A Spicy Reunion

This story is in now way a real representation of the sexuallity of any
of the members of the Spice Girls; Melanie Brown, Victoria Adams
Beckem., Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm or of Geri Halliwell. Spice Girls
is a regestered trademark of Virgin Records. All events here are
completely fictional and are based in no way on real events. this tale
was made up in my own weird mind, full of useless shit. But it wouldn’t
be awesome if this was true?

by T2 Dinobot

It had been a long time since all the Spice Girls had been in the same
room together
since they broke up in the spring of 1998. None of them
had really forgotten each other, but some missed each other more then
others. Mel C and Victoria were really missing Geri, and Geri missed
being with all her friends. But with the success of her solo album, she
had not considered re-joining the band very often. But in the back of
her mind, she still wanted to.

As Geri stood in the hall outside girl’s hotel suite that they were
using on there latest trip to Canada, she was trying to work up the
courage to go in and speak with her friends.

Inside the joined hotel room, Mel G and Emma were sharing one room, and
connected by the change-room was the room being occupied by Victoria and
Mel C.

Victoria and Mel G were trying on various disguises so they could go
around town without being noticed to many times. Mel G had already found
her outfit to wear this afternoon, Viccy was by the full lenght mirror
admiring her body. She removed her skin-tight tube top and mini, almost
micro-skirt, and looked at her body. Her breasts had gotten bigger and
more fuller since the pregnancy. And they had become a lot more
sensitive. She liked them a lot more now.

Trying not be too obvious, she began to carress her tits. Watching her
large nipples getting harder with each touch, a suttle moan escaped her
lips. She felt her pussy starting to tingle. and she could feel a few
drops of milk seeping out. What she didn’t realize was that the wet spot
forming between her legs was clearly visible through her sheer silk
panties. Now her soft touches to her tits had become a more violent
mauling. More moans were leaving her, and they were a bit louder now

Melanie B was sitting at the vanity mirror putting on some make-up when
she heard noises coming from the closet. Without turning her head, Mel
looked in the mirror to see what was going on. What she saw amazed her.
Victoria was busy moaning and groping her tits. Watching this made Mel
aware of the fact the her breasts had also gotten bigger since her
child. Mel also enjoyed the feeling of having her tits squeezed. But
usually not did it alone, not with other people near. But watching the
perfectly figured Victoria rubbing her breasts made her to turned on to

Victoria was enjoying herself too much now to care if Mel heard her. But
she did try to keep the moans to herself. As she worked on tits,
pinching the nipples firmly, squirting milk on to the mirror, one hand
travelled down her stomach to her panties. She was extremly wet. She
began to slowly rub her swollen clit through her panties. With all the
travelling, and her husband on another continent playing soccer, she
hadn’t had an orgasm in almost a week, and she was really looking
forward to this one. Each stroke bringing her closer to te release she
wanted. How she wished Mel would help make her cum.

In Emma’s room, she was just getting out of the shower and was planning
where she would go today. Once she had dried off enough, she went to the
closet in her room to get some clothes for the moment. She threw on a
red satin bra, matching panties and an old blue dress. She walked to the
door that led to the change-room to pick out the actually clothes she
would wear later in the day. But as she got to the door, her little kink
kick in. Emma had known for a while now that she had a bit of a kink for
spying and watching. She cracked the door a tiny bit and looked in on
her friends. She didn’t expect to see anything, but still got a kick out
of just looking.

What lay behind the door left her speechless. Viccy was by the mirror
getting herself off, with Mel watching from the side of the room doing
much the same. With no intent of seeing this incredible event end, Emma
continued to watch silently from the doorway, not bringing any attention
to herself.

Viccy was on the verge of exploding and knew she wouldn’t be able to
stop from screaming in pleasure. Without giving it a second thought, Vic
turned to Mel and yelled, "God Mel, Iknow you want me!! Please make me
cum!!". Not missing a beat, Mel got up and practically lept at Victoria.
Grabbing her left tit with her hand, and her right one in her mouth. Her
other hand moved down Victoria’s body to her waist, where Mel replaced
Viccy’s head with her own. But Mel actually put her hand into Vic’s
panties and began to finger fuck Vic. Sending her deeper into pleasure.

Out in the hall, Geri was about to enter the change-room and confront
her past when the elevator downs opened. Geri immedately reconized the
thin women wearing the track pants; it was Mel C. Before Melanie could
spot her, Geri ducked around the corner. Mel was distracted by a small
group of fans that approached her for an autograph, stopping her from
seeing Geri.

