A Rewarding Study

A Rewarding Study

by tevok

Celebrity: Olivia Holt

Story Codes: mf, cons, oral

Notes: Giving credit where it’s due, the idea behind this story is not mine: it’s from a romantic fanfiction I read a long time ago. I can’t remember the name of the story, or even the fandom it was from (I think it was a Harry Potter fanfic, but I’m not sure). Anyway, the choice of celebrity is because of a friend of mine who really likes Olivia Holt. As always, feedback is always appreciated and more than welcome, either through the forums or my email: xtevok@gmail.com

English is not my first language, so forgive minor mistakes.

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictitious and fantasy-based; these events did not happen, and the celebrity’s personality is fictionalized, not her real-life self. Also, minors should not read further.

Asking someone what they thought of me, you could get a myriad of different answers. To summarize them, most would say I’m dumb, rebellious or lazy.

Despite what my grades said, I wasn’t dumb; just unmotivated. Yeah, I know; ‘unmotivated’ is usually just one of those nice ways to call someone dumb, but I swear it was true in my case. Maybe I’m just going through that ‘rebel without a cause’ phase, but I just don’t feel like putting an effort on homework or on getting good grades.

I’m more of a slacker. Which was how I got myself in this situation.

“Please, tell me you handed over the homework today.”

As I turned my head to look at my beautiful little blonde tutor, my smirk was enough of an answer to make her whimper annoyed.

Because of my failing grades and lack of focus, the school had proposed a tutor program to help me up. My mother was quick to accept, hoping it could help change my ways; I didn’t mind much, I knew whoever was assigned to me wouldn’t force me to change anyway. Although I had to give it to them: the ‘tutor’ quickly piqued my interest.

I was here, in this very same seat, waiting at the school library after class, when my tutor first arrived. It was a blonde girl, around the same age as me and from the same grade—though I had never seen her in class before, and believe me, I would have noticed her.

Standing at just 5’2”, the little blonde was just the prettiest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. Pretty was actually an understatement, she was hot. Her tits might not be her biggest assets, but they looked adorable in her petit frame; not to mention her nice legs, slightly squinted eyes and slightly up-curved smile…

“Seriously, Jim. You’ve got to start doing your work or you will fail!”

“Do I look like I care much?” I asked back, resisting the urge to smile as she frowned while taking a chair to sit.

As love-struck as I had been when I first met her, I quickly found out how easy the girl was to annoy. Even more, how cute she looked with her face scrunched up in either annoyance, anger or disappointment; if anything, it further encouraged me to fight against her attempts to ‘correct’ me.

“Can’t you just give up? Or are you too afraid to let those Disney guys know you failed?” I smirked at her, loving the glare she sent me.

Yep, my tutor was a Disney starlet. Olivia Hastings Holt, the young starlet from Disney’s ‘Kickin’ It’. Probably entered this tutor program to score ‘good girl’ points with them, since she didn’t really need—and probably barely had the free time—to be doing this.

“You know that’s not the point! Seriously Jim, what do you win by doing that? What is the problem?” Olivia asked, frowning at me.

I merely shrugged. “I just don’t see the point. I mean, what is the point of working like this for nothing? ‘Getting a good grade’, how is that a just reward?”

“So, you need a reward to do your work? Like, are you a dog or something?” She quipped back.

Yet, despite her mockery and our arguing that followed, my words probably stuck on her mind. Later on, during our ‘study’—aka her attempting to get me to do my schoolwork and me purposefully frustrating her—she suddenly closed her book and stared intently at me.

“What’s the matter, Liv?” I asked, almost uncomfortable with her hard gaze.

“If I gave you something, a reward, would you do this homework?” She asked, her gaze turning expectantly.

I raised an eyebrow at her, but mused at her proposal. It was… fair. “Maybe. But what is this reward?”

She bit her lip, an unintentionally sexy look that made me freeze for a moment, before she answered. “I don’t know. I will let you choose.” She raised a hand. “But, you will only be getting it after I see some progress; after you turn your work in.”

I smiled. “How do I know you won’t back out after I do it?”

“How do I know you won’t back out after I give it to you?” She asked back, smiling as well. “Rewards are only given after the deed is done. You will just have to trust me.”

I shrugged, though the smile remained on my face. “Guess so.” I got up, picked up my things, and bid her goodbye before walking away.

“Hey there, Liv.”

As I walked into the library next day, after the class was over, I was met by the beaming face of my angel-like tutor. She got up and walked over to me, hugging me tightly as I froze in surprise.


