A Rey Of Sunshine

Title: A Rey Of Sunshine

Author: Blackjack

Celebs: Daisy Ridley

Codes: MF, cons, oral

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Author’s Note: Okay, so this story references events in Episode 7. If you haven’t seen it yet, please don’t read this story as I don’t want to be the guy who spoils it. Go ahead I’ll wait.

Watched it again? Wasn’t that fantastic!? Now, on with the story!

Celebrity: Daisy Ridley

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral

Nothing ever happens in my slice of the world.

Well, except for the day Hollywood rolled into town. Having lived on the coastline of Ireland for nearly all of my life, save for the occasional couple of years I spent in Belfast for University, I was used to picturesque settings, late nights and a community with a very, very lax drinking age. However, that had very quickly become the norm and I had grown into my Irish blood rather well. As I lived in the countryside, I was used to the outdoors and could very rarely not be found without some sort of hiking equipment or a very large backpack attached to me. Now though, I was sat on one of the aforementioned picturesque hills, overlooking one of the smaller parts of Ireland.

I couldn’t make out all of the sets but there was definitely something large, grey and constructed near to the end with a lighting rig. After seeing The Force Awakens several times in the cinema, I could make an educated guess that it was the Millennium Falcon dropping Rey off to find Luke Skywalker. Knowing that Skellig Michael Island was a very restricted area, it made sense that Star Wars and Disney would come to my part of the world. The greenery and the older parts of the the castle’s were from a similar period of in time as to when Skellig Michael Island would have been heavily populated and would definitely look like it could be the same place in the galaxy far, far away and a long time ago.

Pulling myself to my feet, I grabbed my phone and snapped a couple of photos, curious to see just what they would look like on my computer and whether I could clear any of them up with some photo editing software. Turning and making my way down towards the main road where I had parked my bike, I could see a selection of cars already covering the road and making it seem as if we were in a big city rather than the littlest part of nowhere. Watching all the cars zip past, I just knew they were part of the new set for Star Wars Episode 8. The blacked out windows and selection of cars travelling down the road with the occasional white van filled with equipment or perhaps a police car working as escort.

Despite how hard I squinted, my green eyes didn’t pierce through the windows and I was left to simply assume who were in the cars. I could safely assume that at least Mark Hamil, Rian Johnson and Daisy Ridley were there. Sighing at the mere thought of that last name, I wondered if I’d even see the faintest of outlines of her. Daisy had had a strong showing in her cinematic debut in Star Wars and as a result, it had become very apparent that she was joining the hallowed halls of Comic-Con babes such as: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Lawrence and Megan Fox. Not bad company for her to be in certainly. The convoy of cars disappeared around the bend in the road and would no doubt descend upon the small town close to the Dingle Peninsula. Hopping onto my pedal bike, I casually followed them, not expecting to see anything more of it but having a fun story for the internet.

As I began the second part of my journey, I usually bike from my home with my parents to my job as a National Trust hiking guide, my mind was not on the road ahead of me. Rather than being interested in the wildlife around me, the sounds of the ocean crashing against the rocks beneath me, nor the sounds of the usual birds flying high above me. Instead, I was focusing purely on the thoughts of what the new film set must look like. It made me think that our little part of the world must be a similar sort of planet, if not the same planet, that we saw at the end of Episode 7 where Luke Skywalker was staying. Of course, there had been naysayers, a lot of people thought that the film crew would destroy the natural beauty of our slice of Ireland but having seen how Lucasfilm and Disney treated Skellig Michael Island and some of the first person testimonies had managed to quell some of the concern and antsy anticipation of the Hollywood film crews coming here. Me, and my collection of friends, had never really had any concerns over it, we had all joked that we would get extra or supporting roles.

Eventually making it around the corner, I made it down towards the small hamlet close to the docks and what was normally a quiet town already seemed to be bustling with life even with me being so far away. The road was long and winding but it was all downhill now so my legs stopped working so much and I simply rode the road down with my feet following the way my feet travelled as I head down towards the town. Towards the end of the town, near to where the water meets the land, there was a small, wooden quay that typically never saw more than two or three boats there at once. Now though, you could tell Hollywood was in town as there was nearly double the amount there. As I made my way down the hill, I could see some of the paparazzi snapping photos while a boat disappeared towards a part of the countryside only approachable by water. As the boat cut through the water, the paparazzi moved from the quay and headed towards the town. Would poor Mrs. O’Brien at the café be able to cope with all those sandwiches? I wondered to myself as I lifted my head up and started to pedal towards the pub which my parents owned.

Cycling into town, moving past the set of well-maintained houses on the outside, smiling and waving to some of the population of the hamlet that were out and about, snooping as to what was happening in their sleepy little town. Smiling, I continued to cycle towards the pub. Travelling over the gravel and landing into the front of the pub, I grabbed the small bike lock that was now a permanent feature at the side of the popular nightspot in the town and quickly bolted my bike to the side, keeping it secure. Locking it up, I pocket the key in my raincoat and step inside. Crossing the threshold and stepping inside the pub, I spotted up a couple of the regulars before spotting my parents. My mum, an older looking lady though no one would dare say that out loud, who was picking apart a jacket potato and tutting very loudly at one of her trashy gossip magazines. Sitting in one of the smaller alcoves in the side of the pub, she lifted her head up, peering at me over her half moon glasses. Smiling, she raised a hand up and waved at me before I returned it.

Unzipping my raincoat, I hung the extra piece of protective fabric on one of the chrome hooks and saw my dad, the typical image of a lumberjack, ascending from the basement behind the bar with an empty metal barrel on his shoulders. Anyone who saw me standing next to my father knew who I got my looks from. While I wasn’t as stocky as my father, I was an athletically large sort of frame while my father was strictly larger. Our hair was a similar shade of mahogany and my facial hair wasn’t as bushy as his but it was definitely as thick as his. He raised a hand back to me, waving with a smile as wide as his face at the sight of me.

“Will my boy! Back from work already?” He bellowed to me, half way from across the pub as I kicked off my boots. Checking my phone, I realised I was back almost on the dot which was unusual for me. Normally, I liked to stay behind and make sure everything was set up for the next shift. Today though, today I too wanted to see what all the gossip was about. Taking a seat at the bar, I leant over and shook my dad’s beefy hand as he excitedly pulled a pint of diet soda for me.

