A Very Un-Brady Rape


By Boner

The long evening was finally starting to wind down for actress Maureen McCormick and her husband Michael Cummings as the last of their dinner guests were leaving. The last one remaining was Jeff, a co-worker of Michael’s but also someone he had known for over 25 years. He stood talking to Michael while, with a side glance, he was watching Maureen, who was busy clearing off the dessert plates from the table. Jeff had been horny for Maureen since the height of her Brady Bunch days. And he couldn’t believe his oldest friend would be the one to snag her. Now there
she was. Even at 45 she still looked sexy as ever in her ivory satin button-down blouse with a straight floor length black skirt that provided some “eye candy” with a slit up the side that went almost past mid-thigh. He could see under the skirt she was wearing sheer black pantyhose and black suede high heel boots. Her soft blonde hair fell loosely on her shoulders. Seeing her look this good told Jeff one thing….he had waited long enough. Now was the time.

“Well we appreciate your coming over tonight, Jeff”, Michael said as he gently let him to the door. As if coming out of trance Jeff shook his head. “Wha–??? Oh yeah…yeah it was fun, Mike”.

As Jeff slowly headed to the door, he looked down to the floor. Then without warning, he swung around fast with his hands clapsed together tight, striking Michael hard in the face, knocking him to the floor. Before Michael could regain his senses, Jeff kicked him in the head, knocking him out completely. He then made his way to the kitchen where Maureen was.

As he approached the doorway, she had her back to him, but heard him approach. She turned to him.

“Hi…I thought you were leaving”, she said.

“A change of plans”, he responded as he slowly approached her, his cock throbbing in anticipation of fucking the great “Marcia Brady”.

“Oh…..where’s Mike?”

“He’s doing what he should have done a long time…leave us alone.”

“What do you mean”, she asked? He ignored the question and continued approaching her.

“Do you realize how many guys have dreamed of fucking Marcia Brady”, he enquired?

A look of shock came over her. “WHAT??!!”

“You heard me!”

She threw the dish towel she was holding on the counter and started to walk out. “I think it’s DEFINITELY time for you to leave!” He grabbed her arm roughly as she tried to pass.

“You ain’t going nowhere baby!!”

“LET GO OF ME!!” Again he ignored her.

“All us guys just dreaming of having some of that sweet Brady pussy.” He then pushed her against the wall. “Well, you know what??!! I’m TIRED of dreaming….it’s time I found out for REAL!!” He then grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to him, pressing his mouth onto her’s, forcing his tongue into her luscious mouth. She tried pushing away as he grabbed the front of her blouse and pulled hard, tearing it and revealing a sexy black lace bra. He roughly started massaging her left tit while licking and kissing her neck and face.

“NOOO! JEFF STOP IT” she screamed!!!


Maureen again tried to get past him but tripped and fell to the kitchen floor, her skirt falling in a way to give full view of her sexy legs.

“For nearly 30 years all I’ve thought about whenever I’d see you on TV or in a photograph is how bad I wanna fuck you! That’s the only reason I took this job working with Mike…so I could get that much closer to you. But after seeing tonight how committed you are to Mike, I realized the only way I’m gonna fuck you…is to RAPE YOU!!!”

“Nnnooo”, Maureen moaned, “please don’t.”

“You’ve always been such a prick teasing cunt! It’s time you PAID THE PRICE!!” Jeff then charged at Maureen, grabbing her hair and pulling her up. “COME HERE BITCH!”

“IIYYEEE”, Maureen yelled as she struggled to get away from his grip. He then slapped her hard, knocking back on the floor.

“I’m gonna enjoy every minute my cock is in that hot pussy of yours” he growled. He then dropped down on top of her as she tried to push him away.


“SHUTUP BITCH!!” He then flipped up her skirt to tear off her black lace panties that matched her bra. When he did he discovered Maureen’s pantyhose were crotchless!

“Damn”, he said, “you ARE an easy slut aren’t ya!!” He quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants to unveil 8″ of pure evil!

“Time for the REAL party, bitch!” He then slammed his stiff rape rod in hard with a vengence! “EEERRGGGHHH!!!”

“NNNNNOOOOO”, she screamed!! His cock slammed into her with all the lust he’d had for her for over 25 years!!

“YOU…GODDAM…SLUT”, he grunted with each thrust, “YOU…..GODDAM….FUCKING….SLUT!!!” She continued to try to push him away, despite having already been violated. His cock rammed her deeper and faster with the energy of the horny dog he was.

“YEAH…BABY”, he shouted, “YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT!!”

She looked up at him as he continued pumping his cock madly. “YOU GODDAM BASTARD!! YOU ARE ONE DEAD ASSHOLE!! YOU HEAR ME??!!!”

He began fucking her faster as he could feel a climax approaching. “YEAH BABY!! I’M ABOUT TO CUM!!”

“NO,” Maureen begged, “please don’t!”


He suddenly arched his back and slammed his manhood in one last time as he felt the enormous surge of the hot creamy fluid come flooding out of him and into Maureen already wet pussy.

“AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”, he sighed as he collapsed in exhaustion on top of Maureen.

“GET OFF OF ME YOU BASTARD” Maureen yelled! Jeff slowly rose up and pulled his pants back up.

