A VoodooJoe Quickie

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The following is completely fictional. Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. Contents of this story are merely creative license, not unlike a TV show or movie that uses real people in fictional settings and situations. However, if you do have video or pictures of events similar to the ones described below, feel free to forward them to me for closer examination. Feedback, comments, praise, criticism,
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First, yes the title is tribute to TRL’s ‘A TRL Quickie’. I prefer to call it a reference or homage, but it’s blatant enough that I could hardly argue if someone wanted to call it a rip-off, and no I won’t apologize for it. Second, the plot is very cliché and is designed to be little more than a quick stroke story rather than the bigger, more in depth stuff that I’ve been working on lately. Keep in mind that the story literally went from vague kernel of an idea to finished product in less than a week so that should tell you just how much to expect from it.

Celebs in this story are Maria Menounos and Hilarie Burton. Codes are (MF, FF, cons, oral). Hopefully I’ll get to claim the cherries of both these fine ladies in one shot. Two birds with one stone, gotta love them odds. Lets see, that makes three cherries now that have been swiped out from under Evil’s nose in the last few weeks. First Scarlett, and now Hilarie and Maria. That oughtta teach him to tell people who he plans on using before he’s ready to actually use them and then talk about popping their cherry.

“Like a flower waiting to bloom. Like a lightbulb in a dark room. I’m just sitting here waiting for you to come on home and turn me on .” – Norah Jones ‘Turn Me On’

A VoodooJoe Quickie

by voodoojoe

“I’m here on the set of One Tree Hill. James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz are getting ready to film a scene behind me. Lets go see if we can find someone to talk to,” Maria Menounos said into the camera just before the light blinked off.

Maria and her cameraman made their way through the maze of sets looking for someone that the Entertainment Tonight audience might want to see. Outside the studio they spotted Hilarie Burton ducking into a trailer. She urged the guy with the camera to follow her as she made her way to where Hilarie had disappeared to.

“Yeah?” Hilarie shouted over AC/DC when she heard a knock on the door of her trailer. She had gotten a couple hours off and was relaxing before she had to go back out for her next scenes. She was still in her character’s customary jeans, t-shirt, and black leather jacket because she hadn’t wanted to take the time to change only to have to go back through the process of changing again a couple hours later.

“I was just wondering if I could take a couple minutes of your time to interview you,” Maria explained when Hilarie opened the door of her trailer.

“Sure, come on in,” Hilarie said, reaching over to the stereo next to the door to turn down the sound of AC/DC hammering out an earth quaking rendition of Hells Bells.

Stepping into the trailer Maria found that it had all the comforts of home. She’d been in many stars trailers in her time on Entertainment Tonight but every one of them had their own little touches that made them unique to the person using them. Hilarie’s had the contrasting touches of femininity like vases full of flowers next to more stereotypical masculine features like the rock posters for Godsmack and The White Stripes on the walls.

“Hmm, I would’ve pegged you more for the hip hop scene with your MTV background,” Maria mused.

“I like hip hop, but I’ve always been more about the rock and roll,” Hilarie replied, plopping down on a green couch. “Eminem is great but he can never replace The Beatles.”

Maria settled into a chair across from Hilarie as she prepared to start the interview. “I know your character on the show is into punk, so is that something that you wanted to bring to the character or is it something they already had written in?”

“I’m not into punk so much as I am the more straight ahead rock. I love the blues and I found a great blues club nearby where I spend as much time as I can when I’m not filming,” Hilarie responded. “But to answer your question, yeah I wanted Peyton to be a rocker chick. The producers originally wanted her to listen to Britney and I just wasn’t feeling it. Finally they came back with the idea of her being into punk, which I totally got because it makes her that much different from everyone else and plays off the idea of her being part of the ‘in crowd’ but still somewhat of an outsider.”

Maria asked a few more questions and Hilarie answered them like a pro. Most of the stuff would be cut with the other stuff providing little more than sound bites when it was put into a montage with interviews of the other cast members but Maria was experienced enough to have an idea of what would make it into the couple minutes that would make up the final clip.

“One last question,” Maria said. “What’s with the Angelina Jolie obsession?”

“I honestly don’t know,” Hilarie answered, blushing. “There’s just something about her that makes her really alluring, even to women. I got to meet her a while ago when she was TRL and she’s just so nice and down to earth. I thought I was going to freak but somehow I managed to keep my cool.”

