A Very Katy Christmas

Title: A Very Katy Christmas

Author: DaxG2001

Celebs: Katy Perry

Codes: cons, MF, oral, anal

Disclaimer: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the celebrities, people, record labels, companies etc depicted or associated with within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in their current country of residence. I am making no money as a result of writing this piece of fiction.


* * *


2015, following the wrap-up the recording of the H & M Christmas advertising campaign.



“Now that was fun!” The gorgeous pop music superstar Katy Perry grinned at her own reflection in the make-up mirror. “I’ve probably got fake snow in places it shouldn’t be…” She added with smirk, unable to help herself from being fun and flirty even while alone.



Perry is clad in a bright and sparkling golden Christmas Fairy outfit, complete with glistening see-through coloured wings. The main dress is short to just rest just at the top of her thighs to fit nicely to her thick and juicy ass. While up top it’s slightly low cut but tight, giving a glimpse of her sex cleavage from her large breasts. All topped off with her coloured with multiple ‘Fairy’ shade of blues and purples to match her wings and her eye shadow make-up.



“Still, the fun isn’t over yet…” She said to herself with a smirk. Right on time, there was a knock at the door that made her grin as she looked back over her shoulder. “Come in!” She said eagerly, knowing just who would be there.



“You wanted to see me Katy?” Sean O’Pry, the handsome male model who starred alongside Perry in the advert stepped in with a friendly smile. A man who also happened to have had a starring role as the love interest for the music video for “Blank Space”, a song by Katy’s music rival Taylor Swift. His muscular body covered up by the festive sweater he wore during part of the shoot, with a pair of (as expected) stylish Jeans and a large, rather novelty sized Santa Hat topping his head.



“I sure did Sean!” She greeted, stepping forward towards him as he closed the door behind him. “Although, I’m a little disappointed…” Perry said, putting on fake sadness with a pout to match.

“Oh? I thought the shoot went great…” Sean said, still smiling as he (wisely) played along with the gorgeous popstar.

“Oh it did, but I mean this…” She motioned to his top. “Covering up that body? I’m going to put you on the ‘Naughty List’ mister!” Katy said with a flirty smirk, putting her hands on her shapely hips.

“You didn’t see enough of me during the shoot?” O’Pry stated with a smile of his own, folding his arms across his chest. Not looking like he objects one bit to her flirting.

“Well now I want to see more…” Perry kept smirking as she boldly stepped forward, placing a hand on his arm. “In fact, a lot more…” She said, being about as subtle as a Christmas Carol choir as she moved that same hand right down all the way onto his crotch.



“Woah! For real?” He questioned, but seeing the lusty look she was giving him, he started to smile again. “Not what I was expecting to hear… But I’m glad I am hearing it…” He said to again wisely go along with events.

“Really? So you haven’t figured it out yet?” Katy teased, inviting herself down as she moved to kneel down in front of him. “That I personally picked you out to be the male lead in this advert?”

“Well, I had heard rumours… That you and Taylor Swift aren’t exactly friends and all…” Sean says, watching as the busty beauty continued to ‘let herself in’ as she started to unloop his belt. “And I did star in her music video a while back… I did think this was a little too much of a coincidence.”

“Smart and handsome? You’re one heck of a Christmas Present aren’t you?” Katy grinned, looking up at him. “I fucking hate that bitch’s guts… And I heard you got lucky with that slut off set… So now? I’m gonna show you how a real woman can treat a stud like you!”



With that, Katy hauled down not just his Jeans, but his underwear too to his knees. Getting treated by the sight of a nicely thick and lengthy to match shaft which make Katy grin a little wider seeing what she was going to be working with. Reaching up to eagerly take a hold of him and start to stroke him off. Licking her teeth as she watches his member start to harden as the hunk in front of her groans with approval.



“How’d… Mmmmm… I mean, how did you hear that I… I might have gotten ‘lucky’ with Taylor at the shoot…” Sean says, picking words carefully as if he didn’t want to directly admit to it in case of getting in trouble.