“Yeah dad, I figured you may need some help with all the extra hands in the town.” I answered, taking the glass in my hands and peering over my shoulder as the convoy of cars and trucks made their way from the quay and over to the main road I had just came down from. Looking around, I could see Wink, the pub’s cat, and some of the regulars, the ones who would regularly talk to my mother and help her with the crosswords in the newspapers we had delivered to the pub. I was actually somewhat disappointed. I was expecting something… More. Maybe later on we would see some more people come back to the pub and pump some tourist money into the business. That was mostly the more important thing we were interested in. While we didn’t struggle for money, it was always nice to have some more in the tills.

My father chuckled and nodded his head, collecting some of the empties on the bar top and dunked them into the sink behind the bar. Grabbing a yellow cloth, he sprayed a jet of cleaning fluid against the oak bar and started to scrub at it before scrubbing at some of the more stubborn of stains. My father was very house-proud, or in this case, pub-proud, and some stains on the oak bar just weren’t going to go away, no matter how many times he scrubbed at them. He looked down at it, scowled before throwing the rag back over his shoulder. Coming back to me, he took a stand, leaning against the bar as he looked over at me.

“Aye but it’s still early doors yet. I’m sure later on we’ll see some more footfall.” My dad offered, reaching over and playfully shaking me by the shoulders as I tried to polish off my pint. “Who knows? Maybe the young lady starring in the movie will come see you?” He laughed just as loudly as he had done the first time he had ever done it and while I normally would have been laughing just as hard as he was, now it wasn’t so funny. Had I really bought into the fact that I would have seen Daisy Ridley in the pub that much? Shooting him a smirk, I polished off the drink and passed him the empty before standing up and looking at my parents who simply laughed it off as well. Rubbing at the back of my neck, I wondered just what the team of Episode 8 were up to now. Would they actually come around tonight or would they just go back to their no doubt fancier hotels in the inland of Ireland. I might get to see Luke Skywalker though, Mark Hamil was noted as very good with fans and the public so he may poke his head in. That would be pretty cool. I thought to myself as I stepped past the bar and moved into the small corridor that led up to the back of the pub.

The architecture of the public house was tudor, there was a lot of white walls with black beams and that pattern ran throughout the whole of our home. As I was left to my own thoughts, my hands came out and absentmindedly stroked against the bumpy surface of the walls, occasionally running my fingers over the black beams. The doors in the home were thick, complimenting of the way the house was built, radiators didn’t exist back when the house was built so the doors were thicker to keep the cold out. Grabbing a hold of the door to my bedroom, I twisted the handle and pushed it open, adding my shoulder to it to manage to get the door open and past the shag carpet I had laid down once I got home from Uni. Walking over to the window facing the sea, I laid my hands down on the table I had with my desktop computer on and squinted, looking to see if I could see anything. The peninsula was close to where we lived and on a good day, it was visible but now, not so much.

Looking out of the window, I shook my head and smiled to myself. It was a nice idea at the thought of being a part of Star Wars history and the concept of actually being in the movie was even better. Shaking my head and laughing to myself, I turned around and bent down and turned on my computer. Plugging my phone into my desktop as it booted up, I walked away from the desk and stripped off my work regulation olive green polo neck shirt. Tossing it onto the duvet, the same one that still hadn’t been made since I woke up this morning, I looked over at the mirror that hung off of the back of my door. Inspecting my reflection, I smiled and licked my lips before changing out of my work gear and into something a bit more usual for the evening. Grabbing a pair of nicer jeans and a button up flannel shirt, I sprayed a jet of deodorant over my broad chest and then under my arms before grabbing my button up and slipping it on onto my body. Buttoning them up, the sound of my desktop reaching the desktop filled my small room.

Bringing up the internet browser, I quickly logged onto one of the gossip sites I used to read up on Star Wars rumours and as the page loaded, my heart jumped up and caught itself in my throat. Daisy Ridley was in Ireland and was moving to the Dingle Peninsula for some shoots on Episode 8. She actually must have been in one of those cars! Chuckling to myself, I quickly tugged on my denim bottoms and took a seat at my desk. Signing into the message board on the website, I started to type up my own report of seeing the tinted windows of the cars coming past. My phone had already loaded up the photos and while I uploaded them onto a popular image hosting site, I added them to the post as well. Rubbing my fingers over my grizzled jaw, I checked the post over and checked it for typos before hitting the submit button. Now, it had been a while since I had gotten laid… Maybe that was why I was painting such a picture of Daisy sweeping into our little pub and me seducing her. Frankly, looking at her, I doubt she’d take the role of being swept off of her feet, it was more likely that she would be doing the sweeping.

What followed was mostly an afternoon of browsing the web and gaming and nothing real of note. However, as soon as the sun started to set, that was when the real crux of the story began.

The sounds from downstairs started to float up the steps and slipped through the cracks in the door and I was actually roused from reading the internet. Looking over my shoulder at the sounds, I pushed my chair back and went away to inspect it. It was only Wednesday, we had karaoke or live music every other Friday and that wasn’t today. So why was it so loud? Stepping down through the small corridor towards the pub, the inside was filled from wall to wall with a series of photos being snapped at a seemingly constant interval. Walking down, I was grabbed to the side by one of the barmaids we had working with us on a part time basis.

“Will! They came in!” Sophie exclaimed, tugging me to the side near to where we kept out fire extinguishers.

“Who came in?”

“Mark Hamil, Rian Johnson and Daisy Ridley!”

There, the penny fell and I realized that my earlier fantasies now had a chance of coming true. Rubbing my hand over my chin, I peered out from the shadows, and looked over at the corner of the pub where quite obviously three of the more important members of the new Star Wars movie. Looking over at them, my eyes drifted from the heads of the crew until I stopped on the head of Daisy Ridley. My green orbs focused on her very pretty face until she actually looked over at me. We made eye contact and instantly, I felt my cheeks flush with red, and instantly, I moved away. I was ready to creep into a corner of the pub and simply leer but there was no chance of that happening. A hand landed on the top of my spine and my dad very quickly dragged me out of the shadows and behind the bar.

