A Story Of Love – Part 2: Lost and Confused

A Story Of Love – Part 2: Lost and Confused
Author’s Name: Rupert
Content Codes: FF cons oral anal spank rom
Celebs: Scarlett Johansson, Jena Malone, Piper Perabo, Parker Posey
Disclaimer: This is as the title implies a story of love, or at least it
will be some time in the future. This is my more serious work of erotica and
you willl actually find things such as plot and characters in this one.
There will also be hot lesbian action of course and lots of it.
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Scarlett awoke the next morning to the sound of her door slamming shut. It
was an old oak door and it had a tendency to make more noise than expected.
Scarlett sat up in bed and tried to remember the night before. Everything
was a bit hazy for about a second before all the memories rushed back.

Scarlett slumped back on the bed in disappointment. The night before had
been wonderful, but the sound of that door slamming shut could only mean one
thing. Jena had apparently just left. Scarlett stared at the ceiling with
apathy as she thought about what had happened. A part of Scarlett had
expected Jena to leave so she wasn’t very surprised. Still it did hurt.
Everything had been perfect. Scarlett was proud of how she had been able to
bring Jena to a very real orgasm. The memory of Jena’s pussy clamping down
on her hand was still vivid for Scarlett.

There was no reason to get up anyway. Scarlett had the day off and no other
plans what so ever. Scarlett tried to do some positive thinking and focus on
the good things. She got one wonderful orgasm out of this after all. So what
if Jena just left. This had been a very valuable experience. Despite trying
to feel good about things, Scarlett couldn’t help feel dejected. She could
not stop thinking about how she wanted to see more of Jena. It took about a
quarter of an hour before Scarlett decided to finally get up. She sat up in
the bed and breathed a heavy sigh. She was just putting the robe on when she
heard someone at the door. Scarlett froze for a second before she heard a
reassuring voice.

“Hello! Brought us some breakfast. You awake?” Jena called from the hallway.

Scarlett quickly went out into of the bedroom and saw Jena standing in the
hallway with a bag of groceries and a cute smile. She had obviously borrowed
a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Scarlett was at a loss on what to say.

“I let you sleep, thought you needed it. Didn’t find much in your fridge so
I thought I’d do some shopping.” Jena explained.

“Your clothes… I mean my clothes.”

“Sorry bout that. Didn’t snoop or anything, found these around. Really
didn’t want to wear that eighties stuff down at the corner shop.”

“I understand. Those clothes at nine in the morning might be a bit weird.
I’m just glad you’re still here. I thought you left.” Scarlett said.

She did her best to convey perfectly neutral feelings, but failed miserably.
Jena put the bag of groceries down and walked over to Scarlett. Jena gave
Scarlett a reassuring hug and a brief kiss on the lips.

“I’m sorry I left just like that. I should have waited for you to wake up.”

“No it’s ok.” Scarlett said in an overtly chipper tone.

Jena didn’t push it. She walked back the shopping bag and walked into the
kitchen. She called out to Scarlett from the kitchen.

“Go back to bed. I wanted to make you breakfast in bed. Wait in the bedroom
and you’ll get it”

Scarlett gladly accepted and ran back to her bed room. She did her best not
to show anything, but inside she was thrilled. Jena had not left her.
Instead she had made an incredibly sweet and romantic gesture. Scarlett
propped herself up in the bed in a comfortable position as she waited.
Scarlett really didn’t want to get her hopes up, but she couldn’t help
thinking that this gesture meant something.

Jena entered the room carrying a tray overloaded with delicious items. It
was Scarlett’s biggest tray, yet it was completely full. There were all
kinds of fruits, breads, cheeses, meat products and vegetables. There was
also coffee, milk and orange juice. Jena got in bed next to Scarlett and
placed the tray between them. She had a sheepish look on her face as she

“I kinda went overboard on the shopping huh? It’s just I didn’t know what
you like so I kinda bought one of each. Your fridge was almost empty so that
wasn’t any help. I mean there were some bananas in there, but they had been
there for ages so I didn’t think that would be any good.”

Jena was rambling and Scarlett stopped her.

“Relax. This is perfect. I now have breakfast for several days.” Scarlett

Jena giggled at Scarlett’s non-joke and they shared a look. They then dug in
and started to feast on the various delicacies. They had a very nice and
normal breakfast conversation. Scarlett had feared that things would feel
weird the day after, but that wasn’t the case at all. Jena was very easy
going and Scarlett was very relieved that there was no awkwardness. The
awful feeling Scarlett had when Jena was gone faded away and was soon

They finished breakfast and went to the kitchen together. Jena helped
Scarlett loading everything into the fridge. Scarlett wanted to brush her
teeth so she went out into the bathroom and urged Jena to follow. Scarlett
held up a variety of different toothbrushes for Jena to choose from.

“Wow. That’s a lot of toothbrushes. I’ll just take this red one.”

“I’m a bit crazy about tooth brushing. I always make sure to have a new one

“How fortunate for me” Jena remarked.

Scarlett was a tad obsessive about her teeth. She had a radiant smile and
she wanted to keep it that way. Sure, she could pay for bleaching and other
procedures, but she wanted to keep things natural. She made sure to always
brush her teeth after every meal, and to always have tooth brushing
equipment available wherever she went.

The two young women both started to brush. They were looking at each other
in the mirror that covered most of the wall in the bath room. Due to the
tooth brushing, no words could be uttered. They didn’t say anything special
with their looks either. They just looked at each other and appreciated each
other’s presence. It was one of those strange moments in life that really
couldn’t be classified. Brushing teeth together really didn’t mean anything,
but somehow it felt like it had some kind of meaning to Scarlett. They
finished up their brushing, but kept looking at each in the mirror.

“Soo…. you wanna do something today?” Scarlett casually asked.

At least she meant for it to sound casual. Scarlett had decided that she
liked Jena’s presence. As a consequence she had then quickly decided that
she wanted to spend the day with Jena. She would never have asked the same
thing to a guy, but she felt that it was OK to ask a girl. Still it had
taken some mental preparation for Scarlett to ask the question. Jena was
quick to answer to answer the question.

“Sure thing. What do you wanna do?”

Scarlett had not thought about that. All her thoughts had gone to actually
ask the question.

“Uhhhh. I dunno. We could you know go to the park or the museum or go
shopping or…”

Scarlett stopped talking. She had no more ideas on what to do and she was
getting nervous because of the way Jena was looking at her in the mirror.
Jena was blatantly checking her out. Jena’s hungry eyes wandered up and down
Scarlett’s body. Scarlett looked down at her own body and realized why. Her
robe was made out of silk and it was quite short. It only reached a little
below Scarlett’s ass. The robe wasn’t properly tied, so Scarlett was very
generous cleavage.

The two had just been having a real good time as two friends, but now the
mood changed rapidly. All the sexier events from last night came rushing
back to Scarlett. She realised that the reason Jena was around was that they
had sex last night. Of course she had known that all along, but the vivid
memories from last night rushing through her head made it very clear.
Scarlett started to feel her pussy stir as she remembered what a wonderful
time they had last night. Jena could somehow sense Scarlett’s sudden
hornyness and decided to make her move.

Jena put her hands around Scarlett’s waist and leaned in for a kiss.
Scarlett opened her mouth and welcomed Jena. They kissed passionately. A
kiss that shortly after tooth brushing wasn’t very personal, but it did have
a patented fresh feeling. Jena’s sneaky hands soon went to Scarlett’s ass
and Jena started to gently massage the ass cheeks. The robe was so short
that Jena easily could get under it and avoid the fabric. Scarlett tugged at
the hem of Jena’s borrowed shirt. Jena broke away from the kiss and pulled
the shirt over her head. The bra quickly followed and Jena was now standing
topless before Scarlett, her tits proudly displayed. Jena moved forward and
undid Scarlett’s robe. She pushed it off Scarlett’s shoulders and let it
fall to the floor.

Scarlett felt different now than yesterday. To have sex after a night on
town while being slightly tipsy was one thing. That could be written off as
experimenting. This was something vastly more serious in Scarlett’s mind.
That didn’t mean it was wrong though. She felt more then ready to take the
next step and make love to woman in the morning. It was a bit cold, being
naked in the bathroom. Fortunately Scarlett had a good solution. She moved
into the shower and offered Jena a view of her nude back in the process.
Scarlett turned around and saw Jena stare at her with a horny grin on her

“What are you waiting for? I don’t wanna shower alone.” Scarlett said in a
husky voice.

Once those words were out of Scarlett’s mouth, Jena was quick to move. She
pushed her jeans and panties down in one quick swoop. Scarlett walked into
the cabin and was quickly joined by a now nude Jena. Scarlett turned on the
water let the warm water splash down on their bodies. They quickly started
to kiss again, but this time with full body contact. Jena held on to
Scarlett’s well formed buttocks while Scarlett preferred to let her hands
explore all over Jena’s slender body. The kiss was heated and could have
lasted for ever, but Jena wanted to explore more of Scarlett’s body.

“You’re dirty Scarlett. Let me wash you clean”

Of course Scarlett wasn’t dirty in the literal sense, but it was a
convenient albeit obvious excuse for Jena to do some serious touching.

“Just make sure that you get me clean everywhere.” Scarlett said

Scarlett realised how cheesy that line sounded, but Jena apparently didn’t
mind. And why would she when she had just been given clearance to touch
Scarlett Johansson’s naked body. The cabin was quite spacious and they
stepped away from the water. Jena grabbed a bottle of shower lotion and
started to lather it all over Scarlett’s front. For some reason, Scarlett’s
full round breast got a lot of attention from Jena’s hands. Jena was very
thorough and gave Scarlett the best soaping she had ever been given.
Scarlett purred in contentment under Jena’s soft touch.

After a while Jena walked around Scarlett and started to apply lotion to the
back. The buttocks got most of the attention of course. Jena made a few
short and teasing moves over Scarlett’s pussy, but didn’t give it any
serious attention. This would have been disappointing for Scarlett if it
wasn’t for the fact that Jena’s hands felt wonderful wherever they were.
Scarlett knew that her pussy would be given due attention later. Once Jena
was content with touching Scarlett, she moved in for another kiss. The kiss
resulted in foam all over Jena’s nude front side.

“I better do you too, don’t you think?” Scarlett said.

“Ohh, yes. I’m really looking forward to you doing me” Jena said.

Scarlett ignored the double entendre for the moment. They would get to more
serious doing later on. Instead she grabbed the bottle and started to apply
foam to Jena. Scarlett took a lot of time to let her hands explore Jena’s
curves. Jena was so slim, yet she had wonderful curves that Scarlett happily
explored. Jena’s skin was very pale by nature and the New York winter kept
it pale. Scarlett didn’t care much for sun tans anyway. Scarlett was amazed
at how beautiful the brunette was and how wonderful it felt to touch her
body. Jena had done some very light teasing of Scarlett’s pussy earlier and
Scarlett got back at her by doing the same to. Scarlett let her hands graze
Jena’s outer lips, but she didn’t go any deeper.

“Mhhhhhhhmmmmmmm. Your touch is so wonderful.” Jena moaned.

“Pretty good for a newbie huh?”

Scarlett loved how she was able to take control of the situation. Jena was
vastly more experienced, yet Scarlett seemed to be remarkably successful in
satisfying Jena. The rush Scarlett felt from pleasuring a woman felt ten
times stronger then pleasuring a man. This was a form of art that she was
just leaning. Scarlett had soon covered all of Jena’s body in foam and the
two of them moved back under the hot water. They started to passionately
make out again. Neither of them had a care in the world as they passionately
kissed made out. The water gradually washed them clean from the foam, but
the kissing went on. They pressed their tits together. Scarlett loved the
feeling of Jena’s nipples pressing against her own. Jena’s hands moved down
to Scarlett’s ass cheeks. Jena started to squeeze and massage Scarlett’s
glorious ass.

“You really like my ass huh?” Scarlett asked between kisses.

“You have a wonderful, soft and extremely sexy ass. How do you like hearing
that from a girl?” Jena asked

“Hearing it from you is very, very hot.”

Scarlett emphasized this by pressing their bodies harder together and by
giving Jena another forceful and passionate kiss. Scarlett copied Jena by
moving her hands down to Jena’s ass. Scarlett did what had been done to her
and started to explore Jena’s firm ass with her hands.

“Your ass is damn sexy as well. You know what I like saying that. You have a
soft and cuddly and very sexy ass. I love to touch it.” Scarlett said.

Scarlett was giddy inside. It felt incredibly easy and natural to say thing
like this to Jena. Here she was making out with another girl and
complimenting her body. Scarlett felt how she wanted more. Jena had ignited
a fire that wouldn’t go away. Scarlett liked the shower, but she liked her
own big soft bed even more. She reluctantly pulled away from Jena and got
out of the shower.

“Come here. I think you are clean enough.” Scarlett said to Jena.

Jena obediently followed Scarlett out of the shower. Scarlett brought out
two fresh towels and the two started the process of drying. Scarlett
shamelessly watched Jena as she dried off and Jena of course did the same
back. As soon as Jena was done drying off Scarlett grabbed her hand and led
her out of the bath room and through the living room. Scarlett was very
eager to get to the bedroom.

“Where are we going?” Jena asked, but realised the answer the second the
question was out of her mouth.

Scarlet threw herself on the bed and was quickly joined by Jena.

“You are hungry for more aren’t you? You want me to fuck you again now don’t
you?” Jena asked.

Scarlett was at first a bit surprised by Jena’s dirty talk, but she
immediately realised that she liked it. A few well placed naughty words had
always worked on Scarlett. Now she wanted to make sure that Jena knew how
comfortable with this she was so she decided to answer in kind.

“Come here Jena. I want you to lick my pussy and give an orgasm that was as
fucking good as the one yesterday.” Scarlett growled, emboldened by her own

“Wow. You dirty girl. You are really turning into a little lesbian aren’t
you” Jena said

“You bet I am” Scarlett answered.

“Good, then you are going to have to do something for me first” Jena said.

Scarlett had expected this and she knew what Jena wanted. There really was
no point in turning back now. Scarlett had licked Jena’s juices off from her
own fingers yesterday and it had been more than Ok. In fact it had been
amazing. Scarlett had felt very naughty doing it, but now she was going to
take the final step to lesbianism.

“Come here and I’ll show you that I’m just as good with my tongue as I am
with my fingers.” Scarlett said.

This is it Scarlett thought to herself; I’m going to lick pussy. The thought
was very exciting. Jena seemed to have a very clear idea on how things were
going to be done. She moved onto the bed and positioned herself on top of
Scarlett in a 69 position. Scarlett was now mere inches from a pussy, a
situation that was completely new to her.

“Are you ready for this?” Jena asked.

Scarlett answered by grabbing Jena’s thighs and pulling her down. Scarlett
took one swipe with her tongue along Jena’s slit. A symphony of sensations
hit her tongue and was processed by her already excited brain. Jena’s pussy
tasted like nothing else, but it was definitely of the good. That one first
swipe was quickly followed by several more lashes up and down the slit.

