A Slice Of Life : Playing With Christina And Sarah

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following story contains strong sexually explicit content. It is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18, nor by anyone who might be offended by such content (please see the story codes below for content themes before reading further).

This story is entirely fictional and is NOT descriptive, or prescriptive of reality. If you don’t know what that means-I implore you to stop reading now. It’s written for my own enjoyment-a sort of solidification of my fantasy as it were-and I’m making it available to others in the event that it might speak to others’ fantasies as well. In no way do I mean
this to offend anyone, especially the celebrities depicted. This is only my imagination getting the better of me and has nothing to do with my needs and desires in real life. Everyone has fantasies-you can’t fault people for that. I just happen to write some of them down, and I suppose you COULD fault me for THAT, but. I hope you don’t. 😉

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This story was written a couple years ago, so the Christina depicted here is pre-“Stripped” if you get my gist.

“A Slice of Life : Playing with Christina and Sarah”

by Torx –

Celebrities Featured – Christina Aguilera & Sarah Michelle Gellar

Story Codes – FF, MF, nc?, Humil, Fdom, Mdom, rough, oral

“Strap on your dick, Christina.” I ordered the hot little blonde. “Show Sarah how little sluts like her get fucked!” Christina Aguilera was dressed in a red printed tank top, a tight little pair of faded blue jeans and red high heeled pumps. She was a tight, thin, blonde slut who did what she was told. She stood in front of Sarah Michelle Gellar with her weight shifted onto one foot-her bare belly button at the level of Sarah’s pouty face. In her hand at her waist she dangled a huge black strap on dildo. She smiled at Sarah with an evil look in her baby blue eyes.

Sarah kneeled in front of Christina. She was dressed up in a black evening dress and slutty fishnet pantyhose. She was a cute little blonde who, with her eyeliner and pink lipstick looked like she’d just spent a night on the town. She knelt down on the hard floor in front of my little slut Christina and looked with big eyes at the big dick that Christina held in front of her face. Sarah was a submissive little cunt who looked like she was ready to be plugged.

Christina smiled and let out a little chuckle. My tight little blonde was going to fuck this girl like a bitch. “Here hold this, baby,” she said to Sarah as she stuffed the big black dick into Sarah’s mouth. “I need to get my pants off for you!”

“That’s right Christina, treat her like a slave,” I said. “Do you like that Sarah? Do you like the way Christina treats you? Huh? You’re her little sex slut.” Christina peeled her tight jeans off in front of Sarah, revealing her white g-string. “That’s right Sarah, you’re going to be tasting plenty of that hard dick tonight.” She looked at me with her big eyes, with the straps hanging from the hard dildo in her mouth.

“Look at me, bitch!” Christina said as she grabbed Sarah’s blonde hair and forced her cock filled face to look at Christina’s wet g-string. “See that, whore? Ohhhh, you make me so fucking wet, baby. Smell that!” She grabbed the back of Sarah’s head and forced her to sniff her dripping cunt. Christina untied her g-string, peeled it slowly off her soaked pussy lips and let it fall to the floor below. “Are you ready to get throat fucked, baby?” She grabbed the dildo and slipped it up over her tight thighs.

“Oh please, throat fuck me, mistress,” said Sarah as she panted in front of Christina.

Christina grabbed her by the hair and said, “you call me daddy, little BITCH! You’re getting fucked by a man today little girl! Don’t you want to ream her too, honey,” she asked with a coy smile.

“No baby,” I said. “Come here, slut.” Christina had finished strapping on her monster dick. She left Sarah with a smile and started to walk over to me with her tight red tank top still on. “Bring me your wet, white panties little girl!” She stopped and bent over to pick up her soaked g-string, and walked over to me with it. I moved real close to her hot smiling face and smelled her blond hair. My dick was rock hard. I grabbed her blonde hair with one hand and pulled her ear to my mouth. I slipped my other hand under her dildo and down her soft slit. “Did you shave for me slut?” I whispered while I stared at Sarah kneeling on the floor. “Are you shorn and wet, little girl? Huh, baby?” She nodded, panting, as I felt up the little bitch’s shaved pussy. “Oooh that’s a good little girl,” I whispered. “Don’t forget what you are.” I stuffed my finger into her wet hole. “You fuck toy. You’re mine, baby. You’re mine to throat fuck whenever I please.” I sniffed her soft blonde hair and pulled it as I forced her to look at Sarah. Then I brought her wet g-string up to her face and stuffed it into her nose. “Now, whore, go fuck Sarah like I fuck you, and maybe-just maybe I’ll choke you with my dick tonight, slut.” With her hair pulled and her head tilted back, I pushed her toward Sarah, and gave her a hard spank on her tight, bare ass.

