A Shannon Doherty Story

A Shannon Doherty Story
by Karens Oh

This story is based on one of my personal fantasies of
being sexually dominated by actress Shannon DOHERTY. It
is COMPLETELY FICTIONAL, and I have never actually met

Don’t ask me to explain why I have this fantasy. I’m
not really a fan of Shannon’s work, but who knows what
makes certain things erotic for each of us? I believe
in this particular case, it has to do with Shannon’s
reputation for being a spoiled brat and a "bitch",
blended with my own preference for dominant/submission
games. It was triggered
by a picture of Shannon that I
saw in another Newsgroup. At any rate, the thought of
Shannon giving me orders gets to me every time, and
writing this story was very erotic for me.

My apologies to Shannon Doherty if this is offensive. I
just can’t help myself.

If you like this story, please let me know, and maybe
send me something similar.


It all started with a business trip to Los Angeles. I
had a three-day seminar to attend, and since it was a
long trip anyway, I decided to take a couple days vaca-
tion and stay over the weekend. Six months earlier, I
had separated from my husband of ten years, so this
would be my first solo vacation.

I had rented a car through my company and was sightsee-
ing in one of the rich neighborhoods — not Beverly
Hills, but nearby. I always hate the rental experience.
I don’t feel comfortable driving a strange car, and my
company seems to always be changing the rules on which
insurance to take and which to waive. I always feel
like there’s a disaster waiting to happen.

In this case, my fears proved correct. I was driving
around taking in the sights, trying to work the radio
at the same time. I should have known better. Dis-
tracted by the unfamiliar radio controls, I took my eye
off the road for just a second. When I looked up, I saw
a car stopped just in front of me. I tried to slam on
my brakes, but it was too late – I banged into the
expensive sports car.

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach as I got out to
review the damage. It didn’t look too bad, really, but
would definitely require my insurance. As I was looking
at the other car’s bumper, the driver got out. She was
dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, and seemed awfully
young to have such an expensive car. And she was def-
initely NOT happy.

"What the hell were you doing????" she screamed. "I
just got this car, and now look at it." She had this
disgusted look on her face, but she seemed familiar.

"I’m very sorry," I said. "I just looked down for a
moment. My insurance will pay for everything."

She sort of huffed and said. "all right, all right,
just give me the information and you can talk to my
lawyer. Damn!"

I gave her the insurance information from the rental
agency, and she handed me a card. "This is my lawyer,"
she said. The card said Sheila Lansdorf, Esq. "And my
name is Shannon Doherty." Now I knew why she looked
familiar – she was the actress.

I called Ms Lansdorf from my hotel and gave her all the
information about the rental car insurance and my own
car insurance. She was very pleasant, and I figured the
insurance companies would take it from there. Unfortun-
ately, about an hour later, Ms Lansdorf called back.
"We have a problem. It seems that you waived the rental
insurance, and your own insurance has lapsed. How are
you planning to make compensation for the damage? The
estimate is over $8000."

I couldn’t believe it. The damage had seemed small, but
any repair to an expensive sports car carries a high
price tag. And my insurance! It was one of those things
that slipped by me in the confusion and tension of my

I was a little desperate. "Well, uh…I…I’m sure we
can work something out. I have about $2000 in the bank.
Maybe I can pay over time?"

"Ms Doherty is pretty upset, maam. I don’t think she’ll
go for that, especially since you’re from out of state.
But we’d like to keep this out of court."

I was silent…stunned. I explained my personal situa-
tion, and she seemed somewhat sympathetic. "Are there
any other options?" I asked. "Is there anything else I
can do?"

There was a long pause on the other end. "Well…" she
said. "Sometimes Shannon can be persuaded by a personal
plea. If you want, I can arrange a meeting and you can
explain your situation. Seeing a chance, I quickly

The next day Sheila Lansdorf picked me up at my hotel.
She drove us to a fairly modest, but expensive home
near the site of my accident. She rang the bell, and to
my surprise, Shannon Doherty answered the door herself.
Like the last time, she was dressed casually, this time
in a miniskirt and plain top.

Shannon said hello to Sheila and nodded curtly to me.
Sheila made some introductory remarks and then said
"I’ll wait here while you two discuss this in private.
I was a little surprised by this, but it seemed to be
what Shannon expected. She led me to what appeared to
be a sitting room off of her own bedroom.

Plopping down in a large easy chair, she said pointed-
ly, "So, what’s your proposition?" This caught me com-
pletely off guard – I hadn’t prepared any "proposi-
tion". "Well,…uh…I don’t know…" I stammered. "I
thought if we talked we could work something out."

"Look, $8000 is a lot to work out," she said. "Don’t
think that because I’m famous I’ll just throw money

"No, I didn’t mean….I mean, well, did Ms Lansdorf
mention my problem?"

"Yeah, yeah, Sheila said you’re going through a separa-
tion and all. That’s hard, but it doesn’t help me now,
does it?" She had that disgusted look again. Then her
expression changed. "Of course," she said, "maybe we
can work out something non-financial." She had a funny
look and raised her eyebrows expectantly.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked?

"Well, what are you willing to do?" She replied, star-
ing at me. Suddenly I felt weak and helpless. It seemed
like she was looking right through me.

