A Visit To The Shrink

A Visit to the Shrink by John Smith

Reba McEntire was about to start filming her a new movie in which she would portray a psychiatrist. Unsure of her ability to take on such a role with no experience, she decided the best way to research the role would be to work with an actual psychiatrist for a while. Spend a few days with him to see how he handles his patients. Reba was fascinated, seeing how the good Doctor, though his caring and compassionate ways, gave comfort and solitude to the folks who came to see him with all sorts of various problems. Gradually, he worked Reba into the therapy sessions, and she found she
was a natural at it. She always was a person who cared deeply for other’s, often times putting their well being before her own. One day, an emergency came up, and the doctor had to leave his office to try to talk a person down from a window ledge, where he was about to jump to his death. Still booked with patients, the Doctor was in a real bind. He didn’t want to cancel the last appointment of the day.. the man was already here and had been waiting a considerable amount of time already. The Doctor finally made the decision to let Reba take this one alone. She was mortified at the prospect! The Doctor assured her she would do fine. “I saw what you’ve done the past week with my patients.. they all rave about you.. I’m starting to get a little jealous”, he said with a smile. Reluctantly, Reba agreed to help her friend out. Reba walked over to the the big comfy chair the good Doctor uses to talk with his patients. She took a seat, and called the patient in. He was a tall, black haired man at least 15 years younger than she with a trim figure and muscular build. Reba’s jaw dropped when she saw this ‘handsome devil’ come walking into the office. She found herself immediately attracted to his warm smile and firm handshake. She had to pull herself together and stay focused on the business at hand. She opened the patients file, and once again her mouth fell agape: he was here to try to overcome his nymphomaniac ways! Even before Reba could ask the first question, the patient (named Brock), began by saying “my, I never expected to find someone so pretty here.. I’m used to Dr. Little”. Reba stammered “ah, yes, well, um, he’s gon, I mean he just stepped out for a minute and should be right back”. Brock looked lustfully at Reba, eyeing her shapely legs, and moving upwards to her bountiful breasts. “I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but you’re beautiful!” Reba blushed a little, and was in the process of saying thank you when she noticed the man was sitting with his legs spread and was rubbing his cock through the fabric of his pants! “Stop that, now, you can’t be doing that here”, Reba said, trying not to focus her attention on his growing hard-on. “But why not, you’re so gorgeous, I just can’t help myself”. In no time flat, the man was fully erect, and Reba stared, eyes rivited to the thick bulge in his pants. “OH man”, said Brock, “I gotta relieve this tension”. Quickly, he unzipped his fly, and out popped his fully erect boner! Now Reba was starting to get turned on herself, and got up from the chair as Brock began to stroke his cock with his clenched hand. Turning away from him, she could hear him moan “oh yes, you look just as good from behind!” Reba was getting hot now, so she removed her sweater. As she bent over to place it on the chair, Brock suddenly grabbed her from behind, causing her to jump. “What are you do-doing”, Reba shuddered as Brock gently grabbed ahold of her bare arms, rubbing his hands softly up and down them. “MMM, you feel so good”, he said, grabbing her close. She felt his hard cock rub up and down her ass as he moved his hands around to the front of her blouse and began to unbutton it, all the while rubbing his cock up and down against her and kissing her neck. Reba wasn’t going to fight him off any longer… she wanted him as much as he wanted her! He slowly removed her light blue sleeveless blouse, exposing her white silk Victoria’s Secret bra. Brock then tore of his own shirt, and dropped his pants, standing naked behind her. He dropped to his knees, at eye level with her curvatious ass, and unsnapped and unzipped her royal blue skirt, letting it fall to the ground, leaving Reba standing in just her thong panties and black pumps. She turned to face him, and cocked that sexy little grin at him. “Well, the doctor would like to know what the patient needs to complete his therapy!”