A THORN In Her Side [Shape Stalks Pt. 2]

A THORN in her side

by Wild Thing

This story is a follow up to my first story The Shape Stalks about the super talented and beautiful Danielle Harris of Halloween 4 5, The Last Boyscout, and Urban Legend among other things.

The young officer had found Danielle naked and dazed walking the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah. She seemed completely shaken by something and he had helped her into his squad car, and in her eyes this young cop was an older deputy for the Haddonfield Police Department. And she was calling herself Jamie Lloyd, the name of her character from Halloween 4 5. The officer could
tell she was confused as he drove her to the Salt Lake City station house. He entered with her and told the commanding officer how he had found her and that she was very confused when he had found her. The commander asked him if she may need the psychiatrist to examine her, he said yes.

The psychiatrist entered the station about a half hour later, “So where is this mystery girl?”.

“Hey Mike, she’s in the back room, we gave her a change of clothes, and she’s been resting,” said the commander. Mike then walked toward the back with the commander and looked through the glass door. He saw the fetchingly beautiful Danielle laying on the couch sleeping and asked, “What’s the story so far?” “One of my officers found her walking down the street naked,” said the commander. Mike looked back through the glass at her, “Naked huh.”

“Yep, sure was and he said she was very confused and didn’t know where she was”

“How did she respond when he told her where she was?”

“He said she acted as though he had said another place entirely”

“I see…”

“Then he asked her what her name was and she said it was Lloyd, Jamie Lloyd. Now I checked, and there is no one by name living here.”

“Perhaps she’s from out of town.”

“Maybe, but I can’t help it, I recognize her face from somewhere.”

“I can’t place it, but one thing is strange about all this.”

“What’s that?”

“This girl thinks she’s somewhere else, or she is very very confused.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because she thought young Officer Riley was an older officer and called him Deputy Logan, and she thought I was a Sheriff and called me Sheriff Meeker.”

“Well, lets see what she thinks of me, then I’ll give you my professional opinion”

The commander opened the door and walked up to Danielle gently waking her, she awoke and wiped her eyes. “Hey Jamie, the doctor is here to see you,” he said pointing toward the still opened door Mike was standing in. Danielle looked to where he was pointing and her eyes seemed filled with joy and relief. “Doctor Loomis!”, she said running over and hugging Mike. Mike stood there with a shocked look on his face as she embraced him. She pushed away then suddenly and asked, “Is Michael still coming for me?” He looked at her very confused himself and started to say something but the commander stopped him and said, “Mike, I need talk to you outside.” Mike looked at the commander still confused and followed him out.

“Mike, I think I know who she is now, all these names have come together.”

“Well, enlighten me?”

“I think she’s an actress, I think if she is this actress then she played this character in a couple of the horror films…. Halloween.”

“And how do you know this?”

“OK, there was a Sheriff named Meeker, a Doctor named Loomis, and the killer’s name was Michael Myers. They filmed quite a few of those films here”

“Yeah, I saw a few of those films, so she has lost sight of reality. She thinks these things that happened in the films are happening in reality”

“So, how are you gonna help her?”

“I’m gonna try hypnosis”

“Does that shit really work?”

“Very much so, but the person has to agree to it totally or be completely unaware of what is being attempted”

“OK, it’s your thing, go do it”

Mike turned and walked back into the room with Danielle. “Jamie, do you trust me?”, he asked.

She turned to him with a smile and said, “Of course I trust you Doctor Loomis, if it weren’t for you I would have died at the hands of my uncle many times.” Mike thought about the statement and then remembered her character in the movie fully, she played the niece of the killer. He smiled, cause he felt he had finally figured out the world she was living in right now. “Good, now Jamie I want to try something to help you, will you let me?” he asked. Danielle smiled and said, “I trust you with my life Doctor, anything you want to try is fine with me.”

Meanwhile the commander had returned to the front desk. Suddenly in walked a seemingly distraught older women presumably in her late 40’s. She approached the front desk and the commander and asked, “Excuse me officer, but can you tell me if you know of the whereabouts of my daughter, she was at a convention and just disappeared. And no one can tell me if they know were she is?”.