“Huh… Congratulations?” I asked when she let go, looking at her in slight concern.

“I just heard from Professor Adams, he told me you turned in your work today!” She clasped her hands, her lips curving in her characteristic smile.

“Well, so you know I did my part.” My own lips curved in a smirk. “So, I believe a reward is due, huh?”

“Of course.” She sat down. “Ask away, and I will try my best.”

“’Try your best’?” I raised my eyebrow. “Oh no, Liv. Whatever I ask, you now have the obligation to get. That was the deal, don’t back out now.”

Olivia pursed her lips, but nodded. “Fine, but something consistent with the deed. It was just a schoolwork; don’t expect me to give you, like, a thousand dollars or something like that.”

“Then you don’t need to worry.” I sat on the chair at her side, waiting for her to turn to face me. “All I want for my reward is a kiss.”

Seeing her eyes widen a bit and her eyebrows raise, I did my best to keep a straight face. Truth was, I had thought this over the night before; I decided this was a perfect chance to get something more than a look from her, yet didn’t want to push too far.

So, a kiss.

“You are kidding, right?” She asked, looking ready to laugh once I spoke.

“Nope, I want a kiss from you. And not just a peck, a real kiss.” I raised my hands. “But I promise I won’t try anything funny. Just a kiss.”

She looked uncertain at first. I was about to remind her of our deal, but thankfully she spoke. “Alright.”

Sitting sideways on the chair so she could face me, she leaned forward a bit while looking at me expectantly. I did the same, quickly putting my hand on her chin and moving in before she had a chance to pull away.

Her lips were just like I expected: soft, alluring, sweet. I went slowly at first, feeling she was slight hesitant; I just softly pressed my lips against hers, moving a bit to try and get a reaction. As soon as I felt her move closer a bit and start to press back, it was as if a fire ignited and I began getting more into the kiss. Opening my mouth, I let my tongue wander and trace her lower lips, earning a small gasp from her; taking the chance, I quickly moved inside and deepened our kiss.

She moaned, probably surprised by the bold move, but didn’t push me away. Quite the contrary: as I explored her mouth, I felt her finally give in and her tongue start to move along, meeting mine and playfully moving against it. We French kissed deeply for a while before breaking off; her face looked flustered while I grinned giddily.

“So, I’ve got some more homework today. Wonder what my reward will be?” I said, my thumb caressing her cheek. Olivia gave me one of her naturally sexy smiles in return.


I could barely contain myself as I pressed the little blonde against a bookshelf at the back of the library, kissing her deeply as her hands went to the back of my dark hair. She moaned gleefully against my mouth, kissing back with as much want as I did.

Yet, when I let my hands wander a bit and it began moving up her hips and belly, she promptly pushed me away.

“Sorry, got carried away.” I defended myself quickly.

“Huh, okay…” She said, straightening herself and moving off the bookshelf. She sat down by the desk and I followed her. “So, we got to study for your math test, right? I mean, from your schedule you have a big test next week.”

“So what? Math is boring.” I said, going back into my ‘annoy the hell out of the cutie’ self.

“‘So what’? If you don’t go well on this one, it will be pretty much impossible to keep you from failing the subject!” Olivia said, almost going too loud.

I was about to retort again, but an idea came to me. I smirked. “I guess I will have to get a bigger reward for that.”

“What?” She asked in surprise.

“As you said, something consistent with the deed. If a homework gets me a kiss, I wonder what a good grade in this test is worth?” I asked, leaning a bit towards her.

She gave me a look at first, but eventually sighed. “Okay, I guess you have a point.”

“Alright. Also, I will have to write an essay for the history class. Which will require a lot of research; that too counts for more than just a kiss.”

She glared at me, but reluctantly agreed as well. I laughed a bit before closing in and giving her a soft kiss, then quickly followed up by getting up and walking away. Leaving behind a slightly irritated—and hopefully longing—blonde as I left the library.

A week passed uneventfully, with Olivia and I making progress with my schoolwork and studying for the ‘big’ test. We agreed I would only get the reward for that once the grade came back, though the essay would be rewarded like the rest of the homework.

So, once I finally handed in the test with confidence that I had done enough for a good reward, I went straight home to finish the history essay—foregoing my lesson with Olivia. Oh, well, no worry there—she would be mad at me, but with the essay turned in she would quickly come around.

And I already had the perfect prize to ask for.