“Damn that was worth waiting for” he exclaimed! He looked down at her, lying flat on her back in tears. She looked back at him.

“You motherfucking bastard!! The cops better kill your ass! Because if they don’t I WILL!!”

“Yeah right”, he said as he nonchalantly walked out of the house.


The Michael Cummings household was buzzing with activity of the most unpleasant sort with police officers searching the house for fingerprints, their 2-way radios crackling with conversations. Michael was with his wife, actress Maureen McCormick, on the stairway, trying to comfort her after her terrifying ordeal.

“How could this have happened”, Maureen asked her husband? “How could that man you’ve worked with for all this time, and who seemed so nice, turn into such a monster?”

Michael looked down at the floor. “I don’t know, honey. I wish I saw it coming”.

The event caused Maureen’s mind to flood with memories of an equally tragic night back in 1973.


Maureen was very tired after having to reshoot two scenes for an upcoming episode of her show, The Brady Bunch. She was appreciative that the wardrobe department let her keep what she had on so she did not have to change until she got home. She was also glad that her older brother Dan was going to pick her up. She stood outside the backstage door waiting. Dan soon drove up. Little did Maureen know that Dan had secretly had dirty fantasies about his little sister in recent years. And this night she was living up to being the object of those fantasies, looking so vulnerable in her snug-fitting, round-neck powder blue sweater, brown suede miniskirt, pantyhose and light brown heels.

But he didn’t have the guts to go beyond the fantasies.

Maureen got into the ’72 Impala that her brother was driving. “Man am I tired”, she exclaimed!

“Yeah I’m sure”, Dan replied. “Do you mind if we make a quick stop?”

“Aw, Dan it’s almost 8:30! I need to get home!”

“Don’t worry….this won’t take long”.

“Where are we going”, she inquired?

“You’ll see”.

Maureen didn’t have to wait along. Ten minutes into the drive she realized they were in a VERY unfamiliar neighborhood. Suddenly, Dan made a sharp right turn into a very dark alley.

“What are you doing”, she asked nervously?

Before her question could be answered, she saw three black men and one hispanic approaching the car. Dan stopped the vehicle and stepped out.

“Here you are, gentlemen…just as promised….pay up!”

Maureen could not believe what she was hearing. Suddenly her door opened and she turned to see one of the black men kneeling down to look at her.

“Oh yeah, dude”, he said as he ran his hand along Maureen’s very shapely leg, “this IS a real ripe one”.

Maureen swiped his hand away. “Get away from me ass hole!” She turned back toward her brother. “Dan, I–” She could not believe what she was seeing. Another of the black men was counting off money into Dan’s hand. “Four hundred…five hundred….six hundred bucks! Now beat it!”

“Whatever you say, man”, Dan responded as he strode away.

“Dan”, Maureen shouted, “Dan, what are you doing??!! DAN!!”

The man by Maureen’s door grabbed her by the hair. “Shutup bitch! We just paid six hundred smackeroos for your little Marcia Brady pussy! We had BETTER get our money’s worth!!” He then pulled her out of her seat, opened the back door and pushed her in.

Maureen was sprawled in the backseat, frozen in fear, as the man climbed on top of her.

“No…nnnoo…NNOOOO!!!!!” she screamed. Maureen began trying to push the large bulk of a man off of her.

“YOU LITTLE SLUT! YOU’VE BEEN BEGGIN FOR THIS!!” He struggled to pin her arms as he roughly kissed and nuzzled her face and neck.

“FUCK THAT CUNT” the others cheered!! “RAPE THAT GODDAM SLUT!”

The large black man violently tore off Maureen’s white panties and yanked down her pantyhose. “YOU NEED SOME DARK MEAT IN YOU BITCH!!” Before Maureen knew it, the man’s rock-hard cock had invaded her pussy like a runaway rocket.

“EEEERRRRGGHH”, he grunted!!

“IIIIIIIYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!” she screamed.

His cock pumped into her with no hesitation. He fucked her deep and fast!


He fucked faster as experienced the pleasure of seeing his young victim squirm and struggle under his muscular body.


His cock soon filled and then exploded with the hot creamy cum that filled Maureen’s vagina. He took a minute or two to catch his breath. “Hey Mario”, he called to the hispanic standing with his other buddies, “you want some of this?”

“Hell yeah, man”, he replied. The first black man climbed out to let Mario have his “shot”.

“Come here, bitch”, he said as he climbed on top of Maureen, “your gonna fuck like the slut you are!!” He quickly unveiled his rape rod and shoved it into Maureen’s cunt.


Maureen could nothing but cry as the second man violently had his way. She could not believe that her own brother would willingly allow this to happen.

The third man, another black, soon switched places with the hispanic. But he wanted more than pussy. And he was not going to put up with Maureen’s tears. A loud ‘whack’ could be heard as he slapped her across the face. “SHUTUP YOU FUCKING CUNT”!! He angrily yanked up Maureen’s swearter to unveil a white lacy bra. He quickly tore it off, grabbed her left tit and began licking and sucking it as he pumped his manhood into Maureen.


Maureen shook her head, bringing her back to her present reality. She saw all the policemen looking around her home. She then remembered how she was dressed back then and tonight and realized that she and her former alter ego do have one thing in common. No matter how innocent she may act, somewhere deep inside, there is a side that loves being treated like a whore.


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