Back in the change-room, Victoria was trying to hold on as a violent
eruption was right on the horizon. She wanted to hang on to this feeling
for as long as she could, but she ouldn’t any longer. "Ohhhhhhh!!!
Yes……..yes…. …yes!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Viccy screamed in
pleasure as she had a balistic, body rocking orgasm. Mel G was enjoying
feeling Vic’s pussy contracting and spasming on her fingers, her girl
cum shooting all over her hand, and seeing her body shaking in esctacy.
"Oh fuck yes!!!" Vic cried.

Emma had started fingering herself without even realzing it. She was
completely focused on this XXX scene in front of her. Enjoying every
second, wishing she had a camcorder with her, wanting to join in, not
wanting to be seen. So many things she wanted to do, not sure which to
fellow. She opted to keep watching, for now.

Geri was still standing around the corner when Mel C was finally done
signing autographs. As she unlocked the door to her room when she
thought she saw someone watching her from around the corner. More
interesting to her was the sensing of someone familar. After thinking
about it for a second, Mel dismissed it and entered her room.

Geri was cowering in the dark. She was mad at herself, "Shit! How can I
go in and talk to the others, when I can’t even talk to my best friend?"
Not hearing Mel close the door, Geri took a deep breath and stepped
around the corner prepare to meet her fate. "Listen, Mel,……..where’d
you do?" "Fuck!" she yelled in disapointment.

Mel C heard two noises that got her attention; the profanity from the
hallway, and the strange noises coming from the change room. She though
for half a second, then decided to see who was swearing in the hall,
when she opened thew door, she stopped in her tracks. The blond hair
threw her off for half a second, but she knew how it was; it was her
best freind Geri, standing at the door. "Geri!" "Yes Mel, it’s me."
Immediately Mel hugged her friend, and Geri did the same. They stood in
the door for several seconds before they both heard a cry from the other
room. Both exchanging a quick glance, moved in sequence towards the
change-room door to see what was going on. Mel C was dying to know.

Emma was now kneeling in the doorway, watching Victoria explode in an
incredible orgasm. She was rubbing her slit as fast as she could. She
was wimpering, wanting to taste Mel’s pussy, and taste Viccy too. She
wanted to feel everyone tongue all over her body. Emma felt her heart
pounding and knew her orgasm coming, but she wasn’t ready for the power.
As the bomb in her pussy exploded, she feel to her back as she stiffled
a scream in her throat that came out sounding like a painful moan.

Victoria was still moaning in pleasure, but Mel heard noises coming from
Emma’s room. She pretended not to hear, but was sure it was Emma because
she knew that Em liked to watch. Mel B hugged Viccy’s mid-section,
suckling at her tits until Vic calmed down. Once Vic was able to look
Mel in the eyes, Mel motioned for them to move into Mel C’s room

Geri and Mel peeked through the door just in time to see Mel B carrying
a sweaty out of breath Victoria towards them. Mel moved first and ran to
open the closet door. "C’mon, before they see us. I want to see what
they are going to do." Mel thought for a second, took one more lok at
Mel and Vic, and huried into the closet with Geri.

Emma was still moaning slighty when she saw Mel and Vic moving to the
other room. Em got up and got ready to follow.

Geri and Mel were in the closet watching the room though the blinds
built into the door. They could both clearly see both doors and the bed.
They watched in total silence as Mel B guided Victoria to the bed, still
looking a little out of it. Mel decided it was here turn to make her
move. She quickly got rid of all her clothes pulling of her old t-shirt
and letting her apple sized tits pop loose. She wasn’t wearng any
underwear, so when she took off her track shorts, her wild patch off
black pubes was fully in sight to the girl in the closet.. Then she
helped Vic get rid of her soaked panties.

Geri and Mel C’s jaws had both almost hit the floor because of what they
were seeing. Neither one could stop starring.

Emma was now standing in the door way to Mel C and Viccy’s room. Her
body was screaming at her to go and join in, but her mind was still not
sure what it could mean to the group if she did. So she was forced to
watch, but she knew that her body would win this little conflict

On the bed, Victoria’s strength had finally returned to her when Mel B
straddled her face with the commands "Eat me!!!." Vic had a slightly
confused look on her face, "Eat me you hungry little slut!!!" With this
encouragement, Viccy began to eagerly lick Mel’s swollen clit. "Ohhhhh
yes! That’s it, right there! You know what I want you….. ohhh!!" Mel B
was getting off just by seeing Vic climax a minute earlier. Now it
wasn’t going to be long before she too came hard.