“Come on Will, no point in hiding! Get your handsome mug in the papers!” My father bellowed in his usual manner, my dad beaming as the photos snapped at the trio of the new Star Wars movie. He brought me a little closer and whispered in my ear. “Besides, we don’t want you missing out on that cute little girl do we?” He teased, shaking me from side to side eagerly. As if on cue, the crowds parted and someone who must have been the PR director or something was pointing at the bar and walking through the crowd as if he were Moses and the population of the pub were the red sea. The director was an older man, smaller in stature with a set of horn rimmed glasses on his nose in an entirely unironic manner. He flipped up the oak bar and patted me on the shoulder as Mark Hamil, THE Mark Hamil followed, locked eyes on me and eagerly shook my hands. I was shaking hands with the Luke Skywalker! Then, the director, Rian Johnson smiled at me and shook my hand while following Mark over to the beer taps. Then, the flowery fragrance of Daisy Ridley assaulted my senses and I was almost starstruck at the sight of her. Unlike the other two, Daisy actually spoke to me.

“Hi! I’m Daisy!”

“Hi… Hi, I’m Will!”

“Nice to meet you Will! Is this your parents pub? It looks just like the The Admiral back home!”

“You have a pub?” I asked, rather stupidly as Daisy grinned that million pound smile she had dazzled various magazine covers with only this time it was at me.

“Oh sure! I haven’t been in multi million dollar franchises all my life!” Daisy grinned, playfully slapping a hand against my tricep. She made a surprised noise before stroking it. “Wow… That is… Really impressive. Do you work here?”

“No, no I work for the National Trust, I lead hikes and try to find missing hikers if they get lost.” I answered, smiling back to her as she continued to rub at my muscles.

“Do you do a lot of lifting for the National Trust then?” She asked, taking a step back to inspect me. As she did so, I took the same opportunity. Daisy was wearing a large, floppy sweater that did look very comfy and was no doubt hiding a shirt under it. She had on a pair of figure fitting skinny jeans that were complemented with a set of dark brown knee high boots, all in all, she looked very country chic and certainly looked like she fitted in locally. Her hair wasn’t in the three buns, the classic look Rey was famous for, instead she was wearing her hair loosely around her shoulders, yet the brunette looked just as gorgeous as Rey did. Before I had a chance to answer, she was beckoned away. Daisy shot me an apologetic look before offering me a sly wink and heading over to where the pit of cameras had set up. Both my mum and dad were behind the taps of the pub and both Mark and Rian and now Daisy were settled there.

“Pull a pint!” One of the camera crew shouted, much to the smiles and laughter of the people. My dad, ever the showman, nodded his head and showed Rian how to pull a pint while my mother was responsible for Mark.

“Oh well that’s great! I don’t have anyone to show me!” Daisy teased, pouting over at the crew, playing them all perfectly.

“What about Will? Son, get over here!” My dad shouted, beckoning me over with a large burly arm.

“Yeah Will! Come on over!” Mark encouraged. How could I deny Luke Skywalker? Walking up behind Daisy, I grabbed her a pint glass and moved to step in front of her before Daisy stopped me.

“Well that’s no good! I need to see, help me do it please?” She said, stepping in front of me and pushing herself in between my arm and chest. Her hands came up and gripped at the glass and then as I lifted my other arm to grab at the beer tap, Daisy did the same. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the condensed space between us and the bar but I could have sworn that I could feel Daisy pressing against me. “Okay, now go nice and slow?” Daisy asked, watching as I angled the glass and then tugged at the tap. The honeyed liquid started to fill the glass and Daisy squealed adorably as she pulled her very first pint expertly. Daisy’s bum was pressing against my groin and as she started to stand up, it felt a lot like she was rubbing it against me on purpose. As she stood up straight, Daisy lifted the glass up and inspected it before grinning and putting it down on the bar.

“Now, I don’t want to see this on eBay!” Mark joked, smiling for the cameras as the press bulbs went off and everyone was pleased with how the shoot went. As Mark, Daisy and Rian went back to mugging up for the cameras and doing why they came into the pub tonight. As they moved out of the bar and went towards some of the local art that hung off of the walls, I was left with Sophie to try and deal with the boner that was growing in my jeans. Snapping out of my thoughts, I went with Sophie and went about serving drinks as the cameras snapped. As the hours went on, me and Sophie gossiped and wondered about what this meant for our small town.

Eventually, having put more than at least a thousand euros into the till, we started to die down and my mum and dad took over maintaining the bar. Sophie had ducked out of the pub to the outside to go and grab a crafty cigarette leaving me to go and explore the tables and grab any empty glasses that hadn’t been brought up to the bar. Approaching the corner, near to where we kept the magazines and local literature, I could see Daisy there chatting to one of the staff they had brought with them.

“Will! Come and grab a seat!” Daisy said, patting the seat opposite her around the small table. Following her request, I slipped into the seat opposite her and was very quickly introduced to one of the staff members, a nice enough woman who was introduced as Amanda. Amanda smiled over to me before turning back to Daisy and made a point of tapping on the watch face.

“Miss Ridley? We should probably look into going back to the hotel soon.”

“Seriously? I can’t take the night off? I can grab the car back a little later. I really like it here.” Daisy said, looking over at me and smiling before turning back to look at Amanda. “Look, I’ll stay until it’s kicking out time and then I’ll go home?”

Amanda reached into her purse, looked at the time before smiling and nodding her head. “Okay, sure. I’ll forward you the number of our car service and you can just call it once you’re ready to come home. Is there anything else you need before I go home Miss Ridley?”

“No, thank you Amanda. Have a nice night!” Daisy smiled up at her, crossing her legs as the assistant made her way out of the bar. “Sorry about that, I love how they look after us but sometimes it can be like a smothering.”

“Oh no, it’s okay. I’m sure they’re only doing it in your best interests right?”

