A Second Glance 3-Way

Title: A Second Glance 3-Way

Author: Muhabba

Celebs: Natalie Portman, Daisy Ridley, Keira Knightly

Codes: MFFF

Disclaimer: This is a work of complete fiction.  It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it.  No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you.  No one over legal age should read this for the same reason.  All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person.  I don’t know Natalie Portman, Daisy Ridley, Keira Knightly or have anything to do with them.  Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

A Second Glance 3-Way

By Muhabba

James Nathan parked his small car in the parking lot of the upscale hotel and pulled his pizza bag out of the back.  He put his official Pizza Run cap on and headed inside feeling slightly out of place among all the rich people fabulously dressed compared to him.  He walked up to the front desk and showed them his bag.  “I’ve got a delivery for room 302,” he said as professionally as he could.  The clerk behind the desk didn’t even look at him as he picked up the phone and dialed.

The stand-offish clerked spoke into the phone quietly, so James couldn’t hear, and then hung the phone up.  “They request that you please take it up too them so that you can receive you tip,” he said as James looked around lost.  The asshole clerk jerked his thumb to the side and James followed the abrupt, and somehow condescending, gesture to the elevators.  He sneered at the clerk before leaving and walked briskly over to the elevators, sure that all eyes were on him, judging him for being just a lowly pizza delivery guy.

As James got into the elevator he went over his plans for the future, the same he did every time he felt like this.  Sure, right now he was a skinny sixteen year old nobody but one day he was going to graduate, become an accountant, and embezzle all those rich jerks’ bank accounts.  “I’ve got serious anger issues,” he mumbled to himself as the elevator took him up to the third floor.

Getting out of the elevator, James quickly found room 302 and it looked like it was a small suite rather than just a regular swanky room.  “And even though they can afford a room like this they’ll probably give me a shitty tip,” he thought as he adjusted his crappy uniform.  He knocked on the door and had to wait several moments for someone to answer.  He didn’t think she was much older than him, wearing a comfortable looking terrycloth robe and oddly enough she looked kind of familiar to him.  Something about her cheeks or her jaw maybe.  Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she gave him a dazzling smile.

“Um, Pizza Run Pizza, here’s the pizza your ordered,” James said as he tried to place the attractive young woman’s face.

“Oh thank God.  We’re famished,” the young woman said with a British accent before holding the door open, “Just plop it in here if you please.”

James walked past her into the living room of the small suite, which was still larger than the entire first floor of his parents house, and found two more women in terrycloth robes sitting on the couch, their dark hair also in ponytails.  And they both looked familiar as well and it only took him a moment to place their beautiful faces.

“Oh it’s about bloody time,” Keira Knightly said as she got off the couch, accidentally flashing a great deal of smooth, slender thigh, and grabbed the entire pizza bag.

“That smells soooo good,” Natalie Portman said as she un-velcroed the bag and pulled the pizza box out.  She looked over her shoulder at the third woman and said, “Pay the man, Daisy.  My purse is right there on the table.”

Daisy Ridley picked Natalie’s clutch out of her purse and turned to the pizza guy, his eyes wide open and his mouth gaping.  “Ha!” she laughed out, “I think he figured out who we are.”

James slowly turned his head to look at Daisy before nodding his head.  “Um, yeah… um, it took me a second,” he stuttered.

All three girls began giggling as Natalie opened the pizza box and threw the bag at Daisy.  Daisy drunkenly fumbled the catch causing all three girls to break out laughing again.  “Sorry about that,” Daisy said as she picked up the bag and held it out to the pizza guy, “Here ya go.  I’m Daisy.”

James nodded dumbly.  “Um, yeah.  I’ve, ah… I’ve seen you in Star Wars,” he said before looking at the other two women, “I’ve seen, well… well I’ve seen all of you in Star Wars.”

“You sure you didn’t blink and miss Keira?” Natalie slurred and started giggling again.

Keira glared at her with a wicked smile, “Or mistake Natalie for a wooden tree?”  Natalie glared back at her before both girls began laughing again.

“Yeah, yeah, sure,” James agreed.  “Um, what… you’re all in there,” he mumbled weakly, not quite sure what to say.