“Honey, I’m in the music business. You have to keep an ear out for gossip and drama…” Katy smirked, pausing for a moment to spit onto her palm, before applying it onto his cock as she stroked him. “Let’s just say I’ve got a… Close friend, who keeps an eye on that bitch for me.” She said with a cheeky wink.

“Mmmmm… I’m not going to question that…” O’Pry stated, sneaking a look down at her stunning chest sticking out with the top-down look he was getting from her position.



“Good! Now, how about you take that cute little sweater off?” Katy suggested, but with the kind of flirty tone that made it far from subtle that it was an order. Coupled with her hand smoothly pumping up and down his member. “And let this Christmas Fairy take care of this big old ‘Candy Cane’ of yours…” She added, matching the cheesy line with a big old smile. Soon giving him reason to grin as she leaned her multicoloured haired head down towards his crotch. Eyes locked up at him as her tongue danced across the tip of his tool. A quick round of swirls around the nicely fat crown, before she expertly worked over the slit to get him lightly wet from her spit. All the while still working over the shaft with her frisky hand.



“Mmmmm… Yeah, sounds good Katy…” The hunky model wisely, and tellingly quickly, agreed as he moaned from her licking work. Taking off the oversized Christmas hat for a moment, before his hands pulled the festive top up and over his head to reveal that muscular upper body. Obviously to the kneeling beauty’s liking as she rewarded the desirable sight by wrapping her lips around his cock for a long and loud slurp. “Mmmmm! Feels real good as well…” He said, tossing the top aside but keeping in the spirit of things by putting the hat back on. His gaze locked on the stunning face of the popstar as she started to bob her head along the top part of his meaty pole. Her hand still pumping the rest of him as she worked her pouty lips over the top couple of inches.



“Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmm…” The “California Gurls” and “Roar” singer groaned around the cock of her H & M advert co-star. Showing she’s far from novice at this sexual act from the steady motion her mouth is using to slide up and down on this big dick. Her full lips nicely pressed around his meat as sucks, but taking care of the rest of his size with pumps of her hand. “Mmmmm! Hmmmmphhh… Mmmmm…” Her eyes slightly narrowed seductively as she sucks away. Further putting on a porn star-like show by using her free hand to brush her fairy-coloured hair back over the shoulders when it falls out of place from the repeated bobbing. Not to mention how she’s gradually taking more of his prick with each suck down onto him she delivers.



“Ahhhhh! Mmmmm… Damn that’s… That’s good Katy…” O’Pry groans his approval, watching as the dressed up stunner sucks away eagerly on his shaft. Feeling the saliva start to drip down his inches from her repeated slurps as the singer moves her hand from off his base to rest on his thigh. Allowing her hungry mouth to push down further onto his length, to both of their moaning delight – although hers was obviously muffled by the same big dick she was blowing. “Mmmmm! Oh wow… Do you always treat… Mmmmm… Your video stars as good as this?” He teases with a smile, before moaning again with enjoyment of her top notch oral talents. Showing that it’s not just for singing worldwide pop hits that he mouth is good more as she gobbles down his cock with long slurp after smooth suck.



That question gets a raised eyebrow from Perry as she appears to smirk around his dick for a moment. Opting to answer with actions rather than words as she pushes her stunning face right down onto his shaft. Not even gagging for a moment as she takes his member down into her throat. Holding him in place to make him deeply moan as she rests her nose into his crotch and her chin against his balls. All while staring up with lust at the co-star of her advert video, using her hands to playfully grip his defined ass as she deep throats him. After staying down for a length of time that many a porn veteran would struggle to maintain she slowly raises up his pole. Leaving with a loud and sexy ‘pop’ and a gasp as she smirks properly up at him.



“Mmmm… One big, fucking tasty ‘Candy Cane’ there…” Katy teases, before spitting down onto his cock for good measure as she brings both hands up to jerk her saliva into his inches. “That answer your question, Sean?”

“Mmmmm… All that and then some.” Sean says, groaning from her pumps.

“Good!” She happily said as she let go of his dick. “Now, it’s time for you to put some work in…” Perry stated as she turned over and around, getting onto her hands and knees facing away from him. “Oh, and when I mean work? I mean I want you to tongue my sexy ass nice and deep.” She ordered with another naughty look as she looked back at him.

