A Quick One For Jelena

A Quick One For Jelena

by sarcasm ©

When my two best friends asked me to go to watch the tennis at Wimbledon

with them I immediately agreed. Yes, I liked tennis, both playing and

watching, but that wasn’t the reason I was going. Oh no! I wanted to see

Anna Kournikova and the rest of the hot ladies there. The short tennis

skirts and tight tennis tops always got me excited.

We had queued for ages before we finally got into the huge green coloured

tennis complex that was the All England tennis club. The place was packed.

There were hundreds, thousands of fans, and almost an equal
number of

stewards too. I could hardly move but the three of us started to push

through the crowds in an attempt to get to court number one, which is

where we were supposed to be sitting. I had no idea of how to get there

but my friends had been before so I just followed them.

We seemed to have walked for five minutes when suddenly I saw a large

crowd of autograph and photograph hunters chasing someone.

“Guys, look. Who’s that?” I asked, changing direction towards the crowd.

“Guys?” I looked around but my friends must have carried on oblivious to

what I had said. I thought they would be pleased if I managed to get this

famous stars autograph so I pushed my way forward. I am quite well built

and at 6’3″ I easily got to the front quickly.

When I got there I was startled. There before me between two burly minders

stood a petite blond girl. She was short, maybe 5’4″ or something, but she

had long blonde hair down to the top of her cute, cute butt. She was

wearing a tracksuit so her overall figure was a mystery to me. I found

myself staring at her chest and her butt, wondering what they were like,

and then I looked up and found she was staring right at me! I must have

gone red. This girl was beautiful, but looked no more than 18. I was

certain she’d be pissed with my blatant perving, but she kinda smiled at

me as if to say I know what you’re doing. I looked around at the crowd but

no one else had noticed anything. Had she not actually looked at me? I was

certain she had!

Anyway, her minders walked her into a building and that was that.

My friends had told me as we were queuing that Anna Kournikova had pulled

out of the tournament due to a knee injury, and I was pretty pissed off

with that. I didn’t realise there was another girl who looked as good. I

mean this girl was enchanting.

I asked the couple next to me who that was and they told me it was Jelena

Dokic, an Australian born Yugoslav. I pushed my way out of the crowd and

eventually found the court I was supposed to be at. When I met my friends

I wasted no time in telling them about what just happened.

“Yeah right man, Jelena Dokic just looked at you erotically. We believe

you. No, really.”

They didn’t believe me.

I knew they wouldn’t but I had to tell someone. I sat through the first

match just thinking about her. I couldn’t help it!

“Hey, dreamer. Seeing as you’re not watching this game, how about you buy

us some Cokes? It shouldn’t be too busy out there” Mark suggested.

I nodded and wandered off. I found a Coke stall and ordered three. As I

was being served I noticed the doorway that Jelena had walked through. No

one was around the doorway and I started to think about going in there. I

had my doubts, lie someone would stop me or she wouldn’t actually be in

there. Anyway, I was served the Cokes and I walked off. I stood outside

the doorway and looked around. No one was looking at me. I was about to go

in when it opened and two security guards came out.

“You can’t go in there Sir. You need id.”

“I, er, I’m Jelena Dokic’s physio.” I lied.

Why the hell did I say that? They didn’t look stupid, they looked tough. I

was stupid.

“You’re damn early aren’t you? She said you were supposed to come at 2.

It’s only quarter past one. Anyway, all physio’s have id.”

“I, er, lost my pass. I’m early because I have a lot of work to do.”

They looked at each other.

“Just let him in Alan. We’re on break and we gotta go get the new guards.”

The other guard nodded and held the door open.

I couldn’t believe it! I was in. I don’t know how I did it, but I did it.

Now what the hell did I want to do? I looked at the wall and saw a sign.

It said ‘changing rooms 1-18’. I walked along the corridor and eventually

came to a door which had ‘Miss Dokic’ on it. By now I was possessed. I had

to see her again. If I was caught I would just say I got lost or

something. I’d be fine. I knocked and walked in.

“Hi, I’m Ross, I know I shouldn’t…” I looked around the small room. No one

was there. I heard running water though and assumed she was having a

shower. A shower! She was naked! My dick got hard immediately. But then,

the water stopped. She had finished. I looked around and decided that I

would hide behind her room’s closet. I peeked around it and saw her

emerging from the shower room. I hid again. The next time I looked she had

already slipped into her tight fitting tennis dress. Damn! I had missed my

chance to see her nude. I so wanted to see those breasts and that ass.

I was so horny that there and then I decided to take her. I was going to

have sex with her in this room, with or without her consent.

She was putting her hair in a ponytail when I came up behind her. I was

going to say hi, but instead I grabbed her mouth so she couldn’t scream

and used my other hand to immediately grab hold of a breast. She screamed

under my hand but when I pushed against her with my cock, she stopped. I

pushed quite hard and we pushed up against a locker. I let go of her


“Don’t scream Jelena, please. I won’t hurt you. I just need to make love

to you”

She seemed to give in and went all limp in my strong arms. She turned

around and when she saw it was me, she had a sort of worried smile on her

face. She tilted her head back when I began to kiss her neck. She had

given in and I knew we would make love.

Suddenly there was a call on the loudspeaker.

“Miss Dokic and Miss Rubin to Court 1 in 10 minutes please.”

I knew from that I had to move quickly. I began to unzip her tight tennis

skirt but her hand stopped mine.

“No, I don’t have time to strip. I have to play in ten minutes. I can’t

have sex.”

I had come so far and I wanted to have sex with her so badly.

I passionately kissed her, thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth. My

hands were all over her breasts. They were small, but nice. I gently

tweaked her erect nipples through the material of her tennis t-shirt. She

got so turned on by this she moaned in my mouth.

I thought that’s it. I’m having her. I used my right hand to push her

right leg up. Her short skirt rode up to her waist revealing a pair of

white cotton panties. I quickly pulled them down and looked down at her

naked cunt. It had a light coating of fair pubic hair and it looked


Even though she had said no originally, she now knew what was going to

happen and she held her leg up. She also undid my flies and pulled out my

cock form my jeans. I’m not going to lie and say I have an 11-incher, it’s

only 6 but she seemed pleased with it anyway.

Her touching my tool sent shivers down my spine and I pushed it’s head

against her slit. She eased herself onto it and I gently slid into her.

She moaned and I knew I was doing everything she wanted. I lifted her top

up and over her breasts. She couldn’t stop kissing me but somehow I

unclasped her sports bra and her small, pert breasts fell out. I treated

them roughly, squeezing them hard. I pumped against her so hard, I thought

the lockers were gonna fall down. After about five minutes she moaned and

I could feel my cum rising.

“I’m cumming Jelena. Shall I pull out” I said.

“No, inside me, inside me!” she screamed.

Just at that moment I flooded her pussy with my love champagne and her

juices engulfed my cock.

We stood there for what seemed like ages, her in my arms. My dick

eventually went limp and I pulled it out of her. She kissed me again and

whispered thankyou into my ear. She went to the shower room again and this

time came out fully clothed.

“You won’t say anything about this will you?” she said.

“No, of course not.” I said.

She again thanked me and explained I now had to leave. She opened a door

just outside her room and I slipped quietly into the crowds again.

I rejoined my friends and ended up watching Jelena play Chanda Rubin. In

fact Jelena won. But throughout the match I couldn’t help but notice

Jelena’s erect tits!

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