A Very Merry Christmas with Kate Upton

A Very Merry Christmas with Kate Upton

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Author: Blackjack

Celebrity: Kate Upton

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal

Author’s Note: Yeah, it’s fluff so sue me. It’s Christmas!

That did it!

That fucking did it!

I was going to hand my notice in the first thing on December twenty sixth and I was going to get the hell out of the retail business! The doors were shut and much merriment was already occurring on the streets of my home town. However, I was pretty much set in my role as the Grinch of our store. A snowball hit the back of my neck and I shook it off as I stuffed my hands into my pockets and started to make my way back to my apartment.

I lived on the ground floor of a pretty nice set of buildings in down town Denton, Ohio and I was going to be the only one there for most of tonight and probably for the early hours of tomorrow morning/midday.

Fine by me.

I still had all of my presents to wrap and most of my cards to write for my family. One more stop on my way over into the convenience store and I would be on vacation for one whole week while my brand new assistant manager held the store off. Of course, I had precisely nothing to do with my week off other than be a Grinch and probably make my way home after dealing with my family. First, I had a date with a six pack and the latest issue of Sports Illustrated to see what new hot women were out there.

Street lights flickered above me as I walked down the street towards what was left of society that hadn’t shut down for the holidays. I put my hand out and saw that there was a soft flake cascading down from the heavens towards the ground. Snow fall? That was all that I needed. Looking around, I spotted the occasional family or small child getting excited about the falling powder. There wasn’t much texture to it, so maybe it wouldn’t stay?

Narrowly avoiding some open air snowball conflict, I ducked into an open and remarkably empty parking lot for my local convenience store and made my way over to the front door. The lure of the heating inside of the store was just too great for me to avoid. Putting my hand against the cold steel of the door, I pushed my way inside of the store and the warm blast of heating was enough for me to almost be grateful I was inside.

However, the smell of out of date hotdogs and burgers were enough for me to get brought back into the room. Looking around, I nodded at the baked clerk behind the desk as I walked over to the alcohol. Grabbing a six pack of Coors and then walking down towards the magazine rack, I picked up a GQ and a Sports Illustrated as a special Christmas treat to myself. Well, why shouldn’t I reward myself?

Checking out the selection of candy bars, I found nothing that seemed to grab my attention so I made my way straight over to the desk. Laying down all of the items down on the counter, I ignored the look from the attendant as he bagged the items for me. Ringing them up, I passed over a tatty twenty dollar bill before getting my change and stuffing it into the pocket of my jacket.

Tucking my hand under the bottom of my bag, I walked out of the store and ignored the biting cold of the area. Looking to the right, I stepped out into the cold and started to walk towards my home. The snow was falling a little faster this time and I was almost certain that it would start to settle now. Rolling my eyes, I snorted out a sound that almost resembled a ‘Bah Humbug’ sound before starting to walk a little faster to get home while I still could do.

Reaching my door, I pushed my hand into my jacket pocket and blindly searched for my keys. Grabbing my work set and slipping them over my thumb, I lifted my apartment keys out with me right index finger and then into the palm of my hand. I slipped the key into the lock and managed to twist it before stuffing my work keys back into my pocket and crossing the threshold into the door. Laying the brown paper bag down on the floor inside of my apartment, I then lifted the keys out of the lock and closing it behind me.

Flicking the lights on, I slid the bolt across my door locking it in place. Not that I was expecting too many visitors at this time of night. Flipping the nearest light on, I walked into the front room of my apartment and ignored the looming pile of presents still in the clear plastic bin bag I had used from work. Kicking a roll of wrapping paper away from my feet, I sat back on my leather couch and smiled softly. My eyes studying the faux fireplace I had hanging off of my wall. It was an electrical heating unit that looked rather homely and gave the centre of my apartment the appearance of a front room in a family home.

