A Torrie Wilson Invasion

A Torrie Wilson ‘Invasion’ (MF, cons, oral)

By B-Boy (b_boy68@hotmail.com)

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If you’ve ever been to a WWF event then you know how busy it can get and what a pain it is to leave the building afterwards. Well, the event that took place on Monday July 2nd 2001 will be remembered forever … and not just because it was the first WCW title match on WWF programming. I remember that date fondly and that’s partly thanks to the event being so busy.

You may remember that around this time the WCW ‘Invasion’ of the WWF was in full swing. I for one was really looking forward to it.
Vince Russo can be criticized for a lot of things but the amount of hot, sexy women he brought into the business is second to none. On many an occasion had I felt the urge to jerk off on a Monday or Wednesday night while watching sluts like Tylene Buck and Kimberley Paige strut their stuff in the ring. How I dreamed of fucking these hot bitches and my disappointment was huge when they were released and WCW taken off the air.

My lusty fantasies returned with the WCW invasion angle. Having seen Stacy Kiebler on TV a few times I knew that I had to get tickets when the WWF came to my neck of the woods. The opportunity to see the long-legged blonde in person would be too good a chance to pass up.

The tickets I got weren’t bad; on the bottom tier about half way back. The main event was going to be Booker T versus Buff Bagwell for the WCW title. Stacy was the ring announcer and I waited with baited breathe for her arrival. I wasn’t disappointed; she made her way to the ring and her blonde hair, full breast and long, long legs looked as perfect in the flesh as they did on TV.

I’ll admit I’m quite a pervert and only really watch wrestling for the T&A. Earlier in the show there’d been several skits shown with Vince and, the most fuckable WCW diva, Torrie Wilson. In them, Torrie had been teasing Vince as he tried to get her to prove her loyalty to the WWF. I was already quite turned on by the backstage actions of Torrie and the emergence of Stacy got me incredibly horny. As she made her way to the ring I fantasized about screwing her pretty little brains out. I dreamt her long, toned legs were wrapped around me as she lay below me and I drilled my stiff cock into her sweet, tight cunt. Each lunge of my tool eliciting a scream of pure ecstasy from Stacy’s soft lips.

My daydream was so deep that by the time I snapped out of it the event was virtually over and my rigid cock was making a noticeable bulge through my pants. I decided that as soon as I got home I’d find some good pictures of Stacy and Torrie on the Internet and have a first-class jerking off session with a jar of hand cream. However, the urge to climax was too strong; I decided to hang back a little. I told my friends I’d catch up with them later and I began to wander around the arena, through the crowd to find a quiet spot to relieve my aching balls.

With so many people milling about it was surprisingly easy to avoid detection from the event staff and before long I found the perfect place to satisfy my sexual frustrations. It was a locker room that appeared to be unused and unlocked. I snuck inside and to my relief there was no one about. By now my excited prick was so in need of satisfaction that it was threatening to burst right through my pants. I quickly dropped my shorts and freed my hard, yearning dick. I sat down on a bench and gripped my meaty shaft in one hand and began to tug enthusiastically on it. I was incredibly excited and while thinking of fucking various hot bitches from WWF and WCW it wasn’t long before I came close to unloading my cum. In all my excitement I never noticed the door open until the figure in the doorway spoke.

“Well, now,” came a woman’s voice. I looked up and was incredibly embarrassed to see one of the objects of my fantasies was stood before me. “That’s not the first dick I’ve seen tonight and it’s surely bigger than Vince’s!” Torrie Wilson said, with a wicked gleam in her eye. Now I never thought my dick was THAT impressive at a modest 7 inches but if Torrie thought so then who was I to argue. She was dressed only in a light coloured towel that covered from about halfway up her thighs to her breasts and the swell of her cleavage was jutting prominently from the top. She stood with her hands on her hips and her long blonde hair lying across her shoulders.

“I…er…um…” I tried to speak but was too shocked to say anything coherent. Torrie had stepped inside and closed the door behind her, turning the key to make sure we wouldn’t be disturbed.

