A Story Of Love – Part 3: Ménage à trois

Story Title: A Story Of Love – Part 3: Ménage à trois
Author’s Name: Rupert
Content Codes: FF FFF cons oral anal rom exh
Celebs: Scarlett Johansson, Jena Malone, Parker Posey, Morena Baccarin,
Heather Graham, Mischa Barton, Audrey Tatou
Disclaimer: This is as the title implies a story of love, or at least it
will be some time in the future. This is my more serious work of erotica and
you willl actually find things such as plot and characters in this one.
There will also be hot lesbian action of course and lots of it.
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Parker Posey was making her way home through the crowded streets of
Greenwich Village. It was a wonderful spring day and half the city seemed to
be out enjoying the sunshine. It was one of the first really warm days of
the year. This was truly New York at its best, vibrant life on the street
and the air feeling fresh after an intense but short downpour earlier in the
morning. Parker didn’t walk as much as she strolled through the crowded

Parker was only a block away from her apartment when she saw that one of her
favourite cafés had outdoor serving for the first time of the year. Parker
couldn’t resist the temptation to sit down and order a small coffee. The day
had been spent doing some gift shopping together with an old friend, but
right now Parker was alone. She sat at her table and sipped her coffee as
she observed the people walking by. It seemed like almost everyone had a
smile on their lips on this day.

The general feeling of spring and happiness in the air had an effect on
Parker as well. More than anything it expressed itself as an all consuming
and intense horniness. There was another reason for this horniness as well
and it was a disturbing lack of sex the last few weeks. Parker had lost her
regular lover Jena Malone to a relationship. This was not something Parker
was angry or even the least bit resentful about. Quite the opposite in fact,
she was very happy that her young friend was in a meaningful relationship.

The fact that they were no longer having sex had done nothing to affect the
close friendship between Parker and Jena. They talked very often these days.
Jena’s relationship with Scarlett Johansson seemed to make great progress
and Parker got to hear all the details. She had never seen Jena this
enthusiastic about any girl. The two lovers were on their tenth date or
something like that and apparently every single one of those dates had ended
with hot and steamy sex. Scarlett had apparently been a very quick learner
and she now provided Jena with a regular stream of intense orgasms.

Parker had actually had one sexual encounter since that last time with Jena.
It had been that very same night and it had been with Piper Perabo. They had
left Scarlett’s apartment together in Parker’s car in order to give Scarlett
and Jena privacy. The sexual tension had been high from the beginning.
Seeing their friends form a couple just like that had been very romantic and
they had both been in the mood for some fun. Parker had invited Piper into
her apartment and that of course quickly led to an evening of passionate

It wasn’t the first time it happened, Parker and Piper, both living in New
York, had met several times through the years and it had often resulted in
sex. They knew and liked each other but weren’t close friends. They also had
great sexual chemistry and could always count on wonderful sex when they
met. Parker would have loved to make Piper a regular lover, but
unfortunately the cute brunette had been away filming for the last few

No matter how happy Parker was for Jena, she still missed their regular
sessions of satisfying sex. Even so Parker completely respected her decision
to be faithful to Scarlett. What the two young women had together was
something very special. Parker had seen it in the way Jena worried that she
had lost Scarlett. It became even more obvious when Parker saw them
together. They looked incredibly cute together and it was obvious that they
had a very promising relationship.

With Jena in a relationship and Piper gone, it was obvious to Parker that
she had to look elsewhere for some satisfaction. Luckily for Parker she
lived in one of the best places on earth when it came to finding a female
lover. She couldn’t think of a better place to find a lover than in the West
Village on a day like this. That was exactly what she intended to do before
the day was over.

Parker was wearing shades so she could freely observe without being noticed.
She let her gaze wander. There were plenty of beautiful women to watch,
but Parker got stuck on one in particular. She was sitting by herself on a
bench in the park across the street. She was reading a book and seemed
completely oblivious to her surroundings. Parker couldn’t tear her eyes off
of this woman, for she was truly stunning. She had dark curly hair, brown
eyes, a cute little nose and a small amused smile on her lips.

Not only was she gorgeous, she also seemed familiar. Celebrities were common
in the Village so it wasn’t at all surprising. The young woman wasn’t one of
the biggest stars, but Parker could swear that she had been on TV. Suddenly
it hit Parker where she had seen the woman before. She had been on a
somewhat obscure but very interesting science fiction series called Firefly.
Parker still could not recall the name of the woman, but at least now she
knew it was another actress. That fact provided an opening to start a
conversation. Parker emptied her cup of coffee and made her way across the
street. She approached the woman who was still engrossed in her book.

“Must be a good book.” Parker said.

The beautiful woman was a bit startled at first, but then a truly
breathtaking smile spread across her face when she saw Parker.

“You’re Parker Posey” she said.

“Yes I am.”

The woman stretched out her arm.

“I’m Morena Baccarin. I’m an actress too.”

They shook hands and then Parker spoke.

“I know I saw you in Firefly. Very good show. An awful shame that it was
cancelled so soon.”

“Thank you. Please join me.” Morena said and patted the bench.

Parker sat down on the bench next to Morena.

“I have to say. I really, really like you. You always do the most
interesting parts.” Morena said with admiration in her voice.

“Thanks, that’s so sweet of you. Any special part you’re thinking of?”

“I remember this one movie were you played this crazy woman who was in love
with her brother. You really nailed that part.”

“House of Yes, yeah that one was fun to do. You know I really like you too.
I saw Firefly and I couldn’t believe how good it was. Amazing, that idea to
mix Sci-fi and western.”

“That means a lot coming from you. I wouldn’t have pegged you for someone
watching a show like that.” Morena answered, obviously surprised.

“I have a young friend who was really into it. She lent me the DVD. I didn’t
want to see it at first to be honest, but she kept nagging and I really
don’t regret doing so. I’ve never seen such good Sci-fi.”

Parker was of course referring to Jena who was a big fan of the show and
even did some occasional quoting.

“That’s so wonderful to hear from you.” Morena said and gave Parker a warm

“And you, you were so amazing. Such grace, such beauty. You were quite a
treat.” Parker complimented.

“Thanks. That’s so sweet of you.” Morena answered, almost embarrassed by all
the compliments.

Things were progressing much better than Parker ever could have expected.
Morena seemed very friendly and easy-going. Parker had her mind set on
finding a lover for the evening and Morena seemed like a very good choice.
That required an act of seduction of course, but that was something Parker
was well versed at.

“I still don’t know what book you are reading.” Parker remarked.

“Uh, nothing special.” Morena said and put the book in her bag.

“I didn’t mean to intrude; I just wondered what book could be so

Morena thought about the book in her bag. It wasn’t anything she was ashamed
about, but it wasn’t really something you showed stranger either. Somehow
Parker didn’t feel that much like a stranger though. She seemed very
friendly and Morena didn’t think Parker would mind the kind of book.

“I guess, I can show you. I mean I know who you are.” Morena said with a shy
smile on her lips.

“That you do.” Parker confirmed.

“Ok, you’re not one of those, you know, intolerant people, now are you?”
Morena asked.

“I am an actress living in Greenwich Village. I am definitely very
tolerant.” Parker confirmed.

She really liked where this was going. She couldn’t wait to see what Morena
was reading. The book came out of the bag and Parker could read the title.
“Tipping the Velvet” by Sarah Waters. Parker couldn’t believe her luck. This
wonderful woman was reading a book with a very distinctly lesbian theme.
This held a lot of promise.

“I’ve read it too.” Parker casually remarked.

“You have?” Morena asked wide eyed.

“Yes I have. It was a very, very good book.”

Parker put a lot of emphasis on the second sentence. She moved a little
closer to Morena on the bench. Morena just kept smiling her beautiful smile
as she looked at Parker.

“Why did you choose to read that?” Parker asked curiously.

Morena became a little hesitant, looked down as she answered.

“I’ve heard good things about it.”

“From who? A girlfriend?” Parker asked in a very innocent and casual manner.

“What? No. I don’t have a girlfriend.” Morena answered in a flustered tone.

“How can a beautiful and famous woman like you be without a girlfriend?”
Parker asked.

“I… Uhhh…..I just.”

“Relax.” Parker said and put her hand on Morena’s.

Parker started to gently caress Morena’s hand. The reaction she got in
response was a silent approving smile. The younger woman was clearly a bit
nervous, but Parker knew how to make a woman feel relaxed. This being
Greenwich Village, no one really paid any attention to two woman holding
hands on a bench.

“No girlfriend. How about a boyfriend?” Parker whispered softly.

She was moving quickly now, but every sign she had received from Morena had
been positive so she felt it was the right thing to do. Morena simply shook
her head in answer to Parker’s question. Parker kept rubbing the hand for a
while. She made slow, but distinct movements with her thumb on you of
Morena’s soft hand. Parker knew that any part of a woman’s body could be
erogenous with the right touch. The younger woman relaxed and accepted
parker’s skilful touch. It was now time to take the next step and Parker did
this by gently moving the hand up to her mouth and starting a process of
placing kisses on it. Morena stayed silent, she just gave an approving smile
in response.

Morena couldn’t believe this was happening. She had sensed Parker’s
interest, but now it was blatantly obvious. Parker was coming on to her.
Morena’s brain kept saying that this was completely crazy and too sudden.
Her libido had another opinion however. The feeling of spring in the air had
done much to increase Morena’s general feeling of lust and happiness. Also,
the reading of a good lesbian novel had put Morena in just the right mood
for a little unexpected fun.

“You said you live here in the Village?” Morena suddenly asked.

Hearing that question made it completely clear to Parker that she was going
to get what she wanted. She sent a thought of gratefulness to the universe
for providing her with such a wonderful chance meeting.

“I live less than a block away. I have an apartment all to myself.”

“That’s convenient.” Morena answered.

Morena was a very strong and confident woman who rarely felt flustered or
shy, but Parker’s behaviour just made Morena melt. It wasn’t just what she
said that got to Morena. It was those sexy, inviting eyes. It was that
distinct voice. And more than anything it was Parker’s soft touch. The older
seductress still had Morena’s hand in hers and kept rubbing it softly.

“Would you like to follow me home for some…..tea?” Parker asked as she
looked at Morena.

Parker didn’t bother coming up with anything credible. It didn’t matter of
course, they both knew what was at stake.

“Sure. I’d love to have some….tea.” Morena answered and let out a sexy
little giggle at the silliness of that phrase.

“You see, I am very good at making tea.” Parker said with emphasis.

Parker didn’t even have any tea at home, but that didn’t matter of course.
Once she had Morena in her apartment she would make sure that tea was the
last thing on the sexy young woman’s mind. Parker stood up and looked at
Morena with a faux innocent look on her face. The younger woman had a bright
and relaxed smile on her beautiful face. She got up from the bench and
started to walk alongside Parker.

“So, what is a girl like you doing in a place like this?” Parker asked.

“I live over in the East Village. Or really, I grew up there. I live out in
LA now.”

“I haven’t made that move. I can’t leave a place like this.” Parker said and
made a gesture referring to their surroundings.

“I can understand that on a day like this.” Morena remarked.

The rest of the walk was made in comfortable silence. Parker’s mind was far
too preoccupied what she was going to do with Morena once they got inside
and she hoped and guessed that the same kind of thoughts filled the younger
woman’s mind. They eventually reached the apartment and quickly got in.
Parker turned to Morena and spoke.

“I kinda lied before. I don’t have any tea at home.”

“You lied? Now that makes me suspect that you had some kind of ulterior
motive in bringing a girl like me here.”

“And what kind of motive would that be?” Parker asked and took one step

“I think that you want…me” Morena said and closed the distance between their

At first their lips barely touched. It was soft and hesitant. The two women
were complete strangers and were very careful and slow in their movements.
It wasn’t a long kiss, but it was a crucial one since it was their first.
There was no longer any shred of doubt on what they both wanted.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Morena said.

“What? Kissing a woman?”

“No, no. That’s nothing new. I was thinking about kissing someone I just

“So you have kissed a woman before.”

“Yeah. It happens.” Morena admitted.

Morena had indeed some previous experience. She had both boyfriends and
girlfriends in her past. Those had been long and steady relationships
however. Morena hade always made sure to make her partners wait for sex.
That was what made this situation so different. This felt like a very good
day to change the old pattern and simply follow instinct.

“That’s good news. Here I thought I was going to have to teach you.” Parker

“Not necessary. I know what I am doing.” Morena retorted.

Parker took Morena’s hand and led her deeper into the apartment. The older
woman then suddenly stopped in the middle of the living room and used the
momentum to pull Morena in for another kiss. Parker moved her hand up and
dragged her fingers through her guest’s dark hair.

“You seduced me in a few minutes so I take it you have some experience?”
Morena whispered.

“You can say that I guess. I am very good at what I’m doing.” Parker said
with a smile brimming from confidence.

“So. Do you always move this quickly?”

“If I’m lucky.” Parker retorted and placed another kiss on the younger
woman’s lips.

“And I was lucky today.” Parker went on.

“I still can’t believe you moved so quickly. Lucky you caught me with that
book huh?”

“Yes. Some times good things happen to good people.”

Another kiss was initiated. Parker slowly pushed Morena backwards all the
way to the bedroom and into the bed. One last push and Morena landed on
Parker’s big bed. She immediately saw the mirrors on the ceiling.

“Mirrors on the ceiling? Kinky.”

“I hope you like.”

“Ohhh. I do. You know there is this prejudice about Brazilian women. You
know what I’m talking about?”

“You’re Brazilian I take it?”

“Yes but my family came here when I was young. You know what they say about
Brazilian women, that we are exhibitionistic.”

“Really. Now that’s interesting.” Parker said as she joined Morena on the

The two women were next to each other on the bed looking up at the mirrors
on the ceiling. Morena was wearing a loose fitting white shirt that Parker
started to examine. She tugged it up a little to reveal the flat stomach
underneath and then she let her hands gently caress the soft skin. Morena
took a deep breath and relaxed under Parker’s light touch. Their lips met in
another brief kiss.

Morena still couldn’t believe how quickly things had progressed. Not long
ago she had been sitting on a bench reading all to herself and now she
suddenly found herself in Parker Posey’s bed. It had been quite some time
since she had last been with a woman and that made this even more special.
Parker’s touch felt wonderful and Morena wanted to give the older woman all
the access she needed. Morena moved very quickly as she rose up just a
little and pulled the shirt over her head. It was a quickly discarded and
Morena was down to her white lacy bra.

“Mhhmhmmhm.” Parker said.

She was blatantly and shamelessly looking at the Morena’s magnificent forms.

“I could say how hot you are or I could show you.” Parker said.

“Show me.” Morena quickly responded.

Parker moved in and started to place kisses in the valley of cleavage. At
the same time she let her right hand fondle the left breast through the bra.
Parker kissed her way upwards and another kiss was initiated, this time with
more tongue and exchange of saliva than the previous ones. Morena felt
constricted by her clothing and arched her back so that she could get rid of
her pants. She managed to easily get them halfway down the ass. Parker
noticed this development.

“Allow, me” she said.

She then moved down and pulled the pants all the way off. The panties just
like the bra were white and lacy. They clung to Morena’s clearly aroused
pussy. Parker couldn’t help but cop a feel of Morena’s heated centre, by
doing some serious touching through the flimsy material. A small moan
escaped the Brazilian beauty in response to the touch.

“You were more ready for this than I thought.” Parker remarked.

“You can’t believe how ready I am. I haven’t been with a woman for so long.”
Morena complained.

“Poor girl. I wish I had found you earlier.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Morena couldn’t believe how she could have stayed away from women for so
long. Parker had only done some very innocent touching and already Morena
was more aroused than she had been in a real long time. The older actress
moved her hands all over Morena’s body in slow sweeping motions. Parker’s
lively eyes were almost glowing with desire.

“You are so beautiful.” Parker whispered.

Morena didn’t know what to say, she just showed one more of her dazzling
smiles in response. Parker let her hands stop on the firm tits. She then
started to carefully massage them through the bra. Morena couldn’t stand the
presence of the bra and she immediately set out to do something about it.
She arched her back up and unhooked the bra in the back.

“You take it off.” Morena said.


Parker moved her hands in under the bra, before she took it completely off.
She took a moment to simply look at the perky tits with the brown erect
nipples, now on display. Parker very seductively licked her mouth and then
moved in to take those wonderful nips in her mouth. Parker started out by
slowly sucking on the right nipple.

