A Story Of Love – Part 1: Come Away With Me

Title: A Story of Love – Part 1: Come away with me

Author: Rupert

Story codes: FF cons oral rom

Celebs: Scarlett Johansson, Jena Malone

Disclaimer: This is (unfortunately) a work of fiction and should be treated
as such. As the title implies this is a story of love. At least it will
eventually turn in to that in future parts. If you are looking for immediate
sex then this is not the story for you. There are things such as buildup and
plot before we actually get to the hot steamy girl on girl love.

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Scarlett Johansson was bored. She was more bored than she had ever been in
her entire life. What she was doing wasn’t supposed to be boring, but she
was still bored. She was at a very elegant party in one of New York’s finest
hotels. It was still early in the evening and Scarlett’s only hope for a
more interesting night seemed to be the drink she was nursing.

Scarlett would rather be outside in the crisp winter evening, but she had
promised her agent that she would attend this party. It was a very important
party, with a lot of important people from the industry. Unfortunately most
of them seemed to be stuffy older men. Scarlett had stated once that she
liked older men, but none of the men she had been thinking about were

Instead she was stuck here with a fat assistant producer who went on and on
about all the movies he had been involved with. Scarlett thought that most
of the movies he mentioned were over-hyped and crappy, but she used her
skill as an actress to fake interest. The man seemed to be unable to keep
his eyes off of Scarlett’s chest so he didn’t notice that she let her eyes
wander the room in search of something a bit more interesting.

She looked out through the windows and into the cold winter evening. It had
been 2006 for a few weeks now, but Scarlett didn’t think it felt any
different from 2005. She really didn’t believe that a new year would mean
anything different, but she hoped for something new. She had learned that
fame and fortune lose some of their appeal this winter and she felt a need
for something more. She definitely wanted more than this conversation.

Scarlett had come to this party together with her co-star in the Nanny
Diaries Alicia Keys. Scarlett looked over to Alicia and saw that she was
stuck in an equally boring conversation. She was talking to one of the more
overrated directors in Hollywood. At least he was in Scarlett’s opinion. She
thought that his only strength was that he was a friend of George Clooney.
Scarlett let her thoughts drift away to the hunky actor for a while.

The thoughts of George Clooney eased some of Scarlett’s boredom, but they
didn’t help for long. She again let her eyes scan the room in pursuit of
something interesting and this time she was lucky. The party had just
started so guests were arriving all the time. Scarlett locked eyes with one
of the new arrivals: she was a brunette in a stylish black dress. The girl
fired off a warm smile and Scarlett responded in kind. Scarlett had
instantly recognised Jena Malone.

Jena had briefly attended the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan
which was a school that Scarlett had gone to as well. They had never really
gotten to know each other closely, but they did talk at events and parties
like this.

Scarlett immediately realised how beautiful Jena was. The dress was very
tight and it showed a generous amount of cleavage. Scarlett felt as though
Jena’s presence immediately lit up the room. All thoughts of George Clooney
quickly evaporated as Scarlett watched Jena make her way through the room.
Scarlett knew that she had to be close to Jena right now. Scarlett excused
herself from the assistant producer and made her way through the crowd and
over to Jena.

Jena had arrived with a group of people who Scarlett didn’t know. Scarlett
and Jena greeted each other and Jena then went on to introduce the rest of
the people in her group: they were Jena’s co starts in the play Doubt.
Scarlett shook their hands and repeated their names to herself, but deep
down she didn’t really care. It wasn’t like she had anything against them it
was just that she was somewhat tired of old people at the moment.

Scarlett was determined to have a good time. After some obligatory small
talk with the older actors she managed to get Jena away from the group.
Scarlett had finished off her first drink so she swiped a new one and gave
one to Jena as well.

“I’m so glad to see you. I was dying from boredom among these people.”
Scarlett whispered into Jena’s ear.

“That bad huh?” Jena whispered back

“Ohhh. Yes. I don’t understand how people can be so dull when they work in
such a glamorous industry.”

“I know what you mean. I really don’t like things like this, but I had a
hard time saying no to the other cast members.” Jena whispered.

“My agent forced me to be here. I have to ‘network,’ as he says.”

Scarlett made citation marks in the air and made it perfectly clear that she
didn’t like the term. This was too much business talk for Scarlett.

“Look at the bright side. There is free food and liquor.” Jena said with a

She emphasised this by picking up an hors d’oevre from a nearby table.

They spent the next few minutes discussing their current projects and
colleagues. Jena had just started in the critically acclaimed and very
serious play Doubt and Scarlett was back in her home town to film “The Nanny
Diaries”. They also went on for a while about the latest gossip in
Hollywood. Jena wasn’t as in to the Hollywood scene as Scarlett was, but she
listened intently as Scarlett gave her all the details. It was the same kind
of small talk they had shared before, but it was clear that the two young
actresses were enjoying each others company.

After a while Scarlett saw Alicia coming over. Apparently she had managed to
get away from the pretentious director. Scarlett was glad for her sake. No
one deserved to be stuck with that man for too long. Alicia wasn’t as good
at pretending to be interested as Scarlett and the relief in her face was

“Glad to see that you managed to break free, Alicia” Scarlett said with a
sympathetic smile on her lips.

“Yeah. He was indeed very interesting and not at all pompous.” Alicia

She said this in a tone that made it perfectly clear that she meant exactly
the opposite of what she said. Alicia and Jena had never met and Scarlett
took it upon herself to introduce them. Soon all three girls were chatting
happily amongst themselves. The three of them had a very good time before
they were interrupted: it was Scarlett’s agent who had a list of people that
Scarlett just had to talk to.

Scarlett reluctantly followed and spoke to the people she was introduced to.
She kept a smile on her face and nodded when she had to, but her thoughts
were elsewhere. The people just kept coming and Scarlett felt her boredom
increase. It felt like hours as she was led around the party by her agent.
She felt like a helpless child being led around and introduced to dull
relatives. There were so many remarkably boring people in Hollywood and it
seemed as if Scarlett had to talk to all of them tonight.

She kept telling herself that this was something she had to do, but it was
no good. One more boring Hollywood person would make her head explode.
Scarlett was hoping that her agent would let her talk to someone interesting
for once, when she saw that her agent actually led her to doom. She was
without a doubt being led towards that balding, scrawny, pretentious
director that had tortured Alicia earlier in the evening.

Scarlett felt as though her soul was being sucked into a deep black void of
nothingness and despair. It was somewhat of an over dramatization of course,
but Scarlett sure as hell didn’t feel good about the prospect of talking to
this man. He had made the most dreadfully boring movies and he had a
tendency to talk about them a lot with a mind numbingly boring voice.
Scarlett tried to think about something to say to her agent to avoid talking
to the boring director, but her mind had frozen.

Scarlett’s ruthless agent led her closer and closer to the director and was
just about to introduce the two when a true Hollywood miracle occurred. The
fair lady was saved from certain doom in the last possible second. Jena
Malone suddenly blocked the road for Scarlett and her agent. With a dazzling
smile on her face, she asked the agent if she could borrow Scarlett for a
while. Without waiting for an answer she took Scarlett’s hand and led her
away from the danger and to a quiet corner.

Scarlett followed her instinct and thanked her saviour with a hug. It was a
light friendly hug, but Scarlett couldn’t help to think that it felt good.
She didn’t dwell on it though; instead she let her curiosity take charge.

“How did you know that I desperately wanted to get away from him?”

“Well. It was simple really. I remembered your comment from earlier and I
saw the look of dread on your face as your agent led you towards him. I
didn’t think I could let you suffer like that.”

“I’m so glad you did. I might actually have lost my soul then and there if
you hadn’t saved me.”

“I could never leave a lady in danger.” Jena said theatrically

She also bowed for Scarlett and kissed her on the hand in the manner of an
old-fashioned knight. Scarlett couldn’t contain her giggles as she observed
Jena’s antics. A few people around them looked strangely at Jena, but were
too polite to comment.

“My agent is going to be so pissed about this.” Scarlett said between

“Blame me then, he’s not my agent. Besides, you’re his boss, not the other
way around. It’s not like you’re going to out of work anyway.”

“I guess you’re right. So have you met anyone interesting here?”

“I actually had quite a good time with my colleagues from the play. They’re
genuine people you know.” Jena said with emphasis.

“I didn’t know there were nice people here. I thought everyone here was a
demon who thrives on sucking the lust to live out of people”

Scarlett whispered this with an impish grin on her face and this caused Jena
to start giggling. Scarlett tried to hush Jena, but this only made the
problem worse. Scarlett didn’t want any more attention drawn to her so she
gently took Jena’s hand and pulled her into the deserted hallway. Scarlett’s
nervous behaviour only made Jena laugh more so Scarlett had to put a finger
to Jena’s mouth.

Jena fell silent and they had a moment in which they just looked at each
other. They were both a tad tipsy by now and for some reason they just froze
up when they looked at each other. Scarlett’s finger stayed on Jena’s mouth
for much longer than necessary and it wasn’t until several long seconds
later that she realised this and removed it. As soon as Scarlett had removed
her finger, Jena seemed to regain focus and control.

“Let’s get the hell out of here, you and me.”

“What? We can’t just leave.”

“There is one relevant question here Scarlett. Would you like to hang out
with me?”

“Yes of course, but I have to be at this party.”

“No you don’t Scarlett. Trust me. You need to relax and have some fun. Do
you think I’m fun and relaxing?”

“Yes I do, but…”

“That’s all I need to hear,” Jena interrupted

Jena led Scarlett over to the coats. Before Scarlett had a chance to protest
Jena had asked for and received both of their coats. Scarlett knew that she
was supposed to stay at that stupid party, but she felt like she had nothing
to put up against Jena’s apparent strong will. Jena led Scarlett through the
foyer of the hotel and out into the crisp winter evening. It was only when
they stood there on the curb that Scarlett spoke up.