As I walked towards the table we had been meeting on recently, one located more to the back of the library, I was faced by the angry look on Olivia’s face. Boy, was she hot when she looked like that; of course, being a blackbelt made her dangerous, but the danger kinda added to the allure.

“I hope you have a good explanation for why you left me waiting yesterday.” She said, her voice cold and calm as she just sat there—yep she was an actress all right.

“I had to go home to finish the history essay. It was due today.” I explained.

“That’s not helping. You left it for the eve?” She added a bit of disappointment in her voice.

“No, but I also had to study for the math test; which was also yesterday.” I moved near her. “I think you might be happy to know I believe I did well. Plus I turned in the essay today, so I guess I will be getting a prize.”

She relented, and smiled a bit. “I… I guess I can let that slide.”

“Now…” I moved behind her chair, letting my hands move to rub her shoulders. She giggled a bit as I massaged it, crouching down to tickle the nape of her neck with my breath as I spoke. “A normal schoolwork is deserving of a kiss.”

“Sure enough.” She turned her face to the side, enough that I could lean forward and tease a kiss on the corner of her lips. She giggled and turned a bit more, letting our lips mold together again in a full kiss; all while I continued to rub her neck and shoulders.

“But this one is worth a lot more in the final grade.” My hands began to move down her arms, and my face also moved lower to her neck as I began nibbling and kissing the soft milky skin.

“Sure…” She moaned a bit, letting her face nuzzle my hair as I continued my ministrations. Without her noticing, my hands were now gliding over her hips.

“And I had to research a lot, it was like studying for a test…”

“So, you deserve a much bigger reward…?” She asked faintly, too taken in by my caressing.

That was the cue for me to go for the kill.

“I sure do.”

Though my right hand settled on her thigh, just staying there, my left one moved in for her chest and cupped one of her breasts. Olivia immediately came out of her stupor and attempted to get up; though I tried keeping her down, she escaped me and stood up, spinning around faster than I could react and hitting me right in the face.

Remember the blackbelt thing? Turn out it wasn’t just a résumé filler; despite her size, she packed a mean punch and I went to the ground.

In my defense, I was crouched and taken by surprise.

“You… You…!” She looked angry, outraged and flat-out ready to kick my ass. Still on the floor, I groaned but glared right back at her.

“Oh, please Liv. As if you didn’t expect that!” I stood up, and suddenly she looked far less scary from my full height—not that I was particularly tall, she was just small. “Or didn’t want it.”

“Excuse me?” She said, indignant.

“Here!” I opened my bag and pulled out a collection of papers stapled together. Olivia looked at the title and widened her eyes.

“Wait, didn’t you say you turned that in?”

“I lied a bit, it’s only due tomorrow.” I smirked. “I wanted to see if you would back out of the deal. See this as insurance.”

I walked around the chair and closer to her. She looked up at my eyes with a glare, though I could see it wasn’t all anger in her eyes.

I realized then that her outrage wasn’t totally true—she was an actress, after all. “Anyway, guess I won’t have to turn this in tomorrow, eh? Since you won’t give me a reward…”

“You are a cheater and a blackmailer.” She huffed at me, though I chuckled. She wasn’t nearly as angry as she acted; in fact, she looked more like she was teasing me.

As such, I moved closer and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her against me and giving a kiss atop her golden mane. I chuckled as I held my face there. “And yet you love me just like that.”

She moved her head back, whipping her hair in the process as she lifted her face to look at me. Gone was her angry scowl, now her face looked almost sultry as she smirked sexily. “You are kinda lucky I do.”

That did it for me. Grabbing her by the arm, I pulled us further into the library until we were in the very back of it, where no one would be able to see us. Once there I didn’t give her a chance to talk as I pushed her against the bookshelf and took her breath away with a passionate kiss.

“HHMM!!” She gave a little squeal in my mouth as my hands went around her hips and grabbed her ass, pulling it towards me. Breaking the kiss, she kept her eyes up at me, hands around my neck as we smiled giddily at each other.

We looked like love-struck teenagers. Scratch that, we were love-struck teenagers.

“So, your prize was…?”

“Take off your shirt. And your bra.” I said a bit too eagerly, but she didn’t seem to mind. She pushed me off her a bit, looking sultrily as she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up until a bit of her white bra was visible; then, she also grabbed under the bra and pulled it up along. She didn’t fully take off the garments, only pulled them up enough to leave her belly and chest fully naked for his eyes.

