A Slumber Party

Fictional Story Disclaimer: It’s just a fantasy. It’s not the real thing.

If you are under the legal age, please leave this sight now. This is just an erotic story, with not the slightest element of truth, or fact, even though we might wish the opposite to be true. Although this story is based upon real people and contains certain factual information, all actions, mannerisms, statements, and events are completely fictitious. Quotes and references that are based on fact are used only for creative purposes and are taken completely out of context. This is NOT to be taken seriously. This is not meant to slander anyone’s

A Slumber Party:

By Lude

Starring the talents of:

Hilary Duff, Christy Romano, Amanda Bynes, Mackenzie Rosman, and Emma Watson

Story Codes: celeb, mf, mff, oral

Chapter One:

It’s Best

Like usually my sister, Hilary Duff was on the phone. But this time she was on a mission. I whispered into her ear, “Have them bring their swimsuits, okay.” Having a raging hard-on. Hilary was sitting in my lap jacking me off as she talked to her friends.

She covered the phone with her hand. “Don’t worry,” she told me. While Hilary continued talking, I enjoyed stroking Hilary’s neatly trimmed honey-blonde pubic hair. Making it difficult for her talk, her pussy sparkled in the sunlight as I finger fucked her. When her last call was completed, she said, “That does it. Christy Romano, Amanda Bynes, Mackenzie Rosman and Emma Watson are coming tonight for hot tubing and to sleep over.”

“Wow, you did a good job.”

She smiled and said, “Now big brother, where’s my reward?”

“O, do I have to?” I pretended to whine.

Her hair smelled of strawberries as she showered me with a sweet flirtatious smiled. “Come on, you promised!”

I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. “Now let me see. I have to make you chum once for each girl that you got to come over. Is that right?”

“NO! You said two times and you better deliver!”

“Okay, if I have too.”

“Yes you do!” She wrapped her arms tightly around my shoulders and kissed me. “And don’t wear a rubber. I want to really feel you inside of me!” Already on the pill, I didn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant.

“Now fuck me,” she demanded. “I want your big dick in my little pussy.”

Running my hands over her body, I smiled. “I want to fuck you too baby.”

We had a special brother sister relationship. It had begun years ago. Our mom used to be the head nurse of the hospital night shift and was gone most nights. We started taking our taking baths and showers together. I still remembered the day I explained to Hilary how it was Okay to make each other feel good. Then as I washed her body, she started playing with my cock. I loved it when she bend down and kissed it. I couldn’t believe it when she began licking it. Encouraging her to put my cock’s crown in her mouth and suck on it, I made a game of buying her a special present every time I climaxed in her mouth. At twelve, I happily discovered her pussy was like a vice. Now as happy teenagers, Hilary seemed unaffected by the sexual side of our relationship. We loved each other, as brother and sister and as lovers.

We embraced and kissed hungrily, our tongues meeting in an electric shock of delight. I slipped my arms behind her thighs and lifted her legs higher, giving me total access to her fiery cunt. Steadily I humped my cock into my sister’s willing cunt. Hilary began to match my rhythm, her hips rising to meet my thrusts. Her pussy juices glistened on our matted down pubic hair as our crotches ground together.

I pulled my cock out all the way, drawing a groan of dismay from her. I teased the lips of her vulva, rubbing up and down, pushing just my tip past her slippery folds and then withdrawing. Then all at once I pressed it home.

“Aaaaaah! Yes, that’s it! Harder, now, harder! Fuck me!”

Hilary raised her legs into the air, bringing her heels down onto my ass, urging me into her. “Deeper, Steve, deeper! Yes, that’s it. You’re so good! Oh, you’re so fucken good!”

Soon my gorgeous little sister shivered, then moaned, followed by screams as my cock impaled deep inside of her teenage cunt. Hilary was unaware she had screamed, her body trembling out of control. As my passion invaded her young body, I took one pert breast in my mouth and nibbled on it. I sucked the nipple until it burned, then moved to the other. Hilary gasped for breath and sighed as my cock continued sliding in and out of her.

I moaned out, “Hilary, it feels so good to fuck your pussy!” Suddenly, she felt my cock jerking. I shouted, “Fuck! Fuck en Yes!” as my erection swelled, butt muscles tightened, balls throbbed, and I ejaculated loads of hot semen into my sisters tight slit.