“We were just talking about that,” Daisy gushed and put the pizza bag down on the table and grabbed the pizza boy by his wrist, dragging him further into the room.  She pushed him into a chair before sitting down opposite on the couch.  “Maybe you can help us,” she said and began waving the other two women onto the couch.  “Tell us what you think,” she said as Natalie and Keira sat down next to her.

“Um, what I think about what?” James asked nervously.

“Daisy and I are here for a Star Wars thing,” Natalie said, “And we accidentally ran into Keira here.”

Keira nodded her head before grabbing a near-by bottle of wine and taking a drink.  “So we got to talking…” she started before being interrupted by Daisy.

“And drinking,” Daisy interjected with a giggle.

“And drinking,” Keira agreed with a giggle, “And started talking about how I was hired cuz I kinda look like Natalie…” she continued before being interrupted by Natalie.

“And Daisy only got hired because she looked like us,” Natalie finished.

“So what do you think?” Daisy asked again.

James looked in confusion at the three beautiful women.  “Um, do I think you all look alike?”

“Yeah,” Keira said.

Natalie nodded her head agreeing with Keira before taking the bottle of wine and taking a drink.  “I mean, Keira literally got hired because we kinda, sorta, look alike but I think the only reason Daisy got hired is because she looks like us…” she said before being interrupted by Daisy.

“And I say I was hired for my superior acting skills,” Daisy added before taking the bottle and taking a deep drink.

“I, um… I guess?” James said, “I mean, make-up can go a long way and… and Natalie and Keira were wearing a lot of make-up in the prequels…”  He looked back and forth between all three beautiful women, all posing for him.  “I mean, you’re all beautiful of course…” he stammered as all three women drunkenly “Aww”ed and thanked him, “And I guess you all have kinda similar body types?”

All three women were nodding in agreement as Keira turned to Natalie.  “We were both wearing an awful lot of make-up…” she started.

“And those wigs,” Natalie interrupted with a roll of her eyes.

“And your costumes,” Daisy added.

“…so I guess it would be kinda hard to tell,” Keira finally finished.

“But we’re not really wearing make-up right now…” Natalie started.

“And he did say we have similar body types,” Daisy said.

“That’s a good point,” Keira agreed, nodding at Daisy and looking at Natalie.  “So what do you think?” she asked before taking the wine bottle from Daisy and taking a drink.

Natalie gave Keira’s question serious thought for a moment.  “Well, Daisy brought it up,” she said in all seriousness before taking the next drink from the bottle and handing it to Daisy.

Daisy took another long drink from the bottle before putting it down on the coffee table.  “In order to answer on of the great mysterious of mankind, I guess we’ve got no choice,” she said as she grabbed the collar of her robe and the other two girls nodded and did the same.

James choked on air, nearly swallowing his tongue as he dick lurched to life, tenting his pants while Daisy Ridley, Natalie Portman, and Keira Knightly pulled their robes open to reveal their small, firm, naked breasts.  Keira had the smaller pair of breasts topped with hard, pink nipples followed by Daisy with slightly larger breasts, her nipples just a shade lighter and then Natalie with the larger of the six breasts with a darker pink, almost brown nipples.  He didn’t blink, he didn’t breath.  He just stared in abject wonder at the three pair of small, firm tits in front of him.

Suddenly Natalie broke out into fits of laughter.  “Oh my God, look at his face!” she cried through fits of giggles.

“Priceless,” Keira agreed as she and Daisy joined in.

Not really registering what was going on, James just continued staring at the six boobs in front of him, his cock throbbing painfully in his pants.

Daisy punched Natalie playfully in the shoulder as she began getting control of her giggles.  When Natalie looked over at her she motioned with her eyes at the tent in the pizza boy’s pants and they both started giggling again.

Natalie whispered into Keira’s ear at what Daisy had noticed and she started laughing as well.  “So what’d you two expect?” she asked through snorts of laughter.  She stood up quickly, swaying on her feet for a moment before grabbing the belt of her robe and looking down at the other two topless women.  “Come on, the pizza’s getting cold,” she said before Natalie and Daisy stood up with her.

James eyes grew as large as saucers as Keira, Natalie, and Daisy all let their robes fall from their shoulders to reveal their fully naked bodies.  Keira’s pussy was completely bald, her pink labia clearly visible, while Natalie’s pussy-lips where shaved clean with just a bit of pubic hair at the top of her slit and Daisy’s pussy hair was trimmed neatly down.  He couldn’t move.  He had no idea what was going on.  Everything was just to surreal right now.  How much wine had the three women drank before he got here?  What the hell had started the discussion about their similar appearances?  And why did the three celebrities care so much?