“You’re doing good Scarlett. Just keep that up and everything will be
alright.” Jena encouraged.

Scarlett started to get used to this and she gradually pushed her tongue
deeper and deeper into Jena’s wet folds. Scarlett tried to push her tongue
as deep as possible and every time she did she got an excited moan in
response from Jena. Hearing Jena’s joy was great motivation and it drove
Scarlett on to give her very best effort. It was an amazing high to be able
to bring Jena so much pleasure. Scarlett had easily found Jena’s clitoris
with her hand yesterday and she certainly didn’t have any problems finding
it now. Scarlett knew very well how to be a tease and she showed it by only
giving the clit occasional flicks with her tongue. She would do more about
it later, but for now she wanted to really get Jena worked up.

Jena and Scarlett were in a 69 position, but so far Jena hadn’t taken
advantage of that. That was about to change however. Jena leaned in and
casually dragged her tongue back and forth over Scarlett’s pussy. Scarlett
had her mouth occupied so she didn’t speak, but she did thrust her hips up
in response to Jena’s licking. Jena had an evil grin on her face as she

“You have to get me off first. After that I will bring you off.” Jena said.

Scarlett was already very determined to prove herself to Jena. This kind of
teasing had the effect of making Scarlett’s desire to prove her self even
stronger. She didn’t want Jena think that she in any way held back or was
hesitant. She was into this 100 % and she intended to prove it by giving
Jena one hell of an orgasm. Scarlett started to really massage Jena’s ass
cheeks with her hands. She also started to give much more attention to the
clit. She let her tongue swirl around the pussy with very frequent visits to
the clit. To Scarlett’s great joy, this seemed to have the intended effect
on Jena who started to moan louder and louder.

“Ahhhhhhhh. Very goooood. You’re really getting the hang on this keeeeeeep

Scarlett was so proud that she could do this. She increased the intensity of
the licking even more and soon enough she had Jena writhing in pleasure on
top of her. Scarlett had a steady grip on Jena’s ass though and kept the
pussy firmly in place. Scarlett paid more and more attention to the clit and
eventually she ignored the rest of the pussy completely. Scarlett placed her
lips around Jena’s clit and let her tongue swirl around it. This constant
stimulation really got to Jena and after a period of constant attention to
the clit, the orgasm arrived. Jena let out an ear shattering scream as the
orgasm hit her.


Scarlett was amazed that she could make Jena scream like that. Scarlett held
on even tighter to Jena’s ass during the orgasm in order to keep her in
place. The juices flowing from Jena’s pussy were quickly licked up by
Scarlett. It was an amazing rush for Scarlett to eat Jena out during the
orgasm. This licking caused even more pleasure for Jena and made the orgasm
last even longer. Scarlett held on to Jena’s ass in order to keep her in
place for the duration of the orgasm.

“OOOOOOOOOHHH. Fuck yes. Damn you’re good.”

The orgasm eventually subsided and Jena calmed down on top of Scarlett. Jena
rolled off Scarlett and rested on the bed. Scarlett sat up so that she could
look down in Jena’s eyes. Jena didn’t say anything but she silently conveyed
her gratefulness. Scarlett seductively licked her own lips clean from Jena’s
juices. This caused a huge smile to spread across Jena’s lips. She reached
up and pulled Scarlett down for a kiss. Scarlett willingly followed and
plunged herself into the kiss. It was a fierce and intense kiss. Scarlett
had expected Jena to be mellow and tired after the orgasm, but that was not
the case at all. Jena seemed to have all the energy in the world as she
Scarlett kissed. As soon as the kiss ended Scarlett had a question that she
just had to ask?

“So, my first time licking a girl. How did I do?”

Jane pretended to think about it and scrunched her face together before she
answered the question.

“You were great” Jena said.

In response to this a proud smile spread across Scarlett’s lips and when
that happened Jena immediately went on.

“Great for a newbie that is.”

“Hey!!” Scarlett exclaimed.

This insult would need to be avenged. Jena would pay for her attitude.
Scarlett moved in on Jena with the very frightening tactic of tickling.
Scarlett pressed herself down on Jena and let her fingers gently tickle
Jena’s sides. Jena let out a shriek that was slightly lower than the orgasm,
but still very high. Scarlett had Jena pinned on the bed and tickled her
mercilessly. Jena squirmed trying to get away; but Scarlett was strong
enough to keep Jena in place.

“I give up. You are the best!” Jena screamed in defeat.

Scarlett stopped her tickling and rolled off Jena.

“I knew it” Scarlett smirked.

“I will get back at you for this. Whenever you least expect it.” Jena

“I’ll be ready for you.” Scarlett answered defiantly.

The two looked at each other for a brief moment and then kissed again. This
time it was a very light and gentle kiss. Scarlett would have been content
letting the kiss go on for the entire day if it wasn’t for the fact that she
felt a tingling need in her pussy. She knew that Jena would gladly tend to
that and was just about to ask, when they were interrupted by a ringing

“I gotta take this” Jena said apologetically as she got up from the bed and
took the phone out of her purse.

Scarlett listened as Jena said spoke. Jena was completely nude but it didn’t
bother her at all. She just stood there in all her glory speaking on the
phone. Scarlett scrutinized Jena’s body closely and unconsciously licked her
lips. Jena was even more beautiful in daylight. Her body was almost glowing
from the rays of sunshine that shone in through the window. The sun revealed
many nuances in Jena’s brown hair. Jena’s firm tits looked amazing, bathing
in the warm sunlight and her gentle curves were perfectly illuminated.
Scarlett wished that she could take a picture and keep it forever. Seeing
Jena like this was the moist beautiful site Scarlett had ever seen.

Scarlett was so preoccupied looking at Jena that she completely ignored what
Jena was talking about. As soon as Jena hung up, she started to scream out
in frustration and startled Scarlett.


Jena quickly calmed down after that little outburst and turned to a wide
eyed Scarlett.

“I’m so sorry, but I have to get out of here. They have scheduled an extra
repetition down at the theatre in an hour. I’m so sorry but I have to

Scarlett became very disappointed. Not only was she in the mood for company,
she was also extremely horny. She had expected to be satisfied by Jena.
Scarlett tried not to show her disappointment. She didn’t want to make Jena
feel guilty about leaving, even though what she really wanted was to keep
Jena in the apartment for the rest of the day.

“I understand” Scarlett sighed.

Jena walked over and sat down on the bed next to Scarlett.

“Listen I’m really sorry about this, but I have to do this. I would have
loved to spend the day with you, but I have to do this. Can I take a rain

A small smile spread across Scarlett’s face.

“Yeah. Let’s get together soon again Ok?”

“Definitely” Jena answered with a smile and gave Scarlett a relatively
chaste good bye kiss.

It was a few hours after Jena left and early in the afternoon. Scarlet was
frantically pacing back and forth in her apartment. She felt herself boiling
over with hornyness and she had no idea what to do about it. She had brought
herself off three times with her fingers in the last two hours. It had been
very good masturbation, with flashes of Jena going through her mind. As good
as it was, it really was nothing compared to what real life Jena had done to

Scarlett had also spent two hours down in the gym in the basement trying to
work off her frustration. The building had lots of amenities and the gym was
one of them. Unfortunately Scarlett had to share the gym with the daughter
of a rich lawyer who also lived in the building. Her name was Allie and she
was ditzy blonde with a killer body. She was a year or two younger than
Scarlett and the two exchanged polite conversation, whenever they met. Allie
had been running on the treadmill and Scarlett had worked really hard not to
stare. Seeing this hottie working out had fuelled Scarlett’s hornyness even
more of course. She had taken a long cold shower in her own apartment after
the workout in the hope that it would help cool her desire, but it didn’t.

Scarlett had held back her feelings about women for too long. Now she really
wanted to make up for all the time she had lost and really explore the
possibilities of Sapphic love. Watching her neighbour down in the gym had
made Scarlett realise that this wasn’t just about Jena. Scarlett felt ready
to jump the first girl she saw, even though Jena would have been her first
choice. Scarlett would have been perfectly happy spending the entire day in
bed with Jena. That was impossible so she started to explore other
possibilities in her mind.

Scarlett’s thoughts immediately went to one woman. A recent co-star of
Scarlett in the Prestige, Piper Perabo. It really was perfect. The two had
got to know each other during the shooting of that movie and they had
enjoyed each other’s company. Piper had an apartment in the Big Apple as
well and Scarlett prayed that she was there right now and not on the west
coast. They weren’t super close or anything, but Piper was really
entertaining to be with. The idea of calling Piper was so good that Scarlett
didn’t waste any time.

“Hello?” Piper answered

“Hey. It’s Scarlett, where are you?”

“Hi Scarlett. I’m in New York. Why do you ask?”

“Great, I just wanted to hang out. Are you free?”

Scarlett realised that she might sound a bit too eager and needy, but she
couldn’t help it.

“This is sudden, but sure. I could come over. Why this sudden idea?”

Scarlett tried to play innocent.

“Oh. I just wanted to hang out.”

“Ok, then. I’ll be over in an hour or so. See ya”

“That’s great. You remember where I live right?” Scarlett asked.

“Sure do. I’ll be there.”

They said their good byes and hung up. Reality started to catch up to
Scarlett as soon as the call ended. She had worked purely on impulse. The
normal and perfectly innocent reason Scarlett had made the call was that she
wanted to spend some time with Piper. They could do normal things that
friends do. It was a Saturday in New York so their options were endless.
That was a safe and perfectly acceptable route. Scarlett knew that spending
time with Piper would result in a very nice and comfortable evening.

Scarlett didn’t want nice and comfortable though. She wanted hot and steamy
lesbian love. She wanted to get Piper naked and fuck her throughout the
night. Scarlett started to make an estimate on the chance of that happening.
Scarlett was confident that she could seduce any man on the planet, but what
about women? That was completely different. Scarlett didn’t even know if she
would dare to try. What if Piper was disgusted and ran away. On the other
hand Piper had played a lesbian on at least two different occasions, so she
was probably at least somewhat open to the idea. In the end Scarlett decided
to just go with the flow. Even if there was no sex, it would still be very
nice to hang out with Piper.

Jena sat alone in the theatre and looked at the rehearsal of one of the
scenes she was not in. The director was really unhappy about something and
it seemed to take forever to get it right. Jena didn’t really pay any
attention. Normally she took her acting very seriously and cared about all
those details, but not today. All she could think of was the naked beauty
that she had left behind to be here.

“Wow, I actually seduced Scarlett Johansson” Jena thought to herself.

Jena had quite an impressive list of women she had slept with, but this
really was special. It wasn’t so much that Scarlett was so famous. Jena
didn’t really care about things like that and besides she had been with
other very famous women. No, what was special about Scarlett was that they
had hit it off on a personal level as well. Scarlett was nothing like most
people in Hollywood. She had been uptight and stiff at first, but Jena had
the gift of sensing what people needed. What Scarlett needed was to have fun
and Jena had been happy to provide it. Once Scarlett opened up, she had
turned out to be a completely different and very interesting person.

That was not all of course. Jena was and had always been completely lesbian.
She loved everything about women. What they looked like, what they smelled
like, what they felt like and what they tasted like. Jena prided herself on
not being superficial, but she really appreciated how damn hot Scarlett was.
Everything about Scarlett was very close to perfect. The dazzling smile on
those kissable lips. Those wonderful full round tits that Scarlett liked to
show off. That perfectly rounded ass. To have sex with a woman like that was
truly a very good reason to be a lesbian.

It had been amazing to bring Scarlett to orgasm. Jena loved to hear Scarlett
scream and watch her squirm. The sound of a woman having an orgasm was
always sweet music to Jena. Especially when Jena was the one who brought the
pleasure. Scarlett had so obviously needed an orgasm and Jena had been more
than happy to provide it. Jena wondered to herself if the world wouldn’t
have been a much better place if people just had more orgasms.

Scarlett wasn’t just about receiving though. Jena had done her fair share of
seducing straight girls and bringing them off, only to receive a dismal
licking or maybe not even that return. Scarlett on the other hand had been a
natural. Sure, her inexperience was obvious, but she was still much better
than expected. It was obvious that Scarlett wasn’t just another straight
girl, trying one night of lesbian love just to know what it’s like. Jena had
seen real passion and lust in Scarlett’s eyes. Jena wanted to explore that
and properly introduce Scarlett to all the perks of lesbian love. Jena knew
a lot about bringing pleasure to a woman and she couldn’t wait to share it
with Scarlett.

Jena felt very excited about the prospect of teaching Scarlett, but also
felt very irritated about not being able to do so. Being at a rehearsal had
never been as painful as this was. Jena loved the theatre and she usually
felt right at home, but today her focus was completely gone. She wanted to
get the hell out of here as soon as possible, but she also knew that she had
to be here for as long as the director wanted. She told herself that she had
to get through this and then she could meet up with Scarlett again. She
tried to push all thoughts of Scarlett away and to focus on the play.
Flashes of a naked Scarlett kept pushing themselves into Jena’s mind even as
she tried to think of the script instead. Jena sighed to herself: This was
going to be a really long day.

“She is so beautiful. I can’t believe I didn’t notice before” Scarlett
thought to herself as she looked at Piper. Scarlett’s eyes were transfixed
on Piper’s cute little lips moving. They looked soft and amazingly kissable.
Scarlett imagined herself leaning in and simply planting a kiss on those
lips. She didn’t act on it though. That would have been a very foolish thing
to do and Scarlett didn’t want to do anything to risk her friendship with

The two of them were sitting in the couch, catching up. Piper had just
arrived and now she was talking about what was going on in her life.
Scarlett did her best to listen, but it was hard to concentrate, since her
thoughts kept drifting away to exactly what she wanted to do with the
gorgeous brunette. Piper was dressed casually, but both the jeans and the
shirt were very tight. This was a very appealing sight for Scarlett and she
couldn’t help to stare. She only snapped out of it when Piper waved her hand
in front of Scarlett’s face.

“Earth to Scarlett. What are you thinking about” Piper asked


“You were way off in fantasy land. What are you thinking about?


“I don’t believe you, but I’ll let it slide for now.” Piper said with a sly

Scarlett couldn’t believe she had been caught. I am cool, Scarlett reassured
herself. Then why the hell am I behaving like a like a horny teenager?
Scarlett asked herself. Piper thankfully broke the silence with a question.

“So what’s going on in your life? Anything new in your life?”

A happy smile spread across Scarlett’s face when she thought about Jena.
Piper immediately understood what was the cause such a dreamy smile.

“You’ve met someone haven’t you?”

“What? No, I haven’t” Scarlett said defensively.

“Wow, you really can’t lie today. You have met someone. You were so anxious
in the phone and that grin you’re sporting is a total giveaway. Now spill

“I … I ….Ok, I guess I have” Scarlett admitted.

She knew there was no point in denying it, besides having the discussion go
in this direction would open up a few possibilities.

