A Question Of Taste

“A Question Of Taste”

by WillGraham


Katherine Heigl, Ryan Phillipe


this story is just that. story. it is intended to entertain, to break down inhibition, and to titilate. it may well fall short of all of these. no harm or slander is intended and in some locations this print may not be read if under eighteen. I PERSONALLY find that ridiculous, but it is the law.


“A Question of Taste”

Katherine Heigl alone in a room with a certain Ryan Phillipe. He has paid me quite a lot of money
for a few hours services.

He waits for her in the room designated. An accomodating atmosphere. Bed. Furnished. Nicely decorated.

Kat enters the room, the heat already in her eyes.

Phillipe is naked.

He has been for some time.

He has a nice frame, a nicely-sized cock.

Kat enters the room naked as well. Her huge tits hang enormous. She rushes him, throws him back on the bed.

She crawls over the lower part of him. Takes his cock in her hands. She licks her hands to accomodate. He watches her. Her breasts hang down, massaging his thighs. He rises to her ministrations. Kat has him rock hard.

Kat crawls on top of him.

She slides his cock into her well lubricated cunt. K-Y beforehand. She’s … inventive among my flock.

She slides right down onto him. One hand rests before her on his abdomen. With her other hand she reaches back to cup his balls.

I asked him to fill out the same essay as everyone, describing his fantasy. For him, it was that he and Kat attend the same boarding school and sneak out to meet each other as often as possible. Originally to talk. Later to pet. Now to fuck.

The feel of her hand on his balls arouses him further.

She feels him grow inside her. Responds in kind, making herself as small as she can.

She lifts and presses down on him. Her hands on his thighs behind her ass. Her eyes close but she feels his hands on her soft thighs pushing her down even further onto him, him even further into her body. Once like this. Up, down. Twice. In deep. Out. Three times.

She slides forward, riding him. She leans toward him. Her arms above her supple shoulders. Her hair falling around her face. His hands come up to her sides. Urge her down and up, down and up. And again.

Her tits heave back and forth, caressing his body in the slightest of ways only. Her nipples hardened. Her pussy tight.

She raises up. Puts her arms on the headboard of the bed.

Her tits jutting out even more as she rides him like the craven cumslut that she is.

She rides him. Rides him. He tumbles into ecstacy, closes his eyes. He grabs her just below the ass. Heaves her forward. She pushes herself back onto him. He heaves her forward… she pushes back down.

His dick invades her. Again and again and again.

She sits up, riding him with the movements of her hips. Riding him. Riding him.

His hands rise to her breasts. He cups them. He starts to move his hands away. Kat snaps her own hands around his forearms demanding that he not stop. Giving him no option.

And his dick invades her. Again and again and again. She rides him like this. His hands on her breasts. Her hands locked around his forearms…

moments seem to stretch…

She lets go, reaching behind her down to the bed. She arches her back. Her heavy, heaving breasts even more expressly displayed. He reaches to the sides of her beautiful form. Helping her with support. She rides him like he is the best fuck she’s ever had. Bucking madly, he, pistoning beneath her.

And Kat’s hips are moving like electricity. And the friction builds. And Ryan’s eyes closed, his mouth gaping open from the pleasuree of it all and the need for release, the need to catch one’s breath.

Faster and faster a-and faster and Faster and Faster.

Her breasts bouncing so hard. So hard. Slamming themselves up and down.

He tries to sit. Falls back. Tries to sit again.

He buries himself in her right bosom. Lapping. Pulling.

And still she fucks herself onto him. Causing her nipple to be pulled even more. And he switches breasts and continues back and forth. And she fucks him ever harder.

And he collapses back onto the bed letting loose a scream of release. She feels his cum jet inside her. She collapse down onto him.

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