“Sssshhhhh,” Torrie whispered as she slinked over to where I was sat. “Seeing Vince’s cock for the sake of entertainment really turned me on; he’s not bad for a 60 year old. But I just HAVE to enjoy a really big, fat cock tonight and you look more than up to the task of satisfying my craving.” By now the horny star was knelt between my legs and her eyes were fixed on my hard shaft. I just couldn’t believe what was going on, it was like a dream. “Mmmm” Torrie mused, licking her lips “I’m gonna suck your cock until you cum down my throat and then I’m gonna suck it some more. I wanna drink down all your creamy, warm goo.” She leant forward so her hands were on the bench either side of me and her face was level with my chest. The towel containing her ample tits was rubbing against the head of my eager cock. “Then, you’re gonna drill that stiff weapon into my juicy, wet crack and fuck my brains out till I scream.” This was all too much for me and I’m afraid to say I came right there and then. Torrie’s dirty talk pushed me over the edge and as I visualised screwing her to within an inch of her life I unexpectedly shot a substantial wad of thick cum over the towel and Torrie’s chest. What didn’t fly in Torrie’s direction ran down the stalk of my quickly wilting cock.

“Oh shit. I’m sorry.” I mumbled weakly and tried to back off; right now all I wanted was to be out of there.

“No need to apologise.” Torrie said as she stood up quicker than me and gently pushed me back down onto the bench. Still standing and with me sat back down, she started to collect my gooey seed off her torso with one hand and began to slowly lick it off her fingers. “Mmmm.” She closed her eyes and gave the appearance of someone really savouring their favourite dish. As the blonde cum-slut greedily drank down my salty emissions she began to slowly sway her hips from side to side and started to stroke her toned, bare thighs with her free hand. I could see from the goose pimples forming on her legs that she was taking pleasure from her own soft touch. Occasionally she would push the edge of her towel up slightly, teasing a glimpse of her snatch but always dropped the hem before I could steal a glance. Once she’d lapped up as much jizz as she could she bent over in front of me and gave me a perfect view down her generous cleavage. She lifted one of my legs up; I cottoned on and stepped out of my fallen clothes before kicking them aside. Torrie returned her gaze to my face.

“Fuck me. Make me cum.” She whispered before French kissing me. There was the slightly unpleasant aftertaste of my cum but within seconds I had gotten over the shock and started kissing her back. By now I was beginning to get another erection and this took full form when Torrie moved one of her hands down to stroke my large slab of cock meat; her delicate hands gripping my shaft loosely. My prick was still slightly greasy from the cum that had run down it earlier and the lubrication made Torrie’s expert fingers glide smoothly over my entire length. She began to slowly pump her hand up and down my fleshy pole all the way from root to tip. I was still very excited and worried about cumming too quickly again but my previous discharge meant that I’d last longer this time. Given that Torrie was stood bent over between my legs and I was sat down there wasn’t many places I could put my hands. I tenderly caressed her stunning, tanned legs before moving my hands towards her towel-covered ass. As soon as I tried to pull the towel up so that my hands could have free access to Torrie’s healthy butt she released her grip on my cock, broke off our kiss and stood up.

“Hold up big boy.” Torrie purred, “You can’t have the main course until after the starters.” She grasped the bottom of the now cum-stained towel and pulled down on it sharply releasing her huge melons. Torrie rearranged the towel so that it was now covering her entire lower half with only her feet showing. But it wasn’t the towel or her feet that I was fixated on; it was those enormous, perfect orbs of hers. She pushed them together and used the ends of her index fingers to lightly flick her already erect nipples. “Now I’m sure you wanted to see these, didn’t you?” Torrie asked, already knowing the answer as I just sat there open-mouthed and nodding. She sat down on the bench next to me and, cupping a breast in one hand pushed it up towards her face. She stuck her tongue out and began to lick her heaving tit with the tip of her tongue leaving the occasional strand of spit resting on the vast, fleshy mound of her supple breasts. All the time she never diverted her eyes from mine. “Fuck me.” She whispered again then returned her attention to her breast. “Fuck me.” She breathed seductively, a little louder this time.