Grabbing the remote control for it, I lifted it up and pointed it at it, flicking the fireplace on. The orange flames started to illuminate the room and flicker to life like it was a real fire. Orange washed over the apartment, the light bathing my leather couch and the recliner chair to the right of it in the same light. Closing my eyes and letting my head fall back and rest against the top of the couch, the heat started to tickle my body and washing away the prospect of a Christmas by myself.

My eyes opened and I pushed myself up to my feet. Walking back to the entrance to my apartment, my snow boots collided with the laminated flooring as I crossed over to the coat hook hanging off of my wall. Unzipping, I shrugged the coat off and hung it up before reaching down and picking up my shopping from earlier.

Placing them down on the couch, I took a seat next to them and lifted one of the magazines out along with one of the chilled beers. Placing the lid of the beer against the palm of my left hand, I firmly twisted the bottle and removed the lid with ease. Throwing the metal lid onto the coffee table, I lifted the bottle to my lips and swallowed a mouthful of the beer. Putting the beer down to my side, I tried to relax in my room.

Just next to the fireplace there was a window that hadn’t had the curtain drawn. I could see more and more snow dropping down from the heavens and colliding with the ground. My eyes studied the open window and I pretty much knew that there was a good chance I wouldn’t be getting out of here the next morning. The weather in Ohio always seemed to keep the snow overnight and then some. If this goes the way I think it will do, chances are I won’t be able to leave to go see my family.

Stepping up off of the couch, I kept my beer in hand and walked over to the window. What I saw damn near made my eyes go wide. Outside, down town Ohio looked like a winter wonderland. Almost four inches of snow had fallen and the view from my apartment made it look like I was on the set of some sort of Christmas movie. A lone pair of headlights was visible in the distance but that looked liked that was it for civilisation.

Smiling as I realised I could have the whole apartment complex to myself and I could do exactly whatever I wanted by myself. Turning my back to the window, I walked back to the couch and picked up one of the Sports Illustrated to take a look through. On the front cover was Kate Upton, a name both my dick and my search history was very familiar with. I took a seat on the couch and thumbed my way through the magazine, sipping on the beer as I searched for Kate’s main spread.

As I was thumbing through the magazine there was a knock at my door. Raising an eyebrow, I looked over the back of my couch and then at the door. I waited for a brief moment before there was another knock that made me stand up straight.

“Who the hell is this?” I mumbled under my breath, keeping my beer held up by the neck of the bottle.

Taking a sip of my beer, I put my hand on the door’s bolt and slid it away. Placing the beer on the table next to the door, I took a grip of the handle and opened it up. The deathly chill in the air making me shiver in place as I looked out to whoever was at my door. The person had their back turned to me and they were dressed in a big, thick black coat that ran down to just above their knees. The person was wearing a set of red stockings and some boots that ran up to her knees. Just seeing the exposed skin made my loins start to burn. However, the owner of the legs certainly did make me start to get very hot under the collar.

Kate fucking Upton was on my front door and had her arms wrapped under her impressive chest, although I couldn’t see them right now due to the thick coat she was wearing. She smiled and quickly waved at me before stepping a little closer to me and standing on the absolute door step.

“Hi. Can I come in please?”

Still rather dumbfounded, I nodded my head and stepped aside. The hand that had unlocked the door extended and I let her walk into my own private residence. Kate fucking Upton was now in my apartment? I could just see the blog post to my local celebrity forum appearing in my mind. Closing the door behind her, I walked back into the front room where Kate had taken a few steps in and had extended her hands towards the heater, getting some obviously much needed warmth to her extremities. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, a loose strand of blonde hair falling in front of her face for a few moments before she brushed it away.


“Yeah, no problem. Still cold out there huh?”

Kate nodded her head and bit on her lip softly.

“Yeah. I can’t believe how bad the weather’s gotten. It’s like the North pole out there!” Her hands came together and rubbed against each other before they extended back towards the fireplace heater. She lifted her head up and looked around before smiling fondly at me.

“Nice place.”