“So you have heard about what I’ve gotten up to on video shoots before…” O’Pry says with a chuckle as he takes a moment to step out of the jeans and footwear. Not objecting at all to the request as he moved down behind her. Hands lifting up the bottom of her Fairy attire to reveal her thick, rounded ass in all its naked glory.



A smirk appearing on his face as he sees there’s no underwear, allowing him to get to work quickly. Spreading those juicy cheeks apart as he leans in. Giving a long, slow lick up from the bottom of her already a little damp snatch all the way up to the top of her ass. A motion enough to make the beautiful popstar groan with approval as she stared back at him. Soon following up with a spit down onto her tight asshole before he applied the tongue onto her. A firm press that alone made her push her sexy backside back towards his handsome face. However he’s in no rush, looking to savour such a fine booty as he starts to run his tongue around the outside of her entrance. A couple of slow swirls while his hands keep a firm hold of her cheeks.



“Mmmmm… Come on baby, don’t hold back on me…” Katy playfully whined. Her voice demanding more but her groans and how her still clothed body is rocking back against his tongue showing she’s more than just enjoying his work on her already. Finding herself licking her own lips as she takes this ass pleasuring from one of the world’s most successful, as well as handsome, male models. “Ahhhhh… I ain’t like that stuck-up bitch Taylor… Mmmm! Stick that fucking tongue in my… Mmmmm! In my hot fucking ass!” She demands with another sinful look cast back at him. Knowing full well she’s planning to properly fuck the star of her rival’s music videos. Groaning again when he again applies that nicely wet tongue against her tight hole. Feeling the probing and pushing against her resistance as his hands dig into the ample flesh of her rump.



“Mmmmmphhh… Someone’s impatient, aren’t they?” Sean teases as he lifts back for a moment, taking in air before spitting down onto her asscrack again. Showing his own skill as he waits until the saliva drips down across her asshole before he dives in against with a slurp of his own onto her. Making her moan out as that thick backside gets shoved and rubbed back against his face. Giving him little choice, although that was his plan all along, to continue rimming the needy music starlet. The white ball on the end of his festive hat slightly swaying as his head stays in place as tongues at her backdoor. Licks and sucks with his mouth to show this isn’t the first time he’s eaten some ass before.



“Mmmmmm!! Mmmmm fuck!! Yeah I’m… Ahhhh… Fucking impatient stud!” The “Firework” and “I Kissed a Girl” singer almost hisses as she keeps on rocking back and forth against his probing tongue. Like she’s trying to fuck her own asshole on that skilled, licking tongue. She’s certainly more than just a little worked up right now. Reaching back under her Christmas Fairy clothed body to start to rub her wet pussy with her fingers. “Ahhhhhh FUCK! Mmmmm… Yeah I heard… MMMM… That you eat ass real fucking good baby…” She purred with approval, looking back over her shoulder with half-closed eyes. Loving how the man once ranked as the most successful male model in the world by Forbes Magazine is eating out her thick, stunning ass. Groaning out as his talented tongue pushes into her asshole at long last. Causing her fingers to increase their rubbing motion at the same time.



“Mmmmm… Mmmmmphhh! Mmmm…” The stud of Irish and Native American decent groans himself as he probes away at the back passage of one of the world’s most famous and beautiful women. His handsome facial features pressed right up into those cheeks as the woman he’s rimming keeps pushing back against his licks. Only helping him to get in deeper to spread his saliva as far into the California-born stunner as he can. His tongue twisting and flicking around her while his hands keep on rubbing and groping her butt. So deep into her that Katy’s fingers actually brush against his chin from the self-pleasuring she’s doing to herself as he eats out that magnificent ass.



“MMMM! OK stud… Mmmmm! That’s more than enough warm-up for us now…” Katy says with a groan, licking her lips as she watches him pull back from her ass. “Go take a seat stud… I’ll be right with you…”

“Sure thing Katy…” Sean says with a nod, moving up from the dressing room floor as he helps himself to the make-up chair to take a seat. “Hope this thing is strong enough to take what you have planned…” He comments as he settles in.