“Well?” Keira asked placing her hand on her hip, “What do you think?”

“Soooo pretty,” James drooled as he stared stupidly at the three naked women sending Natalie and Daisy into fits of laughter.

“I told you this would happen,” Daisy giggled.

Keira just huffed in frustration.

“I guess the world will never know the answer,” Natalie said as she got.her laughter under control.

“I suppose not,” Keira said in defeat as she held her hand out to James, “So what do we do about him?”

“Pay him,” Natalie said matter of factly, “He does have a job to get back to after all.”

Daisy looked with concern at the tent in the delivery boy’s pants.  “We’re gonna send him back like… like that?” she attempted to whisper.

Keira and Natalie burst out into fits of giggles.  “What do you want us to do about it?” Natalie asked.

From his spot on the chair, James continued looking silently at the three naked celebrities’ bodies.  Keira had the smallest of the breasts followed by Daisy and then Natalie.  But besides having the smallest of the breasts, Keira had the nicer ass followed by Natalie and then Daisy.  Daisy had the nicest smile followed by Natalie and the Keria who seemed to have a perpetual pout while Daisy smiled the most.  And not a single woman bothered to put their robes back on despite continuing their debate about him.  “That must be a hell of a good wine,” he thought to himself.

Keira cocked an eyebrow as she looked from the delivery boy’s tent and then to Daisy.  “Why don’t you do something about it if you’re so worried?” she asked Daisy with. smirk as she sat back down on the couch.

A wicked smile crossed Natalie’s face as she reclined on the couch next to Keira.  “Yeah, Daisy, Why don’t you do something about it,” she drunkenly dared.

Daisy couldn’t believe what Natalie had said as her eyes went from Natalie to Keira and back again.  Keira was grinning childishly at her and then suddenly stuck her tongue out of her.  Daisy’s look of shock slowly turned to impertanint anger as she turned her head and stared down at the delivery boy’s tented pants.  Defiantly she grabbed onto his crotch and yanked down her zipper.

“Oh my God she’s gonna do it,” Natalie whispered in disbelief into Keira’s ear.

“She can never turn down a dare,” Keira whispered back with a giggle as she watched Daisy fish out the delivery boy’s hard prick.

With one hand Daisy pulled out the pizza boys prick and began slowly tugging on it while her other hand pulled out his heavy balls.  Sh massage his tender testicles, squeezing them lightly as she hesitantly jerked on the shaft of his cock.  “Does… does this, y’know, feel good?” she asked meekly as she stared up at his gasping face.

“Of course it feels good,” Keira giggled, “He’s getting jerked off by a celebrity.”

Natalie clapped her hands as she laughed merrily and nearly fell of the couch.  “Don’t be such a prude, use some force,” she offered before trying to hide he laughter in the crook of Keira’s graceful neck.

As Daisy applied more pressure she kept staring up at the delivery boy to make sure she wasn’t hurting him.  “Sorry about this,” she said with a blush of embarrassment, “I just didn’t want to send you back, you know, in any… any discomfort.”

“It’s okay,” James gasped out.

“Did she just apologize for giving a guy a hand-job?” Natalie asked before bending over in fits of laughter.

“Well, I don’t see you offering to lend a hand,” Daisy shot back.

Natalie and Keira snorted at Daisy’s unintended pun before Keira grabbed a half empty bottle of wine and stood up, nearly falling over before regaining her balance.  She gingerly made her way over to Daisy and the pizza boy, nearly fumbling the bottle before making her way between the kid’s spread knees.  She dangled the wine in front of Daisy’s face and smiled down sweetly at her.  Here, you’re sobering up,” she said with a giggle as she got down on her knees.

Daisy sighed in defeat before taking the bottle an taking a deep swallow.  “Think you’re right,” she said as she sat back an watched Keira take over, “I just didn’t want him to be… you know, discomforted.”

Natalie fell over sideways on the couch trying to stifle her laughter in the cushions.

“I understand,” Keira said as she nonchalantly jerked on the pizza kid’s cock am fondled his balls.  She looked up at him and gave him an exaggerated wink.  “She gets a bit emotional sometimes,” she slurred by way of explanation.