“Goddamnit.” Was the highly intelligent remark my brain could come up with as I stared at her tits. She was slightly bigger than I expected, probably a small B-cup; yet, they were perky and firm-looking, perfect to me.

“So, now you got a good look at them…” Olivia began pulling down her clothes, and my hands moved to stop her out of pure reflex.

Rather than praise her for the sight, I decided instead to show my approval with actions rather than words. Lowering myself, my hands went to them before I leaned in and took her right breast in my mouth.

As expected, she moaned. The feel and texture of the soft boob in my mouth, my tongue running against the nipple while I tried to suckle as much of the flesh as I could, was indescribable; meanwhile, one of my hands cupped and fondled the other tit, rubbing the pebble-like nipple around in my fingers and sometimes pinching it.

I turned my eyes upwards, and smiled with a mouthful of boob as I saw her head turned to the roof, her eyes shut while she bit on her lower lip to keep from moaning loudly—even doing that she looked sexy! Letting the breast fall out of my mouth—with a last nibble at the nipple beforehand, of course—I turned my attention to the left one while letting both hands wander down her belly.

“Oooohh…” Her moan/whimper was low and soft as her hands grabbed at my hair, trying to pull me into her chest. My hands, meanwhile, reached her jeans and didn’t waste time getting them open and out of the way.

“Cute panties.” I quipped as I managed to free myself from her chest and looked down. She answered with a soft ‘hm’ before I kneeled down to the ground, pulling her panties down to reveal her bare pussy in all its glory. “Cute pussy as well.”

“That’s enough a reward…” Olivia began but I cut her off.

“My reward is to get to know all of you.” I briefly nibbled her thigh, earning a gasp and almost a kick from her; next, I had a hand move to her hip and another in front of me towards her pussy.

She moaned as my fingers came into contact with her precious womanhood, almost entangling in her small golden patch before prying open her lower lips. Like with her tits, I didn’t let my hands work alone for long; I almost immediately leaned forward and began licking at the open lips, finding and playing with her clit as my middle finger began moving in and out of her.

A brief jerk of her legs was enough indication that she liked it, and enough to spur me on. I found batting her clit with my tongue or sucking on it worked wonders with her, but when I added a second finger inside her and quickened the pace of my fingering she just went crazy; looking up, I saw she had her hand in a fist at her mouth, probably biting it down to keep from screaming. I would have laughed, if my mouth hadn’t turned from tonguing her clit to sucking down on what I could of her tasty pussy.

“Hhhhmmm…! Aaaaahhh…!”

She moaned and squirmed above me as I sucked and fingered her pussy in a frantic pace. At some point my hand grabbed one of her legs and lifted it, placing it around my shoulder while groping a bit of her firm thigh.

I couldn’t help wonder what a sight we were like that: me going down on Olivia in an open library where anyone could end up seeing us… The thrill only made me more and more determined in my ministrations, and soon I felt a warm, sweet feel begin to enter my mouth.

My fingers didn’t stop sawing in and out of her pussy as I began sucking her juices, Olivia squirming and holding her own screams above me. She buckled her hips a bit as she orgasmed and pulled me closer with the leg around my shoulder, but I didn’t mind; only thing I cared for was to drink every drop of her.

“Ooohhh… Uugghh…” Olivia moaned softly, and I felt her legs about to give out. Grasping her hips I helped her sit down, lowering myself along so I could continue lapping her sweet cunt. She giggled and traced her fingers in my hair as I finished up and looked at her.

She was flushed and her lips a bit swollen, probably from biting on them to keep from screaming out. She giggled as she looked back at me, and I faintly noticed I must have some of her girl-cum in my face.

“Here.” She moved close and, just to blow my mind, licked around my mouth to catch the little bit of her juices. She made a yum sound before going back to smirking sultrily at me.

“I’ve got some more here, if you want.” I said, raising my hand; my fingers still covered with her juices. I moved them up towards her, and she opened her mouth expectantly; just as I was about to put my fingers in her mouth, however, I pulled them away fast and sucked on them myself, making sure to make slurping sounds as I did so.

“Cheater.” She said, pouting exaggeratedly.

Maybe putting my dirtied hand on her hair wasn’t a very good move. But I didn’t even pay attention as I did so and pulled her closer, kissing her deeply and letting her taste herself inside my mouth.

It was a great moment, but the best was still to come.

Friday afternoon, when everyone else was doing their best to get out of school as fast as possible to enjoy the weekend, I was going the opposite way and running towards the library. I actually was so fast in my eagerness that I ended catching with Olivia before she got there.