“Well we’re about to fucking find out!” Perry said with a grin as she returned over with a small bottle of sex lube. Popping off the lid so she can pour some out onto his rock hard cock, before stroking it all over him for good measure. “Bet that fucking bitch Taylor couldn’t handle a big dick like this in her tiny ass, right?” She asked with a smirk, lifting off from his cock as she poured lube now onto her own fingers.

“Pretty sure I signed some ‘No Disclosure’ agreement for that video shoot… So I couldn’t possibly say…” O’Pry says teasingly, smirking at how clearly looking to ‘get one over’ her rival this busty beauty is. Although his attention is watching her as she moans, pushing the lubed up fingers into her own asshole just to be sure as she pushing the sex-aid in nicely deep with a quick round of pumps.



“Guess this Fairy is going to have to fuck the information out of you…” She smirks, putting down the lube as she moves up and onto his lap. Looking and reaching back to grip his pole as she lines it up with her ass. Pressing the crown against her back entrance before slowly sinking down. Making them both moan out when the fat bell-end sinks past her still tight, even with all the rimming and lubing done, asshole. “MMMM FUCK… Oh yeah… MMMMM… Nice and fucking big…” Katy sighed as she settled in, placing her hands on his shoulders and kneeling against his legs as that fine ass was pushed out. Allowing her to raise and lower her still costume-clad body on his meaty pole to start stuffing her own ass full with that big cock.



“MMMM!! Feels… Ahhhhh! Real fucking tight from where I sit too…” The hunky model says with a groan. Feeling her walls clamping around his tool as it gets shifted in and out of her backside. His hands gripping her toned waist as she starts to ride him. Already making her large tits jiggle sexily within her Christmas Fairy costume as the wings at the back ‘flutter’ in time with the motion of her stunning body. “Uhhhhh! MMMMM… Yeah! Real fucking tight…” He groans. More than happy to let the horny singer fulfil some sexual needs. Even if it’s also being done as a way for her to ‘stick it’ to the woman he once starred in the “Blank Space” music video for. He’s more concerned right now with how good it feels to be such a juicy and tight backside as that rump shifts up and down his fuck-stick at a nicely steady and firm pace.



“AHHHHH FUCK! Damn… UHHHH!! Fucking right I am!!” The “Teenage Dream” and “Dark Horse” songstress grins and she moans out. A big smile on her face as she fucks her more than just shapely ass on this nicely lengthy cock. Already showing that this is far from her first time engaging in some anal action. Making full use of the chance, as many red blooded women would do, of fucking one of the world’s most desirable male models. “MMMMM… No way that… AHHHHH… Fucking slut Swift could treat this nice… MMMM!! Fucking cock like I can!” She boasts, but is putting on quite the performance to show she can back up her claims. Smoothly lifting and lowering herself onto the cock firmly stuffed between her juicy butt cheeks. Gradually taking more of his vast size into her back passage as she does so.



“MMMMM!! You’re… AHHHHH!! Taking me way better than… Ahhhhh! A lot of women I’ve been with before have… UHHHH! Tried to take me…” He states between his own moans of delight. The man once ranked by Vogue as one of the Top 10 Models of All Time putting on a performance more suited for a porn movie than a fashion catwalk. Sweat starting to form across his muscular frame as the hunk only wearing a big Christmas hat takes this steamy ride from the lusty Festive Fairy on top of him. “MMMM… Fuck it… You’re better than… AHHHH SHIT… Any woman I’ve been with before!” He stated, feeling his dick sinking deeper into her super snug asshole as the multi-time People’s Choice Awards winner continues to deliver this red hot ride to give both his meaty pole and her own thick backside the treatment they both deserve.



“MMMMM! Oh yeah! AHHHH!! I’m so much… MMMM FUCK!! Better than the rest!!” Katy grins, the admission what she was planning on getting out of him one fuck or another. The dirty talk just encouraging her to stuff her booty full with that big dick. She’s doing just that, making her butt cheeks jiggle each time she rocks sharply backwards to slide that member up into her rump. The sinful smack of her thighs hitting off of his sounding out each time she drops down. “AHHHH!! MMMMM! And you’re so big baby! MMMM!! No way a fucking bitch like… UHHHH!! Swift could treat you like I can!” She says, flipping her wildly multi-coloured ‘Fairy’ hair back to show off the drops of sweat now rolling down her stunning face. Not showing any intentions of calling for a break however as she keeps bouncing her clothed frame up and down on the man-meat of the stud she’s mounted on.