“I have to be at that party. I have to…”

Scarlett was at a loss of what to say next. She was used to letting her
agent handle her career and she didn’t want to cause trouble, so she always
did as she was told. Jena knew that Scarlett would need some convincing to
leave the party.

“Relax Scarlett. Obviously you didn’t like it in there. Now if you don’t
like it how do you think that you are going to make a good impression on
people? And besides if they are people who you can’t even stand to talk to
at a party, why would you want to work with them?”

Scarlett thought about Jena’s arguments for a while and realised that she
made sense. She looked at Jena and saw how she was bursting with energy and
enthusiasm. Jena had a playful yet determined look on her face. That look
was what finally convinced Scarlett. She felt that an evening with Jena
would be worth it. It wasn’t like Scarlett to leave a party like this early,
but she was eager to break her normal routine.

“Ok, I’m just going to go back in there and tell Alicia that I’m leaving.”

Scarlett went back into the party and told Alicia that she had to leave.
Alicia was in an animated conversation with a well known comedian and actor.

“Hi Jack, Hi Alicia. Sorry to budge in, but I have to tell you that I’m
leaving. Is it okay with you?”

“Yeah sure. It seems like you and Jena really hit it off huh?” Alicia

“Oh yes. She single-handedly saved from certain doom and now she has somehow
convinced me to leave and go do something fun. I don’t want to leave you
hanging though. Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Of course. What are you two crazy fugitives going to do?”

“Don’t know. We’ll think of something.”

“If you don’t know what you’re going to do, I know of a place.”

Alicia fished out a calling card from her purse and gave it to Scarlett.

“It is a small jazz club. I played there a few times before I became famous.
It is a very cool place. It is one of those places you can only find in New
York. A nice mixture of interesting people and great music. I promise that
you’ll love it even if you’re not that much into jazz.”

“Thanks Alicia, We’ll think about it.” Scarlett said with a smile.

Scarlett took the card, even though she didn’t feel like going out tonight.
She had been harassed by paparazzi and fans more and more these days and
that had greatly diminished her will to go out. Scarlett said good bye too
Jack and Alicia and went back out to Jena who was waiting just outside the

“So, what you wanna do then?” Scarlett asked with a more nervous voice than
she intended.

“I dunno, something fun. Let’s go to some fun club somewhere. You’re from
here right? You must know some place.”

“Yeah, I guess, but I don’t know if I want to. People always recognize me
these days. I’m tired of that. I just want to have some fun without having
to worry about the paparazzi and stuff.”

Jena took a moment to think and then her face lit up.

“I’ve got it. I know what we’re going to do. Just trust me Ok?”

Scarlett had no idea what this girl who she barely knew was up to, but she
was curious to find out. There was something genuine and real about this
girl and Scarlett had never met anyone like her before. She was in the mood
for adventure and if that was what Jena wanted, Scarlett was happy to go
along for the ride. Jena hailed a cab and they both got in. Jena gave the
address and off they went. Scarlett didn’t recognise the address immediately
and Jena insisted on not telling.

“What is this idea of yours? Please tell me.”

“No, you’ll have to wait till we get there.” Jena said with smug grin on her

“Please. Pretty please.”

Scarlett did her best big doe eyes pouty lips routine, but Jena just giggled
and shook her head.

“Look Scarlett. I promise that one little visit to where we are going is
going to solve all our problems and make sure that we have a fun evening.”

Scarlett thought about what Jena had said for a moment and then a horrible
thought struck her.

“We’re not buying drugs are we?” Scarlett asked with a shocked look on her

Jena burst onto another big laugh as she answered.

“No, silly. This is perfectly safe and legal; no drugs. I promise.”

That guarantee made Scarlett feel a bit better but the curiosity was still
eating her up on the inside. She wasn’t normally the girl who went on
adventures like this, but Jena sure seemed to have an effect on her.

“Can you at least give me a hint?”

“Okay. I guess. Let’s see. We are going to do something that we’re both are
good at.”

Scarlett started to think about what Jena had said, but she could make no
sense of it. She was just about to ask Jena again when the cab stopped. Jena
paid the driver and dragged Scarlett with her towards the back entrance of
one of the buildings. Jena fished a key out of her purse and opened the door
and deactivated the alarm. She took a hold of Scarlett’s hand and led her
through a few corridors until they suddenly stood on a stage.

“This is the theatre where you work right now, right? What are we going to
do here?”

“You’ll see.” Jena said.

She again grabbed Scarlett’s hand and led her through a few more corridors.
The place was completely deserted, but that didn’t seem to bother Jena. She
stopped at one big steel door and took out another key from her purse. She
unlocked the door and opened it ceremoniously for Scarlett.

Scarlett looked into the room and what she saw amazed her. It all made sense
now. Jena had taken her to the costume room. She walked into the room and
tried to take it all in. The room was filled with all kinds of clothes, wigs
and accessories. An entire wall was dedicated to wigs. Jena and Scarlett
went over to it and took off their coats.

“Wow. This is amazing.” Scarlett said.

“Yeah. They got all kinds of things here. We can borrow whatever we want and
dress up. No one will recognise us and we can have fun without worrying.”
Jena said with a proud smile on her face.

Scarlett thought that was a brilliant idea and started to look through the
wigs. She found a black wig with a punk haircut and put it on. Jena doubled
over in laughter. Scarlett threw it to Jena and let her try it on. She did
so and it provoked a similar response from Scarlett.

“How about we find something that we can actually wear in public?” Jena

“Sounds good.”

The two girls went on trying on wigs in all colours and styles. They had a
good time doing it and they did all kinds of impressions while doing it.
Scarlett had to admit that Jena was much better at impressions. Jena did an
excellent Condoleezza Rice and a very good Elaine from Seinfeld. Scarlett at
least managed to pull off an acceptable Marge Simpson, by using the only
blue wig in the room.

After some serious consideration they had both settled for wigs. Scarlett
had put on a black wig similar to Uma Thurman’s in Pulp Fiction. Jena had
decided to be a red head for the evening. The hair went about half way down
her back and reminded Scarlett of an early Willow from Buffy the vampire

“Are we ready to go now?” Scarlett asked.

Jena let here eyes wander up and down Scarlett’s body. Scarlett became
nervous under Jena’s gaze. Did Jena just check her out?

“We have to get you out of that dress” Jena exclaimed.

Scarlett blinked and tried to comprehend what Jena just had said. Before
Scarlett had a chance to ask, Jena went on.

“If we’re going incognito, we can’t be wearing these expensive dresses, we
have to find something else.”

“Oh. I see. Good point. What about the dresses we’re wearing now. ”

“We can leave them here and come back for them in the morning. Now follow me
and I will show you the dresses.”

Scarlett walked behind Jena as they went over to the dresses and skirts.
There were hundreds of different dresses to choose from. They could have
chosen to be anything from nuns to hookers. One dress caught Jena’s
attention. It was a frilly white dress that was very similar to a dress she
had worn in Pride and Prejudice. Jena turned her back to Scarlett and asked
for Scarlett to unzip her dress. Scarlett was a tad surprised by the sudden
request but did as she was asked.

Jena slipped out of her dress and put it aside. Scarlett kept looking at the
dresses in front of, her, but couldn’t help to take a peek at Jena’s slim
body. Jena was wearing matching black panties and bra. The undergarments
contrasted to Jena’s pale skin and Scarlett couldn’t help but think that it
was a nice sight. She tried to shake those thoughts though and kept focusing
on finding a dress to wear. Jena put on the dress she had found and asked
Scarlett what she thought.

“Aww. You look so cute.” Scarlett blurted out.

“I am most grateful” Jena said.

She also neighed and took on her most old fashioned and innocent expression.
Scarlett giggled at the display and went back to her own search.

“So, Milady do you think that this attire is appropriate for a woman of my
standing on an evening like this?”

“Well, it’s not exactly high fashion, but it is a very nice dress.”

Jena took off the dress again; she had never been serious about wearing it.
She went back to looking, now clad only in underwear. Scarlett couldn’t help
to take a peek at Jena’s body. Jena just stood there looking without any
shame at all. Scarlett didn’t know what to think.

Scarlett suddenly found the perfect dress to wear. She took it from the rack
and held it up. It was a rather strict ensemble with a skirt and a jacket
with shoulder pads. It was red and it looked like something a businesswoman
in the eighties would wear. Scarlett held it up for Jena to see.

“Whaddaya think?”

“I like it. It is strict, yet feminine. It is wildly out of fashion of
course, but still more modern than my dress. So sure, why not?”

“So do you think I should try it on?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Scarlett turned around so that Jena could unzip her dress. Scarlett then
proceeded to remove her dress. Jena stared intently at Scarlett as she
undressed. Scarlett became a bit nervous under Jena’s close scrutiny.
Scarlett wondered again to herself if Jena was checking her out, but decided
that it might just be her imagination running wild. Scarlett put on the
skirt and it was just perfect. She then put on the jacket. It was a bit
tight over the chest, but it would work. Scarlett spun around for Jena to
see and Jena clapped her hands.

“You look sharp Scarlett. That is just perfect.”

“Are you sure? Don’t you think that I should wear a blouse underneath?

“Naah. It’s much better like this. You gotta show some cleavage.”

Scarlett was a bit unsure about this whole thing, but Jena’s confidence
convinced her. Scarlett turned around in order to find something for Jena,
but she didn’t have to look. She immediately found a matching costume for
Jena. It looked exactly like the one Scarlett was wearing, except it was
blue. Scarlett didn’t even ask she just handed it to Jena.

“It’s the same. That’s just great.” Jena said with an enthusiastic smile on
her face.