“Yessss. Your mouth is heaven on my body.” Morena moaned.

Parker merely smiled and went on. She moved over to the left nipple instead
and then settled for a system of switching back and forth. During all this
she kept looking up at Morena, who in return closely observed what Parker
was doing.

“Parker, you’ve got the most wonderful eyes in the world. I get hot and
bothered just from you looking at me.”

Parker just kept up her sucking; right now it was the right nipple.

“Yess. You’re making me so wet.” Morena moaned.

Parker took a brief brake from her sucking so that she could answer.

“Really? I gotta investigate that.”

Morena felt how a hand came sneaking down her stomach and then pushed its
way inside the panties. She then felt how a finger entered her pussy.
Another finger found the clit at the same time as a second finger entered
the wet folds.

“Mmmmmmmm. You see. I was telling the truth.” Morena said.

Parker was currently sucking on the right nipple and she simply nodded. She
kept her hand in Morena’s pussy until she had Morena writhing in pleasure on
the bed. Parker then did something very cruel and removed her hand.

“Noooo!” Morena complained.

Parker kept the eye contact with her newfound lover and brought the very wet
hand up to her mouth. She then very seductively licked it clean of Morena’s
juices. That taste was just as good as Parker had imagined. It was very
distinct, extremely arousing and highly addictive.

“You look so sexy doing that. I bet you can get any woman to fall for you by
doing that.” Morena moaned.

“It has worked on a few women, yes.” Parker confirmed.

“You are so sexy Parker. Now please get naked for me.” Morena begged.

Parker didn’t say anything in response. She simply pulled her shirt over her
head to reveal a plain black bra underneath.

“I would have dressed sexier if I had known I’d meet you.”

“I don’t care. I’d much rather have you naked.” Morena answered.


Parker had been wearing a skirt for the first time of the year and she
quickly pulled it down to reveal the stay-ups and black panties underneath.
It wasn’t as lacy and sexy as what she had worn the last time with Jena, but
it still looked very good. This time it was Parker’s turn to be admired.
Morena had tired of her passive position. She sat up and moved in for
another hot and searing kiss. As she did this she also moved her hand around
Parker’s back and unhooked the bra.

“Let’s get rid of this.” Morena said as she threw the bra on the floor.

She started to massage both tits at the same time as she started to kiss
Parker and nibble on her ear. With both women now topless they had easy
access to each other and their hands went all over, exploring and caressing.
Not an inch of skin was left untouched as they got familiar with each
other’s bodies.

Parker would have settled for a reasonably good looking amateur today. She
had been that horny. Here she was however with one of the most gorgeous
women she had ever seen who turned out to be quite an experienced lesbian.
Parker wondered to herself what she had done to deserve something so
wonderful. Things became even more wonderful when Morena moved her hand
inside Parker’s panties.

“Good girl. Feel how wet I am for you.” Parker said between kisses.

“Yesss, you are wet. Am I that hot?” Morena asked with a cocky smile on her

“You know that smile you’re putting on. I can’t resist it. I would have
creamed my pants right now if I had been a guy.” Parker admitted.

“Good thing you’re not a guy then.” Morena said.

“Yeah. As a woman I can keep going for so much longer, satisfying that
divine body of yours.”

“I’m looking forward to it, why don’t you start right away?” Morena said and
hooked her thumbs in her panties.

She then slowly pushed them down to reveal the pussy Parker had tasted

“Brazilian waxing. How appropriate.” Parker observed.

“Yeah. I’m very proud of my heritage.” Morena said with a cheeky smile on
her lips.

Parker took a good long look at the almost naked Morena. The only garment
left was the panties still bundled up down by her knees. Parker faced a very
delightful dilemma. Exactly how was she going to lick this sexy woman? She
decided to move around so that she could see this beauty from behind. The
two tight little buns looked so inviting that Parker’s decision became very
easy. She gently made Morena lean forward so that she was on her hands and
knees. Parker moved in started to lap up and down the pussy from behind.

Morena hadn’t said anything, but Parker had still managed to get her
favourite position. The feeling of being licked from behind surpassed
everything else in the way of sex for Morena. It felt so incredibly
animalistic and dirty to be in this position and have another woman move in
from behind. Parker hadn’t bothered removing the panties, so they were still
down by her knees. It added to the feeling of naughtiness have the panties
hiked down instead of properly removed.

Parker had established a quick rhythm of constant licking up and down the
wet snatch in front of her. In order to facilitate the licking Parker held
on to the tight ass for support. Of course, Parker didn’t really need a
reason to touch an ass like that, but it did make it easier to keep her
tongue in place. Morena’s pussy wasn’t the only one which was dripping wet.
Parker too was affected by arousal. She had briefly considered a 69 before
she started licking, but her urge to do a licking from behind had been
stronger. Parker didn’t mind waiting for her own orgasm, especially since
she was preoccupied with satisfying one of the hottest women in the world.

“That’s right. Right there. You’re so good at this baby” Morena encouraged.

Parker stopped her licking in order to reply. Fortunately she brought her
hand in to provide some stimulation in the mean time.

“Thanks. I’ve had a lot of practice. You’re so beautiful. I just can’t get
enough of eating you out. I won’t stop till you have an orgasm better than
in your dreams.” Parker promised.

“Yess. Please do. Make me feel good. I’ll give it back to you soo good

“I’ll hold you to that promise.” Parker said before she moved in to resume
her licking.

She didn’t bother licking her fingers clean; instead she dove right in with
a fierce and energetic attack on Morena’s wet folds. It felt incredibly
naughty to have Morena’s juices on the hand. It made Parker feel very dirty,
but in the good way. This was raw and needy sex. Just move in from behind
and do some real wild and passionate licking. It wasn’t very comfortable to
do the licking from behind, but that didn’t matter since it was such a
naughty position. It also gave an amazing view of Morena’s gorgeous tight
ass. Parker still held on to it with her hands and enjoyed how firm and
flawless it was. She was definitely going to do some serious exploring of
that ass later, but right now she gave all her effort to the very yummy

Every lash Parker made first came in contact with the clitoris and then went
along the slit. There was some variation in how deep Parker pushed her
tongue, but the basic premise was the same with every lick. It was a rather
simple technique, but Parker mastered it to perfection. She knew exactly
what spots to hit and she had thus far been giving Morena a licking better
than she had ever felt before. Of course, the women Morena had been with
were younger so they were obviously not as experienced as the sexy indie
film queen. Morena didn’t know exactly how old her newfound lover was, but
she sure looked good.

Morena couldn’t help thinking that Parker would be very much qualified to be
a companion. Companions were the very skilled geishas in the “Firefly”
universe. According to the fiction companions were trained in all the
aspects of lovemaking and they had to hone those skills to perfection.
Parker certainly had that kind of perfection. It was however difficult for
Morena to keep thinking about a distant future. Parker’s licking brought her
back to the wonderful reality she was in right now. No fantasy could ever be
as good as actually getting licked by the incredibly real and sexy Parker

“Ahhhaaaa. So good Parkey. You’re soo good. Ohhh Parkey, that’s it!”

Parkey? What the hell was that. Parker had been called a lot of things over
the years, but never Parkey. She didn’t really mind, but she didn’t approve
either. It didn’t matter though. Morena could say whatever she wanted.
Nothing was going to stop Parker from bringing this tasty pussy to one hell
of an orgasm.

“Yess, Parkey. That’s fucking it.”

It was time to step things up a little and Parker opted for some intense
work on the clitoris. Parker did so by placing her mouth around it and
starting a process of intense sucking and a rapidly swirling tongue. Parker
held steady doing this and really focused on just the clit. This new steady
position meant that Parker nose was pretty much buried in the pink wet
folds. Every breath meant that Parker got to smell to scent of Morena’s
pleasure and arousal. It truly was a scent like no other and Parker couldn’t
get enough of it. Parker felt completely immersed in the Brazilian’s
essence. It was a wonderful experience that she never wanted to end.

“Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaayyyyy. Yesss. Suck my clit Parkey.”

Morena’s breathing was getting laboured as she felt how the inevitable
orgasm came closer. Parkey had been doing a very good job before, but this
new and increased effort on the clit had Morena in a state of constant
bliss. It was the most intense thing she had ever felt. The sensation seemed
to consume her completely. It was an incredible high that seemed to be much
more than she could take. This feeling didn’t last to long, because it was
soon replaced by an even better one as Morena’s long anticipated orgasm hit
for real.


Morena rocked quickly back and forth as the orgasm overwhelmed her. It sent
shockwaves throughout her entire body. Normal thinking was impossible as the
mind was completely busy dealing with the orgasm. Morena had no idea how
long it all lasted. It could have been seconds or years as far as she was
concerned. All that mattered was the all consuming feeling of bliss. Morena
eventually slumped forward on the bed, thinking about how she would never
deny herself the pleasure of a female lover in the future. Morena closed her
eyes briefly to gather herself and then she opened them she was face to face
with a very happy Parker.

“I told you you’d like it.” Parker said.

“Ohh, I never doubted that.” Morena answered with a weak voice.

“Good, I don’t ever want anyone to doubt my skill as a lover.”

“I certainly don’t. What you just did was amazing. You really know your
stuff. And did I mention you’re beautiful too?”

Morena looked up and down Parker’s sexy body and realised something. Parker
was still wearing her panties.

“You’re still dressed. Now I feel all embarrassed being naked and all.”
Morena said.

“Not really dressed now am I. These won’t show up on screen you know.”
Parker said and pointed to her own tits.

“That’s too bad. I would have loved to see that movie.” Morena purred.

At the same time she started to gently touch Parker’s left nipple.

“You’re still wearing panties as well.” Parker said and pointed to Morena’s
panties that were down below the knees.

“They don’t really cover much down there now do they.” Morena stated.

“No they don’t and I’m glad they don’t.” Parker said as she checked out
Morena’s body again.

Morena wiggled out of them completely and put them to the side.

“Now I’m all nude. Happy now?” Morena asked.

“Ohh. I’m happy.”

“I still want you to get naked.” Morena said.

“What’s stopping you?” Parker said with an impish grin.

No answer came. Morena just smiled her sexy smile and sat up in the bed. She
then moved her hands down Parker’s body, took hold of the panties and
started to slowly peel them off. Morena’s didn’t make any comment on the
fact that the pussy was completely bald. It was exactly what she had
expected from a woman like Parker.

“You really are gorgeous Parker.” Morena said as she took all of Parker’s
nudeness in.

“So I’ve been told. Now if there was only some way you could show me that
you mean it?”

Parker scrunched her face together as if she was thinking about a very
difficult problem.

“I think I can think of a few ways.” Morena answered.

“Ohh yeah? Show me!”

“I’d be happy to.”

That promise was quickly fulfilled when Morena started to very carefully
stimulate Parker’s pussy with her hand. The touch was very light, but it
sent small jolts of pleasure though Parker’s body. Morena pushed one finger
in and then moved it in and out a few times. She then brought it to her
mouth and sucked it clean.

“Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got love in my tummy.” Morena said paraphrasing an
old song.

It was a very a silly thing to say, but Parker found it very accurate and

“I guess so.” Parker giggled.

“So are you going to make me beg for you to give me a good licking?”

“No need, I haven’t been with a woman for so long. I’m not going to wait.”
Morena said as she slowly moved her perfect body into position between
Parker’s legs.

Those eyes kept having Morena in a thrall-like state. She could not look
away from Parker’s burning gaze. The contact was kept as the younger actress
assumed a position between the now spread legs. Unconsciously she licked her
lips at the sight of the waiting pussy. The shiny wetness was a sure sign
that Parker was ready. Still looking up into those sexy eyes Morena moved in
and placed a kiss on the heated centre.

The kiss was a good start and it slowly changed as Morena started to suck on
the swollen nether lips. The familiar taste of female arousal hit her taste
buds and quickly brought back Morena’s neglected desire for lesbian love.
Licking a pussy worked very much like riding a bike for Morena. It was
something you never forgot how to do. It had been so long ago since she last
did it, but that didn’t matter right now. Morena immediately got right back
into it.

Of course, every pussy had it’s distinct flavour and the half Brazilian
really liked what she was getting. She extended her tongue as far as she
could and slowly dragged it all the way through the wet folds. The smell as
well as the taste of arousal was truly intoxicating and Morena made a silent
promise to herself that she really should do this more often.

It was time to think of the giving this really was about and Morena did so
by starting to push her tongue deeper and dragging it up and down the slit.
A huge smile spread across the very sexy face Morena was looking at. A smile
like that was great as encouragement and the licking intensified as the
Morena quickly got back into her old technique. Partly forgotten knowledge
on how to satisfy a woman came flooding back and soon enough it felt like
licking a pussy was the most natural thing in the world to do.

Parker started to do some heavy breathing as the younger woman started to
get real serious with her licking. The start had been a bit slow and
hesitant, but now it quickly became obvious that this was nothing new to
Morena. Parker thought it was a real shame to waste such a talented tongue
on making men come. Anyone could do that, but in order to bring a woman to
orgasm, some real skill was needed and it was very obvious that the new
found lover did indeed possess that skill.

“I think I’m getting horny all over again with the way you’re looking at
me.” Morena suddenly commented.

Compliments were always nice, but hearing all those lovely words about her
eyes was something that made Parker extra proud. As a teenager she had spent
hours in front of her mirror, just practising how to convey feeling with her
eyes. That had paid off indeed, not only in the form of a career, but also
in an uncanny ability to seduce sexy women. Morena was far from the first to
fall under the spell of Parker’s gaze, but she sure was one of the sexiest.
She looked very much like an accomplished seductress herself as she licked

“Damn, you’re sexy. Maybe I should go to Brazil if all the women are as sexy
as you down there.” Parker said in her huskiest voice.

“Yes, we are a beautiful kind.” Morena quickly said before quickly diving
back into her licking again.

“I bet you are, but gorram it I think you the sexiest of them all.”

Was that correct? Morena could not believe what she had heard from her
lover. “Gorram” was a phrase coined for “Firefly” and only avid fans used it
in this present world.

“Did you just say gorram?” Morena asked.

A small whimper was heard from and Morena quickly realised why. Parker was
no longer getting any stimulation, but this was quickly solved when Morena
started to gently caress the heated pussy with her fingers.

“My friend who got me hooked on the show uses it occasionally. She says
shiny as well, now can we get back to the licking?” Parker explained

“Ok, but you have to tell me the details later.” Morena firmly stated.

The gentle fingering went on, but this time Morena decided to use both
fingers and mouth. One finger was pushed deep in and the mouth immediately
got to work on the sensitive parts around the clit. It was a wonderful
method of double stimulation and it immediately made Parker squirm in

“Yes. So good sweetie. Just like that.” Parker encouraged.

Parker’s pussy was very wet and Morena could easily slip another finger in.
She did so and got even more squirming in response from her lover.

“I’m so glad I found you all alone and ready to be seduced.” Parker moaned.

That was something Morena really agreed with now that she had both fingers
and her tongue in Parker’s heated pussy. Squishing sounds were heard as
Morena pumped her finger in and out of the tight snatch with increasing
speed. The fingers didn’t penetrate very deeply, but they did wiggle in what
seemed to be a very good way. Every time they were pushed in Morena made
sure that they stimulated the sensitive spots. Parker’s increasing squirming
was a very good indication that what Morena did really was working.

“You’re doing soooooooo good, sexy. Just keep it up!” Parker encouraged.

The focus for Morena was on the finger fucking, but that did in no way mean
that she was neglecting the licking. She made sure to keep working with her
tongue, flicking it back and forth over or very close to the clit. Morena
kept her mouth steady, but the tongue was still given plenty of opportunity
to find Parker’s sensitive parts.

“I’m getting closer. I’m gonna come sooo good sooon if you just keep that
up. Fuck me hard gorram it. I can take it. Give it to me harder.” Parker

Those instructions were eagerly followed by Morena. She had always loved the
raw feeling of power that came from fucking someone. Whether it was with
fingers, tongue or a strap-on didn’t matter much. The feeling of giving it
all to bring some hot woman over the edge, that feeling was always a rush.
Parker obviously knew what she was asking for, so there was no hesitation in
the decision to make it a rough and hard fucking.

