A Ripe And Ready Halle Berry

A Ripe and ready Halle Berry – Chapter 1

I was on leave from my Job in Nigeria. I had just recently got married for the third time. This time to a Nigerian girl. I must admit, I do go for dusky girls, they know just how to please me, and are not inhibited like my past experiences with some girls. My African wife new a lot of tricks, when asked how she knew all these, she said because she practises Voodoo. Whether that was true or not I don’t know, but I wasn’t complaining.

I decided to spend a few day’s in Wales, to get away from my mother, who was beginning to nag me about one thing or another, probably
all the porn mags I left lying around.

I was sat at the bar of this small hotel, trying to have a conversion with the Welsh barman, not with any great success. I thought about bringing up the conversation of sheep, but felt he might be angry I was trying to muscle in to his girl friends.

A group of people came into the bar, and sat at one of the tables. I didn’t pay much attention at first, but my attention was drawn to them when I heard an American accent. The man talking was a big blackman, maybe 6′ 4″ built like a terraced house I used to live in. He was speaking to the now seated women. In particular to a black girl who looked very much like Grace Jones the singer and actress. This girl had muscles you wouldn’t believe, almost bordering on the masculine type. She and the black guy spoke for some time about pick-up times, phoning base and keeping people in check. I didn’t really understand it all, but it sounded as if they were some type of security people.

The other two women in their company, I couldn’t quite see as they had their backs to me, but they were talking between themselves.

The black guy turned to leave and told them he would be back to pick them up in two days. As soon as he left, the three girls moved their chairs around the table to make room.

That’s when I saw the dusky one. ‘Who’s that’ I thought. ‘I know that face’. It took about 10 seconds then the penny dropped….It’s Halle Berry.

‘What’s she doing in bloody Wales of all places’? I thought.

I knew she was in the new James Bond movie, but I didn’t think James Bonds jetset life would take him here.

It just so happened, that only three days before, I had been downloading from the Internet, topless images of Halle Berry. I must have flushed a few pints of my spunk down the pan over the thought of her tits. Should I go to her and tell her that she had been keeping my right hand busy for a couple days. I thought maybe I’d better not.

I decided I had to make a move of some sorts, so I told the barman to go get them drinks.

When they got their drinks, the minder girl was about to pay but the barman pointed to my direction, it was my treat. What the hell, I considered it’s investment. Just to be in Halle’s company was enough. But just imagine if I could introduce Miss Berry to the other quart of my spunk.

They looked over and raised their glasses, I smiled back and winked. They turned back to the table and giggled. I thought ‘Now why did I wink. What a nerdy thing to do’.

‘Sod it’ I thought, I’m going to take the bull by the horns and go introduce myself.

‘Good evening ladies’ I said, standing at their table. ‘I couldn’t help but overhearing that you are American’….I went on……..

My name is David and I thought I would come over, and if possible have a few words with you, because I’m fed up with listening to the Welsh accent we hear around these parts’.

To which the third girl who was was in the company said………

‘Hello David, my name is Alwena and I am Welsh, and I am proud of my accent, and if you don’t like it….FUCK OFF’.

‘Alwena…I…I…it’s….the thing is….I..I…….Alwena, I’m so sorry… I just fucked up didn’t I’. If the wink was nerdy, this was even worse. My face was crimson, my lip was a wobble. God help me.

He did. Halle laughed out loud and pulled the seat next to her out from the table and tapped it with her hand.

‘Come sit here’ she said.

I was there like a shot. I looked her straight in the eyes, and said….’I’m sorry I upset your friend, I had no idea she was Welsh, I thought she was American’

To which she replied…’Don’t worry Dave, the accent gets on our nerves as well’.

Well the ice was broken. I had a good laugh with them after that. Alwena on hearing I was born in Wales, seemed to forgive me. The minder girl, who’s name turned out to be Becky, slowly began to loosen up. Maybe thanks to the whiskey she drank.

Not once did I ask why they were in UK, and not once did I tell them that I knew who Miss Berry was. They did ask me if I ever watched movies, but I said that working in Africa, I never had the oportunity to watch them.

Thats when they started asking me questions about Africa.