Jena started to put the skirt on and Scarlett allowed herself to look
directly at Jena. Scarlett did have to admit that Jena had a nice body. Jena
was quite slim, but that didn’t affect her curves. Scarlett shook the
thoughts of Jena’s body out of her head and decided to focus on how Jena
looked in her new clothes.

“Wow, you look good.” Scarlett said.

The costume was the same size as Scarlett’s and wasn’t as tight on Jena.
That didn’t stop her from looking good in it though. Jena stepped into her
shoes again. Fortunately both girls had been wearing black pumps and they
decided to wear them throughout the night. Nothing can destroy a night out
like sore feet from new shoes, after all. Jena had one more thing in mind
before she was ready to leave. She brought Scarlett over to a rack with
hundreds of glasses.

“Now the most important thing so that no one will recognise you is to wear
glasses. We have to learn from Superman. No one can possibly recognise us if
we have glasses.” Jena said in a lecturing tone.

Scarlett laughed at Jena’s joke and proceeded to look for a suitable pair.
Jena also started to look and she was the one who first found a nice pair.
She held up a pair of Jackie O style sunglasses and put them on Scarlett,
who turned around and looked in a mirror.

“That’s it. They might not really belong in the eighties, but they look good
and they prevent people from recognising you.” Jena said.

Scarlett looked at herself in the mirror and thought that she looked good,
but more than anything she trusted Jena’s opinion. Jena quickly turned back
to her searching and found a pair of John Lennon style sunglasses. She put
them on and turned to Scarlett for approval.

“You like?” Jena asked.

Scarlett nodded in approval. She thought that Jena looked cute as a button.
The girls stood next to each other and looked at each other in the mirror.
With wigs, strange clothing and sunglasses it would be quite difficult for
anyone to recognise them. They did look a bit weird of course, but they
didn’t think that would matter since they were going out in New York.

“Are you ready to go?” Jena asked.

“Yes I am. Let’s do this.”

“So, do you know where to go? As I said before, this is your city.”

Scarlett thought about the calling card she had got from Alicia.

“I think I have an idea, but I will keep it from you until we get there”
Scarlett said with an evil smile on her face.

Jena just sighed, she should have known that her withholding from Scarlett
would come back to bite her.

Approximately twenty minutes later, the two actresses entered the jazz club.
The taxi ride over to the club had mostly been spent with the two girls
talking about their knowledge of New York. Jena was going to live in New
York for a few months during her work in Doubt, so she asked Scarlett all
kinds of questions about the city. Scarlett was happy to provide Jena with
information and she even offered to show Jena around one day. That was an
offer that Jena gladly accepted.

The club was hidden away on a smaller street in one of the lesser known
parts of Manhattan. Scarlett had never been there before, despite being from
New York. It wasn’t a very big place. It consisted of one dimly lit main
room, a stage and a bar. An old back man was playing piano on stage. Neither
of the girls knew enough jazz to know what he were performing, but they
immediately started to like the music anyway.

The patrons seemed to mostly consist of various artists and other strange
people. Most of the people were young, but there were a few there who looked
just like they had woken up from the sixties. There seemed to be something
like a hundred people in the club. Fortunately they found one free table and
they immediately sat down. The girls were mesmerized by the music, so they
just sat and listened during the first song.

“So, what do you think?” Scarlett whispered to Jena.

As Scarlett whispered this she had to lean over the table. It was a
relatively small table, so she was able to get quite close to Jena.

“I think I like this place. There’s something about that is just right, you
know?” Jena answered

Jena also leaned over the table and now they were practically face to face.

“Yeah. I know what you mean. This music is just changing my mood. When I
first came to the party tonight I felt so tired about everything and now I
just feel so relaxed, you know?”

Jena nodded and was just about to say something when Scarlett started to
whisper again.

“It’s not only the music though. I would be here if you hadn’t saved me from
a certain boring director who shall not be named.”

“Awww. It’s nothing. I wanted out of that party as much as you did. I’m glad
I’ve got you with me though.” Jena whispered.

For a while the two girls just looked at each other. They enjoyed sitting
there in the club and enjoyed each other’s presence and the music. They
couldn’t look each other deep into the eyes since they both were wearing
shades, but they could observe each other’s peaceful smiles. Scarlett was
the one who broke the moment, but not because she felt uncomfortable, she
just wanted to see the performer.

Both girls sat quietly and listened as the man on the stage went through his
songs. None of the girls had much knowledge about jazz, but they both liked
what they heard. Scarlett sent a thought of gratitude to Alicia for
suggesting this place. Except for the music, very few sounds were heard.
Most people were enraptured by the music and the two actresses were no
exception. They listened intently and shared the occasional glance. After a
while Scarlet realised that they didn’t have anything to drink and she
decided to fix that.

“I was thinking about going to the bar. Do you wanna share a bottle of

Jena put her thumb up in approval and Scarlett went over to the bar. A man
who looked like he was around seventy was behind the bar. He had something
of a nice old grandfather quality. He had to serve beer to a couple in their
thirties, but after that he went over to Scarlett. She was just about to
order, when she remembered that she was suppose to be incognito. It wasn’t a
very big risk that anyone recognised her voice, but she didn’t want to risk
it. She decided to give her order with a distinct (and poor) French accent.

“I wod louike au buttle de vin s’il vous plait.”

The bartender looked a bit strangely at her, but took out a bottle of red
wine from under the counter. It was a bottle of French red wine from
Bordeaux. He held it up for Scarlett to see and she responded by nodding.
The bartender opened the bottle and put it on a tray with two glasses.
Scarlett gave the bartender a fifty dollar note.

“Kip ze shaenge.”

“You are most generous miss.”

Scarlett was just about to take her tray and leave when the bartender
whispered to her.

“Don’t worry mademoiselle. Your secret is safe with us.”

Scarlett froze up. Was her identity out? Would the other guests start to
bother her? She decided to try to play innocent.

“Watt secrete?”

“You and your girlfriend over there. You’ve got nothing to worry about”

Scarlett became both relieved and flustered at the same time. Fortunately
the bartender had not recognised her. On the other hand, he thought that
Jena was her girlfriend. Scarlett didn’t know what to make of it. She didn’t
answer; she just went back to Jena with the wine. She put the tray down and
poured a glass for herself and one for Jena.

“How about a toast?” Scarlett said.

“Here’s to …. escaping boring parties”


The girls clanked their glasses together and took a sip.

They then went back to listening to the music. One good song after another
came along and they discussed how good the music was in the short breaks
between songs. It was obvious that both girls had a good time as they
listened to the breathtaking music and enjoyed each other’s company.
Eventually the set ended and the man on stage stood up from the piano and
received a real ovation. He told the audience that he would be back with
requests later and left the stage. People around the room started to talk.
Recorded music on a low volume started to come from the speakers. Jena took
this opportunity to ask Scarlett a question.

“So, what did the bartender say to you? You totally froze up back there.”

Scarlett thought about it for a second and decided to tell the truth, it
wasn’t like it was her fault that the bartender had made a mistake.

“I … spoke French with him. I guess he could tell that my French was faked
so he kinda figured out that we were here in secret.”

“He recognised you?”

“No he thought that you and I were a couple.”

Scarlett had expected Jena to become just as shocked as she had been, but
instead she was met by a restrained giggle from Jena.

“He thought that now did he? That’s interesting. What did you think about

“I … I don’t know” Scarlett managed to get out.
She was obviously embarrassed by the subject and she had started to blush.
She felt really confused about what to say on the subject. Jena just went on
giggling, but decided to change the subject after a while.

“Who are you?”


“Obviously you’re a business woman in the eighties from France. What else is
there to know about you Miss…?”

This was Scarlett’s thing, to be in a role. That was her reason for becoming
an actress. To escape the dullness of everyday life for a moment and step
into someone else’s shoes was what had defined her life. Somehow Jena had
got it just right.

“Mademoiselle Cuvier. Yvette Cuvier is my name. I am a … fashion designer. I
am in New York to establish my new line of clothing. It is underwear. Sexy
French underwear from Paris.”

“Ok, Mademoiselle Cuvier. My name is Bridget … Bridges. I am a businesswoman
from New York. I run the International Investment Bank on Wall Street. I am
a hard and ruthless businesswoman. I like to hang my employees upside down
from my window on the 97th floor in order to motivate them.”

“Pfffht. That’s nothing. I motivate my employees by hanging them from the
Eiffel Tower and occasionally dropping them.”

“I also flog my employees if they are late.”

“I flog them whenever I get the chance.”

The two cold hearted businesswomen could barely contain their giggles as
they kept telling stories of how bad they treated their poor employees. The
methods of torture became more advanced and elaborate as the game went on.
It was all in good nature though and after a while neither could contain
their giggles any more. They also went on to invent other details in their
character’s lives.

Scarlett decided that she was unmarried and that she had constant affairs
with her company’s male models. She also decided that she had inherited the
company by marrying and killing an old rich man. Jena on the other hand
decided that she had built her career by literally and figuratively
backstabbing every one who got in her way. She had reached her latest
promotion by framing her boss for a murder she herself had committed. The
game went on for quite some time and both of the girls had a really good

They kept drinking the wine and soon enough it was time to buy another
bottle. Before Jena had a chance to protest Scarlett took it on herself to
get the wine. It was a way of saying thank you to Jena for the fun she had

Scarlett got up on her somewhat unsteady legs and walked over to the bar.
Like before she had to wait for her turn. A small group of University
students ordered some cheap wine and went on to quietly discuss the works of
Sartre. Scarlett listened without interest to their pretentious discussion.

There were also a few other people in line before Scarlett. This gave
Scarlett the chance to think as she waited for her turn. She looked over to
Jena who sat at the table and enjoyed the music. Jena waived at her and
Scarlett waived back. This very small gesture from Jena made Scarlett feel
all warm and fuzzy inside.

