A Simple Confession

Title: A Simple Confession

Author: tevok

Celebs: Anna Kendrick, Kristen Stewart

Codes: FF, cons, oral, anal, toys, rom

Disclaimer: This story is not real; these events did not happen, nor are they likely to, and are not meant to represent how these celebrities act in real life. This is purely fantasy, and should be treated as such. Minors should not read further.

Notes: Story request/idea from a reader, which I promised to write and did; hope he likes. Anyway, feedback is always appreciated and welcome, either through the forums or my email: xtevok@gmail.com


English is not my first language, so forgive any minor mistakes.



Neither girl could quite believe what was happening at the moment.


Anna Kendrick and Kristen Stewart, two big name starlets in the cinema business. Friends since their days together filming the ‘Twilight’ movies, somewhat lapsed ever since. And here they were, inside an elevator, making out passionately as their hands roamed each other’s bodies.


How the hell had things come to this?


‘A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature, to stop speech when words become superfluous.’


Truer words had never been spoken, nor anything that could better explain their situation.


“God… I’ve been wanting to do that for so long…” Kristen spoke between kisses, trailing down from Anna’s lips to her neck.


“Hhhmmm… Then why didn’t you do so… KStew?” Anna answered, craning her head to the other side to give Kristen a better angle to kiss and suckle her neck, not minding that she would likely end up with hickeys.


“I was just too much of a coward…” Kristen spoke, nibbling hard on the junction between Anna’s neck and shoulder and earning a yelp and moan from her.


“You were a cute coward…” Anna said, grabbing on Kristen’s brown locks to bring her head back up again towards a new kiss. The two once more made out, gently at first before their tongues came out to play almost simultaneously, softly tangling against each other.


“Well, what is it KStew?”


“I… I don’t really think I can say it…”


“C’mon KStew, spit it out!”




Looking back, Anna would always remember how freaking adorable the scene had been: Kristen all flustered, blushing like mad as she tried to confess her long felt feelings towards her crush—Anna herself. It had been adorkable and, once she got what Kristen was trying to do, she couldn’t help showing her support with a gentle kiss.


Looking back, Kristen would remember that as the end to her long-regretted suffering. Ever since their first encounter, back in the first ‘Twilight’ set a decade before, she had a crush on Anna; a crush that had returned full-force in their event together, and which she finally managed to confess… sort of.




The elevator’s doors began to open, and Kristen and Anna barely had time to separate; luckily for them, though, there was no one in the hall. Taking the younger girl’s hand in hers, Anna gingerly led Kristen towards her hotel room.


The door to Anna’s apartment had barely closed behind them before Kristen was pushed against it, the smaller woman upon her like a predator. They each had a hand tangled on the other’s hair, pulling their faces as close as possible as their lips and tongues continued to play against each other. Their kiss was needful, hungry, but loving all the same.


After a couple minutes of making out, the couple broke away slightly to regain their breaths. Anna moved her face down to Kristen’s neck, nuzzling against her while laying small kisses along the pristine white skin.


“You can’t imagine how much I regret not telling you before…” Kristen began, moaning as Anna began giving small bites on the junction of her neck and shoulders, returning her own previous actions.


Kristen had some regrets in her life, true. She regretted her affair with Rupert Sanders. Regretted the forced relationship with Robert Pattinson. Regretted not having come out of the closet earlier.


But above all, she regretted never having told Anna of her feelings.


“Doesn’t matter now, I’m gonna make sure to compensate for the time lost.” Anna told her, leaning up to give her a quick kiss on the lips. “Now come on, let’s go to the bed.”


Anna could barely contain her giggling at Kristen’s dreamy and flushed looks as she guided the younger girl to her bed. With her awkwardness and her little black dress, Kristen looked a cross between adorable and sexy, something Anna liked very much.


Back when they first met, Anna had always found Kristen adorable. At the those times on the ‘Twilight’ movies’ sets, however, she had always chalked up her awkwardness and almost avoidance of her to grumpiness; after all, considering the conditions under which she filmed, who wouldn’t be grumpy?


Now she understood she wasn’t grumpy… well, not just grumpy. She had been a schoolgirl interacting with her crush.


As they came upon the bed, Anna motioned for Kristen to get on it, almost pushing the girl on it. Kristen crawled into the bed without a second thought and, as she turned around to look at Anna, her breath caught on her throat.


“See something you like, KStew?”