I couldn’t answer. I just stood there looking at her,
wondering what she meant. Finally, she said slowly "I
like to play games. Sexual games." She looked at me
intently, checking my response. "If you’re willing to
play along, maybe I can forgive the damage to my new

My mind raced. Sexual games? Did she have some guy she
wanted to bring in? Or was Shannon Doherty a lesbian?
Not that I had a problem with sex with women. In fact,
my experience with my marriage had soured me a bit on
men, and I had had a couple female encounters since
leaving him.

Finally I asked warily, "Well, just what kind of games
do you mean?"

Shannon smiled slowly and knowingly. "Look, I’m not
gay. I like men and all, though they can be more
trouble than they’re worth sometimes. But something I
find really exciting is dominating another woman – to
boss her around and make her do my bidding. It’s great
fun, …and really hot. And for whatever reason, I es-
pecially enjoy putting little blonde ‘cuties’ through
their paces, so you’re the perfect choice."

I didn’t object, so she went on. "You will be my slave
for the next 24 hours. You’ll do anything and every-
thing I tell you to. In general, you will exist for my
pleasure. If you do a good job in pleasing me, I’ll
consider voiding your debt." She paused, then with a
leer added, "Oh, and by the way, I just LOVE oral sex,
for a long, long time."

I was getting more and more nervous. This sounded
strange, even dangerous. But I also found myself get-
ting a little excited by this talk. In my previous
encounters with women, I did tend to be somewhat sub-
missive. And if it saved me the money…

Finally I said it: "Okay, I’ll do it." I could feel my
face flush deep red as I said it. I could see Shannon
flush a little too. But I knew hers was not from embar-
rassment, but from arousal. She smiled broadly at my
submission. "I have an odd feeling you’re going to en-
joy this, too," she said.

"Okay. First off, stand up." Her voice was harsh. I
hesitated. She walked over and pulled me to my feet. I
just stood there, looking at her, waiting for the next
command. "Take off your pants," she snarled.

I unsnapped my jeans and began to pull them down. I
thought it a little odd that she asked me to take my
pants of first – normally I would start at the top. But
as I stood there with my pants down, I felt like a lit-
tle girl who was about to be punished. I knew then that
this was the point – to humiliate me.

"Turn around and take your panties down" she said next.
I dutifully obeyed, drawing the silky fabric over my
buttocks and standing before her, naked from the waist
down. "Nice. Now the rest." Following instructions, I
took off my socks, my top, and finally my bra, exposing
my smallish breasts to my new mistress’s derisive gaze.
I was completely naked, flushed with nervousness and a
strange anticipation.

"So." she said, "have you ever been with a woman before?"

"No," I lied. I saw no need to expose all my secrets to
her. Besides, I thought she might enjoy this more if
she thought she was forcing something new on me. And I
wanted to make sure she enjoyed herself.

"Never eaten pussy, huh?", she said with a nasty smirk.
"Well, that’s definitely going to change." She laughed
to herself as she said this. "But you want to today,
don’t you, slut?"

The tone of the conversation was beginning to change.
"Well, I,…"

"I SAID you want to, don’t you!"

Taking the hint, I responded in a low voice, "Yes, I
want to eat some pussy today." I could feel my face
redden again.

"Whose pussy do you want to eat, Karen?"

"I want to eat your pussy, Shannon." This brought a
grin from my tormentor. Shannon seemed to like the ver-
bal degradation as well as the acts themselves.

Now she came up very close to me, looking me straight
in the eyes and saying, very deliberately "Yes, you’re
going to. You’re going to eat my pussy for a long time.
You’re going to eat me out, you’re going to be my lit-
tle cunt-sucker, and anything else I want from you. I’m
going to make sure you never forget the taste of me in
your mouth."

I could see that Shannon was getting herself excited
with her own words. Her breath seemed shorter, and
there was an intense look in her eyes as she described
my fate. It was contagious, too. I was getting turned
on myself by her wild talk.

"Okay, now get on your knees. I have nice legs, don’t
you think? Show me how you like my legs."

I was surprised at how pale Shannon’s skin was, con-
sidering the climate, but I assumed she was naturally
fair-skinned. She did have nice legs. Her calves were
a little thin, but as I looked at those alabaster
thighs under her miniskirt, I could feel myself becom-
ing aroused. I ran my hands gently over the smooth skin
of Shannon’s calves and thighs, then placed a soft kiss
on the inside of one knee. She said nothing, so I con-
tinued to kiss her legs all over, swirling my tongue
for additional stimulation.

After a few minutes, her hands reached for her waist to
undo her miniskirt. She slowly lowered it, revealing a
pair of modest blue panties, through which I could see
the shadow of her dark pubic mound. Her top came off
next, and I was surprised by the size of her breasts.
They were fuller than I had expected, very nicely
shaped. Her nipples were already erect. At last, she
stood before me clad only in those pretty little pan-
ties. I could feel the dampness between my own legs as
I looked at her and thought about what I was about to

She stood me up and took my hands in hers. "Here," she
said, putting my hands on her breasts. It thrilled me
to feel her breasts, soft and full and firm, in the
palms of my hands. Without being asked, I lowered my
head to take each pert, erect nipple into my mouth.
They felt very hot as I squeezed them with my lips and
sucked them deep, taking some of the soft milky flesh
as well. Shannon sighed in response. I was really be-
ginning to enjoy this.

We walked over to the chair and I knelt down in front
of Shannon. "Take them off," she said, almost in a
whisper. My hands shook slightly as I reached for the
waistband of her panties. She raised her hips slightly
to let me could pull them down. I took the wet crotch
of her panties in my mouth and sucked, getting my first
taste of her. I heard Shannon murmur to herself, "Oh,
this ‘is’ going to be good."