Was that sarcasm? I wasn’t too sure but frankly, I didn’t care. Kate Upton was in my front room and actively engaging me in conversation.

“Where are my manners! Sorry, I’m Kate.” She said with a smile, moving over to extend her hand for me to shake. Taking it and shaking it with a big smile on my face, I nodded my head. “But, I guess you already knew that huh?” She nodded towards the open Sports Illustrated magazine that proudly displayed the Kate Upton spread.

“I… Uh…”

“It’s cool. Trust me, I wouldn’t do these shoots if I didn’t already have an idea as to what people would do with the pictures. I suppose you wouldn’t mind an autograph?”

“That would be great!”

“Cool. I’ll trade you an autograph for the use of your land line?”

“My land line? Sure. What’s up?”

“My car broke down. I need to get a hold of a mechanic. I saw one a couple of blocks away, just need to call one of them to get a ride out of here.”

Nodding, I moved over to my kitchen and found my kitchen’s land line that was hanging off of a wall mounted charger. Lifting it off of the receiver, I passed it to Kate who focused on the keypad and dialled in the number she had obviously noted down earlier. Made me wonder if she had expected something to go wrong or not.

Kate started to move around the inside of the small kitchen while she spoke to the mechanic. As her eyes drifted over to the mountain of gifts, her eyes moved back to me and a smile crept onto her face. She finished up the phone call and put it back onto the charger. Walking over to the presents, she looked them over and then looked at me.

“These all for you? I don’t think the cookie monster onesie will fit you too well.”

She added with a smile, lifting it out of the bag and holding it up as if to measure it against me. She placed it bag in the bag and walked into the main front room, loitering in front of the heater. Her hands came down to the front of her coat and fiddled with the front buckle, she then let it fall loose and she pushed her arms back so that she could wriggle out of her coat.

She was wearing a ruby red dress with white fluffy trim. Three white fluffy balls were pinned onto the chest, one below each other like they were buttons. Around the waist was a black belt that had a golden buckle at the front, just above her belly button. At the front of the outfit, near where to her cleavage was, was a piece of holly that drew attention to her chest. Not that Kate Upton’s chest needed much of a grab.

“So? There a reason why you’re not wrapping those?” She asked, looking at the presents that still sat neglected in the corner of my room.

“I just can’t wrap presents.”

Kate laughed and shook her head, almost as if she couldn’t believe the words that had just come out of my mouth. Her hands came down and put rested them down on her ass, she bit her bottom lip and then shook her head, another laugh escaping her lips.

“Seriously? It’s so easy!” She walked over to one of the small jumpsuits I had picked up for my nephew and then laid it out flat on the table in the front room. She flattened out the outfits and then looked around for the wrapping paper.

“Wrapping paper?” She asked, looking up at me expectantly.

Put back a little bit, I was temporarily dumbfounded before I nodded my head, clicking my fingers to illustrate that I knew where it was. Walking into my kitchen, I found a roll of tape and three separate rolls of wrapping paper. Walking back to my front room, I passed Kate both the wrapping paper and the scotch tape.

She unravelled the first roll of wrapping paper and placed the onesies in the middle of the paper. Grabbing one of the craft knives I had used to try to wrap one of my earlier presents, she cut a straight line along from the bottom of the paper up to the top, cutting the fabric away cleanly.

As I stood, watching Kate start to wrap the presents, I watched as she bent over the table, showing off her impressive chest. My eyes focused purely on the two large breasts that were being enclosed by the red dress. Watching them, my dick started to swell as they subtly jiggled while she wrapped my presents. Trying to find a way to stimulate myself, I stuck my hands into my jeans pockets and started to reach towards my length while my eyes were focused purely on her chest.

Kate folded the gift over onto itself and then expertly sealed it with the same precision that she had shown earlier on in the evening. Satisfied, she sat back on her heels and then looked up at me, catching my gaze, she smiled and looked up at me. Her hand coming to the front and then tugging the dress up, as she did, I caught a flash of her panties which she also caught. Smiling and shaking her head, combing her fingers through her hair as she shrugged.