Christina regained her balance and walked up to Sarah sporting a big black rubber dick inches from Sarah’s face. She smiled at Sarah, then at me, then grabbed Sarah’s blonde hair. “Suck my dick, slut!” she said, and then forced her dick into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah reacted by raising her hands and putting them on Christina’s hips, pushing them away. “Hands down, baby. Put your hands on your knees, whore. Don’t make me tie you up!”

“Yeaasshhh, daashddy,” said Sarah as she complied.

“What slut?” Christina pulled out of Sarah’s mouth.

“Please fuck my throat, daddy,” Sarah said on her hands and knees, looking up at the big black dick Christina wore.

“Oooh, you little slut! You make me hard, sugar! Open your mouth, fuck hole!” ordered Christina. “Yeah! Look at those soft hot lips. Stick your tongue out for me baby. Pant like a little bitch and look at me.”

Sarah did as she was ordered. She sat in front of Christina looking up at her panting like a little dog in heat. “Choke fuck her Christina!” I ordered.

“Ooooh, you look so hot, baby.” Christina said as she bent her legs and grabbed the back of Sarah’s head. “Open wide, little girl!” She slowly guided her huge black dick into Sarah’s helpless mouth. Inch by inch she stuffed her dick down Sarah’s throat until she finally gagged.


“Oooh that turns me on!” Christina said as she slowly pulled out of Sarah’s mouth. “Now say thank you!” she said like a daddy teaching her daughter good manners.

Out of breath Sarah answered, “Thank you daddy.”

Christina thrust her hips into Sarah’s face as she had her soft hands cupped around the back of her head. “GOOD girl. yeah, take it baby! This is how little sluts get fucked!”

Christina slowly inched forward again, deliberately sliding down Sarah’s throat as she struggled to take all of it. “Gahhhcccchhhhggkk,” choked Sarah.

“Oooooo Baby!” Christina exclaimed as she slid out of Sarah’s mouth again. “What do we say?”

Panting and with a breathy moan Sarah said, “Thank y’.. Thank you, daddy.”

Christina stood smiling while she rubbed her rubber cock, now wet with Sarah’s saliva. “Do you want some more, honey?” she smiled, “Some more black DICK-OOHHHhhhh!!” Without waiting for an answer from the panting bitch on the floor, she grabbed the back of Sarah’s head and guided the strap on with other again down Sarah’s warm, soft, wet throat as she threw back her head in pleasure.

“Kaahhhkgggghrl, gghheuukkjjujjlll”

“YEAH, that’s what daddy likes!” My dick was throbbing hard as I watched Christina pump Sarah’s throat.

“Gaukkkch Koouuughffcchg” The hot little blonde was on her hands and knees now getting throat reamed with a big black rubber cock. She took it like a submissive slut.

Christina fucked Sarah’s mouth. “Oh yeah.. Good girl. Deep throat me, baby!!” Christina, with clock-like regularity and deliberate patience started thrusting her hips forward and burying her rubber dong into Sarah’s pliant young throat. “Yeah!”

“Ggggaaakkkgggghhffff” Sarah struggled to take Christina’s dick with her fishnet covered legs spread wide underneath her black evening dress. Stringers of girl-drool snaked out the corners of her mouth and then dripped off her chin in think dollops onto the floor.

“Yeah!!!” Christina thrust again as she manhandled the back of Sarah’s head and blonde hair.

“GGGKkkkkaacchggghh” gagged Sarah.

“YyyyyyEEAAAAAHHH!!! Take it all, you stupid SLUT!” said Christina as she thrust her dick into Sarah’s mouth all the way down until the rubber balls slapped on her drool soaked chin. Sarah tried to get away, but Christina had the back of her head in a death grip as he bent legs forced the 10″ rubber dong down Sarah’s throat. She held it there as she looked at me and smiled.

“Gaaakkgghh, HhhhhAAAAHHhggggfff, KKKcchhhaaaffggghh.” Sarah struggled in vain.

“Oooh, you hot little MUFFIN!! Come on!” Christina chided.