Now I looked directly at Shannon’s brown pubic patch.
The contrast with the smooth, ivory skin of her thighs
was incredibly sexy. Under her bush was the puffy mound
of her two large lips. In the middle was her slit, with
her smaller lips slightly visible in between. She
looked wet.

"Well, how does it look, huh? Are you getting hot look-
ing at me, thinking about this?."

I started rubbing my legs together and said, "Uhhh

"Think about it, whore. Think about how you’re going to
eat me, about how hot it will feel against your sluttly
little face." Shannon was silent for a minute while I
soaked in the view. Then she said, "Oooh, baby, I’m
getting hot making you do this. Can you see me getting
wet?". I saw that Shannon’s pussy was starting to grow
and open up. The smaller lips were protruded more now.
There was noticeable wetness between her legs. She
clearly enjoyed the dominant role.

"Now taste it."

I gazed at Shannon’s pussy, then looked up at her.
Shannon said, "That’s a good slave. Do it baby. Show me
how much you want to taste it." She took my head in her
hands and pulled it toward her pussy. I just knelt
there, my breath coming faster. I was sure my secret
was out, that she could see my excitement.

"Come on, Karen. You know you want to. I can see the
look in your eyes. You’re getting horny as you think
about eating my pussy." Her words embarrassed me,
humiliated me, but I realized she was right. I was
thoroughly enjoying this, and I was now very, very

I took my finger, worked it gently into her slit, and
then put it in my mouth. Her juices tasted better than
I expected. I rubbed my finger up and down Shannon’s
slit some more. "Mmmh, ooh… aaagh. Come on now. Do
me.", she said. Then I stuck my finger deep inside her,
down where the source of her cream was. Again, I put it
to my mouth, taking my whole finger and sucking on it.
I liked the taste of her, and the position I was in.. I
licked my finger off and looked up at Shannon, while my
pussy clenched down and my hips and thighs started
grinding together. "Mmmmh. You like it, don’t you?" she
said. "Now, kiss me down there." A chill ran through
me, but I didn’t move yet. "You liked how your finger
tasted, baby. Go ahead. There’s more where that came
from. You like my pussy juice, don’t you, Karen? Look
how wet you’ve made me down there. If you keep it up, I
have a little surprise for you." I wasn’t sure what she
meant, but by now I was totally out of control.

"Oooh, Oooh, Oh God", I moaned. "I have to!" and quick-
ly dove between her legs.

Shannon reached down with both hands and grabbed my
short, blonde hair. This got me even more aroused, and
I trembled and moaned shamelessly "Just as I thought.
Can’t get enough, can you, slut. Come on, kiss my cunt,
slave. And play with yourself while you do it." I
couldn’t help myself any more. Her order to "kiss my
cunt" seemed so dirty and decadent. "Cunt" was a term I
never used myself, but she seemed to enjoy the sound of
it, and at that moment, it turned me on as well. Highly
aroused, I leaned over between Shannon’s legs and kis-
sed her clit, at the same time moving my own hand be-
tween my legs.

My lips and tongue were wet and hot, as they made con-
tact with Shannon’s cunt. I pulled Shannon’s lips open
with my fingers, and started sucking her clit and lick-
ing up and down. "Ooooh. Oooh God, baby. Oh, I forgot
how hot this can get me. Oh God, I love this. Here…
here is, all for you…ohhhh." Shannon pulled her knees
to her chest opening herself completely for me, her new
pussy lover. I clamped my lips over Shannon’s pussy and
tongue reamed her, in and out. Shannon bucked up and
down, but my mouth stayed right there.

"Oooooh, yeah!!!. Do me! Suck my cunt! Fuck it with
your tongue. Oooh you’re good. Here it comes, you
little bitch. I can’t hold it. Aaaaahhhhh!" Shannon
exploded, and then I got her "surprise": Shannon was a
"gusher", a female ejaculator. I had heard of this, but
never experienced it myself. As her hips bucked with
pleasure, I could feel spurts of thin vaginal fluids
shoot from her pussy and into my eager mouth.

"MMmmhhh". I swallowed Shannon’s cum, cleaning her with
my tongue until she had served all the cum she had into
my mouth. As I looked up, cheeks flushed and wet, I saw
a look of animal passion on Shannon’s pretty face, and
I knew she wasn’t finished.

"Oooh, yeah" said Shannon, "that’s it. More!!!". I put
my tongue out, and licked again. It tasted so good,
felt so erotic. Once I started, it was too much, and I
couldn’t stop. I had never tasted anything so exciting.
I tongued Shannon’s pussy lovingly from top to bottom,
while she leaked cream onto my loving tongue.

Shannon moaned, "God, you are something. "Get on your
back. I want to sit on your face," Shannon said.

We moved to the bed, and I obeyed. Shannon moved over
me. I grabbed her hips with my hands and pulled her
pussy tightly onto my mouth, ravenous for her. "Ooooh
yes. Do me.. Aaaah. Stick your tongue way inside."

She rode my face for a long time. When she got really
excited, she’d push her hips down as hard as she could,
vibrating them and mashing my head into the mattress,
all the while keeping her eyes locked to mine. I felt
engulfed in her heat, my whole lower face inside her
wet lips.