“Guess I’m in a lose lose here right?” She smiled, planted her hands on the table and pushed herself to a standing position. With a flick of her right hand, she pointed at the spot where she had been kneeling and suggested that I take her place. Smirking and nodding my head, I knew I had little choice. Kneeling down next to where Kate was now standing, I waited for Kate to select a gift for me to wrap.

A gift box of perfume was selected and then placed on the table as Kate knelt down next to me.

“Okay, get some paper.” I did so and Kate nodded her approval. “Now open up the paper and put the gift in the middle of it.” Following Kate’s instructions with a nod of my head, I pulled the roll to the left and extended the paper so I could place the gift in the middle of the paper. Grabbing the same craft knife I was about to repeat what Kate had done when she took a seat behind me and then slipped her arms under mine.

She moved closer and her large chest was pressing against my back, relishing the feel of her breasts moving against me as she fidgeted in place to get herself comfortable. Her left arm curled around my waist and pulled her closer to me as her right hand slid down mine to help me hold the knife. Her breath was hot against my ear as she looked at me and then down at the paper.

“Okay, this is what we’ll do.” Her hand moved onto mine and she helped me cut through the paper with ease. Her mouth was inches away from my ear as she nodded her head and moaned softly in an affirmative manner. Her mouth opened and she spoke softly. “Yeah, that’s good. That’s so good.”

Okay, this was starting to look like a porno. Not that I minded too much. This porno had Kate Upton and me in it! As I cut at the paper, Kate carried on moaning in the affirmative.

As I folded the last corner over onto the perfume gift set, Kate’s moaning got higher and more high pitched as she nodded her head like she was in the middle of having an orgasm pushed upon her. The last bit of tape was removed from the dispenser and placed on top of the gift and that made Kate positively squeal with delight.

I turned my head to face her and was disappointed to feel her ease up on me and then get to a standing position. She walked over to the other side of the table and then passed me a gift tag. Waving it expectantly, I leaned up off of my knees and took it from her.

“Write it out.” She said with a smile, I raised an eyebrow but didn’t complain. Taking the tag from her, I placed it down on the table and then grabbed a small biro pen and started to do as Kate requested, the pen hit paper and I elegantly wrote out a note to my mother before taping the string to the gift.

Minutes passed as I duplicated the past action, each present was wrapped, sealed and tagged as Kate nodded in approval watching from the couch. I looked up at her and raised an eyebrow as she smiled at me.

“Are you going to help?” I asked, putting my hands on my hips as one of the last bags was emptied. I only had a few more gifts to go and Kate seemed to approve of what I had done so far.

“I have helped! Look at how much you’ve got done!” She said with a grin, waving her hand over to where the growing pile of wrapped presents now stood proudly. “Would you have got that done if I wasn’t waiting for the mechanic?”

She had me there. I shook my head in the negative and Kate made a triumphant, if amused sound.

“So I’m helping.”

“I guess you are.” I placed the last of the gifts on the table and was about to wrap it up for the very last time in just under forty five minutes when something she had said made me look up at her. “What time did your mechanic say he was going to be here?”

“In about an hour and a half. But that was an hour ago,” She laid her arms along the top of my couch and looked behind her, her chest sticking out as she looked through the window. “I’d guess he got caught up in this weather? Such a shame.”

“A shame? Why do you care? He’s doing his job.”

“No one should be alone on Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of year!”

“Pfft. It’s just another day in the year that people spend the rest of the next year paying it off so they can do it all again the next year.” I walked over to the couch and took a seat next to her. I was doing a lot of talking with my hands as I looked over at her.

“Is that what you think?” She asked, a concerned look on her face as we spoke.

“How can you not think that? Economy’s still in the toilet and people just have to get the latest video game console for their brat who won’t even appreciate it!”

Kate smiled and looked down at her red stocking covered legs, she looked up at me and nodded her head.