Already filled with my cock, her pussy was now flooded with my boiling seed. Hilary’s flawless pussy was so tight that there was no room for the hot jets of cum burning into her. The pressure of the building load squeezed my molten seed past the seamless joint where the skintight O-ring of her snug little fuck hole encircled my swollen cock. With each in outstroke I pumped her full, as with each in-stroke, sperm squirted out of her perfect pink pussy. The adorable blonde could feel the expelled spume run out of her tight pussy and dripped like hot wax down her smooth inner thighs and into her humid ass crack. I held tight to my darling sister’s as my cock jerked for the last time, shooting a final spurt of sticky cum into her. “O God, O God, O God!”

Hilary had bucked wildly as wave after wave of orgasm racked her tight little body while I kept plunging my cock in and out. She was on a roller coaster of delirium. Her legs flew out of my grasp as she began to flail about, her feet bouncing up and down on the mattress, her head wildly thrashing on the pillow. Suddenly she closed her legs around my slim hips and hugged me to herself tightly, as she screamed, “Aaaaaah! I’m chumming! Yesssssssss!”

As her orgasm subsided, we clung to each other, breathing hard, sweat out pouring, soaking the crumpled sheets.

The fresh-fucked-teen sister shuddered in climax again, slamming her hips upward with each stroke like a wild thing. Finally I let go of her tits and kissed her as deeply. She kissed me back, her tongue working in tune with mine. I moaned as the spasms ran through me even after I had nothing left to give.

Slowly we stopped moving and I collapsed between her widespread legs. It took several minutes for us to recover from our incestuous love-play. I rolled over and fell panting besides my sister.

“Jeeezzus, what a fucken orgasm!” I said. I had never chummed so much. My sweet fifteen-year sister old gave me, her ‘inexperienced’ sixteen-year-old brother, one of the best fucks of my entire life! I marveled at her limp body, her innocent face, her lovely breasts, her flat stomach, her slim hips, and yearling-like legs. Staring at the rosy hue of her spread legs and watched in awe as white foam trickled from her tiny slit and dribbled down the crack of her ass and on to the rumpled sheets.

“That was fantastic,” Hilary cooed. “The best I’ve ever had. Mmmm, you’re still so hard!” Tenderly she pushed me off her and motioning him to lie on my back. Her soaking wet pussy squatted above my cock, still stiff as a flagpole.

“Now I’m going to do all the work,” she told me. “You just lie back and enjoy it.”

Using her left hand for balance on the bed, she reached down with her right and stroked my slippery rod. “Mmmm, that feels good. Do you know how much I like to feel your big hard cock in my hands?

“More than anything, almost,” she said. Then holding my cock straight, she lowered herself onto to me. I watched as her pussy lips parted slowly and my rod slipped inside. Hilary slowly eased me all the way in and held me there. I began to buck up at her wildly.

Later – It felt wonderful as Hilary’s tongue rolled around the head of my penis as she sucked in increasing fury. Working my throbbing manhood into her lovely mouth, I could feel my tip press up into her throat. Working in tandem, her right hand played with my balls, as the left hand pumped my shaft. It was at that moment, ten minutes before the appointed time, we heard a knock on the door.

On the edge of chumming, I yelled out, “Be just a minute.” Hilary simply continued to suck my rock hard shaft until it spasmed and jumped in a series of orgasmic tidal waves of white steamy flow that blasted into her throat.

“Huummmm!” I whispered. “O – Yea baby. Now swallow it all down all my cream I can give you!” Hilary continued to play with my penis, rubbing, licking and sucking my cock in her mouth. I waited till she finished to get the door.

Chapter Two

Even Better

“Hi Mackenzie!” Hilary said, answering the door. Pulling my shirt back on, I looked her over and smiled.

“Hi Hilary!” Mackenzie and my sister hugged.

“How you doing?” Hilary asked her. I didn’t need to add that I thought Mackenzie looked like she was doing pretty good.

To get things started, I asked, “Do you girls want to use the hot tub?”

“Yes, please.” They both answered.

“Okay, but you have to change in here. The other rooms have just been…painted.” I was lying of course.

In response, Mackenzie asked sarcastically, “Hilary, what’s that milky stuff in your hair?” Not waiting for an answer, Mackenzie asked another question. “Is it paint?”

Not wearing any pants and my cock dangling between my legs, we all laughed. Then Mackenzie smiled as she reached down and stroked my erection several times. As she firmly held my hard flesh, with a big flirtatious smile she said, “Hi Steve.” She hadn’t forgotten last weekend.

I’d been taking a shower and Mackenzie had accidentally walked in to use the toilet. She hadn’t been able to say a word when I slid open the door and asked her to hand me a towel. She could see everything. As I dried off, Mackenzie stayed frozen in front of me. Sticking straight out, my penis was pointed right at her. Continuing to stand there, Mackenzie was unable to pull her eyes off me. Then all of a sudden I took a step forward and rubbed my penis against her face. Pushing it against her nose and down to her mouth.