“Any one I know?” Piper inquired.

“I think you might” Scarlett said.

“Tell me more”

“I met this person yesterday on a party. We ditched the party and had a
night of our own on a little jazz club. We had a great time.”

“Go, on.” Piper encouraged.

“We really hit it off and then we went here to have the most amazing sex

“You’re killing me here Scarlett. Please tell me who it was.” Piper begged.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone.” Scarlett said with a secretive

Scarlett really wasn’t ashamed of what had happened, but she didn’t want any
gossip about thing about her personal life. No matter if it was about a man
or a woman. Scarlett knew Piper well enough to trust her. Also, telling
Piper the truth could lead to something very good, if Scarlett was lucky.
Scarlett whispered in Piper’s ear.

“The person in question is Jena Malone.”

Piper’s eyes went wide in surprise as she heard Scarlett speak.

“NO WAY!? A girl?”

“Yep.” Scarlett answered with a content smile.

“You had sex with a girl. With Jena Malone?”

“I sure did. It was my first time with a girl, but it was very good.”


Scarlett scrutinised Piper closely. Piper was very surprised, obviously.
Fortunately there wasn’t even a hint of judgement or disgust in Piper’s

“I take it you’re Ok with this.” Scarlett asked.

“Ok, of course I am. Haven’t you seen my movies?”

“I just wanted to make sure. This is completely new to me and you’re the
first I tell, so….”

Piper just sat silently and looked at Scarlett. A cute smile started to form
on Piper’s lips and she started to let her eyes wander up and down
Scarlett’s body. That look on Piper’s face was exactly what Scarlett had
hoped for. Scarlett was dressed in very tight jeans and a yellow top that
showed plenty of cleavage. It now seemed to have exactly the effect Scarlett
had intended. Piper leaned forward and started to gently play with a tress
of Scarlett’s hair.

“So, you liked having sex with another woman did you?” Piper asked

“Uhu.” Scarlett confirmed, her voice barely above a whisper.

“You wanna know a secret?” Piper asked.

Scarlett simply nodded in return.

Piper leaned in so that she could whisper in Scarlett’s ear.”

“I do to.”

That statement was immediately followed by a lick to Scarlett’s ear.

“Ohh, yes. I was hoping for this.” Scarlett whispered.

“Were you now? You wanted some hot lesbian sex and you called me?”

“Uhu.” Scarlett answered.

Piper could obviously read her like an open book today, but Scarlett didn’t
care. She was ready to give up any secret of hers if it meant an orgasm as
good as the one Jena had given her.

“Calling me was a very good choice. That I promise.” Piper confidently

“So you’ve done this before huh?”

“I sure have. Me starring in lesbian movies is not really a coincidence.”

Piper had started to place soft and sweet kisses down Scarlett’s neck. Piper
had a very light touch, but it was enough to really get Scarlett going.

“I soo need this” Scarlett whispered.

Piper didn’t answer. Instead she went on with the kisses down Scarlett’s
throat. Scarlett closed her eyes and breathed heavily as Piper worked her
magic. Scarlett had longed for something like this ever since Jena left. It
was finally going to happen and Scarlett couldn’t be more thrilled. She
started to touch Piper’s perky tits through the material of the shirt and
got a moan in response. Piper had kissed her way to Scarlett’s upper chest,
but took a break in order to comment on Scarlett’s fondling.

“Wow, you’re really into this” Piper said

“Yeah I’ve been staying away from this for too long. Now I’ve got some
catching up to do” Scarlett answered.

Scarlett could not believe her luck. She had called Piper with a very faint
hope that maybe something could have happened if she managed to seduce
Piper. Now here she was with Piper working her mouth closer and closer to
the cleavage. Scarlett was so glad that she had made this call. Her pussy
tingled in anticipation of what was sure to be something very good, coming
from an experienced girl like Piper. It felt very reassuring to be with a
real lesbian and Scarlett simply relaxed and let Piper do her thing.

Piper had gradually moved further down the and now she had reached
Scarlett’s cleavage. Piper went on with her small, but very efficient
kisses. Scarlett really liked it, but she wanted more than anything to feel
Piper’s soft lips against her own. She put her finger under Piper’s chin and
guided her upwards. Their faces were now just an inch apart and Scarlett

“Kiss me and make love to me. I want it so bad.” Scarlett whispered.

These words seemed to have a very strong effect on Piper. She crushed their
mouths together and initiated a very intense and passionate kiss. Scarlett
pushed forward into the kiss and she quickly found herself on top of Piper
on the couch. They kept the kiss going from their new position. Piper spoke
during a brief break in the kiss.

“I’ve wanted to do this ever since I first saw you. I so wish we would have
done it earlier.”

“You should have seduced me. I would have been so willing” Scarlett admitted
before they went back to kissing.

Scarlett loved being on top of Piper. Their bodies were so close. Their
kissing seemed to go on forever. They had known each other for less than a
year, but during that time they had developed a friendship. Scarlett
realised now how much she had wanted Piper, without really admitting it to
herself. The intensity of the kiss soon took its toll and Scarlett needed to
breathe. She sat up on top of Piper.

“You have lusted after me have you? I get that a lot these days. Have you
lusted after these?” Scarlett asked.

At the same time as she asked she pulled the shirt over her head to reveal a
white bra underneath. Piper had her eyes firmly fixed on Scarlett’s chest.
Scarlett really enjoyed the attention. She wanted to put on a show for Piper
and really turn her on. Scarlett stretched and arched her back so that her
tits really stood out. Scarlett slowly moved her hands behind her back and
unhooked the bra. She made the process of completely removing the bra
deliberately slow and only revealed a little at the time. Scarlett finally
revealed her full round mounds to Piper when she was satisfied with the show
she had put on.

Piper reached up and started to caress Scarlett’s tits. This was exactly
what Scarlett had wanted. She wanted to do the same so she pulled Piper up
to a sitting position and started to tug at the hem of Piper’s shirt. The
brunette willingly lifted her arms and let the blonde pull the shirt off.
Scarlett’s hand’s quickly went around Piper’s back and unhooked the bra. It
was quickly tossed aside, leaving the two topless. They started another
intense and passionate kiss, but this time with Scarlett sitting in Piper’s

The kissing again seemed to go on forever. Scarlett just couldn’t get enough
of Piper’s skilled kissing. The sensation of Piper’s bare breasts pressing
against her own was amazing for Scarlett. The jeans started to feel like a
prison and she wanted to get out of them immediately. She got up from the
couch and pulled Piper up as well. Piper willingly followed. Even though
Scarlett was very anxious to get out of her own jeans, but she was even more
anxious to get Piper out of hers. Scarlett got down on her knees in front of
Piper and started to remove the jeans. Piper let out a small giggle.

“What ?” Scarlett asked from her position on the floor

“Nothing. I’m just so surprised that this day would lead to me having sex
with Scarlett Johansson. I never thought.” Piper said with a giggle.

“Well it is happening. Don’t be so surprised. I’m very open-minded.”

Scarlett unbuttoned the jeans and pulled them down in one aggressive sweep.
Piper lost her balance, but fortunately she landed on the couch. Piper
started to giggle even more. Scarlett wanted to make Piper happy, but
giggling was not what she had been going for. Scarlett pulled the jeans
completely off, leaving Piper in nothing, but a flimsy pair of black
panties. Scarlett had a predatory look on her face as she closed the
distance between herself and Piper’s panties. Scarlett’s face was now mere
inches from Piper’s still panty clad pussy. Scarlett took a deep breath and
confirmed what she had expected.

“You’re really excited aren’t you” Scarlett asked.

“You bet I am” Piper answered.

Scarlett looked up at Piper’s topless body and the perky tits on display.
Scarlett grabbed hold of the panties and peeled them off Piper’s slender
legs, revealing the visibly wet pussy with just a strip of hair. Scarlett
extended her tongue and dragged it up through the now exposed pussy. Piper
let out a small moan in response. Scarlett increased her efforts and started
to do some serious cunnilingus. Piper held on to Scarlett’s head and played
with her head.

“Mhhmmm. That’s sooo good.” Piper slowly whispered.

Scarlett looked up at Piper and smiled, but didn’t stop the licking. She
tried her very best to give Piper a seductive look and it seemed to work.

“And you’re so damn hot. You can’t believe how many fantasies I’ve had about
you. I’ve been imagining you naked for so long.” Piper admitted.

Scarlett stopped her licking to speak.

“You want to see me naked? That can be arranged.”

Scarlett got up from her position between Piper’s legs and stood up. Piper
let out a disappointed little sigh when Scarlett stopped licking, but she
didn’t complain. Piper stared at Scarlett’s half nude body. Scarlett loved
the look of pure lust on Piper’s face and she started to slowly and
seductively move around. She gyrated her whole body and made sure to really
put her exposed tits on display. It was very exciting to put on a show for
the more experienced woman. Piper obviously liked what she saw, but she
didn’t want to just watch. Scarlett started to unbutton her jeans as well,
but she was interrupted by Piper who offered to help. Piper got down on her
knees on the floor in front of Scarlett and started to work on getting the
jeans off.

“I’m happy to help you with this” Piper said as she pulled Scarlett’s jeans
down and revealed that Scarlett was going commando today.

“You naughty, naughty girl. You wanted to fuck me all along. You didn’t even
wear any panties.” Piper admonished.

“I admit. I thought of you kissing girls in the movies and it made me so
hot. I just had to find out if that was the real you.”

“Lucky you. It is the real me. And now for the part you didn’t get to see in
those movies.”

Piper then extended her tongue to taste Scarlett’s wet pussy.

“Ohhhh” Scarlett moaned.

Piper went on with her licking, dragging her tongue up and down Scarlett’s
pussy. This exactly what Scarlett had desperately wanted ever since the
morning, a skilled tongue working her overheated pussy. Scarlett felt her
knees grow weak as Piper worked her magic. Scarlett couldn’t possibly stand
while receiving this treatment so she lay down on the couch instead. The
couch was very big and it left plenty of room for Piper as well. Scarlett
watched Piper take a position on the couch. Piper was on her hands and knees
in front of Scarlett’s aching pussy. Piper locked eyes with Scarlett and
moved down to start the licking again.

Piper had obviously done this many times before. Her tongue seemed to find
its way into every crevice. Scarlett could not believe her luck for finding
such a talented lover. Piper was very enthusiastic and she worked really
hard with her tongue. Scarlett started to think about how much experience
Piper really had. Scarlett had seen both “Lost and Delirious” and “Imagine
Me and You”. Piper had played a very convincing lesbian in both those movies
and it was now obvious why. Scarlett couldn’t help thinking about what had
happened off screen between Piper and her co-stars. Scarlett didn’t want to
ask about that now however. That would mean Piper would have to use her
tongue for speaking and Scarlett was perfectly happy with what the tongue
was doing right now.

It was getting increasingly difficult for Scarlett to be still on the couch
and she started to squirm from the pleasure. She didn’t know what to do what
her hands, but found a very good solution when she started to massage her
own breasts. Scarlett loved to have them stimulated and she didn’t mind
doing it herself. She started to roll her nipples between the fingers and
occasionally pinch them gently.

Piper’s tongue continued to go all over the place in Scarlett’s pussy. Piper
kept pushing it deep in, finding new zones of pleasure all the time.
Scarlett was very wet by now and that seemed to drive Piper on even more.
Scarlett admired Piper’s nude, slender body and couldn’t wait to feel it up
more closely. Not only was Piper very good at licking she was also very,
very attractive. Piper had a cute, somewhat innocent look. Seeing a girl
looking like that with her tongue buried deep in a pussy truly was a site to

“Mhmm. You are so fucking sexy Piper. You’ve got such a sexy body. I want to
lick it all over to thank you for this.” Scarlett moaned.

Scarlett couldn’t believe that she said that out loud, but she didn’t regret
it, especially not when she saw the ravenous smile on Piper’s face.
Scarlett’s juices had left a shiny coating around the mouth and chin. The
older actress looked so incredibly naughty when she looked up at Scarlett
from her position between the legs.

“Ohh Gawwd. You’re making me feel so fucking good. You’re such a great
lesbian. You’ve got to do more lesbian films. With lots and lots of
looovemaking.” Scarlett went on.

Scarlett felt so comfortable with his that she didn’t mind letting out her

“Mhhmmm. If you play my lover perhaps.” Piper quickly said before returning
to her licking.

“Ohh yes. I’d looove that!” Scarlett said with emphasis.

Piper had deliberately been paying little attention to the clit, but that
started to change now. She had wanted to get Scarlett real juiced up and
excited, but not bring her off too soon. Piper had always thought that one
of the greatest advantages to being a lesbian was how long the lovemaking
could last. A tongue would never soften and after all. As much as she wanted
to keep this going Piper also understood just how desperate her
inexperienced lover was for an orgasm. Piper knew exactly how to quickly
bring a girl off and she started to use that knowledge on Scarlett.

Piper started to quickly flick her tongue around the clit at the same time
as she looked up at Scarlett with her most seductive look. She had practised
that look on many girls and it always seemed to work. Scarlett’s pussy was
quickly starting to get even wetter and Piper knew very well what that
meant. The orgasm was imminent. Piper could also hear it on Scarlett’s
breathing that started to become quick and erratic.

“Yes. Bring me off. Give me the fucking orgasm I’ve been waiting for. Fuck
yes” Scarlett said with a desperate tone in her voice.

Exactly what I wanted to hear, Piper thought to herself and brought a finger
into Scarlett’s folds. That combined with the intense licking of the
clitoris was enough to bring Scarlett off. Scarlett felt the orgasm pulsate
throughout her body. She felt her pussy clamp down on Piper’s finger. She
felt how her ass clenched up. Out of pure instinct Scarlett pushed her hips
up against Piper’s face. She also squeezed her own tits that served to even
further intensify the pleasure.


Scarlett’s happy scream echoed through the soundproof apartment. The amazing
pleasure Jena had given her yesterday had prepared Scarlett somewhat for
this the pleasure, but the orgasm still was still overwhelming. It felt like
it affected her entire body and it ket her screaming for quite some time.


Piper kept her tongue in Scarlett’s pussy during the orgasm in order to
savour Scarlett’s lovely essence. Piper made long licks with her tongue,
licking up the juices that had gathered while she had focused on the
clitoris. Piper always felt incredibly proud when she had brought a girl off
and this time was no exception of course. Scarlett had really wanted this
and Piper felt incredibly lucky that she had been the one to do it. Piper
made a few last licks up and down Scarlett’s wet slit, before she started to
move up. Scarlett’s nude body looked very soft and inviting to rest on.
Pipers did just that by placing herself next to Scarlett and snuggle up
closely so that she was almost on top of Scarlett.

“Welcome up sweetie.” Scarlett said and greeted Piper with a gentle kiss.

“You did a real good job down there.” Scarlett complimented.

“My pleasure. Believe me it really was a pleasure.” Piper firmly stated.