It’s okay, it’s okay,” James gasped.  Keira’s digital technique was soooo much better than Daisy’s.  As her hand slid up his shaft her thumb circled the tip of his prick, smearing the slick pre-cum around before her hand slid back down to his base while with her other hands she made her fingers ripple around his bloated balls, almost like she was trying to milk him.  Which, technically, was accurate.  He groaned in pleasure as his hips started rocking up and own on their own, fucking Keira’s talented hand.

“I was just trying to be nice,” Daisy said pitifully.

Daisy’s sad voice quieted Natalie’s laughter as she looked over at the young, British star.  “Oh you poor baby,” she said trying to calm the pouting girl.  Unable to stand on her own, Natalie grabbed another bottle of wine and crawled over to Daisy, her heart shaped ass swaying in the air as she left a trail of wine behind her.  She sat up behind the younger woman and wrapped her arms around her naked body, hugging her close.  “It’s okay, honey,” she cooed into Daisy’s ear reassuringly, “It’ll be okay.  You’ll get used to regrettable drunken sex when you get older.”

James listened to everything going on around him but none of it penetrated his brain.  It made no sense.  “My life just isn’t this interesting,” he thought as Keira Knightly gave him an amazing hand-job and by the slightly bored look on her face she was only half-assing it.

Natalie ran her hands slowly up and down Daisy’s pale torso assume comforted the pouting actress.  Eventually one of her hands made it up to the British celebrity’s slight chest, caressing her small breasts as the other hand slid between the pouting girl’s slender thighs.  Her middle finger slid up and down between Daisy’s moist labia, running across her clit and teasing it out of it’s sheath.  “Let momma make you feel better,” she whispered as she pressed herself as tightly as she could against the younger girl’s back, her own breasts rubbing against her and her and nipples scrapping across Daisy’s skin.  She nuzzled her lips and tongue against the English girl’s neck as she began rubbing her heated groin against her taunt ass.

Keira grunted in frustration before releasing the kid’s cock.  “Jesus my hands are getting tired,” she grunted before grabbing one of the bottles of wine.  “Did you get off or whatever just before you got here?” she asked before taking a long drink and looking up at the delivery boy, “You’re taking fucking forever.”

“I… uh. I… No?” James stammered, Keira’s frank language coming from her beautiful face just making the scene even more surreal.

“Well let me tell you, kid,” Keira started before taking another drink, “You have some fucking stamina.”

“Y’know, he really does,” Natalie agreed as she continued to gently finger Daisy while grinding her over-heated pussy against her ass.

S… soonest star… started, so… sooner began,” Daisy blearily said between pants and moans as she opened her slender wise wider to give Natalie more room an leaned back against the older woman’s body.

Keira cocked and eyebrow and looked over at Daisy and then back at the boy’s throbbing prick.  “I don’t think that’s how it goes,” she said with a small smirk before looking up at the gasping kid and giving him a wink.  “Don’t worry, young America boy.  The British aren’t the only ones coming tonight.  We’ll get this sorted out and get get you back to work on time,” she said.

Natalie stifled her laughter against the back of Daisy’s neck at Keira teasing the poor, confused pizza delivery boy.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Ja!es said in confusion, possibly on the verge of tears.

Keira snorted in laughter at the bewildered look on the kid’s face.  “Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon,” she said with a comforting pat on the boy’s thighs.  Suddenly she gripped his thighs tightly, opened her mouth as wide as she could, and drove her face down.

“Sweet Jesus!” James cried out in shock as suddenly half of his cock found it’s way into Keira’s mouth.  Her lips snapped shut around his girth as he warm, pink tongue began roughly massaging his shaft.  She sucked forcefully on him, taking him nearly completely into her throat, his sensitive cock-head bumping against the back of her mouth as she began bobbing her head up and down in his lap.

As Natalie watched Keira try to get the pizza delivery guy off she ran her hand up for Daisy’s small chest to her jaw and lifted the panting girl’s head up.  “See, Keira’s taking care of the pizza boy so you don’t have to worry about anything,” she said sweetly as she slid two fingers into the younger girl’s hot, tight hole.  Her fingers sought out Daisy’s G-spot while her thumb made circles around the English actresses’s hard little clit.  She continued humping up against Daisy’s ass, her juices making the warm flesh slick as they slid down her cheeks and dripped and soaked into the carpet.