A furious pace of thrusting in and out was started. Just doing this wasn’t
enough however. Morena decided to add another finger as well, making it
three fingers going in and out of Parker’s increasingly wet pussy. Three
fingers made for a real snug fit and that was perfect when it came to
bringing Parker pleasure. Feeling the pussy starting to clamp down on the
fingers was an incredibly intimate and erotic feeling for Morena. Using
fingers meant that the penetration wasn’t as deep as with a strap-on, but on
the other hand it provided Morena with perfect control over what she was
doing. She moved and wiggled her fingers so that she would give her sexy
lover as much pleasure as possible.

There was another great advantage compared to using a strap-on and that was
of course that Morena could do her licking at the same time. Now that she
was back in the game she felt an immense need to make up for all those lost
months. She lavished long and powerful lashes all over the pussy. The area
around the clit got most of the attention. Those highly sensitive parts
always got the best results as was evident from Parker’s high pitched moans
every time the swirling tongue came in contact with the clit or some other
extra sensitive spot.

It was getting closer and closer to that wonderful moment of orgasm. Parker
could feel how her pussy started to tighten up around Morena’s intruding
fingers. It wasn’t just the pussy, but the entire midsection of Parker’s
slender body that started to feel the increasing build-up. Her ass clenched
up with every penetrating thrust Morena did with her wonderful fingers.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me sooo gooood. Thrust into me sooo good with those
fingers. Give it to me so hard. Yeah, you’re fucking me sooo good.” Parker

Her breathing was laboured and it was very obvious that she was close.
Morena certainly recognised the signs and increased her efforts even
further. With her eyes still locked with Parker’s she pumped her fingers in
and out in a tremendous speed at the same time as she sucked the clit into
her mouth. This set Parker off in orgasm.


Her body clenched up completely and an intense shivering started all over
her body. The orgasm was pure high quality bliss. For Parker it was only a
few weeks since she last had a tongue induced orgasm, but that was more than
enough for the pressure to build up. All that build-up made the orgasm much
stronger and more intense as it held Parker’s trembling body in a steady

as the orgasm went on.

Morena had managed to touch or lick pretty much every important part of
Parker’s pussy. Every one of those parts now tingled in orgasmic delight.
Parker was no stranger to getting herself off of course, but that never came
anywhere close to being as good as getting it from a woman. Morena had
stopped her fucking, but she kept up her licking all through the orgasm,
prolonging it into what felt like a blissful eternity for Parker. It just
felt like that however and soon Parker fell back on the bed. Her black hair
was matted to her forehead and she had a happy smile on her face.

Amazingly, not once during all that time had the two lost eye contact. By
simply arching her eyebrows slightly, Parker managed to convey that she
wanted her lover to come up. A few quick kisses were placed on stomach and
tits before Morena had moved all the way up and met Parker in a kiss. With
one woman spent from licking and the other from having an orgasm it was a
very slow kiss. Morena was completely on top of Parker as they went on with
the soft kissing.

Parker took the bed cover and swept it over herself and her young lover.
Morena rolled off, but still snuggled up close to Parker. It was in the
middle of the day so none of them had any plans on sleeping, but they did
need some rest after the intense activities they had just been through. They
both knew that their lust and energy would quickly return, but for now they
needed to rest. A comfortable silence settled as both women contemplated
this strange turn of events.


In another part of Manhattan Jena Malone felt like she was boiling over from
curiosity as she packed her bag. She checked her watch and saw that Scarlett
would soon arrive. Jena had packed enough clothes to last the weekend and
her passport. She had been instructed to do that and be ready at four. Jena
had pried and begged, yet Scarlett had refused to reveal where they were
going. Even though it was secret where they were going, Jena still very much
looked forward to spending a whole weekend with Scarlett.

Ever since their first night together when Jena had briefly kept it secret
that they were going to go dress up and Scarlett had kept the club they were
going to a secret, the two girlfriends had done their best to outdo each
other in surprises. Jena might not know where they were going, but she
wasn’t going to let Scarlett have the upper hand all weekend. Safely tucked
in the bottom of the bag was a very special surprise for Scarlett. It was a
little gift Jena had purchased and she was sure it was going to be very much
appreciated by her girlfriend.

They had been girlfriends for about a month now. It was after the lovemaking
that followed their sixth date that it was settled. Jena remembered exactly
how it had happened. Scarlett had simply asked her straight out if she
wanted them to be girlfriends. Jena had said her yes without even a hint of
hesitation and they had quickly celebrated with kissing and a second session
of lovemaking.

Even though Scarlett had been the one to ask, she had seemed very insecure
and nervous when she did it. Jena’s yes had quickly made her face shine up
in a bright and relieved smile. Scarlett was of course; very confident when
it came to her beauty and also increasingly when it came to her skill as a
lesbian lover. Thanks to her very real pent up lesbian lust and hard work
Scarlett had managed to quickly acquire quite an impressive repertoire of
techniques. Even so, when it came to the details of the relationship
Scarlett seemed somewhat insecure.

On the next date Jena had carefully brought the subject up and Scarlett had
revealed the details of her previous relationships. They had all ended badly
and that had led to a sense of hopelessness when it came to finding a good
working relationship. Jena had done her best ease Scarlett’s worries by
convincing Scarlett exactly how happy she was now that they were
girlfriends. It seemed to have worked, because ever since then Scarlett had
grown increasingly confident in their relationship and now she had taken the
initiative for the two of them to take their first trip together.

Jena had just snapped her bag shut when she heard the doorbell. She opened
the door and saw a person that she recognised as Scarlett, but no one else
would without taking a very close look. Scarlett was dressed in a long brown
coat and a scarf that covered her hair and much of her face. She also had a
pair of huge shades. The only thing that really gave it away was the full,
sexy, kissable lips. Jena of course, could not resist those lips so she
greeted Scarlett with a kiss.

The guest responded to the kiss and they shared a quick but intense kiss in
the doorway before Jena stepped aside and let Scarlett in. Jena’s New York
apartment was only temporary and not very personal so they rarely spent any
time there. Once the door was closed they shared another kiss, this one
slower and more intimate.

“Hey there sweetie.” Jena greeted her girlfriend.

“Hey, now are you ready to go?” Scarlett asked impatiently

“Yep, Got all I need.” Jena chirped as she fetched her bag.

As she came back into the hall with her bag, Jena noticed the absence of a
bag for Scarlett.

“No baggage?”

“Nope, had it sent in advance. Now are you ready?”

Jena nodded in answer. The two went out on the street and went into the limo
that Scarlett had apparently come in. Scarlett didn’t give a destination,
but Jena was quite sure they were going to an airport. The passport had been
a clue that they were going to fly somewhere. Jena knew better than begging
to know where they were going. Instead the ride was spent talking about the
play Jena was in and how to interpret it. This quite serious discussion was
occasionally interrupted by some serious kissing; the two women hadn’t seen
each other for several days.

The car eventually stopped and Jena’s suspicion of an airport was confirmed.
She was however surprised to see that they weren’t on some parking, but
right out on the tarmac, next to a small plane. Two pilots stood next to the
stair leading up to the plane. They courteously greeted the two young women
as they went into the plane. Jena realised that she had forgot her bag, but
just when she was about to go back she saw that one of the pilots had
carried it onboard.

For once Jena was at a loss of words. She had never expected anything like
this and she looked with uncertainty at her girlfriend. Scarlett had a proud
and happy smile on her face. The pilots quickly got things in order and the
two lovers settled down in two huge leather chairs next to each other. Jena
was sitting next to a relatively big window, but right now all she could see
was the airport. Not until the pilots had left them alone and entered the
cockpit, did Jena speak.

“This is just amazing. We’re going on a private jet?” Jena said, still

“Yes, I wanted to do something special with you. You know I wanted us to get
away and it’s not like it would be easy to fly on a normal plane with people
looking and so I just decided to do this. I mean I really wanted to do
something special. There are all kinds of things here if we want and”

Scarlett’s babbling was interrupted with an intense and passionate kiss.
Jena had quickly closed the distance between the two chairs and pressed her
lips against Scarlett’s. An intense session of making out with Jena in
Scarlett’s lap followed. It wasn’t really the plane and all the luxury that
made Jena so happy. It was the fact that her girlfriend had gone through
such an effort and that she looked so incredibly cute when she explained it

“So, you like?” Scarlett asked.

“This is such a sweet thing to do. I love it!” Jena said and proved her
point by giving Scarlett another kiss.

“I’m so happy you liked it.”

“So, is there any chance that you will reveal where we are going?” Jena

“Actually I will. We are going to Paris. I know it might be cliché with a
romantic weekend in Paris, but it is soo good there and I know a few places
where we can go and”

Again Scarlett was babbling and again she was interrupted by a kiss.

“It’s perfect Scarlett.” Jena assured.

Scarlett smiled a relieved smile. She had been unsure on how her surprise
would be received, but now her apprehension was finally gone. The joy Jena
was expressing was genuine and it was exactly the reaction Scarlett had
hoped for when she planned the whole thing. It was the first time she
planned something this big for someone else and it had all been very nervous
and new. The first trip together was considered a big step and Scarlett
wanted to make sure that everything was just right.

“I have us booked at a gorgeous hotel close to the Louvre. I was thinking we
spend tomorrow there and then we have the Sunday free to do whatever we
want. How’s that?”

“That ‘s great!” Jena gushed and started to let kisses rain down all over
Scarlett’s face.

All the kissing had awoken the lust and hunger within both girls. Jena was
still in Scarlett’s lap and their closeness added to their mutual lust.
Unfortunately their moment was disrupted when their captain spoke on the
loudspeaker. He announced that they were about to take off and that they
should sit down and fasten their belts. They did so and waited for take-off.

Both of them had been in Paris on occasion, but it had been work-related
trips for both of them. Thus neither of them had explored and enjoyed the
most romantic city in the world. They were going to get that chance now and
they really looked forward to it. Just a weekend was a bit short of course,
but it was the longest they could possibly stay away. Scarlett took out a
bunch of brochures from her bag and showed them to her girlfriend. Together
they went through all off them, discussing which places they were going to

The ascent went smoothly and soon the plane had reached the right altitude.
Jena was now treated to a cloudless view of the vast Atlantic under them.
The pilot announced that they could now remove their belts and they both
quickly did so. There was one big fault with the huge armchairs and that was
that they ended up far from each other. No longer constrained by a seat
belt, Jena moved back into Scarlett’s lap.

“Hey there. What’s wrong with your own seat?” Scarlett said and gave Jena a
welcoming kiss.

“It was so lonely all those feet away from you.” Jena said with a cute pout
on her lips.

“Aww, poor you.” Scarlett said and placed a kiss on those pouty lips.

All this kissing was really starting to get to Jena. She felt more and more
constrained, being on an airplane and not in a hotel room.

“I so wish I could take you here and now.” Jena said in complete honesty.

“Do you now?” Scarlett said with a mischievous smile on her lips.

“Yeah I do.” Jena said and put her hand on Scarlett’s thigh.

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Scarlett said.

Jena had quickly busied herself stroking Scarlett’s thigh through the jeans
so she didn’t immediately react to what was said. For a moment Scarlett also
forget that they were having a conversation. Jena was having her hand on the
inside of Scarlett’s thigh, dangerously high up.

“Uhh…. I said I was hoping that you’d….you’d say that.” Scarlett said
despite her troubles concentrating.

Scarlett had to use all her willpower to leave Jena’s caressing, but she
knew that it was necessary. She got up from the chair and opened up a door
that led to the back of the plane. Jena was quick to follow and she was
again stunned when she saw what was inside.

“This is a private jet after all, so they have some extra amenities.”
Scarlett proudly said.

Jena was awed and surprised. What was behind the door was a fully decorated
and incredibly cosy bedroom. It had one big bed in the middle of the room.
Rose petals were strewn all over the bed there was a bottle of champagne in
an ice filled bucket next to the bed.

“You like?” Scarlett asked.

Jena’s only answer was to grab hold of Scarlett and throw her down on the
bed. Scarlett was shocked for about a second and then she let out a
heartfelt giggle. She looked up at her girlfriend still standing in the
doorway. Jena’s eyes were dark with lust.

“Are you gonna thank me for all this?” Scarlett asked hopefully.

Jena didn’t seem to be in the mood for talking today. She pounced on
Scarlett like a wild animal. Jena straddled Scarlett and started to give her
an intense and passionate kiss. Things were progressing quickly now.
Scarlett was wearing a white blouse and Jena quickly unbuttoned it.
Underneath it she found a very sexy purple bra. Jena sat up and admired the
sexy garment and of course what that garment hid.

“Mmm. Sexy.” Jena remarked as she started to gently fondle Scarlett’s
impressive breasts through the material of the bra.

“I wanted to look all sexy for you so I bought this at Victoria’s Secret.”

Jena leaned in and gave Scarlett another kiss. She kept fondling the
breasts, kneading them in her hands and enjoying the feeling of the sexy bra
covering those wonderful mounds that she had come to love so much. Jena was
just about to move her hand under the bra and remove it when a thought
struck her. Scarlett had obviously made an effort to look sexy in lingerie.
It would certainly be waste not to fully appreciate that beauty. Jena ended
the kissing and rolled off Scarlett. She got a disappointed groan in return.

“Don’t stop.” Scarlett complained.

“I will give you everything you want if…..”

“Yes, what if?” Scarlett asked anxious to please.

“If you give me a little lingerie fashion show with that sexy underwear you

Scarlett felt a rush of excitement go through her body. The thought of
putting on a show for her girlfriend was very thrilling and she couldn’t
wait to get started. She shot out of the bed and stood up in front of a full
length mirror that hung on a wall. Scarlett decided that she would do her
thing in front of this mirror, that way Jena could see her from two angles
at once.

“Hang on a minute. Don’t start just yet.” Jena said and left the bedroom.

Scarlett was just about to follow her and ask what was going on, but it
wasn’t necessary since Jena quickly returned. In her hand she held a camera.
Jena had studied photography so she had both the skill and the equipment to
take really good photos. She had already taken some photos of Scarlett, but
those had been completely innocent.

“You’re going to take pictures?” Scarlett asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, I wanna remember this one.”

Scarlett was a little hesitant about the idea at first, but she quickly
changed her mind. There was no reason not to trust Jena being discrete and
there was no risk of the photos leaking out since Jena did her own
developing. Also, Scarlett knew how good at this Jena was and she was
certain that the result would be beautiful.

“Ok, here we go.” Scarlett said.

Scarlett acted just like she did at any normal photo shoot. She had done
plenty of those and knew what poses to take. She struck one pose after
another. Each pose was more sexy and revealing than the last. The already
unbuttoned blouse was soon discarded. Jena moved around to get all the best
angles and she lavished compliments on Scarlett just like a professional



“You’re so sexy.”


It was time to get rid of the jeans, but it was done slowly so that Jena
could take pictures with the jeans half way off. Scarlett was now down to
her ensemble from Victoria’s Secret. The purple bra and matching panties
looked amazing. Scarlett could have gone for a complete ensemble of sexy
lingerie, but she knew that she would have to wear this under her clothes so
she didn’t want more underwear than normal.

Jena fired off pictures in rapid succession now that Scarlett was down to
her underwear. Scarlett had done very sexy pictorials before, but none quite
as steaming as this one. It wasn’t just the lack of clothes; it was also the
poses she struck. They weren’t the poses she used to do in normal shoots,
but they weren’t out right pornographic either. They were more like
something you could find in Playboy Magazine.

Scarlett had done some serious research since that first night with Jena
that had awoken her dormant interest in female beauty. She consulted the net
of course and found some pretty good stuff. The only thing that was
interesting was high class nude pictures, and there was plenty of that.
Scarlett had filled her hard drive with beautiful pics and she had learned
something about what looked sexy.

“Hang on a minute. I gotta change the film.” Jena said, stopping Scarlett in
her posing.

“Am I doing good?”

“You are amazingly sexy. Don’t take my word for it though. Just wait till
you see the result.” Jena said at the same time as she fiddled with the

“So….Do you want me to get…..naked?” Scarlett asked.

This whole show had been about Scarlett showing off her new sexy underwear,
but turning this into a fully nude shoot was something else. She had no
thought about doing it for the world to see, but doing it here for Jena was
a much more appealing thought.

“Naked huh?” Jena said as she looked up from the camera.

It was obvious from her horny grin that she would be perfectly OK about
doing a naked shoot.