The commander looked up at her and replied, “Please ma’am, have a seat and calm down, I’ll check and see.” The woman sat down and waited impatiently as the commander looked through the records, “Well ma’am, we’ve had 3 young ladies brought in tonight, one was drunk, the other had been a little beaten up, and the last one was found walking around naked. So ma’am, I need to know your name and your daughters name to see if one of these girls is your daughter?”, he said calmly. She arose from her seat and walked back over to the desk and said, “My name is Fran Harris, and my daughter’s name is Danielle.” “OK ma’am, I’m gonna need verification, can I see some ID?” he said and she reached into her purse and pulled out her ID. He looked it over and handed it back to her saying, “Sorry about that Mrs. Harris, just had to make sure.” “I understand totally,” she said smiling slightly with a still very worried look on her face. “So Mrs. Harris, how old is your daughter Danielle?”, he asked. “She’s 23, and she has medium length black hair with shades of brown in it and brown eyes,” she explained. His curiosity was now buzzing, wondering if this woman was the mother of the girl in the back room, he had to ask one more question, “May I ask what your daughter does for a living?” “Sure, she’s an actress,” Fran said. The commander decided to go check on the progress of the ‘hypnosis’ session and told Fran to have a seat and wait a moment and he would return soon.

He walked into the back room and saw Danielle staring blankly forward, “Is she under?”.

“Yes, she went under easier then I would have expected”

“Well, have you asked her anything yet?”

“No, I haven’t, why?”

“Cause there’s a woman out her looking for her daughter, she said she disappeared earlier and hasn’t been seen since”

“Did she tell you her daughter’s name?”

“Yes, she did, now can ask her what her name is and she’ll tell you?”

“Yes, she deeply enough under that she’ll answer all questions from her subconscious, and the subconscious doesn’t lie”

“So, get to asking her who she really is, so I tell this woman if her daughter is all right or not”

“OK fine,” Mike said turning back toward Danielle. “Is your name really Jamie Lloyd?”

“No, it’s not”

“What is your name then”

“Danielle, Danielle Harris”

The commander then tapped Mike on the shoulder, “Ask her what she does for a living?”.

“OK…. Danielle, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m an actress”

“And the name Jamie Lloyd that you have been using, is that the name of any of the characters you have played?”


“In what films?”

“Halloween 4 and Halloween 5”

The commander pulled on Mike’s arm and pulled him out the door. “What the hell are you doing?”, Mike asked. “That woman over there is her mother, now you get in there and try and straighten her head out and find out what happened, I’m gonna tell her mother that she’s here,” the commander said with authority. Mike looked at him and then at Fran, who was still sitting on the sofa waiting, “OK, tell her, but make sure she knows she can’t see her just yet.” “You got it,” the commander said walking over to Fran. Mike then walked back into the room and asked Danielle to tell him what had happened in the last 4 hours or so before the officer had found her. She told him about the Fangoria Convention and the scary fan she had met there. Then she told him about the man dressed like Michael Myers and how he attacked her and then everything went black. She told him that when she awoke she was in the old Myers house used in Halloween 5 and that the man had chased her until she climbed down the garbage/laundry shoot just like in Halloween 5. He could see now how all this could have made her lose track of reality. Then she mentioned a butcher knife made of some sort of crystal that shined in her eyes. He then told Danielle to stop talking for a minute.

He sat in the chair before her and thought about all that she had told him so far, he realized that someone had scared her out of her wits and then when her fear was at the max used the crystal knife to hypnotize her. This was the most amazing case he had ever had, and had to find out more. Mainly the reasoning, why?

He turned back to Danielle and asked her what happened after she had gone into a trance. She told him that the man pulled her out of the shoot, sat her in a chair and then left. He was about to ask her what happened next, but she continued before he could. She said the fan who had harassed her at the convention then came in dressed in a black trenchcoat and hat. She told him that the fan took off the trenchcoat and hat, and was completely naked underneath. She told him how the woman told her to call her Mistress Whitney and had her take off all her clothes. Then used her as a sextoy, Mike couldn’t believe what he was hearing. And what he was about to hear was going to shock him even more. She told him how the man dressed as Myers returned and slashed Whitney’s throat and then continued to stab her to death. Then she said he turned toward her and just stood there looking at her, and just walked away. Then she was awakened by a snap of a branch outside, saw the carnage before her, and ran frightened out into the streets.