Another kiss was initiated. It kiss was soft and tender. For the second time
Scarlett got to taste herself from the lips of another girl and it was
wonderful. Scarlett was still recuperating from the orgasm, but she really
wanted to give something back to her newfound lover. Piper’s nude body
pressed up against her own felt wonderful. The fact that they both were a
bit sweaty didn’t matter at all. Scarlett especially liked how she could
feel Piper’s hard nipples. Piper looked lovingly at Scarlett and started to
gently play with Scarlett’s blonde hair.

Piper loved the happy look on Scarlett’s face. It was a look that she had
seen many times before on other girls, but seeing it on Scarlett’s gorgeous
face was something special. Piper had never failed to make a girl happy with
her tongue. There had been many girls through the years and many had not
known anything about lesbian love until they met Piper. Scarlett was also
quite new to this of course, but she really didn’t behave like a rookie on
the lesbian scene.

Piper sent a thought of gratitude to Jena Malone for bringing Scarlett’s
inner lesbian out. Piper had heard the rumours about Jena so she wasn’t
surprised. A small part of Piper was jealous that Jena had gotten to
Scarlett first, but mostly she was happy that Scarlett was now open to
lesbian love. Piper had refrained from making any moves on Scarlett during
the filming of the Prestige, for fear of repelling Scarlett. She regretted
that now of course. They could have done so many fun things between takes
instead of just talking.

“You look thoughtful.” Scarlett remarked

“Yeah. I was just thinking how glad I am that we finally got to do this. I
wish we could have done it earlier.”

“Me too.”

Again the two women shared a sweet kiss.

Piper had started to let one of her fingers explore Scarlett’s body. The
finger slowly went around Scarlett’s body.

“You are so beautiful. That thing about me having fantasies about you really
is true. You have been in my mind during quite a few of my …. solo
sessions.” Piper said

She leaned in and gave Scarlett another kiss. Scarlett wasn’t shocked by
Piper’s admission. Quite the opposite in fact. She was turned by knowing
that she was in Piper’s masturbatory fantasies.

“You know. I wasn’t completely unaware how gorgeous you are either. I did
call you today after all.” Scarlett whispered.

“So will you have fantasies about me in the future?” Piper asked.

“Ohhh. I will. In fact I’m having one right now.”

“What is it?”

“Well. It is what I promised before. My tongue exploring this sexy body of
yours.” Scarlett said and let her hand slide all the way from Piper’s
shoulder down to her tight ass.

“I like the sound of that.” Piper said.

“It would start something like this.” Scarlett said and placed a kiss on
Piper’s shoulder.

“And then?” Piper asked, hoping to lead Scarlett on.

“Then I would go on exploring this wonderful body of yours.”

“That sounds like a good fantasy. Why don’t you make it real?” Piper urged.

Of course, that was exactly what Scarlett intended to do. She got off the
couch and stood on her knees in front of the couch. She had a wonderfully
sexy, slender and nude body stretched out in front of her. She took some
time to really enjoy this beautiful sight. The cute little toes, the slender
legs, the juicy pussy, the taught stomach, the perky little tits and the
absolutely adorable smile on her face. It was all wonderful to see.

“I can’t believe how good you look here naked on my couch.” Scarlett said.

“I taste even better” Piper answered eager to feel Scarlett’s tongue all
over her body.

Scarlett didn’t say anything in response. She now faced a wonderful dilemma
when she was to choose were to start her journey on this lovely woman in
front of her. She decided to make it simple and start in one end and work
her way up. She leaned in and started to gently kiss Piper’s right foot.

The pussy and the nipples had looked very inviting to lick, but Scarlett
really wanted to take the time to fully explore and enjoy the female body.
There really was nothing more beautiful than a nude woman. Scarlett had
realised that now and she wanted to enjoy this with all her senses. It was
still afternoon and they had all the time in the world to explore each
others thoroughly.

Scarlett dragged her tongue up and down the top of Piper’s foot a few times.
A sexy little giggle in response came in response. Scarlett looked at
Piper’s well groomed toes. They looked so delicate and Scarlett just had to
have them. She sucked Piper’s big toe onto her mouth and flicked her tongue
around it.

“Iiiiihhhhhiiiiii” Piper yelped

Scarlett was happy to get a reaction and she did the same to the other toes
as well. She took them between her lips and let her tongue flick around
them. Piper curled her toes in pleasure and that motivated Scarlett to go
on. She brought the other foot up to her mouth and repeated the process on
that one. First she placed a few gentle kisses on it and then she did some
sucking of the toes. All kinds of strange sounds came from Piper, but they
were all sounds of pleasure and approval. As nice as it was to lick the toes
Scarlett had a whole body to explore and she moved on.

Scarlett’s toe sucking had sent tingles of joy up Piper’s leg and now
Scarlett herself had started to move up Piper’s legs. She slowly licked her
way up the leg and thigh on a path that lead towards Piper’s waiting pussy.
Scarlett didn’t fall for that temptation just yet though. She placed a few
kisses tantalizingly close to the pussy but didn’t actually taste it. She
did however take a deep breath next to the pussy so that she could smell
Piper’s arousal.

Piper looked at Scarlett with mixed feelings. On one hand she desperately
wanted to feel a tongue deep inside her pussy right now, but on the other
hand she really loved the idea of Scarlett exploring her entire body.
Scarlett continued up and let her tongue swirl around Piper’s taught
stomach. The slender brunette was slightly ticklish on her stomach and
couldn’t help to giggle. It was a very happy giggle so it didn’t stop
Scarlett from licking the stomach.

“You like my tummy huh?” Piper asked.

Scarlett stopped her licking and replaced her tongue with her hand. She used
it to gently caress Piper’s stomach.

“I love your body, Piper. All of your is just absolutely amazingly sexy.”

“I love hearing that from you” Piper answered.

This moment seemed to require another kiss and that was exactly what
happened. Scarlett had all her energy back now and she used that energy to
make the kiss a real good one. She pressed her mouth against Piper’s and let
her instincts guide her. It seemed like every kiss they had was better than
the last and that still held true. The more used to kissing each other they
became the better the kissing beacame. Scarlett eventually ended the kiss
when the urge to continue the exploration overwhelmed her.

“I said I would lick your amazing body and so it shall be.” Scarlett stated.

She had kept her hand working Piper’s stomach during the kiss and now she
made the switch again so that her tongue was back on duty on Piper’s body.
She went back to licking the sexy stomach, but she slowly moved further and
further up closing in on the proud tits. Scarlett used her left hand to
gently trace the outline of Piper’s pussy. She could feel Piper’s wetness
even without needing to push her fingers in between the folds.

Piper moved her hips up trying to meet the hand, but Scarlett wouldn’t allow
it. The younger woman made sure that she just teased the outer lips with her
fingers. It was damn tempting to just push the fingers into the waiting
vagina and bring the sexy actress off; but Scarlett resisted that for now.
She would save that for later when she had fulfilled her promise to lick all
over Piper’s body. Scarlett wanted to work her lover up to extreme arousal
and then bring her off. Scarlett might have been new to this, but she didn’t
lack confidence that she really could make that happen.

“Scarlett, you’re such a tease” Piper moaned.

“Yes I am” Scarlett answered with an evil grin on her face.

Piper gave Scarlett a begging look, but Scarlett didn’t budge. Instead she
opted to share her plan with Piper.

“I’m going to get you so worked up that you feel ready to explode and then
I’m going to set you off like a bomb.”

Piper was happily surprised by Scarlett’s assertiveness and accepted the
plan. Like Scarlett she realised that the orgasm would be so much better
with a lot of build-up and anticipation. Scarlett didn’t want to leave Piper
completely unsatisfied so she decided to move finally go for the tits.
Scarlett slowly dragged her tongue from the underside of Piper’s left breast
and up to the nipple. Scarlett made her tongue take a few laps around the
nipple before moving the tongue down again, repeating the process.

Scarlett went up and down Piper’s left breast a few times before moving over
to do the same to the right one. After a few swipes up the right breast and
a few laps around the nipple Scarlett changed her technique and went for a
more random approach. Her tongue went all over Piper’s chest in a random
pattern, but with some extra attention paid to the very prominent nipples.
Scarlett never stayed long on the nipples though, after a few seconds of
licking the nipple she moved on with. Piper had done some touching of
Scarlett’s hair before and she went back to that as Scarlett worked her
chest. Piper twirled a curl of Scarlett’s blonde hair, loving to feel it
wrapped around her fingers. It was a sweet and innocent gesture, but
Scarlett really appreciated it.

Scarlett moved on in her exploration of Piper’s body and licked her way up
the throat quite quickly. That of course led to another heated kiss between
the two actresses. Their tongues battled for dominance and they traded a lot
of saliva. Scarlett could have kept kissing Piper for a long time, but she
wouldn’t let anything distract her from her journey of exploration. Scarlett
kissed her way down the neck again and reached the shoulder she had first
kissed to start the whole exploration. Another kiss was placed on the exact
same spot.

Piper felt herself really starting to heat up. Scarlett’s licks and kisses
were so tender and sweet. Scarlett had really taken her time to explore the
body and that felt amazing. Piper felt like she was being worshipped by this
beautiful creature called Scarlett Johansson. That was enough to boost any
one’s ego, but it was especially true for Piper who had been friends with
Scarlett and constantly lusted after her.

The treatment the younger woman was giving worked a little like Chinese
water torture, but instead of more pain with every drop there was more
pleasure with every kiss. Scarlett had a wonderful pair of full soft full
lips and it felt wonderful every time they came into contact with Piper’s
skin. The older woman was more aroused than she had been in quite some time.
She had always liked drawn out sessions of sweet lesbian lovemaking and this
definitely qualified.

Scarlett started to leave the shoulder and went up Piper’s left arm with her
trail of kisses. She reached the elbow and placed a series of kisses on the
inside of the elbow. This turned out to be a surprisingly erogenous zone for
Piper. The skin on that part was very sensitive to Scarlett’s treatment and
Piper trembled in arousal. Scarlett then proceeded to lick her way up the
arm until she reached the hand. She sucked two fingers into her mouth and
started to work them in and out of her mouth. Scarlett looked straight into
Piper’s eyes with her must seductive face as she sucked her hand off, trying
to replicate the very sexy look piper had given her before.

Scarlett really had delivered on her promise. Piper was ready to explode
right now. Seeing the sexy blonde work the fingers was good, but Piper
desperately wanted Scarlett to use her mouth somewhere else right now.
Fortunately the experienced lesbian knew exactly how to make that happen.
She slowly moved her free hand down her body. Scarlett followed the hand
with her gaze just as Piper had expected.

Piper’s movement had been tantalizing and slow, but now she plunged the hand
into her own slippery pussy. Two fingers went straight in between the wet
folds. They came out glistening from Piper’s juices.. Piper resisted the
very strong temptation to bring herself off. That would have been great, but
she wanted something even better. The hand spent only a few seconds in the
pussy, before Piper brought it back up and held it out for her lover.
Scarlett had followed the whole display very closely and now she just stared
at the shining wet hand.

“What are you waiting for? Don’t you wanna explore this hand as well?” Piper

Scarlett didn’t answer. She moved quickly and had the wet hand in her mouth
in no time. The whole body exploration had turned Scarlett on just as much
as Piper. Scarlett greedily sucked and licked Piper’s hand. The whole
element of teasing was gone, but that didn’t matter. Scarlett wanted to
taste every drop of Piper’s wonderful essence. Scarlett went on instinct
alone until the hand was coated in nothing but Scarlett’s saliva.

“You baited me. You used your hand to lure me to your pussy.” Scarlett

“Ohhh, yes. Did it work?” Piper asked with a begging smile on her face.

Of course Piper knew very well that it had indeed worked.

“Yes it worked.” Scarlet simply confirmed.

Scarlett gave Piper a quick kiss and then started to kiss her way down the
slender body again. This time however it happened quickly. Scarlett wanted
to reach the source of those wonderful juices a.s.a.p., put Piper’s erect
nipples were simply too good to ignore so Scarlett gave them both a quick
kiss, before she moved further down. Scarlett had never wanted to taste
anything as badly as she wanted to taste Piper’s pussy right now. There was
no more room for waiting, Scarlett simply dove right in and slid her tongue
up and down Piper’s wet slit.

The taste of the pussy was intoxicating, but the position on the floor next
to the couch wasn’t the best. Scarlett quickly moved up onto the couch so
that she could resume her licking and find a comfortable position between
those lovely legs. Those lovely legs seemed to be in the way at first, but a
solution was quickly found. Piper placed her legs over Scarlett’s shoulders.
The blonde was now firmly in place right in front of the pussy. Scarlett
dove in again and started to work her tongue in between the sensitive folds.

Scarlett’s lust and enthusiasm more than made up for her distinct lack of
experience. Her head bobbed up and down with her tongue outstretched so that
she could taste as much of the pussy as possible. Scarlett’s tongue went up
and down the slit with tremendous speed that even surprised an experienced
girl like Piper. The older actress held on to the armrest behind her and
arched upper body in response to the sudden onslaught her pussy was

Seeing Piper Perabo’s slender body stretched out in all its nude glory would
have been a huge turn-on for anyone lucky enough to see it. Scarlett however
was preoccupied with Piper’s pussy. The head bobbing technique eventually
had to end as Scarlett grew tired in her neck and she settled for a just
letting her tongue work instead, thus saving her energy.

Piper was happily surprised by the way this day had developed. She hadn’t
been with anyone for a while and now she realised exactly how much she had
missed getting licked by a beautiful woman. Piper had been steady with Lena
Heady for some time, but that had ended. They were still on friendly terms
and had even reverted back to hot steamy sex a few times, but they were no
longer an item. Piper shook her head, trying to rid herself of thoughts of
the past. What mattered was the present. The present consisted of amazing
sex with Scarlett Johansson, and that of course was something Piper was very
happy to focus on.

Scarlett had done so much teasing before the licking started that she didn’t
want to keep Piper waiting any longer. Piper’s swollen clitoris was easy for
Scarlett to locate and she started to give it recurring lashes. Every time
she did she got a little moan from Piper. Scarlett still couldn’t believe
that she was actually doing this. Just a day ago her thoughts about lesbian
love had been deeply buried and she had felt bored and down. Now she felt
like she had more energy then ever. Scarlett felt like she was boiling over
with good feelings and she did her best to translate those feelings into
pleasure for Piper.

“Mhhmmmmmmm. Just like that” Piper moaned when Scarlett made an extra
powerful lash at the clit.

Scarlett happily followed Piper’s wish and started a heavy barrage of
forceful licks to the clitoris. They had a strong effect on Piper who
started to squirm, but Scarlett grabbed a hold of the thighs and held her in
place. Scarlett could sense how badly her friendr wanted to have an orgasm,
so she decided to keep things going. Scarlett really hoped that she could
make Piper feel as good as she herself had felt earlier. Hearing Jena scream
in orgasmic delight twice had been wonderful and now Scarlett wanted to hear
screams like that from Piper. Scarlett’s tongue was not used to this kind of
work and she felt herself grow weak. That didn’t stop her from giving it all
though. Her determination to bring Piper to a heavenly orgasm was much
stronger then her feeling of fatigue.