“So you wanna do it? You want to do what Playboy would pay millions for?”
Scarlett asked.

“You know I do.” Jena answered.

The change of film had gone quickly for the skilled photographer and she was
now ready to take what she thought of as the best pictures in the entire
history of mankind. Jena thought about the famous pictures she had seen in
her photography magazines, but quickly dismissed them as not being nearly as
good as a naked Scarlett Johansson.

“Are you ready for me to get naked for you?” Scarlett asked in a seductive

“Sure, just make it slow and let me get the pics of you undressing.” Jena

The bra was the kind that opened in the front. This made for a series of
very interesting photos. The first one showed Scarlett in the process of
unhooking, the second showed that it had been opened, but not much more. The
subsequent pictures showed more and more of Scarlett’s world renowned
breasts until finally a picture showed her breasts in all their unrestrained

“Wow. You are so fucking hot Scarlett.” Jena exclaimed as she looked at
Scarlett through the camera.

“Thanks. And right now you are the only one to see it.” Scarlett said.

She went through a series of topless poses. All of the poses were meant to
draw attention to the breasts. Jena went on complimenting Scarlett with
comments of an increasingly sexy nature.

“That’s it sexy, show them off for me.”

“I’m gonna lick those soo good.”

“Yes, you’re turning me on so good.”

Hearing those things from Jena was very encouraging. Scarlett often got just
a little bit horny from having her pictures taken. It was a bit of an
anticlimax to first be as sexy as possible and then having to dress and go
home. In the past Scarlett had dealt with that kind of horniness on her own.
Now however she knew that Jena was around to take care of it. There had been
a few topless pics and it was time to move on.

“I’m gonna get naked for you. Would you like that?” Scarlett asked.

“Mmmm, baby you know I do. Get it all of for me.”

Scarlett struck one of the most common poses in sexy photography. She had
her thumps hooked in her panties and looked at the camera as if she was
about to take them off. Many times this pose was struck without any removal
of panties, but not in this case. Slowly the model moved her panties down,
revealing her now bald pussy to Jena and the camera.

The shaving had happened a few weeks ago. Scarlett had just given Jena a
huge orgasm with her tongue. It was very far into a marathon session of
lovemaking so Scarlett didn’t bother moving up from her place between Jena’s
legs. Instead she lay there admiring Jena’s complete baldness. Jena had
seized the opportunity to ask Scarlett if she wanted to be just as bald and
the blonde had quickly agreed. Jena did the job the first time, but after
that Scarlett had done it herself on a regular basis.

“Turn around. I wanna get some shots of that sexy ass of yours.” Jena

Scarlett happily complied. She was damn proud of her soft round ass and she
knew that it would look great in Jena’s pictures. Her panties were still
only half way down the ass and Scarlett moved them down slowly as Jena fired
off click after click with the camera. Once the panties were pulled below
the ass, they were nothing but a nuisance. Scarlett steeped out of them and
threw them at Jena. The photographer caught them and took a short break in
her work while she sniffed them.

“Seems like someone is getting off on this.” Jena remarked as she recognised
the scent of Scarlett’s arousal in the panties.

Scarlett just giggled in answer and started to pose again, now completely
naked. Jena didn’t want to miss a thing and started her photographing again.
It seemed like Scarlett knew every pose. She moved around like a pro and
showed off her glorious nude body in every possible angle. Jena made sure to
also get Scarlett’s reflection in the mirror. That way more of Scarlett’s
body was visible in every shot. The last photo taken was one where Scarlett
held her arms on her hips and looked at the camera with a mischievous smile.
After that Jena ran out of film in the camera.

“Are you gonna take more? Scarlett asked.

“Some other time perhaps. Right now I want to do something else to that
naked body of yours.” Jena said as she put the camera away.

That sounded mighty good to Scarlett and she quickly joined Jena on the bed.
They met in an intense kiss. Their mutual lust had been building during the
entire shoot and now they could finally express that physically. Jena’s
hands were all over her girlfriend’s naked body. Scarlett tried to do some
touching back, but it wasn’t working very well with Jena still fully

“I want you naked.” Scarlett whined.

She did her whining in a very cute voice however. Jena had been fairly
professional as a photographer, but now she wanted to go back to being a
girlfriend. Eager to get things moving Jena pulled her t-shirt over her head
to reveal a white cotton bra underneath. The bra wasn’t very sexy so Jena
made sure to quickly remove that as well. As soon as she could Scarlett went
for Jena’s right nipple with her tongue.

Jena’s tits weren’t as big as Scarlett’s of course, but they were perfectly
proportionate to her body and Scarlett just loved to work them over. Of
course by now Scarlett loved to lick every single part of Jena, but the
breasts were something special. She had her tongue stretched out and licked
up and down over the right nipple, making Jena moan softly in delight.

The fact that the naked blonde now was licking her nipple didn’t make Jena
lose sight of her ambition to get naked as soon as possible. She unhooked
her jeans and pushed them down as far as she could which was about half way
down the thighs. Scarlett was perceptive and noticed that Jena was in the
process of undressing. Getting Jena undressed was an ambition they both
shared and Scarlett pushed Jena down on her back in the bed in order to get
that done.

Scarlett grabbed hold of the jeans and quickly pulled them all the way off,
leaving Jena in nothing but her panties. This was no time for waiting so
Scarlett grabbed hold of the panties as well and pulled them all the way
off. With both girls now stark naked Scarlett thought it was time for
another kiss. She got on top of Jena and initiated some serious kissing.
Their naked bodies pressed together and Jena took the opportunity to grab a
steady hold of Scarlett’s ass and to do some heavy fondling.

Both girls got lost in the kissing and fondling. The fact that they were in
an airplane high above the Atlantic didn’t matter at all for these two. All
that mattered was the sensation of the other’s body and the closeness they
shared. They rolled around so that Jena ended up on top, but they still
stayed together, kissing like there was no tomorrow. Scarlett copied what
Jena had done before and started to fondle her girlfriend’s ass. The kissing
ended when Jena felt it was time to breathe.

“So, you wanna join the mile high club?” Jena asked.

“Yeah. That was kinda the point. Flying is so boring if you don’t have
something fun to do.”

Jena moved won a little and started to slowly lick Scarlett’s nipples. All
that sexy posing had increased Jena’s lust for Scarlett to unprecedented
levels. She had actually harboured a fantasy for a few years to first take
pictures and then get to have sex with the model. Now, that fantasy had
finally come true and not with just any model. Jena had taken the photos
that any photographer in the world would sell their own soul for. That
picture with Scarlett and Keira seemed awfully tame compared to what Jena
just had got on film. Scarlett had been amazingly sexy, seen through the
lens of the camera. It wasn’t just that incredibly sexy body that had made
the pictures so good. It was that incredibly naughty smile that made these
photos so good. It was as if Scarlett had sent all her sexual energy through
the camera and to Jena.

“Mmmm. I love it when you lick my nipples sweetie.” Scarlett softly moaned.

“Oh, I know.” Jena said before quickly resuming her licking.

“You know, this was so fucking hot. I just loved posing for you.”

“So, you wanna do it again some time?” Jena asked.

“Yes sure, but not before I get to take your pics.”

“I think that can be arranged. Right now I’m just going to use my tongue on
this model body of yours.” Jena answered.

“Ok.” Scarlett simply answered.

Scarlett had showed plenty of times throughout their sex together that she
was no pillow-queen. Right now however she felt like just laying back and
enjoying what Jena had in store for her. Jena was a true expert on making a
woman feel good and not once had the brunette failed to deliver an
earth-shattering orgasm. Scarlett had also managed to make Jena come every
time they met, but it usually took a bit longer due to Scarlett’s not yet
perfect technique. Of course some times Jena made Scarlett wait for her
release, but that was always intentional.

This time seemed to be one of those when Jena intended to be slow. This was
perfectly alright with Scarlett. She was very worked up, but they had a lot
of time in the air and what better way to use it than with sex. Jena was
completely focused on the breasts right now. She massaged and kneaded them
and at the same time she licked the nipples. It was very soft and tender

Scarlett felt tempted to move her hand down and pleasure herself, but she
knew that whatever she herself could do would never compare to what Jena
could. Instead she let her hands gently rest on Jena’s shoulders. It wasn’t
a sexual touch. Scarlett simply loved to touch her girlfriend and feel her
soft, silky skin. It sounded like a L’Oreal commercial, but it was nothing
but the truth. Scarlett loved letting her hands roam all over her
girlfriend’s naked body.

Scarlett started to think about how she really felt like she was in heaven
right now. Jena’s soft touch felt truly angelic and Scarlett could easily
imagine herself floating on a cloud with Jena if she closed her eyes.
Scarlett chastised herself for thinking such silly fluffy thoughts, but she
really couldn’t help herself. All those failed relationships from before had
made Scarlett very weary when it came to letting her feelings control her,
but she just couldn’t stop thinking that she and Jena might really have a
future together.

They were getting closer and closer with every moment they spent together
and Scarlett was getting very comfortable about having a girlfriend. They
had connected quickly that first night together and that connection had only
grown stronger as the weeks went by. Scarlett already trusted Jena like she
had trusted none of her boyfriends. None of them would have been allowed to
take those photos, not even if they had been as good at taking photos as

Those musings were interrupted when Jena made a sudden growl. In an instant
she had changed from a sweet lovemaking angel to a horny, wild demon of
desire. Scarlett had observed this change several before times so she wasn’t
surprised. Jena could be very playful to say the least and now she had
decided to heat things up. The soft licking and touching of the breasts
changed to a much rougher treatment. Jena did some nibbling and heavy
touching of the breasts, but then she quickly moved down. The lusty demon
sniffed and took in the scent of arousal. Scarlett could almost see the fire
of raw passion burning in Jena’s eyes.

“Ohhh, please fuck me. I did all that posing just to get you horny like
this. I wanted you to be a crazy about me. Take me.” Scarlett whispered in
her sexy low voice.

Jena dove right in, going straight for the clitoris. Scarlett clutched the
bed sheets and made a loud moan in response to the sudden attack. Jena just
kept going and going, seemingly wild with lust. Her tongue was mostly on the
clit, but somehow she managed to stimulate other parts of Scarlett’s soaking
wet pussy as well. Scarlett could not quite decide which side of Jena she
liked the best, sweet and angelic or wild and lusty. The good thing was of
course that she didn’t have to decide. Both those sides’ were integral parts
of Jena and Scarlett got to know them both.

“Fuck, yes you wild beast. Fucking ravish me and make me yours.” Scarlett
moaned in encouragement.

Right now Jena was driven purely by raw sexual desire for this incredibly
sexy woman. Jena really wasn’t shallow, but she couldn’t stop admiring how
incredibly sexy Scarlett was when she posed. Seeing this world famous
superstar undress and pose just for her had been an incredible rush for
Jena. Scarlett obviously knew exactly how to be sexy for the camera. Jena
had admired that in many movies, but seeing Scarlett do that just for her
was much better. Right now Jena did everything to give Scarlett a reward for
her sexy posing. She employed all her skill and passion in her licking in
order to make the naked model come.

Scarlett could feel every little bit of that skill and passion as she
squirmed on the bed. Jena had provided excellent foreplay in her soft
licking of the breasts and that had made Scarlett more than ready to come.
She had hoped that they would be able to cram as much hot passionate sex as
possible into this weekend. Their weeks were usually very busy, but this
trip was all about having fun. Scarlett did nothing to hold back, her aim
was to have as many good orgasms as possible and she was hoping that the
first would come very soon.

It had never been as exciting to satisfy another woman as it was right now
for Jena. She was completely focused on what she was doing. Scarlett’s
constants moans were such sweet music to Jena’s ears and she desperately
wanted to hear that well known orgasmic scream from her girlfriend. The two
women held constant eye contact throughout the licking. Obviously Jena
couldn’t say much, but Scarlett kept heaping praise on her girlfriend’s
sexual prowess.

“You’re doing so good. So fucking good. You look so sexy licking me. I’m
getting soooo close.”

It wouldn’t be long now. Scarlett could feel it in her entire body. It had
been almost a week since they last had met and that was far too long for
Scarlett. Jena was still very fierce and passionate in her licking. She
clearly enjoyed what she was doing very much and that made it a lot easier
for Scarlett to relax and enjoy this. She knew that Jena would keep going
until the job was properly done. Scarlett felt how Jena initiated an intense
series of licks on her clit and that released the orgasm that had just been
waiting to happen.

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh” Scarlett screamed.

She held back somewhat due to the fact that they were on a small airplane,
but she couldn’t help letting out some noise. The orgasm was the release
Scarlett had needed. All her coherent thoughts completely disappeared for
the duration for the orgasm. The intense, pulsating feeling of orgasm was
all that filled her mind. Somehow the orgasm even surpassed the previous
ones Jena had given her. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe their exciting
foreplay. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was the feeling of pure
pleasure that inhabited every part of Scarlett’s being.

As soon as the orgasm was over Scarlett closed her eyes and rested
peacefully on the pillow. It had been a long week but this weekend was sure
to restore her lost energy. Right now however, she just felt like she needed
the rest. Scarlett could feel how Jena left the pussy and moved up. Jena
snuggled up closely and Scarlett started to gently caress Jena’s arm in

“That was a good start to the weekend huh?” Jena asked.

“Mhhmmmm.” Was all Scarlett managed in response.

It was a muttering of pure satisfaction. Jena knew because she had caused
many girls to sound like that. Scarlett seemed to be out of it for now, but
Jena didn’t mind. It was still hours before they would reach Paris and Jena
was happy to simply rest together with Scarlett. The two girlfriends
snuggled up close together as they waited for their energy to return.


“I don’t know. I haven’t thought about that.” Morena answered.

“Come on. Of course you have. Which women would you most like to have sex
with in the world?” Parker went on.

The two women were now fully dressed and sharing a pizza in Parker’s
kitchen. The two newfound lovers had taken a real long shower together with
plenty of touching. They had then dressed and went out for some dinner.
Parker often liked to eat something really unhealthy and filling right after
sex. It helped replenish spent energy. Right now they were getting to know
each other a little better. They had covered a wide variety of topics, but
somehow they had gravitated back toward sex. That was much due to Parker who
was really curious.

“Ok, I guess there is one woman that I’m kinda sad I missed.” Morena

“Spill it. Do I know her?”

“You saw Firefly, right? I’m thinking about Jewel Staite.”

“The sexy mechanic? That is a good choice.”

“Yeah. She is so cute and she is such a sweet person as well.”

“So how come nothing happened? I always get it on with my co-stars.” Parker
said with a content smile.

“She had a boyfriend and it was pretty serious. They even got married and
she is still with him.”

“Ahh. I see. So you didn’t even try?”

“No, she is obviously straight.” Morena answered; surprised that Parker
would suggest making a pass at a married girl.

“Baby, there is no such thing as a straight girl.” Parker explained.

“Oh really?” Morena asked not quite believing what she heard.
“No, there isn’t. Believe me. I have seduced women straight as an arrow and
made them beg for more. I have taught them what true pleasure is and made
them scream out my name. You won’t believe how many women I have made
renounce the power of the cock.”

Morena was a little bit shocked by Parker’s statements, but she did believe
them to be true. There was something about Parker’s confidence that made
what she said sound like the most natural thing in the world.

“So, you think I should seduce Jewel if I get the chance?”

“No I think you should create the chance and then seduce her. Where does she

“Vancouver and L.A.”

“Are the two of you good friends?”

“Yeah. We keep in touch all the time. I really like her.” Morena admitted.

A longing smile graced her lips as she thought about the sweet and lovely

“You really like her huh?” Parker asked as she noticed the smile.

“Yeah. I do. She is such a …a … .I don’t know what she is. She is so sweet,
yet strong. She is a ray of sunshine with a smile that can melt anything.”

“Wow. You got it bad. You really gotta seduce her soon.”

“She is married and quite happy.” Morena remarked glumly.

“Doesn’t matter. I don’t think her husband would mind if his wife suddenly
is open to threesomes.”

“I don’t want to be with him. I want Jewel.”

“You don’t have to be with him. Once you open her up the joy of lesbian love
she can bring any women she wants into their bed. If anything you would be
doing their marriage a favour.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Morena answered.

She didn’t really know if it made perfect sense, but it was enough to make
her not feel like a home wrecker if she was to seduce her friend.