In the closet, Geri and Mel C had moved beyond the dis-belief stage, and
now were both getting extremely turned-on, but trieed not to show it.
"Jesus, this is fucking unbelieveable." Mel wispered to Geri. "I know."
Geri wispered back. Geri had wanted Mel, in that way, for a long time,
and this feeling made it even more difficult to quit the pop group. And
Geri knew that this might be here only chance to make her move. She
leaned in closer to Mel trying to make it look like she was simply
trying to get a better view, bu what she actually did was get the back
of her left thigh touching the front of her pelvis. She waited a few
seconds before she started rubbing her thigh against the outside of Mel
C panties. It would take time, but Geri knew that soon Mel would begin
to feel her desire raising, and when she did, Geri would be waiting.

In the doorway, Emma was no longer able to control herself, her pussy
took control of her body. She stood up in the doorway, opened the door,
and stepped into the room. Before either Mel B or Victoria could say a
word, Emma entered, closing the door behind her, she ran at them pulling
off clothes like she was hitting he beach at Normandy. Mel B and viccy
watched as Emma hurried to them. First went the blue dress, she oulled
it over her head without hesitation, her tits getting some air at last.
Then went her bra, she almost tore it off, freeing her gorgeous mounds.
‘They aren’t baby sized, that was for sure,’ was Viccy’s first thought.
With her tits released, her nipples sticking out like pencil-erasers,
her hands went to her panties, dropping them down to her ankles.
Revealing a neatly trmmed patch of blond bush.

Now Geri was rubbing her leg faster against Mel C’s legs, making Mel
feel very aroused. She knew what Geri was trying to do, and knew for a
long time that Geri had the hots for her, but being the master of
teasing that she was, Mel wanted to make Geri wait even longer.

Emma took up her position at the top of the bed so she could begin to
play with Mel B’s wonderful tits. this was all becoming too much for
both Mel’s, both on the bed and in the closet.

In the closet, Mel decided that Geri ahd waited long enough for her, and
now her wait was over. Mel reached over and began to carress Geri’s
heavenly breasts through her blouse. Now that Mel had amde her move,
Geri knew that her time was now. Geri lept at Mel, kissing her long and
hard on the lips. Trying to swallow her tongue whole. And Mel C doing
the same to Geri. Their bodies pressing together in the small space the
closet had to offer. Geri ran her hands all over Mel’s tight ass, and
Mel still had her hands all over Geri’s chest. Both girls moaning down
each other’s throat.

On the bed, Mel’s head was just about ready to explode with all the
incredible feeling’s she was recieving from two of her best friends. As
her body began to tighten, her pussy started to lift off of Victoria’s
face. but Viccy wasn’t about to let this feast get away. She grabbed
Mel’s hips, and held her cunt right over her mouth. As Mel B screamed in
orgasmic delight, Viccy shove her tongue deep into Mel’s slit. Mel’s
exploded all over Vic’s face and neck. "OHHHHH FUCK ME!!!! YES YOU
BITCHES!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!" Emma leaned in and bit Mel’s nipples,
sending an instant shock through her system, bringing even more waves of

Back in the closet, Geri and Mel were red hot now. Each other wanting
the other even more by te second. Neither cared in the least if the
other girls heard them, in the back of their minds, they wanted to be
caught. As their moans and groans grew louder and louder, their pleasure
grew with it.

In suite, Mel had collapse on the bed next to Victoria, and Vic and Emma
were lip locked and grabbing whatever they could on the other’s body.
Victoria broke the kiss to the closet, where she had heard noises
earlier. She signaled Mel B and Emma to come with her. As they stood in
front of the door, All three of them could easily hear someone moaning
in the closet. They all assumed Mel C was in there finger-fucking
herself or something. But they never would have guessed who the special
guess in the closet would be. When they openned the door, all three
exclaimed "GERI!!!". Vic and Em pulled Geri away from Mel C and lead her
to the soaking wet bed, groping her the whole way.

Geri was violently thrown to the far wall, and had every piece of her
clothing practically torn from her body. Mel B pulled Geri’s red sweater
over her head, Emma yanked Geri’s matching skirt to the floor, and she
brought her white panties with them. Victoria clipped Geri’s blue
front-clasp bra. Sparing no time the three girl took to Geri’s body,
with Mel C still not sure what to do, standing in the closet. Emma was
kneeling in front of Geri, licking her soaking pussy lips like there was
no tomorrow.

Vic was sucking on Geri’s tit while grabbing her ass, Mel B was kissing
her neck, and squeezing her other tit. Mel C started to move towards the
group. Geri was moaning and groaning as her friends took what they
wanted from her.