My paralysis broke and I gently but forcefully pushed Torrie down onto the bench. I stood up and looked over the prone body of Torrie Wilson; the thought of fucking one of the women I had spent hours masturbating over caused my rock-hard cock to twitch in anticipation; Torrie just smiled. The blonde slut lay with her legs together, confined by the towel and her hands by her sides. Her hair too lay draped over the edges of the bench and her massive orbs moved in time with her heavy breathing. After removing my t-shirt I swung a leg over her athletic frame and sat down so that I was straddling her towel-covered crotch; the head of my cock resting just above her navel. Then leaning forward I placed one hand above her head for support and began to kiss her deeply. With my free hand I started to roughly maul one large breast.

“Unn.” Torrie moaned as I rubbed her hard nipple with my thumb. Her hands had gripped my ass and tried to push me down as she began to hump upwards; there was only the towel separating us. I moved in time with Torrie enjoying the friction as my cock rubbed against her belly. After a few minutes of this, the bitch groaning faintly throughout, I sat up.

“Fuck me please.” She begged, “Fuck me now.” The urge to just rip off the towel and ram my dick deep inside her right now was almost uncontrollable but I fought it off. I’d got over being star struck and was now just horny; the chance to enjoy a wild sex session with a woman like Torrie may never come again and I intended to make the most of it. I leant forward again and began to suck on one of her pendulous breasts.

“Aahh!” Torrie squealed as I danced my tongue over her hard, sensitive nipple. The spongy flesh of her giant tits felt so good as I switched from breast to breast, making sure I gave each one equal consideration. The tempo of Torrie’s humping had increased as she slowly lost control and drifted into a realm of pleasure, desperate to be fucked. The pace of my sucking increased as I gave both of her huge mounds the attention they deserved. Several minutes of this followed with me unable to take my concentration off Torrie’s succulent, fleshy mounds and her enjoying every moment; groaning with delight as I teased her breasts with my tongue. I eventually relented on her tits and stood up. Torrie looked up with a doe-eyed expression on her face as I moved forward and rested the head of my swollen cock on her chin. She moved her head down slightly and stuck her tongue out in an attempt to wrap her slutty mouth around my engorged member. I pulled back a little, teasing her; her eyes and tongue followed my cock as I danced it just out of reach. With me now stood up, Torrie took the opportunity to remove the towel from her lower body and threw it on the floor. I turned round to see a small vertical strip of pubic hair was all that was covering her dripping wet twat. I also noticed that she’d inserted a couple of fingers into her pussy and had begun frigging herself off at quite a pace. In the split-second I diverted my attention the beautiful, blonde cocksucker pounced. She raised herself up on one hand and thrust her head forward to take the first 2 or 3 inches of my stiff prick into her juicy mouth; her tongue rolling wondrously over the head of my cock. I turned back to see Torrie with her eyes closed and slowly pushing her head backwards and forwards over the first few inches of my eager cock.

“Mmmm….” She whimpered as her pace increased; attempting to drive as much meat down her throat as she could. However, her angle of attack wasn’t the best and she could only swallow about half of me down. I pulled out and Torrie instantly opened her eyes and looked disappointed. I was still worried about cumming again before I had the chance to fuck her. I kissed her and once again our tongues became intertwined as I lowered Torrie back onto the bench. I felt a hand close around my rock-hard shaft and start to pump rapidly.

“Ah!” I gasped, breaking off the kiss; the feeling was heavenly and I didn’t want it to stop. I sat backwards between Torrie’s now-outstretched legs and let her continue yanking on my long, stiff cock. She broke off momentarily to swing her legs round from either side of me so that we were sat facing each other completely naked straddling the bench. I leant back on my hands and let Torrie go to work. Her smooth fingers skilfully arousing my sensitive prick. She shuffled backwards slightly and leant forwards on her elbows. Torrie was bent over in front of me, licking her lips and her mountainous tits were swaying below her athletic frame. Her right hand was wrapped around my cock and her eyes fixated on my throbbing organ.