I told them about where I worked. It was for an Oil company and we were based in a camp in a clearing in the swamps. I told them about the little village nearbye, where I met my future wife. I told them how we had great sex by candlelight. There was no electricity in the village. How she would bathe me after, from a bucket of cold water outside, the moon shining on our naked bodies. How she would take my cock in her mouth, and suck me hard again and wouldn’t release me from her mouth until I came in it. I told them of the hot nights, when our bodies were dripping with sweat, the mosquitoes were eating us alive, the rats were running about, but our lust wouldn’t allow us to disengage from our fucking. I filled her cunt, her arse and her mouth with so much spunk I thought the swamp water was rising.

I took a breather from the stories and looked at the three girls. They were quiet.

I told them I was sorry for talking so much, but they insisted that they found it fascinating, and if anything a little horny.

That’s when I went a step further. I told them about my wifes Voodoo.

They were instantly interested.

‘What’s this shit’ ..asked Alwena

‘Give the guy a chance’…said Becky (the minder)(Grace Jones lookalike)

‘Go ahead David, tell us’ Halle begged….grabbing my hand as she said it.

I continued the story. I told them about how all people in the village believed in Voodoo, and how some believed more than others. My wife one. I think this is how she managed to snare me into marriage.

Then I told them about the day my wife began rubbing some funny type of ointment into my prick. She said it would help keep it young.

‘Young’..Halle said laughingly…still holding my hand I might add.

‘Yes..now listen…no interuptions’…I’d got them I thought. There eyes transfixed, listening to my stories. God, I’m talking their knickers off.

I went on. My wife rubbed this ointment into my prick twice a day. After about two weeks I started feeling a sensation between my legs, a burning sensation but not unpleasant. I noticed our lovemaking was getting a lot more vocal. She was screaming a lot more often and louder. I began to notice myself, that when I was naked, having a shower back at camp, my knob was bigger than usual. When I went for a piss it was getting more difficult to get my lad out. this was when I realised I had Voodoo put upon me. That ointment was making my knob grow. I was getting a 3rd leg.


The three girls at the table were howling with laughter. Thank goodness we were the only people in the bar. The barman looked up, but only briefly, he went back to reading his ‘SheepShaggers weekly’ mag.

Then the questions came.

Becky….’What a load of bull’

Alwena….’Am I drunk or am I dreaming this crap’

And…this was the best

Halle….’Prove it’

I said I would. But not here at the bar. I suggested going to a bedroom.

They agreed.

This is when it hit me. I had pulled this off. I was actually getting invited to one of these girls rooms. Not only that, but one of these girls, just happened to be Halle Berry…..Halle…Bloody….Berry.

We laughed and joked on the way up the stairs. As I said, it was only a small hotel, and not particularly a new one. The lights were limited and the decor old. The floorboards creaked and the smell from the furniture wafted decades of heavy polishing of beeswax. I loved it.

These girls were anxious to disprove my African Voodoo story. They wanted to prove my claims false. Now, what do you think? Was this Bullshit, just to get them into a compromising position. Let’s find out.

Halle insisted we went to her room. It was the best room the hotel had to offer, but far from her usual city suites, but after all, this was rural Wales. It had a nice bed. A four poster but without all the curtains hanging about it like a washing line. Halle went to the washroom and the girls followed.

I stood there looking around the room.

I noticed a discarded pile of clothes, and went over to them. Underneath her jeans was a pair of her lacey knickers. I immediately picked them up, and held the crotch peice to my nose. God it smelt nice. It was musky and I noticed one single pubic hair caught within the lace. I pulled this out, and ran it between my teeth and tongue. I then put it in my mouth and swollowed it. I put the panties in my pocket.

Halle came out first, giggling and looking impish. I don’t know what they had been talking about, but I bet it was about me, the story and how they were looking forward to making me embarrased again. Have they found out my little trick to get them here or not? Have I had Voodoo done to my prick or not?

Anyway, they stood before me, and it was Becky(the minder) who said..

‘Come on then big boy, lets see it’

‘No way, I’m no circus exhibit, only under my terms’ I said

‘And what are those’..Halle said.

‘Firstly no lights. Then only one of you in the room. Then by touch only’…….. I said.

Mumble..Mumble…Then..Halle said..’Fine, but who first’

‘You’…I said.

