A Very Unfortunate Night for Elizabeth Olsen

Title: A Very Unfortunate Night for Elizabeth Olsen

By A-Train

Story Codes: MF, anal, oral, rape, sick, BDSM, nc, drugs, mDom, viol, spank

Celeb: Elizabeth Olsen

“This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.” This should be only viewed by people 18 or older.


Story contains acts of non consensual sexual situations and violence, which is something I do not condone outside of the act of fiction. This is was done

purely to be enjoyed as a sexual fantasy not to ignite actually violence. Please read with that in mind, Enjoy!

A Very Unfortunate Night for Elizabeth Olsen


“What a lucky guy I am…..Such a lucky guy.” That thought loops in my head as I watch this glorious sight in front of me. How can I be so lucky to have

been offered such an opportunity to see this perfect creature in her most vulnerable and naked state alone in her home, taking a nice soothing shower. From

the feet up she exceeds everyone of my wildest expectations, adding to the fact that water is cascading down her body and she is covered with white creamy

soap, this is by far the sexiest site these eyes have every been able to behold. The feed into her shower is crystal clear, directing the feed into my

widescreen TV was a stroke of genius on my part. It’s as if she is washing her immaculate body right in front of me. I can’t wait to touch her, to use her

as I please. The thought calms me, as I sip my wine in the comfort of my own bed, erect from the beautiful site of Elizabeth Olsen scrubbing every inch of

her body. The water streaming down the crack of her ass and the water flowing off the arches of her ample breasts builds up this heat inside me that

confirms tomorrow night will be the best night of my life. After a quick shower she’s steps out and slips on the same comfortable shorts she wears every

night along with a extra large t-shirt to go to bed. Takes out a new book from her collection along with a large cup of tea and snuggles under her covers.

After reading for about a half hour she shuts of the lights and goes to bed. I’ve seen her do the same thing every night for months it’s so adorable how

much of a creature of habit she is. Even while sleeping she makes me wild, wiggling that plump ass in those tiny shorts as she tosses around in her bed and

when she rubs her feet together as she dreams every night it drives me insane. Oh my sweet Lizzy I am going to finally be with you soon. Tomorrow will be

very unfortunate night for you.

Chapter 1. Lizzy’s Home

After hours of waiting I finally hear them, Lizzie’s tires pulling into her driveway. She is early but I finished preparing for her ahead of schedule so

this was meant to be. This night is lining up wonderfully it’s going to go off without a hitch, time to move into position.

In comes Lizzy dripping wet from the massive storm occurring outside. She immediately takes off the moderately effective rain coat and slips of her rain

boots. She sighs and tussles her wet hair completely exhausted from dealing with this storm. Lizzy heads straight for the kitchen, with her mind on the one

thing that can bring her solace on a night like this the warm banana cream pie she made for herself sitting right in front of her. She grabs a giant spoon

and shuffles the delicious pie into her mouth, she can sit here the entire night and finish it right now. Lizzy washes the pie away with a warm glass of

milk, full and completely dazed Lizzy doesn’t feel like moving to much after eating all that pie, at the moment her stomach is tied in knots and her head

is split in two. Her phone begins to rumble on the other side of the counter. She stumbles out of her chair, her motor skills are off at this point as she

makes her way to the phone. She knocks over her glass of milk, but she has no energy to do anything about it. It takes all of her energy just to answer the





Hi Lizzy.


Who is this?


It’s your biggest fan?

Lizzy falls to the ground. The last the thing she sees before she passes out is my footsteps approaching her.

2. Phase One

Lizzy lies unconscious face down not moving a muscle, sprawled out on her bed. The only thing she’s wearing at the moment is this classic sexy maid outfit

I put on her. I sit there in the corner of the room admiring my new toy. I creep over to her slowly, I don’t want to wake her. The first time I put my hand

on her I realize how warm she is, how very soft and warm you are my sweet Lizzy. I want to do this now, but I have to be patient. Let me just take a little

peak, I lift gently the bottom of her dress. This is my first up close encounter with these magnificent mounds of flesh, without hesitating I bury my face

into her massive smooth ass. It’s absolute heaven, I give little kisses all the way up her ass cheeks, it’s like kissing silk. Before I finish I lick the

ring of her asshole just to get a little taste before the real show begins. I fix her outfit and give her quick kiss on her sweet luscious lips. I turn on

the TV, slip in the DVD and slither out of the room.