A constant stream of lashes hit Piper’s most sensitive area. Each lick
served to get the brunette closer and closer to seventh heaven. The pure,
raw, sexual pleasure started to fill more and more of Piper’s conscience. It
was getting harder and harder to think coherent thoughts. Piper could
already feel that this was going to be a big one. The first in a long time
usually was, but getting it from none other than friend and superstar
Scarlett Johansson was something special. Especially considering how
surprisingly good at this Scarlett was. Piper did her best to brace herself
for the orgasm and held on really hard to the armrest behind her head.

A series of hard and distinct licks was what set Piper off. Scarlett had
boldly promised before that Piper would go off like a bomb and that turned
out to be very close to the truth. The orgasm was truly explosive and it
made Piper feel as if a bomb of pleasure had been set off in her body. Piper
felt like her body would fly off into space and she held on to the armrest
so hard that her knuckles whitened. Scarlett kept her steady grip on the
thighs to keep Piper in place. A very loud and high pitched scream was
emitted form the orgasming beauty.


Scarlett had Piper’s thighs pressed against her ears, but she still heard
the scream loud and clear. Piper really was a screamer and it felt like she
went on forever in her expression of bliss. Scarlett was amazed by the
scream, but that didn’t distract her from the pussy in front of her. An
explosion of female essence had gone off in Piper’s pussy and Scarlett was
around to lick it all up. Scarlett realised as she greedily licked up the
remnants of the orgasm exactly how into this she really was. She didn’t just
want to bring Piper off; no Scarlett actively craved the taste and scent of
pussy. It didn’t feel wrong at all; no it felt just right for Scarlett as
she did her licking.

Piper’s body went from completely tense to completely relaxed in about a
second. Suddenly the screaming stopped and her body just slumped down.
Scarlett looked up at Piper worried that she had passed out, but Piper
looked down at Scarlett with a very tired, but definitely happy smile on her
cute face. Scarlett loved to show off and now that Piper looked at her she
made a few extra licks. Piper responded with a very hoarse moan, indicating
that all that screaming had been quite harmful to the vocal cords. Piper
seemed to think it had been worth it though. She spoke in her hoarse voice.

“Come here lover.”

Piper obviously wanted another kiss and Scarlett was very eager to comply.
Scarlett’s tongue was quite worn out by now due to all that licking, but she
couldn’t possibly stay away from those sexy pouty lips of Piper. Scarlett
folded Piper’s legs up and reluctantly extracted herself from the pussy. She
crawled up over Piper’s body and placed a firm kiss on the beautiful
brunette’s lips. None of the girls had any energy to spend so the kiss was
very slow and light. Scarlett eventually rolled off Piper and snuggled up
next to her.

“Did I do good?” Scarlett asked.

Judging from how Piper had screamed Scarlett had indeed done well, but she
really wanted to hear it from Piper.

“You did very good” Piper said with emphasis.

Scarlett became giddy with happiness, but was so tired that she only showed
it with a weak smile. All that hot steamy sex had left both girls sweaty and
they now started to feel cold from being nude. Fortunately Scarlett had a
solution that would solve their problem. She climbed out of the couch and
walked away to the bath room. Scarlett didn’t bother using anything to
shield her naked body. Instead she made sure to really sway her hips and
give Piper a good show. This had the intended effect and Piper shot out of
the couch like a rocket and followed her host into the bath room. No one
could resist that wonderful round ass in all its nude glory. That was
something Scarlett had been aware of ever since she shot those scenes in
see-through panties for the movie “Lost in Translation”.

Scarlett had a Jacuzzi that could host a small party, but today it was a
party of two. Scarlett turned the faucet and started the flow. She then
climbed in, quickly followed by Piper. Scarlett took Piper’s hand as she
climbed in and dragged Piper into her embrace so that Piper sat right in
front of her. Scarlett closed her arms around Piper’s stomach and the
brunette willingly leaned back into the blonde’s embrace. They sat like that
waiting for the water to rise. Scarlett heard her phone ringing, but firmly
ignored it. There was no way that she was going to give up her hold on

Jena let it ring for ten signals before she gave up. She swore not so
silently to herself. The rehearsal was finally over and Jena had called
Scarlett as soon as she could, hoping to be able to take things up where
they had left off in the morning. Jena now felt that kind of anger and
frustration that could only come from losing an opportunity to have amazing
sex. She threw the phone hard on her dressing room couch, not really wanting
to break anything, but still in the need to express her frustration.

Jena sat down and tried to think things through. She was very rarely this
horny, but being forced to leave a naked Scarlett Johansson was something
that would make anyone desperate with need. Jena’s only consolation during
the day’s rehearsal had been that they would get back together as soon as
they could. Now that wasn’t going to happen and Jena had to change her
plans. Jena had a feeling of frustrated hornyness and she knew that there
was only one way to cure it.

Fortunately Jena had been able to make a lot of friends over the years. It
was exactly the kind of friends that would be useful at a moment like this.
Jena liked sex and she was not the least bit ashamed of it. Casual sex was a
great thing as long as no one got hurt and Jena was always considerate
enough to make sure that didn’t happen.

Jena picked up her phone and started to go through her list. Even after
excluding contacts of a non-sexual nature and those not currently in New
York, Jena still had several to choose from. Even so, the choice was easy.
The woman in question was Jena’s most experienced lover, a close friend and
even a mentor. Her name was Parker Posey. Jena pushed the call button and
crossed her fingers hoping to get an answer. Three signals went through
before there was an answer.

“Hello Jena”

Jena’s face lit up in happiness as she heard Parker’s familiar voice in the
other end.

Jena waited anxiously in the elevator on her way up to Parker’s Greenwich
Village apartment. The call had been very brief and had really only
consisted of the two of them deciding to meet at Parker’s. Luckily enough
Parker had been in New York and available for a meeting. Jena thanked her
lucky star for that. Jena had taken a quick shower and changed into some of
her own clothes before she hailed a cab and went over to Parker’s. She had
wanted to wear something sexier than old jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt,
but didn’t really think it mattered. Hopefully she would be out of those
clothes soon anyway.

Jena rung the door and waited for Parker to open. Jena’s heart was beating
rapidly from the excitement she felt about meeting her close friend again.
Jena heard the door get unlocked and the chain removed. For a moment nothing
happened so Jena pushed it open and got to see what was inside. The door
slowly swung open and Jena was treated to a familiar, but always amazing

There stood Parker Posey, dressed to thrill. She was wearing high heels,
stockings, a thong and a lacy bra. All items were in matching black. She had
her hands on her hips and a mischievous smile on her face. Jena quickly
stepped in and closed the door behind her. She didn’t want to share this
beautiful site with anyone else. Jena looked up and down Parker’s body with
a horny gaze. Parker was always very good at getting her in the mood.

“Wow. Why are you always so sexy?” Jena asked.

“You know me. I take any chance to dress up.” Parker said.

Parker turned around and led Jena into the living room. A freshly opened
bottle of wine and two glasses on the table indicated that Parker had been
preparing for Jena.

“Wine and lingerie. It is almost as if you are trying to seduce me.” Jena

“Yes. It almost is.” Parker answered as she sat down on the couch.

Jena joined her and they started to chat and share some wine. Part of Jena
wanted to rip those last garments off of Parker and just fuck her silly. On
the other hand she and Parker had some catching up to do and were very
comfortable in each other’s company even if no sex was involved. The two of
them quickly got into an animated conversation of what they had been up to
lately. Jena knew that she could have blown Parker’s mind by telling her
about Scarlett, but she held off doing so. She had no problem trusting
Parker, but she didn’t want to say anything about Scarlett unless she got an
OK from the girl in question first.

Jena had been a fan of Parker for a long time. Jena had always been more
mature than her age suggested and back as a teen she had not watched
brainless teenage movies. No, she had preferred movies with more substance
and originality. Many of the movies Parker was in had these qualities. Not
only was Parker a great actress who usually made interesting movies. She was
also a very sexy woman and that was something that Jena had appreciated.
This combined to make Parker one of Jena’s greatest idols as a teenager.

It had been back in 2002 that they first had met. Jena had been filled with
confidence from a series of movies she had been in. She wasn’t a star but
she had firmly established herself in Hollywood. She had written an admiring
letter to her idol and made sure it got directly to Parker with the help of
her agent. Parker had written back and said that she had seen a few of
Jena’s movies and would love to meet.

The two had immediately hit it off upon meeting. Parker had done her best to
give the then eighteen year old Jena good advice. Jena had listened intently
to everything Parker had said. They had become instant friends. Long
conversations on all of life’s issues had followed and they got to know each
other very closely within a month of their first meeting.

It took a few months before they had sex. It had evolved very naturally out
of their friendship. They had gotten into real deep conversation one day and
they had both admitted that they were into girls. Parker had been a bit
reluctant to take advantage of the younger girl, but Jena had made it very
clear that she was mature enough to make that kind of decision. Jena could
be very persuasive when she wanted to and Parker had been convinced. Neither
of them had regretted that. Parker became Jena’s mentor in sex as well. Jena
had been with girls before that, but none of them had as much experience as
Parker. Ever since then they had met on a regular basis, both as friends and
for the sex.

“So, how do you like being back in New York?” Parker asked, refring to the
fact that Jena was living in New York again.

Jena had been to school in New York a few years earlier.

“It has been much better then expected” Jena answered.

“I can tell. You’ve got that newly fucked glow on you.” Parker said bluntly

Such brutal honesty was very common between the two of them. They both
seemed to lack any capacity of being ashamed or embarrassed. Jena had not
wanted to talk about Scarlett, but she realised that she might just as well
admit that she had been with someone. She could still keep the identity of
that person was a secret. Jena answered just as bluntly as the question had

“Yes. I got fucked so good tonight. It was her first time with a girl, but I
gotta tell you she was a natural.”

“Ohh. You turned a poor girl over to the dark side. Good for you. Anyone I

“No” Jena said a little bit too firmly.

“Liar. But don’t worry I’ll get it out of you.”

Jena was very good at keeping a secret and knew that she wouldn’t reveal
anything, even to Parker. On the other hand she didn’t mind Parker trying to
convince her. Being convinced by Parker was usually a very pleasurable
experience and something that Jena welcomed.

“So. Exactly how are you going to get that out of me?” Jena asked with a
faux innocent look on her face.

Parker moved in closer started to gently caress Jena’s bare arm.

“It must be something I can do in exchange for you. I could make you feel
really, really good.”

“What do you mean?” Jena asked, still playing innocent.

The two lovers were getting in to one of their most common games. Jena
played the role of young and innocent girl, being seduced by Parker. There
were a few ways to play that game, some playful and some a bit more serious.
They all ended in the same way of course, with Parker succeeding in her task
of seducing the young girl.

Parker hadn’t been comfortable with the age difference between the two of
them in the beginning, but once she got over it was actually a turn on to be
with a young and some times seemingly innocent girl. The truth was of course
that Jena was far from an innocent girl, but she played the part very well.
They had games were she was a naughty girl as well, but today with Parker in
lingerie and Jena in plain clothes it came natural that Jena would be the
innocent girl.

Parker hadn’t answered Jena’s question, instead she had continued to softly
caress the right arm. The light touch sent shivers of excitement up Jena’s
arm. She really couldn’t tear her eyes away form looking at Parker’s barely
covered body. Parker, like Jena, was quite pale and the black garments made
a wonderful contrast to the alabaster skin. Parker picked up on Jena
checking her out.

“You like how I dressed up just to seduce you, don’t you?” Parker said in
her most seductive voice.

Jena nodded in response. Parker went on caressing Jena, but moved on to the
stomach instead. She then sneaked her way inside the t-shirt. It worked
alright, but Jena felt constrained wearing a t-shirt. She lifted her arms
up. Parker got the hint and grabbed hold of t-shirt and pulled it over
Jena’s head. Jena was wearing a sensible and frankly not very sexy white bra
underneath. Normally Jena would have loved to match Parker in sexy lingerie,
but this time it worked very well since she was supposed to be an innocent

Parker moved her caressing up from the stomach and started to fondle Jena’s
breasts through the bra. This caused a moan of approval from Jena. Parker
had been right next to Jena, but that was no longer enough. She wanted to be
right on top of the younger girl and accomplished this by flipping a leg
over Jena’s lap and placing herself right in Jena’s lap with her front
turned towards the younger girl. This new position brought their faces close
together and this of course was taken advantage of by Parker. She moved in
and tried to kiss the younger girl. Jena played her innocent part and
initially resisted the kiss. She wanted Parker to kiss her more than
anything and she eventually “gave in” and let Parker kiss her.

The kiss was of the exploring and slow kind. Jena was a bit passive and let
Parker dominate the kiss. Parker moved her hands in behind Jena’s back. The
bra was easily undone and Parker let it hang loose while the kiss went on.
As soon as the kiss ended the bra was removed. Jena shielded her breasts
with her arms, but the older woman gently pried the arms away so that she
could gain access.

“These are wonderful.” Parker said as she felt up Jena’s breasts.

Parker started to slowly roll the nipples between her fingers and again she
initiated a kiss with Jena. This time Jena didn’t bother with any reluctance
or shyness. She kissed Parker back and let their tongues battle for
dominance. The passionate kissing fuelled their desire and they both started
to do some heavy groping in the process. Jena started to massage Parker’s
firm tits through the flimsy material of the bra.

“You like huh?” Parker asked when the kiss ended.

She then moved her hands in behind her own back and unclasped the bra, but
left it on.

“Take it off.” Parker ordered.

Jena was quick to comply and she tossed the garment to the side. Parker
sitting on Jena’s laps meant that Jena’s face was well aligned with a very
sexy chest. This opportunity could not be missed. Parker moved her upper
torso forward and Jena simply opened her mouth to receive Parker’s left
nipple in her mouth. She immediately started to greedily suck it and flick
it over with her tongue. The charade of Jena being an innocent girl was
getting harder and harder to uphold. Her lust was so intense that she could
no longer bear to slow things down by pretending reluctance or inexperience.
Jena used all her skills in her work on the hard nipple and it resulted in
very satisfied grunts from Parker.

“Uhhuuuuuuuuuhhhh. Mhmm. Not so innocent now are you, sucking away at my
nipple?” Parker moaned.

Jena loved hearing things like this from her lovers and Parker more than
anyone understood what to say in order to turn her on. The only answer Jena
gave was to keep working on the nipple. Parker’s tits weren’t very big,
instead they firm and perky and Jena really loved to worship them with her
tongue. She loved bringing pleasure to any girl, but doing it to her mentor
and idol was very special. For most people the fantasy of having sex with
your favourite actress never becomes anything more than a mere fantasy, but
for Jena it had come true. Even after several years of knowing Parker, it
almost felt too good to be true.