“I’m just saying… No one should be alone on Christmas and I’ve got nearly two hours before the mechanic can get here. I can be with you tonight…”

Then, the big breasted blonde was on my lap, her arms crossed behind my head and her lips on mine. I could feel her chest pressing into mine and her groin was slowly rubbing in small circles against mine, I could feel her dampness from her groin making my length grow. My hands came down from her shoulders, one hand rested on her ass while the other moved forward to cup one of her large breasts. The blonde seemed to approve as she let out a moan into my mouth as her hands slipped up from my back and started to thread her fingers through my hair.

Her lips left mine and her eyes opened as we studied each others faces. She licked her lips and whispered against mine.

“I bet this is something out of your wildest dreams?”

“It’s pretty much up there.”

“Now how about this?”

Kate’s hands then took a hold of mine and placed the both of them at the top of the bright red, white and black bra her magnificent chest was enclosed in. Then, her hands slowly dragged mine down, exposing her chest and her rock hard nipples. My eyes moved up to meet hers and she cast a wink towards me.

“Now how about an early Christmas present?” Kate asked, her hands now rubbing up and down against my chest. She stood up off of my lap and stepped back to the gap between my legs. Her hands found the big black belt buckle of the Mrs. Claus outfit and she unbuckled it, letting the tight dress unfold, the fabric becoming slack around her delicious body. She then stuck her thumb under the shoulder straps of the outfit and slipped them down over her arms. The dress fell to the floor leaving her in only the thigh high boots and the red stockings that matched the outfit.

Her hands reached behind her and unclipped the bra, dumping the lacy fabric down on the floor. Her large breasts stood proudly in front of her as she walked back towards me, I moved forward but was beaten to the touch when Kate’s hand touched my shoulder pushing me backwards. Dropping down to her knees, Kate inched closer to me to the point where her large, round breasts were pressing against the inside of my thighs.

Looking up at me with her big eyes, Kate put her right hand on my zipper while her left hand was pressing down against my thigh as if to keep me in place. As if I’d go anywhere else! The zipper was peeled down at an agonizingly slow rate as she kept her eyes locked solely on mine. When she couldn’t pull her hand down any more, what had been a soft, subtle expression turned into a wide grin.

The hand then moved from the zipper and to the inside of my pants, finding the large bump of my erection underneath my boxer shorts. Squeezing it, she smiled when I let out a groan and then started to pull the fabric down. Soon, my erection was revealed to her, her eyes flicked up and studied my face. She moved up on her knees and then opened her mouth, her tongue slipping out and striking against the tip of my length.

Much to her amusement, I shivered in place and shook at the contact. Her hand was wrapped firmly around the base and held it in place as she started to open her mouth and stick her tongue out to taste my cock. Her tongue started at the bottom of my piss hole and then broadly licked around in a clockwise motion, tasting every part of my cock as she licked at me. Her tongue started to bathe my dick’s head in her hot saliva, making the head shine with a liberal distribution of her own spit. After making a couple more laps with her tongue, she moved her head over my pole and pushed a bead of spit from her mouth and onto my cock.

The warm bead of saliva hit my dick’s head and started to roll down my length. Her hand touched the part just under my head and started to push the bead of spit down, liberally applying it to every part of exposed skin. Running her hands down to my balls, she cupped them and stroked them softly as her mouth opened and she took the head of my length inside her mouth. Her lips closed around the head and she started to slowly bob her head up and down, her tongue flicking against my pole as she moved her eyes down to look at the bottom of my cock.

A soft moan left her lips as she started to slide her mouth up and down on my cock. Her hands massaged my balls, rolling them from side to side as she started to work on my cock. Her hand on my thigh stroked up and down the inside of my leg as she fidgeted in place. Pulling her lips off of my cock, she kissed my head and then licked along the underside of my pole. Grinning from ear to ear, she looked up at me as she kissed the head of my dick.