Scarlett wondered what the hell was happening to her. Jena somehow managed
to understand and entertain her in a way that very few people ever had.
Scarlett decided then and there that she would see Jena as a very good
friend from now on. A good friend was all that Jena was. A newly found
friend who made Scarlett feel really good about herself.

It wasn’t unheard of that friends made you feel good. Scarlett had not
really gained a new friend since before she was famous. She had gained a lot
of acquaintances of course, but no close friends. People in Hollywood tended
to be too shallow for Scarlett. Jena was genuine though.

Scarlett thought back to when she had gotten to know other friends. She had
many very nice friends, but she couldn’t recall ever feeling so good about
making a friend. Friend, friend, friend was of course all that Jena would
ever be. Scarlett really tried to focus on Jena being a friend. What else
would she be?

Why was she feeling so damn good about this? It was because she had been a
bit depressed and Jena had helped her out. Of course she was grateful that
she had met Jena. She was quirky, smart and genuinely nice. That was the one
and only reason Scarlett felt so good, at least that was what she kept
telling herself as she stood there in the bar.

Scarlett never took her eyes away from Jena. She didn’t see much of Jena of
course with the strange clothes, the wig and the shades. She did see one
thing though and that was Jena’s smile. Jena’s gaze was focused on the stage
most of the time and this gave Scarlett the chance to study her smile. It
was a content and slightly mischievous smile. Scarlett somehow found it very

Scarlett had become really fascinated by the female form back when she was
in ‘Girl with a pearl earring’. She played the lead as a young girl who
stood model for a real and now famous painting with the same name as the
title of the film. It was a very visual film and Scarlett had done a lot of
research about art in order to do be well prepared. Scarlett was sure that
she could have done her part in the movie anyway, but she wanted to be as
prepared as she could possibly be. She had been to all museums she could and
she had also looked at famous paintings in art books. What she studied in
particular were paintings of women of course, since the movie was about such
a painting. This research had given Scarlett an appreciation of female
beauty. She was quite sure that her interest in the female form was nothing
more than that.

“Of course women are beautiful, everyone thinks so. Why shouldn’t I think
so?” Scarlett asked herself quietly.

She realised that she had actually said that out loud and she then returned
to her inner dialogue. Jena looked over at Scarlett again and fired off a
very warm smile. She also pulled her shades down and winked. Scarlett felt
herself melt inside and she retuned it with her own most honest and genuine
smile. She had done a lot of phoney smiles earlier in the evening at the
party, but this one was real.

Scarlett was suddenly interrupted in her musing by the bartender who now was
ready to take her order. Scarlett was a bit flustered at first and didn’t
really know what she was supposed to do. She had really spaced out there for
a while, she realised. She gathered herself and ordered another bottle of
wine; it was the same as before. She took it and went back to Jena. She
filled their glasses up again.

“You look a lot better now than in the beginning of the evening” Jena

“Yeah. I feel a lot better and I think I owe you for it.”

“Really? How so?”

“I don’t think I have had this much fun in quite some time. I think I might
have been a bit too serious about my career lately. I like it and it is
important of course, but I think I might have forgotten to have fun. You
kinda brought the fun back into acting tonight.”

“It was nothing really. I just love to play around a bit.”

“Well. I’m grateful anyway. It is fun to be someone else for a while.”

“I take it that if you haven’t had a fun lately that you are single?” Jena

“Yes, I haven’t really had time for anyone else you know?”

“I know. I’m single too, but honestly it’s more ’cause I’m picky.”

“So here we are. Two single girls out in New York. We could get any man in
this town if wanted to,” Scarlett stated with a confident smile.

“Honestly Scarlett, I don’t feel like meeting any boys tonight.”

“You know what? Me neither! Let’s drink to that!”

“Ohh. I’d looove to drink to that!” Jena said.

Scarlett noticed that Jena emphasised the love part, but she didn’t know
what to make of it. They clanked their glasses together and downed some more
wine. Scarlett was definitely tipsy by now, but she was still in that state
that would not feel bad tomorrow. She had been surprised by Jena’s total
rejection of meeting anyone tonight, but she felt quite good about it. She
couldn’t imagine any person who would make this evening any better. Jena was
all she needed for tonight.

Scarlett didn’t feel like talking about boys or men or whatever anyway. Her
last boyfriend before she became famous hadn’t been able to handle her
success. He had wanted her to be a groupie to his band and let him be the
one in charge. He wasn’t happy when Scarlett became famous, he just became
jealous. Scarlett had to end it with him of course. It didn’t stop there
though. He made a derogatory song about her. Ever since then Scarlett had
problems trusting guys. She had been on dates since then, but nothing
serious had happened. Scarlett didn’t want to think about that now though,
she shrugged off those depressive thoughts and focused on Jena instead.

The two girls entered into some heavy conversation. They just kept talking
and drinking for quite some time. Scarlett felt completely at ease talking
with Jena and they talked about all kinds of things. They found out that
they had a lot in common. They had pretty much the same view on many diverse
issues like religion, politics, literature and most importantly perhaps,
movies. As luck would have it, it turned out that they both were fans of
each other. It was more than just polite complimenting; they went in deep
analysis of their respective movies and their performances.

The discussion went on about different acting techniques and other secretes
of the trade. Scarlett started to admire Jena more and more as the
discussion went on. She had in Scarlett’s opinion the perfect balance
between self-confidence and humility. So many other people in Hollywood just
kept speaking about how great they were and many of the ordinary people
Scarlett met were so star struck that they couldn’t get any reasonable word
out. That was not the case with Jena though. Scarlett found herself talking
to an equal for the first time in a long while. They had just concluded the
discussion on “A Love Song for Bobby Long” when Jena asked a question that
took Scarlett by surprise.

“So, what were you thinking about over at the bar. You sure did seem to be
very focused on whatever it was.”

“Oh. Nothing special really. Just … you know… paintings.”

“Paintings, huh?”

“Yeah. I was in this movie about a painting and I thought about that.”

“‘Girl With a Pearl Earring.’ I saw it in the theatre. You were great. You
were so beautiful.”

Scarlett blushed a bit when Jena called her beautiful. People were calling
her beautiful all the time, but the fact that it was Jena had this special
effect on her.

“I … I… thank you I guess. I did my best. I studied a lot of art before I
did my part.”

“How come you thought about that now?”

“No reason,” Scarlett answered a bit too quickly.

“No reason?”

Jena rolled her eyes and made it perfectly clear that she didn’t believe
Scarlett. Jena sat silently thinking for a while before she addressed
Scarlett again.

“I mean you were really perfect for that part. You looked so vulnerable, yet
sexy. You nailed it perfectly.”

“Thank you,” Scarlett said

She blushed again. What was all this blushing about? Scarlett wondered. And
why was Jena complimenting her on her looks again? She thought that she
should be able to take a compliment without blushing; she was a movie star
after all.

“I would have loved to be in a movie like that; too bad I don’t look like
that painting. You said you studied a lot of paintings right?”


“Okay. So which painting could I be?”

Jena took off her glasses and pulled her fake hair back in order to give
Scarlett a good view of her face. She wasn’t too worried about getting
recognised; she didn’t get that too often. Scarlett didn’t really know what
to say. A moment ago she had been thinking that Jena looked like the most
beautiful woman in the history of art and now Jena was asking a question
about that very subject. Scarlett tried to think about what to say.

“You must have seen some painting that looked like me.” Jena said.

Scarlett convinced herself to tell the truth and a barely audible whisper
was heard.

“I don’t know, but you are really beautiful. You could be a model for a
painting and it would become an instant classic. You are that good looking.”

Scarlett looked away from Jena’s gaze as she said this. Scarlett had her
glasses on, but she was still worried that Jena would read her expression.
It was supposed to just be a very nice compliment from one friend to
another, but Scarlett felt that it was more than that. She very rarely got
embarrassed, but this was one of those times. Jena put her hand on top of
Scarlett’s and squeezed it gently. Scarlett looked up at Jena with an
insecure look on her face.

“Thank you Scarlett. It’s very nice of you to say that I am beautiful.” Jena

Jena’s words made Scarlett feel less embarrassed about what she had said.
Scarlett responded to Jena’s hand squeezing and held Jena’s hand. Scarlett
took a zip of wine to ease her nervousness, but did not let go of Jena’s
hand. The physical contact awoke strange feelings in Scarlett. She had never
been adverse to physical contact with her female friends, but this felt

Suddenly Jena’s face lit up with an idea. She temporarily left Scarlett and
went over to the bar. Scarlet could see that she slipped the bartender some
money, but she couldn’t hear what any of them said. Jena came back and sat
down and was immediately met with a question from Scarlett.

“What was that all about?”

“You’ll see soon enough, I promise.”

As she said this she put her hand back on Scarlett’s, proving the previous
handholding had been no coincidence. Scarlett had no problem with that and
the conversation went on as before.

“I have a question for you. Why were you so insistent back at the party that
I follow you?” Scarlett said.

Jena took a sip of wine as she pondered this question.

“It’s easy really. I was also a bit bored so I wanted to leave.”

“No you weren’t. You said that you had a good time with your co-workers.”

“Okay, maybe I did, but I wanted to be with you more than I wanted to be
with them.”

“Yes, sure, but why did you want to be with me tonight?”

“I thought that you needed this. I have a thing for, you know… knowing or
more kinda sensing how someone really feels. I was getting very sad vibes
from you, so I wanted to cheer you up. I got the feeling that you had been
denying yourself fun for some time. Also I did it for myself. I really do
like you Scarlett.”

Scarlett thought about Jena’s analysis and realised that she was right.

“I have to say you were spot on, there. I really needed this.”

“Of course I was. I can read minds.” Jena said with a spooky voice.

Scarlett let out a giggle that almost made her choke on her wine.