"Ooohh, you’re doing it," she moaned. "Oooh, God, this
is too much. I’m going to come in your mouth again. Do
you want it in your mouth?" Shannon asked.

"Mmmmph, Mmmm. Oh yes, please" My hand worked harder
between my own legs while I continued eating her.

"Oooh. You want my cum? Oooh, yes. Oooh it’s coming
soon. I can’t hold it much longer" moaned Shannon.

"Oooh, yes", I said. "Give it to me, Shannon. Do it.
Right in my mouth. Let me suck it out of you!"

Shannon groaned, " Here goes. Aaaagh, my God, oh you’re
good. Oh god, it’s coming. Oh I can feel it".

As Shannon came, I clamped my whole mouth around her
pussy and put my tongue inside. My tongue reached deep
inside her, and Shannon started cumming violently.

I sucked and swallowed all Shannon’s juices. I could
feel Shannon’s cunt clamping up on my tongue as I
gratefully drank all she had to offer.

"Oh, God, you little cum sucker. Ooooh that was good.
Come here you horny little lesbian. I gently tongued
Shannon’s clit. She looked down at me, enjoying the
sight of my face between her legs, shiny with her sexy
fluids. She saw how I was enjoying this, and told me to
talk to her.

"Ooooh. Its so good Shannon. I love serving you. I’ll
eat you all night, darling."

Shannon moved a little farther forward, and so that my
tongue rubbed against her asshole. She moaned.

"Ooohhh, that’s hot. That feels good Karen. Do it some
more". I got really hot, too, realizing what I was do-
ing. This was something I had not done before. Shannon
steadied herself now, resting her ass right over my
tongue. "Okay, Karen, you little cunt slut. Lick my
asshole. Mmmhhhh. Oooohhh that’s good." We both moaned
harder. Shannon groaned, "You like that, don’t you? You
like to eat my asshole. Your my butt slut, too, aren’t
you, Karen? Are you going to get off doing this dirty
thing? My asshole is so hot and horny from your tongue.
Ummmmm" She stayed over my mouth for a long time, while
my tongue worked lovingly around the rim of her ass-
hole. "Eat my ass…eat my ass!!!" she repeated over
and over, lost in the lust of controlling me so com-

"Wait," she said. "I need to get more comfortable."
With that, Shannon climbed off me and lay face down on
the bed. "OK," she said. "Now get back there and really
do a job on my butt." I moved down on the bed, until
Shannon’s bottom was right in front of my face. At that
moment, her round butt and smooth brown asshole looked
absolutely beautiful to me – the sexiest thing I could
imagine. I kissed and gently nipped at her soft cheeks,
drawing soft murmurs of pleasure from my beautiful
young mistress. Finally, I placed a thumb on each side
of the crack between Shannon’s buttocks and spread her
cheeks wide, to allow me easy access to her ass. I then
buried my face into her ass and began to tongue her ass
hole. Shannon moaned as I worked my tongue around and
into her anus.

Obviously hot, she moved her body on the bed like a cat
in heat. Her actions got me even more aroused, and I
pushed my tongue in farther, slowly, sensuously pene-
trating as deep as I could into my lover’s most private
parts. She really liked that, and she began moaning
louder and rotating her buttocks in an effort to in-
crease the already wonderful pleasures I was giving
her. The sound and sight of her obvious pleasure made
me so hot, I continued to worship her ass for a long,
long time.

When I sensed that just my ass-licking was not going to
get Shannon off, I turned her over, pushed her knees
up, and spread her legs wide as I could. Spreading her
lips wide with my thumbs, I began to tongue her pro-
truding clit, with immediate results. It almost felt
like I was in control now…tonguing her and biting her
clit…each time sending shivers of pleasure through


We took a short break after that. Shannon seemed spent,
and my jaw ached from servicing her for such a long
time. Still, we both wanted more. Chance had thrown us
together, but our desires seemed to mesh perfectly, and
the result was a wildly erotic time for both of us.

Shannon got up to go to the bathroom. As I lay on the
bed, I could hear the sound of her urinating quite pro-
fusely. Something about this was erotic, too, and exci-
ting, knowing I was hearing this famous young woman in
her most private activities.

A moment later, I heard Shannon call from the bathroom.
"Karen, come in here. I need you."

Surprised, I walked across the room to the bathroom
door. I looked in to see Shannon sitting on the toilet.
She gave me a pseudo-innocent look and said, "Gee
Karen, I don’t seem to have any toilet paper. What are
we going to do about that?"

I started to correct her – there was plenty of paper on
the roll next to her. But then I realized that there
was more to this, that Shannon had more plans for my
"service". "I’m not sure what you mean, Shannon," I

"I think you do know, Karen, my little pussy slut."
Then looking very haughty, she pointed to the floor.
Taking her cue, I got on my knees and crawled slowly
to her. As I looked up at her sitting on the toilet,
Shannon slowly spread her legs wide and said with a
mischievous grin "I told you you’d have to do EVERY-
THING I say."

Looking between Shannon’s thighs, I could see small
droplets of piss in her pubic hair and on her pussy.
"My god." I thought, "she wants me to lick her clean!"

"Well, don’t just sit there, bitch. My pussy is full of
pee. Lick it off."