“I just love sucking cock. It gets me so wet!”

I didn’t even get a chance to respond before Kate opened her mouth and started to go down on me again. Her mouth forming a vacuum seal around my length and forcing more of my cock inside her mouth, her tongue coming up to press against the bottom of my cock. Kate’s eyes locked onto mine as she forced more and more of my length inside of her mouth. Her breath was hot against the top of my cock as she swallowed every last inch of my dick.

Her mouth opened and her tongue rolled out of her mouth, flicking against my nut sack as I groaned lowly and took my hands up off of the couch and started to thread their way through her hair. Kate’s mouth came off of my cock and then tilted her head to along the side of my dick. Soft kisses were placed along the side of my length before she licked the bottom of my head.

Her hands cupped my balls and she softly rolled them in her hand as she covered my cock in her warm, wet saliva. As she worked on me, I groaned lowly. I was getting ready to cum and the big-breasted model seemed to know what was going to happen.

“You can cum in my mouth if you want,” She then swallowed my cock whole for a brief moment before pulling her lips off and speaking to me again. “I swallow.”

That was all I needed. My hands left her hair and stopped guiding her as she went about working on me at her own pace. Her mouths slid up and down on my length at a punishing, slow rate before she settled at half way down my prick and her hand wrapped around the base. Coaxing the cum out of it, she pumped her hand up and down while she kept her eyes locked on mine.

Gasping, I arched my back off of the couch and started to cum. Warm, hot, sticky ropes of my cum shot from my dick’s head and started to spray the inside of her mouth, my orgasm almost coating her oral cavity with my sexual release. Groaning, my fingers clutched at the couch as my ass lifted up from the seat and then plopped back down as I had an almighty orgasm.

Kate gave my length a few more pumps before releasing my length and removing her hand completely. She looked up at me and then lifted her mouth off of my cock. She opened her mouth wide so I could see. Much to my amazement, my load was still on her tongue, the pearls of my arousal shining in the light coming from the fireplace. She then pulled her tongue back into her mouth and made a very visible gulping sound and she swallowed my load whole. To show it, she then stuck her tongue out to show it had all gone.

“Yummy!” She said with a grin, sitting back on her heels as she looked up at me, almost expectantly. “So where do you want to fuck? In here or your bedroom?”

As soon as Kate said those magic words, I looked down and my erection hadn’t even disappeared. Still hard as a rock, I looked over at my couch and nodded my head at it.

“Let’s go there. Need to keep you near to the front don’t we?” I say with a grin, lifting her up by the hand and guiding her over to the couch. Kate giggled and sat back in the chair, her legs spreading wide with her hands curling under her knees to keep them spread.

Moving over to her, I gripped at the bottom of my slick, saliva-coated shaft and pressed the head against her folds. Much to her word, Kate’s pussy was soaking wet with her arousal dripping onto my couch. We both shared a low groan as my cock slipped inside of her. My hands replaced on the bottom side of her knees and I slowly slipped further inside of her. Kate’s hands left her legs and moved up to her large chest, her hands curling under her breasts and massaging them softly as she looked up at me.

Meeting her gaze, I pulled my dick out so just my head was left inside of her. Rocking my hips forward, I pushed myself back inside her much to Kate’s approval. Slipping in and out of her with a repeating rate, Kate’s moans started to get louder. Her hands were kneading her large breasts, her fingers pinching and pulling at her hard nipples as she licked her lips with each push inside of her.

My hands kept a hold of her legs, the palms of my hands touching the red fabric of her stockings that went along with the now discarded Mrs. Claus outfit. Her black, leather boots were a few inches down from where my hands were and only made the scene of me pounding her into the couch look even hotter. Her legs were spread with them pointing up in the air as we both moaned at the sexual act.

Her blonde head fell forward and she bent her head down to lick at her own breasts. Her tongue touching the right most nipple, licking the hard bullet that sat on top of her magnificent breasts. Her other hand squeezed the neglected breast, her fingers pinching at the hard nipple making Kate moan as well. Her mouth and hands swapped over, her tongue flicking at the left nipple while she pinched her other nipple.

