessica couldn’t believe what she was about to say to Megan, but she decided to dish it out anyway. “I’ve been experiencing some erotic moments in bed lately.”

“What do you mean?” a curious Megan asked.

“In the last few nights,” said Jessica, “I’ve been on the receiving end of some sexual pleasure. And the weird thing is that I’m not the one doing this to myself. Someone or something, I don’t know how, is causing me to have multiple orgasms.” After revealing her trials to Megan, Jessica felt a sense of relief, coupled with anxiousness over how her lover would react. As expected, the big screen beauty simply laughed at what she heard. “What the hell is so funny?!” Jessica exclaimed.

“That’s what you’re so nervous about?” said Megan. “It was a wet dream, that’s all. Your pussy is hungry for me…and vice versa.” The two beauties embraced each other again, only this time they were able to make out without any interruptions. “I want you so bad right now.” said Jessica.

“And I want you, too,” said Megan. “Listen, you head to the car. I have to go to the bathroom and freshen up a bit.”

“Why?” asked Jessica. “You already look gorgeous.”

“I know,” replied Megan, “but I want to look just right for you. It’ll only be a few minutes.” With that, Jessica rushed off to Megan’s car, while the brunette beauty rushed to the women’s lavatory. Once there, Megan simply stood in front one of the bathroom mirrors and started primping herself by adjusting her long, dark locks and putting on some lip gloss. As she was admiring herself in the mirror, she was interrupted by a sultry, seductive voice from behind her.

“Hello, Megan.”

Megan turned around and saw the wicked Nicole Scherzinger standing across from her–flashing her deadly fangs and her glowing, cat-like yellow eyes. The sight didn’t seem to scare the young vixen. Instead, she simply smiled and replied, “Hey, baby.” Nicole walked up and put her arms around Megan, all while kissing the back of her neck. The aroused actress was so into the act that she suddenly started showing vampire features of her own. “Beautiful,” Nicole said as she looked at Megan. “So, how is our girl?”

“Everything is going according to plan,” replied Megan. “Jessie and I are heading to our little love nest right now–where she will soon belong to us.”

“Wonderful,” Nicole said with wicked glee. “You’ve done such a wonderful job, my love. Now all you have to do is bring that cute little bunny to me. It’s time that she and I finally meet–face to face.” With that, the Foxy femme fatale left, but not before she and her evil vampire lover locked lips in romantic fashion. All set to carry the final phase of her and Nicole’s machination, Megan calmly and cooly walked to her car where Jessica was waiting. “There you are,” the young Playmate said. “What took you so long?”

“A girl has to look her best,” Megan replied as she got in her car and started the ignition. The two ladies were officially on the road and on the way to Megan’s place, where–unbeknownst to Jessica–Nicole was waiting ever so patiently. After a fifteen minute drive, Megan and Jessica arrived at the former’s home, and were unable to keep their hands of each other once they reached the front door. The pair of voracious lovers finally managed to control themselves long enough for Megan to unlock her front door. “After you, my sweet,” the stunning beauty said to her Playmate girlfriend. Jessica entered and led the way upstairs to Megan’s master bedroom, where she would be in for a huge surprise–in form of Nicole Scherzinger, who was laying on Megan’s king-sized bed, fully nude.

“Why, Jessica,” the villainous vixen greeted. “It’s so nice to see you…again.” Nicole got right up and walked slowly towards the woman she had a huge crush on for a good while. “You look so sexy, my dear,” she said as Jessica stood nervously. “So much hotter than in your Playboy pictures.” Jessica had no clue how Nicole got inside Megan’s house, let alone her bedroom. However, she was still too nervous to utter so much as a syllable. The petite Latina simply stood silent and shaken while Nicole walked around her.

“Don’t be afraid, sweetie,” Nicole said coyly. “I won’t bite. Well, not yet, anyway.” It was at that second that the wicked pop diva revealed herself as a vampiress–by flashing her long fangs at her in venomous fashion. “Megan!” Jessica screamed at the top of her lungs. “Megan, help!” As Jessica rushed out of the room, she was stopped by the very person she called out to. “I see you’ve met Nicole,” Megan said as she looked at Playmate lover–right before she revealed her own set of fangs. The fiendish big screen beauty held Jessica close and tight, making sure she couldn’t escape. All the while, Nicole walked closer and closer to both ladies, smirking evilly as she did so.

“You can’t leave,” said Megan. “The fun’s just beginning.” Nicole couldn’t help but stare at Jessica’s pendant–among other things. “Such a beautiful necklace,” she said. “But then again, I always had good taste in jewelry.”

“Megan gave this to me,” said Jessica.