“Sorry,” Jena said with a sheepish look on her face.

“It’s alright. I guess I need to learn to control myself.”

Out of nowhere Jena changed the subject and asked Scarlett a completely
unexpected question.

“If you were to make a soundtrack for your life, what would it be like? I
don’t just mean any songs you happen to like; I mean the songs that actually
mean something to you.”

“What? Why do you ask that?”

“It’s just one of the things I think about. I have been in movies for so
long, that I often think in these terms. You don’t have to answer now, just
think about it and get back to me.”

“Okay, will do,” Scarlett said.

The question had really set her wheels of thought turning. She did have a
song about her, but that was by her bitter ex-boyfriend. She would have to
come up with something else.

“It is an interesting question, because it can be really personal if you
think about it closely, and explain your choices. I have found that it is a
good question if you want to get to know people.” Jena said

“Yes, I’m sure it is. So what do you have on your soundtrack?”

“You will hear some of it soon. The reason I brought this up is that, I had
a moment a while ago when it struck me what the soundtrack to this evening
is. The song is perfectly fitting for me and you going out together like
this. It’s a very good song and you will soon hear it. That’s what I did in
the bar; I made a request for this song and made sure that it would come

“You’re going to keep this a secret aren’t you?” Scarlett asked.

“Nope, you will get to know right now.” Jena said and pointed to the stage.

The singer was back on stage. He took the mike and spoke.

“Well. I’m back. The first song is a request. It is a song from J to S. I
think you all know it. Here it is.”

He started to play on the piano and well known tunes were heard. Scarlett
immediately recognised “Come away with me” originally by Norah Jones. As he
started to play, Jena began to sing. She sang the song quietly, just for

“Come away with me in the night
Come away with me
And I will write you a song”

Scarlett loved the song, she had listened to it a lot a few years ago. The
first few lines were completely familiar to her. Jena’s voice wasn’t world
class, but she was definitely better than average. Scarlett found herself
liking Jena’s private rendition.

“Come away with me on a bus
Come away where they can’t tempt us
With their lies”

Those words rang very true for Scarlett. Jena asking her to come was what
this evening was all about. This song seemed to be the perfect soundtrack
for what had been a perfect evening.

“I want to walk with you
On a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high
So won’t you try to come?”

Scarlett couldn’t believe how beautiful Jena was as she sang the song. A few
people at other tables could probably hear Jena as well, but Scarlett didn’t
care about them. Scarlett felt how this performance was all for her and that
gave her a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. She thanked fate or coincidence or
whatever for making this evening reality.

“Come away with me and we’ll kiss
On a mountaintop
Come away with me
And I’ll never stop loving you”

Jena put a lot of emotion into her words and Scarlett felt herself melt
completely. She had no idea how it had happened, but this girl had managed
to unlock her hidden desires. Scarlett admitted to herself what she had been
refusing to see earlier: her budding feelings for Jena were more than

During the singing Jena had leaned closer and closer to Scarlett over the
table. It was a very small table, so their faces were only inches apart by
now. Scarlett looked into Jena’s eyes one last time to confirm the mutual
attraction. She closed her eyes and leaned in the last few inches and closed
the distance between their mouths. Scarlett suspected that she could have
just waited and Jena to would have kissed her, but she didn’t want to be
completely passive.

The kiss was tentative at first. Jena barely let her lips grace Scarlett’s.
The touch of Jena’s smooth lips made Scarlett want more. She understood that
Jena was being careful not to rush things, but Scarlett had no problems with
rushing, not now that she had overcome her initial denial. She pushed deeper
into the kiss and for the first time their tongues met. Jena immediately
responded to Scarlett’s advances and stopped holding back. The kiss
instantly became more passionate and demanding. Their tongues swirled around
and explored.

The only thing that went through Scarlett’s mind was how right it felt. Jena
was a great kisser and Scarlett found herself liking this kiss better than
any other kiss ever. They were however in an awkward position on different
sides of the table. Scarlett wanted more contact and she wanted it now. She
broke the kiss and stood up. Jena didn’t even have a chance to speak before
she had Scarlett in her lap and the kissing resumed.

The man on stage had started to play “Come away with me” again. Scarlett
enjoyed the song on a whole new level now that it had brought her together
with Jena. Other than the song, the outer world was completely shut off
however. Jena had her arms around Scarlett to keep her from falling off and
Scarlett had her arms around Jena’s neck. It felt great for Scarlett to be
so close to someone. The fact that it was a girl didn’t feel strange; in
fact it felt very good.

The brief moment when Scarlett had changed position had given the girls a
refill of oxygen and they were able to go on with the kiss. The passion
increased with every second the kiss lasted. It was now a full blown make
out session. Jena took the lead and let her hand slide down Scarlett’s back
and to her ass. Jena got positive feedback from this move in the form of a
moan from Scarlett.

Jena suddenly ended the kiss and was met by a disappointed look from
Scarlett. For a brief moment, Scarlett thought that she had done something
wrong, but she was reassured when she looked into Jena’s eyes. What she saw
in Jena’s eyes was pure passion. They both breathed heavily to regain their

“I’ve wanted to do that ever since I first saw those lips of yours.” Jena

“You mean like the whole evening?” Scarlett asked

“Actually a bit longer than that,” Jena said.

She underlined her statement by bringing Scarlett in for another kiss. They
immediately got into the same kind of passion as before. Every hint of
hesitation was gone and they both went for it with full force. Jena held
Scarlett as close as she could. It was full body contact and full
concentration on the kiss. The man on stage had started to play another
song, but it was still something good.

This time it was Scarlett who broke away from the kiss. Her thoughts had
finally caught up to her. She didn’t feel that what was happening was at all
wrong or anything, but she did want to know exactly what was happening. This
was her first time kissing another girl and she really didn’t know what it

“So. I… Uh… What do we do now?”

“We do whatever you want.”

“I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t know
anything. I’ve thought about it, but I have never actually done anything.”

Scarlett’s nerves were catching up to her and she was visibly anxious. Jena
eased her worries with a few light pecks on the mouth. The kisses were light
and tender and just what Scarlett needed at that moment.

“Relax, Scarlett. I have some experience in the area”

“You have? You mean that you are a lesbian?” Scarlett asked.

“Pretty much completely lesbian, yes. I’ve never even looked in the general
direction of boys or men.”

“Wow, I didn’t realise…”

“It’s no huge secret, but I don’t really flaunt it either.”

Scarlett started to really think about her situation at the moment. Here she
was in Jena Malone’s lap in a strange costume on a jazz club. She could
never have imagined that the evening would take her here. She had no idea
how this could have happened, it wasn’t like her at all. She did know one
thing though and that was how much she liked it.

“I think I might be lesbian too,” Scarlett whispered in Jena’s ear.

“There is only one way to find out. Let me make love to you!” Jena whispered
back to Scarlett.

Scarlett froze. She wasn’t really surprised to hear it, but the actual sound
of the words shocked her. It wasn’t that she was shy or anything, it was
just the inability to comprehend that this really was happening that made
Scarlett freeze. She did know one thing though and that was that she wanted
this. She had followed Jena this far and everything that they had done had
been good. Scarlett trusted Jena to make the rest of the evening good as

“I do want this Jena. Let’s get out of here.”

Scarlett was so anxious that she just got up and grabbed Jena’s hand.
Scarlett dragged Jena to the coats and then outside. They soon found a cab
and Scarlett told the driver the address of her New York apartment. The cab
ride was a nervous one. Scarlett didn’t want to do anything in front of the
driver and she was too nervous to actually say anything. Jena held
Scarlett’s hand and rubbed it gently with her thumb. It was such a small
gesture, but it managed to ease Scarlett’s worries. She felt herself getting
very comfortable with Jena’s touch.

They soon arrived at Scarlett’s building and went in. Scarlett had to remove
her wig for the doorman to let her in. He was professional enough not to
comment on her outfit or who the other woman was. Jena played the role of
mystery woman and kept her outfit on. They took the elevator up to the floor
were Scarlett lived. Scarlett fished the keys out of her purse and started
to unlock the door. Her hands where visibly shaking and she had some trouble
getting the door open. Jena put her hand on Scarlett’s and gave her a
reassuring smile. This calmed Scarlett down and she opened up the door.
Scarlett turned on the lights and let Jena see her apartment. They both hung
up their coats and took off their shoes. Scarlett then turned to Jena.

“This is where I live. At least when I’m in town.”

“It’s very nice.”

“Soo. Uhh. Do you wanna see the apartment? Get the full tour.”

“Sure. That’d be okay I guess.” Jena answered.

Jena had removed her shades and Scarlett looked into her eyes. They said
something completely different than her mouth. It was obvious that Jena had
no interest what so ever in the apartment. Scarlett could clearly see that
Jena was burning with lust. Scarlett felt herself tingle with excitement as
she saw Jena’s hunger. Their eyes met and they soon leaned in for another
passionate kiss. This time they were all alone and the last shreds of
apprehension Scarlett had felt in public were gone. Scarlett who was
slightly shorter had to look up when she kissed Jena. This problem was fixed
when Scarlett pushed Jena down on the living room couch and sat down next to

Scarlett was the inexperienced one, but that didn’t mean that she would just
let Jena control everything. It had always been Scarlett’s ambition to do
her best once she had decided to do something. Somehow she had decided to
make love to Jena tonight and she was going to do it to the best of her
knowledge. Scarlett started for the first time to let her hands explore
another woman’s body. She started off slowly by gently touching Jena’s
breasts through the jacket. Jena moaned her approval into Scarlett’s mouth
as the kiss went on with ever increasing passion.