I quickly scanned our surroundings and, before she could greet me, I grabbed her arm and pulled her inside an empty classroom.

“I get it you got your grade?” Olivia asked, leaning by the teacher’s desk. I moved around to grab a chair and use it to block the door in case someone came to interrupt us; not that they would, everyone was too eager to go off into the weekend.

“Here.” I opened my bag to show her the math test: an A+.

“Wow!” Olivia squealed as I smirked proudly. “You did it! Now you really have a chance to pass in math!”

“Well, that’s not the only thing I have now.” I placed the bag and the test on one of the desks before approaching Olivia by the teacher’s. She smirked. “I think I know how far this grade can get me…”

“I’m not stopping you.” She said teasingly, though I didn’t pay it much attention as I immediately pounced her and mashed our lips together in a passionate, needy kiss.

I could barely contain myself; I had been wanting this since I first saw her, and been waiting for it since we began our ‘reward’ deal.

“Oooohh…” She moaned weakly as I began trailing down her neck, kissing and nibbling it as I got to her collarbone.

“Don’t be too loud.” I told her, before I pulled her shirt up to reveal her bra-encased tits. I unclasped the bra and threw it on the floor before caressing the nipples teasingly. “There are still people in the school.”

“Hhmm… And anyone can come into the room…” She moaned, looking at me with her curved smile. “Anyone can come around and find the door blocked… They would get suspicious and break in…”

“You like the thrill?” I asked as she pulled my shirt off as well. I wasn’t muscled or anything, just your average physique, but she didn’t seem to mind as she ran her fingers on my chest. “Knowing anyone can come and find us?”

“Oh God…” She moaned before pulling me in to a kiss, throwing her arms around me to pull my head to hers as her tongue played around against mine. My own hands went down to her ass and I gave them a firm squeeze, before lifting her up into the teacher’s desk. I managed to—reluctantly—break off our kiss to pull her jeans off, leaving her only in her panties in front of me for the second time in the week.

“Want a repeat?” I asked, kneeling down and biting softly against her thigh.

“Do we have the time?” She asked a bit short breathed, a hand moving down to tease her own covered pussy.

“Depends. You want someone to catch us?”

“Okay. But I hope you aren’t too fast.” She said with a mock glare, before falling backwards so she was lying on her back in the desk.

I merely chuckled back before grabbing her panties at her waist; she raised her legs, and I pulled them along as I stood up. Once standing, I quickly took off my own pants and underwear, revealing my fully erect and ready pole.

“Ooohh yeah… ” She said as she propped herself up on her elbows to get a look. “You going to stick that in me?”

“You want me to?” I asked, teasing back as I ran my hands on her thighs.

She glared a bit at me, before whipping her hair back and answering. “Just stick that inside me, Jim. Fuck me like I know you want to…!”

“You are damn right I will.”

Knowing she was compliant lifted what little I had of hesitation and, grabbing her legs and keeping them apart, I placed my tip at her entrance before thrusting forward hard. She gasped and I groaned, taking a moment to enjoy the tightness of her cunt.

She was no virgin, but still… “Damn Liv, you’re so fucking tight!”

“Yes! Now fuck me!” She moaned out, letting her head fall back. Hearing her speak dirty was a great incentive for me to go on.

Still standing, I began working myself in and out of her pussy, getting faster and deeper with each thrust; soon I had her loosened enough to work my entire cock inside her. Grabbing both her legs from behind the knees, I pulled her further to the edge of the desk as I began picking up speed.

“Ohmygod… Fuck meeee…!” Olivia moaned as I rammed hard into her, lifting her legs and placing them over my shoulders to give me leverage. Her ass almost lifted off the edge of the desk, I looked at her open, ‘O’-shaped mouth and her tightly shut eyes as she continued spewing dirty words and attempted to edge me on.

“Fuck yeah, you liking this, ain’t you Liv?” I asked without slowing down; if anything, I went fast when speaking. “You like getting your cunt fucked by my cock, in the middle of a fucking classroom?!”

“Oh god…” Olivia gasped and moaned, turning her face away. Yet, if the tightening of her legs against my shoulders were indication, she didn’t really oppose it.

“Answer me, Liv!” I slammed my hands on the table before leaning my body forward, standing on the tip of my toes so I was almost fully horizontally over her in the desk, my body hovering over hers; I barely paid attention to the fact I was stretching her legs back impressively, mostly thanks to her gymnast-like flexibility. I stopped fucking her for a moment, hoping to tease an answer out of her.

