A TRL Quickie

WARNING: The following Story is Fictional. Nothing that happens in this story really took place. If you are under the age of 18, you’re reading naughty stories and should stop now. If you’re a bigoted idiot who dislikes lesbians, get some therapy before reading this story. This isn’t meant to reflect honestly on Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, or Avril Lavigne. What does that mean? It means that cute celebrity women don’t have sex with each other – but if they wanted to, they certainly have my permission! Enjoy the story.

A TRL Quickie


Part 1:

Ordinary Day

I certainly didn’t see THIS coming,” Vanessa Carlton said as she looked about the small confines of the elevator. The non-moving elevator. The completely stopped and trapped between floors elevator that held her and two other girls trapped where they were.

“The guys on the emergency phone said that it’d be about forty to forty-five minutes before they get us out,” Michelle Branch said, slumping to the floor next to the control panel. Vanessa sighed. It looked like it would be a rather long wait.

“You’d think the elevators in the freakin’ MTV building would be better built,” Avril Lavigne muttered. Vanessa shrugged towards the third girl trapped in the small box, but said nothing.

It had been called a mini meeting of the Next Wave – a nickname no one took credit for when it came to describing the new wave of female singer/songwriters who’d been taking over the airwaves on Pop radio. Vanessa Carlton. Michelle Branch. Avril Lavigne. Three young, talented women who wrote their own songs, played their own instruments, and avoided the ultra skimpy clothes the last round of female Pop Stars swore by. They were all quite different from Britney Spears and her ilk, but did that mean they’d survive the backlash that was Popular Culture?

Certainly not if they never got out of the elevator.

Someone had come up with the brilliant idea of getting the three girls to show up together for a taping of Total Request Live. All three had agreed, and for the actual taping, which had wrapped up a mere twenty minutes ago, they’d all had a ton of fun. There’d been no Carson Daily this day – only the three girls as they counted down the top ten most requested videos of the day – and of course, each of them had managed to get one video on the countdown.

Too bad the viewers couldn’t vote them out of the elevator.

“Damn, it’s getting hot in here,” Avril muttered. Vanessa agreed. She wore a simple, but silky black dress that covered a lot more skin than it needed to. Long sleeves that ended just past her elbows, very little neckline, and a hemline than ended well below her knees. She wore a white sweater over it, with just hints of red as high lights. The fabric hugged her B-cup breasts, and showed off more ass than Vanessa had first thought, but that didn’t mean she didn’t like it. Her raven-black hair was coiffed up in a mildly fancy twist that gave her just a bit more sense of exoticness. By far, she was the most glamorous of the trio.

Michelle had opted for the simplistic look. A simple gray and pale green T-shirt that looked more than a little worn in was paired with blue jeans. Her dark locks were just resting there in a loose ponytail behind her head, as she tried to look relaxed and comfortable. Vanessa had never known Michelle to look anything BUT comfortable, and she almost envied her friend’s choice in wardrobe.

Avril, on the other hand, looked just a bit like a punk. She wore a white tank top – one of her favorite top obviously, because she almost always seemed to be wearing one. VERY loose khaki pants covered her legs, and a man’s tie – loosely tied together halfway between Avril’s neck and her breasts – completed the outfit. Her dirty-brown hair simply fell from her head, ending about her shoulders and not entirely behaving itself – much like Avril herself.

“You’d think they’d be working harder at getting us out,” Michelle said. “I mean, aren’t we important enough to warrant something like that – all three of us together, I mean?”

Vanessa Smiled. That was just like Michelle – prideful enough to consider herself a star, but humble enough to include the others in her assumptions of importance. Vanessa really admired Michelle.

Truth be told, Vanessa occasionally wondered just how deep her feelings for Michelle ran. Vanessa had first met Michelle months ago at some music business party of some sort, and the two had become fast friends. They had ever had a sleep over on Michelle’s tour bus one night. Vanessa treasured her friendship with Michelle, but whenever the two parted, Vanessa couldn’t help but feel like a part of her was missing.

Vanessa had considered coming out of the closet as a lesbian for a while now, but hadn’t for the simple reason that she wasn’t sure if she was or not. She certainly found the female form attractive, and even got twinges of lust at some of the more revealing outfits girls like Britney Spears of Christina Aguilera wore. But, then again, romantic feelings for her had always centered on boys, and as such she always figured she’d end up with a boy for the rest of her life.

That is, until she met Michelle, who had quietly stolen her heart. Michelle was as heterosexual as they came – she was always commenting on men’s butts and such. Vanessa was positive that Michelle didn’t feel the same way about her that she did about Michelle, but that wasn’t enough to stop her heart from feeling what it felt.