“Right, but sometimes I just want to hang out in a pub.” Daisy said with a giggle, shooting me another wink before reaching over and grabbing a small leather bound book and looking it over. She looked back at me and lay it back on the pile and then, I felt it. The tip of her boots pressed against my denim clad bottoms and then moved down towards my feet. Daisy leaned forward and her mouth gently parted, her tongue snaked out and wetter her lips before her shoes came down and brushed against my foot. My left foot was then trapped by her two boots and she gently toyed with my foot while her other one moved along the back side of my calf. Was she actually playing footsie with me? “Yes, I really am.” Crap. Had I said that out loud? Daisy laughed and inched herself a little bit closer to me. “Do you know how long I have to be on tour? I’ve been stuck dealing with so many different people I’ve never met anyone like you before. Do you have a girlfriend Will?”

“No… No I don’t.” I answered honestly, the fact that my love life had been circling the drain ever since I had really taken this job back home with the Trust. Looking over at the mega movie star, I could feel her light brown orbs burying into my own green ones and then, I felt very similar to those animals you would see on nature programs where they’re being stalked by a predator in the wildlife. While lions and tigers were majestic beasts, none of them were quite as beautiful as Daisy Ridley and the way her feet were brushing along my leg felt a lot better than how I imagined claws or teeth would feel. Looking at the woman, I could feel the sexual energy in the room start to burn up and something in the back of my mind told me what was about to happen. Could that really be the case though? Maybe this was just how she got her rocks off? Leaning forward, Daisy took a look around the pub and her hands reached over from where they had been resting on my lap and then took my hands in hers, squeezing them gently.

“And I don’t have a boyfriend. Any idea how we can lift this stress then Will?” She asked, her boot brushing along the side of my leg, constantly moving up and down as her hands closed around mine and she started to stroke her thumbs against the top of my hands. She was definitely hitting on me now. Daisy’s hands ran over the outside of my palms and then moved down towards my upper arms. Her fingers were dancing over the shirt’s sleeves before her right hand dipped under and stroked at my bare skin. “I’ve always liked built guys. Men who took care of their bodies. Men like you. When I first saw you it was like… I had to have you. Do you want me Will?”

I was definitely taken aback by how forward she was being and the assault under the table hadn’t helped matters as much as I had hoped. The pub was now empty save for my parents and Sophie, though the latter had on her coat and was already on her way out to meet her boyfriend, it soon looked like we were going to be left alone. Staring at her, my mind realised I didn’t even have a condom. Would she still want to do anything? More frustratingly, I hadn’t even answered her question.

“I… Yes, yes I do.”

Before Daisy responded, the lights towards the back of the pub shut off, prompting both of us at the table to look around. My mum had already disappeared upstairs, but my father was still there, looking over at us expectantly.

“Will? I’m going to bed now. Did you want to let Daisy out?”

“Yeah, no problem dad. I’ll see about the empties as well.”

“Alright, thanks son! Have a good night Daisy.” My dad added, waving to the beautiful woman sitting across the stall from me. Daisy smiled and waved back to him.

“Goodnight, I promise I won’t keep Will too long.” Daisy said with a grin, waving goodnight to my father. As he disappeared behind the bar, it was as if the sexual energy between the two of us started to build. Daisy leaned back in the chair and shot me a sly smile before slipping out of the stall and sexily sauntering over towards the bar and grabbing some of the empty glasses that were still littered along the bar top. Looking over her shoulder at me, Daisy combed some of her hair to the side before shooting me a wink. “Come on Will, I’m not going to play the barmaid all night.”

Snapping back into movement, I followed Daisy over to the bar and as I took the empty glasses from her, the fragrance of her flowery perfume was attacking me and with every passing moment it was like we were building towards one hell of a conclusion and I couldn’t wait to see the results. Dunking the empties into the sink, the warm water splashed against it and then against my hands as I moved to wash the glasses. While I was doing so, Daisy slipped behind the bar and stood behind me. Her arms linked around my stomach and her lips came up to my ear.

“Have you ever fucked any girls on this bar Will?” She asked in my ear, my hands coming out of the water and drying them off very quickly as I turned around to look at her.

“I haven’t…”

Despite no doubt being the envy of most of the male, and some female, nerds in the world I couldn’t help but feel like I was on the stage as Daisy pushed me against the bar and her lips were on mine. The actress of Rey threaded her fingers through my thick brown hair and then pulled my head down to claim my lips. Kissing her right back, my hands gripped at the oak bar, the same bar we had poured a drink on not three hours ago. Daisy’s hands slipped down from around my neck and down to mine, her smaller hands laid on top of mine and quickly she moved both of them off of the bar and sat them on her rear. Offering it a soft squeeze, it prompted a moan from the woman before she smiled and broke the kiss.

“Good boy…” Daisy purred, her hands leaving mine and coming back up to comb through my hair. Her right hand cupped my cheek and we kissed again, her mouth parting ever so slightly as our tongues shared each other’s mouths. The English actress slipped her fingers through my hair before linking her arms over the top of my spine and kept me close to her.

Getting with the program, I lifted her up by her ass and raised her up through the air and laid her down on the side of the bar. Stepping between her legs, Daisy almost instantly closed them around me. Keeping me exactly where I wanted to stay, my hands came down and stroked against the denim of her skinny jeans, stroking against it as we kissed back, our mouths parting and our tongues constantly sliding against one another’s. Daisy’s hands ran over my chest before coming up to my chin, stroking her fingers against my beard before breaking the kiss.

“Will…” She breathed, her fingers stroking against my skin as we looked at one another. I nodded my head and quickly kissed her again, her arms linking behind my neck and holding me against her. My hands came up from her legs and moved over to her stomach, stroking against it before slipping down towards the top of her skinny jeans. Our lips parted briefly, my sea foam green eyes studying her light brown ones, as if I were asking for permission. She bit down on her bottom lip and nodded her head, spreading her legs a little further. “Please…” She breathed, wriggling on the oak bar and slipping back so she had more room to keep her legs spread.

Unbuttoning the top of her jeans, I slowly shimmied them down her legs before hitting the bend in her knees. Daisy’s legs unfolded and I stepped out away from between her legs and moved to the side and very quickly put my hands back on her body. My left hand landed on her right hip while my right hand dipped in and started to stroke against the inside of her legs and as my hand snaked up her body, it was there that I noticed the distinct lack of clothing. Daisy giggled and shrugged her shoulders, making eye contact with me again.