My video begins to play………..Quick Flashes and irritating alarm sounds begin to blast from the TV. Lizzy shoots up out of her sleep confused and

annoyed from the noise and lights.

Then the sound and lights cut out , Lizzy comes down and lies back for a second. She begins to examine her strange clothes and the fact her vagina has been

shaved and scrubbed clean.

“What the fuck is…..”

My video starts again, this portion has me surrounded in the shadows talking directly into the camera.

“Hello Lizzy”

Lizzy immediately begins to realize what’s happening and sits there in stunned silence.

I want you to listen to me very carefully. Your alone with me in this house….No phones are left in this house, nobody is around for miles it’s just me

and you.

Lizzy begins to tremble in fear, tears beginning to swell up in her eyes

This is the most important part for you to hear……..I don’t want money…..I WANT YOU!

The TV shuts off, Lizzy is left there in the dark for a few moments in complete shock over what’s happening.

Footsteps begin to creak outside her door, the knob slowly turns….

Lizzy shoots up tosses all her weight into the door

The bitch is putting up a fight

After a long struggle with the door, she manages to lock me out.

“Shit!” Lizzy lets out a sigh of relief. She holds her position, not moving a muscle as she holds the door shut.


She doesn’t flinch or make a sound.


A long stretch of silence followed by……….me cocking the hammer back on my gun

“Lizzy open the door”

Lizzy remains silent and still

(Slowly) ” open the door”

Lizzy continues to be strong and defiant

Time to let off a warning shot……I fire one off into the ceiling

Lizzy starts shrieking” shit….shit”

“Lizzy open”


Another thunderous shot

“Ahhhh! stop”

“Next one goes in your skull”

“Oh god! Please”

” 1……………..Lizzy starts crying……………………2………..( I cock my gun.)

Lizzy with tears streaming ” Don’t……..don’t shoot ”

Lizzy reluctantly opens the door slowly.

I just give her a big old smile

” hey beautiful”

Lizzy backs away every time I take a step closer

” What’s the matter”

Lizzy looks pissed

“Come on I don’t bite”

Lizzy with a growl lets out a ” Fuck You”

” That’s not very nice”

I back hand her across the face

Lizzy goes crashing to the floor, after the initial sting of the pain wares of she begins crawling away.

” Oh, Lizzy…..”

I grab a handful of her hair and pull her close to me.

“Oh….your smell”

I slide one hand over breast and begin squeezing with passion.

A single tear rolls down her cheek.

“Don’t be sad we are about to have some fun”

I roll down the top of her outfit, her right nipple pop outs, I begin to rub it slowly with my thumb, she’s breathing a mile a minute. Her chest is heaving

in and out, I feel her whole body shake. I begin to slowly tweak her nipple, then twist it as I can

“Ooooh…..Ooooohhh!!! Stop!

I snarl at her ” Stop whining”. I rip her outfit, letting her magnificent breasts free. My hands rush to her voluptuous tits, I begin to gently massage

them as I kiss the nape of neck. During all of this I’m grinding my boner into her fat ass. I slide one hand down to her newly shaven pussy, my fingers

start playing with her velvety soft pussy lips.

“You’re disgusting!”

I grab the bitches throat and shove my revolver in her mouth.

“What was that I can’t hear you”

Inaudible noise comes of her mouth as she gags, her eyes begin bulging out as spit starts gushing out dropping onto the top of her breasts. The farther I

shove the gun the spit comes out.

” Speak up darling”

I pull the gun out, she coughs up for a few seconds, drool spilling out out of her mouth.

( Exhausted) ” You’re hurting me”!

“Bitch you don’t know pain”

I spin her around and slap her across the face, she crashes onto the bed, I jump onto the bed.Then I grab Lizzy and tossing her over my knee. I Lift her

outfit up and immediately start to smack down on her ass. Her meaty cheeks ripple from the blows, her skin is glowing beet red, the sound off smacked flesh

echoes throughout the room.

