A Twins Show

*** This story is in no way, shape or form, true. It’s just a figment of my overactive imagination. If you’re under 18 or it’s against the law where you are, please don’t read. If you’re over 18 and it’s okay by law, go ahead and enjoy!***

A Twins Show

by Asiangirlsarehot

(MFF, cons, oral)

In Hong Kong, there is a famous pop music duo named Twins, comprised of Charlene Choi and Gillian Cheung. In public, they play up the sweet, cute, girl-next-door types to their adoring pre-adolescent fans, but there is another side to them. A side that I, as Charlene’s secret boyfriend, only knows about – their
wanton lust for sex. If course, the public and the media do not know about it, but here’s my encounter with those two.

I had met Charlene backstage after one of their concerts, having won a backstage pass through a radio show. She came in, we started talking, and everything just clicked. Pretty soon, I was hired as her personal assistant so we could see each other more often. And pretty much before every show, Charlene and I would have a quick romp before she went onstage.

Gillian, her partner, knew about our relationship of course, but didn’t say anything about it. She was more mature and beautiful, but wasn’t as “cute” as Charlene. As a result, she had less offers for movies, promotions, advertisements, etc. than Charlene, a grudge she bore quite well. Still, because Charlene was her best friend, Gillian wouldn’t say anything.

After a hectic year on tour, Gillian and Charlene decided to take a long-needed break. They went to an exclusive hotel and spa in an undisclosed location, so fans and the media wouldn’t bother them. Since I was Charlene’s boyfriend, of course I got to go.

This hotel and spa we went to was just gorgeous – with huge guest rooms, private pools and Jacuzzi, and all sorts of perks. After checking in, Charlene and I decided to go for a dip in the Jacuzzi, while Gillian left for a Thai massage. Charlene changed into a blue, two-piece low-cut bikini, showing off her wonderful body – pure white smooth skin, a graceful neck, petite and perky A-cup breasts, smooth flat stomach, and long, shapely legs. Since Gillian wasn’t around, both of us jumped into the Jacuzzi together.

As soon as we both splashed in, I asked her, “Well, what now?” gently stroking her beautiful, smooth legs.

“I know what I want to do,” Charlene purred, as she slowly slid into the hot, bubbling water until it was up to her neck. A moment later, she raised her arms, with her bikini top in one hand. I looked down and even through the bubbles could see Charlene’s small, pert breasts. I pulled her over until she was straddling my lap and began to fondle her tiny breasts. She wrapped her arms around me ad began to grind her hips into mine, creating an obvious swelling. She reached down my swim trunks and pulled my member out. “Mmmm… this is what I want,” she cooed, as she began stroking my member. I lifted her out of the water and placed her on the edge of the Jacuzzi. She lay down, with her hips pointing at me. I pulled off her bikini bottom to reveal her small bush and her inviting pussy. I began to lick her slit, flicking gently at her opening. She recoiled in pleasure and moaned softly as I continued to penetrate her with my tongue. After several minutes, I stood up in the Jacuzzi and aimed my shaft into her slit, slowly entering he. Charlene squealed in delight as I slipped my 8 inches inside of her. She bit her lips and writhed as I began pumping into her.

Uh… I… can’t stand… it…” was all Charlene could say as a wave of orgasm overtook her. She cried out in ecstasy, before her tension was released and she slowly came back down from her high. Meanwhile, I continued to pump into her until I came and collapsed on top of her in exhaustion.

After lying there for several minutes, I got up and noticed Charlene had fallen asleep, with a smile on her beautiful face. I gently carried Charlene to the bedroom and placed her in bed, and then placing a blanket over her. I decided to take a quick shower and sit in the sauna for a while.

Gillian, meanwhile, came back from her Thai massage feeling fresh and relaxed. “Charlene? Sean? Anyone home?” Gillian called out. Not hearing an answer, she closed the door quietly and looked around. Gillian saw Charlene asleep. Quietly, Gillian slipped out of her clothes and stepped into the shower.

When she came out, Gillian wrapped a towel around herself, and went to the sauna. She opened the door and aw me sitting there, with a towel around my waist.

“So that’s where you are!” Gillian cooed as she stepped in and closed the door behind her.

“Hey G, what’s up?” I asked.

“Just relaxing,” Gillian replied. “So I see Charlene’s asleep.”