Jena too let her hands explore. Scarlett felt how Jena started to return the
favour by massaging Scarlett’s breasts. Jena’s skilled touch was better than
any guy Scarlett had ever been with. Scarlett let her right hand move on up
to Jena’s hair. Scarlett realised that she was holding a wig in her hand and
threw it away. Jena’s natural brown hair was out again and Scarlett dragged
her hand through it. Meanwhile Jena let her hands sneak inside of Scarlett’s
jacket. With Jena’s hands no longer constrained by the fabric if the jacket,
Scarlett felt her touch much better. They were really starting to get
tangled up in each other with hands everywhere. Scarlett ended the kiss in
order to make room enough to remove their clothes.

She quickly unbuttoned her jacket and let it fall from her shoulders. Jena’s
gaze immediately went to Scarlett’s breasts. Scarlett really enjoyed being
gazed upon by horny people and now for the first time it was a woman. It
didn’t take long however before Jena did more than just look. She leaned in
and started to gently kiss Scarlett’s ear. Small and delicate kisses were
placed on the ear, but they all felt like great promises of what was to
come. Jena went on and started to kiss a trail down Scarlett’s neck. Every
little kiss sent jolts of joy through Scarlett’s body. She had never had her
body worshipped like this before. Scarlett closed her eyes and decided to
just enjoy the attention that was lavished on her.

The trail of kisses inevitably led towards Scarlett’s impressive cleavage,
which was still contained by her red bra. That didn’t last for long though.
At the same time as Jena started to kiss on the uncovered parts of her
breasts, Scarlett felt a hand sneak around her back and undo the bra. Jena
did it with one hand in about a second; it was obvious that she had done
this before. Scarlett felt a tingle of anticipation when she though about
what else Jena could do with that experience.

Jena was quick to discard the bra and Scarlett suddenly found herself
topless. Jena went on with her trail of kisses and this led her to
Scarlett’s left nipple. Scarlett had always been endowed with sensitive
nipples and that came in handy now. Jena sucked on the nipple and let her
tongue flick over it at the same time. She used her right hand to stimulate
the one breast that was not getting any attention from her tongue. Scarlett
leaned back and let Jena do her thing. The only thing Scarlett did was twirl
Jena’s hair.

“Ohhhh. You are sooo good at this. Just keep going”

Jena looked up for a moment and fired off a glowing smile.

“Well, thank you. This is just the beginning though. It gets better”

With that Jena returned to her work, but this time she went for the right
nipple. That promise had sounded really good to Scarlett. If this was just
the beginning, how good would the rest be? Scarlett felt the familiar
wetness gather in her panties. Her arousal had been on the rise ever since
the first kiss and now it was starting overwhelm her completely. Very
little, except Jena’s touch, went through her mind. Scarlett couldn’t
remember the last time she had been this excited about anything.

Scarlett looked up at Jena and realised that she still was dressed. Scarlett
reached up and unbuttoned the jacket without any trouble at all. Jena looked
down at Scarlett and seemed pleasantly surprised. She stopped her treatment
of Scarlett’s nipple and stood up next to the couch. Scarlett’s gaze was
completely focused on Jena. A confident smile graced her lips as she slowly
removed her jacket. Images of naked woman in art rushed through Scarlett’s
brain as she thought about how she soon would get to see Jena naked.

Jena was now down to her black silky bra. She kept eye contact with Scarlett
as she put her hands behind her back and unhooked the bra. She moved it away
and revealed her perky breasts. They weren’t nearly as big as Scarlett’s,
but Scarlett was mesmerized none the less. The sight of Jena topless was
more beautiful than any painting Scarlett had ever seen. The couch wasn’t
too comfortable so Scarlett got up from it and walked over to Jena. Scarlett
gave Jena a quick kiss on the mouth before she took Jena’s hand and led her
to the bedroom. Scarlett turned on the light and revealed a king sized bed
in the middle of the room. Scarlett walked in to the room and jumped on the
bed. She lay down on her back and gave Jena an inviting smile.

Jena got on to the bed and licked her lips as she blatantly ogled Scarlett’s
half nude body. Jena moved like a cat and soon she was on top of Scarlett,
their mouths a mere inch apart. Scarlett couldn’t really see anything except
for Jena’s eyes. Jena’s hair fell down like a curtain around the two of them
and it closed them off completely from the outside world. Their breasts were
pressed together and Scarlett felt Jena’s nipples touching her own. The
touch was so light that it almost tickled her.

“I don’t know how you’ve don it, but you’ve seduced me.” Scarlett whispered.

“I guess I have, but as I said the best is yet to come.”

“You talk big, Jena. Why don’t you show me?”

Jena did just that. She lowered herself that last inch and started to kiss
Scarlett again. The kiss was the most passionate yet. It felt like Jena was
trying to suck Scarlett’s tongue out and the sheer intensity of the kiss
made Scarlett lust for Jena even more. No guy had ever kissed her with this
much passion and hunger. Scarlett let her hand trail along Jena’s smooth
back. The feeling of the smooth silky skin under her finger was lovely. It
was truly something different to touch a woman’s body.

Jena ended the kiss and like before started to kiss her way down Scarlett’s
neck. She was quicker this time though and soon reached Scarlett’s breasts.
This time Jena let her tongue swirl around and do the exploring. Jena
focused on the nipples, but didn’t neglect any part of Scarlett’s chest.
Scarlett writhed on the bed as Jena gave her pleasure with her tongue.
Scarlett felt herself getting even wetter in anticipation of what was to
come. Jena obviously knew how to use her tongue and Scarlett was looking
forward to reaping the benefits.

“Uhhhhhhh. Ohh. You’re sooo good with your tongue,” Scarlett moaned.

Jena looked down at Scarlett and smiled, but didn’t respond. Instead she
returned to her exploration of Scarlett’s body. She left the breasts and
started to lavish kisses on Scarlett’s belly. Jena started to tug at the hem
of Scarlett’s skirt. The skirt could soon be pulled off and Scarlett arched
herself up so that Jena could remove it. The skirt was gone and Scarlett was
now left only in her panties. The work Jena was doing on Scarlett’s belly
was starting to have a real effect on Scarlett’s patience. She loved good
foreplay as much as the next girl, but now she was getting antsy. Jena had
started to lick in and around Scarlett’s bellybutton. Scarlett was somewhat
ticklish in that area and she couldn’t help to let out small giggles.

“Iiihhhh. Ohhh. Come on, I can’t wait any more.”

“Getting impatient, are we?” Jena replied with a smug smile.

Scarlett’s frustration was growing. Jena had promised her pleasure and now
she wanted Jena to deliver on that promise. Scarlett did her best pleading
eyes and pouty lips look and fortunately it seemed to work on Jena. Without
warning Jena growled, bit down on Scarlett’s panties and started to pull
them down. Scarlett felt a rush of excitement partly due to being exposed
completely and also because of Jena’s animalistic behaviour. Jena dragged
the panties all the way off Scarlett’s shapely legs. The panties were
dropped close to Scarlett’s feet. Scarlett’s aching pussy and neatly trimmed
landing strip were now free for Jena to see.

Scarlett was so excited that she curled her toes. This seemed to have an
effect Jena. She decided to take Scarlett’s right big toe in her mouth and
started to suck it gently. This was definitely a ticklish area for Scarlett,
but it still felt really good. Jena didn’t stay long though. She started to
kiss her was up Scarlett’s leg. Scarlett’s legs were often overlooked due to
her breasts, but she was very proud of them. Jena worked her way up the left
leg by placing a kiss every few inches. The kisses alone weren’t anything
special. The fact that they got closer and closer to Scarlett’s pussy was
another thing: this was what really did it for Scarlett. For every kiss the
reality that she was going to have sex with another woman dawned on her more
and more. She had thought about it before of course, but up until tonight
she had never even been close to acting upon it.

Jena was now well above Scarlett’s knee and she started get closer and
closer. Scarlett helpfully spread her legs and Jena used the opportunity to
position herself between Scarlett’s legs. Jena had been kissing Scarlett’s
legs from above, but now she started to kiss the inside of Scarlett’s
thighs. Scarlett was dripping wet by now. It felt like she had been waiting
her whole life for something, when in fact it was less than an hour since
they had first kissed. Jena gave Scarlett’s thigh one last kiss. The kiss
was as high up on the leg as it could be. Scarlett had been having her eyes
closed, but now she opened her them in order to see what Jena was doing.

Jena looked up at Scarlett from her position between the legs and fired off
a radiant smile before she dove in. She dragged her tongue along Scarlett’s
slit. This caused Scarlett to let out a little yelp of excitement. Jena
quickly followed her first lick with several more. She started to work
Scarlett’s dripping wet pussy with long steady licks. Scarlett’s breathing
became heavier the moment Jena’s tongue first landed on her pussy. She
breathed in and out in rhythm with Jena’s licks. Jena only passed by
Scarlett’s clitoris on her way up and down the pussy, but it was enough to
really get Scarlett going.

Scarlett clutched the bedspread in her hands in order to keep still. She
writhed on the bend as Jena kept licking her pussy. Scarlett’ could not tear
her eyes away from the beauty between her legs. The energy and enthusiasm
she saw in Jena was making her feel desired in a way she had never felt
before. Sure she was good looking and all, but she didn’t think that anyone
ever had wanted her as much as Jena wanted her now. Jena did almost as much
with her eyes as with her tongue. She kept looking up at Scarlett. Neither
spoke, but the eye contact between these skilled actresses said more than a
thousand words. Scarlett could not get enough of looking into Jena’s eyes.

With every lick up Scarlett’s slit Jena pushed a bit deeper. It was a slow
and gradual increase. Scarlett’s got more pleasure from every lick. It was
indeed obvious that Jena had done this before. She gave Scarlett all the
pleasure she needed, but she had no intention of bringing Scarlett off too
quickly. Scarlett was OK with that, in fact she loved it. The time was just
after midnight and Scarlett felt that she had the energy to go on with this
forever. With every lick, Scarlett’s pussy became wetter and wetter, but
Jena kept licking it all up. Scarlett found herself thinking about what it
tasted like to lick a pussy. She had not even tasted her own pussy, but now
she had started to look forward to tasting Jena. Scarlett reasoned that if
Jena liked it so much, it must be good.