While Kristen climbed on the bed, Anna pulled the straps of her white dress down her shoulders and allowed the dress to fall her petit frame; by the time Kristen turned around, her dress was pooling down on the ground, leaving the sight of a topless and nearly naked—sans her panties—Anna Kendrick for Kristen Stewart to find.


“W-wow…” Kristen almost whispered, her voice so low.


Anna giggled and struck a sexy pose for her, biting her lips seductively and pushing out her chest. “Well, am I as good as you expected, KStew?”


Kristen unconsciously licked her lips as she nodded. “Every bit as beautiful…”


Anna smirked and giggled again, before climbing onto the bed. “Thanks, you perv.”


As if on a trance Kristen began crawling towards Anna, her eyes fixed on Anna’s beautiful, naked tits as she reached out to them; while they were relatively big, on Anna’s frame they certainly stood out impressively.


“Yes… You like my breasts, KStew?” Anna asked with a moan as Kristen’s hands found her breasts and fondled them, each hand taking in a glorious piece of tit flesh and squeezing slightly. Kristen didn’t answer as she was too entranced on the action, rubbing and pulling on the breasts rhythmically in an almost hypnotically fashion. “Did you dream of fondling them, KStew? Of doing… things to them?”


“Did you want to suck on them, you little pervert?”


The words broke Kristen off her trance and made her look up at Anna, half expecting to find a sneer or something like that on her face; instead, she found Anna smiling down at her, a smug little grin on her face.


“Well, KStew? You are certainly perving on my breasts quite nicely; wanna taste them as well?”


Kristen stood there, looking up at Anna’s face for a moment, before grinning. “I would love to.”


“Then go ahead.” With one hand Anna grabbed one of her breasts, which Kristen had let go, and pushed it up, as if presenting it to Kristen. The other hand she brought to the back of Kristen’s head and pushed it down towards her chest, trying to get her mouth to her tit. “Suck on them, KStew… Oooohh!”


And suck on Anna’s tits Kristen did.


She gave a tentative lick at first, batting the hardened nipple with her tongue before circling around the areola, earning a moan from Anna. Before long Kristen did something she always dreamed of: she placed her mouth on Anna’s round boob, kissing around it a little before suckling on the bountiful flesh.


“Oooohhh Kris…” Anna moaned as Kristen continued to suck around her boob, occasionally giving small nibbles that made the ‘Pitch Perfect’ star jump a bit.


Then Kristen went for the mercy kill.


“Hhhhhmmmm!!!” Anna bit her lips to not cry out, as Kristen nibbled and rolled her nipple between her teeth before giving it a big suck, taking her nipple and part of her tit in her mouth and suckling like a baby. “Yes, that’s it… C’mon, do the other one too…”


Once she was done slobbering on Anna’s tit, Kristen did as she was told and traded it for the other one, proceeding to repeat her movements: she caressed it, nibbled and licked, then suckled hard on it as if trying to get some milk. All the time Anna cradled her head, caressing her hair while moaning and speaking encouraging words to her.


“Oooohhh…” Anna grabbed Kristen’s hair with a bit more force to pull her out of her chest, making her look up to her. She smirked at Kristen’s dazed look. “Nice one KStew… You are such a nice little perv, aren’t you? What next, want me to return the favor? Or…” Anna grinned predatorily. “Want to continue perving on me, and eat my pussy?”


Kristen’s eyes widened at this, a little smile coming to her face.


Anna merely smirked back. “Then give me some space… you sexy bitch.”


There was something about Anna’s words that made her shiver, but nonetheless Kristen did as she was told and gave her space. While watching as Anna sexily took her panties off, Kristen began to feel overdressed; she began undoing her dress’ belt and threw it off…


“Wait, wait!” Anna stopped her. “No way, if you are gonna undress you better give me a show, KStew! Now, stand up!”


Anna barked the order like a sergeant speaking to a private, and like one Kristen obeyed and stood up on the bed itself. Sitting cross-legged on the bed and looking up at her, her panties already thrown somewhere in the room, Anna decided to coach Kristen on giving her a strip show.


“Now, pull the dress’ straps a bit to the side… Let if fall off a bit down the arms, like that… Strike a pose for me…” Kristen did as Anna requested/ordered, feeling herself blush a bit at the interaction. There was something about receiving orders from Anna that made her feel so small, so submissive…


She loved it, for some reason.