As Christina continued thrusting and gagging Sarah’s overfucked throat, I got up and walked over to them. I squatted down so that my face was right next to Sarah’s while she took that cock. I leaned into her ear and whispered, “You like that, baby? You like being throat reamed?” Sarah was trying to catch her breath between dildo thrusts. She nodded right before she took another thrust from my baby.

“I like to FUCK whores!” cried Christina and she pumped her little girl toy.

“Gahhcchhkk.” choked Sarah.

I whispered, “How do like the way my little fuck slut fucks her little bitch? Huh!?”

With that, Christina pulled out of Sarah’s mouth and started stroking her rubber dick. “Yeah baby, you hot mouth makes my dick hard!” She said and then laughed at Sarah who coughed and caught her breath. I got up and looked at Christina.

“Good girl!” I petted her blonde hair. Now fuck her, and maybe I’ll give you my dick, baby.

“Come here, bitch!” said Christina as she grabbed Sarah by the hair. “Sit in that chair, cunt!” She threw Sarah into a striped chair. She then grabbed Sarah’s young fishnet legs and pulled her down into a slump until her cunt was resting on the chair’s edge. Christina looked at me with a wink, then licked her hand and grabbed her dick. “Oooh. it’s time for you to get fucked now, baby. You’ve been a really good girl!” With that she guided her soaked dick into Sarah’s wet, hairless cunt. “Oooooo baby,” she said as she threw her head back. “That’s nice baby!” She slowly pumped Sarah’s cunt with her strap on dildo. “You like that little girl?”

“Yes, Yes daddy. fuck me some more. oh please!” Sarah said with her drool soaked mouth.

” Oooh yeah, that’s what daddy likes! Did you like getting your throat reamed out, honey? Did you like it when daddy fucked your mouth?!” Christina pumped young Sarah with her dick.

“Yeah. oh yeah, daddy. I like to be choked with big dicks. Did I do good, daddy? Did I?” Sarah said as innocently as she could.

“Yeah, you did a good job, whore. Ooohhh.” My hot little slut Christina fucked that bitch like a man would fuck her, but I was about ready to treat her like the little bitch dog she really is. She said, “Maybe I’ll pay you a dollar for being such a good fuck, baby!”

“Oh yeaaaahh. ” Sarah exclaimmed as she got slowly fucked by Christina.

“Ohhh I’m gonna cum baby. I’m gonna cum. Are you ready for my cum juice to squirt into your hot pussy!?” asked Christina.

“Oh yes. oh please cum in me, and let it drip out of my slut cunt!”

“Ohh yeah!!!” Christina said as her right hand grabbed the bulb full of fake semen on the side of the strap on. “YEAAAAHHH BABY!!!” She squeezed as she continued to fuck Sarah. Hot white fake cum squirted into Sarah’s wet cunt. “Ohh yeah, little slut! YEAHHH!” She squeezed and pumped that girl some more. “More baby more more!!!” Christina squeezed so much cum into Sarah’s hot hole that it started to squirt back out as Christina continued to thrust her dick into it. “Yeah baby. yeah. Now suck my cock, bitch.” Christina climbed on top of the chair and made ready to thrust her now cum soaked dick into Sarah’s mouth. “Take it, whore,” she said as she grabbed Sarah’s head and fed her her dick. I saw the fake cum oozing out of Sarah’s cunt as my little slut pumped in and out of Sarah’s mouth. “Yeah good girl!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I rose to my feet and grabbed Christina’s hair. I pulled her off the chair. I whispered in her ear. “You came to early, bitch!” Then I pulled her hair downward and made her get on her knees.

“I’m sorry, honey!! I’m sorry!” My pulling her hair forced her head back as she sat on her knees.

“Lie down honey. lie down, bitch. Get on the ground. For coming too early Sarah’s going to have a little fun with you, baby.”

“No. no baby, I’m sorry!” she said.

“Too late slut. You do what you’re told.” Her spent strap on lay on her stomach, now somewhat loosened from all the action, as I forced her to lie on her back.

“No.. no!!!”

“Yes, baby. Sarah come here.” I grabbed Sarah’s hand and got her out of the chair. “Do you want to have some fun with little Christina?”

“No.. no honey I’m sorry!” Christina said.

Sarah’s cum soaked lips smiled and she nodded. “Go over and squat down over her hot mouth and squeeze all that fake cum out of your cunt, baby.” Sarah smiled bigger and moved to do it.

“No. no baby. no I’ll be good!”