Jena was on all fours between Scarlett’s legs, so her ass was up in the air.
Scarlett admired the skirt clad outline of Jena’s ass. All her reservations
about appreciating female beauty were completely gone now and she stared
without shame. Jena was thinner than Scarlett, but she still had all the
right curves and her ass just seemed so very appealing. Scarlett knew that
she had to get a feel of that delicate bottom. She used her feet and let
them touch Jena’s ass. It was quite an awkward position and it really didn’t
satisfy Scarlett. She wanted to see and she wanted it now.

“Jena, please. I want you to get naked with me. I want to see your … your
uhhmmm ass. I want to see your ass.”

Jena lifted her face from Scarlett’s pussy an inch or so. Scarlett could
feel her breath as she spoke.

“You’re really starting to get into this, aren’t you?”

“Ohh. Yes I am. You are so beautiful and I want to see you naked now,

Scarlett’s voice was thick with horny desperation as she made her plea to
Jena. Scarlett saw Jena get up on her knees. This once again gave Scarlett
the chance to enjoy Jena’s firm tits and she did so as much as she could.
Jena slowly pulled her skirt down and threw it on top of Scarlett’s skirt
next to the bed. Jena was now down to her black panties. She looked
seductively at Scarlett and hooked her thumbs in her panties. Jena wiggled
her hips as she moved the panties down and revealed that she was completely
hairless. Scarlett’s eyes went wide in astonishment. She had never seen a
shaved woman up close and personal like this. She knew that it was done of
course, but she didn’t expect to see it. Scarlett tried to think about
something to say, but realised that she didn’t need to state the obvious.
Instead she spread her legs further as an indication that she wanted Jena to
go on.

Jena was quick to get back to her licking. Like before she started by a
doing simple licks up and down the slit. That was only the beginning though.
She started to push her tongue deeper into Scarlett’s pink folds. She didn’t
follow any rhythm or pattern. She just let her tongue roam the pussy. The
brief break in the licking due to Jena’s undressing had cooled Scarlett down
a bit. Jena’s new and more intense technique soon made up for the break
though. Jena’s tongue went all over Scarlett’s pussy. Jena hit all kinds of
sensitive spots as she let her tongue explore. Scarlett felt like Jena’s
tongue was everywhere at once. Unlike the steady rhythm from before,
Scarlett had no idea what was going to happen. The constant surprises kept
Scarlett on edge all the time. It was impossible to be still on the bed any
more. Scarlett writhed around like she was being tickled, but Jena was
flexible and made sure to keep contact all the time.

The whole reason the licking had been interrupted had of course been that
Scarlett wanted to see Jena nude. Now she had the chance. Scarlett shifted
her gaze between Jena’s wild tongue and her smooth ass. The beauty of Jena
was getting more and more obvious to Scarlett. She had a perfect slim body
and her butt was really something. Jena wasn’t the girl in Hollywood that
got all the attention from the men; her beauty was a more sophisticated one.
Stupid men, Scarlett thought to herself. They don’t know what they are
missing. Scarlett considered Jena’s body a work of fine art. She could not
only be a painting, she could be a perfect statue, Scarlett reflected.

Scarlett’s thoughts were becoming less and less coherent though. The ever
increasing bliss that Jena was giving her made it much harder to think
straight. Whenever Jena hit a spot of pleasure Scarlett could think of
nothing but the pleasure. Her breasts jiggled and her stomach tensed during
these moments of bliss. Scarlett’s pussy was practically leaking pussy cream
by now, but that didn’t seem to bother Jena, quite the opposite in fact. The
wetter Scarlett became, the more enthusiastic Jena became. Scarlett kept
moaning out her delight for Jena to hear. Scarlett thought it was important
to be forthcoming with encouragement and she did her best to give Jena that.
Scarlett was sure Jena knew just how good she was. Still, Scarlett wanted to
make sure Jena knew just how much her work was appreciated.

“Yes. That’s good. Ahhhhh. You are way better than aaaahh any guy I’ve ever
been with. Oooooohhhh it feels so good. Keep going.”

Jena kept going and increased her efforts even more when she heard
Scarlett’s encouraging words. Jena’s tongue was everywhere at once. Jena
used her lips as well and pressed them to Scarlett’s pussy in long and deep
kisses. Lips and tongue weren’t all that Jena used. She also started lo let
her hands do some exploration on their own. At first Jena let her hands
caress Scarlett’s stomach. Jena’s touch was magic to Scarlett and she
started to enjoy the light touch quite a lot, although not as much as the
other thing Jena did of course. Jena went on exploring Scarlett’s curves and
naturally she reached Scarlett’s most impressive curves; her breasts. She
gently massaged the breasts and made Scarlett utter even louder moans of

“Ahhhhh. Oooohhhhhhh. You like my breasts, don’t you? They are the best
breasts in the world and they are only yours. Ahhhhh. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.”

Scarlett wouldn’t normally have claimed to have the best breasts in the
world, but the passion and eagerness Jena was displaying had a profound
effect on Scarlett. It made her feel like she was the most desirable person
in the world. She heard that she was the most desirable person in the world
quite often, but Jena made her feel it. The pleasure was increasing all the
time and Scarlett started to feel like she was flying. She wasn’t floating
on a cloud; she was flying with twists and turns that would put superman to
shame. That was how wild the ride Jena was giving her was.

Scarlett was getting closer and closer to her first orgasm in quite a while.
It seemed like Jena could sense it or perhaps hear it from the constant
moans. She started to work seriously to bring Scarlett off. Her tongue which
had been all over Scarlett’s pussy zeroed in on Scarlett’s swollen clitoris.
At the same time she started to be just a tad rougher in her treatment of
Scarlett’s breasts. She started to lightly pinch the nipples. It wasn’t any
where near enough to be hurtful, but it was enough to send what felts like
jolts of electricity through Scarlett’s body.

Scarlett’s whole body started to quiver as she felt the orgasm draw near.
Jena was now completely focused on Scarlett’s clit with her tongue. She let
her tongue swirls around and touch the clit as often as possible. She had
worked up quite a speed in her licking and Scarlett was ecstatic to be on
the receiving end of such a skilled tongue. During all this Jena never
pulled her gaze away from Scarlett. It was hard for Scarlett to keep still
enough to look at Jena all the time, but whenever she did manage to look
down, Jena was there meet her gaze. Scarlett couldn’t possibly hold back her
orgasm even if she had wanted to. Jena placed her mouth directly over
Scarlett’s clit and let her tongue flick back and forth at break-neck speed.
This was what finally brought Scarlett off.


Scarlett screamed out her delight at the top of her lungs. The high volume
surprised Scarlett. She had never been this loud in the bedroom, but on the
other hand she had never felt an orgasm this good either. Waves of orgasm
flowed or more correctly ripped through her body. Scarlett felt like a
hurricane was going though her, but in a good way. She bucked wildly on the
bed and Jena had to use some force to keep her down. Scarlett’s pussy
started to clamp down and started to squeeze out pussy cream in a stream
that never seemed to stop. Scarlett had never had an orgasm like that before
and she would have been worried if it hadn’t felt so damn good. Jena was
there and eagerly licked up every drop. The clit didn’t need any stimulation
any more. The orgasm had taken a life of its own and went on in what
Scarlett felt like an eternity in heaven. Her screams went on; even though
they started to grow weaker.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. Ohooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhooooooooohhhhhhhh”

The orgasm went on longer than any previous orgasm and it started to feel
differently, but equally good. Seventh heaven was not enough to describe
Scarlett’s bliss. Fierce and powerful, the orgasm was almost enough to make
Scarlett shatter into pieces. It felt like every fibre of her being was
vibrating on a high frequency. String theory started to make sense since
Scarlett felt like a pack of vibrating strings. She no longer bucked; she
just quivered on the bed. The orgasm felt like it had completely drained her
and she started to slowly come down. Jena stopped her licking and massaging
and started to crawl up Scarlett’s body. Scarlett had to close her eyes to
preserve her energy.

Scarlett started to feel normal again, when she felt a pair of sticky lips
on her own. Reflexively she opened her mouth and accepted the kiss. Jena’s
tongue entered her mouth and started to swirl around like it had done in her
pussy only seconds earlier. Scarlett realised that she tasted her own pussy
as she made out with Jena. Six hours ago, that would have been a gross idea,
but now it felt really good. This kiss was very gentle and careful. Scarlett
didn’t have much energy to spare and it seemed like Jena knew that, it was a
very slow and careful make-out session. Scarlett kept her eyes closed and
focused on enjoying the kissing.

Scarlett thoroughly enjoyed it and was therefore a tad disappointed when she
felt Jena’s lips leave her own. She opened her eyes and saw Jena next to
her. Jena was looking at her with a very happy smile on her face and
Scarlett gave her a sweet smile in response. Scarlett decided to get under
the quilt and Jena quickly joined her. They snuggled up close together and
Jena started to place light pecks on Scarlett’s right cheek. Scarlett felt
how Jena’s naked body was pressed against hers. At this time it wasn’t
really anything sexual about it. It just felt good to feel the heat from
another person. Scarlett had always loved the post coital bliss and it
seemed she shared that with Jena. Of course Jena was a woman as well and
that was probably the reason, Scarlett thought to herself.

“So, I delivered on my promise, now didn’t I?” Jena asked with a confident
smile on her face.

“You sure did. That was without a doubt the best orgasm ever.”