“Now let the dress fall a bit, but slowly… Yes, show me those breasts…” Anna licked her lips as the dress indeed fell a bit, the cleavage giving way to a fully bare look at Kristen Stewart’s breasts. “Nice, they look amazing on you KStew…”


“But they are so small…” Kristen complained a bit, looking down at her own chest and then looking at Anna’s saliva-covered one.


Anna did not miss the look. “They are perfect for your size, KStew. What, you wanted big boobs like mine? You perv.”


There it was again, Anna calling her a pervert. For some reason, Kristen felt herself shiver in delight whenever Anna did it; with Stella, it was usually her the one doing the dirty talk but being the subject of Anna’s just made her stomach flutter.


“Now come on, keep letting the dress fall you sexy bitch.”


Kristen obediently did as she was told, slowly allowing the dress to reveal her body to Anna; like the woman before her, only her panties kept her from being fully naked.


“God KStew, you look so…” Anna said, not finishing her words as she let out a moan. This made Kristen finally notice: one of Anna’s hands was down between her crossed legs, caressing her own pussy lips.


Anna Kendrick was literally masturbating to her body. Just the knowledge of it made Kristen’s pussy dampen, and almost gush in pleasure.


As her fingers hooked on her panties to take it off as well, Kristen was stopped by Anna suddenly lurching forward and grabbing her by the back of her legs, forcing Kristen to lose balance and fall backwards. Luckily Kristen did not hit her head on the wall, instead falling on the bed.


“W-?” Before she could voice anything, Kristen found Anna lying above her, pinning her down on the bed, and her mouth occupied as they kissed ferociously. She could feel Anna’s bigger chest pressing against her own, her hard nipples poking the flesh of her small tits; Anna’s legs also rubbed seductively against her own, her surprisingly wet pussy rubbing just above her own in a manner that made Kristen fight not to buckle her hips.


As their mouths separated, their tongues continuing to wrestle outside of their mouths, Anna’s hands moved down to hook on Kristen’s panties as she gently caressed the younger woman’s hips.


“So, KStew, can I do something… crazy?” Anna asked as their tongues retreated back into their mouth, their lips continuing just inches apart and their eyes half-lidded.


“You can do anything to me, Anna…” Kristen spoke submissively, her voice sounding surprisingly desperate.


Anna smirked before drawing back, crawling down until she was face to face with Kristen’s clothed pussy. Looking back up to Kristen, she kept her eyes trained on the younger girl as she began using her fingers to rub the outline of Kristen’s pussy through her panties…


Kristen moaned a bit, trying her best to keep eye contact with Anna. The older woman smirked as she brought both her hands to the panties, as if to tug on them…




And, in a surprising move, ripped the panties, revealing Kristen’s naked, slightly bushy pussy.


“Wha?!” Kristen yelped in surprise, raising her body slightly and her eyes opening wide.


“I asked you.” Anna said with a smirk, throwing away the ripped clothing before looking back at the to the prize before her. “Why am I not surprised you are a bit hairy down here?”


Kristen blushed but did not answer, eliciting a giggle from Anna. “Please…”


“Please what?” Anna asked, caressing slightly Kristen’s inner thighs as her fingers drew near her pussy. “Want me to eat you out? Is that what you want, you perv?”


Anna dipped her head down closer to it, giving it a sniff as she could smell Kristen’s arousal. Then, rather than place her mouth on it, she moved slightly up and tugged on Kristen’s pubic hairs with her teeth, earning a yelp from the girl.


“If you want that, then beg, bitch.” Anna said in a teasing way, continuing to bite and tug on Kristen’s pubic hair.


“Aaagh… Please, Anna… Please…” Kristen begged slightly, squirming a bit on the bed. “Please, eat me out… Make me your bitch…!”


The declaration blurted out of her mouth without her thinking it through, and to Kristen’s surprise Anna drew back from her ‘torturing’ to look up at her. Looking down at the older woman with a flushed look, she could see the smirk form on her face as she seemed satisfied with what Kristen had said.


“You asked for it, then.”


Bringing her teeth for a final tug on Kristen’s hairs, Anna began crawling down a bit before being face to face with her pussy proper. Looking at the pink in front of her, Anna tentatively let out her tongue, tracing around Kristen’s folds with it before starting to push it in between her pussy lips.