“Yeah, we did some… uh… exercise,” I lied.

“Yeah right, I know about you two,” Gillian shot back.

“We’re that obvious, huh?”

Gillian shrugged. “Hey, I’m Charlene’s best friend, remember?”

I then looked at her. “Hey, where’s your boyfriend? Didn’t you say you have one?” Gillian’s face turned red in embarrassment, and then disappointment.

“I lied.” She began. “Most of the guys, they only want Charlene, not me. She’s always the cute one, the outgoing one, the one everybody wants,” Gillian sighed. “Me, I get the leftovers. I know she’s my best friend, but it’s really tough, you know? I feel like a spare part, sometimes.”

I scooted over next to her and put my arm around her. “Wow, I didn’t know you felt that way. I’m sorry.” Gillian looked up at me.

“What is it about me? Aren’t I cute? Why do I always play second fiddle to her?” Tears began running down her red cheeks.

“No, of course not! You are very hot and sexy! If I wasn’t with Charlene, I’d be all over you!”

Gillian gave me a peck on the cheek. “Thanks, I needed to hear that.” She gave me another peck and stared deeply into my eyes. Our heads slowly came together and we closed our eyes as our lips touched softly at first, then with passion. I held her tightly in my arms as we began kissing passionately. She broke the kiss and stood up, letting her towel drop to the floor.

Gillian revealed her body to me – also very nice, with smooth skin, nice B-cup breasts, and a neatly trimmed bush in her pubic area. “I’m feeling a little hot,” she whispered and left the room.

I got up and followed Gillian to her bedroom. She closed the door behind me and we began kissing again. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth and she began sucking on it. I reached down and rubbed gently along and around her bush. She instantly spread her legs and I slipped a finger inside her cunt. She moaned, but continued to suck on my tongue. Breaking the kiss, she began kissing my chest, and licking my nipples. I found her G-spot and rubbed it. Gillian continued to moan at each touch. Finally, she looked up at me and whispered, “Fuck me… fuck me like you fuck Charlene. I want you inside me.” Without saying a word, I pushed Gillian onto the bed and straddled her.

“Eat me, Gillian,” she obliged and opened her mouth as I slid my dick inside her mouth. I pushed it in until it touched the back of her throat and she gagged. I backed off a bit and she began running her tongue up and down my shaft.

“Oh yeah, Gillian… that’s it…” I moaned as she began sucking harder. “Oh yeah, you’re better than Charlene at this.” Gillian smiled but continued eating her treat. She grabbed my ass and began thrusting me inside her mouth. I felt the tension building up inside me. “Gillian, I’m gonna… gonna…” I pulled my dick out and began spurting cum all over her beautiful face. Gilliam smiled as the juiced splattered all over her. She wiped the juices off and licked her cum-stained fingers.

“Now, do it again, inside me,” Gillian whispered. “But, start slow. I’m a virgin.” I couldn’t believe it! I was about to take this hot music star’s cherry! I held her legs up and could see her inviting pussy beckoning me.

“You ready?” I asked. She nodded. I slowly pushed my member into her and she writhed I pleasure as she felt her hole being filled for the first time. Soon, my whole dick was inside Gillian, and I stopped so Gillian can just enjoy the feeling of dick. She cooed at the sensation. I pulled out slowly and like before, slowly penetrated her again. She felt her best friend’s boyfriend’s dick filling her up. I slowly began a rhythm and began thrusting into her. Gillian’s body twisted and turned as she felt the tension reaching its climax.

“Let it go, Gillian! Let it go!” I instructed as Gillian continued to feel the power of sex. All at once, she cried out, and her body jerked violently before slowly coming to a rest. I collapsed on top of her, feeling my dick softening inside her snatch.

Suddenly, we heard the door knock. Charlene opened the door and stood there, stunned! Her boyfriend was lying naked atop her best friend! Charlene looked angry as she blurted, “What the…?”

“Charlene, I… uh…” I stuttered. Gillian looked down, ashamed to face her best friend.

Charlene began. “I see you guys clearly enjoyed yourselves.” Her face softened. “Gillian, was my boyfriend good?”

Gillian looked at her best friend in surprise, “Uh… wow, he was so damn good! I felt so high…”

Charlene then turned to me. “Did you enjoy Gillian?”