Avril, on the other hand, had been on the music scene for the least amount of time, and as such, Vanessa had only recently met her. Their first encounter, actually, had happened in a bathroom, when Vanessa entered to see a pair of men’s pants and a tie dumped on the floor in a stall. Thinking a man was using the ladies room, Vanessa had complained – until Avril had exited, her face covered in a wicked smile that Vanessa would forever remember.

Vanessa would also forever remember the feeling of Avril’s breast in her hand. Avril had come up to Vanessa with a vengeance, taken her hand, and placed it under Avril’s shirt, directly on her left breast.

“Feel that?” Avril said, simply. “I’m a girl. Don’t forget it.”

Vanessa never had. Avril had haunted Vanessa’s more erotic dreams for weeks, and now Vanessa was sure that she’d be more than willing to experiment with Avril in any way at all.

“Well,” Michelle said suddenly, breaking Vanessa out of her reverie. “We have to do something to pass the time. Any ideas?”

“We could work on a song together,” Vanessa suggested.

“No way,” Avril said. “Our labels would go ape-shit if we did something like that without their permission.”

“Well, then,” Vanessa said, “Why don’t you come up with an idea?”

“Fine then,” Avril said, sitting up straight. Vanessa’s heart leapt a bit as she saw Avril’s nipples stretch a bit at her tank top. Avril sat there for a few seconds before suddenly smiling.

“All right, girls,” Avril said. “We’ve got some time. Let’s play Truth or Dare.”

Part 2:

Sweet Misery

Michelle Brach blinked heavily as Avril made her suggestion. A rather large trickle of sweat seemed to be lodge in the small of Michelle’s back, and the heat in the small elevator car seemed to climb another five degrees in the handful of heartbeats since Avril had spoken.

Michelle knew at once what Vanessa’s answer would be. All prime, and proper, Vanessa would turn down the suggestion at once. The fragile beauty that was Vanessa Carlton did not stoop to such commoner fun as Truth or Dare.

Michelle turned to Vanessa, who looked over at her for a few seconds, then, surprisingly, nodded her ascent.

“All right,” Vanessa said, looking back at Avril. “Let’s play.”

Michelle felt her eyes go wide, but quickly looked away before either girl could notice. It wasn’t that she herself had wanted to play the game, but rather what she feared Vanessa and Avril would learn from the game.

“Cool,” Avril said, moving so the three girls formed a circle in the tight chambers of the car. “I’ll start.”

“Why do you get to start?” Michelle asked. Avril was always taking control like that – something that Michelle found both admirable and a real pain in the ass.

“Because I’m the one with the most exciting ideas,” Avril said. “Besides, if the two of you start, all we’ll get are questions like ‘when was the first time you ever wrote a song in the bathroom,’ or ‘how old were you when you saw your first guitar pick,'” Avril grumbled.

“What’s wrong with those questions?” Vanessa asked.

Avril rolled her eyes. “See what I mean,” she said to Michelle. Turning back to Vanessa, she continued. “You don’t play Truth or Dare to learn about each other’s musical habits. You play truth or dare to either learn about another person’s sex life, or see if you can get them naked before the end of the game.

“Which reminds me,” Avril said, looking both other girls in the eye. Michelle suddenly got a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. “If you choose truth, and then refuse to answer, you have to take off one piece of clothing. If you choose dare, and then don’t do the dare, you have to take off THREE pieces of clothing.”

“Are you even wearing three pieces of clothing?” Michelle asked, looking Avril up and down.

“Hell yes,” Avril said, pointing towards her socks and shoes. “Hell, I may skip the first dare or so just to get out of the heat.”

“What if you’re naked and you still don’t want to answer a question or do a dare?” Vanessa asked. Michelle looked at the raven-haired girl with open shock on her face. She couldn’t imagine Vanessa playing the game long enough for anyone to even get halfway undressed.

Avril thought for a moment, then smiled. “You have to leave an article of clothing off when the car finally gets moving,” she said.

“WHAT?” Michelle and Vanessa shouted at once.

“You heard me,” Avril said. “What’s the point if you’re willing to be naked, and then skip all the tough questions or dares?”

Michelle was about to make a comment when the emergency phone next to her rang suddenly. Vanessa nearly jumped out of her skin, but Michelle simply reached over and grabbed the phone. Maybe she’d be able to get out of here before Avril had her being rescued in the nude.

“Miss Branch?” the voice on the other end asked.

“Yes?” Michelle asked.