Slowly, I leaned my head forward. This was more than I
had bargained for. Still, I thought about the money I
owed and the agreement we made. I had to do this. My
tongue reached out tentatively and licked at Shannon’s
soft brown curls, scooping up several small droplets.
The taste was not what I expected. Salty, pungent, but
not bad, really. I actually found myself getting ex-
cited by it. I was tasting Shannon Doherty’s piss! Oh,
so decadent.

I began to slowly lap at Shannon’s whole crotch area,
searching out each bit of her warm urine that was left
there. Shannon was loving it, watching me serve her in
this most personal and degrading manner. She began to
ramble in her lust, saying "Oh, you are such a hot
little slave, aren’t you? God, you’ll do anything with
that hot mouth of yours. I should have brought you in
here earlier so I could use you for my personal toilet,
right in your hot mouth… oooohhhhhh, god, so horny.."

She looked down at me. "You’re going to drink my piss,
Karen. You are. I’m going to make you do it and you’re
going to love it, because you love having your mouth
between my legs for any reason, don’t you? I can’t wait
until I have to pee again so I can do it right in your
mouth and watch you swallow. Mmmmmm..oohhh."

By now all the urine was gone, though the taste linger-
ed erotically on my tongue. I continued to lick her,
though, as we had both become quite horny once again.
Shannon was insatiable. She leaned back on the toilet,
pushed her hips forward and threw her head back, her
eyes closed in a pose of luxury and passion. Her pelvis
moved back and forth in a sexy rumba against my slaving
tongue. With a long groan of lust, she murmured, "Oh,
god, what a filthy little mouth you have." As I looked
up at her, I thought she was the sexiest woman alive.

Shannon’s hips continued their hot dance until finally,
her body tensed and she gripped the edge of the toilet
with all her might. She squealed and trembled with in-
describable ecstasy as a rushing wave of girl cum burst
upon my tongue and into my open mouth. Pressing my face
as far within her wet crotch as I could, I swallowed
surge upon surge of her womanly joy, as my own orgasm
hit me like a runaway train.

I couldn’t catch all of Shannon’s latest eruption.
Small drippings of the precious fruit of my efforts ran
down my chin. My mouth and nose were likewise covered
with a sweet film of girljuice. As she began to calm
down, I slipped my mouth off her hot box, wiped my
face, and waited to hear her next desire.

And that’s the way it went for the whole 24 hours. By
the time I left her house I was completely spent. I
think she was too. I got a personalized picture of her
and never heard another word about her car.

-= Part 2 =-

We lay there for a while, catching our breath. I began
to think about what a strange situation this was. Here
I was, on a normal business trip to L.A., and I had
ended up in bed, being used by Shannon Doherty. No one
would ever believe it, but of course, I’d never tell

It wasn’t long before Shannon had thought of a new way
to humiliate me. Picking up the phone next to the bed,
she placed an "internal" call.

"Sheila? Come in here, please. There’s something I’d
like you to see."

I was shocked. Obviously, her lawyer, Sheila Lansdorf,
was still in the house, and apparently, Shannon was
planning on having her join in.

Sure enough, a moment later, the door slowly opened as
Sheila slowly entered the room. Seeing the two of us
naked on the bed, she blushed, clearly uncomfortable
with the scene.

Shannon’s first words were to me. "In case you’re won-
dering, Sheila and I have some of the same interests.
Sometimes I let her participate in my little games.
What do you think, Sheila? Do you want to join us?"

Sheila seemed flustered and annoyed with Shannon for
putting her in this position. At the same time, she was
clearly interested in what she saw before her. Her
breathing grew deeper as she looked over my naked body,
then at Shannon, who purposely changed positions,
spreading her legs lewdly to tempt the poor woman.
Sheila’s gaze fixed on Shannon’s soft pubic hair. Yes,
she was definitely interested.

"Sheila would really like to get her hands on me, you
see. But I won’t let her. I might let her control the
other women, like you, but I maintain control over my
favorite lawyer. Isn’t that right, Sheila?" Shannon
flashed an impish smile at the woman.

"Uh huh", Sheila said dryly, still somewhat annoyed with
Shannon’s attitude.

Shannon went on. "Karen’s quite talented, you know. She
does the most delightfully filthy things with her
mouth." Shannon was looking right at me as she said
this, trying to maximize my embarrassment. It was work-

"Why don’t you get comfortable and watch while she does
me? I’m sure you’ll have to masturbate when you see what
I make her do."

Sheila rolled her eyes at the impertinence of this re-
mark. Nonetheless, immediately began to undress. Either
she really was horny or she was afraid to cross her
wealthy young client.

As Sheila removed her clothing, I realized how attrac-
tive she really was. She was tall – about 5 foot 10 – I
guess you’d say "statuesque". And very pretty and well
built. Under her very proper business suit was hidden
some seriously unbusiness-like underwear. She wore a
white, lacy, push-up bra, though she hardly needed the
help – her breasts were full and stood out nicely on
their own. Her white hose looked so sexy on her shapely
legs and were held in place by an equally lacy and sexy
garter belt. She left both hose and garter belt on as
she removed her panties, then reached up to undo her
hair, allowing her long blonde tresses to cascade over
her shoulders. What a transformation!

"Sit over there and watch," Shannon said, "and maybe
I’ll let you do something later."

Sheila moved to a nearby chair. I noticed her hand
wandering toward her own blonde bush.

"Okay, Karen," Shannon said, "Show Sheila how much you
like to eat my pussy."