“I didn’t have the chance to wear them. I didn’t really think I’d be getting this though.” The actress explained the lack of her underwear, but obviously not caring so much. “You don’t mind do you?”

“No, of course not!” I said with a smile, kissing her on the lips again while stroking against the inside of her leg. “I mean, I would have liked something like an autograph…”

“Well, I’ll see if I can give you something else to remember me by.” Daisy teased back, her hands grabbing at my shoulders and pulling me back into another deep kiss. As we kissed, my hand moved further up her leg and stroked against her lower, pussy lips. Amazed at how wet she was already, I dipped my index finger inside of her and slowly pushed it forward. Daisy’s lips parted and she let out a brief moan, her body falling back as she felt my finger slip inside of her. “Fuck… That feels so good Will. I feel so full already!” She grinned up at me and while her hands pawed at me with her left hand, her right hand reached behind the bar and grabbed at the edge of the bar while I slipped my finger in and out of her.

As I pushed my finger inside of her, I explored her insides gently. Twisting my hand to the side so the inside of my finger was now facing the ceiling, I started to pump it inside slower this time with each passing moment. Daisy’s fingers grabbed at my shirt and tugged me closer, my front landing against the bar as my finger pushed inside of her. My hand was pressing against her moist lips as she took all of my thick finger inside of her. While my finger slipped in and out of her, my other hand reached down and groped at her sides, keeping her on the bar as I fingered her slowly. Daisy’s mouth was open, her breath panting against my skin as she had her pussy spread, accepting my finger inside of her.

Daisy’s teeth sank into my neck, prompting a hiss from my own mouth while my thick digit slipped in and out of her. Finger fucking her faster and faster, I leaned down and placed my lips against the side of her head, the only part of her head that was exposed. Slipping my finger back and forth, I threw in one of my more experimental moves and curled my finger upwards in a beckoning motion. It worked. Daisy’s eyes shot open and the moaning between my teeth became an excited squeal and then she started to shake and tremble as I repeated the process, stroking at the same spot I had hit. Daisy’s teeth left my neck gently before she kissed the bite marks and licked at the marks as she whimpered against my skin.

“God yes Will… Right there… Fuck!” Daisy exclaimed, her fingers digging at my skin and pulling me closer to her as I started to rub at the spot, no longer curling the finger but instead bumping my digit in and out of her and stabbing against the same spot, prompting more and more constant squealing from the actress. My finger pushed and stroked against the same tender spot between her sensitive lips and as I did so, Daisy bucked in my arms and her arm spasmed and sent a pint glass crashing to the floor. Smirking at the crashing, I knew I was going to have to pick that up soon but looking at Daisy as she wriggled and writhed in my arms while I finger fucked her. Slowing my finger fucking inside of her, I slowly pulled it out and lifted it up to look at it, the digit glistening under the low light. “Fuck… Yes…” Daisy purred, her eyes opening, despite being half full. Looking at the digit, the actress offered me a lazy smile before looking over at my wet finger. Reaching over, she grabbed me by the wrist and brought her hand up to her mouth. Opening her lips, Daisy took my finger inside and started to suck it clean. Licking the finger clean, Daisy’s tongue ran over the top of my thick finger, sucking it clean completely. Taking her lips off of my finger, she looked over at me and smiled. “Wow… If that was your finger… I can’t wait to see your dick.”

Daisy was about to speak before her head lifted and she looked past my head at the top of the flight of stairs near to where my room is. “Has that light always been on?” Looking over her shoulder at where she was pointing, my eyes went wide. The light at the top of the stairs was from my parent’s room and I could see that the door to their room was shaking as if it were ready to swing open. Looking over at Daisy, she seemed to know something was going on and very quickly fixed her jeans as best as she could while swinging around the bar and ducking behind it. I quickly rushed around as well, standing in front of her as the door finally opened.

My father, cricket bat in hand, appeared out of the doorway and peered down the corridor to where he could see me. Stepping down a few steps, he bent down at his knee and looked down at me before speaking.

“Will? What are you still doing up?”

“I was… I was tidying up the bar dad.” I say, although the stutter wasn’t from me conjuring up a piss poor excuse, it was more to do with the fact that while I was standing up, Daisy was still kneeling and her hands were on my groin. But now, they were working on undoing my fly, slowly as well. The teeth came apart at an agonizingly slow rate before they finally opened and Daisy had her fingers inside of my jeans. Her hands almost expertly unbuttoned my boxers and my own hard cock was exposed into the air. Daisy slowly curled her hand around the base of my length and started to continue to pump the blood into my cock. The length hardened in her hand and as my dad descended, I had the battle of my life to not look down at the dark haired woman as she toyed with me.

Her hand stroked up and down, keeping my length nice and hard before she pushed my length upwards and her tongue escaped from her mouth and very broadly ran her tongue from the bottom of my shaft all the way up to the top of it, her tongue very quickly circling the head before she opened her lips and wrapped them around the head of my cock. Her hand remained on the base of my cock and she let out a soft murmur of approval at the sight of my cock as it grew in her hand. She gently squeezed it before opening her mouth up and wrapping her lips around my thick dick perfectly. Her light brown eyes flicked up and looked up at me as she started to suck on me, her lips so tight as she bobbed her head up and down. While I made casual small talk with my father, I had one of the most famous women in the world on her knees sucking my cock.

Daisy’s lips fell from my cock and she shot me another sexy wink before she reached in and licked her tongue along the side of my thick cock. Her tongue brushed over my cock’s head before she reached in under my cock’s length and she started to kiss and massage at my balls. Her mouth parted and her lips instantly latched onto my sack, sucking and tonguing at my balls, she let out a low moan as I tried to focus on holding a conversation. Daisy’s mouth was wrapped firmly around my sack, her tongue lapping against it as her hand stroked up and down my slick shaft. Her mouth worked on my balls, swapping from one to the other before moving right back to suck on my cock.