“MMMM… If only every shoot I’ve been on could end… AHHHH FUCK! Like this…” O’Pry says with a groan, for a moment staring forward at the bouncing rack of the babe riding him with her fantastic ass.

“AHHHHH… We ain’t… MMMM… Finished yet stud…” Katy says with a smirk as she brings herself to a stop on his dick. “Mmmmm… I want to fucking cum while you fuck my ass Sean…” She says with the kind of filthy tone that alone would make many a man blow their load right there and then. Not giving him any choice in the matter either as she moves to dismount him and the chair with a groan.

“Then I’d better get to work!” Sean states the obvious, watching as once more Katy gets down to her hands and knees on the floor of her dressing room. Allowing him to quickly snatch the lube bottle as he gives his dick another couple of strokes to apply the fluid to himself.

“Mmmmm… Come on baby…” Perry says invitingly as she spreads her legs a little. Once again a hand down underneath herself as she teases her own snatch with her fingers. “You know that big cock of yours deserves a big, sexy ass like mine to fuck!” She adds with a filthy grin.



“Let me guess, bigger and better than Taylor’s, right?” He says, wisely playing along with the still horny pop princess as he kneels down behind her. Spreading her cheeks wide so he can push his dick back into her asshole without nearly as much resistance as before. Yet still more than tight enough to make him deeply groan while she jolts forward from the invasion. “MMMMM FUCK… Oh yeah Katy! MMMM!! God you’re… AHHHHH! So fucking tight!” He marvels as he moans. Starting to work his cock in and out of her backside with a steady round of thrusts. Able to sink plenty of his meaty inches into her rump from the prior ride she’d given him. Her butt cheeks jiggling delightfully with each pump she takes, and only increased by how she soon rocks her curvaceous body back against his motion.



“OH FUCK! AHHHHH!! OOOOOOOOH FUCK!! MMMMM…” The “Hot n Cold” and “Part of Me” singer moans out loudly at the stiff way her backside is getting filled up with cock. Showing no shame in being fucked in the Christmas Fairy outfit she’d just filmed an advert for. Never mind having her juicy ass tapped by the hunky model wearing only a festive hat who had starred in the same video. “UHHHH!! MMMMM YEAH! FUCK!! Oh yesssssssssss MMMMM!!” She gasps out in delight not just from the anal action she’s almost effortlessly taking. She’s now shoving two fingers knuckles deep into her own snatch to pleasure herself as she takes this butt banging. Keeping her sweating frame rocking back and forth to meet the pumps entering her ass from behind to get that big dick nice and deep into her tight hole.



Behind her, the male model who has starred in countless advertising campaigns for major fashion lines is showing off skills that make him look more like a seasoned porn star. Stiffly working his cock into the backdoor of the beautiful singer on her hands and knees in front of him. Even spitting down onto his own cock when he slides a few inches out, only to drive right back in with a groan. His hands keeping those fleshy rear cheeks nicely apart for both easy access and the perfect view of both him fucking her ass and the finger fucking she’s doing to herself. The visual treats along with the pleasure of her anal passage clamped around his member easily driving him on to fuck this fine and full booty.



“UHHHHH!! YEAH!! Fuck my ass stud!! MMMMM!! Like that little… UHHH!!! Bitch Taylor could never handle!! AHHHHH FUCK!!” Katy moans out, still looking back over her shoulder with strands of that dyed, multi-coloured ‘Fairy’ hair sticking to her pretty face from the sweat coating her. The lusty way she’s pushing her body sharply back against the stiff thrusts filling up her ass making the wings of her costume flutter as she works herself against the pistoning motion. “MMMMM… Make me fucking cum Sean!! AHHHHH SHIT!! Make me fucking cum… UHHH!! While you’re fucking my… AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCKING MY ASS!!” She near squeals out, gasping in delight as her ass cheeks smack off of his fantastical defined midsection. All of his massive dick fitting inside of her back passage to fill her up in such a way that from her moans alone she’s never likely to forget again in her life. All the more reason for her to keep furiously plunging her own fingers in and out of her soaking wet twat.