‘Why me, do you think I’m some sort of movie star or something’..Halle said.

‘Movie star..I wish’ I was playing this to the full. I think she was getting a bit annoyed her notarity was amis and she couldn’t play upon it.

I just said…’No, it’s because you held my hand and I trust you’.

‘Fine..Fine..Fine..girls give us a few minutes, and when you hear the laughing you can come back in and witness his little pecker’..Halle barked.

‘Okay big boy where do you want me’? Halle said.

‘On the bed on your back, with your legs hanging over the side, with your feet resting on the floor’ replied me.

The two girls went into the washroom, giggling as usual, and I went to the light and turned it off.

The room went pitch black, but eventually the moonlight from the window glowed the room.

I could make out the shape of Halle, but the features were unclear.

‘Why have you turned the lights out? How am I ment to see what you have got’…She said.

‘Halle’…I said..You agreed…by touch only…that’s not you touching..but me by touching. Touching you with my Voodoo knob’

She jumped up, and darted for the light switch. I’ve fucked it I thought.

‘Halle…Halle’ …I said ‘Just relax, I’m not a rapist (Huh)..I’ve told you about my times in Africa…I’ve told you about lustfilled nights under the African moonlight, the sound of crickets chirping as I fuck, the sweat covered bodies as I screw my brains out. I’ve told you about the Voodoo medicine given to me, and I thought you agreed to finding out if I am a liar or trueful person. You are an African girl. Your ancestry is from that continent are you not curious if your ancestors can perform such powers upon us non believers. Please, come back lay on the bed and let me prove to you all that I say’

She did. She turned the light off and came back to the bed.

She lay next to me, I moved my head to hers and gently placed a kiss on her lips. Only lightly, and told her to relax. Which she did. She eased into the mattress and gave out a little ‘umm’.

Okay matey, I thought, time for a little action.

I placed my right hand on the side of her face and gently stroked it. I felt her ear and ran my fingures over their folds. I kissed her cheek and slowly moved to her mouth and began to kiss. Her lips were so soft and luscious. She was a fine girl. I teased her lips apart and darted my tongue between her teeth. I was surprised, her tongue came readily to meet my own and they entwined flicking at the ends. She had a good amount of saliva and I drank it readily. Then it became a bit of a tongue fight. She was loving it, I could tell because she was beginning to gyrate her hips. Don’t get me wrong, I like kissing, but there are more interesting areas to explore, and I was about to get there.

She was fully clothed. She had a silky blouse and white leather short skirt. The blouse was white as well, and showed her black lacey bra benieth. Now how do I know this is in the dark, you may well ask. Well I saw it in the bar…so there.

I unbuttoned her blouse and slid her skirt off. The zip of the skirt was a little difficult because she wasn’t co-operating much. But never the less I continued. The skirt then the blouse off the shoulders, leaving the lovely Miss Berry in just her underwear. Black lace…lovely. On the way up after sliding her skirt off, I stopped at her crotch. I breathed in deeply and got a good scent from her pussy. Let me tell you, it was heaven. It was sooooo sweat.

I moved up to her bra and fumbled round the back to unhook it, that’s when she jumped up again.

‘What are you doing? I don’t want this, I thought we were having fun with you, not you seducing me’ Halle said.

‘Halle, don’t worry, this is just what I need to prove to you my willy has Voodoo. How can I do that unless he is enticed. Can a dog bark unless there is a postman there? Let him get the urge.’

She bought it.

Her bra was off in seconds, her knickers off in less than that.

I mentioned about the moonlight before, but I couldn’t see a bloody thing.

Here was Halle Berry, a big Hollywood star, a sex vixen a god almighty sexy bit of bollock churning stuff in front of me, and I couldn’t see her. The moon was behind some cloud.

Well sod it I thought, get the tongue out.

I started on the right breast. Her nipples are not all that large. My African wife has nipples like the spikes on football boots. But Halle has smallish nips. But once I got a sucking on them they came to life quite nicely. She has those little bumps around them, which also get aroused when sucking. Girls with little nipples seem to get more aroused than those with great big ones. They get off by you chewing the buggery out of them.