When Geri’s breathing was incredibly was, Victoria and Mel B stood back
and watched as Geri took in a last gasp, her face twisted in ecstacy,
biting her upper lip, one eye closed. She let out a high pitched skeal,
her body shaking all over, her gravity-defying breasts bouncing.
"OH….. I missed…..OH…. …you …….YES…. guys!!!!!!! YES! YES!
YES! YES!!!!!!!……. .. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Her scream could be heard
several doors down. Fortunately, most people knew that the Spice Girls
were in those rooms, so they assumed it was a rehersal.

As Geri came back down to Earth, the three girls were moving in again.
Mel C walked over and parted the girls. Saying, "No! She is mine now."
Mel C grabbed Geri, still weak, and lead her to the bed. Mel was now on
the offensive, and threw Geri down on the mattress. Mel looked at the
other girls, "now it’s my turn, join in if you like."

Geri lay on her back, staring deep into Mel’s eyes. Mel, standing at the
edge of the bed, proceeded to take off her tight tank top, since she had
smaller tits that the other girls, she never wore a bra. Her pert little
tits were now free, her super hard nipples pointing straight out. She
ripped off her tear-away style pants. When it came time to take off her
panties, she turned around, bent over, sticking her super fit athletic
ass at Geri, this was making all the girls really anxious for some
action. They never knew Mel C had this side to her.

With her pink, wet pussy pointed right at Geri, Mel turned around again,
and, moving quickly, lay herself right on top of Geri, tit to tit, face
to face. Geri was left speechless, she had never been tounching so much
smooth skin all at once, and he liked it. Mel started shifting her
chest, rubbing nipple to nipple with the artist formerly known as
Ginger. Then, continuing to shift her top, planted her mouth right to
Geri’s, and planted another hand right in Geri’s groin. Mel stuck four
fingers as deep as she could into her. Geri gasped at this wonderful
experience, returned the favor to Mel C, but only using 3 fingers. Both
girls were finger-fucking each other right over the edge.

Viccy, Mel B and Emma were all standing in the corner, watching Mel C
and Geri go at it. The three exchaged a quick glance, then moved in.
With Geri and Mel C so focused on giving the other an incredible orgasm,
plus deeply enjoying the pleasure they were recieving.

Victoria, Emma and Mel B took up positions beside Geri and Mel C, who
were still were rapped around each other, not wanting to leave each
other. The three watched as geri and Mel continued their assault on the
other. As both girls neared their climaxes, Geri broke the kiss and
arched her head back, moaning, Geri re-doubled her efforts on Mel’s
pussy, trying her hardest to make sure they came at the same time.

Now three the other girls were not as interested in sex with Geri and
Mel C, they were now extremely fasicnated in just watching them. None of
them had just watched people have sex, not even the voyeur Emma. They
were happy to just sit and watch.

Geri and Mel were moaning at the same time, growing ever closer to their
ultimate pleasure, and growing even closer as friends.

As the moment approached, Mel C stopped shifting, and Geri let loose her
hold on Mel’s superbly scupted ass. Both girls stopped breathing for a
few seconds as their orgasm started in their toes, and worked up their
legs, to their pussies, erupting with girl-cum again, and again, the
waves of pleasure working up to their heads, filling them with extreme
joy. OHHH!! GERI!!!…..I.. .. MISSED….AHHHH…YOU!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!"
Geri was in the throes of the strongest orgasm she had experienced.
"MEL!!!… YES!!! I…. I……..I… . LOVE ….OHHH……YOU
GUYS!!!!!!! YES!!!! OHHHHHH!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Both girls exploded in delight, screaming in unison, trying to stay
conscious. Emma, Victoria and Mel B stood around them, still watching,
waited for Geri and Mel C to stop shaking and convulsing.

Once they calmed down enough to loosen their grips on each other, Emma
and Vic rolled Mel C off of Geri, and lay them beside each other under
the sheets, the rest of the group climbed into bed with them.

They remained there for an hour before Mel B got up and went into the
change- room to go get changed. Victoria followed, with Emma in tow.
Geri got up a minute later, and got dressed. Mel lay in bed and looked
at Geri. "Are you coming back to us?" Geri stopped for a second and
thought, She truned to look into Mel’s eyes, "Not yet, but some day.
Tell the other girls I’m sorry for not saying good bye in person." With
that, she pulled her sweater back on and walked out the door.

Mel, rolled onto her back, and went into deep thought about the mornings
events. After a minute like that, she got up to go get changed.

Thirty minutes later the four girls left their hotel suites, with fond,
fresh memories, they went out shopping. But they will never forget what
they just did. Never wanting to forget either. And hoping this wouldn’t
be the last time the five of them met.

By: T2 Dinobot T2_Dinobot@hotmail.com

If you liked my story, I would like to hear it. Or if you have an idea
for another adventure, please e-mail me. As always, keep any negative

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