With a defeated whimper ” I hate you…..you……die you fuckin asshole”.

I start laughing hysterically” Did you say fuck me in the asshole”

Now she really panics, beginning to kick her legs and really put up a fight.

(Screaming) “No……No….don’t!!!”

I hold her face down, mount her enormous ass, whip out my stiff dick, and without warning stab her tight dry anus with my rock hard cock.

Lizzy let’s out a blood curdling scream” Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!”

I begin thrusting with vigor, grabbing onto her ass for leverage I start pounding even harder. She starts blubbering, tears streaming down her face, hear

legs are shaking from the pain, and I am having the time of my life pumping in and out of her tight warm hole. I fall on top of her, going inches deeper, I

feel her muscles tighten and hear let out another squeal. I fishhook her mouth as I give her asshole a brutal pounding. I lick the side of her face causing

her to grimace in disgust.

“Not having fun yet?”

Lizzy in pure desperation with a cracked voice” Just let me go…….PLEASE!!

“You call that begging…(I pull out and toss her to the floor like meat) on your knees bitch!


With a cocky smirk on my face stroking my dick ” Ask God for help….AND I SAID ON YOUR KNEES BITCH.” I get up and kick her in the rips, I start pacing

around her pulling on my dick.

She folds her hands together, gets on her knees, and begins to pray.

“God help me….( I spit in her face) save me from this man…(I slap my dick across her face)

“Keep going cunt!”

She lets out all of her anger yelling “LORD SAVE ME FROM THIS HELL”

I grab the sluts head.

” Open up bitch”

I push the tip into her face, she rejects it shacking her head, mouth snapped shut.

I slap her repeatedly, to show her who’s boss.

I fucking snap ” SUCK IT…….(I put my revolver to her temple)……NO TEETH…..OKAY!

(Trembling) okay….okay….okay!

I cock the gun back ” Give it a kiss first!” She gives my dick a bunch of little kisses.

“Now lick the balls” she licks my dick like a thirsty dog lapping up water.” Suck on those balls” Lizzy fits one testicle in her mouth and sucks in in like

a vacuum.” I start hyperventilating, she’s doing such a good job. I ease back onto the bed smiling come “Now…suck this dick” I gesture for her to come

over with the gun. Lizzy is acting like a perfect slave at the moment, I broke her into my personal bitch. She attacks my dick like a natural born

cocksucker. Pumping away with her right hand and working around every inch of my cock with her warm mouth and tongue. I push her down on to the floor and

begin facefucking her with passion. The harder I fuck her face the more she struggles and kicks her legs. She keeps spitting out saliva and making horrific

gagging noises, and keeps trying to push me off. Lizzy starts hitting me in desperation for air, eventually she hits me in the balls. I keel over in pain,

I immediately start cursing “FUCKIN CUNT”, and all I want to do is smack the bitch.

Lizzy scrambles for the door, I try to grab her but my hands slide along her sweat covered skin, She actually manages to unlock the door. She makes her way

to hallway, before she reaches the stairs I trip her.

“Noooooooooo!!!” As I pull her back to the room by her legs and toss her back on the bed, screaming “Don’t try to escape again” with my hands around her

throat. I slide my dick into her juicy pussy and start pounding away, I slither down a little and begin to suck on those this thick tits of hers like I’m a

baby wanted milk, I like around her the strawberry flavored bud of her nipple. I eventually just rest my head on these lovely tits, they work perfectly

well as giant pillows.

But Lizzy hasn’t made a sound, or moved a muscle this entire time.

“Oh! Shit!”

I check her pulse, shallow but steady. She just passed out, THANK GOD! It would have been a shame for her pass out before PHASE 2

Oh well I still need to CUM, so I start pulling on myself, while I play with those tits. I then spit all over her breasts, push them together, and start

tit-fucking her.


I shoot ropes of jizz at her face, some at her tits, and just smear it around her body. I take a glob of it on my fingers and force it in her mouth. I take

a picture of Lizzy at her best, her face glazed with cum.

I brush her hair and whisper ” See you in PHASE 2″

I leave the room and let my jizz covered princess rest, She is going to need it.

………..To Be Continued

P.S. I will offer PHASE 2 if requested

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