A Very Good Morning

A Very Good Morning

by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal
Celebs: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kate Winslet
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Mary couldn’t believe this was happening.  “What do you mean, you lost my reservation?”

“Uh, computer error, Miss Winstead.”

“And you have nothing else for me?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am.” Mary tried really hard to keep her cool.  She had just flown twelve hours, rode an hour in a cab, and was really counting on being able to go straight to her room and crash as soon as she arrived.

“Um, excuse me!” Mary turned her head to see Kate standing there.  They were both there for the same thing. “They managed to not lose my reservation, so you can stay with me if you like.”

Mary was so tired, she almost gave Kate a hug and a kiss. “Oh, God, thank you!”

“Well, you’re welcome.”

“And I’ll pay you for half.”


Later, they lay on the hotel bed, watching a movie, Kate wearing a lace slip, Mary a white cotton t-shirt, and both in their panties.

“You ready for sleep?” Mary yawned, “Cause I am.”

“Yeah, this movie’s bloody boring.” Kate turned the TV off, then Mary turned off the light.

The next morning, Mary woke up first.  She turned towards Kate, and found her turned away from her, in a fetal position.  Mary suddenly felt an odd urge.  She scooted over to Kate, put her hand on her shoulder, and whispered in her ear, “Kaaatieee…” She then leaned down, and started kissing Kate’s neck, and around her ear.

Suddenly, Kate sniggered. “Just couldn’t resist, could you?” Kate turned her head, smirking.  The two of them locked lips, as Kate turned over completely, grabbing Mary’s ass as she did.

Mary lowered the strap on Kate’s slip, and kissed down her shoulder.  She pulled the strap down, until she revealed Kate’s breast, with its hard nipple, which Mary started sucking on, causing Kate to moan.  Kate rolled on to her back, and took off the slip, and Mary straddled her, and squeezed and suckled her large breasts. “Mmmmm…” Kate sighed, lifting her arms over her head, revealing her unshaven pits.

Mary kissed down Kate’s stomach, hooking her panties with her fingers, and pulling them down.  She then kissed down Kate’s hairy bush, arriving at her twat.  Mary swirled her tongue around the surface, before burying it deep into Kate’s snatch.

“Huhm!…Mm!…” Kate’s brow furrowed, and she writhed around on the sheets, as Mary ate her out.

Suddenly, Mary lifted her head, and whispered, “Roll over.” Kate rolled over on her stomach, having some idea of what Mary had in mind.  Mary opened her cheeks, and started to eat Kate’s asshole out.

“Oh!  Oh, fuck!” Mary alternated between licking and fingering Kate’s ass, as Kate rubbed and fingered her pussy.  Kate eventually came, even squirting.

Mary, now naked, stood leaning against the wall next to the bed, as Kate kneeled at her feet.  Kate had her face buried in Mary’s cunt, probing it with her tongue, while, in the back, Kate fucked Mary’s asshole with her middle finger.  Mary grimaced, and let out a loud yelp when she came, and even jerked her hips, almost throwing Kate off her, if not for the death grip her hands had on Kate’s head.

As Mary caught her breath, Kate kissed her now wet thighs.  Mary looked down at her, and smiled.

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