“She was a good fuck,” I admitted.

Charlene then surprised Gillian and I with her response. “Good. Because I always wanted a threesome!” Gillian and I both looked at Charlene, too stunned to talk. She continued. “What better threesome to have than with my boyfriend and my best friend!” Wit that, Charlene slipped out of her clothes and climbed into bed with us. She began kissing Gillian passionately. Gillian pulled back at first, but then lost her inhibitions as her best friend began slipping her tongue into Gillian. At the same time, Charlene began stroking my now-hardening rod. I just lay there, watching the duo kissing and rubbing each other’s naked body. Charlene broke her kiss.

“Gillian, I wanted to do that for a long time,” Charlene confessed.

“Me too,” Gillian responded. “But you had a boyfriend so I didn’t think you liked girls.” Gillian and Charlene began kissing again and started to rub each other’s clits. I continued watching them, stroking my dick. Gillian lay down and Charlene sat on top of Gillian. Charlene straddled Gillian’s face while she went after Gillian’s pussy in the classic 69 position. Instinctively, Gillian spread her legs as Charlene began fingering and licking Gillian’s slit. Gillian also began slipping her tongue into Charlene’s snatch. The sight of the two girls going down on each other, rubbing their gorgeous bodies together was too much, as I just spurted my load onto their bodies. Charlene felt the shots, looked at me, and smiled. She then wiped a shot ff her body, licking her fingers clean, before going back to Gillian. Gillian was too busy enjoying Charlene’s fruits to even notice the cum dripping off her. Gillian began moaning as she felt the tension again building up inside her. All of a sudden, Charlene’s body was treated to Gillian’s love juices as Gillian’s’ body tensed up and then relaxed.

After tasting her best friend’s juices, Charlene leaned over to me and whispered, “Let me clean that up for you.” Charlene slipped my dick into her mouth and began using her tongue to wipe all traces of cum off my member. I reached forward and inserted my finger into Gillian, working up a rhythm. Finally, Gillian’s efforts were rewarded when Charlene’s body tenses sand filled Gillian’s waiting mouth with her juices. Charlene then stood up and looked at us.

“Since my boyfriend enjoyed the show so much, now it’s his turn!” Charlene motioned for me to lie down. She also motioned for Gillian to straddle my face, and I obligingly began eating out Gillian. Charlene lowered herself onto my dick and began to rock back and forth. At the same time, Charlene and Gillian began taking turns kissing and rubbing each other’s lips, neck, and breasts. After what seemed like forever, Charlene and Gillian switched positions, and now I tasted Charlene as I entered Gillian’s sweet young cunt again.

Slowly, I felt the tension build again inside me. I looked up and saw Charlene and Gillian continuing to rub against each other. Without warning, I shot inside Gillian. Charlene quickly went to Gillian’s’ snatch and began lapping up the cum.

“Mmm… I love my boyfriend’s cream,” she cooed. Gillian turned and cleaned off my now floppy dick. “I like your boyfriend’s cream too!” she purred.

I laid there, resting and surprised at the insatiable sexual appetite of these two. Gillian and Charlene also stopped and collapsed on the bed, sandwiching me. WE lay there for a while as the three of us just cuddled each other.

After a few minutes, I began kissing Charlene again and running my hands over her pert nipples, breasts, and moving all the way down to her snatch. Charlene with one hand began rubbing my crotch and shaft, while with the other hand massaged Gillian’s butt cheeks. Gillian for her part slipped a finger inside herself, and with her free hand helped Charlene with stroking my cock, trying to stiffen it up. After a while, I did begin to stiffen up. This time, I motioned for Gillian to lie on top of Charlene. Gillian lay belly-to-belly on top of Charlene and they again began making out. I took at their feet and both girls spread their legs wide. I saw two inviting pussies for me to fuck. I first slipped my shaft into Charlene and after a few thrusts would switch to Gillian, pumping into her. I alternated between the two burning snatches, as Gillian and Charlene continued to explore each other’s bodies. Finally, I built up a fast rhythm as the girls continued to writhe in ecstasy. I finally shot my load inside Charlene, filling her with my ooze. To make sure Gillian didn’t feel left out, I also pumped into her until I shot into her again. Finally, the three of us collapsed, cuddling and sleeping in one bed, holding each other tight.

And to think our vacation just started.

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