“I’m afraid it’s going to be a bit longer than we expected. The power’s out all across this section of town, and the emergency crews are stretched a little thin. You three are in no immediate danger, so you’ll have to wait. I’m sorry.”

Michelle felt the walls around her sink in a bit more.

“All right. Let us know when you’re coming to get us.”

“All right, miss Branch. Goodbye.”

“Bye,” Michelle said, hanging up. The other two were looking at her expectantly.

“Well?” Avril asked.

“We’re going to be here for quite some time,” she answered. “The power’s gone out all over town. We’re low priority.”

“Oh no,” Vanessa whispered.

“Cool,” Avril said, smiling. “Than means the game can go on longer.”

Michelle groaned inwardly.

“Okay, okay, enough moping around,” Avril said, looking at Michelle. “Let’s play. Michelle, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” Michelle answered begrudgingly. She figured she might as well play along – after all, it could be a long time before any help arrived.

“How old were you when you first had sex?” Avril asked.

Michelle felt her eyes go wide. “Are you serious?” she asked.

“Either answer the question, or loose an article of clothing,” Avril said, smiling.

Michelle sighed, allowing her head to drop back on her shoulders. What the hell…

“Sixteen,” Michelle said. “I was sixteen years old, and it was with my second boyfriend.”

“Hah, gotcha beat,” Avril said, smiling. “Your turn.”

“Okay, okay,” said Michelle. It hadn’t been that bad. “Vanessa, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” Vanessa said a second or two later. Michelle thought for a second, then decided she’d just go with Avril’s lead.

“How old were you when you first had sex?”

“Pass,” Vanessa said at once.

“Aw, c’mon!” Avril said. “You can tell us.”

“No,” Vanessa said, her voice becoming a bit more “prim and proper” as she spoke. “That’s personal.”

“Fine then,” Avril said. “Take off a piece of clothing.”

Vanessa looked around a bit, and then took off her shoes, tossing them to one side. Stretching her toes a bit, she looked at Avril. “Is it my turn now?”

“Yeah, ask away,” Avril said.

“Avril, Truth or Dare?” Vanessa asked.

“Dare,” Avril said right away. She looked at Michelle slyly. “Someone’s got to get this game moving.” Michelle rolled her eyes.

Vanessa thought for several seconds before coming up with a dare. “Avril, I dare you to undo that tie you wear, and then tie it up properly in ten seconds.”

Michelle giggled as Avril blinked. “Uh, I don’t know how to tie it,” Avril said. “I keep all of mine this way so I can just slip them over my head quickly.”

Michelle and Vanessa laughed aloud at that.

“So,” Vanessa said a moment later, “Does that mean you won’t do the dare?”

“It means I CAN’T do the dare,” Avril admitted. “And yes, I’ll loose some clothes.” She reached down and removed her socks and shoes, then grabbed her tie and pulled it over her head. She tossed it to Vanessa, who ceremoniously placed it around her own neck – and then tightened it up.

“Show off,” Avril said. “All right, my turn. Vanessa, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” Vanessa said, still playing with Avril’s tie.

“Have you ever felt up another girl before?” Avril asked, her face a huge smirk.

Vanessa seemed to get a touch whiter, and then she gave Avril a disapproving look. “You know I have. You made me feel up your breast when we first met.”

“Are you serious?!” Michelle asked, shocked.

“She thought I was a guy,” Avril explained. “I had to prove to her otherwise.” Vanessa quickly filled Michelle in on what had happened, but that didn’t surprise Michelle that much.

What did surprise her was that she was slightly turned on at the thought of her two friends feeling each other up.

“My turn,” Vanessa said. “Michelle, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” Michelle said, slowly. She didn’t want to be caught in a dare like Avril had. At least, not yet.

“If you had to sleep with either me or Avril, which one would you choose?”

Michelle felt her jaw drop, but Avril practically jumped up in joy. “Now THAT’S playing truth or dare!” Avril cried aloud as she and Vanessa laughed at Michelle’s reaction.

“Well?” Vanessa asked a moment later.

“Would you rather loose some clothes?” Avril asked.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Michelle said, giving Avril a look. “If I had to have sex with either one of you, I’d probably choose Vanessa,” Michelle admitted. “Avril’s probably more experienced, but I think Vanessa would treat me better.”

“Oh, you’re going to get it for that,” Avril said.

“Should I bring protection the next time I sleep over at your place?” Vanessa giggled suggestively. Michelle’s head fell to her hands and she moaned in mock sorrow.

“Your turn, Michelle,” Avril said.

“Okay, okay,” Michelle said, looking up. “Avril, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare me, baby!” Avril said.