I’m sure I flushed at this remark, but, obedient as
ever, I moved toward Shannon and once again began to
satisfy my young mistress of the day. Having an audience
must have further excited her, because in a matter of
minutes she was in the throes of an intense orgasm,
bucking her hips wildly as she once again shot her
fluids onto my face. Not satisfied with just one, she
commanded me to do it again. This time it took a little
longer, and my jaw was rather tired by the time I
finally got her off.

Shannon was silent for several minutes as her breathing
returned to normal. Then she turned to Sheila, saying,
"Okay, I think you can have her now. I’m curious to see
if she’s as good for you as she has been for me. Besides
I want to watch."

Sheila still seemed put off by Shannon’s attitude, but
watching us must have made her horny, too, because she
didn’t really hesitate at Shannon’s offer. Before I
knew it, she had crossed the room, grabbed me by the
arms, and was kissing me passionately. I returned her
kiss with equal fervor, very turned on by the feel of
her body pressed against mine. I had still had only a
few experiences with women, but I could already tell
that this one was going to be especially good.

I felt a firm pressure on my shoulders as she pushed me
down toward her breasts. I gladly moved down and took
first one and then the other into my mouth. Holding each
breast with two hands, I sucked like a baby, filling my
mouth with her soft flesh. Sheila moaned wonderfully as
I worked my tongue around her stiff, pink nipples,
worshipping them with my hot mouth.

Then I felt her hands on my head, pushing me down again.
I slowly dropped to my knees, working my tongue in
little circles down her belly until I was staring
directly at her now very wet pussy.

Sheila looked down at me intently, eyes wild, nostrils
flaring, her hair falling sensuously over her face. I
looked up, directly into her eyes, and began to slowly
lick at the soft, wet flesh between her legs. She closed
her eyes and groaned, her hips moving slowly back and
forth as she enjoyed the exquisite pleasure of my tongue
on her private parts.

Shannon was making nasty comments in the background, but
I really didn’t hear her. I was lost in this beautiful
woman. I found her so attractive – sexy, strong, and
feminine all at once. I wanted nothing more than to bury
my face between those beautiful legs of hers. With my
hands on her buttocks, I did just that.

Sheila soon became too excited to stay standing. We
moved onto the bed, me on my back, her perched above me,
her pungent wetness inches from my mouth. To my delight,
she sat on my face, pushing her weight down on my lips,
wiping her wetness over mouth. I thrust my tongue deep
inside her and reached up to fondle her gorgeous
breasts. I brought her to several orgasms before she
gently pushed my head away and climbed off. It was
incredibly erotic for both of us.

I could have spent the rest of the night making love to
Sheila, but Shannon had her own plans.

"Okay, Karen, back to me," she said. "I’ve been waiting
for this next one for some time."

I wasn’t sure what she meant until she told me to follow
her as she walked into the bathroom. My stomach dropped.
Ever since our earlier encounter there, I thought she
might make me do this, but I had hoped she would forget.

"Come here," she commanded. "Suck on these a while. Like
you did for her." She cupped her breasts in her hands.
I immediately did as she asked, hoping to distract her
from her plan. I sucked each nipple hard, doing my best
to turn her on and keep her occupied.

But Shannon had other ideas. After a few minutes, she
pulled her breast away from me and told me to kneel
down. "Rest your head on the toilet," she said.

Seeing no choice, I knelt down and leaned back so my
head was resting on the edge of the open bowl.

"Yeah….very good," she said with a smirk. "This is
going to be fun."

Shannon move over me, standing before the toilet like
a man about to pee. Her legs were spread slightly, one
on either side of my head. "Okay, slut, open up," she

Trying to prepare myself, I closed my eyes and opened
my mouth wide. I felt her hands on my head and then
suddenly felt a gush of hot liquid hit the back of my

"Swallow it!" she yelled. I had little choice. My mouth
was completely full of her piss. I gulped quickly,
swallowing once, then again, then a third time. I felt
the warm fluid running down my chin, then felt something
cool touch my neck. I continued to swallow, taking
several more small gulps as she emptied her bladder into
my mouth. I knew this was so sick, and I was horribly
ashamed, but part of me was also excited to be doing
this, to be drinking piss directly from Shannon
Doherty’s body.

"Good girl," she said finally. "You like drinking my
pee, don’t you?"

I didn’t respond. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t speak.

"I knew you couldn’t catch all of it, so I did you a
favor," she said sarcastically. Then I realized what the
cool object was against my neck. She had caught the
overflow in a glass!

"Here you go, my little toilet. I saved the rest for
you." She had a nasty smile on her face as she offered
my the half-full glass of yellow liquid.

"Oh please…" I begged. This was too much. I had to
admit, it had been mildly exciting to have her pee into
my mouth, to experience the decadence of the moment.
But this seemed too much, too premeditated and humilia-

"DO IT!" she said, more forcefully this time. Resigned
to my fate, I put the glass to my lips and drank the
whole thing down.

"Now, you don’t want to miss any, do you? Get the last
drops!" She then made me lick around the rim of the
glass, until even the last remnants of her urine were

"Jesus, Shannon! You are sick, aren’t you?" It was
Sheila. She was standing in the doorway. I wondered
how long she had been there.

"Oh shut up, Sheila! Who do you think you are, anyway?
I do what I want and it’s none of your business. Now
get back in there. I have another job for you."

Sheila was obviously furious at being treated this way.
Nevertheless, she turned and went back into the bedroom.
Shannon followed, pulling me along be the arm.

