A Russian Lesson In Business

A Russian Lesson in Business

Celeb: Anna Kournikova

Content: M/F cons oral

By The Real Deal Unsworth

It was 11.30pm when Anna Kournikova appeared from the boardroom. She
had been in Manhattan all week, trying to settle a new deal with
Adidas for her court-wear sponsorships. She had known for months
that this trip was due, but despite the proir knowledge, and the
fact that she had just become $70m richer, she was in one hell of a
bad mood. Her agent, Estelle, had ditched her part through the
meeting on ‘health grounds’. “Health!” Anna muttered,
not pleased at
the fact that she had to actually listen during the meeting, rather
than just sit back and flirt with the execs, as per usual. Anyway,
she consoled herself, it was over now as she stepped in to the
elevator on floor 95. In no time, she was whisked to the ground
floor. As she stepped from the elevator she tossed her cigarette
stub on the shiny elevator floor, just before the doors slided shut.

She made her way to the entrance of the building, to await the
arrival of her escort who would be driving her to JFK. Soon she
would be flying back to Miami. This cheered Anna up somewhat, and as
Fletch, the escort, wasn’t due for 10 minutes, she payed a quick
trip to the ladies room. When she returned to the foyer, the lights
seemed a lot dimmer. She dismissed it as her imagination, and made
way to the huge doors at the front of the lobby. To her surprise,
they would not open. She tried and tried, but they wouldn’t budge.
As she was about to kick out in frustration, she heard a male voice
behind her.

“Hey, did you not hear the fire alarm?”

She turned, to see a tall man, armed with a flashlight, pointed
right into her eyes.

“Drop the light, dumbass!”

Anna retorted in her broken English accent.

“Look lady, you should have been outta here by now, some jackass has
tossed a lit cigarette on the floor of an elevator and set all the
alarms off.”

Anna now decided to play along, feeling somewhat embarassed as she
realise that she had caused all this.

“Okay, sorry, I should have left, but I was just cleaning myself up
in the washroom.”

Anna reasoned.

“Well, guess you should be okay for now. Ive put the fire out, but
the bad news is that we have to stay here until the automatic safety
system resets and the doors are opened.”

Great, thought Anna. Still, it could be worse, outside the heavens
had opened and Fletch would be getting soaked. Anna felt compelled
to introduce herself.

“Hi, Im Anna.”

“I kinda guessed that already!” Replied the doorman, rather
jokingly. “Its not often that we get a sports star of your beauty in
these offices. Normally its big guys with teeth missing from the NFL
or NHL!”

“I can imagine.” Anna grinned, trying desperately not to blush. This
guy was so obvious, yet she found herself attracted to him.

“So whats you name then?”

“Im Pete. The security guy, and the guy thats about to get you a
coffee. Follow me.”

Anna hurried to catch up with Pete, who was already walking off
accross the lobby to a door along the far wall. She followed him
inside. They were in a small room, with a couch and a desk with
about 8 tv monitors on. She figured this was the main security room
for the building.

“Black and strong?” Came the remark from Pete.

“Im sorry, what do you mean?” Asked Anna.

“How do you like your coffee?” chuckled Pete.

“Oh! Sweet and creamy please!” Came Annas reply.

She knew she shouldnt be lowering herself to Pete’s seedy level, but
she just couldnt help it. As Pete turned around from the machine
clutching the coffees, Anna planted a tender kiss on his lips.

“What the…?”

“Just shut up Pete, let Anna teach you some Russian.”

Anna unbuttoned his shirt and continued to kiss Pete, at a frantic
pace. She was cleary an experienced lover as her kissing had Pete
aroused in no time. Suddenly, Pete grabbed Anna and threw her onto
the couch. He pinned her down, and began to handle her breasts
through her black blouse.

“Oh Pete!” Gasped Anna.

Pete slipped off his shirt and pants, and pulled Annas blouse over
her head. She had the most amazing chest. Her black bra covered her
nipples, but her upper breasts were so firm and tanned. Pete moved
his hands in circles over Annas bra, clearly turning her on. Without
warning, Pete reached down and ripped off Annas jogging trousers in
one swoop, revealing black silk panties. With his legs, Pete forced
Anna against the couch, and spread her thighs. He couldnt believe
his luck. He was lying on top of Anna Kournikova, spreading her warm
soft legs. He could smell the aroma of an aroused pussy, which made
him almost shoot his load straight away. Anna was now bucking up and
down against his rock hard cock, pretending to be screwed. She was
really desperate for sex.