Michelle thought for a second, then smiled. “I dare you to kiss Vanessa – on the lips – for ten seconds without breaking contact-”

“No problem,” Avril said, moving towards Vanessa.

“WHILE she’s holding your breast,” Michelle added.

Both Avril and Vanessa shot her a look, but Michelle shrugged. “Would you rather loose three more pieces of clothing?”

Avril shot her a dirty look, but continued towards Vanessa. Lifting up her tank top, she exposed her right breast to both girls, and grabbed Vanessa’s hand. Placing it on her breast, she leaned in and kissed the darker haired girl.

And it was more than just a peck. As passionate and seductive as any kiss Michelle had seen in any movie, Avril went after Vanessa with a vengeance. Three seconds in, the kiss became opened mouthed. Five seconds in, it became obvious that Avril was using her tongue. Seven seconds in, Vanessa started to massage Avril’s breast.

And as Michelle counted the last second, Avril leaned in a little harder, placing her own hand on Vanessa’s chest, right between the other girl’s breasts.

“No problem,” Avril said as the kiss broke. She was out of breath, and it took her a second to cover up her breast with her tank top. “My turn. Michelle, Truth or Dare?”

Michelle sat there for a second, the image of Avril and Vanessa making out still in her head.

“Michelle?” Vanessa called out.

“Sorry,” Michelle said. “I’m here.”

“Truth or Dare?” Avril repeated.

“Truth,” Michelle said.

“Oh, come ON!” Avril complained. “I can’t be the only one doing all the dares around here!”

“All right, all right,” Michelle said. She didn’t need Avril yelling and screaming the whole time they were trapped in the elevator. And besides, she could always refuse the dare – she could stand to loose a few layers of clothing before things got too risqué. “Dare,” she said, hoping like all hell that Avril would be gentle.

“I dare you to suck on my toes for a full minute,” Avril said.

“Eww!” Both Michelle and Vanessa said at once. “No Way!” Michelle said. “I don’t know where your toes have been!”

“Oh, come on, it’s not like I’m walking around barefoot,” Avril said.

“Nope,” Michelle said. She reached down and pulled off her socks and shoes, stretching her own toes as she did so. She looked up at the others and smiled. “My turn.”

“Not yet it isn’t,” Vanessa said. “You still need to remove one more piece of clothing.”

“Yeah, Michelle, no cheating,” Avril said.

Michelle sighed. Right away, she realized she was in trouble – all she had on now were her jeans, a T-shirt, and her bra and panties. One way or another, she’d be showing off some skin now. “Fine,” she said, reaching down and pulling her shirt over her head, exposing the rather plain looking white bra underneath.

“Woo-Hoo!” Avril said. “Take it off, baby!”

“Very nice, Michelle,” Vanessa said. Michelle figured she was just teasing, but as she looked over at her friend, she thought she saw a little something more in Vanessa’s eyes. Something wanting…

“NOW it’s my turn,” Michelle said. She figured she’d get to the bottom of Vanessa’s feelings one way or another right now. “Truth or Dare, Vanessa.”

Vanessa looked over at Avril, smiled slightly, and then turned back towards Michelle. “I’ll take a dare – as long as it doesn’t involve licking Avril’s toes.”

Michelle smiled, while Avril just pouted for a second. Michelle was a bit disappointed. It would be harder with a dare to get Vanessa to tell her secret then it would be with a Truth. “Vanessa,” Michelle said, thinking for a few seconds, “I dare you to switch panties with Avril.”

“Eww,” Vanessa said.

“Hey!” Avril shot back. “My boxers are nice a clean!”

“Sorry,” Vanessa said. She looked around for a second, as if trying to think of an excuse to get out of the dare, then sighed. “Fine,” Vanessa said. “If Avril’s willing to do it, so am I.”

“Wow,” Avril said. “Never thought she’d say yes.”

“Me either,” Michelle admitted. Vanessa was already standing up. She had turned her back to the other girls and lifted her long skirt enough in the front so that she could reach her panties without showing off her ass to the others. With a little bit of shimmying, she managed to get them down off her legs without a problem.

Avril, on the other hand, wasn’t quite as shy. She stood up, unzipped her pants, and let them fall to the ground without a second thought. Stepping out of them, she stood there in just her tank top and boxers for several seconds, waiting for Vanessa to shed her considerably more delicate delicates.

“Here,” Vanessa said, calmly handing over the white, lacey panties she’d been wearing. Michelle’s head was suddenly filled with the image of Vanessa’s ass in those panties, and surprisingly, she felt herself get a bit aroused.