. “Oh, I think you know”, said Brock with a wink, his eyes sinking to his pulsating hard on. Reba took her cue; as Brock stood up, Reba dropped to her knees in front of his cock, eyeing the thickness of it. She stuck the tip of her tongue out, just barely touching his piss hole, and began to circle her tongue around the hole. Each circle getting a little wider, until she had the full head of his cock in her mouth. Then, she closed her thin, sexy lips around it and slowly began to take the full 7 inches inside her mouth, inch by inch. Brock threw back his head and moaned “oh yes, Reba, suck it baby…MMMM, feels so good!!”. Once she had the full length of his cock inside her mouth, she did begin to suck, and as she did, began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, all the while swirling her tongue around it inside her mouth. Finally, Brock could take no more.. he could feel his balls tighten, but didn’t want to waste her on just a blow job, so he pulled his cock from her mouth. Reba looked up at him startled, as she wiped off her mouth with her hand. “What’s wrong, honey”, she cooed. “Nothing”, replied Brock, “but now it’s your turn”. Brock pulled Reba to her feet, as he dropped to his knees, taking time to squeeze those massive tits of hers on his way down, burying his face in them. He was kind’ve half squatting as he kissed and pushed up her breasts, flicking each nipple with his tongue until each was thoroughly hard and standing erect. He then continued his descent to his knees, where he was at eye level with her now-wet thong panties. Slowly, he peeled them down her legs, exposing a surprisingly full mound of thick red pubic hair. Reba knew what was coming, and licked her lips in anticipation as she parted her legs. Brock began to gently lick up the oozing wetness from Reba’s slit, gently parting her pussy lips with his two fingers and finding her pussy hole already dialated and ready for action. He ran his tongue in and out of the hole, causing Reba to gasp out and throw back her head. Brock then located her clit, and began to massage it, all the while lapping in and out of the hole with his tongue. Reba began to shudder in anticipation of an orgasm. “NO!” she exclaimed, “STOP”! “I want you inside me- NOW!!”. This was all Brock needed to hear! He smiled up at Reba. She grabbed him, and with one swipe, cleared everything off Dr. Little’s desk. She through Brock down on the desk, his cock standing fully at attention, and jumped on top on the desk, straddling her legs on either side of him. Hurriedly, she grabbed ahold of his cock and gently lowered herself down on top of it, taking it all inside her and moaning, “OH God YES, YESSS!!”. She began to furiously ride him up and down, like a crazy sex starved slut, her tits bouncing up and down and swaying from side to side lewdly. Brock grabbed ahold of Reba’s hips and began to thrust up as she pulled out. “Oh, Reba, my balls are so full of cum for you” Brock managed to get out between gasps. “Let it out, baby, let it out” Reba cried. “I want you to cum inside me”. “Give me your warm seed now baby”, as she continued to bounce and thrust, tightening her pussy muscles around Brock’s long shaft. He was amazed at how much stamina she had for 47. More mature women had always been a turn on for the 29 year old, and here he was about to dump a load of cum inside the pussy of the reigning queen of country music! He couldn’t stand it any longer. “Here it comes baby, get ready”, as he began to squirt load after load of thick jizz inside her hot wet pussy. Feeling the sensation of his hot load inside her, caused Reba to cum to orgasm as well. “UUnngghhh, uunngghhhh, OOOOooooo, Ahhh….I-I-I’m….I’m cumming” Reba screamed as she threw back her head and let her juices flow and mix with Brock’s thick cum. Spent from the fuck fest, Reba collapsed down on top of Brock, passionately kissing his lips and cooing, “Oh baby, that was the best sex I’ve ever had!!” Quickly, though, Reba came back to reality, glancing up at the clock and realizing Dr. Little would be back at any minute to close up the office. Reba and Brock scrambled to put their clothes back on and straighten out the office, leaving no evidence behind of the wild sex that had just taken place. Reba led Brock to the door, kissed his lips and handed him her cell phone number. “Call me”, she purred, “when you need another session with ‘dr. Reba’. The End

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