“Of course it does. Now, you invite her over to New York and then you seduce

“It really is that simple to you isn’t it?” Morena asked.

“It really is. I seduced you now didn’t I?” Parker boasted.

“Except I was more than ready to be seduced.”

“That you were. It made things happen quicker, but I would have ultimately

“You know what? I actually believe that.” Morena laughed.

“Now, I’m kinda curious about what you said before. About you getting it on
with your co-stars?” Morena said, changing focus to Parker.

The older actress had a very guilty smile on her face as she answered.

“Yeah. It happens a lot. Whenever I work with a beautiful woman.” Parker

“I wanna know.” Morena said with her face lit up with curiosity.

“You want me to tell you about one of my encounters?”

“Yes, please.” Morena begged.

“Ok, but don’t blame me if you get all horny again.”

“I think I can handle some horniness. Maybe you can help me out if I get too
horny?” Morena said in a very flirtatious tone.

“Ohhh, I will help you out. That is a promise.” Parker answered.

“Ok, here we go. It was on the set of “The OH in Ohio” and we had just
finished shooting for the day.” Parker started.


“Are you sure we can pull this off?” Heather Graham asked Parker.

“Sure. This is going to work just fine. We are going to soon have ourselves
one hell of a sexy young lover. Mischa is going to be our happy little love
slave once we are done with her.” Parker promised.

The two were sitting together in Parker’s huge trailer on the set of “the OH
in Ohio.” Parker had invited Mischa over for some after work relaxing and
the young women had happily agreed. It all seemed perfectly innocent, but of
course the intentions were far from innocent. The two experienced actresses
had decided that this was going to be the day they got sexy, young Mischa
Barton to join their sexy fun. This was going to take some seduction and
convincing, but Parker had convinced Heather that they could get it done.

It hadn’t taken much for Parker and Heather to hook up once they started
working together. It wasn’t even really clear who had initiated it. They had
simply been sitting around talking in this very trailer and the subject of
lesbian love came very natural of course. This was due to the fact that
Heather played a woman that had sex with Parker’s character. They kept
talking about this very interesting subject and suddenly they had been
kissing. One thing led to another and soon enough they made sweet love
together. From there on they started to do it on a regular basis. Heather
didn’t have too much screen time so she wasn’t at the set so much, but they
still kept hooking up. Having each other was more than enough to satisfy
them, but as the days went by they started to more and more lust for their
young co-star.

“So I lead and you’ll follow Ok?” Parker said.

“Yeah, that is just fine.” Heather answered, still nervous about this whole

Heather had some lesbian love experience from before, but it was quite
limited. She had done some experimenting, but never found anyone to do it
with on a regular basis. She still liked it though and had been very happy
with finding Parker. Heather’s unused knowledge had quickly come back and
she had managed to more than satisfy the older actress in their lovemaking
sessions. Seducing a very young and, to their knowledge, straight girl
however, that was something that made Heather feel like she was in over her
head. She put all her trust in Parker and simply hoped that this would work.

Just then a soft knocking on the door was heard. Parker opened the door and
saw the very cute young brunette standing outside. She had the most adorable
smile on her lips and she seemed very happy to have been invited to the
trailer. She was dressed in a short jean skirt and small top that left very
little to the imagination. It was a hot California day so it was only
natural that Mischa would dress in very little. Parker then motioned for
Mischa to get in and closed the door behind her as she entered.

“Hey, just like mine.” Mischa commented as she entered.

“Yeah, it’s not exactly very personal.” Parker said.

“I didn’t even get a trailer.” Heather said with a faux pout on her lips.

“Poor you.” Parker said and placed a soothing kiss on Heather’s forehead.

Heather gave Parker an admonishing look for that display, but Mischa didn’t
seem to mind. She just let out a soft little giggle.

“Now, let’s see what we have to offer you guests.” Parker said as she
rummaged through her small fridge.

“Coke ok?” she asked her guests and got two affirmative answers.

Bottles were opened and the three women put them together in a toast for
nothing. They had already got to know each other a little so the
conversation went smoothly; mostly it circulated around the movie. That was
of course a subject that suited the seductresses just fine. The theme of the
movie was sex and more specifically the female orgasm. There really was no
better topic of conversation when the object was a lesbian seduction.

“I’m soo happy I haven’t got the same problem as Priscilla.” Parker said,
referring to her character.

“You mean about the orgasms?” Mischa wondered wide eyed.

She was surprised that Parker would be so candid, about something so

“Yeah. I don’t know how I would have been able to do without my orgasms.”

Mischa looked a bit shocked, but also very intrigued.

“Better be like my character and be a lesbian. Now that is a guaranteed way
to have an orgasm.” Heather said.

She hadn’t thought she would be able to say anything like that, but now it
just slipped. Again Mischa was a bit shocked and Parker gave an approving

“I mean no one really knows how to give a woman an orgasm except another
woman. There really is nothing that is as good as a skilled tongue working
your clit.” Heather went on, surprising even herself with her boldness.

No one, including Heather really knew if she spoke as her character or
herself, but that didn’t matter of course. Mischa was very much intrigued by
the direction this conversation was going in. She had come here expecting
some innocent bonding, but this was much more interesting. Mischa was no
stranger talking about sex with her friends of course, but she hardly knew
these women. That didn’t mean she disapproved, no she liked this topic very

“An experienced man is also a way to go.” Mischa said referring to her own
characters relationship with an older man.

“Perhaps, but I kinda think Heather’s suggestion sounds better.” Parker
said, eager to bring the conversation back to the topic of lesbian love.

“Well, the lesbian thing also works. I mean I have tried it twice.” Mischa

That was very much a layered sentence by Mischa. The meaning she wanted to
convey to the two older women was that she had that kind of experience as an
actress, which is what she had assumed they were talking about. The sentence
was true on another level as well however, since Mischa had actually been
intimate with her on screen lovers in real life. Fortunately Parker had the
determination to cut through all the vagueness.

“So, did those really give you an orgasm?” Parker said and put emphasis on
the word really.

Mischa’s young brain tried to quickly sort out the situation. Was Parker
asking if something really had happened? And if so was Mischa going to admit
that she really had made love with her on screen lovers. It seemed like a
very open and friendly atmosphere to reveal such a thing, but on the other
hand it might lead rumours. Mischa didn’t really know these women after all.

“Don’t worry sweetie. We won’t judge if you really had sex with a woman or
two. I mean that Olivia Wilde, she is smoking hot. I wouldn’t mind going
down on her.” Parker said, breaking the silence.

“Me, neither. And that other girl, Evan Rachel Wood. She is legal now so
that opens up a lot of opportunities.” Heather went on.

Two feelings clashed in Mischa’s overheating brain. The first was that it
was incredible that these two much more experienced actresses knew so much
about Mischa’s career. Parker didn’t seem like the type to watch the O.C and
Mischa thought for sure that Once and Again was long forgotten by now. She
quickly pushed those boring career related thoughts aside however. What was
far more interesting was of course the fact that both of the older women had
openly expressed their lesbian desires.

“I did make sweet love to both of them and it was so fucking good.” Mischa
said with a proud smile.

She looked at the two older women and they both had the same predatory smile
on their lips. Mischa was no rookie and she knew exactly what those smiles
meant. These two women wanted her. This was the last thing she had expected,
but there was no way she was going to leave.

“So, the two of you know how to pleasure a woman right?” Mischa asked.

“Ohhh, yes.” Parker boasted.

Heather simply nodded in response. The two older actresses were sitting on
different sides of Mischa on a couch, with Heather to the right and Parker
to the left. Mischa felt a little nervous about being in the middle, but
also excited about being surrounded by these two sexy older women. Heather
started to gently caress Mischa’s bare arm, but Parker was braver. She put
her finger under Mischa’s chin and guided her in for a kiss. At first their
lips met very softly and they simply tasted each other. The kiss quickly
heated up however and soon they were involved in some serious tongue

“Hey, I’m here too.” Heather said, when she thought the kiss had lasted to

“I won’t forget you.” Mischa said with a confident smile as she pulled away
from Parker.

“You better not.” Heather firmly stated.

Mischa and Heather then met in a kiss that also quickly evolved into some
serious making out. Parker had wanted this ever since she first was informed
that she would be in a movie with Mischa. She was such a delicate beauty and
Parker was very eager to see more of her slender body. The first step was to
remove Mischa’s left shoulder strap and Parker did so. No resistance was
offered so Parker reached over and removed the right strap as well.

“Are you trying to get me naked?” Mischa asked as the kiss with Heather

“Yeah. You have such a wonderful, slender body. I wanna see what you hide
under these skimpy little clothes.”

Mischa thought briefly about being offended by the comment about skimpy
clothes but quickly realised that would be pointless. These clothes would be
off soon anyway. Things had happened very quickly, but there was no doubt in
Mischa’s mind. Both of these women were very beautiful and most likely very
experienced and thus skilled. Things had started good with Parker removing
the straps and Mischa decided to get things moving, by removing her top. She
pulled it over her head and revealed a pink bra underneath. Parker started
to immediately place kisses on the bare skin. She started up by the shoulder
and then moved further down towards the still clothed breasts.

“We are going to make you feel so good, me and Parker. We have made love for
some time now and now we are going to bring you into our fun.” Heather
whispered in Mischa’s ear.

“Yessss. Make me feel good. I’m so ready.” Mischa answered.

“First I’m going to get this bra off and let Parker lick those firm little
tits you have. She has the most amazing tongue. You are going to like it so
much.” Heater went on whispering.

At the same time she reached behind Mischa’s back and unclasped the bra. The
promise Heather had given to sounded so damn good that that the young O.C
star removed the bra herself in order to give Parker complete access. It
didn’t take long before Mischa felt her left nipple getting thoroughly
licked by the older woman.

“It feels good doesn’t it? Parker’s tongue going back and forth over your
nipple?” Heather went on in Mischa’s ear.

“Uhhu.” Mischa breathed in response.

“I know it does. She has been all over my breasts so many times with that
tongue. She knows so much. I promise you little girl that Parker is the
going to be the best lover you ever had.”

Talking dirty had always been something Heather liked. Her initial
nervousness was completely gone now that Mischa had been successfully
seduced and now she let go of all her inhibitions. Every word from Heather
was the truth. She had no doubt about her own ability to satisfy a woman,
but she had to admit that Parker was even better. The orgasm Parker had
given was proof of that and Heather couldn’t wait to see Mischa enjoy that
kind of bliss.

“I love your tits. They are so perky and look absolutely delicious. I think
I’m going to lick your nipple just like Parker. Would you like that?”
Heather asked.

She did of course know the answer to that question, but she wanted to hear
it from coming from Mischa.


“Yes what? What do you want me to do?” Heather teased.

“Yes to licking and sucking my tits just like Parker is doing.” Mischa
answered in desperation.

Those wonderful words were enough for Heather and she decided to join the
action. At first she cupped Mischa’s right breast in her hand, feeling it.
Then she moved in and closed her mouth around the sensitive nipple.

“Mmm, yess. Lick my tits and make me feel good.” Mischa moaned.

The two older women did just that, licking and sucking the nipples of their
newly seduced friend. This was indeed a very nice situation, but not the
most comfortable one for the women who had to bend their heads down. Parker
decided to make a decision that would make them all more comfortable.

“Let’s move this party to the bed.” Parker suggested.

She then led the topless Mischa over to the bed and made her lay down. The
two older women stood for a moment just looking at the topless young girl on
the bed. They admired her firm young body with hungry eyes, but there was
one little problem.

“That skirt has to go.” Parker said firmly.

“I agree.” Heather answered and decided to do something about it. She got
onto the bed and started the process of removing it.

“Yes, get me naked.” Mischa moaned.

Heather moved quickly and was just about to pull the skirt off, when she got
additional instruction from Parker.

“Get her panties off as well. I wanna see her all naked.”

Heather really liked the idea and grabbed hold of the panties as well. Then
she did one swift movement and pulled it all off Mischa, leaving her
completely nude. Not a strand of hair could be seen on the now naked body
and that got a smile of approval from both the older women.

“Shaved, I like that.” Parker commented.

“Yeah, why bother with a bikini line when you just can take it all off.”
Mischa said.

Mischa’s bare pussy was glistening with wetness and that was certainly
nothing that escaped Parker.

“Looks like someone is a little bit wet.”

“Yessss. I’m so wet for you. You promised that I would get to feel so good,
now please do it. Lick me and make me feel good.” Mischa begged.

Parker did think that Mischa was behaving a little bratty, but she decided
to disregard that for now. This was clearly a girl in need and Parker didn’t
want to leave the poor thing hanging. Heather was already in position, but
Parker didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Fortunately there was a solution
that would benefit them all.

“What do you think Heather. Wanna double team this girl?” Parker asked.

“Sounds good.” Heather answered.

She did want the first taste however. She made one quick lap with her tongue
up Mischa’s delightful pussy.

“Mmmm. More. Lick me more.” Mischa begged.

Heather started a steady motion of moving her tongue up and down Mischa’s
pussy. She was quickly joined by Parker who went in with her tongue as well.
Mischa spread her legs as wide as she could in order to provide free access.
Heather had been doing a great job of her own, but now Parker was added to
the mix and Mischa got to enjoy both their efforts. This double attack from
experienced tongue’s soon had the youngest women well on her way to orgasm.

They gave Mischa’s increasingly wet pussy all their attention and let their
tongue’s move around to every sensitive spot. There was no grand plan,
instead they did just what they happened to feel like. Mischa wouldn’t have
been able to know which tongue was where if she hadn’t been looking
intently. They looked so sexy, fully focused on getting her off, but there
was one little problem for Mischa. The two older women were both still fully

“I wanna see you naked. You are both so beautiful and I want to see what you
really look like. No fair that it’s just me all naked.” Mischa complained.

“Ok, I suppose that would be fair.” Heather said and got up from her

Mischa looked intently at her, waiting for the sexy blonde to strip. Heather
wanted to get the undressing over with as soon as possible so that she could
return to licking. She pulled the shirt over her head and then quickly moved
on the get rid of the bra. It wasn’t the sexiest way to get naked, but it
did have to advantage of being quick.

“You look so good. I love your tits.” Mischa exclaimed.

Heather was very pleased by that compliment. She was very proud of her full
round tits and she was happy that Mischa liked them as well. Next were the
jeans, this was a bit more difficult since they were so tight. Fortunately
Mischa helped by out holding on to the jeans while Heather wriggled out of
them. She was now down to a pair of black panties that Mischa immediately
reached for. Heather indulged her young lover and moved close enough so that
she could grab the panties and pull them all the way off. Mischa felt like a
naughty girl today so she brought the panties to her face and sniffed them.

“I think someone is a little bit horny. Have you been thinking about this,
getting me all naked for the two of you to fuck?” Mischa asked.

Heather loved hearing those dirty words coming out of such a sweet girl as
Mischa and decided to respond in kind.

“Ohhh, yes. I’ve been thinking about it all day, seeing your sexy nubile
body all naked and then licking your sweet little pussy. I’m going to get
back to that, but first I’m going to deal with this naughty girl who is
still clothed.” Heather said, referring to Parker.

Parker had made no move to get undressed. Instead she had stayed focused on
making Mischa feel good. She made no move to stop doing that. Mischa was
conflicted. She did want Parker naked, but on the other hand she didn’t want
the older woman to stop licking. Fortunately Heather was there to solve the
problem. She moved in behind Parker and started to fiddle with the pants.
They were soon unbuttoned and Heather moved on to removing them completely.
She grabbed hold of both jeans and panties and pulled them down to the knee.
Parker wiggled her newly bared ass as an invitation for Heather. That proved
irresistible and Heather dragged her tongue one up and down Parker’s slit.

“Please I wanna feel both your tongues.” Mischa begged.

“Aren’t you a little brat?” Heather answered.

“Sorry.” Mischa said with a sheepish smile.

“I’ll let it slide this time, just because you are so sexy, but you are
going to have to thank us later.” Heather warned.

“Ohh, yes I promise. I’m going to be your willing little love slave if you
just make me come.”

“I’m going to hold you to that.” Parker chimed in before going back to the

Heather moved quickly and soon joined Parker. They were now side by side
licking Mischa’s juicy snatch. They had never worked together like this, but
they made it work. All their attention wasn’t on Mischa of course. Their
closeness made it easy to kiss and they did so a lot, letting their tongues
meet over the quivering pussy.