Halle liked a gentle nurturing of them. I sucked and neaded them as if I were a baby and this seemed to work. She started to thrutch and gyrate and forced her leg into my side. I then gave her left tit a bit of attention and again she gyrated.

Her left tit I found that she lactated a little. I t wasn’t milk but a little liquid which some women do give out. It was bitter but I drank it all.

At this moment, I heard the two girls in the washroom yelling.

‘What’s happening, we’re getting bored’

Halle propped herself on her elbows and said ‘Thanks for the sucking, but when is something going to happen’

Right, no problem I thought. Try and please a girl and this is the respect you get.

‘Halle’ ….I said

‘Please tell them all shall be revealed’

She said to her friends….’He says he can’t find it, it’s in hibination’

I saw red, I had tried to be friendly all night, now they were making fun of me.

Let battle commence.

I took Halle’s knickers and tore them off. She made a little sound, but not much.

I stood and took my clothes off. Now, this is the part of the story when I asked whether YOU believe me about the Voodoo ointment. So lets continue. I took my clothes off, and then untied the material that kept my cock to the side of my leg. Yes, it was true. I had a Voodoo cock. It had grown into a 14″ length and was as fat as most womens arms.

It’s head was as huge as a baseball and looked as angry as Mike Tyson in a dentist chair.

Halle was still chuckling at her last statement to her friends, so she wasn’t aware of what was about to happen.

I spent a few seconds pulling my enormous cock hard, and once done moved forward toward Miss Berry. She was still giggling. Because of the bad light she saw nothing of me. I guessed where her pussy must be and pointed my ramrod at her cunt lips.

She screamed from the bottom of her lovely dusky stomach, as I shoved my cock into her.

It was difficult at first, but after a few revolving motions around her cunt she lubricated a little. This allowed me to get just the head of my cock into her.

With her screamings, the girls from the washroom came running in and turned the light on.

They both stood trasnfixed to me and Halle, but more so to my knob which was trying so desperately to get into her cunt.

They started shouting at me to get off her, but Halle insisted to leave me alone.

I knew she was having trouble getting me in, but she seemed so insistent.

If we had a bet, I would have won it, and said..’Look girls, you didn’t believe that Voodoo on my knob can exist, so just admit it and lets go home’.

But this was Halle Berry and she was trying her best to get my cock into her cunt.

I said to Halle’s friends that she needed this, and that they should help her.

‘Get your clothes off and give the girl some encouragement’…I said.

Halle gave a glare at them, and they were undressing before you knew it.

Since the light went on, I had a better look at my Halle. God she was wonderful. Her tits were large and firm her nipples dark and perfect. Not too big but still taught from my sucking. She had shaved her pussy for a bikini line but wasn’t too hairy with what was left. She had quite a prominent pelvic mound, but her pussy lips were tightcovering the hole I had been trying to bust apart.

Alwena and Becky were now naked, and what I could see was that Becky (the black minder) had a shaven pussy, and Alwena was as hairy as a Badger.

Through all this undressing of the girls, and my spotting their cunts, they never once took their eyes off my cock. They now realised my Voodoo stories were true, because my cock was swinging between my legs.

This is when I started to take control.

I told Alwena to sit at the top of the bed, and take Halle’s arms in her own.

I told Becky to hold Halle’s legs up over, and behind her head.

They did this readily.

Here I was, in some little hotel in Wales, with Halle Berry on the bed, her legs behind her head showing her cunt and anus to me, waiting for me to fuck her.

Thank you God.

I went to her anus first. I licked the cheeks of her arse, and tasted the salty taste of her unwashed cheeks. I cleaned her cheeks and went for her ring. I could catch a taste of her last dump but it wasn’t too bad. I stuck my tongue inside her tight little ring. She didn’t complain, but I’m sure she was embarassed. She moaned and I thought, this is it, I’m going to fuck Miss Berry like she never had it before.

From her arse, I ran my tongue up her thighs and rolled my tongue around her beautiful dusky flesh. I then glided my tonguge to her pussy. It was waiting I knew. I could see glistening juices trickling down her thighs.

I went straight for her clit. It is quite big. It looks like my little fingure. I took it in my mouth and gently sucked pulled and nibbled on it. I put a finger up inside her. She arched her back, then came down on my finger and gyrated her hips. I quickly found the softness of her G spot and began tapping on it with my finger. That’s when she began with her obsenities.