Mike then stood up and walked to the door and called for the commander. The commander walked over to him and asked, “Well, what happened?”

“She told me something frightening, and I have to be sure this really happened or if it was all an elaborate game played on Danielle”

“So, what was it all about?”

“Do you know the house that was used for the Myers house in Halloween 5?”

“Yeah, sure, I know the place”

“Have one of your officers go over there right away and check in the basement”

“OK, you got it”

Fran then stood up and walked over to Mike, “How is my daughter?”

“She’s been though quite an ordeal, but I think she’s gonna be fine”

“Can I see her?”

“No, not right now, I’m sorry there are a few more things we need to work out first”

“But, I need to see my daughter”

“I’m sorry Miss, but please go back over and have a seat, it won’t be long I promise”

“OK, but I want to see her soon”

She then returned to her seat and Mike turned back toward the door and went in.

He sat down before the still entranced Danielle and admired her beauty, she was even more beautiful in a trance. Then he finally spoke, “Danielle, I’m gonna snap my fingers in a moment and you are gonna wake up. You will remember that you are Danielle Harris and you will remember everything about the attack by the guy in the Myers suit all the way up to the time when you fell down the shoot. You will not remember anything after that until you were awakened, and then you did not see the body and you were not naked. You will remember that you ran to the nearest police officer you could find and he brought you her. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said.

With that he snapped his fingers and clarity returned to her eyes, she looked at him and smiled. “Hey, I really appreciate all the help that the police and you have given to me,” she said smiling.

“I’m just glad your all right, Danielle”

“Thanks to you and these wonderful men in uniform”

“Was that a crack on them or were you complimenting them?”

“A little bit of both I guess,” she smiled again.

“Well, your Mom is worried sick outside for you”

“Oh, I guess I’d better get out there and let her know I’m OK”

Then she got up and opened the door.

Fran saw Danielle come out and they both ran to embrace each other. “Oh Dani are you all right?”, Fran asked. Danielle pulled away and said, “Yeah Mom, I’m fine.”

“What happened? Why did you disappear from the convention?”

“It’s a long story, Mom”

Mike stood by the front desk and watched the happily reunited mother and her daughter with a bit of a smile on his face. Then the commander came up to Mike and said, “Mike, why did want you send the officer to the place used for the Myers house?”.

“Why? What did they find there?”

“They found a naked, possibly 22 year old, girl that had been stabbed to death there in the basement”

“Shit, was her throat slashed too?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Danielle was there, they hypnotized her and that girl was playing with her like a sex toy”

“Does Danielle know who killed her?”

“No, all she could tell me was that it was just some guy in a Michael Myers costume”

“Seems he took his role too far”

“I know, I was hoping it was just a game someone was playing with Danielle”

“It was… a very dangerous game”

“Yeah, I guess it was…”

The commander walked up to Danielle and told that there was still some paperwork they had to do before she could go. She agreed that it was all right, and he lead her back to the room again, “I’ll be right back with the paperwork, OK.” “OK, hey what’s your name?”, she asked curiously. He turned back to her before walking out of the room saying, “Jack.” She smiled as she watched him walk out. Jack walked up to Mike and said, “At last, this little nightmare is almost over.” Mike grinned, “Not for you, even after she’s out of here, you’re still gonna have paperwork.” “Very funny, asshole,” Jack said. Suddenly the sound of glass shattering could be heard from the back room, followed by what sounded like Danielle screaming! “What the fuck was that!” Jack said as they both ran to back room and opened the door to see that the back window had been busted out and Danielle was gone!

Danielle awoke, but immediately found that she could not move her head or body as she was tied down to a steel table. And she was unable to close her eyes because there was some sort of leather strap pulling her skin on her forehead. Then the table was suddenly moved, on a roller of some kind, into an upright position. “Your finally awake, I’m glad to see that,” said a man in a long black robe. Behind him were five other people in black robes, three were male and two were female. “Who are you and what are you doing to me?”, Danielle asked upset. The main man at the front of the group moved closer, right in front of Danielle’s face, “You have been chosen to become one of us…”

“One of you, what are you talking about?”