“Ooooohh… Ooohh Gooood…”


Kristen could barely believe it as she looked down her own body, seeing Anna’s head in between her legs as the—apparently more experienced—woman effortlessly made her moan. This whole scene was a literal dream come true, something she had fantasized of so many times she had lost count.


And, if she was being truthful, it was even better in reality.


Anna herself focused only on eating out Kristen to the best of her ability, pretty much making out with her pussy. Her eyes closed, she enjoyed the sweet taste of Kristen’s wetness as she sucked hard, her tongue finding the clit and batting it playfully when not thrusting in and out like a cock.


“Ooohhh Goood, Anna… Don’t stop…” As if to make sure of it, Kristen moved a hand down to Anna’s head, pushing it down further into her pussy.


Even with the pubic hair now tickling her nose and almost making it flare, Anna continued her ministrations with renewed intensity. In no time she had to bring her hands to hold Kristen’s hips as the girl began to squirm and buck upwards, and soon enough she began to feel the intensification of her pussy’s taste, a clear sign of what was coming…


“Ooooooohhhh!!!” Kristen moaned out, throwing her head back as she arched her back out of the bed.


As she suddenly found the fluid flowing into her mouth, Anna couldn’t help being surprised at how fast it was to make Kristen cum. She did not stop though, opening her mouth wide and lapping the juice up as it came into her mouth like a river. After a while, feeling Kristen’s hand loosen its hold on her head and her body start going limp, Anna drew back and slowly began crawling up Kristen’s body, laying small kisses along as she went up.


Finally Anna reached Kristen’s face, giving her a gentle kiss on the chin. Kristen’s eyes opened, still a bit hazy from her orgasm, and she smiled softly before shivering at Anna’s next words.


“You are my bitch now, Kristen.” Despite her ‘harsh’ words, Anna spoke with surprising gentleness before moving closer and giving Kristen a kiss.


Though she had kissed Anna Kendrick quite a lot so far, Kristen Stewart couldn’t help feeling her stomach flutter at this one. Anna hugged her as they kissed, lying naked side by side at the bed; she could still feel her own taste in Anna’s mouth, but she didn’t mind honestly.


After all, when kissing Anna Kendrick, who would care about that?


As they continued to kiss, their kiss slowly evolving from a gentle one to a full-blown make out, their hands got to roam at each other’s bodies. As Kristen’s hands moved down Anna’s hips and began moving between her legs, she stopped for a moment as she noticed something.


“You noticed it, eh?” Anna said as she drew back from the kiss. “How fucking wet I am? I almost came just from eating you out…”


“Then let me repay you.” Kristen gave a smirk, but was shot down the next moment by Anna shaking her head and giggling.


“No, KStew. As much as I would love to have you eat my pussy like a good little bitch…” Anna said, smirking as Kristen chuckled. “I think I have a better idea…”


Leaning forward to peck Kristen on the lips again, she stood from the bed and walked over to the bathroom, telling Kristen to wait.


As she did so, Kristen closed her eyes and sighed. When the day had began, she would never have expected to be in the situation she was in. All she expected was to go to this movie’s event, drink a bit, talk up some producers and guests, get bored as fuck…


If someone had said she would finally confess—well, kind of confess—to Anna Kendrick, she could have believed them; after all, Anna was going to be in the event as well.

If someone had said Anna would kiss her and make out with her right there in the bathroom, she would have laughed at how unbelievable a scenario that was.

If someone said she would eventually end up in bed with Anna eating her pussy, she would call them crazy.

And if they said what would happen next…


When the door to the bathroom opened again, Kristen opened her eyes and turned to it, raising a bit on the bed and leaning on her elbows. She looked on to find Anna there, leaning seductively against the doorframe, with…


Kristen’s breath got caught in her throat.


It was Anna Kendrick alright, the petit little ball of adorableness and hotness she dreamt of for years now. A naked Anna Kendrick, even better. But, between her legs, looking rugged and intimidating, was a fake cock; a 10 inches long, thick, black fake strapon.


“A-Anna?” Kristen asked, feeling herself blush as she imagined where this was going.


“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Anna said, smirking. “Well, you did say you were my bitch now. I kinda like to fuck bitches.”


Kristen’s mind pretty much shut down hearing it.


“So…” Anna pushed off from the doorframe and began walking over to the bed, her fake cock swinging a bit as she added a sexy swing to her hips in her walk. “How about you get in position like a good bitch, KStew?”




“Oooooh fuck yes!!”


“Yes, take it like the little bitch you are!”