Shannon opened the nightstand by her bed. From the
drawer, she pulled out a very large dildo and a harness
to hold it. I had heard of these, but never really seen
one. It was large – at least twelve inches, I’d say, and
two inches or more in diameter. Next she brought out
some KY jelly. I began to worry again. I soon found that
my worries were well founded.

"Put this on, Sheila," she said. "I want to watch you
fuck Karen….I want to watch you fuck her in the ass!"

I started to protest. I knew there was no way I could
take that thing up my ass. It would tear me apart. But
before I could say anything, Sheila objected.

"That’s it, Shannon! I’ve had it! I’m not going to per-
form for you like some cheap porno actress. Why don’t
you just let this poor woman be?"

Shannon responded in a snotty tone. "Oh, screw you,
Sheila. You’ll do whatever I say because you don’t want
to lose the income I generate. You love the money!"

Sheila’s response was swift and decisive. She slapped
Shannon hard across the face. "You little bitch! I don’t
need your money. You’re far more trouble than you’re

"What…." Shannon exclaimed, her eyes wide with shock.
She couldn’t believe that Sheila was turning on her.

"Quiet!" Sheila slapped her again, with the back of her
hand, across the other cheek. "Come here, Miss big-time
actress, better than everybody else! I think it’s time
you learned a lesson."

With that, Sheila grabbed Shannon’s arm and threw her
face-down on the bed. The she jumped onto her back,
pinning her to the mattress.

As I looked at Shannon, I realized an odd change had
come over her. She seemed to be almost in a daze. Her
eyes were glazed, unfocused, as she listened to Sheila’s
commands. Sheila sneered at her client.

"We both know you can dish it out, Shannon. Now we’ll
see how well you can take it." Shannon didn’t respond,
except to close her eyes briefly, as if she were com-
posing herself. Or perhaps, preparing herself for an
ordeal. Now Sheila did strap the huge dildo onto her-

"Get me that jelly, Karen," she said.

I got the KY jelly and handed it to her. She squeezed
a big glob onto her fingers. She smiled to herself.
Then, reaching down with one hand to spread Shannon’s
buttocks, she began applying the lubricant to Shannon’s

Shannon was getting nervous now. "Sheila…No..Come on

Sheila smiled even wider at Shannon’s response and
continued to work the jelly into her asshole. She
slipped one long finger inside, then another. Shannon
turned red and made a face as the lawyer dug her fingers
deeper into her bottom. She had three fingers up her
butt now, and seemed to be wiggling them around, enjoy-
ing the embarrassment and discomfort she was creating
in her spoiled brat client. Then she removed her fingers
and, getting more jelly, she spread it over her fake
phallus. I felt myself getting excited as I realized
that Sheila intended to give Shannon what had been
intended for me. And she was going to take it!

"You know where this is going, don’t you Shannon?"
Shannon said nothing, just nodded meekly. "And you
deserve it, don’t you?"

Another nod. "Good," Sheila said. "I’m glad you see
things my way."

Sheila took the head of the dildo and placed it in the
crack of Shannon’s ass. I could see Shannon’s body tense
and she took a deep breath. Sheila taunted her. "Oh,
we’re going to have fun now, Shannon dear. Spread your

Shannon obeyed, reaching back with both hands to pull
her cheeks apart. Sheila stared down at the small brown
hole that she was about to stretch wide. As she placed
the dildo at the tender opening, I wondered if Shannon
had ever had anything so large inserted there. Then,
using her hands on Shannon’s waist for leverage, Sheila
began to slowly push her hips forward, forcing the huge
head into the tight brown hole.

Shannon groaned. "Uhhhhnnghhh." Her whole body trembled
as that long pole invaded her body.

Sheila stopped once she got the head inside. Shannon
tried to catch her breath and relax. After a few
seconds, Sheila began to push again. I watched,
fascinated, as that thick monster disappeared into her
lovely bottom. Shannon began to grunt and groan loudly,
her hands grabbing at the sheets, her head moving
back and forth. It was a highly erotic scene.

About halfway in, Sheila stopped. "How does that feel,
Shannon?" she asked. "Does my big cock feel good in
that tight ass of yours?" Shannon was quiet for several
seconds. For emphasis, Sheila began to spank her bottom,
making red patches where her hand smacked the creamy
white globes. Finally, Shannon quietly answered "Yes."

"Oh good," Sheila said in a mockingly pleasant tone,
"Because you’re going to get a LOT more of it before
we’re done."

Shannon just moaned quietly and dropped her head to the
pillow. Then Sheila began to slowly pull the cock out
of her new victim’s ass. As I watched, I could see the
ring of Shannon’s anus extending as it gripped the
intruding device. Sheila pulled out almost all the way
and paused again. I could see almost the full twelve
inches poised for the next move. "I just wanted to make
sure I used enough lubricant, dear. I didn’t want any
resistance when I did … THIS!!!" With that last word,
Sheila moved forward quickly with all her might, jamming
the full length of the rubber cock into Shannon’s

There was a shriek of surprise and pain. Shannon’s back
arched violently, her head snapping back, her eyes open
wide in shock. Her whole body shook, spasms running up
her spine in reaction to the feeling in her backside.
She struggled to catch her breath, quick, sharp intakes
through her clenched teeth.

Sheila held the dildo in place, savoring the sight be-
fore her, her complete mastery over this master bitch.
"Your ass is mine, Shannon. I’m going to butt-fuck you.
I’m going to ream your asshole until you beg for mercy!"