“We are a cult, you were captured earlier by a member of our cult named Whitney, but unfortunately she tried to pleasure herself and had to be taken out of the equation”

“I don’t understand, who is Whitney?”

“Oh, now I see, the good doctor made you forget that little tidbit huh? Well, do you remember the fan that scared you so bad at the convention?”

“Yes, why? What happened?

“Well, lets just say that that little bitch tried to have you all to herself, and now she’s dead”

“Dead? Why are you doing this?”

“Because, as I said before, we want you to join the cult of THORN”

“Cult of THORN? That was just part of the Halloween films…”

“Oh no my dear, it is very much a reality, and now we want a powerful new ally. One with her own connections in Hollywood”

“Your out of your mind, I’ll never join your sick and sadistic cult!”

“Oh yes you will, because you are already one of our own”

“Fuck you, you can go to hell”

“I might do just that, but one thing is for sure, you’re coming with me”

Meanwhile back at the station, “Mike, you can’t go out there by yourself!” said Jack.

He looked back right into Jack’s eyes, “I have to, she is my responsibility and I’m gonna find her!”. He then grabbed a 9MM Beretta out of the station weapon rack and headed out the front door.

The man in the robe raised up the crystal butcher knife to Danielle’s eyes, “Do you remember this?”

“No,” she said but with the strap across her head she was unable to turn away or close her eyes.

“Sure you do, this is what makes you one of us. Look at it, Danielle. Look at the way the light reflects off it into your eyes. The more the light flickers into your eyes, the more the darkness of the cult clouds your mind.”

“No! No! You cannot control me!”

“Yes, I can, Danielle. The light reflecting into your eyes, into your eyes, into your eyes. Your will is becoming weak as the light shines deeper and deeper into your eyes, into your eyes, into your eyes. You will become one of us, you will become the newest and most powerful member of THORN as the crystal drains your will and the light reflects into your eyes, into your eyes, into your eyes. Say you will become one of us…”

“I…. I… I… willll…, NOOOOoooo!”

“Yes, your will is strong, that is why you will be our most powerful ally. But the crystal is draining your will, making you ours…”

“I…. I… will … will… becom… Nooooo!”

“Your very strong, I like that, I love being able to control that kind of power … and you have ultimate power! But you are one of us, say you will become one of us…”

“I will become … become … one of… NOOoo!”

“The light is still reflecting into your eyes my dear, making you weaker and weaker. You will become a member of THORN, say it…”

“I will become a member of… Noooo!”

“Damn… I admire that intensity. But nevertheless you will be mine. You are becoming nothing right now but an obedient slave, you will say that you will become a member of THORN”

“………I will become a member of THORN”

“YEEESSSS… you will become the newest and most powerful member of THORN, say it…”

“…..I will become the newest and most powerful member of THORN”

“Right now you are nothing but a slave…”

“I am nothing but a slave”

“You serve THORN and all that it is”

“I serve THORN and all that it is”

“I am the leader of THORN, that means I am your Master”

“You are the leader of THORN… You are my Master”

“Very good my dear, now to mold that little mind of yours into something more evil…”

Suddenly a click could be heard from behind the table, and Mike came out from behind it with the Beretta pointing at the leader and said, “I don’t think so … now back up!”.

“You really think you, one man … is a match for us?”, the leader said in a cocky tone.

“Maybe not by himself, but with me I think he stands a great chance,” said Jack coming though one of the doors out of the darkness with a shotgun in hand. Jack pushed the rest of the members of THORN over next to the leader. “Hold them back, Jack,” Mike said untying Danielle and pulling the leather strap off her head. She just stood swaying in place and staring forward. Mike raised his finger before her eyes and told her to watch it, slowly her eyes did begin to follow it. The leader stepped forward and yelled, “Stop that, leave her alone.” Mike turned and placed the front of the Beretta to his head and said, “I’m gonna blow your fucking brains all over that wall if you interrupt me again, got that!” The leader backed away and Mike returned his attention to Danielle. “Watch my finger, Danielle. As it goes back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth,” he said waving his finger before Danielle’s vacant slow moving eyes. After a while he asked, “Danielle, will you listen to me?”. “Yes,” she said in monotone. He looked happy to have broken though the cults trance and said, “Everything that about the cult, you hate, you despise everything about them.” “Yes, I hate the cult, I despise them,” she stated in monotone.