“Oh fuck yeah!” I groaned as I sensed my orgasm building. I threw my head back and closed my eyes as I felt my nuts tighten ready to spurt a jet of my gooey seed over Torrie. Torrie obviously sensed I was close too and quickly stopped jerking me off and lowered her head to deep-throat my entire cock. Her tongue caressing the underside of my prick with each lunge of her head. As you can imagine, it was only a matter of seconds before I enjoyed my second orgasm of the night. Despite already cumming that night I had what seemed like gallons of jizz left and as I climaxed I flooded Torrie’s mouth with my hot, thick cream.

“UNN!” I shouted as I erupted and shot my heavy wad into the throat of the horny athlete. I thrust my hips up to cram as much meat into Torrie’s whoreish mouth as possible.

“MRRGMM!!” Torrie gargled as her throat worked overtime attempting to guzzle down what she could. She couldn’t swallow all of it and some ran down the length of my rapidly drooping cock. I sat up as Torrie raised her head off my dick. Cum was seeping from the corners of her mouth and dripping down off her chin. She looked me in the eye and smiled and this caused more stringy goo to ooze out from between her lips. I was shocked looking at her like this; the image of Torrie Wilson is one of pure sexiness but also some degree of class and certainly unattainability. But now here she was sat in front of me looking like the cum-slut star of a cheap porno film. She threw her head back and gulped loudly; drinking all of the sticky, warm cum left in her mouth. She wiped her mouth and chin with the back of her hand and licked off the remainder.

“Mmmm, lovely.” Torrie cooed as she licked her lips. “But look at this.” She frowned and started batting my limp cock around with her hands. “We can’t have this now, can we?” She got onto all fours and crawled over my horizontal frame gently pushing me onto my back. “You’re no good if it’s all limp and lifeless.” She murmured into my ear while tickling my balls with one hand.

“I..I’m S..” I tried to start.

“Ssshhhh.” Torrie interrupted quietly, putting a finger to my lips. “I’m sure we can have you back up in no time.” She smiled and removed her hand from my balls. My cock was lying on my stomach and Torrie started stroking the veiny underside slowly with just one finger.

“Aahh.” I gasped; I could feel the blood returning to my prick. It twitched and Torrie stopped.

“It’s just not working, is it?” She stated abruptly, standing up. “Let’s try it from a different angle.” I was still flat on my back as she straddled me again but this time she faced away from me. I had a great view; her long blonde hair ended just below her shoulder blades, and then came the swell of her large breasts above those shapely hips. And at the top of some of the longest, fittest legs I’ve ever seen was the most perfect ass a guy could lay his eyes upon. She sat down slowly giving more than an eyeful of her hot, soaking cunt. She stopped short of sitting on my face but her juicy crack hovered just millimetres from my mouth. I felt both her hands grip my flaccid cock again and begin to work their magic; long, slow strokes up and down. I stuck out my tongue but the tip could only just reach the red lips of Torrie’s glorious cunt. I reached above me with both hands and clutched Torrie’s hips to pull her down closer to my face.

“Ah, that’s much better.” Mused the horny, blonde slut as I shoved my tongue as deep into her sopping crack as I could. I went to work with earnest, lapping up the musky juices gushing from Torrie’s dripping snatch. Torrie started pumping her hips up and down with considerable speed as she fucked my face. She wasn’t distracted and her delicate fingers never stopped giving my rapidly stiffening cock their expert attention.