“You’re so fucking good at this. I’m going to thank you so fucking much
after this. You won’t believe what a sexy little slut I can be for you.”
Mischa promised.

There was no lack of motivation for Parker or Heather, but hearing such a
naughty promise from Mischa certainly helped things along even more. This
was exactly what they had hoped for when they decided to seduce the younger
woman. Turn her into the desperate and horny girl she now had become. Parker
had made some pretty bold promises on how good it would feel and now it was
time to deliver. She knew that Mischa would have some pretty high standards
since she had been with women before.

What she hadn’t done was getting licked by two women. The two experienced
tongues whirled around Mischa’s wet pussy, giving her a double dose of
pleasure like she had never felt before. Not only were they passionate and
determined, they also had skill and experience. Every little lick brought
Mischa closer and closer to release. She felt how the tension built up in
her petite body. The two sexy women seemed to have endless energy as they
licked away at Mischa. It had been too long without an orgasm for Mischa to
be able to hold back any longer. She simply let the orgasm take hold of her
and bring her to unprecedented levels of pleasure.


She worried slightly about how well insulated the trailer was, but quickly
put those thoughts to rest. Right now she didn’t care who heard. All that
mattered was what the two older women had done to her with their tongues.
Mischa wished she could tell the whole world how amazing it felt to feel the
touch of another woman, or to be more accurate, the touch of two other

“Fuuuuuuuuck that’s good.” Mischa moaned, this time controlling herself.

The orgasm was the kind that just kept going and going. Mischa could feel
her entire body pulsate as wave after wave of pure bliss rolled through. She
kept as still as possible, not wanting to disturb those licking her. On the
inside however she could feel the orgasm in every fibre of her being. Parker
and Heather just kept licking and licking, making sure that she got as much
pleasure as possible out of this. One last wave of pleasure came and went
before Mischa relaxed with a satisfied smile on her face.

Both women eventually stopped their licking and turned to each other for
some kissing instead. They sat up on the bed and made out with intense
desire. Heather had one little complaint however. It was the fact that
Parker was not naked. She didn’t ask, instead she simply grabbed hold of the
shirt and pulled it over Parker’s head. This was no time for slow undressing
so the bra quickly followed thanks to Heather. The only things left on
Parker’s body were pants and panties bundled around the knees. Even this was
too much for Heather. She pushed her friend down on the bed and removed
those as well.

“You could have just told me if you wanted me naked.” The newly nude woman

“I know, but this was more fun.” Heather answered with a naughty smile.

“I can accept that.” Parker said and gave Heather another kiss.

Parker then turned to the Mischa who still had a very satisfied smile on her

“I told you you’d like it.” Parker said with a cocky smile.

“Ohh I never doubted that.” Mischa answered, slightly out of breath.

“Good. No one should ever doubt me.”

“Is she this cocky all the time?” Mischa asked Heather.

Heather made a very distinct nod in response.

“Hey. You two would have had a lot less fun if it wasn’t for me. If you are
going to be like that maybe I should stop making love to women all
together.” Parker answered.

She didn’t mean it of course, but it was a threat that was sure to work.

“No, no. I’m sorry. I’m never going to call you cocky again.” Mischa said.

Parker just let out a hearty laugh in response. Mischa gave Parker a
relieved smile in response. She had suspected Parker was joking but couldn’t
be sure since the experienced actress had kept a completely straight face.

“Wanna kiss and make up?” Mischa said with her best puppy dog eyes.

“Yeah I do.” Parker said and moved in.

She and Mischa met in a slow and deep kiss. Parker was on top of the younger
girls and their naked bodies were pressed together as they mad out on the
bed. Heather was a bit left out, but she wasn’t forgotten. Parker took a
brief pause in the kissing to talk to her friend.

“Come here and join us, why don’t you?”

Truth to be told, Heather had been pretty happy about just watching the two
other women kiss. She wasn’t about to turn such an offer down however. She
moved in and made it into a hot and passionate three way kiss.


The two women had now moved out to Parker’s living room couch.

“You’re telling me the truth aren’t you. You really had a three way with
Mischa Barton and Heather Graham?” Morena asked, still a bit shocked.

“Ohh, yeah. And it was good. You know that was just the first time. We did
it several times more.”

“I don’t know what to say. I thought I had done some pretty crazy stuff, but
a three way in a trailer sure isn’t one of them.”

“You thought that was crazy?” Parker laughed.

“Yeah, sounds pretty wild to me.” Morena said.

“Not by a long shot the wildest thing I have done.”

“Oh no? You gotta tell me.”

“I could do that…….or we could do something else.”

As she said this Parker leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lover’s
lips. It had been some time since they had sex and hearing that story had
made renewed Morena’s lust. Hearing about all those other adventures would
have to wait. Right now all that mattered was Parker’s touch.


It was late in the Saturday afternoon when Scarlett and Jena left the
Louvre. They had spent their entire day there and still they had missed
things. It only took a very short walk before they reached their hotel. To
say it was luxurious was an understatement. It was well known as one of the
best hotels in Europe. Scarlett had stayed there a few times when she had
been in the city and now she had booked it again. Many famous people who
visited the city stayed in this very hotel and they prided themselves on
their discretion. This was the reason Scarlett felt perfectly comfortable
booking a room for her and Jena. It wasn’t just any room. It was a penthouse
suite with a view of the city. They entered the room and proceeded to
immediately collapse together on the bed.

It had been a long day filled with culture and walking. According to the
informal rules of tourism, no one was allowed to be a tourist in Paris
without visiting the Louvre. The two American women had more than filled
their quota. They had seen thousands of paintings and sculptures. Scarlett
had spent the day with books and brochures to guide them through the jungle
of art. Jena had taken a more casual approach and looked at whatever her
girlfriend wanted. It was obvious that Scarlett had done some studying in
advance and Jena had very much enjoyed the impromptu lectures. The only
disturbance had been that Scarlett had been recognised a few times. It
hadn’t been very problematic however; she had simply given autographs and
moved on.

“There’s just one thing that wasn’t good about this day.” Scarlett said and
turned to Jena.

“Oh yeah? What was that?”

“Not enough if this.” Scarlett said and moved in for a kiss.

For the first time in almost nine hours their lips met in a kiss. It was a
real bummer that there couldn’t be any kissing in public, but now that they
were in the safe confinement of the hotel room they could do whatever they
wanted. The kiss quickly turned into a full blown make out session. They
rolled around in the bed in a very promising way, until suddenly Scarlett
remembered something.

“Stop. We must stop now. If we go on, we won’t be able to stop.” Scarlett

“True, but why would we want to stop?” Jena answered and moved in, placing
small kisses on Scarlett’s neck.

Scarlett pondered that question for a while. Staying here in the room and
letting things take its course sounded mighty appealing. Still, this was a
trip and they were supposed to do things that they couldn’t do at home.

“I have made a very special dinner reservation and it is in a little more
than an hour. In that time we gotta shower, dress up and get there with

Jena stopped her kissing, curious as to what Scarlett was up to now.

“More surprises?” You really have planned this, haven’t you?” Jena stated.

“Yeah, did I plan too much? I don’t wanna be one of those people who just
drag people around and make them feel stressed. I mean we don’t have to go.”

“Relax.” Jena said and gave Scarlett a brief kiss.

“I think it’s sweet and incredibly romantic that you have planned all this
for me.” Jena went on.

Scarlett’s worried face quickly changed to a relieved smile.

“Now we gotta shower and get ready.”

“Yes, we can do that. Showering is good.” Jena said with an evil smile.

“No, no, no. We are going to shower alone. We won’t ever make it out of here
if we get naked together.” Scarlett stated.

Jena gave Scarlett a childish pout in return.

“Fine, but I shower first.” Jena said and bolted for the bathroom before
Scarlett could answer.

Scarlett made a sigh of relief as she eventually heard the shower start. It
had taken a whole lot of discipline to not let things go any further right
now. Scarlett had been hooked on Jena’s lovemaking ever since they met and
being without it was very hard on Scarlett. Still, she knew that she made
the right decision. Their reservation for dinner was at the Moulin Rouge and
it included a show. Scarlett knew that the shows could be quite sexy and she
was sure that this would translate to even better sex later in the evening
when they returned.

With Jena occupying the shower, Scarlett had nothing to do so she decided to
take a stroll in the hotel. Expensive artwork adorned the walls and now was
a perfect time to check it out. There were very few rooms and even fewer
guests on the top floor so Scarlett was confident that she would not be
bothered. She was just looking at an impressionist paining when a woman
stepped out of a room and walked down the corridor. Scarlett immediately
recognised the woman as Audrey Tautou. They had met a few times on formal
parties, but never exchanged more than a few words.

“Scarlett!” Audrey exclaimed.

“Audrey, bonjour.” Scarlett greeted.

“What brings you here?” Audrey asked

“I’m just a tourist. Here with a friend. You?”


“How come you’re here at a hotel. You don’t live here in the city?”

“We shoot a movie right nearby. We’re doing takes around the clock so they
let me stay here. Now about, you. Who’s your friend?”

Scarlett couldn’t help but blush and smile as her thoughts went to Jena.
Audrey immediately picked up on this.

“Let’s see. Two people, here in Paris of all cities. And that smile. You are
here with a lover aren’t you?”

“Yes I am!” Scarlett exclaimed with a happy smile.

“You have to forgive me for not keeping up with Hollywood gossip, but I’m
not up to speed on who you’re dating right now.”

“Ohh, you’d be surprised.” Scarlett said with a secretive smile.

“I don’t know what could surprise me. Is it an older man? Don’t tell me it’s
Woody Allen.”

Audrey had a shocked expression on her face as if she had just found out the
truth. Scarlett let out a not very elegant but heartfelt laugh.

“I can assure you it’s not Woody Allen.”

A relived smile spread across Audrey’s face. She didn’t want to pry about
this secret lover so she changed the subject.

“So, what have you been doing?”

“Today it was the Louvre.” Scarlett explained.

Audrey suddenly looked up and down the empty corridor and then she leaned in
and whispered in Scarlett’s ear.

“Don’t tell anyone, but I’m so tired of that place.”

Scarlett looked into Audrey’s face which had a completely serious look.
Then, after a few seconds, she burst out giggling and Scarlett quickly

“And tonight, what are your plans?” Audrey asked.

“I have a surprise. We are going to eat and then see a show at le Moulin

“Ahh, Moulin Rouge. I bet your boyfriend will like that.” Audrey said.

“Ehhh, yeah.”

Scarlett had hesitated. Keeping things secret was one thing, but letting
Audrey believe that she had a boyfriend didn’t feel good at all. Audrey had
picked up on the hesitation, but she mercifully moved.

“Look, I’ve got a scene to shoot soon, but I’m free after that. If you feel
like it the two of you can come knocking on my door. I can give you some
good ideas on what to do tomorrow. Don’t worry about the time; I’m going to
be up late studying the script.”

“Thanks, that’s very hospitable of you. I don’t know when the show ends, but
I think we will be back before midnight.”

“Ok, then. See you later.”

“See, you.” Scarlett said as Audrey quickly moved on and disappeared into
the elevator.

Just then Jena stepped out of the room, clad only in a towel.

“I’m all done in the shower…..but I can shower some more if you want some

Scarlett had a moment of weakness when she strongly considered taking Jena
up on her offer, but ultimately decided to be strong.

“No, we are going to a very special place and we can’t be late.” Scarlett
said as she entered the room.

“Ok, at least tell me were we are going if I’m not going to get any
lovemaking.” Jena demanded.

“It’s the Moulin Rouge.” Scarlett proudly proclaimed.

“Now that is a good surprise, now get in the shower so we can get there.”
Jena said with a happy smile.

“Ok, ok, I’m on my way” Scarlett said as she picked up what she needed for
her shower.

Jena hurried Scarlett on by giving her a smack on the ass. This made
Scarlett giggle and run into the bathroom. She started to undress and
suddenly felt like she was being watched. The door wasn’t completely closed
and there stood Jena, peeking with a horny smile on her lips.

“You just don’t give up do you? Ok you can join me in the shower, but no
naughty touching or we will be late.” Scarlett said in a stern voice.

“I solemnly swear.” Jena declared.

She then dropped her towel and moved into the shower with Scarlett.


Jena and Scarlett arrived at the Moulin Rouge half an hour late. They still
managed to get a table, but only because Scarlett used a combination of her
fame, money and womanly charm. The food was of course excellent and the
atmosphere very romantic. Scarlett realised that she hadn’t told Jena about
Audrey and brought it up.

“You’ll never guess who our neighbour on the hotel is. Audrey Tautou.”


“Yeah. She seems real nice. She invited us over when we come back. She was
willing to give us a few secrets on how to best enjoy Paris.”

“That is good, but you know there is something I might need to tell you.”
Jena said.

“What?” Scarlett asked.

“I kinda made out with her.” Jena almost whispered.

“You did WHAT!?”

The whole restaurant fell silent for a second, but people politely returned
to their conversations very quickly.

“Long time ago or a few years at least. We were at the same party in Cannes
and we flirted a little and made out in the ladies room.” Jena explained.

Scarlett quickly got over her shock. She did know that Jena had always been
a lesbian after all and that she had many girls in her past.

“So, what happened then?”

“Nothing, we would have hooked up, but our schedules were busy.” Jena
frankly admitted.

“I see.” Scarlett said in an extremely neutral tone.

“I’m sorry, but you know I have had many girls in my past.”

“Yeah, I do. I can’t blame you.”

“But, there is something else. What is it?”

“I feel so, you know, left out with you having had so many girls. I’ve just
been with you and Piper.”

“You have had boyfriends.”

“Yeah, big deal. Their combined efforts can’t compare to an evening with

“So, you wished you had as much experience as me, Is that it?” Jena asked.

Scarlett simply nodded in response.

“There is one thing…..” Jena said and trailed off.

“Yes?” Scarlett asked.

“Ok, promise to not be angry. This is just a suggestion and I won’t ever
mention it again if you say no OK?”

“Come on, come on. What is it?” Scarlett asked, anxious to know.

“We could you know, have a ménage a trois.” Jena suggested.

Scarlett sat completely silent. Jena immediately regretted suggesting this.
Threesomes were great, but Scarlett wasn’t the kind of girl that did thing
like that. Jena was just about to back-pedal all she could when Scarlett’s
shocked face lit up into a smile.

“I… think I ……would like that.” Scarlett said in a voice that was barely
above a whisper.

Jena was surprised to say the least when she heard Scarlett’s response. She
still knew that she had to tread lightly however.

“Are you sure? I mean it’s perfectly alright with me if we don’t do it.”

“You don’t want to do it?” Scarlett asked.

Now she was afraid that she had hurt Jena by agreeing so quickly.

“Ohh, I want it, but it’s not like I have to do it or anything.” Jena
quickly explained.

“Me too. We can do it. You know some time perhaps.”

This was followed by a moment of silence when they just looked at each
other, thinking about their decision.

“So, we can do it some time and we both want to.” Jena summed up.

“I think that is pretty much it.”

“So, our relationship survived the “should we have a threesome?” discussion.
That is good.”

Scarlett let out a small giggle. It was absurd really, but somehow logical.
Here they were in one of the most famous clubs in the world, deciding that
threesomes would be acceptable in their relationship. It was too strange to
fathom, but it made perfect sense. They were both very much sexually
liberated so why should they limit themselves? This was after all something
they were going to do together.

Jena on the other hand was not so much thinking about the whole threesome
thing as the fact that Scarlett had accepted. Jena had deliberately moved
slowly when it came to introducing new things in their sexual life. She had
done everything to avoid putting any pressure on her less-experienced
girlfriend. As much as Jena loved all kinds of sexual practices, like
threesomes, she valued her relationship with Scarlett much higher. Jena
didn’t want to lose that just because of one of her sexual desires

The conversation moved on to other less sexual topics, like the artwork they
had seen and what they were going to do tomorrow. Threesomes didn’t really
qualify as proper dinner conversation, but it was firmly lodged in the minds
of both women. Jena couldn’t help but think about all her previous partners
who might be interested. There were many sexy women to choose from. Scarlett
on the other hand only had one name on her mind and it was Audrey. Scarlett
had been thinking naughty thoughts about the French actress ever since they
met. She was very easy-going and friendly. Judging from what Jena said she
was also at least bi-sexual. Their meeting later would be the perfect
opportunity for some fun, something Scarlett really was looking forward to.