Then Avril put her over the top. With absolutely no shame at all, Avril dropped her boxers to the floor and stepped out of them. Both Vanessa and Michelle gasped, their eyes riveted on Avril’s hairless crotch.

“What, neither of you shave?” Avril asked as she kicked her boxers over towards Vanessa, then stepped into the other girl’s panties. Michelle watched in rapt attention as Avril pulled the panties up over her legs – which were far too shapely to be hidden inside a pair of pants all the time, Michelle thought – and slide them up over her ass and crotch. They were a bit tight, but covered everything just fine. She pulled up her pants next, and then sat down, looking expectantly at Vanessa.

Michelle and Vanessa just stared for a few seconds, before Vanessa realized she wasn’t done. Reaching down, she grabbed Avril’s boxers, and using her skirt again to hide her own lower regions, pulled them up and into place. She shifted about for a bit, but then sat down with a smile.

“Wow,” was all Michelle could think to say.

“My turn,” Vanessa said simply. “Avril, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare away – but remember, I’m wearing your panties right now, so don’t force me to do anything that’ll ruin them.”

“Fine,” Vanessa said. She thought for a second before smiling. “I dare you to do one of the two following things.”

“Can you do that?” Michelle asked. “I mean, isn’t that like offering two dares?”

“Ah, let it slide, Michelle,” Avril said. “Who knows, maybe I’ll do them both.”

“I doubt it,” Vanessa said with a smile. “Avril, I dare you to either kiss Michelle for ten seconds while wearing nothing but my panties-”

“Oh, I’ll do that,” Avril said with a wink towards Michelle. Michelle felt her lips go dry at that, and absent-mindedly moistened them with her tongue.

“OR,” Vanessa continued, “Or play the rest of the game naked – no matter what happens.”

Avril thought for a moment. “I’ll still go with the first one,” she said a few seconds later. “I mean, if I play the game naked, I can’t refuse any dares without staying naked when the doors finally open.”

“Then get ready to make out with Michelle. Take off your shirt and pants.”

Michelle felt her eyes go wide as Avril slid her pants back down, and then shucked her tank top, exposing her perky breasts to the other girls to admire. And admire Michelle did – not much bigger than her own tits – Avril was still well endowed in the chest, a fact that would’ve been far more emphasized if she ever wore a bra.

Clad in nothing but a pair of snug fitting white panties, Avril sauntered over to where Michelle sat, and sat down next to the darker haired girl. Suddenly, Michelle was VERY aware of the fact she was only wearing a bra above the waist. Her nipples became erect, and deep inside, her juices started flowing.

“You ready?” Avril asked, licking her lips. Wetting down her own, Michelle nodded, drawing in a quick breath just in time.

Avril’s kiss was, if anything, more passionate than the one she’d shared with Vanessa earlier, her tongue instantly darting into Michelle’s waiting mouth. It had been a while since Michelle had kissed anyone, but kissing Avril felt right, and she just melted into it.

Suddenly, Avril’s bare skin was pressing against Michelle’s chest, skin to skin, as the Canadian girl crawled on top of her. At first, Michelle wanted to protest, but the warmth of Avril’s flesh sent shockwaves through her body, eliciting feelings that were barely held in check as it was.

“Ten,” Vanessa said.

Avril brought her hands up to cup Michelle’s face, but Michelle had no plans of pulling away. Her tongue met with Avril’s, and her own hands found their way up to her friend’s chest, taking the first exploratory feels of Avril’s bare breasts.

“Ten,” Vanessa said again, her voice a mere whisper.

Still kissing, Avril reached around behind Michelle’s back, and with deftness any boy in the world would’ve given his left nut for, undid her bra. Michelle let it happen without any complaint. It took a bit of maneuvering to get the white fabric off her chest without breaking the kiss, but Michelle dared not refuse her friend. As Avril finally pulled the last strap off her arms, Michelle realized that she and Avril were going to go a lot further than a game of truth or dare.

Pulling back and breaking the kiss, Michelle looked Avril right in the eyes for a second, seeing the blatant lust there.

“I want you,” she said to Avril. Then, slowly and deliberately, she turned towards Vanessa. The third girl sat there in shock, one of her hands gently rubbing against her still-covered breasts.

Locking eyes with Vanessa, Michelle smiled. “And I want you, too.”

Vanessa’s eyes went wide, but she said nothing. Instead, she stood up, and with a quick snap, undid her skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor.

“I want you both,” Vanessa said, her voice a husky little whisper that Michelle could barely hear over the beating of her own heart.

“Well then,” Avril said, standing up and looking at her two friends. “I guess we’d all better get naked.”