“That’s… that’s nice,” Daisy moaned out in pleasure.  Her arms reached behind her, grabbing onto Natalie’s ass, squeezing her cheeks in rhythm to her thrust against the older woman’s knowledgeable hand.

Keira took a deep breath before sucking the boy’s hard prick as far into her mouth as possible, deep throating him.  His pubic hair ticked her nose as she swallowed around his shaft in her throat as she wiggled her tongue along the budget vein beneath his shaft.  She gave a couple of short bobs of her head, sliding his sensitive head in and out of her throat before pulling her head back to leave just the tip of him in her mouth as she circled his cock-head with her warm tongue.  She looked up at him as he stared own at her in a mixture of lust and confusion, smirking at his expression around his dick in her mouth.  His hands were gripping the arm rests of the chair, almost like he was afraid to touch her or something which made her smile all the wider up at him.

James gasped as Keira slid her mouth up off his cock, her pointed chin shiny with drool as she looked up at him from around his throbbing cock-head.

“Seriously, kid, are you on some kind of medication?” Keira asked as she began offhandedly jerking on his spit wet cock, “My jaw feels like it going to fall off.”

Shrugging his shoulders, James looked down meekly at one of the !most beautiful women in the world getting frustrated at not being able to get him off.  “I don’t… I don’t… I really have no idea what’s going on?” he stuttered.

“Hold on a sec,” Natalie said.  She slid her fingers as deeply as he could into Daisy’s dripping pussy, sliding them along either side of the younger actresses’s G-spot as she slid her other hand down between the British girl’s slender thighs.  She pushed firmly against Daisy’s pubic mound while her fingers pressed up against the inside of Daisy’s tight hole.  An then with a thumb the pressed against the younger girl’s hard little clit and triggering her orgasm.  Daisy groaned and her body shuddered as she came, her slender thighs locking around the hands working diligently between her legs.

Natalie looked over at Keira with a small smirk of pride as Daisy rode out her orgasm.  “Here, you take care of her and I’ll take care of the kid,” she said and began leaning the cumming young actress towards Keira.

Keira looked at Natalie a moment with a cocked eyebrow.  “So, wait…  You can just, like, bam!, make somebody cum like that?” she asked with a snap of her fingers.  “You’ve gotta show me that,” she said as she reached out and took a hold of Daisy’s twitching body.

“Don’t worry, I’ll will,” Natalie said with a mischievous wink before taking a long drink of wine and fighting to make it to her feet.  She stumble over to the pizza delivery boy with a dopey grim on her face.  She nearly fell over as she tried to straddle his legs but he quickly reached out and grabbed onto her ass to help steady her.  “Nice reflexes, kid,” she slurred.

“I… uh… You’re welcome?” James muttered as Natalie steadied herself with her hands on the top of his head.  His eyes were locked onto the wet juncture of her slender legs until his vision was obscured by her small breasts as she lowered herself down onto his lap.

Natalie grabbed the base of the pizza boy’s spit wet prick and pointed it up between her thighs as she looked over her shoulder at the two English women.  “Hey!  I’m about to do something amazingly cool here and you two are missing it,” she asked.

On the floor in front of the couch, Keira and Daisy were snuggled together, Daisy lightly fingering Keira as the older actress cooed lovingly at her.   Keira looked up with lust filled eyes at Natalie.  “I’m getting laid over here,” she said dreamily.

“And I’m about to lay the pizza boy so pay attention,” Natalie ordered.

Keira cupped on of Daisy’s small breasts and began noisily sucking on the other one as her hand slip between the younger actresses’s slender thighs.  “Why… why don’t you pay… pay attention to… to us?” Daisy asked with a sloppy smile.

Natalie looked from the horny British women to the pizza kid.  “That is kinda hot,” she told him as he continued squeezing her heart shaped ass, “Let’s change this up.”  Continuing to use the kid’s head to steady herself she turned around until she was facing out in a reverse cowgirl so she could watch the other two women.