“AHHHH SHIT!! MMMMM… You’re… UHHH!!! Really something fucking else Katy!! OH FUCK…” The hunk behind her grunts. The white ball on the end of his Christmas hat swinging as he puts plenty of force behind his motion. Stuffing his big member straight into that still needy and very pleasurably snug ass of the world famous popstar begging for more of this steamy action. The slap of his crotch connecting off her rounded butt cheeks ringing out in the air to mix with both of their shameless moans. “MMMM… Yeah, fucking cum Katy! AHHHHH SHIT… Fucking… UHHHH!! Cum!” Now he’s the one demanding from her, groping her ass before he grips her hips. Hauling the California-born stunner back sharply to impale her gorgeous backside onto his cock and not just once either. A rough series of balls deep thrusts with her ass drawn straight back into his crotch. The sort of position that would render a normal woman unable to walk straight for several days afterwards.



“OOOOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCK!!” For Katy Perry it was just the trigger she needed as she finally came, and did so hard while her H & M advert co-star fucked her up the ass. Her pumping fingers becoming further soaked with juices as a flood escaped to drip down her hand and wrist. Her other arm nearly buckling as her upper body leant downward towards the dressing room floor as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Eyes fluttering almost as much as the ‘Fairy wings’ of her Christmas costume are. Yet still able to keep finger banging herself to ride out an intense wave of pleasure. Aided along by the stud behind her still using her thick backside of just as much his own pleasure as hers.



“MMMMM FUCK… AHHHHH SHIT…” Sean groaned as he began easing up the pace and force of his thrusts. Letting of her hips as he adjusted the Christmas hat he was still wearing. “Gonna… MMMM… Gonna cum soon myself Katy…” He warned with a moan. Yet wasn’t exactly in a hurry to pull out of her as he enjoyed a couple more smooth and steady pumps into her now more than just well fucked booty.

“Mmmmmmm… Give me a sec baby…” Katy gasped, finally pulling her soaked fingers out of her own snatch with a satisfied groan. She then shifted forward, forcing his cock to pull out of her backside. “Fuck I needed that…” She said, giving him a grin as she turned around and faced him on her knees.



“How about you finish me on these?” She offered, reaching up to slip the straps of her costume off the shoulders. Allowing her to pull the front of her Christmas Fairy costume down as her large, rounded breasts bounced free. Shining with the layer of sweat covering them, and even jiggling in her grasp as she put on a show by squishing them together with a filthy smirk.



“Now that’s one Hell of a Christmas present!” He grinned back, shifting up to stand before he stepped forward. Immediately finding his cock being captured by those massive mounds as she wrapped them around his member. Showing no issue with taking the cock that’s just come from out of her ass right between her tits as she presses them around his dick. “OH FUCK… That’s… MMMMM FUCK… AHHHHH…” He sighed in delight as she started to rub her breasts up and down his pole. Letting him feel the softness of her big boobs as she ran them all the way along his vast size. The crown popping out from between them each time she pushed her chest downward to meet his crotch before raising them all the way up and smoothly repeating the motion.



“Mmmmm… You like these big fucking titties Sean? Like having that big… Fucking… Cock of yours fucked by these big hooker tits of mine?” The singer who rose to fame with “I Kissed a Girl” purred as she grinned up at the stud who had just made her cum nice and hard. Showing she’s used her large breasts plenty of times before to pleasure a cock with how swiftly she’s sliding her tits back and forth along his manhood. “No way that flat chested bitch Swift could pull this off…” She added with a flirty lick of the lips. Never forgetting that she’s gotten to fuck the man who played the love interest in the “Blank Space” music video of her rival. For now though focusing on making sure he gets what he deserves with a red hot tit-fuck. Even spitting down onto the head of his tool when it appears out from her deep and sexy cleavage for the best pleasure possible.