There had been a time when Jena had wanted more than friendship from Parker.
Right after they first had sex Jena asked Parker to be her girlfriend. The
older woman had been very flattered, but she had still rejected Jena. She
had explained that while the age difference no longer was in the way when it
came to sex, it still was in the way when it came to a full fledged
relationship. Parker explained that they would be very good friends instead.
Fortunately for Jena it wasn’t the classic “let’s be friends and nothing
more” dumping line. Parker really meant it. They were friends, but with the
benefit of having hot wonderful sex whenever they felt like it.

Parker raised herself up a little and did something that Jena couldn’t see
since she kept working with her tongue on Parker’s breast. Jena did however
understand what Parker had down when she sat down again. Parker started to
grind herself against Jena’s left thigh, making it clear that the panties
had been pulled to the side so that Parker’s pussy now was free. Parker’s
wet pussy could easily slide back and forth along Jena’s thigh. A trail of
wetness was left behind. It was a great testament to lingerie-clad woman’s
hornyness. Jena loved the sheer naughtiness of having Parker’s love juices
spread all over her thigh.

“Not that I complain, but you could do a lot better than my thigh.” Jena

She put extra emphasis on the word thigh in order to convey that some other
part of her body would do a better job on Parker’s pussy. Then without
warning Parker stood up. Jena had a short moment of fear thinking that she
had offended Parker. That worry was eased when Parker quickly pushed her
panties down and got rid of them completely. Parker did keep the stay-ups
and the high heels on, something she knew that Jena liked.

“I need to be fucked so bad right now.” Parker stated as if it was the most
natural thing in the world.

Jena wasn’t shocked of course. She was used to exactly this kind of
behaviour from the sexy brunette.

“I’ll be happy to help you out.” Jena assured.

“Sounds good. Why don’t we continue this in my bedroom?” Parker suggested.

Jena hadn’t liked that their contact had been broken, but she did like the
fact that Parker was now naked. Like Jena, Parker always went for complete
baldness. The two had even occasionally helped each other with the shaving.
Parker slowly turned around, giving Jena a fantastic view of her tight ass.
She then proceeded to walk out of the room and into her bedroom

Jena knew that there was a very special box in the bedroom so she had a very
good reason to suggest the bedroom. Jena quickly shed her jeans and panties
before following Parker. Jena knew from experience that things were going to
heat up quickly once the box was out and she didn’t want to be constrained
by any form of clothing. Parker did like to undress Jena, but she would have
to do that some other time. There really wasn’t any risk that Parker would
complain about Jena’s nudity.

Jena went into the bedroom and was not surprised that the box was out. It
was a relatively big wooden box with a pad lock on it. It was normally kept
under Parker’s bed, but now it was out on the floor and opened. Various toys
were scattered around it and Parker stood looking down at all her toys with
a thoughtful look on her face.

“Have I told you how damn good you look naked?” Parker asked as she
acknowledged the fact that Jena was now naked.

“Yes you have. But I don’t mind hearing it again.” Jena said.

“How about this deal? I will tell you as soon as you bring me another
orgasm.” Parker challenged.

“It’s a deal.” Jena confirmed.

Parker returned to looking at the toys, but Jena only had eyes for Parker.
The sight that Parker had given Jena when she opened the door had been
wonderful, but this sight was a hundred times better. The sexy, confident
actress in nothing but stay-ups and high heels was truly a sight worth
watching. The presence of some clothing made the rest of Parker’s nudity so
much more obvious. Jena just loved it. Inhabitations of any kind were
something that Jena found constraining and stifling. Parker lacked any
inhabitations and that contributed to the chemistry between them.

“You know what. I can’t choose. What do you wanna use on me?” Parker asked.

“You’re going to let me choose?” Jena said happily surprised.

Most of the time the owner of the box decided what to use, but today turned
out to be an exception. Jena was thrilled that she got the chance to decide.

“I don’t seem to be able to make up my mind today. You wanted to come here
and fuck me didn’t you? So make the choice.” Parker urged.

There wasn’t much of romance in their sex, but that didn’t bother any of
them. They were friends who just happened to have sex as well. This was all
about the pure hedonistic pleasure of sex and they were both very happy to
keep it that simple. They both loved each other of course, but the sex was
all about the pleasure.

Jena stepped forward and started to scrutinise Parker’s impressive
collection. The box contained exactly 83 different objects or at least there
had been the last time they had opened the box. Parker knew exactly how many
toys she owned and she didn’t mind telling Jena. One of the wonderful things
about this collection was that almost every object had a history connected
to it. Parker had a great memory and she had a lot of things to tell about
the toys. Things such as who they who they had been used on and exactly how
it had happened. Parker was a very good storyteller and she could really
bring her past encounters to life. Jena had heard countless wonderfully sexy
stories about many of these toys.

Jena got rid of all thoughts about past encounters and tried to focus on the
present. Parker had given her an offer she would never refuse and she was
determined to make a choice that would make the horny woman in stay-ups very
happy. Parker looked at Jena with an excited gleam in her eyes. Turning the
choice over to Jena had really turned Parker on and she couldn’t wait for
Jena to make her choice. Jena had a hard time concentrating on her choice
with her friend staring at her. Fortunately she found a good remedy for that
by using one of Parker’s least dangerous toys. It was an eye mask of the
kind that was used by normal people for sleeping. Parker didn’t use it for
that; she had it in her toy box for a very different reason. Jena handed it
to Parker.

“Put this on and get on the bed.” Jena ordered,

Parker took the mask, but was reluctant to put it on.

“Put it on and get on the bed or I won’t make any choice at all.” Jena said
with a sweet smile.

Jena didn’t want to be mean to Parker at all. It was quite the opposite in
fact. She wanted to literally take her lover by surprise. Parker did after
all own that mask and Jena knew for a fact that she liked to use it. They
had never actually used it together, but Jena had heard some very naughty
stories involving that mask. Parker made a sour face from having to wear the
mask, but it was very obvious that she wasn’t really sour. Jena simply
giggled at the silly behaviour. Parker put the mask on and positioned
herself on the bed. She didn’t just sit down on the bed. No, Parker lay down
on the bed and spread her legs wide.

“I’m ready whenever you are” Parker said

Parker willingly left herself completely exposed to whatever Jena had in
mind. Parker had a wide variety of toys to choose from. Jena was in
adventurous mode today so she went for something she had never tried, but
heard Parker speak about. It was a string of anal beads, five silvery balls
on a string. It wouldn’t get the blinded beauty off quickly, but Jena was in
a playful mode and wanted a long session of lovemaking. These beads would be
a great way to start things off.

“I’ve made my choice. On your hands and knees, please.” Jena said.

“What is it?” Parker asked with the excitement obvious in her voice.

“I won’t tell you. You’ll have to feel it. Just get in position.”

Parker got in position in an instant. She knew that there was no reason to
argue with Jena. Compliance was the best way to go. Parker made sure that
her dripping wet pussy was accessible for Jena. Little did she know that
Jena’s target was not the pussy, but the ass. Jena sat down on the bed right
behind Parker. She made sure to breathe heavily on Parker’s pussy in order
to announce her presence. Parker wiggled her sexy behind as a sign of being
ready, just like an animal in heat. Jena finally took mercy on the very
horny Parker and extended her tongue. She started her licking in the juicy
pussy and dragged it along the slit. She didn’t stop at the pussy though.
She went on with her tongue all the way up through Parker’s ass crack.

“Yesss. My ass. That’s very good.” Parker said in response to the licking.

Jena went down to the pussy and started the process over again. Jena loved
to lick Parker’s wet pussy and she wanted to taste all the yummy juices that
had gathered there. She also wanted to make sure that Parker’s forbidden
hole was lubed up with plenty of saliva before she inserted any foreign
objects. She therefore made sure that she spent extra attention on Parker’s
puckered hole. Jena had promised herself that she would just take a few
licks, but the taste of Parker’s arousal was so intoxicating that she just
went on licking Parker juicy pussy and soon to be entered ass.

Parker didn’t mind of course. She was very curious about what toy Jena had
chosen, but that curiosity was kept at bay by Jena’s tongue. There really
very little need for a toy with a tongue as skilled as Jena’s. Parker had
been with many women over the years, but there was something special about
Jena that made her better than other lovers. Jena was always extremely
dedicated to bring pleasure. It was really obvious that Jena was a long time
fan. She seemed to worship every part of Parker’s body every time they met.
Parker really loved getting licked in the ass and Jena was more than willing
to do it. The two for one with licking in both pussy and ass that the
younger girl was giving made Parker feel almost like she had two girls
licking her. Parker could of course make that comparison because she really
knew what it was like to have two girls licking her.

Parker did spend a few thoughts thinking about what toy Jena had chosen. The
fact that Jena spent so much attention to the ass meant that it could be one
of Parker’s many toys for anal pleasure. That still left a lot of toys to
choose from so it was virtually impossible for Parker to make the right
guess. She consoled herself with the fact that whatever Jena had chosen it
would feel amazing once she got started. It really added to the thrill that
she had no idea what was coming. Jena’s call earlier had come as a surprise
and now Parker was about to get another surprise.

Jena decided that the licking was done. Her craving for the delicious juices
was satisfied for now. That craving would always come back of course, but
right now she had something else to do. Parker’s inviting ass hole was
covered in plenty of Jena’s saliva by now, but just to be sure she pushed
her tongue up against the puckered hole a few extra times. This really
spiked Parker’s curiosity.

“You are going to do my ass, aren’t you?” Parker asked.

Jena answered in the best way she could think off. She took the first ball
and started to carefully push it up against Parker’s entrance.

“Yes. I knew it. Ass action it is!” Parker yelled triumphantly.

“Oh, yeah. You’re going to get so much ass action that you won’t know what
hit you.” Jena boldly promised.

Jena made her point by increasing the pressure so that the first ball
slipped into Parker’s ass. The sudden intrusion made Parker’s body
temporarily tense up. She then quickly relaxed again so that she would be
able to take more balls up the ass.

“Very good choice there. I love the beads.” Parker said as she identified
the toy.

“I know. I remember the stories you’ve told me.”

Parker was just about to say something back, but all her thoughts
temporarily left her head as Jena pushed another ball in.

“Ohhh. That’s so good. Push those balls up my ass. Just shov’em in there and
fill me up”

“One ball up your ass coming up.” Jena announced.

At the same time she pushed another one passed Parker’s sphincter, making it
three inside and two still left on the outside. Parker’s breathing started
to get laboured and her sexy slender body started to squirm as she got used
to the presence of another ball in her ass. Jena was starting to get the
hang of this and she pushed the fourth ball in.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. Fuck that’s good. More, get more of those balls in
me!” Parker moaned.

Jane was more than willing to comply and pushed the last ball in. It was the
first time she used one of these things, but judging from the moaning she
heard she did good. Jena started to think about what it would be like to
have these things used on her self. The mere thought made her pussy moisten.
That would have to be saved for another time however. The real charm of
these beads was how they felt when they were being pulled out again. Jena
started to do that. She started to pull and one by one the silvery balls
came out. Every ball going out caused Parker’s lovely ass to twitch. Jena
got a real show as she pulled the balls out.

“Fuck, that was good, Get them in there again.”

“Get what where?” Jena asked playing innocent again.

It was of course a bit difficult playing innocent whilst being naked right
behind another woman’s exposed ass, but Jena actually pulled it off. Parker
quickly understood that Jena really wanted some dirty talk.

“Ok, how about this then? Take that naughty toy I have bought and push it up
my tight ass. By a good slut and give me the pleasure of having another girl
work my ass.”

That was of course exactly what Jena had wanted to hear. She pushed her
tongue up against Parker’s hole and swirled her tongue around the hole a few

“Yes, yes, yes. Be a good dirty slut and lick my ass. That’s so fucking
nasty, but goddamn it I love it so much.”

It was something especially naughty about licking ass that turned Jena on
immensely so she didn’t mind doing a few more licks. Parker had been the one
to really bring out Jena’s interest in ass play. Jena had been doing a few
things before she met the older actress, but nothing like the wild things
Parker liked to do. This was the first time with the anal beads, but it was
far from the first time Jena licked or played with Parker’s tight ass. It
happened quite often and Jena always loved the sheer taboo of doing so much
to another woman’s ass. Parker had been licking her younger protégé’s ass
many times as well, but Jena worshipping Parker’s glorious behind was the
most common thing. Jena made sure to give Parker a real wet and good
licking, before she brought the anal beads into play again. Again she didn’t
give Parker any warning

One second Parker felt Jena’s tongue buried in her ass crack and the next a
ball being pressed into her ass. She was still wearing the mask she had been
forced to wear so she had no chance of seeing what was happening. This time
Jena proceeded much quicker. The balls went in one by one in relatively
quick succession and when they were in, Jena immediately started to pull
them out again. It was real hard for Parker to decide what felt best; having
the balls pushed in or drawn out. Jena started a pattern of doing both in
quick succession. Parker’s ass got more and more used to the beads, but that
also heightened her ability to relax and enjoy it. She threw her hair back
and started to moan louder and louder as the pleasure intensified. She
encouraged Jena by bringing her hand back and starting to spank her own ass.

“Hey. I think that is my job.” Jena said.

She resolutely grabbed hold of Parker’s hand to stop the spanking. Parker
reacted with disappointment until what Jena said finally sunk in. Parker’s
now somewhat unorganized brain had just deducted that Jena wanted to spank
her when the first slap actually came. Jena had just pushed the whole string
in and now she started to pull it out. Each ball being extracted from Parker
was combined by a slap to the firm ass cheeks. This double stimulation was
almost too much for Parker. Her brain was working overtime to process the
strange mixture of sensations she felt. Five balls being pulled out and five
slaps was enough to completely mess Parker up, but Jena wasn’t about to

“Yes, fucking, yes. Spank my naughty ass. Spank and fuck my ass. Damn give
it to my sexy ass. Worship my ass and give me the orgasm I need.” Parker
yelled in a high pitched tone.

Right now she behaved very much like one of those high maintenance women she
played on screen. Normally Parker was far from that of course, but in her
hour of need and hornyness she really changed. Jena started to think. Parker
had actually said that she wanted to be fucked in the ass. She had probably
meant that Jena was going to use the beads, but Jena felt like taking Parker
on her words. Jena jumped off the bed and fetched one of the familiar toys.
It was a medium sized purple strap-on. Parker predictably started to
complain the lack of stimulation, but Jena just told her to wait. The needy
woman on the bed immediately shut up for fear of getting no fucking at all.

Jena knew exactly what she was doing as she strapped the toy on and coated
it with lubrication, also found in the box. The whole process didn’t even
take a minute. Jena could be really quick when she had the right motivation.
Getting to fuck the glorious sex-goddess Parker Posey in the ass was of
course, the best motivation in the world for Jena. Parker’s ass had been
without attention for a while and Jena made up for it by moving her tongue
in to take a few licks.