“I love it!!” She screamed, louder than I expected; if there was anybody in the hallway there was no way they hadn’t heard. “Don’t stop, just fuck me!”

“Fucking loud slut…” I groaned out before straightening my body back up and resuming my relentless fucking of her womanhood. After a few more thrusts and watching her squirm and moan over the desk I stopped again, this time pulling back out of her.

As she propped up and was about to complain again, I didn’t give her the chance as I grabbed her legs and pulled her out of the desk. She was barely able to catch herself in time before falling to the floor, but I didn’t pay it notice; as soon as she was out of the desk, I spun her around and bent her over it, before sticking myself back inside her cunt—this time, from behind.

“Fuuuckkk!!” Olivia moaned.

“Shut up!” I brought a hand up and covered her mouth, silencing the blonde. “Fuck, Liv, you’re too damn loud!”

“Hhhhmmm!!!” She mumbled unintelligibly against my hand.

Feeling this matter was over, I went back to the more important one: fucking Olivia Holt. With a hand occupied in covering her mouth, the other held her waist in place as I began to move my hips back and forward, gaining momentum and beginning to fuck her heavenly pussy again.

The sound of her muffled moans and screams against my hand was like music, and so was the sound of my hips slapping against her firm ass each time I thrust into her. Looking down I could see my cock disappear between her legs, and her little ass ripple each time it was hit; in no time I was back to pounding her relentlessly.


Olivia moaned louder when my hand left her waist and moved up her chest, grabbing one of her firm tits and forcefully pulling her back upwards, straightening her body against mine. On one hand, I couldn’t really see my cock fucking her anymore; on the other hand, I now had a handful of boob to play with.

I can’t really say it was a bad decision.

“Cum for me, Liv. Cum for me, you sexy little slut!” I growled, leaning my face down and burying it in her hair as I closed my eyes and enjoyed to the fullest the feel of what was happening.

I had Olivia Holt pressed against me, one hand covering her mouth and the other fondling her breasts while my cock fucked her pussy raw from behind. In the middle of a fucking classroom no less—an empty one, true, but there were still people in the school.

The thrill of doing it in a public place had slowly been forgotten, though; we could be in a bedroom or in the middle of the street for all we cared, we only paid attention on the mind-fucking pleasure we were getting from the act.

“That’s it, Liv! Do it! Do it, you little bitch!” I groaned louder as I felt her muscles clench around my cock, milking it as her own juices began to spill. I took my hand off her mouth to find she had it open in an orgasmic look, a silent scream echoing from it as her face scrunched up in pleasure. Though it was difficult, I rode her orgasm; despite her tightening and ejaculating I continued to slam myself inside her pussy hard and fast, in fact quicker than before, and her own bucking back against me showed I was more than welcome.

Giving her a little longer, I suddenly released her tits and pushed her back down, bending her over the desk again, before grabbing her hips and picking up on pounding her pussy like my life depended on it. I could feel I was close so I decided to just go for it, no holds barred.

I threw my own head back, groaning as I could feel the pressure build up inside me. Railing into her, seeing her lie bent over the desk, her cheek against it while she moaned and whimpered submissively, feeling her wetness creep around my cock…

“Liv, I’m cumming!”

I can’t say I’m sure I pulled out in time, but I was still conscious enough to try not to cum inside her. When I felt it coming, I pulled out and came all over Olivia’s body, shooting rope after rope of my sticky cum against her ass and back. She was still bent over, moaning softly; she didn’t seem to mind having her ass and back covered, though then again I don’t know if she knew what was happening.

Once I was done, I looked over at my ‘masterpiece’: Olivia Holt’s ass and back, covered by my fluids. It was a sight I knew many dreamed of, but only I could say I had achieved—or at least I preferred to think so, anyway, as far as I knew that was the truth.

“Ohh…” Olivia whimpered softly, still resting against the desk but propping her head up with her arms.

“You okay, Liv?” I asked, walking weakly to pick the teacher’s chair and sit beside the desk.

“I think I will have some trouble walking…” She said, turning her face to the side to look at me. “You think someone heard us?”

I instinctively turned to the door before looking back at her, smiling. “Probably not.”

I could see her face morph again, smiling her trademarked smile: lips pouted a bit, the corners curved upwards, her eyes slightly squinted in a sultry look. She then asked me a question that made me smile back in the same way.

“So, when is your next test?”

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