Her lips wrapped around the middle of my shaft and started to drop her lips up and down. Her hand remained around the base, steadying it so it wouldn’t go too deep. Her tongue reached under my shaft and started to flick and stroke against the vein that ran along the entire underside of my cock. Daisy’s lips bobbed up and down on my cock while her tongue managed to constantly bathe my length in her spit. The brunette had definitely done this before and every single one of her tricks was enough to make my knees go weak before her. Her free hand came up and pressed against my stomach, remaining there as if to steady me while she sucked on me. Moaning against my shaft, Daisy continued to bob her head up and down, the extra vibrations driving me insane while she sucked on me. Her hand on my chest slipped under my shirt and her perfectly manicured nails scratched against my skin, the tips of her nails tangling with my stomach hair.

Daisy was showing me a master class in how she sucked dick and as her hand ran down from my chest and reached under my length, I was finally left alone by my father and able to concentrate on just what Daisy was doing while she was kneeling down in front of me. My hands came up from my bar and tangled in her hair as she bobbed her head up and down. Daisy happily hummed on my length while she had my fingers in her hair. Her lips were extra tight around my cock and as she looked up at me, her impossibly ravishing eyes met mine and she winked at me before her hand disappeared from the base and took up a place at the back of my thigh. As soon as she did that, her lips slid all the way down and soon my cock hit the back of her throat. Daisy gagged but kept going, her lips were sealed tight and slowly her lips moved down further and my cock moved into her throat.

As soon as that happened, I let out a low moan and then offered a warning to her that I was ready to cum. Her eyes lifted up and she nodded her head around the warm length in her mouth before she pushed her head up and down, her lipstick smearing against my length as she sucked on me deeper and deeper. As she blew me, I let out a low moan and when it became very apparent that Daisy wasn’t going to let me go, I simply warned her again before shooting my cum deep into her mouth and then into her stomach. Daisy had her hands on my body, keeping me close to her as she sucked me and my load all the way down into her. Shooting my hot ropes of cum into her, I let out another loud moan and my head fell back in pleasure as she blew me just so perfectly.

Slowly, her lips came up off of my cock and as she did so, she offered the tip of my dick a kiss before looking up at me. Almost blushing, she sat back on her knees, her heels pressing into her deliciously tight bum as she opened her mouth up to show my creamy load sitting on her tongue. Daisy smiled up at me and then closed her mouth before making a very big deal of swallowing my cum down. A few seconds passed before she opened her mouth to show that her tongue was completely clean of my sperm. Grinning, Daisy planted a kiss on the tip of my dick before lifting her hand up for me to help her up.

“That definitely tastes good!” Daisy teased, her face stretching into a smile so she was lifted up from her kneeling position with my assist. “And it certainly feels good too.” She added, her hand stroking up and down on my cock as she moved to keep my length nice and hard, not that that was a difficulty with her. “So what do you say Will? Shall we take this upstairs?”

Never being one to be claimed as stupid, I nodded my head and took a hold of Daisy’s hand. Guiding her upstairs, Daisy followed and as she did so, she paused only to strip off her jumper, throwing it onto the floor and leaving her in just her skinny jeans, boots and shirt. Slowly moving our way up the stairs, we found ourselves at the door to my room. My hand grabbed at the door handle and as I pushed inwards, Daisy pounced on me and we quickly fell through the door and stumbled into my bedroom. My hands were all over her as she had her arms and legs wrapped so tightly around me. I could taste my orgasm on her tongue and while I wanted to push myself away, having Daisy Ridley, hot and writing in my arms wasn’t exactly a thing I wanted to pass up.

Stumbling around, I quickly moved forward and our bodies crashed against the freshly opened door. However, this time the rug was no longer an issue and the door shut remarkably easy. Daisy’s back pressed against the thick oak coloured door of my room and as she straightened out, my hands slipped under her body and started to stroke against her bare skin. I knew she had gotten herself toned for the movie but actually feeling her body in my hands made it feel so much more tangible. Daisy was definitely in great shape and I wondered just what she looked like without that shirt on. Thankfully, the beautiful actress had exactly the same idea and had briefly pushed me away, just a little bit, so she could strip her shirt off revealing her to be in a white bra. Our lips collided with one another again and while one hand remained on her side, the other came up and groped at her chest.

Squeezing her chest over her bra, I used my free hand to reach down between my legs and undid my own pants, stepping out of them and kicking them to the side as Daisy remained wrapped so firmly around me. Standing before her in my shirt and my socks and shoes, I look over at her before slowly speaking.

“I don’t have any condoms Daisy… Do you mind?”

Her hands reached behind her and quickly unhooked the bra. Dumping it on the floor, Daisy’s hands moved down towards her bottoms, wiggling the denim down her legs before bumping into her knee high boots. Reaching down as I moved in to kiss against her neck, Daisy managed to unzip one of the backs of her boots and shake it free off of her. She pushed down the denim off of her leg and as she reached to do the other boot, I very quickly stepped forward and pushed my cock against her wet, leaking entrance. “Oh fuck no, I don’t care. Give it to me!” Daisy grunted, her mouth on my left ear lobe as her head rested against my shoulder blade. Moving my length against her, I paused and kissed her on the lips before sliding my dick deeply inside of her.

Daisy had been tight wrapped around my finger but when I pulled my hips back and pushed my length forward, she felt so tight and as she let out a low grunt into my ear as she took me inside of her. Slowly pulling my hips back and pushing them forward, both of us let out a low moan of pleasure. Daisy’s hands took my face and quickly silenced her moans with a deep kiss. Our tongues wrapped around each others and as I offered her tight snatch an extra hard push, she let out a squeal of delight into my mouth.

Keeping her pinned against the door, I started to pull my hips back and slide them forward. Recalling just where her favorite inner spots were, I started to angle my length to hit inside of her spots, getting at the same spots where I had finger blasted her earlier. Daisy’s mouth fell open and her voice was a series of pants, whines and moans as my length slid in and out of her. Her nails dug into my back, scratching against it as I pushed my length inside of her. A hand remained firmly planted on her leg, stroking the bottom of her thigh while my other hand was pressed against the surface of the door as I started to build up into a steady rhythm of sliding myself in and out of her.