“OH GOD! OH FUCK! YES! YES! YESSSS!!!!” Torrie screamed as she came. She sat down on my face and ground her sodden bush into my face. She instantly gripped my now fully erect shaft in both hands, causing a moment of discomfort. Despite this, I held her in place over my head and slurped at her damp pussy with increased enthusiasm. “UGHN! FUCK ME YESSS!” Torrie was quivering up and down now, quickly wanking my rigid pole. After a minute or so of Torrie screaming she stopped but stayed hovering over my face and I continued to lick her pussy lips causing Torrie moan contentedly. Her attentions to my prick had become more halfhearted as she became lost in her own pleasure. As my tongue grew weary I moved it to begin licking her inflamed clit while I jammed a couple of fingers deep into Torrie’s aching cunt.

“Ahh!” She yelped happily. She was obviously enjoying herself but she broke free from my arms and stood up. She got off the bench and lay down on the floor, spread-eagled. I sat up on the bench and looked at her. Here was Torrie Wilson, lying before me with her legs spread wide and covered in a thin layer of sweat. Her neatly shaved pussy was leaking its greasy juices over the floor and her arms were splayed out above her head. She was looking straight into my eyes when she said:

“Enough playing around.” She said forcefully. “Come over here and fuck me. Drill me with that monster fuckbeast and make me cum. I wanna feel you deep inside me, pounding my dripping cunt with your long, stiff tool.” Well, that was enough for me. I quickly made my way to where Torrie was lying and knelt down between her knees. She lifted those long, toned legs of hers into the air and rested them on my shoulders; pulling her yearning cunt closer to my stiff cock in the process. I gripped her shapely hips on both sides and powerfully rammed my rock-hard cock deep into Torrie’s velvety snatch.

“Oh fuck yes!” Torrie exclaimed as I started slowly pumping my hips back and forth. “It’s so fuckin’ big! Fill me up stud!” I began to gradually increase my pace as Torrie shouted words of encouragement. “Oh fuck! Faster! Harder! Yes! Oh God!” My long strokes glided smoothly in and out of Torrie’s well-lubricated cunt, which she was humping up in time with my thrusts. I carried on this pace for some time but then suddenly, Torrie arched her back and flung back her head, screaming, “OH! UN! UGG! OH FUCKING HELL!! YESSSS!! UHNN! RAM IT IN! FASTER!! OH GOD YES! HARDER! UNNN!! FUCK YESSSSSSS!!!!” The pumping of her hips became more erratic and her orgasm caused her pussy muscles to clamp down on my thrusting cock increasing the already fantastic friction. Torrie was shuddering through her orgasm, her screams continued for several minutes. “OH FUCK ME! HARDER! OH GOD!” I was trying to comply with Torrie’s requests and was by now pounding into her overworked slit like a jackhammer. “AH, AH, FUCK, AH!” The blonde slut panted repeatedly as I banged her luscious snatch time and time again.

“Yeah…uh…fucking…slut…take it…uh…c’mon…bitch…yeah…scream…” I found myself barking at the spasming pin-up. Torrie was bent back and sitting on my knees. Each shove of my hips was met with a slapping sound as my balls bounced off her ass. She was bucking wildly on my fat cock with only me, the back of her head and outstretched hands supporting her. I looked down and saw Torrie’s immense, ripe tits jiggling in time with each of my thrusts.

“OH GOD! I’M SO FUCKIN’ EASY! I FUCKIN’ LOVE IT! FUCK YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” Torrie yelled, beginning to come down from her orgasm now. She was exhausted and collapsed in my arms while I continued fucking her at a frantic pace. Realising she was done for the time being I pulled out and stood up. The bitch had dreamy expression on her face but judging from the huge grin, it was a fucking fantastic dream! I took my big, hard dong, which was covered in Torrie’s cunt juice and wiped it in her face. Torrie instantly stuck out her tongue and tried to lick it, uttering a low moan as she did so. I picked up a handful of her silky, blonde hair and wiped my dick clean with her golden locks.

