A Trip to Lucy Hale’s Villa

Story Title: A Trip to Lucy Hale’s Villa
Author’s Name: Weed Whacker
Content Codes: MMF, cons, oral, anal, spank, mDom
Celebs: Lucy Hale
Disclaimer: This story is fictional and is definitely not appropriate for anyone under 18.


A Trip to Lucy Hale’s Pad

My friend Kyle and I were moving around things for a Hollywood set. We got to meet Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars. My friend said, “Lucy Hale? Of Pretty Little Liars? Is that you?”

“Sure is. You are?”
“My name is Carlton,” I told her, shaking her hand.
“I’m Kyle,” Kyle said, shaking her hand after I did.
“Well, it’s nice meeting you. Would you like an autograph?” she asked.
“Sure. We’ll both have one,” I said.
Lucy took a promo photo of her out of her purse, and then signed them both.
“Here you go,” she said.
“Thank you,” Kyle said.
“Thanks a lot,” I said.
“I’m going to be doing my makeup in the other room in just a minute, but you can come in and watch if you like,” Lucy said.
“That would be cool.”

I met Lucy’s makeup artist, who was very friendly, much like Lucy herself.

That evening, we ran into each other again at a restaurant. Lucy finished her meal at close to the same time as us. She was going to call a limo driver to the villa she had been staying in temporarily, but I offered her a lift. She took it, and she said that it was only a five minute drive from the place. She had just consumed some alcohol, and didn’t want it to affect her driving, which is why she didn’t drive there herself.

She asked us if we would like to take a look around her rented villa. We said we would, as we didn’t have anything too important to disrupt our schedules. We did, and after showing us the bathroom, she gave us some mouthwash, lube, and stripped fully nude. She said, “I want you both, with me, in the other room. I want you both to fuck me. And dominate me!”

I had a toothbrush with me, as did Kyle. We brushed our teeth, used mouthwash, and took the lubrication in the room. Lucy said, “My pussy is just aching to get fucked by one of you guys.” I told Kyle, “I’ll fuck her first.” “OK,” Kyle said. “Carlton can fuck me,” said Lucy. “Kyle will get his dick sucked.”

I slowly penetrated Lucy at first, and then started penetrating her pussy harder and harder. Kyle then took his penis out of Lucy’s mouth, and smothered his ass in her face. Lucy knew that Kyle wanted to get his asshole licked. She licked his asshole while I penetrated her pussy with as much force as I could.

After she licked Kyle’s ass for about a minute and a half, she gave us alternating BJs. Kyle then bent her over on the bed, and spread her glorious ass open wide. He put his penis in, and gave her the rough anal pounding of a lifetime. I proceeded to go on the bed, and slide my cock in Lucy’s mouth. She sucked my cock while Kyle smacked her ass and penetrated Lucy extremely hard. “Carlton,” Lucy said, “Kyle’s doing an amazing job of fucking my ass. I want you to spank it for me while he fucks it.” Kyle spanked one of her ass cheeks, and I spanked the other as hard as we could. After about a minute, her ass was a very dark shade of red from being spanked so hard.

Kyle took his penis out of Lucy’s ass, and Lucy spread her legs wide open. Kyle put his penis in her vagina; I put mine in her tight, glorious ass. “Fuck my pussy and ass harder!” Lucy screamed with delight! “I love having two cocks inside of me!” She moaned and screamed as we penetrated her. I continued to spank her ass as I fucked her ass furiously. After about two minutes, Kyle pulled out of her vagina, and I stopped fucking her ass, pulling over to fuck her pussy. After giving her pussy an extra hard pounding for a minute, I pulled out, and Kyle and I proceeded to cum all over her face. She opened her mouth to catch some of the cum. Her face was drenched in cum by the time we had stopped ejaculating.

The next day, Kyle and I ran into each other again. “Same time next week?” Lucy asked.

We obviously said yes. Would anything be able to top our first three-way fuck? Only time will tell.

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