As the hour went by, Kristen and Anna found themselves going at it like rabbits; they did it again and again with the strapon, Anna showing her proficiency with it as she pounded Kristen into the mattress and made her pussy all but squirt. Kristen found her mind and body going numb under Anna’s expert fucking, briefly wondering just with who Anna had done it before.


…Seriously, there was no way this was her first time.


As Kristen laid uncomfortably with her shoulders on the bed, her legs wrapped around Anna’s hips and being held by her as she stood up and piledrived down into the younger girl, Anna couldn’t help laughing in joy. Kristen was every bit the submissive one, letting her try and use her in every position she could imagine; the current one being just the newest ‘experiment’, the former ‘Twilight’ apparently approving of it as she moaned herself hoarse.


Anna made a mental note to fuck Kristen in this position again the next time.


…Seriously, there was no way they wouldn’t be fucking again. Kristen Stewart was her bitch now.


“Ooooohhh… AAAAAHHH FUCK!” Kristen screamed out as her body shook, Anna taking the chance to drive down as much as she could inside her and hold it there, making sure Kristen had a thick cock inside during her orgasm.


After a while Anna pulled back, letting go of Kristen’s legs and allowing the girl to fall fully into the bed; after watching Kristen come down from her orgasmic high, still in a drugged-like sex-induced state, she sat down on the bed herself and pulled Kristen to her, holding her head to her chest.


“Suck on these a bit… Yes…” Anna moaned slightly as Kristen did as she was told, softly sucking on Anna’s sweaty tits.


They stood on this position for some time, Anna Kendrick cradling Kristen Stewart as she sucked on her bosom like a baby, before Anna tugged lightly on Kristen’s hair to make her stop and look at her.


“There’s still one more thing I need to do, KStew.”


Kristen answered with a low moan. “Another one? I’m just so sore, Anna…”


“Oh, don’t worry.” Anna gave her a smirk. “This one won’t involve your pussy at all. Now… assume position, bitch!”


Unwilling to disobey her ‘mistress’, Kristen untangled herself from Anna and did as she was told, getting on all fours on the bed and looking back over her shoulder towards Anna, shaking her ass slightly in a ‘come and get it’ way.


As tired as she was, the prospect of getting fucked again by Anna Kendrick really spurred Kristen on.


Chuckling at Kristen’s eagerness, Anna moved to stand behind her kneeling. Making sure the strapon was in place, she grabbed onto Kristen’s hips and placed the head of her fake cock in position.


Except, this time, it wasn’t at the entrance to Kristen’s pussy.


“Wait, what are yo-!” Kristen began, but was forced to interrupt herself as Anna thrust forward and began to push against her asshole.


“What? You thought I wouldn’t do this?” Anna asked, smirking as she began pushing forward against the interference of Kristen’s tight anal sphincter. “Hhhmm… I told you you were my bitch now, and I intend to conquer that ass just like I did your pussy, got it?!” To emphasize her point, Anna gave her cheeks a strong slap that made Kristen jump a bit.


“Ooohh… But… It’s too big…” Kristen complained, her face scowling a bit at the pressure against her ass.


“Then you just got to…” Anna drew back a bit, before pushing forward with all the strength she could muster. “…get used to it!!!”


“AAAAAAHHHHH!!!” Kristen screamed in a bit of pain, most of the cock piercing through her asshole and into her insides. “Ooooh fuck… Take it out!”


“C’mon you little bitch, you know can take it!” Anna pretty much growled, reaching forward to grab Kristen by the hair and pulling on it. She made Kristen rise from her position until she was leaning on her, and forced her to turn her head to the side; taking a good look on Kristen’s scrunched up face, Anna kissed her hard, drowning the cries of pain while reaching a hand around to grab and squeeze Kristen’s small tits.


Meanwhile, she also slowly twirled her hips to try and nestle her cock in Kristen’s ass.


“C’mon bitch, you can take that cock…” Anna whispered to Kristen in a surprisingly gentle and loving manner in between kisses. True to her words, Kristen shut her eyes as she tried to relax her ass, all while Anna continued to move her hips to get her used to it.


“Hhhmmm… It hurts…” Kristen whimpered, though the pain in her voice seemed to be subsiding. Smirking at it, Anna gave her a kiss on the cheek and a sloppy lick along her neck before turning her head back to her for another kiss; this one Kristen answered with surprising passion, sloppily tangling their tongues together between their mouths. “Fuck me…” She said between kisses.