“I think I’m getting addicted to this sexy ass of yours” Jena giggled.

The renewed stimulation had brought Parker back to a very good mood and she
giggled with Jena.

“My ass is addictive you better believe it.” Parker proudly stated.

“Are you getting smug now?” Jena asked.

“You bet I am, with an ass like that I deserve to be smug.” Parker answered.

The bantering between the two of them might sound a bit harsh sometimes, but
it was always with friendliest of intentions. It was just that they couldn’t
avoid teasing and ribbing each other when they got the chance.

“I’m going to get rid of that fucking smugness.” Jena said with a menacing

“Oh yeah. How are you going to do that?” Parker asked defiantly.

Little did she know what was hanging between Jena’s legs. The younger
brunette grabbed hold of her fake cock and pressed it up against Parker’s
hole. The top of it quickly disappeared into Parker and Jena could start the
process of feeding the rest of it in. Parker screamed out in pleasure and a
little pain as a result of the sudden intrusion. She chastised herself for
not expecting what was about to come. She should have known Jena was up to
something, but her normally sharp mind didn’t really work during sex. All
that use of beads had loosened Parker’s ass up so the hard fucking didn’t
hurt too badly. The intense throbbing pleasure made the little bit of pain
feel insignificant.

The use of beads had been very naughty and adventurous. This however was
pure fucking. Jena worked quickly to drive the cock further and further up
the very willing ass. Parker had been fucked up her back door many times.
Jena had heard many wonderful stories and she had done it herself a few
times as well. She knew that Parker could handle it so she was quite quick
and rough in her movements. It didn’t take long before Jena bottomed out in
Parker. She then started a steady rhythm of moving the cock in and out.

“So. Are you still going to pull that smug stuff?” Jena asked triumphantly.

“Owwwwwww. Nooooo. Nooo.” Parker answered meekly.

“Good. Now as a reward I will fuck your sweet ass so hard you will forget
how to sit.” Jena threatened.

She realised that the threat didn’t make 100 % sense, but that didn’t
matter. The important thing was that Parker got the message. Jena started to
move in and out quicker and quicker. Her hips slammed into Parker’s ass
every time the cock went in. This created a spanking like sound as skin met
skin. Parker moans grew louder and louder, until she was practically

“Owww. Fuck Oww fuck owwww fuck me!” Parker screamed

Jena was relentless in her fucking. There was a knob inside the strap-on
that provided stimulation for Jena’s aroused pussy. This worked as an extra
incentive to push the tool deep into the ass. Bringing Parker pleasure was a
reward in itself of course, but it was always nice with some stimulation.
All that licking and bead play had taken Parker quite far on the golden
brick road to orgasm. Jena understood this. She kept an exhausting pace in
her fucking, but she was confident that she would bring Parker off before
she tired. The power of wielding a cock and fucking such a beautiful
creature as Parker with was a real rush for Jena and she wished she could do
this for eternity.

Parker’s normal brain activity had almost ceased. All that rushed through
her mind was the sensation of the rubber toy going in and out of her ass. It
had been a long time since Parker had been pounded like she was now. Less
experienced lovers rarely dared to be as rough as Jena and that disappointed
Parker. Some times a god hard no holds barred fuck was needed and the young
actress was providing exactly that right now. Parker had been horny all day
for some reason she couldn’t really pinpoint and Jena was the perfect
remedy. The fucking suddenly paid off and Parker went off into an earth
shattering orgasm.


Parker felt as she had been hit by a train, but in a good way. Of course
there was no good way to be hit by a train, but Parker’s orgasm was what
that would have been like. Jena hadn’t even touched the pussy since the
initial licks in the beginning. That didn’t matter though. The extreme
pleasure received from all that ass action was enough to literally knock
Parker flat. Her arms and legs collapsed under her as she felt the orgasm
rush through. All that was left when the orgasm finally dissipated was a
quivering, panting, sexy mess of a woman.

Jena was quick to move once she had brought her friend off. She dumped the
strap on and went on to collect the orgasmic juices. This was not a very
easy task with the freshly fucked actress flat on her stomach. Jena solved
this by simply rolling Parker’s lithe body over so that she was on her back.
Not getting to taste the orgasm was the only drawback in using a strap-on,
but Jena addressed that issue as she started to lap up and down Parker’s wet
pussy. These weren’t licks meant to pleasure Parker, they were meant to
gather all those yummy juices. That didn’t stop Parker from enjoying the
licking though. Parker uttered small whimpering moans at very touch of
Jena’s tongue.

Jena was very tired at the moment. She had expanded all her energy on
getting Parker off and right now she had to regain her energy somehow. She
ate from Parker’s pussy like it was the fountain of youth. It did in fact
work. Every taste of Parker’s lovely juices brought a little more energy
back to Jena. The essence wasn’t really magic of course, but it had an
almost magic effect on Jena.

Parker had thought Jena would just take a few licks but instead she had
started a real licking. Granted it wasn’t a very energetic licking, but it
was always nice to feel the sensation of Jena’s tongue. Seeing Jena lap her
pussy like a little kitten gave Parker some ideas of her own of course.
Parker’s voice was not in a very good condition at the moment, but she
managed to utter the magic number


Jena immediately looked up and locked eyes with Parker. A smile formed on
her face.

“69 it is.” Jena confirmed as she moved up.

The two hot and sweaty girls moved their bodies into position. Jena
willingly accepted the bottom position and Parker quickly got on top. Jena
immediately went on with the lapping she just had started. She did long
steady lashes up and down the wet foldst. She didn’t think Parker could take
another orgasm very soon so she was deliberately slow in her licking.

Jena’s slow approach was perfectly alright with Parker. It made it possible
for Parker to put more concentration and effort into her licking of the
younger girl. Somehow the first and last taste of pussy were always the best
for Parker and that was true here as well. Parker dipped her tongue in
Jena’s wetness and got the wonderful first taste. She was assaulted by many
sensations at once. Jena had been building her hornyness ever since the
morning without any opportunity for relief. She could of course have used
her time in the shower to play with herself, but instead she had managed to
refrain from any self gratification. She had saved herself for exactly this;
Parker’s sensational tongue.

The first and last tastes of pussy might have been the best, but those in
between weren’t far behind. Parker started out by doing some deep
exploration of Jena’s pink folds. Of course, she knew these folds very well
by know, but that didn’t diminish the fun in exploring. Parker pushed her
face down on Jena’s pussy. That resulted in much of Parker’s face getting
covered in Jena’s overflowing juices. That of course was a bonus for Parker
and it drove her on to do an even better job. Jena really deserved to get
off and her lover was determined to make that happen.

The intense licking from Parker had quickly invigorated Jena. Parker’s
tongue almost flew around Jena’s pussy finding all the sensitive spots. Jena
didn’t think there was any better lover in the world than Parker. Her
experience was vast, but she still had an intense hunger for more. Parker
had told Jena about an amazing number of girls and woman that she had
seduced and brought to orgasm. Jena was pretty damn proud of herself for
seducing Scarlett, but Scarlett had been more than ready to be seduced.

Parker on the other hand could seduce pretty much any girl anywhere.
Seemingly straight girls had first fallen for Parker and then been converted
to at the very least bisexualism All thanks to the sultry seductress
irresistible charm and skilled lovemaking. Jena got to feel exactly how
skilled Parker was as she squirmed and writhed in pleasure from the
treatment Parker’s tongue was giving her aroused pussy. Parker’s
intoxicating pussy got a few licks here and there, but Jena really couldn’t
put up a concentrated effort. Her own pleasure was too overwhelming.

The wonderful sensations from Parker’s licking could have been enough for
Jena to just close her eyes and concentrate on nothing but Parker’s tongue.
Jena didn’t want to do that however. She had a very good reason to keep her
eyes open. A number of mirrors were mounted in the roof of Parker’s bedroom.
Parker had explained to Jena on numerous occasions how much she loved to
watch herself and other in those mirrors. Right now of course Parker could
see nothing but Jena’s pussy.

Jena however could enjoy the show. She got a great view of Parker’s sexy
nude back with the tight ass clenching up every time Jena took a swipe with
her tongue. The dark hair was matted to Parker’s back, providing a contrast
to the pale skin. Parker moved her head up and down as she pushed in and out
of the pussy. This made all of her sexy body move, thus providing Jena with
a very interesting show. What Jena saw in the mirrors was not very explicit,
but it was amazingly beautiful. Parker’s slender body was completely
flawless. Jena thought about exactly how successful a movie showing this
scene would have been.

The sexy live show in the roof was very arousing for Jena. Looking at it
quickened her approach to orgasm. She started to feel the familiar first
twitches indicating that she was getting closer. Parker picked up on those
subtle signs and increased the intensity of the licking even more. Jena
could already tell that this was going to be a good one. She held on to
Parker’s tight ass for support and braced herself for the incoming orgasm.

“Come on. I’m so fucking close. Get my off.” Jena growled.

It was completely unnecessary to tell Parker something like that of course.
The fall of civilization couldn’t have stopped Parker from licking this
pussy right now. The words were still appreciated though. The need and
hornyness was transparent in Jena’s voice. It was the kind of sounds Parker
loved to hear.

“Lick my young innocent pussy and teach me how to be a good and sexy
lesbian. Corrupt me!” Jena screamed.

The whole “Jena being innocent and shy” hadn’t really been plausible when
Jena had fucked Parker in the ass, but right now it worked better.

“Get this young girl off and make me your little slut.” Jena screamed.

Jena was just about to scream some more sexy orders when she was hit by the
incredible force of orgasm. Jena started to move her hips up and down in a
rapid movement. Parker followed with her tongue, making sure to lick up all
those juices released by the orgasm. Jena kept her mouth buried deep within
Parker’s pussy during the orgasm. This was both in order to give Parker some
pleasure back, but also so that Jena could keep herself from screaming too
loudly. Screaming in orgasmic delight more than once a day really wasn’t
good for the voice.

Jena felt like one with the orgasm. She felt as though this feeling was
exactly what life was supposed to be. Parker’s tongue was a natural part of
her pussy and Parker’s lithe sexy body belonged on top of hers. They were
one natural entity and orgasm was their natural state of mind. Jena’s body
rocked, but her mind was in a state of serene euphoria. It was impossible
for Jena to conceive of anyone feeling better than her in that one drawn out
moment of ecstasy. Jena was far from surprised over how good it felt, yet
she would never cease to be amazed of how Parker could keep such a high
quality all the time.

The older actress pressed her tongue deep in a few last times, before she
stopped her licking and allowed herself to enjoy the intense licking Jena
had started. There was no resting for Jena, she started licking her friend
for real during the orgasm, but didn’t stop as it slowly subsided. She just
kept going. Parker had a very strong suspicion that Jena had been looking in
the roof earlier and she too wanted to do the same. She managed to roll them
both over without ever loosing the contact of Jena’s tongue. Jena then did a
move of her own, also without ever stopping the licking. She moved around so
that she was no longer on top of Parker. She looked up at Parker from her
new position and gave a very brief explanation before going back to the

“Better access this way.” Jena said with a smile on her glossy face.

Those mirrors had been a wonderful idea. They had been installed shortly
after Parker moved in. Through the years they had reflected sexier scenes
than the mirrors of the Playboy mansion. At least Parker thought so. They
had been installed mainly for the benefit of Parker herself, but she had
discovered that many of her women had enjoyed them a lot, some of them maybe
even more than Parker. It was always a delightful surprise to find one of
these special girls who really liked to look or be watched.

Jena’s change of position made it possible for Parker not only to watch
Jena’s back and sexy ass, but also for Parker to watch herself. Acting was
her nature and it didn’t matter if she was nude and doing it under a mirror
with a girl licking her pussy. Parker did a move the provided a very sexy
visual in the mirror. She moved her legs and wrapped them around Jena’s head
and shoulders. Parker was still wearing her stay-ups and high heels and
seeing those keeping Jena in place was wonderful to see.

“Mhhhm. You are really getting the hang of this. Maybe you can be a good
lesbian one day. One day far into the future. ” Parker said with a haughty
voice, pretending Jena was innocent and inexperienced again.

The truth was that Jena did an excellent licking that showed all her
experience, but Parker wanted to tease her just a bit. It worked out just as
Parker had planned.

“Oh yeah. How’s this for a good lesbian?” Jena asked and sucked Parker’s
engorged clit into her mouth.

She started to forcefully suck on the clit and on Parker’s outer lips. The
suction was very powerful and almost vacuum like. Jena wanted more than
anything to really prove herself. She did so with an almost violently
intense attack on Parker’s most sensitive areas. The older actress smiled an
evil smile to herself in the mirror as she felt Jena do her new thing. There
wasn’t any real animosity afoot of course. The teasing was merely there to
spice up their lovemaking.

Parker had been in an almost orgasmic state ever since the first intense
orgasm of the evening. Jena’s sporadic licks had kept her constantly close
to another explosion. Parker knew that she really wasn’t going to last long
this time. She looked at herself in the mirror as she played with her own
firm little tits and gently rolled the nipples between her fingers. Parker’s
only regret was that she didn’t have another lover here working the tits.
That would have been great of course, but the intense sucking provided by
Jena was more than enough for Parker to get off.

“Good little girl. You might just be able to get me off again if you’re
lucky.” Parker taunted.

“This is it. Take this!” Jena growled.

She wet her finger in Parker’s pussy and then quickly wiggled it into
parker’s ass. The recently fucked ass was easy to enter with one little
finger and Jena started to wiggle it around in there.

“How is this for an innocent girl” Jena asked triumphantly.

Parker was having a hard time speaking from this sweet torture. Her answer
came in bursts between her heavy moaning.

“Still aaahhh pretty ooohhh daaaaamn iiiiiiiiiinnoceent.” Parker went on.

“You’re stubborn aren’t you? Just feel this.” Jena said with grit and
determination in her voice.

She went back to her sucking of Parker’s clit while still keeping the finger
in Jena’s ass and also adding another. The quickly went in and out of
Parker’s well fucked back door. Jena’s tongue pressed hard against the
swollen clitoris. All that went through her ahead was that she really wanted
to show Parker just how good she was. Jena’s licking was fuelled mostly by
lust, but also by little anger at Parker.

The role playing was cool some times, but Jena didn’t want to be any less of
a lesbian than the sexy woman she was licking. Jena managed to really get
the anger to work in her advantage. She turned it into a never before seen
intensity and after only a relatively short while of licking she managed to
make Parker explode in the second orgasm of the evening. Jena used her free
hand to give the side of the ass a few slaps in order to really set the
orgasm off.


Parker arched her sexy body up into the air as she orgasmed. Her heels dug
into Jena’s back. Those would leave some bruises later, but Jena didn’t
care. All she could think about right now was the wonderful taste provided
for her. Wet, slurping sounds were heard as she sucked all of Parker’s
essence it all into her mouth. Jena left the pussy relatively quickly,
because she had something she wanted to see. Parker’s beautiful face
contorting in orgasmic grimaces was something Jena loved to watch. It was a
very expressive face and Jena just had to kiss it. She leaned in and placed
a wet one on Parker’s open mouth.