“Don’t you worry Sarah, I won’t let her hurt you. Don’t you want to treat her like a little slut?”

“Oooh yeah!” She squatted over Christina’s face. I grabbed Christina’s hair and forced her to stay there and take her own medicine.

“Don’t you want to taste your own cum baby? Open wide!” I said into her ear as the first dollup of cum dangled out of Sarah’s wet cunt in front of Christina’s mouth.

“Yeah, baby!” Sarah laughed, “Eat it!”

“No .. No daddy!” She struggled under Sarah’s squatting legs and looked to the side and warm white fake sum started dripping onto her cheek.

“More Sarah. more baby.”

“No. no!!” I grabbed her face and steadied her mouth under Sarah’s dripping cunt as another shower of hot cum landed on my slut’s red lips.

“Oooh baby, that’s hot!” Sarah said as she laughed at Christina’s humiliation.

“That’s right, take it CUNT!” I said as a last few dollups of cum dripped out of Sarah’s cunt onto Christina’s nose. “Good girl! Sarah was your little fuck toy, and now it’s cum back to bite you hasn’t it baby. You humiliated slut!”

“No daddy.. Sarah’s just a little bitch!”

“That’s right honey, and so are you. Now sit up, wench. Sarah, you get on your knees next to Christina, and watch her get throat reamed just like a little girl slut!”

There they sat, my two little fuck toys side by side on their knees. I stood and grabbed Christina’s hot blonde hair and said, “Open wide, baby.. Sarah, you watch your little slut daddy get throat reamed!”

“Nnn..” Stammered Christina as I slid my dick down her throat.

“Yeah, baby. that’s hot!” smiled Sarah as she saw her would be master start to get throat fucked.

“Ghhaakkakk Kahhaakkkggh gghhhuhkkh”

“Yeah baby. take it,” I said as I forced my hard dick down Christina’s tiny throat while Sarah watched. I couldn’t hold it much longer. Christina with her blonde hair and her cum covered face was throat fucking my cock with her soft wet tongue.

“Ghhauuchhghg khhaauuugh”

“Yeah baby. YEAH!” I thrusted in and out of her tight mouth.

“Kaahhgggaggh, Gahhhaaahhkkk”

“Good girl! Are you ready to see my big cock squirt all over Christina’s young face Sarah?!”

“Yeah. yeah baby. humiliate her like a whore!”

“Ooh yeah. you want that Christina!?” I asked.


With that I pulled out of her throat and started jerking off my cock in front of her already cum covered face.

I grabbed the top of her head and forced her down so she was facing up at me-ready to accept my load. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and begged, “No baby, No!”

“Yes baby, yes!” I said. “Now open your mouth and stick your little tongue out!”

“No.. no”

“Yes, baby. Oppppeeenn.” She did just as I started to cum. White hot cum that I’d been saving since I forced her to give me head this morning and she couldn’t get me off before we were interrupted crept up the shaft of my cock. I saw her soft wet tongue and her gold blonde hair and started to drop m load right onto her thick red lips. “Watch closer Sarah!” I said and she put her face only centimeters from Christina’s cum accepting mouth. I dropped another squirt over Christina’s nose and on her cheek. “Good girl.” Then I pulled her head forward and forced her to swallow my dick for the last squirt.

“Ghaaaaghghkffff” she choked as I squirted the last of my load down her tight throat. I pulled my dick out, and Christina coughed and gagged on the remainder of my hot cum. I couldn’t distinguish my cum from her own as I looked at my sluts cum soaked face and finally released her head. “Good girl! Now Sarah, I want you to take those handcuffs and cuff her to the chair. How would YOU like to fuck my slut’s throat for a while?”

Sarah smiled and Christina growled, “You fucker!!”

“Shutup slut,” I said, “Sarah and I aren’t done with you yet baby.” I laughed-knowing that Christina lived for this kind of sexual humiliation.

Christina’s face was covered in both fake and real cum. Thick drops of it stuck to her thin little nose and dangled off the side of her cheeks as the gooey slut looked up at me with the smallest hint of a smile I knew she couldn’t hide.

” Here..” I said as I reached into my pocket. “Here’s a dollar you whore!” I flicked the bill at her spooge soaked face as it stuck to her nose. Meanwhile, Sarah had gleefully snicked a pair of handcuffs around Christina’s tiny wrists.

The End

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading my silly story. Constructive feedback would be most welcome. Please email me at torx73@comcast.net.

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