“Right away, you sexy bitch.” Anna said, drawing her hips back a bit and thrusting forward strongly, earning a weaker whimper from Kristen that signified things were way better now. Seeing as Kristen could now take it, Anna grabbed her hair again and pushed her down back on all fours, keeping her hold on Kristen’s hair like it was a horse’s reins.


It didn’t take long for the duo to be fucking like crazy once more.


“Oohhh yes… Yes…” Kristen soon began to moan, rocking her sweat-slick body back to meet Anna’s thrusts, her small tits bouncing as much as they could back and forward under her.


“Oooohh yes… I bet you’ve dreamt of this for so long, haven’t you KStew?!” Anna asked, moaning herself. Even though she couldn’t actually feel the fucking, she was enthusiastically thrusting her hips back and forward, loving the feel of her hips slapping against Kristen’s ass whenever she bottomed out the fake cock into her anus. “Bet you’ve been wanting to feel my cock up your ass, haven’t you?!”


“Yes… Yes I have…” Kristen groaned in answer, too far gone in the fucking to question her ‘mistress’. She looked over her shoulder at Anna, licking her lips tauntingly.


“That’s right, this is proof you are my bitch now!” Anna screamed, continuing to pull on Kristen’s hair as she rode her ass like a horse, quickening her pace in fucking the younger actress’ asshole. “This ass is mine now, hear it? This as belongs to my cock!”


“YES!!!!” Kristen cried out, feeling herself begin to reach the edge once more. How many times had she cummed during that night? She had no idea, but as yet another orgasm hit her, her anal muscles tightening around the plastic cock, she was certainly not disappointed with the likely numbers.


“Oh fuck you!” Anna cried out as well, beginning to give erratic thrusts as she too felt her body contract and spasm over Kristen.


The pleasure of the anal orgasm too much, Kristen’s arms let go and she fell forward on her belly on the bed; above her, Anna did the same, falling over Kristen with her strapon still nestled deep in her ass. The two stood in this position for some moments, both basking in the afterglow of their respective orgasms.


“Did… Did you just cum… From fucking my ass?” Kristen managed to eventually ask, turning her head to look at Anna over her shoulder.


The girl above her could only give a weak smirk, nuzzling her face against Kristen’s hair. “Yeah, just goes to show how fucking awesome your ass is.” With a groan Anna began lifting herself off Kristen, pulling her strapon off her asshole—which earned a moan from Kristen—before starting to remove it from her hips.


“Wait…” Kristen said, turning over on her back and looking at Anna. “Can you move it over here?”


“Huh?” Anna asked, raising an eyebrow.


“Let me clean it…”


Anna could barely believe what she heard. Was Kristen proposing to…? “Alright then.”


Indeed, as Anna crawled back up on the bed, Kristen moved herself down enough to stand eye-level with the plastic cock. Still seeing it wet by the combined juices of her pussy and ass, Kristen grasped it, feeling its ruggedness; moving her wrist as if jerking it, she moved her face closer and opened her mouth…


“Oh God, I can’t believe how nasty you can be KStew!” Anna squealed as Kristen began licking the head of the cock, soon moving to engulf it and beginning to fellate it.


Excitedly, Anna grabbed the back of Kristen’s head and pushed her forward, making Kristen moan and gag on the fake cock as she was forced to deepthroat as much as she could. “Seriously, KStew, you are such an amazing little slut for my cock… I need to present you to Ryan!”


“Ryan?” Kristen Stewart asked as she managed to escape Anna’s clutches and pull out, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.


“My personal dildo. Seriously, if you think this-” And Anna pointed at her 10 inch strapon. “-is big, you will love Ryan.”


“You… named your dildo Ryan?”


“Oh please, I bet you have one named Anna somewhere.” Anna said, a bit of mirth in her voice.


Removing the strapon, Anna laid down on the bed once more and pulled Kristen to her, pulling her into another make out session.


Their bodies soon tangled once more in the bed, Anna Kendrick and Kristen Stewart holding each other lovingly as they kissed passionately, tongues playing against each other as their hands caressed each other’s naked and sweaty bodies.


“I love you, Anna.” Kristen said between kisses.


“I might just love you as well, Kristen.” Anna answered in kind, holding her new lover close.


For Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick the night had turned unexpectedly good and pleasurable. And to think, it all began due to the difficulty of a simple confession…

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