A Slight Detour

A Slight Detour

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home.
Something inspired by my friend Mesmer Eyes. Enjoy.

Ashley Judd had always been seen as something of the black sheep of the
family. First of all, instead of going into country music as her famous
mother and sister,
she had turned instead to acting, turning a few small roles in independent
films into major Hollywood stardom. Also, there had been quite a few bad
feelings between
mother and daughter over the
nude scenes Ashley had done in her films in
the past.
But, they were still family after all, and you just couldn’t get rid of
those ties. Which was what was bringing Ashley to the small country roads
of the deep South, trying
to find the small town where her mother, Naomi, and her sister, Wyonna,
were shooting a music special. The two had invited Ashley along as a
special guest for the
show and Ashley had agreed to it. Now all she had to do was find the
That was proving a lot more difficult than she had first thought and
Ashley was becoming more and more convinced that she was going the wrong
way to this town.
Damn assistant had probably gotten the address wrong yet again. If he
didn’t make such good coffee, she’d have fired him long ago. But this was
just too much. For all
Ashley knew, she wasn’t even in the right state right now, let alone the
right county. To make matters worse, her cell phone had picked just that
moment to conk out,
meaning she was driving along one dirt road after another, dust kicking up
onto the open roof of the convertible, streaking her face and black hair
and settling over her
nice dress. Ashley brushed some hair out of her face as she continued on
her way, trying to find a road that might lead back to the highway. Maybe
from there she
could get a sense of where she was and get back on track.
After so long on the open road, the sight of a small house was a welcome
one to Ashley.
She pulled herself into the small rocky driveway, a large pickup truck the
only other car there. She stepped out and started moving towards the
house, dust still
attached to the blue dress that showed off an ample amount of leg. Ashley
hoped she wouldn’t be recognized here.
Despite her appearance in some hit movies, she was still able to go
somewhat unrecognized sometimes and hoped this would be one of them, not
wanting to involve
herself with an autograph hound with a bad Southern accent.
She smoothed out her dress and hair as much as she could before knocking
on the door.
She waited a few moments, then knocked again. It took another minute for
the door to open and a large, burly-looking man with an uncombed mop of
brown hair,
wearing jeans a shirt appeared.
"Yeah?" he asked in a rough Southern tone.
"Um, hi, I’m Ashley," Ashley said, putting her best dazzling smile up.
"I’m trying to get to this town called Miller’s Creek and I think I’m
"I’ll say," the man said. "You’re about fifty miles away from Miller’s
"Ah, damn," Ashley said, biting her lip. "Um, do you have a phone or
something I can borrow? I need to call some people and tell them I’m going
to be late."
"Phone’s down for a while," the man said. "They’re trying to fix it but it
could be a few hours. You can stay and wait if you want."
Ashley took a moment to think about it. The guy didn’t seem dangerous and
she doubted he would suddenly go Deliverance" on her. Plus, she hadn’t
seen any
other signs of life for a long while. So, why not take a break for a bit?
After the hard day driving, she could use it.
She let the man, who introduced himself as Lars, lead her to the main
living room. The house wasn’t the stereotypical Southern dump but it
wasn’t exactly lavish either,
needing another coat of paint and wallpaper. Still, Lars kept it all in
good shape and Ashley was sure insulting his decor was hardly going to
endear herself to him.
Lars proved to be a pretty good host after all. He cooked a pretty good
cup of tea and soon Ashley was starting to enjoy herself as she talked to
him. He was a
simple farmer, eking out a decent life out of his work and seemed to put
up with the solitude pretty well.
"Must be a lot of stories involved with your family," Ashley said as she
sipped up the last of her tea. "If they’ve been here since the Civil War,
that’s a lot of history."
"Yep, it is," Lars said, nodding. "In fact, I carry part of that history
with me all the time."
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a large gold pocket watch
attached to a chain. He held it up before Ashley’s eyes, giving it a
slight tug to allow it to move
lightly from side to side.
"It belonged to my grandfather," Lars explained. "Passed it down to my
father, who passed it onto me. He got it on a trip to Vienna. It was given
to him by a
watchmaker there who showed him how to use it."
"What do you mean?" Ashley said, staring at the swinging watch.
"Well, you have to look at it," Lars said. "I mean, you really have to
look at it, you know, you have to look at it real carefully. Just look at
it, Ashley, just look at it
swinging in the air, Ashley, just look at it. That’s right, Ashley, just
keep looking at it, Ashley, keep looking at it swinging in the air, keep
looking at it swing, Ashley,
look at it swing back and forth, back and
forth, just look at the watch, Ashley, look at the watch swing. Watch it
swing back and forth, back and forth, Ashley, watch it swing back and
forth and you’re
beginning to feel yourself feeling sleepy, Ashley, you’re beginning to
feel very sleepy. Very sleepy, Ashley, you’re feeling very sleepy, so very
sleepy, Ashley, so very
sleepy. Just let it come over you, Ashley, just let this
feeling of sleep come over you, Ashley, let it the sleep just come over
you, Ashley, just let it come over you. That’s right, Ashley, that’s
right, just let the nice, wonderful
sleep come over you, Ashley, let the nice, wonderful sleep come over you,
Ashley, let it come over you. That’s right, Ashley, just go to sleep, just
go to sleep, Ashley,
just go to sleep. Close your
eyes and sleep, Ashley, sleep deeply."
Lars let the watch drift to a stop as he fixed his gaze on Ashley.
The actress was slumped onto her sofa, eyes closed and head bowed as she
fell into a trance. Lars could tell that his old
family watch had once again done its work. Of course, the hypnotic drug
placed into Ashley’s tea didn’t hurt matters much either, allowing him to
control his women
faster and better than his daddy or granddaddy had. He began to talk to
Ashley quietly, bringing her deeper and deeper into a trance state while
getting some
information about his new guest.
Soon, Lars was excited as he realized he had entranced a famous actress
with some interesting connections.
First though, he had to take care of a few things.