One of my hands left her leg and came down to rub at her clit making Kate squeal with delight. Running the tip of my finger around in a slow, small circle I watched as Kate bit down on her bottom lip and whimpered at my touch. She let out a low groan and her head rolled back, and she let out a long moan of pleasure. She looked up at me and spoke in a soft voice that was dripping with sexual arousal.

“Let me go on top.”

That was a request I wasn’t going to deny. Shoving myself back inside her, I then let go of her legs and took a hold of her thighs, her ankles wrapped around my back and we performed a roll so I moved onto my ass. Sitting on the couch with Kate now on top of me, her hands moved onto my shoulders to take a new position.

Kate’s fingers dug into my shoulders as she lifted her hips up off of mine and then slammed then down, the sound of her skin hitting mine rang out mixing with our moans. As she lifted and dropped, Kate’s large breasts swung up and then slapped down as well bouncing and slapping against her chest. It truly was a sight to see with just how large Kate Upton’s chest was. My hands left her hips but both went in very different directions, her right ass cheek had a soft squeeze as my right hand moved up to her breasts.

I squeezed her big breast and sucked on the other one as Kate made sounds of approval. Sucking on the pebbly nipple, I looked up at Kate and my mouth followed her bounces as she rode me. Her big breasts swung up and down as Kate’s tight pussy hugged my length. Every time she lifted herself up and threw herself down, she would clench her folds as if to heighten both of our sexual pleasure.

“God yes suck those tits!” Kate moaned, her hands threading through my hair as she rode me.

Kate’s voice started to accelerate in her moans, her hips slapping against mine as I sucked on her large breast tips. My hands squeezed the both of her ass cheeks and the tip of my index fingers probed her anal ring. Kate’s head fell forward and bit down on her bottom lip, her eyes met with mine and she nodded her head.

“I want you to fuck my ass after this.” Kate said with a low moan, her breathing becoming heightened whenever I touched her actual ring. Her lip was almost bleeding from how hard she had been biting down on it, her hips rose and fell at an almost break neck speed. Her head then fell forward, her mouth was close to my ear as she rode me. Her warm breath tickled my ear as she slammed up and down on my cock. Her hands joined mine on her breasts and started to worship them as her head fell back and her soaking wet pussy exploded over my length.

Powering through her orgasm, Kate never stopped riding me and continuing to massage her large breasts. Soon, her rises and drops moved down to a standstill and she simply started to roll her hips around, her wetness rubbing against my base. Licking her lips, Kate then gripped me by the back of my neck and pulled me into a deep, passionate kiss. Her mouth opened and our tongues intertwined as my hands came up and pinched her nipples.

Kate’s hips lifted up and then with a soft ‘pop’ noise, she lifted her hips off of my lap and moved to sit next to me. Never stopping with the kisses, Kate’s hand wrapped around the base of my cock and pumped my length up and down as her chest was worshipped by my hands. Our lips finally separated as her hands palmed my shaft and my large balls that were starting to fill with my cum again.

She cast a soft lick against my lips before pulling back and getting onto her hands and knees in front of me, next to where my table was. Her head fell forward, her blonde head turning to the side so she could look at me. She reached behind and grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks, spreading them so I could see her ass hole.

“Come and give it to me then!” Kate moaned, her mouth hanging open as I moved off of the couch and got onto my knees behind her. Gripping my length at the base of my shaft, I steadied it and pressed it against her back door’s entrance. I pressed the head of my dick against her ass hole and then slipped forward. The head slipping inside with relative ease as both me and Kate let out a low moan. My dick pressed on further and further until roughly three quarters of my length was inside of her.

I tried to push forward but couldn’t manage. Settling, I took a hold of Kate’s thighs and started to push forward and pull back, sliding back and forth inside of her. Relishing how tight she was, I started to reach underneath Kate’s sexy body and cupped her large breasts as they were swinging backwards and forwards from the fucking she was receiving from behind.