“I know,” Nicole said, “but not before I cast a spell on it first, dearie. And since then…well, I don’t need to tell you. After all, you’ve felt my presence before.” Jessica quickly thought about the sleepless nights she spent tossing and turning, as well as letting out orgasms. “It was you,” the young Playmate said while Nicole continued smirking. She later turned her attention to her wicked girlfriend. “And you were in on this?”

“That’s right,” Megan replied as she walked towards Nicole. “And she gave me a little something for my cooperation.” She moved her long, dark locks and proudly showed off a pair or bite marks on the left side of her neck. “Enough talk!” Nicole bellowed. “My lips hunger for this little bunny’s pussy…among other things.” The evil vixen took Megan by her hand and began a make-out session so heated and passionate that they fell into bed together. Even while Megan started taking off her clothes, she continued embracing her voluptuous lover–all while Jessica stood and watched.

“Come on, Jessica,” said Megan. “Don’t be shy. Come join us.” The apprehensive Playmate slowly walked towards the two devilish beauties and joined them in bed. Both Nicole and Megan took their time removing Jessica’s clothes from her person, with the musical maven taking off her skirt and the movie actress relieving her of her top. Megan wasted no time embracing her girlfriend, as she started locking lips with the Latina bombshell. However, the evil Nicole had another set of lips in mind–as she gazed at Jessica’s shaved pussy. “So luscious,” she said as she gently stroked Jessica’s snatch officially for the first time, right before she started finger-fucking her.

“AHHHH!!! OHHH!!!” Jessica screamed orgasmically as Nicole toyed with her pussy. She quickly pulled out to get a sample of her vaginal fluids, but wasted no time diving back in–this time putting her lips to use. All of a sudden, Jessica was on the receiving end of some intense oral pleasure. “OOOOHHHH!!! AAAHHH!!!” Jessica’s moans immensely pleased Megan, who started licking her luscious and beautiful breasts. And with that, the once-fearful Playmate was suddenly being pleasured by a pair of hot and horny vampire vixens.


But Megan had more than pleasure on her mind. She wanted blood–Jessica’s blood–and she stopped her act and began to lunge right at her neck. The raven-haired actress found herself within an inch of Jessica’s throat before she came to a sudden halt. Megan’s frozen state was caused by none other than Nicole, who used her supernatural power to prevent her wicked lover from taking a bite out of the petite Playmate–at least before she does. “Let’s get one thing straight, Foxy,” Nicole said sternly. “You don’t bite unless I tell you to!”

“Oh, really?” asked Megan. “And since when did you become the boss of me?”

“The very second that I took your humanity from you, my dear,” Nicole replied, right before she forcibly placed her fingers inside Megan’s tight, shaved snatch and started toying with her. “AAAAHHH!!…GOD!!!” Megan shrieked in pure, outright ecstasy–much to her evil lover’s delight. “Yes, that’s right,” Nicole softly hissed. “Scream for your Queen.” The devious vampire vixen started finger-fucking Megan even harder and was fully into it, but not as much as the lovely lady on the receiving end.


Nicole couldn’t help but notice that Jessica was into the act as well. She was just a spectator, but she was clearly enthused with the sight of Nicole toying with Megan’s tight pussy. “Like what you see, my pet?” Nicole asked coyly.

“Yes,” Jessica replied succinctly.

“Yes what?” asked Nicole.

“Yes, Queen Nicole,” said Jessica.

“That’s better,” said Nicole, who was still in control of Megan. “You see, Jessica, I demand complete obedience from anyone who comes my way. This isn’t the first time Megan’s disobeyed me.” The villainous beauty turned her attention back to her moaning lover. “Is it, Megan?”

“AHHHH!! NO!!!” screamed Megan. Nicole laughed evilly at the sound of the actress’s shrieks of ecstasy and some slight anguish, clearly showing her enjoyment at the stranglehold she possessed. However, Jessica–at the risk of possibly incurring Nicole’s wrath–decided to speak up. “Stop!” she commanded, much to the vampire vixen’s dismay. “I want her.” The young Playmate trembled as Nicole ominously stared a hole in her, but Jessica would have nothing to fear, as she and Nicole passionately kissed each other in front of a nearly worn out Megan.

“Make her scream,” said Nicole.

“Oh, I plan to,” Jessica said as she brandished an evil smile on her pretty face. The pair locked lips again and this time, they had their hands all over each other. At that moment, Jessica’s left hand was moving slowly down Nicole’s gorgeous waist, and right into…


…the vampire queen’s luscious pussy.