Parker grabbed hold of Jena’s head and held her firmly in place for the
duration of the kiss. They knew each other well enough to know that nothing
would break. The kiss was hard and intense. Jena sucked on Parker’s tongue
with the same intensity she had paid the clit earlier. The anger from before
was part of the kiss when it started, but as the kiss went on the anger
slowly dissipated and was replaced by the normal feelings of love and lust.
This change in mood corresponded with a change in the character of the kiss.
It grew soft and sweet before it ended when Jena collapsed half on top of
Parker. Her head rested just above Parker’s left breast and her right arm
was thrown over Parker.

“Ok, I admit. You are good at this” Parker whispered hoarsely.

“Just good?” Jena asked

“How about my best lover ever?”

“That is better.“ Jena said with a smirk.

She then thought a little and came up with a line to tease Parker a little.

“Especially when considering that you have slept with pretty close to half
the women on Manhattan.” Jena taunted.

“Hey!” Parker exclaimed and placed a light slap on Jena’s bare bottom.

Jena looked mighty satisfied as she felt the slap. Parker gave a few more
soft slaps and then did some obvious groping.

“I only slept with half the beautiful woman in Manhattan.” Parker clarified.

“Ok, I think I can believe that. I’m just glad to be one of them” Jena said
and placed a soft kiss on Parker’s lips.

The kiss sealed the peace treaty between the two and they laid back to enjoy
some soft cuddling. Jena felt complete satisfaction from being with Parker,
but she couldn’t help thinking about what Scarlett was doing right now. Jena
really didn’t want to analyze what she felt for Scarlett too closely, but
she knew one thing for sure and that was that she really wanted to see
Scarlett again.

“I seem to have a missed call.” Scarlett remarked as she looked at her

Piper didn’t answer, she patiently waited for Scarlett to inform her who it
was. Piper was seated at the kitchen table looking over brochures of
restaurants with home delivery in the vicinity. The phone had been ignored
for quite some time since Scarlett had spent all her attention on Piper. But
now Scarlett had found it again in the pocket of her jeans. Scarlett had
been perfectly comfortable just walking around in her robe, but she didn’t
want to give that view to however was going to deliver their dinner.

“It’s Jena” Scarlett informed as she looked at the display.

“Wow. Jena as in Jena I turned Scarlett into a lesbian Malone. That Jena?”

“Yep. She called a few hours ago.”

“When we were busy.” Piper remarked with a smirk and emphasis on busy.

An uncomfortable silence settled in. Scarlett didn’t know how to deal with
this. She suddenly felt herself stuck between two women. That was a
situation she never could have imagined finding herself in. Not only was the
woman thing new. Scarlett had never been one to juggle relationships. She
had always made a clean break before moving on. She felt a little ashamed
over this whole situation which brought up the fact that Piper had been
Scarlett’s second choice for the day. Piper could sense Scarlett’s

“Call her!”

“Are you sure?” Scarlett asked apprehensively.

“Yes I’m sure. I could tell how much you liked her. You gotta call her. You
can’t let this slip.” Piper urged.

Scarlett still felt unsure about things. She really did want to call Jena,
but on the other hand she really didn’t want to make Piper feel left out.
She hesitated with the phone in her hand and looked at Piper.

“It’s Ok. Really I promise. This wasn’t my first booty call you know. I know
what I’m doing here.”

Scarlett was just about to protest Piper’s use of “booty call” but she
realised that it was the truth. Scarlett had only called Piper because she
felt a pressing urgent need for hot lesbian sex and she had figured Piper
was her best chance. Scarlett felt guilty about that and turned her head
down. Piper stepped forward and put her finger under Scarlett’s chin. She
gently lifted Scarlett’s head up so that they were looking into each other’s

“Look here Scarlett. I know that Jena is the one you want and I promise you
that I really don’t have any problem with that.” Piper spelled out for

Scarlett could see the truth in Piper’s eyes and her guilt eased a little.
It did not evaporate, but at least now she felt OK about calling Jena.

“Ok, I’ll do it.” Scarlett hesitantly said and pressed the button to call.

She had no idea what to say, but she couldn’t wait to call. Three signals
passed by before an unknown, but not completely unfamiliar voice answered.

“This is Jena’s cell.”

Scarlett was surprised that Jena didn’t answer. Scarlett didn’t like this at

“Uhh. Can I talk to Jena?”

“She’s in the shower. Who’s calling?”

Scarlett could not believe this. Here Jena was in the shower with some other
woman answering the phone.

“Who are you?” Scarlett answered back.

“This is Parker. I’m a friend of Jena.”

The Parker woman on the other end was calm and very friendly, but Scarlett
felt irritated not being able to talk to Jena. She also felt something else,
a feeling she quickly identified as jealousy. Scarlett didn’t know what to

“Hello? You still there?” Parker asked from the other end.

“Yeah. I uhhh…” Scarlett still didn’t know what to say. She had to process
this before she could go on.

Another moment of silence went by before Scarlett started to speak.

“Why is Jena in the shower? What did you do?” Scarlett asked as calmly as
she could.

“Who are you again?” Parker asked.

“Did you have sex?” Scarlett asked bluntly.

She just had to know.

“Look here. If you don’t tell me who you are then how am I going to” was all
that Parker could say before Scarlett ended the call.

Scarlett wished that she could have slammed the phone down. Somehow pressing
a small button wasn’t very satisfying when it came to relieving the anger.
Piper had listened intently and looked at Scarlett with a questioning look
on her face.

“She was with another woman. Parker something. Damn it. I think they had

Piper visage lit up in an involuntary bright smile.

“Parker Posey, is it? She is so good. I have been with her a few times and

Piper felt quite stupid as she saw the dark look on Scarlett’s face.

“Sorry” Piper said with a genuinely sorry look on her face.

Scarlett slumped down on a chair, not knowing what to do. She had no reason
to be angry at Jena, yet she felt incredibly disappointed. Jena and her
hadn’t made any promises, but it sure wasn’t very nice of Jena to go off and
have sex with another woman just like that. Scarlett suddenly felt
completely empty inside. She had no idea what to feel. The fact that
Scarlett herself had done the same did not in any way make things better.

Jena came out of the bathroom, clad in nothing but a towel. Parker had an
apologetic look on her face signalling that she had done something wrong and
Jena immediately became worried.

“What?” She asked.

“Some unknown woman called and long story short she wasn’t happy that I

“What did you tell her? Jena asked with a worried look on her face.

“Nothing. I just said you were in the shower and then she must have figured
things out. She didn’t even tell me who she was.”

“Shit!” Jena exclaimed.

This was not how things were supposed to happen. She had no idea what would
happen now. Scarlett might never want to talk with her again.

Jena still had hope to salvage the situation. She called Scarlett. One beep
after another was heard without anyone answering.

“FUCK!” Jena exclaimed.

“I’m sorry” Parker said.

“Aww. It’s not your fault. It’s all my fault.” Jena sighed.

“You liked this girl didn’t you?” Parker asked

“Yeah. I really did. I’m sorry Parker, but we shouldn’t have done this.”
Jena said

Parker felt really bad about this whole thing. She could see how
disappointed Jena was.

“You can’t give up. This isn’t too far gone. Just go over to this girl and
talk to her. I’m sure you’ll be able to solve this.”

“I don’t know.” Jena sighed.

“Now listen here. Don’t you give this up. I know there is till hope.” Parker
said in her most stern voice.

Jena looked over at Parker and could see that she was serious. Some times
Parker made up her mind about something and there was nothing in the world
that could make her change her mind. This was one of those moments. Jena
understood that Parker really wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Ok. We’ll go.”

“We?” Parker asked.

“Yeah. I want you to come with and explain what the two of us have going. I
don’t want to do this on my own”

Jena was normally a strong and independent woman, but this really was one of
those moments when she could use a friend.

“Ok, I’ll go” Parker said.

“I still don’t think you should have ignored her call” Piper said.

“Look. I don’t want to talk to her right now. Just stay out of it.” Scarlett

Piper was determined to stay calm and not to snap back at Scarlett.

“She called. That means she wants to make things better. You were so happy
when you told me about her. Don’t throw that away.”

Scarlett sat silently pondering what she heard.

“She met another woman, you met another woman. It is all even. Now she wants
to talk to you. I’m sure she has something good to say. You have to let her
speak. Don’t blow this.”

Scarlett realised that Piper was right. There was no reason to at least not
talk to Jena. It couldn’t be that bad. Jena obviously liked her, she had
made that clear earlier today. Scarlett took a deep breath and spoke.

“Ok. I’ll call her back again.”

“Yay for you” Piper squeaked.

Piper‘s enthusiasm proved contagious.

“You really think this could work do you?” Scarlett asked.

“Yes. I really do” Piper said.

She held the phone out for Scarlett who grabbed it. She dialled Jena’s
number as quickly as she could. The first signal hadn’t even ended before
Jena answered.

“Hey. I’m so sorry. I didn’t think… I … I just wanted …I wanted you… I
couldn’t reach you and…” Jena rambled as she answered the phone.

“That is some way to answer the phone” Scarlett said with an amused tone in
her voice.

“I….You’re not angry?”

“No I’m not. Can we meet?”

“Actually I’m already on my way over. I should be there in what?”

“Five minutes” Parker filled in.

“Ok. That’s great. I’ll be waiting down by the entrance.”

Scarlett got up and started to dress. Piper, not wanting to miss a thing,
followed quickly.

“So you’re not angry at me any more?” Jena asked over the phone.

“No. I kinda did the same. I met some one as well.”

A moment of silent followed.

“You mad at me?” Scarlett asked.

“No. I’m just surprised how quick you moved. You did say that I was your

“You were. I just managed to get lucky.” Scarlett said and directed a smile
to Piper.

“So, who is she?” Jena asked tentatively.

“She is just a friend. Nothing more.” Scarlett said with emphasis.

“Good, because Parker is just a friend for me as well. A very good friend,
but nothing more.”

Piper was almost creeping out of her skin form the excitement. Seeing
Scarlett and Jena make up was incredibly romantic. Piper had another reason
as well to be interested however.

“Ask her if it’s Parker Posey who is her friend.” Piper begged.

Scarlett gave Piper a glare, but felt she owed it to Piper to ask the

“I wonder who your friend is.” Scarlett said.

“Parker Posey.” Jena answered.

She knew that Parker didn’t mind.

“It is Parker Posey, Ok.” Scarlett confirmed so that Piper would hear.

“Who’s asking?” Jena wondered.

“That would be my friend. You’ll meet her soon.” Scarlett said, not sure
what Piper would think of being outed over the phone to an unknown woman.

“So…” Scarlett said, trying to fill a sudden void.

“So. If you just had a friend and I just had a friend then…”

“Yes then…?” Scarlett said expectantly

“Then would you perhaps want to start dating?” Jena asked.

“Yes!” Scarlett squeaked.

She immediately regretted loosing her cool like that, but her elation was
hard to hide. Jena made a giggling answer from the other end.

“That’s great. I don’t know what to say now. You now, this would be the time
when we kiss.” Jena remarked.

“Yes it would. See you soon!”

“See you” Jena said.

Scarlett quickly hung up. She was completely unable to follow through on a
conversation right now. All she could think about was to kiss those soft
warm lips of Jena and officially seal the deal that they were officially
“dating”. Not really officially as in everyone knowing of course, but
officially between the two of them.

“Congratulations.” Piper said and gave Scarlett a brief and friendly hug.

Piper had listened closely to every word spoken of course. It was so
interesting to see a real life drama take place; a drama that seemed to lead
to a very happy ending. Piper really had been honest when she encouraged
Scarlett to fix things with Jena. Scarlett was a dream girl of course, but
Piper couldn’t think of her and Scarlett as a couple. There were only eight
years between them, but Piper still felt that that was too much for a
serious relationship. She was looking for someone with more experience in

Scarlett looked out into the stream of traffic, but realised that she had no
idea what to look for. All she knew was that Jena would be here any minute
now. Scarlett could not remember when she last had felt as giddy and nervous
as now. She and Jena were suddenly dating and soon they would meet again.
The cold weather didn’t matter at all to Scarlett; all that was important
right now was Jena. A small blue Toyota slowed down and came to a stop next
to Scarlett. Jena stepped out and for a moment she and Scarlett simply
looked at each other.

They slowly closed the distance between them and initiated a kiss. It
started out very chaste and light, but quickly grew in intensity as they got
used to each other’s presence again. Scarlett kept thinking that this was
the kiss that sealed the deal. They were now dating. Scarlett knew that she
really shouldn’t kiss another woman in public, but the street was pretty
deserted except for the cars moving by. All that mattered in this moment was
Jena. The kiss ended and Scarlett spoke.

“So now we’re dating. How about that?”

“That’s just very very good.” Jena said with a smile and gently squeezed
Scarlett’s arm.

Scarlett looked around and observed that they did have an audience, an
audience of two smiling woman. Parker Posey was still in her car looking out
the window and Piper stood next to the car. They both had huge grins on
their faces. Formal introductions had been forgotten in the heat of the
moment, so various hellos were now exchanged. Jena and Scarlett really liked
their respective friends, but right now they wanted privacy. Fortunately
that problem solved itself.

“You want a ride somewhere?” Parker asked Piper.

“Sure, anywhere would be fine” Piper said and got in.

“Bye, you two. Have fun!” Parker said as she waved goodbye.

“Yeah, good luck” Piper said and waved her goodbye.

Jena and Scarlett barely had time to react before Parker drove away, leaving
the two young women alone.

“What was that all about?” Scarlett asked

“I guess they wanted to leaves us alone. And also they know each other from
before.” Jena answered.

“Yeah, I know. Piper mentioned something about it. You think they have? You

Jena couldn’t help to giggle a little at Scarlett’s sudden modesty when it
came to words. Scarlett had uttered some distinctly more explicit words
earlier that morning.

“Yeah they have. Parker has told me all about it.”

“Piper did give the impression that she was experienced…” Scarlett said
before realising that speaking of other woman maybe wasn’t the best subject.

“It’s Ok, Scarlett. We both met some friends. We didn’t do anything wrong.
No hard feelings from my side.”

“Me neither” Scarlett said with a relieved smile.

“So, you want to start that dating now?” Jena asked.

It was still early in the evening so it was a reasonable proposal.

“Yeah, we could do that…” Scarlett hesitated.

“Or…?” Jena asked.

“Or we could skip the date part and pretend that we’ve just been on a date
and that I have invited you up to my apartment.” Scarlett said with a
mischievous grin gracing her red lips.

Jena answered Scarlett’s question, by leaning in and kissing those red lips.

“My apartment it is.” Scarlett confirmed.

She grabbed Jena’s hand and led her into the building for what was sure to
be a very good end to this long day.

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