As she twirled a finger in my pubic hair, I asked, “Do you want to touch it?” Bring up her hand, it felt warm to the touch.

“Go a head and kiss it.”

A smile was her answer.

I was so large, her mouth was almost too small to wrap all the way around my penis. Words just don’t seem adequate to describe my lust as my helmet shaped crown passed between her lips. Taking holding of both her hands, I wrapped my fingers around my shaft, and showed her how to stroke up and down. Mackenzie got the idea. Quickening her pace, minute after minute, until I could feel my balls banging against her chin. I really enjoyed it when she fondled my ass checks and rubbed the area between my balls and anus. Soon, her efforts were rewarded!

As I shouted, “Here it comes,” I pulled my cock out of her mouth just as I started spurting like a fountain. She was amazed by how much chum there was. One shot hit her in the nose and the eyes, more landed in her hair. While yet other chum-shots splashed on her cheeks and into her mouth. Even though it was kind of fun, spraying my chum all over her face seemed a waste of a hard earned prize. So I pushed back down in her mouth.

“That’s my girl, keep stroking.” When I was done, chum dripped from all over her face.

“OOOOH, it’s so sticky. Steve, you got it in my eyes.” But her desired still unquenched, she wanted more and continued pumping my hard cock.

“That’s it, honey,” I told her. “Just licked it up and swallow. It’ll feel good going down.”

It’d been fun to run my fingers along Mackenzie’s firm little ass and pull down her panties. With her skirt pulled up, she wrapped her fingers around my head and pulled my face between her legs. After one long up and down motion with my tongue, I pull back to get a better look. As I took in her small pretty pink vertical smile covered with dark brown fuzz, I smelled her sweetness. Then, after licking along her pussy and nibbling on my clitoris, I pressed my tongue inside of her. I was delighted by how good she tasted. Squirming and moaning, she chummed several times and I lapped up each. Now a week later, Mackenzie got on her knees in front of me and took me in her mouth again.

I was in paradise, as her warm mouth engulfed the head of my cock and pleasure shivered up my spine. Her tongue darted and flicked over the nerves in my cocks head. While her head bobbed up and down, she fondled my balls and I moaned in response. When I looked down, I saw that her lips were stretched obscenely around my cock. I knew the moment was near.

As she bobbed her head up and down on my cock rhythmically, she used her fingers to stroke the underside of my penis. The faster she stroked, the harder she sucked. She had my cock most of the way in her mouth as my tip was tickling her throat. I moaned as my legs began to shake as my hot chum shot into her mouth. My cock jerked again and again, and her mouth was filled with the flavor my uncle’s salty seed. She kept her lips tight, so she could get all of my semen. She swallowed each spurt, loving the taste and the sensation of my hot cum in her mouth and throat. She kept sucking and swallowing until I had no more to explosively ejaculate. After she lustfully drained my balls and swallowed it down, I put my swimsuit.

I sat back and watched her and Hilary change into their suits. Their perfect young forms were displayed in all their glory by the brightness of the afternoon sun. First, they unbuttoned their shirts and let them fall away. Next, they removed their bras and tossed them away. Their silky garments landed in a pile right in front of me. I watched their lovely full breasts swaying and jiggling with their movements. Then their skirts suddenly loosened and fell from their hips. Their tight young asses were flawless as they swayed right in front of me! Perfectly round, their firm white cheeks were outlined by a gorgeous tans. After they finished getting ready, they got in and started splashing around. Soon the other girls came arrived. In a little bit, I eagerly joined them in the hot tube.

Chapter Three

Hot Water

I sat down on the tub, wearing my very small swimsuit. My erection stretched out the material so much, that my balls and most of my shaft was clearly visible to them.

I began by tickling Christy Romano first. Starting with her feet, then her armpits, I quickly moved to lower back. She seemed to like my attention until I pinched her sweet little butt. In retaliation she pinched my ass back. Excited, I had to put my hand into my suit and adjusted my erection several times. I liked how they all watched me do so.

But sticking out like a totem pole, my erection was getting uncomfortable. Then while they continued to watch, I slowly moved it aside. But when I removed my hand, my cock popped out. Christy’s eye grew huge as she reached out to touch me.

To enflame the excitement, Hilary stated, “I told you, he has a huge one!” She held out her hands, palms facing about a foot apart.

“I believe you now.” Emma Watson said, looking mystified by my size and girth, as she watched Christy suck on my cock. When Christy finished, I started tickling Emma. As I played with her, my cock drug across her body. Then standing behind her, I reached around and pinched her nipples. Turning quickly to retaliate, her face bounce right into my cock!