“OHHHHHH!!!” Nicole moaned loudly as she was now on the receiving end of some intense finger-fucking. “Ohhh…you little bitch! I knew you wanted some of my pussy!” Jessica was in full control of the evil queen, much to delight of not only the ladies involved, but to Megan as well. The raven-haired actress laughed loudly at Nicole as she was reduced to being as the concupiscent Playmate’s sexual mercy. “Well, Nicole,” said Megan, “how does it feel to be screaming like the true bitch that you are?” Megan moved closer to Jessica and locked lips with the Latina beauty, while she was still fingering Nicole. However, Jessica had other ideas in mind for her duplicitous girlfriend, and she put her plan to work in no time. Just as she did to Nicole, Jessica started toying with Megan. And just like that, the petite Playmate had a sexual stranglehold over two lusty vampire vixens.

“AHHHH!!! OHHHH!!!” Megan and Nicole orgasmically shrieked in perfect unison. All the while, Jessica continued toying with both of their pussies in an act of pure hedonistic passion. The 5’2″ Playmate went from being nervous and scared to being in complete control of her wicked lovers. “Come on, bitches!” Jessica commanded. “Show me your fangs!” The order came at the right time, because both ladies actually did display their vampiric features as part of an orgasmic fit. It was at that moment that Jessica stopped her act and slowly licked her lovers’ vaginal fluids from her fingers, while both Megan and Nicole snarled and hissed at the young beauty–obviously showing expressions of lust and hunger.

“What are you waiting for?” said Jessica. “I’m all ready for you.” Megan and Nicole quickly grabbed the enticing bombshell and placed her down on the bed. The two demonic beauties kissed each other in romantic fashion, and then looked down at Jessica–all while brandishing cool, evil smiles on their lovely faces.

“Are you sure you want this, Jessica?” asked Megan.

“Yes,” replied Jessica. “Take me. Take me now.”

“You heard our little bunny, Megan,” said Nicole. “Let’s give her what she wants.” Both vampiresses gently showered Jessica with soft kisses, right before they inserted their sharp fangs into her neck. Jessica had Nicole on her left and Megan on her right, and she was in pure ecstasy as both ladies were draining her humanity away. “Ahhhh…ahhhh…aaahhh…,” Jessica moaned as she was slowly turning into an evil vampire vixen–just like her lovers. Her pupils glowed red in an act of passion, and her fangs elongated to complete her metamorphosis. As soon as they were finished, Megan and Nicole lustily licked Jessica’s blood from their lips and gazed in pure admiration at their creation.

“So beautiful,” said Megan. “What do you think, my Queen?”

“She looks so sexy,” Nicole replied, while Jessica continued to lie there–unconscious. As Nicole brought herself closer to the young Playmate, Jessica suddenly opened her eyes and lunged at the vampire queen. Megan watched in shock as her now-vampire girlfriend had Nicole pinned down to the bed, all while baring her newly acquired fangs as her wicked lover. “Oh, my,” Nicole said smugly. “Aren’t we feisty?”

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it,” Jessica commented, right before she sank her sharp fangs right into Nicole’s jugular. The sexy songstress moaned in ecstasy and a bit of anguish while the demonic Playboy bunny was siphoning her essence. As for Megan, she wore a look of pure ecstasy as she watched the entire act, which came to an abrupt halt when Nicole forcibly removed Jessica from her person. Visibly furious, Nicole delivered a hard slap to Jessica’s face. “How dare you?!” Nicole snarled. “You have the nerve to bite the neck of your evil queen?!”

“What’s wrong, Pussycat?” Jessica said in a mocking tone. “Am I too much for you? I thought you were the queen.” Both ladies angrily hissed at each other before Megan decided to step in to prevent any more bloodshed. “Hold it, ladies,” the dark-haired siren said. “There will be no more fighting between any of us. Besides, Nicole, from what I was witnessing, you were enjoying every second of it. Admit it.” In an attempt to calm her down, Megan started kissing and licking the back of Nicole’s neck. The once angry queen was fully appeased, and another make out session ensued.

“You’re right,” said Nicole, “it was a bit of a turn on. Thanks for calming me down. You always know how to make me feel better.” The wicked beauty then turned her attention to Jessica, who suddenly trembled before her. “As for you, my pet,” she continued, “I will let your little act of insolence slide for just this once. Just continue to love and worship me as your queen, and everything will be just fine.”

“Of course, Queen Nicole,” replied Jessica. “I promise I will always love you and obey your every command.” The petite Playmate passionately kissed her beautiful queen and later locked lips with her luscious girlfriend. Jessica never thought that she would be in bed with two lovely ladies, and she certainly didn’t expect both women to be vampires who would later bring her into their dark world. But she was truly and immensely happy with being a sexy and evil vampiress with not one, but two gorgeous women who both adored her.

The End

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