“I was going for that. Honestly it’s not much of a competition if you’ve
never been with a woman.”

“You don’t think a man could do something as good as that?”

“No I sure don’t. I’ve never been interested in trying either.”

“Really? Never ever?” Scarlett asked with a shocked look on her face.

“No, not ever.”

“Before tonight I would have said that you had missed something, but I don’t
think so now.”

Jena took a moment to think about what Scarlett had just said.

“So, Have I lured you away from boys?”

“You know what. I think that you might very well have done that.”

Scarlett was speaking the truth. This first orgasm from a woman and been
many times better than her best orgasm from a man. Her fantasies about
George Clooney earlier in the evening seemed like they were a lifetime away.
George could have come in here wearing nothing but a bouquet of roses and
she would still have thrown him out. Jena had been completely selfless and
had focused completely on Scarlett’s pleasure in a way that no man had ever
done. This thought caused Scarlett some guilt since Jena was yet to have an
orgasm. Scarlett had been completely drained by the orgasm and didn’t want
to leave her position under the cover. She could do nice things from her
position however and she started to let her hands slide down Jena’s body.

Scarlett caressed Jena’s body with both her hands and tried to get a feel of
her whole body. She followed every curve with her hands. It felt wonderful
to touch Jena’s soft silky skin. Jena’s eyes had grown wide, but she didn’t
say anything. Her breathing was heavier. It was very obvious that she
enjoyed it. Scarlett pulled Jena up so that she ended up on top of Scarlett.
This gave Scarlett free access to Jena’s back side. Scarlett let her hands
travel down to her ass cheeks that she had been admiring before. They were
perfectly toned and Scarlett started to gently massage them. She let her
hands slide up and down Jena’s back, but she kept returning to her ass.

At the same time she pressed Jena closer so that their pussies touched. It
wasn’t any intensive touch, but Scarlett could feel the heat and wetness of
Jena’s pussy. They started to slowly rub their pussies together. It amounted
to no more than hints of contact, but it was enough to send small jolts of
pleasure through Scarlett’s body. Jena seemed to enjoy it as well, since she
started to moan. The two girls soon found a rhythm of pressing their hips
together. They were somewhat constrained by being under the quilt, but they
made it work anyway. Their bodies were pressed together and they saw nothing
but each other.

The rubbing kept going, but Scarlett was a bit disappointed that she only
got small whimpers out of Jena. She wanted to give Jena the same kind of
earth shattering orgasm that she herself had received earlier. She thought
back to her own orgasms and realised that her right hand was responsible for
more of her orgasms than anyone else. How fortunate, Scarlett thought as she
brought her hand around and sneaked it in between their two pussies. It was
careful exploration at first. She got used to the feeling of Jena’s lean and
wet pussy. Scarlett realised that the position was awkward. She made a roll
so that she was on top instead.

“So you’re in charge now huh?” Jena asked.

“Yes. You better believe it. I’m going to thank you for what you did to me,”
Scarlett said with an impish smile on her face.

“Well. I’m ready. Come on. Give it to me.”

Scarlett answered by inserting her index finger in Jena’s pussy. Jena was so
wet that it went in without any trouble at all. Scarlett had no trouble
finding her way around a pussy. She pulled her finger out and when she
pushed back in there were two fingers. This time it was more of a snug fit
and Scarlett felt that this would be enough to get Jena off. Scarlett bucked
her hips back and forth. This in turn pushed her fingers in. She started out
slowly, but increased as she got more used to it. Jena’s pussy clamping down
on her fingers was an incredible feeling. It also felt very good to grind
her pussy against the back of the hand. It seemed to be good for Jena as
well. Scarlett was getting the moans she had wanted.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh. Yeeeeessssssss. Thaaaaaat’s good. Ohhhhhhhh. Fuuuuuuuuck.
Yeeaaaaaaah. Fuck me. Ohhhhh. Yeah.”

Scarlett just smiled as Jena moaned under her touch. It was a real rush of
excitement for Scarlett that she could bring such an experienced girl as
Jena pleasure. Scarlett was in total control of the situation at it was
almost as good as when she had been licked. Jena had her eyes closed as she
got fucked, but Scarlett never took her eyes away from Jena. She got in to a
slow, but steady rhythm of pushing her fingers in and out of Jena. The
result was good, but Scarlett could do better. She decided to put her thumb
to use. She started to let her thumb very gently touch Jena’s clitoris. A
guy might have trouble finding it in daylight with a map and a compass, but
for Scarlett it was easy, even when she just used her hand. Every time she
pushed her fingers into Jena she also stimulated the clit. Jena’s moans were
getting louder and more frequent thanks to Scarlett’s treatment.

“Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh. Mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Scarlett couldn’t believe what she was doing. Here she was finger fucking
another girl and apparently she was very good at it. It was one thing to
receive, but this was giving. Scarlett was extremely proud of herself. The
cries of pleasure from Jena were sweet rewards for what she was doing.
Scarlett felt her buttocks tighten as she pushed in and out of Jena. It was
also quite a lot of work for her stomach. Scarlett was in good shape though
and she was sure that she had the needed energy to bring Jena off. She
couldn’t see any reason not to be confident, even though this was her first
time. Both girls were starting to get really hot under the quilt, but they
just went on. Scarlett had nothing on her mind except bringing Jena off.

Scarlett could feel how Jena’s wetness increased. Like the cries of pleasure
it was verification that she was doing a good job. The feeling of another
girl’s pussy juice on her fingers was a bit weird. It was completely new to
her, but it didn’t feel wrong at all. Scarlett had no idea for how long she
had been doing this but she could sense that Jena was getting near. Jena’s
breathing was getting more rapid and Scarlett could feel how the walls of
Jena’s pussy really started to tighten around her fingers. Scarlett had kept
looking at Jena’s face. It was really a wonderful face. Jena kept changing
expression all the time. It was as if the steady penetration affected all
the muscles in her body.

What didn’t change was that Jena kept her eyes closed. Scarlett wanted to
see those wonderful eyes and did the best thing she could think of to get
Jena’s attention. Scarlett leaned down and placed a kiss on Jena’s half open
lips. Jena’s eyes opened in an instant and she reacted quickly to the kiss.
She grabbed hold of Scarlett’s head and pressed her down into the kiss. It
was completely unnecessary, but Scarlett didn’t mind. The kiss that started
was wild and forceful. Both their tongues twirled around wildly and their
noses rubbed together as they kept changing position. It took some real
skill in multi tasking for Scarlett to keep fucking Jena while the kiss
lasted, but she managed to keep it going.

Scarlett increased the contact between her thumb and Jena’s clit. They now
had full body contact and grinded wildly against each other. Jena bucked her
hips up against Scarlett’s fingers. Scarlett got deeper and deeper with her
penetration. Jena might never have been with a man, but it was very obvious
that she wasn’t a virgin. Scarlett did one last push and it brought Jena
over the edge. Her pussy started to spasm and clamp down on Scarlett’s
fingers. Scarlett felt how Jena’s orgasm released a fresh load of pussy

Scarlett could also feel all of Jena’s muscles tense under her. Scarlett’s
weight kept Jena down though. It was not easy for Scarlett to stay on top of
Jena. It was like riding one of those mechanic bulls, but Scarlett managed
to do it anyway. Apparently she could do anything today. Jena might also
have screamed during the orgasm, if it hadn’t been for the ongoing kiss.
They kept kissing all the way through the orgasm. It was a kiss filled with
intense passion. Jena sucked on Scarlett’s tongue as she came and Scarlett
just let her. Jena was a force of nature during her orgasm and Scarlett was
just happy to be there to experience it.

Scarlett could feel with her whole body how Jena went from tense to relaxed
as the orgasm subsided. The character of the kiss changed completely from
rough and passionate to soft and tender. Scarlett rolled over to the side
and extracted herself from Jena’s pussy. They had a few quick kisses before
they pulled away. They were mere inches apart as they lay on the bed and
looked at each other. They were both catching their breath after the hard
work and kissing they had done. Satisfied smiles covered both their faces.

Scarlett realised that her hand was sticky from Jena’s orgasm. It was more
of an impulse than a thought that made her bring her hand up to her mouth.
The smell of Jena’s arousal awoke her own arousal again. She started to
seductively lick her own fingers clean. She did long licks up and down her
fingers and tasted the juices that her hand was covered in. Jena’s eyes grew
wide as she saw what Scarlett was doing. Jena looked on as Scarlett worked
her own fingers over. Scarlett was almost done licking when Jena took on of
Scarlett’s fingers and started to lick it. Jena soon sucked the whole finger
down. Having Jena suck her finger was another new sensation for Scarlett.
Jena was very seductive as she sucked the finger and Scarlett thought it
would have been enough to seduce her if that hadn’t already happened.

“I was good wasn’t I?” Scarlett asked

Jena stopped working on Scarlett’s finger and tucked away a strand of hair
covering Scarlett’s face.

“Yes you were Scarlett. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

“Well. I haven’t used my finger on anyone else before.” Scarlett said with a
guilty smile.

“I think you are a natural.”

“So. Uhhhm. You think we can do this again sometime?”

Scarlett looked away from Jena as she said this. She was nervous that this
was just going to be a one night thing. Scarlett didn’t want it to be just
that. It had felt far too good for her to just do it once.

“Definitely.” Jena said without doubt.

Scarlett leaned in and gave Jena a quick kiss on the mouth before she
changed her position so that she was on her back. She looked up into the
ceiling with a dreamy look on her face. She started to think about what had
happened. She had thought that she might regret this, but instead she was
just giddy with excitement about the prospect of a future encounter. Jena
started to gently stroke Scarlett’s face. Scarlett also realised how tired
she was. It was well after midnight by now and Scarlett had been up since
the morning. Jena’s touch was very soothing and Scarlett slowly drifted to


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