“I must ask you again. Are you sure about this? You know I’m ready for
anything, but are you?” Jena asked.

“Ohh, yes I’m ready. Whatever happens, I’m ready for it.” Scarlett assured
her girlfriend.

The two women were now back in their room. They had seen a sparkling
extravagant show, much appreciated by both of them. Seeing all those sexy
dancers had added to the arousal they both felt at the prospect of a
threesome. They quickly changed into more comfortable clothing and freshened
up a bit.

“I can’t wait to see her face when you reveal that I’m your girlfriend.”
Jena said with an evil smile.

“Me neither. Ready?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

With that the two actresses left their rooms and walked the short distance
down the corridor to Audrey’s room. A soft knock on the door and Audrey
opened. The smile on her face quickly changed into a stare of shock and

“Remember me?” Jena asked.

“Of course I do Jena. We met in Cannes now didn’t we?” Audrey responded,
having quickly regained her composure.

“Yeah, we did, it was fun.”

“Please come in.” Audrey said and made an inviting gesture.

Scarlett and Jena walked in and sat down in the armchairs that Audrey
pointed out. The room was not quite as big, but just as luxurious as the
American couple’s room. The host also sat down and scrutinised the two other
women closely.

“I bet you wonder if Jena really is the person that made me so happy.”
Scarlett asked.

Audrey nodded with a very curious smile on her face. That statement from
Scarlett in itself pretty much gave the secret away, but it became even more
obvious when Scarlett reached out and took Jena’s hand in hers.

“So, the two of you are really a couple?” Audrey asked.

“Ohh, yes. It has been a few months now. She swept me away from a boring
party and here I am now. And from what I have heard she swept you away from
a party as well.” Scarlett responded.

“That’s true, but she just swept me into the bathroom for some kissing.”

“Hey, what are parties for if not sweeping away sexy women.” Jena

“Very true.” Audrey said with a secretive smile.

“So, you do that a lot, sweep women away?” Jena inquired.

“Not as much as I wish to.” Audrey admitted in a very flirtatious tone.

The room was brimming with sexual tension. Looks filled with desire were
exchanged by the three beautiful women.

“If you really are together, why don’t you show me by kissing each other?”
Audrey suddenly suggested.

“So, you want to see us kiss? I think we can accomplish that.” Jena said
with a sly smile and moved over to sit down in Scarlett’s lap.

The two lovers then started to passionately make out in front of Audrey.
Their last kiss had been hours ago before dinner and now they injected all
that pent up energy into the kiss to make it even more hot and intense.
Audrey watched intently and really enjoyed what she saw. There was a fiery
passion in that kiss and just seeing it from a distance was enough to make
Audrey feel aroused.

This encounter with the American couple had been a welcome surprise for
Audrey. She had always been devoutly bi-sexual and proud of it. There were
so many things about the touch of a woman that a man could never achieve.
Audrey had learned this through plenty of experimentation through the years.
Her make-out in a restroom in Cannes with Jena had only been one of many

Running into the beautiful Scarlett had fuelled all kinds of desires within
Audrey, but she had certainly not expected any of those to be fulfilled.
Audrey had never even considered the possibility that Scarlett’s lover was a
woman, but this was obviously the case. The suggestion that the two of them
should make out had been a gamble, they could have become offended and left.
Fortunately that didn’t happen and now things looked very promising for some

“You know, Scarlett is a damn good kisser.” Jena said to Audrey.

Audrey raised her eyebrow into a questioning expression.

“Scarlett why don’t you show Audrey?” Jena then suggested.

Jena got up from Scarlett’s lap, giving her opportunity to approach Audrey.
They locked eyes and Scarlett silently asked for permission to move in.
Audrey held up her finger, beckoning the blonde American to come closer.
Scarlett placed herself in Audrey’s lap and let their lips meet in a kiss.
At first their lips merely touched. Then gradually the two strangers got
deeper and deeper into the kiss, trading saliva like mad.

The kiss ended and Audrey was just about to speak, when she was met by a
pair of lips she had once kissed before, Jena’s. There wasn’t enough room in
Audrey’s lap, so Jena had to stand up and lean down for the duration of the
kiss. As uncomfortable as that was, the kiss made up for all inconveniences.
It was just like they resumed that kiss from years ago. Jena ended the kiss,
leaving Audrey nearly breathless.

“I think you girls fit in just fine here in Europe, with our loose sexual
morals.” Audrey panted.

“If all French women are as beautiful and welcoming as you we might very
well stay.” Jena answered.

“I have a few friends who fit that description.” Audrey informed.

“Now, this chair is getting a bit small, don’t you think?” She then went on.

Jena took her girlfriends hand. Scarlett in turn grabbed Audrey and the
three of them went over to the bed. Scarlett turned to Jena for a kiss, but
she had other plans.

“Kiss Audrey. Make her feel good, just like you do to me.” Jena suggested.

Scarlett was surprised to be ordered around like this, but she didn’t resent
it. She had never before had any kind of threesome and was naturally
nervous. Still, she managed to quickly overcome her doubt, when Audrey’s
lips met hers for a second time. Audrey was an excellent kisser.

“I hope this is not going to cause any troubles between you.” Audrey said,
giving the younger women a chance to back out.

“No, problem. We have talked this through.” Jena said.

“That’s true. We are so ready for this.” Scarlett confirmed, before closing
the distance and starting another session of intense kissing.

“You two are so beautiful going at it like that. I want you to go all the
way for me. Let your urges take over and ravish each other for me to see.”
Jena demanded.

No answer came from the two kissing women; they simply went on doing what
they had been doing. Audrey made the first move to start any undressing when
she quickly unbuttoned Scarlett’s shirt all the way down. Pulling it away,
she revealed Scarlett’s red bra underneath. Jena went on talking from the

“Mmmm, good idea. See those beautiful breasts my girlfriend has? I fucking
love licking and sucking on those big sexy breasts. She’s got the best
fucking tits in the world, but only me and now you get to touch them. Isn’t
that good?”

“Ohh, they are beautiful alright.” Audrey said as she started to gently
touch Scarlett’s mounds through the material of the bra.

“You think, so? Then remove the bra and suck on her nipples. She loves
that.” Jena suggested.

“Mmmm yesssss. Do that.” Scarlett moaned.

Audrey reached around Scarlett’s back and unhooked the bra. Scarlett was
quick to help and got rid of it altogether, exposing her tits. Audrey didn’t
lose any time, she simply went for it. She took the right nipple into her
mouth and started to suck vigorously on the juicy treat. This sudden
sensation made Scarlett lay back on the bed so that she could better enjoy
it. Audrey followed, positioning herself perfectly lined up with Scarlett’s
world famous breasts.

This whole thing was almost too good to be true, without any effort at all
Audrey had managed to end up in a threesome with these world-famous and
super sexy women. She had hoped to hook up with Jena one day, and she had
certainly noticed how beautiful Scarlett was. This however was beyond what
Audrey could ever imagine. She had often felt sorry for Americans for being
so uptight about sex, but this certainly wasn’t the case for these two.

“You like that, didn’t you honey? Having your tits sucked and worshipped
like that?” Jena asked.

“O yes. It feel sooo good.” Scarlett answered and looked her at her

“It’s gonna feel better. Audrey, remove the pants and see if she’s wet. She
always gets wet and horny when I work her tits over.” Jena said.

Scarlett was surprised to hear Jena speak so freely about their sex life,
but realised that it made sense. Jena knew better than anyone how to satisfy
Scarlett and if she told Audrey about it, it would only result in even more
pleasure. This was definitely a good thing so Scarlett relaxed and let Jena
say whatever she wanted.

Audrey had done some final work on the breasts, but now she moved further
down in order to fulfill Jena’s wish. She moved quickly, unbuttoning,
unzipping and pulling down the pants. Audrey slowly dragged her finger over
the panty clad pussy. A small moan escaped Scarlett’s lips. She looked down
Audrey with pleading eyes, silently begging for more.

“I bet she’s wet. I whispered dirty words in her ears in the taxi. I wanted
to get her worked up and horny as hell for this.” Jena revealed.

“I know it worked, she is so ready for this. Aren’t you Scarlett?” Jena went
on, addressing her girlfriend.

“Uhu.” Scarlett moaned and nodded.

“But first I want you too help our sexy host to relax. Look at her, she is
so horny.” Jena said.

Scarlett and Jena both scrutinised Audrey who gave a very alluring smile in

“It’s time to show what I have taught you. Be a good lesbian and show Audrey
what you know.” Jena ordered.

This was exactly that Scarlett had longed to do. She wanted to prove to Jena
that she wasn’t the rookie she had been a few months ago. She had learned so
much and now she was going to put all that knowledge to use on the
incredibly sexy Audrey. With trembling hands Scarlett unbuttoned Audrey’s
shirt. It was removed with a joint effort. Scarlett moved in for a kiss and
she did it with such force that she ended up on top of Audrey on the bed.

With the two other women busy kissing Jena had the opportunity doing
something about her own, far too clothed state. She was very eager to get
naked, now that things were heating up. Shirt and jeans were quickly
discarded, but Jena decided to stop things there. It would feel so much
better if someone else removed the remaining clothes.

“Reach for that bra and make her topless.” Jena suggested to her girlfriend.

Scarlett shared Jena’s desire to see Audrey topless so she quickly obeyed
and unhooked the bra. Jena couldn’t stand to just watch anymore so she
joined the other two on the bed as the kiss ended. She quickly removed
Audrey’s bra and revealed the perky breasts and delicious- looking brown
nipples. Jena started to work on the left one and Scarlett quickly moved in
on the right one. The two girlfriends looked at each other as they licked
and sucked on Audrey’s breasts.

“Yes, that’s perfect. You do this so good.” Audrey moaned.

The two girlfriends were in perfect sync as they each worked a nipple.
Scarlett followed Jena and did exactly as the more experienced girl. She
could have done this on her own, but following Jena’s lead was much easier.
Jena had no problem doing more than one thing at once so she started to work
on Audrey’s pants. They were unbuttoned and unzipped. Audrey helped by
wiggling them down as far as she could. Jena wanted them all off so she
stopped her work on the nipple.

“You’re on your own now, sweetie, Make her feel good. I know you can do it.”
Jena said to her girlfriend.

She then moved down and took a steady hold of the pants, pulling them all
the way down. Jena was very focused right now so she didn’t wait long before
grabbing hold of the panties and pulling them off completely, leaving Audrey
completely naked. Jena took a moment to admire the sight in front of her.
Audrey was pale and slender, much like Jena. The difference was that she
kept a small patch of jet black hair above her pussy. It was a neatly
trimmed strip and wouldn’t get in the way. A naked Audrey was a beautiful
sight, but it got even better with a topless Scarlett licking the nipples.
The blonde had her sexy round ass in the air. It was a real shame to leave
such a sexy ass clothed and Jena decided to immediately do something about

“I’m gonna get you naked now. You’re too fucking sexy to ever wear any
clothing.” Jena said as she started to pull Scarlett’s panties off.

“I’ll be naked all the fucking time, if you just make me feel good.”
Scarlett groaned.

“Naughty girl.” Jena said and delivered a light smack to Scarlett’s now
exposed ass.

“Now, you’re both eager to come aren’t you?” Jena then asked her lovers.

They both said yes at the same time.

“Good then get in a 69 and I will watch.” Put on a good show for me.” Jena

Scarlett and Audrey quickly scrambled to obey. This solution would leave
them both satisfied and would also satisfy Jena’s voyeuristic leanings.
Both girls were already naked so getting started was quite easy. Scarlett
lay down on the bed and let Audrey take the top position. Neither girl
showed any hesitation; instead they both started licking the other’s pussy.

It was at moments like these that Jena wished that she was a cyborg with
photographic memory. Seeing Audrey Tautou and Scarlett Johansson locked in
an intense and passionate 69 was something no one had seen before and Jena
was very much delighted that she was the one who first got to see it. This
live show made it impossible just to watch. Jena sneaked her hand down into
her panties and inserted a finger into her now sopping wet pussy.

Scarlett had a firm grip on the ass as she let her tongue move up and down
Audrey’s pussy. They were just getting started and their licking was slow
and deliberate. This whole thing felt very arousing for Scarlett.
Homosexuality had never been seen as wrong or immoral in Scarlett’s
upbringing so there was no feeling of taboo back when she got together with
Jena. It had all felt very natural and just right. This however was
different. A threesome still held the allure of taboo for Scarlett and she
felt an extra thrill knowing that she did something that wasn’t quite
acceptable in the eyes of so many.

Audrey was too preoccupied with her licking to care about how anyone else
would judge her for participating in a lesbian ménage a trois. She did
however feel good about corrupting Americans with her hedonistic European
lifestyle. The only problem was of course that Scarlett and Jena seemed to
be pretty corrupted already. Jena really enjoyed the surprisingly good
licking Scarlett was giving. Audrey didn’t neglect satisfying Scarlett of
course. She pushed her tongue in between Scarlett’s swollen lips and
thoroughly explored the younger woman’s wet folds.

Jena no longer thought of a threesome as taboo, but she still enjoyed the
show. It really was a beautiful sight seeing Audrey’s sexy slender body
draped on top of Scarlett with both girls completely involved in bringing
the other off with their tongue. Jena had now moved on to fiercely penetrate
her own pussy with two fingers. Jena had ways of masturbating that would
make her last hours, but right now she was doing pure finger fucking. Her
fingers moved in and out of the pussy with squishing sounds, drawing the
attention of the girls in the 69.

“So you like watching us and fucking yourself? Keep that up. Watch me fuck
your girlfriend.” Audrey said in a brief pause in her licking.

Scarlett didn’t take any break in her licking, but she did take a good look
at her masturbating girlfriend. She had never seen Jena masturbate before;
it had always been the two of them pleasuring each other. Scarlett preferred
that, but seeing Jena do this was also pretty damn good. Jena had a look of
pure raw desire on her face and that look drove Scarlett crazy with lust.
She just knew that she had to something about that.

“Audrey, let’s fuck each other good and then we take on Jena.” Scarlett

“Sounds good.” Audrey agreed.

“You know I am calling the shots here, but that sounds too good to say no
too. Now get each other off.” Jena ordered.

This request was quickly followed by both girls increased their efforts to
bring the other off. Scarlett started to do some real deep penetrating of
Audrey’s delicious pussy. She wiggled her tongue and tried to do the licking
in a way that she knew from experience worked on Jena. Fortunately this
seemed to work on Audrey as well. She started to grind herself against
Scarlett’s face and started to spend more time with flicking her tongue back
and forth over Scarlett’s swollen clit.

“The two of you are so fucking sexy. Behaving like porn stars just for me.
Keep licking and get each other off.” Jena growled.

Neither of the women in the 69 had ever done anything even close to porn,
but how could they deny the similarity now that they had their tongues
deeply buried in each other’s pussies. They didn’t care though. All they
cared about was the intense pleasure they managed to give each other. The
fact that they made Jena so aroused only served to make things better.
Audrey even did some extra wiggling of her ass in order to entice her
audience of one.

The ass wiggling worked even better than expected. Jena felt so tempted by
Audrey’s smooth and sexy ass that she had to touch it. She moved in and
started to slowly massage the perfect buns. This also gave Jena a close view
of her girlfriend eating pussy. Scarlett was very much focused on her
licking, but she did acknowledge Jena’s presence with a suggestive look. It
seemed to say “You like what you see?” and Jena immediately answered.

“Baby, you look so fucking sexy eating pussy. It’s so good to see up close.”
Jena said.

“I love you touching my ass. Please keep it up.” Audrey begged.

Jena had momentarily stopped, but now she quickly started again. She did
some serious pawing and touching with her hands, but soon this wasn’t
enough. This ass was too good just to touch. Jena knew what had to be done.
She leaned down and placed one first soft kiss on the left bun. This was
quickly followed by a rainfall of kisses all over Audrey’s behind.

“Mmmm, oui. Kiss my ass, c’est tres bien.” Audrey moaned.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Help me get her off. Lick her sexy ass.” Scarlett

At the same time she grabbed hold of Audrey’s ass cheeks and pulled them
apart. Encouraged, Jena continued her oral exploration. She dragged her
tongue through the ass crack all the way down to the pussy. Her tongue met
Scarlet’s and they did some tongue fencing before Jena went back to the ass.
She started a rhythm of dragging her tongue back and forth in the crack,
making Audrey squirm in pleasure.