Part 3:


Avril Lavigne was in heaven. Sliding the borrowed panties off her legs, she stood before her two friends completely exposed, and more than ready to fuck.

Avril hadn’t been a virgin for more than a few years before she became a star, but since hitting it big, she’d become a huge fan of getting off with other people. Boys, girls, young and old, if she was feeling horny, Avril had sex. More often than not, it was with the boys in her band. They were punky little geeks, and none of them were too impressive in the penile department, but combined together, they were more than enough to get Avril off.

But, truthfully, women were what Avril craved. The feel of a pair of breasts in her hands, the soft touch upon her clit, the taste of a woman’s most personal flavors – all of it turned Avril on more than anything in the world. She wasn’t a lesbian, but damn if she wasn’t as bisexual as they came.

And now, with the chance to get it on with two of her best friends in the music business, Avril was in seventh heaven. She’d flirted and lusted after both Michelle and Vanessa since she’d met them both, but never dared dream she’d have the opportunity to get them both at the same time. She had been sure she’d eventually get between Michelle’s legs, as Michelle was considerably more open than Vanessa was. But Avril also suspected that, given the chance, Vanessa would join the “all-girls” team with but a few soft kisses and one rigorous fucking from Avril herself.

Too bad she didn’t have any of her sex toys in the elevator with her.

Both of her companions were clearly entranced with the whole sexualized act they were about to go through. Michelle was sliding her jeans down her legs as Avril watched, and Vanessa was fiddling with the buttons on her shirt, desperate to release the globes held underneath. Avril smiled, and turned towards Vanessa. It was time for the most innocent girl in the room to get a helping hand along the way.

Avril placed her hands on Vanessa’s breasts before the darker-haired girl could finish unbuttoning her blouse, and leaned in close. They’d already kissed once this night, but Avril was determined to outdo their first kiss by far.

Gently, Avril pushed Vanessa back against the wall of the elevator car, her hands fondling the other girl’s surprisingly firm breasts beneath her shirt. Leaning in close, Avril kissed her friend, reveling in the warmth of Vanessa’s lips. Vanessa moaned slightly, clearly excited by what was going on. Letting go of one breast, Avril slipped her hand down to the last few buttons of Vanessa’s shirt, and undid them slowly, teasingly taking her time at undressing her friend. Breaking the kiss, she slid the shirt off of Vanessa’s shoulders, exposing the shockingly silky bra underneath.

“Whoa, girl, you shop at Victoria’s Secret or what?” Avril giggled at the white, clingy bra that held Vanessa’s tits up for all to see.

“Who cares where she got it,” Michelle said, coming up behind Avril. She wore nothing more than a pair of simple white panties, her pants and bra long gone. Leaning in, Michelle kissed Avril for a second or two before moving over to Vanessa. Avril watched as the two locked eyes for a few heartbeats before Vanessa reached to grab Michelle’s head, pulling her into one of the hottest kisses Avril had ever seen.

“You two do it with each other before or what?” Avril asked, several seconds later, when Michelle broke the kiss and started fiddling with the small zipper on Vanessa’s skirt.

“No,” Vanessa said. “But I always wanted to.”

Michelle looked up at Vanessa for a second. “You have?” she asked, surprised.

“Yes,” Vanessa whispered. “For a while now.”

They locked eyes for a second, and then Avril watched as Michelle slipped the skirt down Vanessa’s legs. Underneath were the boxer shorts Avril had traded with her earlier, but that didn’t stop Michelle from going for her friend and new lover’s most sensitive of regions. Reaching her hand right in past the open flap of the shorts, Michelle placed a finger on Vanessa’s burning sex, forcing the other girl to go stiff in surprise.

“I’ve never touched another woman here before,” Michelle whispered. “Does it feel good?”

Vanessa’s eyes were rolling towards the ceiling. “Oh, god, yes. It feels perfect,” she moaned.

“Hey, do you two want to be alone, or can anyone join this little orgy?” Avril asked, a little upset that her two friends were so lost in each other.

Michelle looked up at Avril, and then motioned towards Vanessa. “You want in so bad, help get that bra off so we can all be naked.”

Avril giggled and rushed over. Vanessa’s bra clearly WAS from Victoria’s Secret, and the ample tits held within it were eager to get out. They strained against the white fabric, the nipples desperately trying to push their erect forms through the lacey jail that held them. Avril reached around the back of Vanessa – who could barely stand as Michelle gently applied pressure to her clit through the slit in Avril’s boxers. Avril quickly found the clasp of Vanessa’s bra, and with a tug, the white bra fell loose, Vanessa’s tits jumping to freedom.