Emma is beautiful. She had soft delicate features, rosy cheeks and a glowing smile that was surrounded by fine dark shoulder length hair. Hers’ is the face of an angle, a very sexy angel. The same face that I was brushing my cock against. She froze as I slowly moved it back and forth. Her body shaking, Emma closed her eyes as she rolled my cock around with her nose. Afraid. Emma whispered, “I don’t know…”

“O come on,” Hilary exclaimed. “You’ll like it. Emma, do it just like this.” Hilary moved over and took me in the mouth. Using both hands to jack me off into her mouth, she sucked real hard to the hoots and haunts of her friends. But only blowing me for a minute, she pulled off making a popping sound.

Turning to her friends, Hilary’s face set in a lustful grin, she said, “Keep it in your mouth and suck really hard. If you do a good job, you’ll like your rewarded!”

Watching intently, Christy added, “Wow! Emma, go for it.”

Despite Hilary’s encouragement, Emma still looked a little scared when she opened her mouth. “Your cock was so big. It won’t fit in my mouth.”

“Don’t worry,” I told her. “I want you to put it in your mouth and pump your hands up and down just like Hilary does.”

Emma responded and the crown of my cock slid between her lips. I then grabbed her pretty head and forced her mouth further down. Soon I felt my tip push into her throat!

“That feels nice!” I said as a little more pushed in and I let her get the feel of it. The other girls now started calling out, “Cool! Go for it Deep throat. Suck Steve’s cock!”

Amanda Bynes, the tallest and most physically developed of the girls, reached out and firmly grasp my balls, then smiled at me. “I’m next big boy!”

I didn’t want to push Emma too hard, so I just stood in front of her while she explored my taste and size with her throat, mouth and tongue. But only after a minute or so had past, I felt her begin to suck. First sucking softly, then very hard.

“That’s it Emma,” I said, just as Amanda grasped my shaft and pumped me as Emma’s throat took in my bulbous head. Mackenzie, Christy, and Hilary watched as, sucking furiously, Emma’s hands pumped whatever bit of my cock that she couldn’t fit in her little mouth. I really hadn’t even expected a hand job, let alone to get my ‘clocked’ clean.

Pulling back I entrapped my crown in her lips. Emma sucked on it for a minute. Then Emma’s mouth opened up wider and her lips slid partway down my long shaft. As her left hand grabbed the base of my massive cock, she pushed her mouth down over it. Then backing up, she tightened the grip of her gums on my crown. As I felt her round tongue on my thick delicious organ, she began to stroke up and down. With Emma’s mouth and her hands worked in tandem with her lips, she slowly, but deliberately pumped my cock into her mouth.

She really liked the feel of my burgeoning head and the smooth sides of my cock as she twirled her tongue lovingly around each and every contour of my cock. Soon she discovered that moving her head to a certain angle enabled her to get almost his whole shaft in! I then wrapped my right hand around her head to help speed and deepen her efforts to hump my cock into and out her mouth.

“Hummm!” I moaned. Then said, “Just open your mouth wider and relax your throat.”

O God, soon I could feel my whole crown press again and again, through her lips and down into her throat! Emma’s lips seemed to burn as her lungs fearlessly drew upon me, while at the same time her tongue continued to play.

Emma then decided to suckle on my helmet-shaped crown again, bobbing her head as she slurped. At the same time she jacked my shaft with her dainty fists. A quick study, her rhythm was soon perfect. Each down stroke of her lips was met by an upstroke of her hands. I moaned even loader, “O God. Emma, you’re wonderful! Suck it! Suck it! O, my little sweet girl!”

Pulling of her bikini, I caressed her small and perfectly rounded pointed breasts. She continued pumping my long shaft and balls with both hands. Driven by the fires of passion, soon her head began bobbing up and down even faster. Without realizing it, she started to moan, “Hmmm! Hmmm!” I felt like giggling, until my orgasm overwhelmed me. With my white knuckles clenched upon her head, I arched my back, and tried to let out a wale as I filled Emma’s mouth with my hot milky cum. I groaned in surprise pleasure as this real life angel continued to work my cock like a professional. Her lips began to slide farther and farther down my cock until my balls were banging against her chin. Emma did a very good job.

Afterwards, Emma and Amanda’s continued pleasuring kept my manhood at full attention. My fun continued when Amanda, got on her knees in front of me, and asked, “My turn now, okay?”

“Sure honey,” I gleefully answered. “Suck me as hard as you can.” As Amanda sucked my off, Emma sat on my face, and I feasted upon her pussy.

After Amanda finished, Mackenzie, Christy, and Hilary took turns. I was in heaven.

To be continued?

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