Having Jena this close was a good thing for Scarlett. Not only did she feel
safe and happy to have her girlfriend near. She also very much appreciated
Jena helping out pleasuring Audrey. Scarlett had never been licked both in
the ass and pussy at the same time, but she was sure it would feel great.
She hoped that there would be some time experience that later, once they had
got Audrey off. Another good thing about having Jena so close was that it
was incredibly sexy to see her lick another girl’s ass up close. Scarlett
knew from personal experience just how good at it Jena was.

Audrey was starting to feel the full effects of the double assault from the
girlfriends. She had done a few threesomes’ before, but this combination
turned out to be something extra. There was something about couples that
made them better than single girls. They were often very well coordinated
and Audrey loved the feeling of getting to share their intimacy. Scarlett
and Jena seemed like a real good couple and Audrey hoped that they would
outlast other Hollywood couples.

These thoughts were starting to become less coherent as the pleasure started
to take over. Scarlett had zeroed in on the clit with her tongue and Jena
kept flicking her tongue back and forth over her asshole in the most
delightful way. Audrey felt a familiar tingle in her midsection. This one
was going to be good, she could already tell that much. She kept licking at
Scarlett’s by now very wet pussy, but it was increasingly difficult to make
a concentrated effort.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm. So close.” Audrey moaned.

Hearing those words made the two girlfriends put in that last bit of effort
that was needed in order to bring Audrey off. Scarlett pushed as deep as she
could with her tongue and started to gently touch the clit with her tongue.
Jena kept up her licking back and forth over Audrey’s ass. Audrey suddenly
threw her head back and let the orgasm rip.

Ouuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!” She screamed in her native tongue as a surge of
intense pleasure took over her body.

Audrey felt overwhelmed by the intense sensations she felt throughout her
body. There was not room for a coherent thought, just the feeling of those
wonderful tongues’ on her private parts. The two girlfriends held on to her
throughout the orgasm, keeping her in place for additional licking. They
just kept going, prolonging the pleasure for Audrey. She felt the orgasm
pulsating throughout her body before it dissipated and left the sexy actress
spent, but happy on top of her lover.

Scarlett rolled Audrey off and sat up, meeting her in a fierce kiss. They
had been so close, yet separated and they made up for it now with both the
kissing and intense fondling. Scarlett had been treated to the sight of
Jena’s restrained breasts right above her for quite some time and now she
got to touch those firm mounds again. Scarlett was so enticed by the breasts
that she wanted to get access to them without the bra that Jena still was

“I wanna suck your tits, baby. You teased me so with having them right above

“Feel free. Get me naked and lick them.” Jena encouraged.

Scarlett was so horny that she didn’t even bother removing the bra, she just
yanked it up and attacked the nipples with her mouth. Hard sucking and
intense licking and sucking followed. Scarlett even surprised herself with
the ferocity of the attack, but she kept going. The sounds coming from Jena
indicated that she liked it very much. Jena got rid of the bra herself, but
Scarlett hardly noticed, she just kept going.

“You’re fucking wild. I love it.” Jena said.

Audrey was watching intently as Scarlett was ravishing her girlfriend’s
tits. It was a very erotic sight and Audrey was content to watch for now. No
doubt she would soon join, but she wanted to see exactly where this was
going. It seemed like Scarlett was more interested in Jena’s tits than her
own orgasm which had been postponed when the 69 ended. Audrey intended to
give Scarlett that orgasm some time, but right now it would only distract
her from Jena’s tits.

Now that she had got started Scarlett started to lust after the rest of
Jena’s body as well. Those panties had to go and Scarlett pushed her
girlfriend back on the bed so that she could pull them all the way off.
Scarlett pounced on Jena’s naked body and immediately buried her tongue deep
in the pussy. A few deep thrusts with the tongue had Jena writhing in
pleasure on the bed.

“Fuck, Scarlett you’re wild today. You like being watched don’t you. You
like putting on a show for Audrey, don’t you. She’s touching herself looking
at us did you know that.” Jena said.

Scarlett turned around briefly and saw that Jena was telling the truth.
Audrey had one finger going in and out of her pussy.

“No, no. No more selfishness. Come here and help me get Jena off.” Scarlett

“Oui.” Audrey responded and quickly moved over to the couple.

Scarlett had quickly gone back to her passionate licking of Jena’s pussy so
it was up to Audrey herself to decide what to do. The glistening mounds that
Scarlett had attacked so vigorously looked mighty inviting, but Audrey
decide to go for something else. She leaned down and started a kiss that
quickly grew in intensity. They pressed their mouths hard together, trying
to live out their intense desire in this one kiss.

All three women were on a level of extreme arousal by now. All signs of
apprehension and insecurity about the threesome were completely gone. They
had done things together that would blow the socks off anyone hearing about
it. They had found an opportunity to fulfill their sexual desires and they
were all going to make the most of it. Audrey always liked to stay up late
and somehow the jet lag worked in the Americans favour right now, so there
was no issue of tiredness. All three kept going with energy and dedication.

Jena felt herself simmering with pleasure as Scarlett plunged her tongue in
and out of the pussy. These last few months had made Scarlett pretty damn
good at the art of licking a pussy, but the effort she was giving right now
was better than ever before. She had an animalistic wildness about her that
translated into an intensity that Jena had never experienced before. The
lesbian within Scarlett was completely free. Not too long ago Scarlett had
never been with a woman, but that was impossible to tell by now.

Scarlett did love her present state of mind. Nothing mattered except
bringing her sexy girlfriend to an earth-shattering orgasm. Scarlett had
been quite close to coming herself when Audrey licked her, but that didn’t
matter too much right now. All that mattered was bringing Jena pleasure.
Besides, Scarlett knew that these two experienced lesbians would make her
feel very good if she just had some patience.

Audrey loved the intensity of the kiss, but decided to move on. She would
still satisfy Jena, but in a different way. She moved down, placing wet
kisses on the neck and chest until she reached the tits which Scarlett had
worshipped so vigorously before. She guessed that Jena’s breasts would be a
little tender from Scarlett’s wild treatment so she went for a more gentle
approach, flicking her tongue back and forth over the erect nipples.

Normally Jena could hold off her orgasm for hours and hours, in order to let
the pleasure build up and then explode in a big bang of pleasure. That
wasn’t needed right now however. The feeling of Scarlett’s deep probing
tongue and general wildness had brought Jena to a state that was just like
what she normally felt after a real long build-up. She was teetering on the
edge of extreme pleasure and knew that it would not take much to set her
off. What finally did it was when Scarlett placed her mouth around the clit
and pushed her tongue up against it.

the orgasm hit.

It took hold over her completely, making her writhe and squirm as in pure
bliss. There really was nothing like two other lovers giving pleasure and
Jena got to enjoy the full benefit of that as both her pussy and nipples got
stimulated throughout the orgasm. Jena felt immensely proud that she had
managed to make Scarlet this good at licking pussy. The entire world would
have wanted to be where Jena was, getting the best oral sex ever from none
other than Scarlett Johansson.

Far from being spent Jena sat up and was immediately met by her girlfriend
in a kiss. She could taste her own juices on Scarlett’s lips, and that only
served the make it even better. The thought of where those full, pouty lips
had just been made the kiss so much naughtier. That was of course a feeling
Jena loved. They got so lost in the kiss that they almost forgot about
Audrey, but only almost, because she made her presence felt when she started
to paw Scarlett’s tits from behind.

“Mmm. You want me to finish what I started before?” Audrey whispered in
Scarlett’s ear.

Scarlett didn’t break from the kiss, but she gave up a moan that could be
interpreted as a yes. Audrey went on with her massage of the impressive
mounds. She, like the rest of the world found them truly spectacular. They
were so full, yet completely natural. Audrey had never thought that she
would get to touch them, but here she was now. Jena extracted herself from
the kiss, giving Scarlett the opportunity to speak.

“Touch them just like that. I love it, having a girl feel me up like no guy
is ever going to get to do.” Scarlett said in a husky voice.

Scarlett leaned back into the embrace and could feel Audrey’s nipples
pressing into her back. Jena had a very horny look on her face as she
observed the two other girls. Scarlett gave her girlfriend a very happy
smile, which was quickly returned. They simply looked at each other for a
while, enjoying the closeness. The situation naturally led to another kiss
and they met in a lip-lock. The kiss was a kiss of closeness and intimacy.
Scarlett wanted to get off, badly, but on the other hand she didn’t want
this wonderful kissing to end.

“Fuck me with you fingers sweetie. Fuck me like I did to you that first
evening. I wanna keep kissing you just like this.” Scarlett begged between

“You got it. Just lean back a little.” Jena answered.

Scarlett leaned back further into Audrey’s embrace. She in turn braced
herself against a couple of pillows, giving them both a very comfortable
position that would allow all kinds of fun to happen. She looked into Jena’s
eyes, urging her to get started. Scarlett shivered slightly as she felt how
Jena slowly moved her hands closer and closer. Jena traced the outline of
Scarlett’s swollen nether lips and then suddenly she slipped one finger in.

“Mmmmmmhhhhhmmmm. That’s it. Give it to me!” Scarlett exclaimed.

“Ohh, I will, baby.” Jena promised before closing in for another kiss.

The intense heat from the kiss now combined with the sensation of Jena’s
finger slowly sliding in and out of the pussy. In addition to this Audrey
kept up her fondling of Scarlett’s breasts. All this combined to make
Scarlett feel like she was in heaven. She was completely surrounded by naked
female. Two incredibly sexy and experienced lovers who worked together to
give her pleasure. Scarlett had been close for quite some time, ever since
Audrey’s licking and now she felt how she quickly approached the edge again.

It was time to up the ante and Jena did so by adding another finger. She now
had two fingers slowly moving in and out of Scarlett’s wet pussy. Jena
didn’t need to see what she was doing. She had it all in her fingers. She
didn’t just do some simple in and out movement. She wiggled and moved her
fingers in order to give maximum pleasure. Her thumb came in frequent
contact with the swollen clit, giving her girlfriend extra jolts of

Two fingers were not all that Scarlett could take, but it was quite
sufficient to steadily move her closer to release. It wasn’t so much the
number of fingers as the skill that did it. Jena knew exactly what she was
doing and every little touch served to prove that. Scarlett had surprised
herself when she had postponed her own orgasm. Usually there was no stopping
her when she had come so close, but this time her lust for Jena had
overwhelmed her. Scarlett was reaping the reward for that good deed now, as
the two other women steadily brought her closer.

Audrey couldn’t help feeling a little left out as the girlfriends made out.
She quickly decided to put those negative feelings aside however. She
decided to simply be happy that she got to share their love like this.
Audrey had no idea if they knew it yet, but it was quite obvious they loved
each other. It was all in the way they touched and kissed each other. Audrey
knew love when she saw it and was very happy to see it up close like this.

It was clear now that Scarlett wouldn’t last much longer. She felt her body
prepare for what was about to come. Jena had picked up pace now, quickly
thrusting her fingers in and out. Scarlett started to pant heavily, making
the kissing somewhat erratic. Audrey had started to place kisses on
Scarlett’s neck and this little gesture felt incredible for Scarlett in the
state she was in. Every little touch the other two did felt electric. Jena
suddenly added a third finger and at about the same time Audrey started to
do some light pinching of the nipples. This was what gave Scarlett her well
deserved orgasm.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHMMP” Scarlett moaned into Jena’s mouth.

The sound might have been muffled, but that was definitely not the case with
the orgasm. It was loud and clear as it rushed through Scarlett. Her pussy
clamped down hard on Jena’s fingers as if trying to keep those fingers there
forever. Scarlett couldn’t keep her body still. She stretched out her body,
but was held in place by the other two. The feeling of two warm, naked
bodies pressed against hers made Scarlett feel completely enveloped in love
and lust as she lived through her umpteenth orgasm with Jena.

Eventually Scarlett relaxed and the three girls untangled. They did however
manage to end up close together with Scarlett in the middle. She turned
first to Jena and then to Audrey, giving them each a thank you kiss. They in
turn let their hands slowly caress all over Scarlett’s naked body. They both
had a very light touch that was almost ticklish. Scarlett liked it though.
The desire she could sense in that touch told her that much more was to come
from this night.


It was now Monday afternoon and they were back on the plane, flying high
above the Atlantic. They had spent the Sunday visiting various interesting
parts of Paris. Audrey had been their guide and showed them her very own
favourite spots. As interesting as that had been, the evening had been even
better. They had retreated to Scarlett and Jena’s room after dinner and
there thing had naturally progressed in to a very long session of hot,
steamy sex. The three of them had tried pretty much every possible position
and combination and that had resulted in countless orgasms for all of them.
It had all ended when they all fell asleep together on the huge bed.

The Monday had been spent with Scarlett doing some last minute shopping in
the fashion district and Jena reluctantly tagging along. It had only been
when Scarlett promised to buy some more lingerie that Jena got interested.
They had gone through something that could be found in almost any formulaic
comedy. Scarlett tried on a lot of different outfits and Jena made her
judgements. It was exactly the kind of thing that could be cut together to a
montage of different outfits and expressions. This wasn’t a comedy where a
thing like that took mere seconds. This was real life and the whole thing
took several hours. They had time for one last meal in Paris before they had
to get on the plane for their trip home.

“So…. What did you think? You liked this trip?” Scarlett asked.

“You know I did.” Jena answered and gave Scarlett a quick kiss.

“I’m so glad. I’ve never done anything like this for anyone before so I was
kinda nervous about it.”

“No need to be nervous around me.”

“Ohh it is. I have to be nervous around you, because I really, really like
you and I don’t want to screw up.” Scarlett said firmly.

“That’s so sweet of you.” Jena said and initiated another kiss, this one
lasting more than a minute of intense passion.

They pulled away from the kiss and had a moment of comfortable silence when
they did nothing but look deep into each other’s eyes. The moment lasted for
what seemed like an eternity before Jena had a sudden realisation.

“I have something for you.” Jena said and went over to her bag.

She started to rummage through it until she found what she was looking for.
It was the package that she had carried all the way from New York. She had
intended to give it to Scarlett in Paris, but so much had happened and it
had been forgotten. Jena found it and handed it over to Scarlett.

“For me?”

“Yeah, I wanted to give you something.”

“You don’t have to give me anything.”

“I know, but I want to.”

Scarlett fired off a bright smile and started to unwrap the gift. She found
a small cardboard box and opened that as well. She then looked down at the

“It’s no trip to Paris I know…” Jena said.

For the first time Scarlett heard insecurity and vulnerability in Jena’s

“It’s us.” Scarlett said as she looked at the framed photo.

“Yeah. It’s from a few weeks ago, when we went over to Parker’s.” Jena

“I know.” Scarlett answered.

Scarlett remembered it very well. They had woken up together on a Sunday
after their fifth date. After a brunch they decided to take a walk together
and somehow they had ended up at Parker’s place. She had happily invited
them in and apparently she had managed to snap a photo as well. It showed a
kiss where Jena had her arms wrapped around Scarlett’s waist from behind.
Scarlett had turned her head to the side and met Jena in a kiss. It had been
a brief kiss, but here it was now captured in time.

“I understand if you can’t have it out and all, it’s just I thought it was
good. Parker took it with her digital camera and sent it over to me. I
wanted to keep it so I did this and…are you crying?” Jena said.

Scarlett’s eyes had started to well up in tears.

“It’s beautiful. It’s so sweet of you.” Scarlett said before she pounced on
Jena and attacked her with a kiss.

They both got lost in the kiss, their most emotional kiss yet. Jena had been
well aware that a framed photo was a significant step in a relationship, at
least it would be considered big by Scarlett. She had been afraid it was one
step too far, but apparently that wasn’t the case. The kiss went on with
some serious fondling and it didn’t end until they were both in need of

“I…that was…I think I…..you know I….” Scarlett uttered.

“What?” Jena asked, boiling over from curiosity.

“Jena, I think I kinda love you.”

Jena sat for a moment in stunned silence. This time it was Scarlett who
agonized that she had taken one step too far. Jena quickly put those fears
to rest however. They were almost spent from kissing, but this moment just
had to be celebrated with a kiss. She moved in and gave a quick, but intense
kiss before she spoke.

“Scarlett, I think I love you too.”

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