James’ eyes darted between Natalie’s ass and Keira and Daisy fingering each other.  Grabbing the base of his prick again, Natalie began bending down until the tip of his cock was touching the entrance to her hot, dripping wet pussy.  She lowered herself down slowly, her cunt enveloping his prick a little at a time, her tight walls parting around him and squeezing him like a vice.  She groaned out as she took every inch of him, his hands holding her slender hips as she continued sliding down his shaft until she had taken ever inch of him.  She reclined back against him, her back on his chest, getting comfortable as she watched the show in front of her.

“Mmmm, yeah.  That hits the spot,” Natalie groaned as she moved her hips a little, getting used to the feel of the pizza delivery boy throbbing inside of her.  She grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands away from her hips and placed them on her chest and groaned in pleasure as he squeezed her small tits.  She began moving her hips, riding his hard cock as she watched Keira and Daisy finger-fucking each other.  The pizza boy continued squeezing er breasts and punching her hard nipples, rolling them between his fingertips as she rolled her hips back and forth like a stripper giving a lap dance.

Daisy looked up at Natalie riding the pizza guy and groaned in lust at the sight as well as Keira’s fingers plumbing her pussy.  “That’s fucking hot,” she groaned as the other British woman continued lightly sucking at her small tits.

Keira looked over at Natalie from the corner of her eye as the American rode the pizza driver’s prick.  Her eyes were drawn to the way Natalie’s pussy was stretched around the kid’s shaft as she worked herself up and down on his dick.  “That is hot,” she agreed from around Daisy’s small, soft tit.

As Natalie rode the kid’s cock she felt him start to thrust himself up into her, trying to match her rhythm.  She tried to look over her shoulder at him but he was to far down so she lifted her arm up and looked back at him from around her side.  “Don’t worry about help, kiddo, just let me do all the work,” she said as she turned her attention back to Keira and Daisy.

“Yes, ma’am,” James said, feeling somewhat dejected but he quickly pushed it out of his mind.  If Natalie Portman didn’t want any help fucking him then who was he to argue.  He continued squeezing and massaging her breasts as her slender body continued rolling back and forth as he continued taking turns watching her ass moving up an down and Keira Knightley and Daisy Ridley finger-banging one another.  Natalie’s ass would ripple slightly with each downward thrust while Keira and Daisy watch the American actress ride his pole.  “God bless alcohol,” he thought to himself.

“Jess Christ my thighs are burning!” Natalie gasped as she stopped and looked behind her at the pizza kid, “Are you even trying?”

“You told me not to,” James said defensively.

Natalie stared at him blankly for a moment before letting lose with a short of laughter.

“He’s got you there, Natalie,” Keira giggled.

With Keira distracted by Natalie and the pizza guy, Daisy slipped her fingers out of the older actresses’s sopping cunt.  Using her thumb she circled Keira’s hard, little clit while sliding her first two fingers back into her cunt, rubbing against her G-spot before adding a third finger.

“F-u-u-u-u-ck,” Keira stuttered as Daisy slipped her pinky into her tightly clutching ass and she came.  Her warm, slick juices gushed out covering the younger girl’s hand before dripping into the hotel’s carpet.

“No way I’m getting security deposit back,” Natalie said as she watched Keira’s slender body tremble and shake with the force of her orgasm.   She turned back to the kid and glared at him in mock anger as she said, “See, kid, that’s a orgasm.”

“I’m just nervous,” James said meekly.

Daisy held Keira’s twitching body as she started coming down from her orgasm before pulling her fingers out of her.  “I always wondered if that would work,” she said as she stared at her fingers like she was studying them.

“It… it does,” Keira said with a sloppy grin on her face as she stared up from Daisy’s chest to her face.  She nodded over at Natalie before sitting up.  “Let’s go help them,” she said before sitting up and crawling over to the couple on the chair with Daisy crawling behind her.

Keira pried the pizza guy’s knees apart wide enough for her and Daisy to fit in between them.  She looked up at Natalie as Daisy made herself comfortable next to her.  “You may begin,” she said magnanimously with a sly smirk.

“Hey, who’s the Queen and who’s the handmaiden here?” she said with a warm smile as she began rolling her hips and fucking the pizza delivery guy again.

Keira chuckled before turning her attention to Daisy.  “You take care of him and I’ll take care of her,” she said.

“Hey, who’s the Jedi and who’s the handmaiden here,” she said with a giggle before leaning forward and burying her face between Natalie’s obscenely spread legs.