“Get on your hands and knees bitch!” I ordered. Torrie looked at me and smiled, “I haven’t done fucking you yet.” Wordlessly, Torrie complied and quickly crouched down in the doggy-style position. I stood in front of her and dangled my cock in front of her eyes like a hypnotist’s watch; Torrie’s eyes following it calmly. Occasionally, I let it touch her lips or cheek and this seemed to get the sporty bitch even more turned on. “Stay there slut! Don’t move!” I commanded. Torrie just nodded, wide-eyed. I lightly traced my fingers over the curve of her back as I stepped round to her rear. Now that I was stood behind her I smoothed over her healthy ass-cheeks with the palm of one hand. Without warning I stuffed the first three fingers of the other into her soaking wet gash.

“AAHHHHHH!” Torrie cried out in joyful surprise this fresh invasion. She started trying to hump back onto my hand, hoping to cram more of my arm up her expectant cunt. I promptly removed my fingers from her dripping slit. I knelt down and grabbed Torrie by the hips before brutally pushing my rock-hard cock back into Torrie’s cunt. My thrusts were short and powerful as rather than pump into her I dragged her on and off my engorged member. “FUCK YES!” Torrie bellowed, as she had to use all her strength to stay on all fours against my ferocious pounding.

“Take this…fucking slut…” I grunted, “Cum…that’s it…fuck yeah…scream bitch!”

“OH GOD! YES! HARDER!” Torrie was cumming again, more intensely than before. “FUCK ME DEEPER! MORE!! OH GOD! FUCK YEAH!!” Still driving Torrie’s blurred hips with one hand I reached underneath and grabbed a handful of tit-flesh. Squeezing it roughly, I felt the spongy mass quiver with every lunge of my penis.

“Oh fuck! You like this, don’t you, you fucking slut?” I jeered, “Yeah, take it all bitch!”

“YES! FUCK! I LOVE IT! STICK IT IN ME! HARDER! OH FUCK! YES! YESSS! YESSSSSSSS!” She was reaching the climax of her second orgasm now and was losing control of her body. All it wanted to do was pack as much meat inside her as it could. I let go of her tit and concentrated on controlling her wild, pumping hips. “OH FUCKING HELL YESSSSSSSSS!!” Torrie continued. I’d been on the verge of cumming myself for a few minutes now and hearing Torrie in the throes of ecstasy pushed me over the edge.

“Oh fuck YEAH!” I roared as a torrent of thick, buttery goo washed into Torrie’s battered cunt.

“AAHHHH!!!” Torrie wailed as she felt my warm nutbutter flood her sweet snatch “YEAH! FILL ME UP BIG BOY!! JIZZ ME GOOD! YES! UHN! OH!” She was completely fatigued now and collapsed forward, resting her head on her hands. She’d stopped pumping her hips but her pussy constricted around my discharging pole, squeezing all the cum she could. While my cock continued twitching, shooting wad after wad of hot cream deep inside Ms. Wilson I seized her hips to hold her in place. When I’d finished I pulled out and Torrie just collapsed into a heap on the floor, drenched in sweat and my thick, slimy seed oozing from her shaven mound and starting to congeal on the top of her thighs. I walked back round and stood at her tired head. I took my cock in hand and gave a few quick tugs milking any spunk still in my dick, aiming it at Torrie’s slutty face. She didn’t seem to notice, she was too tired from our sexual exertions. I then used her hair to wipe my dick and hairs of any excess gunk before picking up my clothes and redressing.

As I opened the door ready to leave, I turned and looked at Torrie. I’d just fucked one of my all time fantasies and she was lying on the floor exhausted from our encounter; I couldn’t help but feel smug.

“See ya later babe.” I said, raising a hand.

“Unnnnn…” Torrie just mumbled. I suspected she was probably going to sleep right where she was tonight and again that feeling of self-satisfaction washed over me.

I left and closed the door behind me; if she got found it was her problem now and besides, I’d had more than I could ever have dreamed of tonight. My friends would certainly have gone home and probably wondering what I’d been up to. They wouldn’t believe the truth so I decided to tell them that I’d gone round to the tradesman’s entrance to get a look at some of the superstars as they left the arena. What they didn’t know was that I’d got something infinitely better than an autograph!

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