A Suprise To Torrie, Dawn, Trish, Stacy And Me

Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler & Stephanie McMahon were out of their heads and went to the closest pub, which was a gay one.

A Suprise to Torrie, Dawn, Trish, Stacy & Me

Part 1

I’m a Pole Dancer and I usually get all the women going when I’m on stage but last night was the shock of a lifetime.

My music hit and I knew it was time for me to go out and get the women going, when I waltzed to the front of the stage and saw 5 beautiful women sitting firmly in there seats, I carried on dancing as women began to rise to their feet and I saw all 5 women
move slowly, as I felt my penis harden aswell, me wearing a mens’ thong it must have shown through as the 5 women got to their feet.

I carried on my dance rubbing against the poles, but I had to stop when a drunk Stephanie McMahon jumped on the stage. She crawled right to my feet looked up at me and smiled, Hey Sexy she whispered in a low voice only for me to hear, Stephanie got up to my waist and began to flick my bullbag holding my hard penis,

I felt a tingle everytime she did it, then the crowd began a chant of ” Unleash the beast, Unleash the beast, Unleash the beast ”

Stephanie not wanting to look stupid in front of her friends took the chant on yanking my thong down to revel a 7 inch penis to Stephanie’s excitment she took all 7″ down her throat. She was a pro as I spurted my warm seed down her throat to her stomach.

Stephanie let my penis go and began to play with her own breasts as Torrie, Dawn, Trish & Stacy looked on in amazement at their boss putting on a damn good show for the crowd.

Torrie urged Dwan. Trish & Stacy to jump on the stage and follow her as the got to Stephanie and dragged her off the stage pushed her up the steps and out the door.

Torrie was talking to the girls about how good it was in there as Stephanie brought up the idea of going back to her place to ‘ finsh off an excellent night ‘



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