“Come on Pete! Nail me! Nail me now!”

“Not yet Anna!” Teased Pete.

Anna got up from the couch, really annoyed with Pete. She couldnt
help but notice how excited he was. Anna eyed the bulge in Petes
boxers hungrily.

“Mmm, that looks good I hope it tastes as good as it looks.”

She dropped to her knees pushing Pete down onto the couch and
pulling his boxers off. Petes 8″ cock sprang out. Anna grabbed it
and began to jerk it to full hardness. Her hand was soft and the
handjob was slow and was the best he’d ever encountered. Suddenly
the handjob stopped and she took the head of Petes cock into her
mouth. She began to suck slowly licking the tip as it passed between
her hot lips. Slowly she began to move down the shaft taking more
and more of Petes cock into her mouth; her tongue snaking round the
shaft all the way. She looked up into Petes eyes when she got 6″
into her mouth, the most any girl had managed then lurched forward
taking the rest into her mouth and sucking like a vacuum keeping her
eyes locked on mine.

“I’m gonna cum,” Pete yelled.

Anna increased her sucking and moved back to the head and began to
jerk him off into her mouth. This was incredible, she was even
better at cock sucking than she was at tennis. Pete began to cum but
Anna kept jerking and sucking swallowing it all down.

She stood up peeling her underwear off, her tits were bigger than
the media suggested with erect pink nipples. Her pussy, which was by
now drenched, was neatly trimmed showing she was a natural blonde.
She handed Pete her bra and panties,

“This should be a good souvenir,” She smiled,

“Now give me something to remember… fuck me hard and make me cum.”

She backed up against the wall. Pete swaggered over to her and began
to slowly push the head of his cock into her pussy. Damn this girl
was tight even with all the lubrication off her pussy juices. Anna
began to moan as he slowly began to move in and out of her. He
lifted her up against the wall and she wrapped her long legs around
Petes waist. He began to thrust in and out of her harder.

“That’s it… oh god… fuck me harder… harder.” She screamed.

He followed her instructions to the letter and also began to suck on
her nipples feeling them harden in his mouth. Her cunt was now
adjusted to Petes cock so he was able to slam in and out at full
force as she ground her hips into Petes and he squeezed her ass.
This was enough to send her to a screaming orgasm.

“Fuck yes, Oh gawd, I’ve never been fucked…ugh…so hard. Fuck,
I’m…cumming… harder…harder…ugh…yes…yes…YES!”

She was screaming so loud anyone within a 5 mile radius would be
able to hear. Her pussy was squeezing Petes cock like a vice grip as
she began to buck her hips and the orgasm subsided.

In no time at all Anna was ready to go again, and dragged Pete into
a boardroom on the first floor. She got on all fours on a long able,
and began to beg.

“Oh please, do me doggy style, I’ve been a very bad girl and deserve
to be punished, I’m such a slutty girl, I can’t go an hour without
sneaking off to finger myself, fuck me hard like the whore I am.”

She cried out completely lost and desperate for a fucking.

This was enough for Pete so he slid all the way into her and slowly
began to thrust in and out; Anna quickly picked up the rhythm and
began to slam her ass back in time with his forward thrusts. Pete
reached round with his left hand and began to rub her throbbing clit
causing the blonde slut’s moans to get louder and louder. Then he
smacked her ass with his right hand as he picked up the pace of her

“Oh yes that was good do it again…please…I’m such a bad little
girl.” Anna screamed.

Pete continued his triple onslaught of thrusting, smacking and
rubbing. Annas pussy was so tight it was incredible and it was
difficult to slide in and out with any great force. However he
continued to slam in as hard as he could manage and it wasn’t long
before Anna came again.

“Fucking hell, gawd, fuck me, I’m cumming
again…ugh…yes…fu…ck…oh… yes…YES…YES!!” she screamed
as she grabbed his left hand and tried to prevent him from breaking
contact with her clit but she was too tired and so Pete reached up
and began to massage her firm tits with his hands as her orgasm
continued. Her cunt tightened around his cock and I came, shooting
straight up her.

They both slumped back onto the table exhausted. Pete slowly got up
and got dressed. Just as he left he turned back, Anna was still
slumped on the bench.

“Thanks for the great fuck we’ll have to do it again sometime.” He
told her.

“Not likely asshole.” Anna responded.

Pete wasn’t bothered though, he now had their sexy encounter video
taped on the security cameras for future enjoyment. He left Anna to
get on with her life in Miami, safe in the knowledge that he had
nailed the Russian bitch, good style.

The End

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