“Stupid fucking nerd movies,” Keira grumbled to herself as she leaned in between the delivery kid’s legs.

“Oh fuck!” Natalie and James said in unison.  He palmed Natalie’s tits as hard as he could while she fucked him, her tight pussy sliding wetly up and down his shaft and Keira liked his balls.  Natalie rode the kid slowly, enjoying the way his prick would fill again and again as she worked herself up and down on his hard shaft while Daisy nuzzled her sizzling clit.

Daisy slid her moist tongue down from Natalie’s clit to her sticky labia running down one plump lip and up the other.  She teased the American actresses clit with her nose for a moment before sucking on it with her lips and lashing at it with her tongue.  She used her fingers to spread Natalie’s pussy-lips apart and kissed her drooling cunt like she would a lover on the mouth, drawing a moan of pleasure from her.

Keira placed to fingers along the sides often pizza kid’s shaft where it was sliding in and out of Natalie’s gooey pussy as she licked his balls.  She sucked one firm orb into her mouth, massaging it with her tongue before releasing it and drawing the other one in.  She covered his entire ball sack with her warm saliva before drawing her tongue up and licking at the small bit of exposed shaft the Natalie was fucking.

“Oh, oh, oh…” Natalie began chanting as her entire slender body began to seize, “I’m cummmming!”  Her entire body shook as electric bolts of pleasure coursed through her, her hands squeezing down on the armrests of the chair as Daisy sucked hard at her clit.  Her slick juices slid out of her to cover the younger star’s chin as she ground her spasming pussy down on the pizza kid’s hard cock.

“Oh geez, oh geez, oh geez,” James gasped as Natalie’s already tight pussy gripped and rippled around his shaft.  He continued palming the actresses’s small tits, holding in for dear life as he ball pulled up tight, ready to explode.

“He’s gonna pop,” Keira announced as she pulled Daisy back.  Both British actresses helped Natalie off his lap and onto her knees on the floor with them.  As the American actress for her breath back, she and Daisy grabbed the pizza delivery driver’s wrists and dragged him to his feet above them.  Sh looked up at him and take him, “Hurry up finally,” with a smirk mas all three women looked up at him with their mouths open wide and the pink tongues sticking out.

The sight of all three actresses on their knees below him, waiting for him to cum, caused James to finally cum.  He fisted his cock at the base as he aimed down before erupting with the force of a fire hose.  His thick, white seed rained down on them, covering their faces, landing in their waiting mouths, spilling into their hair, and dripping down onto their slender, naked chests.  His knees went suddenly weak and he collapsed back into the chair as the last of his cum fell down into the carpet.

Natalie swallowed her share of the hot load of cum before looking down at the stained carpet.  “Yeah, the security deposit is definitely a lost cause,” she said matter of factly before looking at the other two cum stained actresses.  They all three broke into fits of laughter as they took turns licking the sticky cum of of each other’s faces.

James could only watch in stunned silence as the three beautiful celebrities cleaned his cum off of their faces.  “There is no way this is real,” he muttered to himself.

The sound of the pizza delivery driver talking to himself drew Natalie’s attention away from her giggling friends.  She looked from the confused kid to the clock and then snorted with laughter.  “Holy cow, you are soooo late,” she giggled.

Keira looked at the clock before laughing again.  “I can’t believe it took this long to get him off,” she said before turning to Daisy.  “This is all your fault, y’know.”

Daisy looked t the clock and then back at the driver.  “I am so, so sorry,” she gasped.

Keira got to her feet and then pulled the driver up with her.  “Okay, here’s what we do,” she said as Natalie and Daisy began pulling his pants up, “You get back to your job and we’ll call your manager and what ever and tell him… well… I’ll think of something.”

James just nodded dumbly as the three naked stars got him dressed and handed him his delivery bad.

Unabashedly naked, Natalie began shoving the pizza kid towards the door.  “Good luck, kid,” she said as she opened the door.

“Just agree with whatever your manager says,” Keira called as Natalie pushed the confused delivery guy out into the hall.

“Thanks for the pizza,” Daisy added merrily with an enthusiastic wave just before Natalie closed the door on him.

James stood still in the hallway, staring blankly at his pizza delivery bag before muttering, “But you forgot to pay me,” because when life get surreal you have no choice but to stick to what you know.

The End.

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