“Whoa,” Michelle said, looking up at Vanessa’s breasts. They were perfectly formed, easily a large B-cup or even a lower C-cup. The skin upon them was flawless, and the pink of the areolas was the perfect shade to match Vanessa’s lips. Michelle had every right to be awed by their appearance.

Avril, though, wasn’t interested in staring at Vanessa’s breasts. Bending down, she opened wide and quickly engulfed Vanessa’s right tit, suck and licking at it like it was ice and she had spent the last several days trapped in the desert.

“Whoa!” Vanessa called out, as Michelle had pressed a little harder onto her clit, causing her to loose balance and slide down the wall to the floor. Avril followed her down, and made sure that she was right there when Vanessa’s breasts came to rest. Avril wasted no time getting back in place, happily sucking away at her friend’s tits.

“Oh god!” Vanessa exclaimed as Michelle slid up next to Avril and quickly started lapping the other breast, allowing her own bare chest to press against the bare skin of Vanessa’s stomach as she did so.

Letting go of Vanessa’s breast for a moment, Avril slid down her friend’s body, her own naked skin afire with the lust she was feeling for her friends. Reaching down, she hooked her fingers into either side of the boxers that half an hour ago were on her own ass, and gently slid them down Vanessa’s legs, forcing Michelle to let go of her friend’s clit for a second or two.

“Nice,” Avril said, looking down at the small heart-shape that rested above Vanessa’s slit. “You do that yourself?”

“Huh?” Vanessa said as Michelle started licking her way down the other brunette’s stomach. “Oh, yeah. I thought it was kinda naughty and went with it. You like it?”

“Does this answer your question?” Avril asked as she lowered her lips down to Vanessa’s snatch and quickly ran her tongue over her fellow singer’s clit. Vanessa cooed at once, the feelings of a hot tongue on her most sensitive spot sending shivers through her body.

“Hey,” Michelle said, pulling Avril back and away from Vanessa for a second. “No fair hogging!” With that, she bent over and kissed Vanessa’s clit as well, allowing her tongue to slide south afterwards, trailing over the prone girl’s lower lips.

“Whoa, hold on here,” Avril said. “What makes you think you can just push your way in when I’m feasting?”

“This,” Michelle said, getting up and turning towards Avril. Reaching out, she took hold of the Canadian woman’s arms and pulled her forward. Michelle instantly lowered her lips to Avril’s nipples, and started sucking away. Avril felt a quick stab of pleasure from her chest as Michelle went to town.

“Hey, can I get in on some of that?” Vanessa said, sitting up and moving over to sit on the other side of Avril. Michelle gently pushed the young Canadian onto her back, and then continued to suck and nibble away at Avril’s tit. Vanessa lay down beside her, her hands softly running across the skin on Avril’s stomach, sending a shiver down the lighter haired girl’s spine.

“Oh yeah,” Avril whispered as Vanessa moved her head down to Avril’s exposed breast, her head less than an inch from where Michelle was still hard at work. For a second, nothing happened, but then, suddenly, a cool wash of air shot over Avril’s nipple. Glancing down, she saw that Vanessa was blowing on her boob, forcing the skin to react despite the heat inside her. Her nipple became painfully erect almost at once, and in comparison to the hot and hoist attention her other nipple was getting, this one was cool and dry, making an electric contrast that was rapidly driving Avril nuts.

“Do you like that?” Vanessa whispered slowly several seconds later.

“Oh god YES!” Avril said, grabbing Vanessa by the back of the head and pulling her lips directly on to her straining tit. Vanessa got the hint and once, and no sooner had her lips hit flesh then they were rapidly sucking away, mimicking Michelle’s actions. Avril was in heaven. She loved it when someone sucked on her breasts. Her male band members never did it for long, always looking to ram their peckers into her snatch as soon as possible. Women, though, knew the pleasures that breasts offered, and treated the heavenly globes with respect. Avril liked that, and knew she’d never stop sleeping with women for fun.

Suddenly, she felt something at the opening of her vagina. Before she could react, Michelle’s fingers slid into her moist nether regions, sending a new wave of pleasure across Avril’s entire body.

“OH MY GOD!” Avril cried out as Michelle started sliding in and out of her. Michelle’s fingers were well honed from hours upon hours of playing guitar, and she knew exactly how to use them. Soft pressure here, hard pushes there. Her thumb found Avril’s clit mere seconds after her fingers penetrated the Canadian singer, forcing Avril to arch her back in a mix of pleasure and shock that was totally welcome.