‘Fuck me you mother fucking cunt’

I was a little taken aback. Little miss perfect. But, I got on with the business.

Alwena had stopped her duties of holding Halle’s arms, and was now crouching over her face with her pussy above Halle’s face.

Becky had released one leg of Halle’s and had got about three fingures inplanted up her own cunt.

Alwena lowered her pussy and Halle was sucking on it like a camel at a watering hole.

The sound from Becky’s cunt as she finger fucked herself was about to wake up the other residents. She was shooting one orgasm after another as if it would be the last.

It was now time to shag little Miss Berry.

My cock was now as rock hard as Alcatraz. I was going to bust this girl.

She lay there with a cunt on her face, unaware of what was about to happen.

Halle was wet from the goings on, thankfully for her, and I was about to teach her a little Voodoo magic.

I placed the end of my knob at her pussy lips, parted them a little. She has a fine pair of lip’s. Quite pink for a black girl, just a little brown at the edges.

Gently I moved ny knob closer to the hole. She was a little distracted from the licking she was giving Alwena.

Suddenly and with great force I shoved my cock into her cunt.

Alwena went flying. Becky got hit by a leg on the back of the head, and all hell broke loose. Halle tried desperately to get away from me, but I grabbed her legs and pulled her close.

I thrusted my cock into her and after a few seconds managed to get all 14″s right up to the hilt. She was screaming and screaming. The other two girls jumped up and were pulling at my back, to try and drag me off Halle.

Then Halle shouted….’Leave him…God this is torture but let him do it’

When I knew I had got their permission I went into my full African mode.

I was in Halle’s cunt up to the hilt. I was pushing her womb.

She was crying, I knew I was hurting her, but I didn’t care.

I took my cock out of her pussy and marvelled at the glistening film covering it. I glanced at the opening to her cunt and saw how extended it was. Her vaginal opening was pink and ragid, I was turning this girl inside out. She grabbed my buttocks and forced me back inside her. I went in and deep. Her body came up and we kissed. She dropped back down and groaned.

Next thing their was a finger at my arse. I looked round and saw Becky licking her finger and trying again to put her finger up my arse. This time she succedded.

I was now thrusting in and out of Halle’s cunt, she was juicing up and the sound of it squelching was making me fuck her harder and harder. Tears were running down her cheeks. I lent forward and licked them off. We kissed, our tongues lapping at our saliva. She was making little whimpering noises each time I thrust into her. Becky’s finger was deep in my arse, touching my prostate. It made me want to piss badly. I couldn’t help it, I began to piss inside Halle.

Her vagina was hot before, now with my piss squirting inside her, she was boiling inside. The piss seeped out of her cunt and cascaded down her thighs and into her arse cheeks.

I was resting my weight with my oustretched arms. I was now thrusting hard and fast. Halle’s gorgeous tits were rotating round and round. Our sweat was pooling in her cleavage.

Halle began to shake and squirm, I knew she was about to come. Her eyeballs rolled and I saw the whites of her eyes. She grimaced baring a perfect set of white teeth.

I placed my right hand over her clit, and with two fingers gently pulled the hood back, exposing her pink clit. Then I gently lowered myself over it, traping the exposed clit against my pubic bone. This sent her over the top, and she exploded there and then. She was grunting like a pig. Her chest rasping, causing her spit to froth at the corners of her mouth. She was bucking against me really hard. This forced Becky’s finger out of my arse. I saw her licking it, then pushing it into her own arse.

Halle’s come came gushing out of her. My enormous cock felt soaking wet, if it were twice the thickness Halle could accommodate it. She was now loosened up and oiled. Her come followed the same path as my piss had. The bed was soaking. I still had to come myself, but would’t until I was satisfied that Miss Berry was on the point of passing out.

I kept the pressure of my body on her clit, not allowing it to retreat into its cover. This made Halle have multiple orgasms. Her face was a mixture of pain and orgasmic pleasure. She was mumbling non sensicly. Then some words were quite clear…like…’I love you, god I love this, I love you…fuck me hard..fuck me hard and deep…please come inside me…let me have your come’

I thought that maybe it was time to come.