“MMMM SHIT… OH FUCK… Just… Just a little more…” The man considered one of the hottest male models in the world grunts as he feels his cock start to throb between the magnificent, rounded breasts of the popstar in front of him. Having gone from starring in her H & M advert to fucking her up the ass, and now enjoying a titfuck from one the best pair of tits not just in music, but the world. Her hands keeping her mounds right around his shaft as she slides her own rack right the way up and down his meaty rod. Easily making his member vanish then reappear like a dirty magic trick from the motion of her boobs up and down on him. Never mind making him groan loudly and deeply with every pump up and down she gives him with those large, sweat-covered breasts.



“MMMMMMM FUCK!! MMMMM…” Sean O’Pry was able to grunt a last warning or sorts before the first blast of hot spunk shot out from his cock. Katy licking her lips as she watched the jizz fall back down to splatter her already sweat glistening skin above her chest. Followed by more shots as she deliberately milked this big cock dry using her tits. Getting that thick seed splashing down not just to make a creamy ‘pearl necklace’ but to coat the tops of her breasts as well. Groaning as she feels her cleavage getting stained too for good measure each time his cock unloads while down between her mounds. The seed getting wiped off onto her rack as she keeps sliding her tits over his dick even as his cock finally starts to soften between her boobs.



“Fuck yeah Sean!” Katy laughs as she finally lets go of her tits, allowing his spent rod to fall from her now cum-stained and covered breasts. “That’s way better than milk and cookies for a Christmas treat, right?” She grins, still playing up to the festive element of this sexual encounter.

“That and then some!” Dean replies with a smile. “Even if we’re both right on the ‘Naughty List’ for life now after this…”

“Fucking worth it though, right?” Perry said with a wink, moving to stand up as she walks over towards her purse. “So, tell me stud… Am I a better fuck that Taylor, or what?” She asked, looking back over her shoulder at him.

“What do you think?” O’Pry said with a smirk. “That was the dirtiest fuck I’ve ever had… No way she could match that!” He added, taking a moment to admire Katy’s figure in her ‘Fairy’ outfit before he moved towards he clothing to get dressed.



“Knew you’d say that…” She smirked back, pulling out her cellphone now that he’s not looking. Quickly taking a snapshot of herself in her freshly fucked, cum-covered tits state with the stud she just banged in the background. “But uh, we’d better get changed before someone questions what we’ve been up to…” She slyly says, putting the phone away as she turns to give him a wink.



* * *



An hour later…



In an apartment in New York City…



Taylor Swift relaxed back on her bed in a tasty set of bra and panties, sighing as she browsed through social media about her. Shaking her head at another wild rumour trying to be started about her.



Her attention perked up as she got a text message from a familiar number, making her sit up in the bed as she opened it up.



“TFW you just got your ass fucked by a total stud after shoot >:D” read the message, accompanied by a picture. A selfie of Katy Perry looking very happy, sweaty, and with her tits covered in jizz as she wears a Christmas Fairy costume. With a naked hunk in a Santa Hat in the background of the dressing room.



Taylor grinned as she started typing out a reply to the woman who is supposed to be her rival in music. “So, I win the bet, right? 😉 Told you he was a fucking stud! Did he buy the whole OMG I h8 Taylor thing?”



“Hook line and sucker! 😛 He even said I was a better fuck than you LOL” Came the reply a few moments later from Katy Perry.



“Bitch! That’s what they always say >:P You having seconds with that big dick of his?” Swift responded.



“DUH! Maybe I’ll take some pics… Better yet a video! ;P” Katy sent back.



“You’d better show me next week slut! You’ll need something to do after I fuck your big butt. Bet’s a bet, remember? :D”



“That’s why I bet my ass in the first place. This will be a nice warm up for you :-} And Merry Fucking XXX-Mas bitch!” Perry sent back.



“Lucky fucking slut…” Taylor said out loud to herself with a giggle as she put the phone down. “And lucky fucking me… Can’t believe people still believe this rivalry shit…” She said with a smirk to herself. Glancing over to the thick and long strap-on resting on top of a chest of drawers away from the bed with a lick of her lips. “That ass of Katy’s is my kind of present…”


* * *


Feel free to send any feedback etc to daxg2001@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks for reading!

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