Vanessa had moved over now, and had abandoned Avril’s body as she began to kiss and fondle Michelle’s breasts while the other raven-haired singer continued to finger the third girl. Avril missed the feel of Vanessa’s lips and fingers upon her body, but Michelle’s actions were more than making up the difference.

A pulse of pleasure rocked Avril’s body, forcing her to screw her eyes shut. Her body didn’t seem to be her own as every single nerve began to fry inside her, her mind completely fizzling out as her friend stroked her fingers in and out of Avril’s pussy. Three fingers worked their way through Avril’s folds, and as every square inch of the Canadian’s body jumped and rattled, Michelle slid a fourth finger inside.

And just like that, Avril Lavigne climaxed.

Back arched, eyes rolling back, fists clenched, Avril lost all contact with the rest of the world as blackness swirled about her.

She awoke some time later – seconds, minutes, hours? She wasn’t sure how long she’d been out. She was sure, how ever, that Michelle was close to climaxing.

Looking up, Avril saw her two nude companions in a 69 position, Vanessa on top, running three of her long, glorious fingers deep into Michelle’s pussy, spreading the other darker haired girl’s juices about vigorously.

Avril wanted to join in, but before she could move, Michelle gasped. Going stiff, Michelle Branch hit her own climax. Unlike Avril’s moaning climax, Michelle gasped repeatedly in rapid succession, one quick gasp after another. Her eyes screwed shut like vice grips, the pleasure obviously driving her wild.

“Whoa,” Vanessa said as Michelle finally went limp and lay on the floor of the elevator, spent.

“Your turn,” Avril said, coming up behind Vanessa and placing her hands on either side of the other singer’s ass. Gently pulling the cheeks apart, Avril lowered her lips to Vanessa’s snatch, and instantly started licking at it from behind. Vanessa gasped, then moaned, as Avril’s tongue fought to work it’s way as far into her inner depths as quickly as it could.

“Oh my god,” Vanessa moaned slowly as Avril pushed her forward half down. With her breasts and arms flat against the floor, and her ass up in the air, supported by her knees only, it was easier for Avril to lick Vanessa’s cunt.

“Can I get in on that?” Michelle asked groggily as she moved over next to Avril.

“Be my guest,” Avril said between licks. Michelle dropped down underneath Vanessa, and soon the two were in a 69 position again. The difference this time was that Michelle had pulled herself forward more so that she rested underneath Avril’s tits, while the Canadian licked at Vanessa’s snatch. The “Thousand Miles” singer worked her fingers into Michelle’s snatch at the same time Michelle started sucking on Avril’s breasts, all while Avril continued to lick Vanessa’s slit.

This position lasted exactly eight seconds, as Vanessa finally reached her own orgasmic limits, her cum flooding onto Avril’s waiting tongue as she collapsed atop Michelle.

And then, as if sensing each girl had experienced an orgasm, the lights flicked back on, and the elevator stared heading down again.

“SHIT!” Avril cried out.

All three raced about, trying to grab their clothes and get dressed before they hit the bottom floor. They threw bras back and forth at each other, slid into pants and skirts, and barely managed to get halfway dressed before the elevator dinged, and the doors slid open.

“Are you three alright?” A service man asked. There was a small crowd gathered around, looking at the three starlets, all of whom were barely dressed, their hair a collective mess, and sweat covering their bodies.

“We’re fine,” Michelle said, stepping out first, trying hard to ignore the fact that she hadn’t had time to put her bra back on, and that one of the straps was just barely showing from her pocket.

“Really, we are,” Vanessa said, following her new lover out, trying to hide the fact that her skirt wasn’t completely closed, and that her panties could be seen if one looked for them.

“Well, for the most part,” Avril said, following the other three out, and try very hard not to smile. Her nipples were still erect, and poking through the fabric of her tank top, and her pants weren’t quite zipped up all the way. “Man, was it hot in there.”

“Yeah,” Michelle and Vanessa echoed at the same time, giggling immediately afterwards. No one at MTV knew just how hot things had gotten in the elevator.

Soon all three girls were speeding away in separate limos, heading off to whatever event they had scheduled next. None of them knew when they’d see each other again, or when they’d be able to be alone and naked for another romp, but all three knew it would happen.

Especially Avril, who just happened to be carrying both Michelle’s and Vanessa’s panties in her pockets as they rode away. Sooner or later, both brunette singers would come looking for them, and Avril would be happy to help them figure out which pair fit which girl.

Of course, she had no idea what happened to her boxers, but she hoped that one of the other girls was at least wearing them. Otherwise, they were still in the elevator, waiting to be found…


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