The beautiful woman in my arms was already moaning and as she did so, I moved down and started to attack her neck. Doing so, I obviously was doing something right because Daisy’s hands had come up and were curling in my hair as I drove myself in and out of her. Her nails tugged at my hair and kept me in place as I continued to pound her harder and harder, my balls bouncing off of her as I drove myself inside her. Each time my length slipped all the way in, she let out a high pitched squeal and her lower lips lubricated themselves further. The way her denim clad leg felt pressed against me and the small of my back was going to be one of those things I would commit to memory forever. The leather of her boot bumped against me and as it did so, I pushed myself all the way back in and then she exploded around me. Her teeth sank into my neck to try and muffle the scream as she came hard over me.

Daisy’s body shook and quivered in my arms while I continued to push my length in and out of her. Daisy’s hands loosened in my grasp and her hands came down to stroke against my shoulder blades as I thrust every last inch right back inside of her.

“God… So good…” Daisy murmured, her lips against mine as she kissed me. Sweat was starting to form on both of our bodies and she had some strands of her brown hair glued to her head as she rested her head against me. Wiping her head with the back of her hand, I grin and keep Daisy in my arms before carrying her away from the door and sitting her down on the bed. The woman lifted her leg up and I moved in to undress her. My fingers tugged at the zipper, moving it downwards I freed her leg of the boot and tossed it aside and Daisy helped me get rid of her skinny jeans as well.

Looking up at me, Daisy smiled and rolled over onto her hands and knees, pushing her rear up at me. The actress spread her pussy’s lips apart and showed off just how wet she was, her arousal leaking down her thighs and towards the bed sheets. She looked over at me and then bit down on her bottom lip, looking even more sexy than she had done previously before.

“I’ve made such a mess haven’t I?” Daisy asked, her fingers coming up and rubbing over her lips to inspect just how wet they were. Sucking on them again, Daisy looked over her shoulder at me and then spread her lips again, giving me a look entirely not unlike when she had beckoned BB-8 to follow her in The Force Awakens. “Are you not going to help me clean up?” Following her over, I step onto the bed behind her and quickly drop down to my knees behind her. Pushing my tongue against her wet folds, I could feel just how wet she was and as soon as my tongue pressed against her, I knew why she wanted to taste herself. Daisy tasted delicious and as my tongue slipped between her lower, freshly fucked lips we both shared a low moan.

Moaning into her folds, my tongue slipped inside of her delicious folds and as I started to eat at her. My hands moved up and cupped against her rear as I ate at her. My tongue slipped inside and I slowly started to explore her inner tunnels. Licking inside of her and eating around at some of her more sensitive spots. Daisy’s folds were leaking again and I could already hear her moaning while I ate at her. My hands came up and squeezed at her ass as I buried my face inside of her. Daisy’s pussy was dripping all over my face and despite all of that, I wanted nothing more than to feel her explode all over me. There was something rather empowering about making a woman climax by only using my tongue but when the woman was one of the more famous women in all of the world, there was an extra bit of desire to make it extra good for her.

Rearranging myself to get a better position, Daisy let out a moan and pushed her hips backwards now falling onto my face and essentially riding my face. Her hands moved up and groped at her breasts, squeezing them as I licked at her. My mouth opened and my lips came up to suck on her folds, sucking on her outer, puffier lips before running my tongue along the inside. Circling the top near to her clit, I heard Daisy cry out and her fingers instantly threaded through my hair and tugged on it as I ate at her. Something was obviously right with what I was doing as I licked at her pussy, eating her harder and faster, Daisy’s own panting started to fill the room and I could almost see the passion burning in her body. Keeping her on my face but still being able to breathe, I continued to lick at her and watched as Daisy’s hands dug into my hair and made me want to keep going until I felt her cum hard again. My tongue drove in and out of her, her lips spread, now fucking her with my pink organ. Daisy’s wet folds were dripping so hard over my face and lips and as I ate at her, I could feel her body shaking and quivering. Daisy was going to cum again and I wanted her to cum because of my tongue working on her.

My lips came up and I briefly sucked on her clit, my teeth trapping the hard little nub between them as Daisy started to chant my name with the very occasional curse word to punctuate it. My hands wrapped around her thighs and kept her close to me as the brunette gritted her teeth, pawed at her chest and then shook one last time before her body arched and she came hard over my face. Her delicious juices flooded from her folds and she quaked as I made her cum just so hard. Daisy’s voice almost became hoarse as she came, her juices flooding into my mouth and providing ample amount of liquid for me to drink up.

As Daisy fell off of me, I slipped up from my place on my back and saw Daisy was collapsed on the bed, her head to one side as she tried to recover from her third orgasm of the night. Now a sweaty, sex-fueled mess, Daisy Ridley, the star of the new Star Wars movie, was on my bed and trying to recover from the orgasms I had given her. Me! Looking at her, Daisy’s eyes were closed and she was panting and trying to recover from it but when she heard me shift on the bed, her eyes shot open. Looking over at me, her face stretched into a smile and then nodded her head. “Three orgasms… God damn…” She said, her hair stuck to her forehead as her hips waved from side to side. “Come on… I owe you at least one more.” Daisy panted. Grinning, I nodded my head and moved closer to her. Gripping my cock, I steadied her and started to guide my length back inside of her. My hands on her hips, I slowly nudge my length forward, the head of my cock slipping inside of her. Daisy let out another moan and soon, my length slipped back inside deeper and at a different angle. Her walls were extra tight and hugging me so perfectly as I slipped myself inside of her.

Sliding myself all the way inside of her, I held Daisy in my arms and started to pump myself in and out of her. Both of us were shining with sweat as I pushed my cock in and out of her, Daisy’s body was slapping backwards against me as my bed started to creak from all the sex. Like I had said earlier, it had been a while since I had gotten any but even then, it was nowhere near as strong and passionate as this bout with Daisy was. Keeping her on her knees, Daisy’s body shook and vibrated as her hands clutched at the sheets before me, the bed sheets were almost ripped off of the mattress as her back arched and her tight, dripping wet snatch hugged me even tighter. Daisy pushed her body back and soon we were both moaning together. Reaching underneath her, my index and middle finger pressed together and I started to rub against her clit, wanting to see if I could make it a fourth orgasm for her while I was fucking her.