Moaning, Kate reached behind her as well and started to rub against her clit in slow, circles. My balls were bouncing against her hand as she was fucked in the ass, her breathing was becoming more ragged as she fingered herself. Changing the position, I took a hold of Kate’s waist and lifted her up so her chest was sticking out proudly. My hands cupped them and massaged them as her fingers started to work faster and faster on her clit.

Slamming in and out of her, my balls were slapping against her body as I moved forward and pressed my lips against Kate’s mouth. Kissing her passionately, I started to quicken the pace of slamming inside her. My length was slowly inching a little further inside of her but still fucking her ass was more than tight enough. Kate’s right hand came up and curled around the back of my head and keeping me close to her as she kissed me back hotly. Her lips left mine for a brief moment with a simple instruction that I was going to be absolutely delighted to follow.

“When you’re going to cum, pull out and you can get a nice tit fuck.”

My hands curled under her large breasts and started to cup them, squeezing them softly and pinching and pulling at her nipples making the blonde modelling superstar moan in delight. My thrusts started to slow as my balls started to work themselves towards an orgasm. Kate seemed to know just how close I was and took her lips off of mine and whispered against my lips.

“Want to fuck these nice big titties?”

Kate grinned and took a grip of the carpet to pull herself off of my length. She got onto her hands and knees before rolling over onto her back. She took a hold of her breasts and held them apart for me. Grinning, I moved down and took a seat on her chest. My cock poking up at her face in an almost threatening manner as she let her breasts fall back and wrap around my length.

“Well? Cover my face and titties in your hot cum!”

With Kate’s breasts wrapped around my length, I started to pull back and push forward. Using the friction caused by her breasts wrapped around my length, I started to slip back and forth. Moaning at how good it felt, I started to rock back and forth on my knees, my balls sliding against her tummy as I fucked her chest.

My eyes locked on hers and we shared a passionate look as Kate bit down on her bottom lip and nodded her head. She was going to get me to cum and I was going to love every second of it. I shoved the head of my cock out of her large valley and moaned as Kate lifted her head up to lick at the head of my cock.

My hands were kept on her chest, steadying them as I started to pump back and forth with an increasing speed. My rock hard cock was throbbing with her attention as I rocked backwards and forwards, my dick’s skin being stretched by the small cavity her two large breasts had caused.

The occasional lick was all that I needed, my balls started to get hotter and hotter as I fucked her chest. Kate’s hands were over her head as she stared up at me and took turns sucking and licking at my head. My dick was almost bursting and when Kate took her mouth off of my cock she encouraged me with one word.


Groaning, I nodded my head and exploded. Hot ropes of cum sprayed from my dick’s head, shooting against her face and splattering against her jawline. Pulling back slightly, I came again covering her chest with some of my cum again. Several more strands of my sperm stuck against her chest as I rocked back on my feet and looked at my handiwork. Kate lifted her hands up off of the floor and sucked at the tips of her fingers, licking the hot mess away from her body.

Kate smiled at me and sucked the cum from her fingers, her mouth was starting to fill with my cum when there was a knock at the door. Moaning, I turned to look at the door and then back to the front room where I was now alone. Kate couldn’t have been that quiet to leave could she? I stepped up and moved over to where the knock was coming from. Staring through the peephole, I couldn’t see anyone there. So, I opened the door and found that no one was there. Stepping out briefly, I looked from side to side before moving back into my apartment.

Walking to my kitchen table, I found the sports illustrated magazine I had bought was open but at the front of the magazine. Inside, there was a small selection of writing. Lifting the magazine up, I read it out loud.

“Cody, I’m sorry I couldn’t stay any longer with you but I wanted you to know just how special Christmas is to everyone. I hope this has done something for you. All my love, Kate Upton xoxo”

Merry Christmas everyone!

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