"Jerry? It’s Ashley. Look, I’ve hit some car trouble and my damn assistant
got the town wrong so I’m totally lost to boot. I don’t think I’ll be able
to get there any
time before tomorrow, you know? Tell my mom and sis I’m sorry and I’ll try
to make it up to them when I get there, okay? Thanks a lot."
Ashley hung up the phone, all the animation she had shown during the call
fading away as her face went blank again. Lars came up to her and gently
rubbed her
shoulders as he spoke.
"Very nice, Ashley. Now, you’re all dirty, Ashley, you’re all dirty all
over. You want to take a bath, don’t you, Ashley? Yes, you want to take a
nice, long bath. You
want to take a nice bath and get all cleaned, Ashley, you want to be
clean. So, let’s take you to your bath."
A few minutes later, Lars was watching the terrific naked body of Ashley
slide into the tub, the water moving over her pert breasts as she slid
herself back. She
slowly washed herself off, letting the soap cover her body. At Lars’
commands, she spent extra time molding it over her breasts and ass,
lifting her long legs out of the
water to let the soap get at it. As she washed
herself, Lars continued to talk to Ashley, lowering her inhibitions and
trying to bring her more and more under his control.
After twenty minutes, Lars stood before the drying Ashley, confident he
had done all he could. Didn’t really matter if it was true or not, he
couldn’t hold himself back
any longer.
"Follow me, Ashley," Lars said, leading the naked and hypnotized actress
to his bedroom.
The moment they were inside, Lars stripped himself in a flash and pulled
Ashley into a large kiss, embracing her as he felt her still wet skin push
on his body. Ashley
responded to the programming he had placed in her, wrapping her arms
around his neck and kissing him back passionately. Her tongue probed his
mouth as he
brought her over to the bed, the two falling onto
it and rolling about on top of the sheets, as they continued to kiss. Lars
pushed Ashley down onto the bed and let his mouth go to her chest, kissing
her tight nipples as
he let his hands run down her back. The two moved onto a sitting position
as they kissed, Lars continuing to kiss and rub at Ashley’s breasts as
they did.
Using his legs to spread Ashley’s, Lars slowly slid his hard cock into her
passage. Immediately, Ashley wrapped her legs around his waist, bringing
herself in close
and allowing Lars to pump his rod into her with strong and powerful
thrusts. Ashley grunted as she felt him go at her, his cock pushing into
her ripe pussy with amazing
power. It had been a while since Lars
had let himself go like this and Ashley was quite the woman for it. She
moaned as he licked at her breasts, his cock continuing to shove hard and
fast into her pussy as
she welcomed him.
Ashley’s mind had been filled with commands to obey Lars, her hypnotized
mind now open only to the pleasure she could receive from Lars and Lars
alone. Her
passions were on full as she felt Lars pump at her, her body quaking with
each thrust of his cock into her body. Ashley threw her head back as Lars
came, his wad
blasting through his body and shaking her from teeth to toes, the first of
many orgasms yet to come.

As Ashley slumped against Lars, the man smiled. Ashley would simply
remember a night at a motel on her way to meet her family.
She would have no memories of a night of passionate, non-stop lovemaking
with Lars.
But she would remember to make a stop on the way back for a repeat visit.
And Lars would make sure Ashley made that same detour more than once, no
matter where she was going.

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