He smiled and continued, “When I snap my fingers, you will remember everything that the cult has attempted to do to you and everything I have done to stop it. Do you understand?” Still staring forward she said, “Yes, I understand.” With that Mike snapped his fingers and clarity returned to Danielle’s eyes. She looked at the cult leader with a hateful look and clinched to the arm of Mike.

“Now, me, Jack, and Danielle are gonna walk out of here. You guys if you know what’s good for you, you won’t try to follow,” Mike said still pointing the gun to the leader’s head. The leader looked a Mike with a smirk and said, “You really think it’s gonna be that easy.” Just then out of the darkened door behind Jack came the features of the Michael Myers mask and a butcher knife then raised stabbing him in the shoulder! Jack screamed in pain and turned firing into the mysterious assailant with the shotgun into the chest. The rest of the group moved forward to attack the fallen Jack. Mike shot one of them as they advanced and then the leader moved in to attack Mike from behind. Suddenly he screamed in agony before reaching Mike, Mike turned defensively to see the leader fall to the floor with the crystal butcher knife stabbed into his back. Mike looked up to see an intense looking Danielle standing over the leader’s fallen body. He walked over and embraced her as tears started to swell up in her eyes. “I had to, he was going after you,” she said. He held her tight and comforted her. Meanwhile Jack reloaded his shotgun and pointed it toward the four remaining members of the cult. Then suddenly the point of a butcher knife came though Jack’s chest and he screamed as his shotgun flew out of his hands and across the floor. The shotgun slid in front of the four members of the cult and one went to reach for it and Mike shot him in the head. Then he turned in horror as he saw Jack lifted into the air with ease by someone in a Michael mask! Apparently it was the same person that Jack had shot in the chest after being stabbed earlier, cause he had a huge smoking spot on the chest of his coveralls. Mike could do nothing but watch helplessly as Jack’s lifeless body slid off the knife to the floor. Danielle was in tears watching this and Mike handed her his pistol and he reached down and picked up the shotgun. The last male member of the cult tried to get the shotgun from him, but Mike smashed him in the head with it first!

The guy in the Myers suit slowly walked toward Danielle, Mike started to raise the shotgun to protect her but the two female cult members grabbed him trying to get the gun away from him! Danielle watched terrified as The Shape move closer and closer to her, she raised the Beretta! Still coming, “Michael stop … please… Michael!” He stopped and tilted his head slowly from left and right, but then continued toward her! She was still holding the Beretta up and fired once, twice, three times into his chest! He stopped fell to his knees and then on his back. She sighed in relief and then realized that Mike was still struggling with the two girls. She pointed the gun and fired a shot that hit one of the girls in the breast! She fired another shot and it hit Mike in the shoulder and then went though the throat of the last female cult member! “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shoot you,” she said to Mike as he held his shoulder. He hugged her with a little bit of pain on his face and said, “I know you didn’t, don’t worry about it.”

Then they started to walk away from the carnage that had just ensued, when suddenly The Shape rose up again! Mike turned and pointed the shotgun, “Fuck you!! There’s only room for one Mike in her life … that means your out!”. Then he fired right into the head of The Shape, his head exploded into little tiny pieces and the rest of the body fell to floor with a thud. Mike sighed and said, “Lets see you rise up from that, you son of a bitch.” Danielle looked at Mike and smiled saying, “Now lets get outta here.” “I’m with you, let’s go,” he said as the walked through the doorway into the darkness. They walked out of the dilapidated house and into the street as the sun began to come out. “The sun… I never thought I’d be so happy to see it,” Danielle said.

He turned to her kissing her gently on the mouth, “You stick with me and I’ll make sure we see a lot of sunsets together.” She put her arm around him and they walked off down the street together.

The End

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