I said to her…’Are you sure you are ready?’

‘Oh yes, I’m ready’ Halle said…’Come inside me…shoot your spunk into my womb’.

I hadn’t mentioned to the girls before, when I was telling the Voodoo story, but one of the effects of the ointment is that just before my own climax, the penis draws a large amount of my blood into the tissue. This sudden influx of blood makes the penis expand considerably. It happens in an instance and can be quite alarming for the poor girls. Also the amount of come that gets stored is amazing. At first I was amazed at the quantity. I couldn’t believe it was possible. I always made sure I dranks bottle after bottle of water everyday, to keep the stock level up.

‘Halle’…I said…’I’m going to come now, so please brace yourself, because if you are not ready and relaxed it may hurt’.

‘Do it’..she said…’Come in me’

I gathered momentum and started pounding hard. I stood upright and drew her legs over my shoulders. She was on the edge of the bed and I was pounding down into her from atop. Each time I thrust into her, there was a ear shattering slapping sound. The noise must have carried down the hotels corridors.

Halle was grasping the sheets of the bed, pulling them from the corners. Her face was contorted and her breathing was laboured.

I told her..’Halle my love, I’m about to come, don’t fight what you about to feel, just relax and keep still’.

The blood from my body began to head for my cock. The first time this happened, I nearly fainted, but with practise I am able to componsate. I pushed my knees into the side of the bed, which gave me support. I could feel my spunk gathering on mass. The time was near. Because of the force of the ejaculation and the sudden surge of quantity, it can be quite painfull for me. This I can handle, especially when your cock is burried deep inside Halle Berry of all people.

It happened. My cock inflated like an umbrella, I felt all side of Halle’s vagina and her opening. I felt the tip of my cock push at her womb. I looked at her concerned because she could go into shock, which wasn’t what I wanted of course. Her cheeks seemed to lose it’s dusky complection and turned a shade of pale, then my spunk erupted. It shot into her as if from a canon. She jurked backwards and tried to pull away from me. I pulled her towards me by her legs over my shoulder. I noticed the signs, and quickly placed a hand over her mouth. She screamed and screamed shaking her head from side to side. Sweat beads broke out on her forhead, her eyes rolled about in their sockets.

I shot about five blasts into her cunt, and then the bulk of my spunk began to flow into her. It seemed more than my usual, which isn’t surprising, this was Miss Berry.

I took my hand from her mouth, and she began to whimper. she was shaking her head quite wildly from side to side. I was still coming inside her, but because my cock was now the size of a marrow, no juices could get past her cunt lips. It was like a hot tub filling up, I felt the level of my spunk rising inside her vagina. I was still coming and my spunk now completely filled her from cunt wall to cunt wall.

Halle began to settle, and stopped twisting about. She tried licking her lips, but her mouth and lips were bone dry.

I pulled out of her cunt very gently, not wanting to hurt her. As I did her cunt remained open and I could look inside and see an ocean of spunk laying there.

She began to cry which was a form of shock. I comforted her and kissed her. I needed to get her on her feet, and walk her around the room. She was shaking as I pulled her from the bed. When standing my spunk flushed from her vagina. It ran down her left leg just as if Mount Etna was errupting. The spunk was thick and pure white. It flowed past her shaking knees and down to her feet. Then the spunk dispersed and ran between each toe. she lifted her foot and looked in amazement as drops of my spunk dripped onto the carpet.

I looked at Becky and Alwena, they were sat on the windowcill, their mouths were open wide, eyes bulging at what they had just witnessed. Alwena’s hairy black twat was slicked back covered in her come. Becky’s shaven pussy was glistening. Her pussy lips looked swollen beyond exploding. I knew then that I was going to fuck these two next.

I took hold of Halle and brought her to my chest.

‘Halle, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did’..I said.

She started crying, the tears dropping onto my shoulder.

‘Yes I did’ she said…’Better than anything else in all my life’

I held her face in my hands, looked into her lovely dark eyes, and whispered.

‘Good..because I’m going to fuck your arse after I’ve fucked these girls’

Halle sank to the floor. she looked up with a stare of sheer horror.

To be continued.

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