“Oh fuck!” Daisy exclaimed as I touched her sensitive spot, her body shaking as I hammered my dick inside of her. My fingers rubbed at her clit, and as I slid my dick inside of her, hitting all of my favourite spots inside of her, Daisy’s back arched again and as it arched so perfectly, I wrapped an arm around her stomach and we shared another deep kiss as her body shook so hard. Her tight walls squeezed at me and then she came all over me. Her body shook and it was as if she had a second skin, purely of sweat from our hard fucking. Offering her snatch a few more pumps, I growled and grunted in her ear.

“I’m going to cum soon Daisy…”

“Oh fuck yes! Just once more?” She begged, her hands coming up and pawing at me as I remained buried to the hilt inside of her. Slowly pulling my cock out, I could feel the orgasm building and while I wanted to blow there and then, I stopped from touching my cock and watched as she slowly rolled over onto her back, her legs apart and her head looking up at me as she spread her pussy lips and bit down on her bottom lip. Moaning, she watched as I moved closer to her. “Yes… Please Will!”

Angling my length down at her slit, I kept her still before pushing my cock inside of her. Now sliding in with relative ease, both of us let out a low moan before I started to roll my hips back and then push them forward, fucking her pussy missionary style. Bringing a hand up, I wiped at my forehead with the back of my forearm. My cock slipped back inside of her and quickly I started to fall back into a steady rhythm of sliding myself in and out of her. Her legs wrapped around me almost instantly and Daisy had a very big smile on her face as she moaned with each push inside of her. Aiming myself inside, I started to move and hit the same tender spot I had discovered down on the bar not moments ago.

“Fuck yes Will… Give it to me!” She panted, her hair a mess as she was pounded on the bed. Her whole body shook as I rocked myself back and forth, the whole bed beneath us shook and Daisy’s hands didn’t seem to know what to do with themselves. One clutched at the sheets beneath us while the other was in her hair, almost tugging at her own brown strands of hair as I slipped myself in and out of her. Holding her down on the bed, I continued to pound her, my own orgasm creeping up on me with every passing moment. Daisy’s eyes were half lidded but she still was looking at me as my balls slapped against her body. “Come on, give it to me! Give it to me you big dicked bastard!” Daisy screamed, her body pushing back against me as her eyes closed and her head fell back. “Oh fuck! Here we go again! Fuck! Fuck yes!” Daisy screamed, her pussy gushing a lot before her walls hugged me again and she exploded all over me.

Having her cum, I held her in place and started to ram myself back and forth, rocking in and out of her as my orgasm moved up. Looking down at her, her stomach seemed to provide too tempting a target and while the idea of knocking Daisy Ridley up did creep across my mind ever so briefly, I figured Disney would make my life unlivable if I took one of their new stars off of the market so with one final thrust inside of her, I pulled myself out and then my orgasm ripped through me. Another hot series of my ropes of cum tore from my dick’s head and sprayed against her stomach. Several ropes landed on her stomach as I took over the duties of stroking myself and aiming it at her. My second orgasm of the night took over and I came hard over her flat, washboard like abdomen. The cum splattered against her stomach and began to pool near her navel as I finally stopped cumming.

Sitting back on my knees, I took in a deep breath and laughed to myself gently.

“Oh fuck…” We both said at the last time. We shared a glance and then we both burst out laughing at how well we had done. Wiping away at the sweat dripping on my forehead, I nodded my head almost as if I were proud of what we had done. Hell, I was proud of what we had done. Daisy managed to pull herself up to a sitting position, and brought her hand down to lap against my second orgasm. “Shit… You covered me!” Daisy said, laughing at just how much of her skin I had managed to cover. Scooping it up with her middle finger, Daisy licked it clean before relaxing on my bed. “Fuck… That was…”

“What you needed?”

“Exactly what I needed.” Daisy confirmed, looking over at me. Her head fell back and she let out a childish giggle. “God damn… I need to come back here more often. Wow…” She smiled over at me before her eyes drifted over to the large clock I had hanging off of the wall. “God damn…” This time it was more sad. Looking over, it was nearly three in the morning. Had we really been going that long? “I really should be going… As tempting as the offer is to just stay and cuddle I-”

“No no I understand completely. You’ve got loads more commitments than me here.” I answered honestly. Bummed that she needed to go, but more than happy with what we did tonight.

“I’m sorry Will, I would have stayed.”

“No, honestly it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. I really enjoyed myself tonight though. I hope you did too?”

Daisy cackled with laughter before wrapping her arms around me and kissing me deeply. “Four orgasms is more than enjoyable for me.” Daisy grinned. Clicking her fingers, she slipped off of my bed and found her jeans on the floor, wobbling her way forward, she looked a lot like Bambi the first time that the cartoon animal learned how to walk. “I can’t feel my legs!” She grinned, wobbling her way forward to my desk. With a tube of her red lipstick, Daisy scribbled her number on the desk.

“There… Just text me and next time I’m back home we can have round two. I think I need to see just how far you can go.” Daisy teased, her arms wrapping around me as she kissed me again. As she took a seat on my bed, getting herself dressed, I poked my head out into the hallway and quickly grabbed her sweater. Walking back up, naked as the day I was born, I poked my head back into my room and saw Daisy on the phone. She smiled over at me and grabbed her sweater as I tossed it over to her.

“Thanks… It’s only going to be half an hour.” Daisy answered, slipping her feet into her long boots and zipping them up after them. “That’s pretty good right?”

“Yeah! They must have been waiting for you?” I asked, sitting against my desk and looking over at her as she stared down at her feet.

“Probably. They like to look after us.” Daisy said with a smile. Bringing her feet up, she looked over at the window and then to me. “Look, I don’t want you to think I didn’t enjoy this because I did… But I just stink at goodbyes so…”

“Grab your stuff. I’ll see you out.” I say with a smile, walking towards the door and managing to tug it open. I guided Daisy down towards the floor before offering her the way to the front of the pub. Staying with her until the headlights of the car came into view, I smiled and shared another kiss with her before she slipped into the car and was taken away.

Had that really happened?

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