I expected some reaction to that from usually sassy
young actress. Instead, as she at last got over that
initial assault, she relaxed and put her head back on
the pillow. Then, to my utter surprise, she lewdly
raised her butt just a bit, offering up her buttocks
and tender asshole to Sheila to do as she pleased. The
bitch had become the slave.

Sheila began to slowly move her tool in and out of
Shannon’s ass while spanking her occasionally for good
measure. Reaching forward, she cupped each of Shannon’s
breasts in her hands, rolling the nipples between her
fingers, pulling back as she forced the dildo harder
and faster between those shapely cheeks. Shannon was
moaning louder now, apparently enjoying the abuse and
the erotic feelings from her breasts and her very full
bottom. Her head was sideways on the pillow, facing me.

Her eyes were open, but I don’t think she was even aware
of me now. She stared vacantly, lost in the submissive
decadence of being anally raped by another woman. She
seemed almost delirious, talking incoherently to her-
self. "…up my ass.. up my ass… Ohhhhhhh…. God…

Needless to say, I was getting really turned on watching
all this. And of course, I had had little satisfaction
for myself up to this point, except when I snuck my
hand between my own legs. Perhaps sensing this, Sheila
asked me as she continued to drive into Shannon, "Say,
Karen, do you need some relief?"

"Well…I guess so," I said.

"Shannon, I think Karen needs someone to do her. Would
you like to eat some pussy, Shannon?"

This woke Shannon up a bit. Looking concerned, she shook
her head "No." Surprisingly, this appeared to be some-
thing new for her. "Oh come now, Shannon," Sheila said.
"I think it’s time you had a taste of another woman. Go
ahead, Karen. Give it to her." I certainly wasn’t going
to argue. Moving to the top of the bed, I positioned
myself directly in front of Shannon. I spread my legs
wide, pushing my by now very wet crotch forward.
Obviously distressed, Shannon turned her head to the
side to avoid having my pussy in her face. But Sheila
would have none of that.

Grabbing Shannon’s hair, she pulled her head up and
forward, so that her mouth was just inches from my wet
spot. "I SAID DO IT!"

Defeated, Shannon closed her eyes and meekly stuck her
tongue out. I inched forward until my throbbing clit
came into contact with that sweet, soft tongue. An
electric charge went up my spine as my former mistress
began to use her mouth on my grateful private parts.
Grabbing her hair, I mashed her face between my legs,
rubbing myself all over her. The pleasure of feeling
her lick me was almost surpassed by the erotic sight of
Shannon’s pretty face working between my legs, her lips
and cheeks coated with my fluids. Shannon whimpered and
moaned into my pussy as Sheila continued to drive that
foot-long cock deep into her bowels.

With all the build-up, it was only a minute of two be-
fore I had a very intense orgasm.. As my thighs clenched
hard around Shannon’s head, the waves of pleasure seemed
to go on forever.

When I finally relaxed my grip on her, she pulled away
gasping for breath – I guess I sort of suffocated her
with my heat! Despite the intensity, I made her give me
two more orgasms. At one point, I even pushed her head
down a little so she could wipe her tongue over the
sensitive tissue of my asshole. By that time, Shannon
must have succumbed to the joys of submission, because
she eagerly kissed my anus and worked her tongue inside.

Sheila, of course, was enjoying her dominant role. I
would guess that she had been seething for years at the
lack of respect she got from her client. Nonetheless,
ravaging Shannon’s asshole was more a mental pleasure
than a physical one, so eventually Shannon had to serve
Sheila, too. Forcing the bratty actress onto her back,
Sheila climbed onto her famous face. For the next half
hour or so, Shannon got to experience her favorite
lawyer in the most personal way. Sheila literally sat
on her face, completely immersing it in her very wet
pussy, followed by a long period between the cheeks of
her ass. She took Shannon’s hands and placed them on
her breasts, to tweak the nipples while her tongue and
lips worked down below.

As I watched, the pretty blonde lawyer turned the pre-
viously cocky actress into her personal lesbian slut.
I could hear Shannon’s muffled moans of lust as Sheila
pressed her full weight onto her slaving mouth.
Shannon’s hands roamed all over Sheila’s body, playing
with her breasts, cupping her buttocks, gently caressing
the smooth skin of her back. It was obvious now that she
was enjoying the abuse.

When Sheila finally climbed off, Shannon’s whole face
was shiny with her secretions. Sheila told her to lick
her lips. Shannon eagerly did this and more, wiping the
fluids from her cheeks to her mouth to get a final taste
of her new mistress. As a final indignity, Sheila had
Shannon masturbate in front of us. We watched intently
as the young actress played with herself, working her
fingers into her pussy and, at Sheila’s insistence,
up her tender asshole, shamelessly pleasuring herself
for us. By the time she exploded in orgasm, I had become
so excited that I had to do the same to myself.

The next morning, I got dressed and returned to my hotel
room. Before I left, Sheila gave me her card. "Next time
you’re in LA, give me a call," she said. "I’d like to
get together, and I have a feeling Shannon would, too."

I smiled. "You don’t have any other famous clients, do

That brought a laugh from Sheila. "Not like this one,"
she said. Then, with a distant look, almost to herself,
she murmured, "Well, except maybe Holly Marie…"

As I rode to the airport, I was already thinking of
excuses for another trip to Los Angeles.

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