A Stratusfied Seduction

A Stratusfied Seduction

By: badass12345

Trish Stratus had just walked out of the shower. She stared in the mirror satisfied with her body. Her large round breasts perked out. She gently rubbed her fingers over the landing strip leading to her warm cunt. To say she had a great body was an understatement. Trish then turned to her bag behind her and bent down to pick out an outfit. She would be on her way soon to an autograph signing and always liked to look sexy to her fans.

After selecting a tight pair of leather pants and a white tank top she left the locker room and headed to her vehicle. On her
way to the autograph signing Trish decided to remove her bra. She grabbed her can of diet coke and rubbed it over her nipples, hardening them. The feel of the icy cold beverage made her feel warm between her thighs, but she had to somehow control her urge. She was almost there.

Trish went through the line of guys signing anything put in front of her. She loved the way the guys noticed her voluptious cleavage and couldn’t wait to release herself from all the sexual tension it brought her. She saw the line dwindling and knew it would be over soon.

Trish signed the last autograph and the security guard blocked off her table. Trish collected her things and got up to leave. As she walked to her car she noticed a small boy, about thirteen running at her. She stopped and the boy nearly ran into her.

“Can I help you?”, Trish asked. “What’s your name?”

“Billy”, the boy replied. “I missed the autograph signing and was curious if you wouldn’t mind.”

Trish grabbed the Diva magazine and signed it. Billy reached for it and his hand brushed against Trish’s breast. A sinister thought ran through her mind.

“Billy, we’re are your parents?”

“Oh I just live a few blocks away. I can make it home fine”, he said.

“How would you like to do something before you go?” Trish asked.


Trish nodded and led the boy back toward the building. They passed the security guard and he told her that the building was locked up, and to make sure to secure it when they exit.

Trish grabbed Billy’s hand and led him to the autograph table. The red silk cloth had been removed and Trish set Billy up on the table.

“Have you ever masturbated before Billy?”

“Only once”, was his reply.

Trish grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast. Instantly the boy begin to harden. Trish noticed the erection in his shorts and began to rub it through the thin fabric.

“Mmmm” Trish moaned. “Billy I would like to see if your old enough to become a man. Would you like that?”

“I don’t know”, he said.

Trish continued to rub his hand over her breasts.

“You can see these, if you want.”

The boy quickly agreed.

Trish slowly pulled down Billy’s shorts and underwear and his five inch boner sprang free. Trish was surprised and excited. She had fucked grown men with five inch cocks, and never knew a child could have one this size.

Trish knelt to her knees and began to massage Billy’s hard cock. She stuck out her tongue and slowly licked the head of it. Excited, she pulled her shirt above her breasts and began to stroke her nipples. She took Billy’s whole cock into her mouth and slowly sucked it. As she massaged her massive melons, she used her other hand to gently massage her clit.

Billy leaned back taking in this experience. He had gotten numerous hard ons before, but never knew they could be this good.

Trish moaned through her cock filled mouth. She felt Billy’s cock stiffen on her tongue. He then shot stream upon stream of cum into her mouth and Trish took it down like a vaccuum. Trish brought her mouth off of Billy’s manhood and wiped the dripping cum off of her chin. She placed it on her tongue and then swallowed it like a good girl.

“Tasty”, she grinned.

Trish looked down and noticed Billy was still hard. She had never had a man this young, and was always used to men going limp after the first time. She decided to take advantage of this. Trish stood up and pulled her leather pants off. She laid Billy back on the table and climbed on top of him. Trish turned her back to Billy so he could have a full view of her ass.

Trish slowly slid Billy into her moist cunt. The young lad just lay there wondering what would come next. He watched as Trish’s ass slowly rose and sank in front of him. As she rode his cock, she vibrated her fingers on her hard clit.

“Oh yes”, she screamed. “Fuck my cunt, Billy.”

Billy on instinct, began to hump wildly, meeting her motions. Trish’s cunt muscles tightened and rippled around his hard cock. Her speed increased as she reached climax. Trish’s juices seeped down the hard rod of flesh and sent Billy into his second orgasm. Trish moaned as she took load after load of man juice. What seemed like five minutes passed before Billy finally finished.

Trish then slid her pussy off of Billy and turned to face him. To his surprise she leaned down and kissed him. Not knowing what to do, he let her control it. Trish then leaned down to his ear.

“I hope you enjoyed the autograph session, and I had a pleasure meeting you.”

Trish stood and slowly pulled her pants on. Billy just stared at her breasts as they bounced fitting into the tight leather jeans. Trish slid her tank top back over her heaving chest. Seeing Billy just lay there, Trish slid his shorts back on. As she brought them up, she paused and kissed his cock head one last time. Trish covered his manhood and gave him another tonguing in his mouth.

The two walked out of the building and Trish watched Billy walk toward his home, holding his magazine, before finally getting back into her car and heading out of town.

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