“What about the rumors that you and Angelina got hot and heavy back stage after that?” Maria asked her.

“Really? I haven’t heard that one yet but, sadly, it’s not true. If I was going to swing that way Angelina would certainly be the one I’d pick,” Hilarie said, laughing about the rumor.

“What I wouldn’t give to see that,” Chris, the cameraman, muttered under his breath.

“I’ll mail you a tape if it does happen,” Hilarie quipped.

Maria, being the veteran newswoman that she is, sensed that Hilarie wasn’t just joking about the Angelina Jolie obsession. She truly had a thing for Angelina, which Maria could understand considering the fact that she herself had been seduced by Angelina on one of her first assignments for Entertainment Tonight.

She had been on the set of one of Angelina’s movies and interviewed her. Afterward Angelina had invited her back to her trailer and before she knew what was happening Angelina’s hand was in her pants and she was moaning into the brunette’s mouth as they kissed. It had all been so quick that she hadn’t been able to stop it even if she wanted to. At the time she told herself that she had wanted to stop it but couldn’t, but in the since she’s come to the conclusion that she could’ve stopped it but she just hadn’t wanted to.

Since the encounter Maria had taken a different view of women, at least in terms of sex appeal. Before it had been little more “she’s pretty” but after it became “God she’s sexy,” and the first couple times those thoughts had occurred to her it had caused great confusion. She was completely straight, or at least had been up to that point, so why was she suddenly looking at Jessica Alba and wondering what kind of panties she had on under her dress?

Maria hadn’t followed through with any of her dirty thoughts and they would even disappear for a little while only to come back at the most inopportune moments. Even still she kept her thoughts to herself and refused to give in to them. Having said all that, she had to admit to herself that if a woman she found attractive came on to her then she wouldn’t be able to say no. She’d turn to Jell-O and be putty in the other woman’s hands.

“I’m going to step outside and change tapes,” Chris said, interrupting Maria’s thought process. “It’ll only take a couple minutes.”

“Maria can hang out in here with me,” Hilarie said, waving Chris off as she reached over to turn AC/DC back up. The CD had moved forward to Let Me Put My Love Into You while the interview had been taking place and Hilarie patted her hands against her thighs in time with Phil Rudd’s drumming as she sang along with Brian Johnson. “Let me put my love into you, babe. Let me put my love on the line. Let me put my love into you, babe. Let me cut your cake with my knife.”

“Thanks for your time,” Maria said, getting up from her chair. She felt the familiar feelings rising in her directed at Hilarie, only stronger thanks to the very blatantly sexual lyrics she was singing. If she didn’t get some fresh air into her lungs and clear out her mind then she was afraid she’d tear off Hilarie’s leather jacket and do things to her that would make a veteran whore blush.

“What’s the rush, he has to change tapes,” Hilarie said, motioning for Maria to sit back down. When Maria hesitated on her way to the door she took the opportunity to size up her guest. Maria had on a red mini-skirt that accentuated her long shapely legs, a pair of black leather boots that came about halfway up her calves, and a white blouse that had the top two buttons undone to expose her cleavage and the bottom couple buttons undone so it could be tied just under her breasts. The piercing in her belly button hung and glinted as light reflected off it.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t take long,” Maria insisted, desperate to get out before she did something she wouldn’t be proud of in the morning.

Picking up on the desperation in Maria’s voice Hilarie reached out and grabbed her wrist. Pulling her back, she pushed her into the chair. She shrugged out of her jacket and slid off the couch onto her knees in front of Maria. She thought she had picked up some vibes coming off Maria and wanted to see how accurate she was. “Let him wait then.”

“But…” Maria started but trailed off when she felt Hilarie’s hands caressing her thighs.

Hilarie wasn’t the most experienced there was when it came to women, that was more the domain of her co-star Sophia Bush, but she’d had a couple and knew what buttons to push. If only Angelina Jolie would take her up on her offer she could have fun exploring and being explored by the movie star. She imagined that Maria was Angelina, which wasn’t all that hard considering both were highly beautiful and voluptuous even if they did have vastly different hair coloring, while her hands pushed Maria’s skirt up her thighs.

Maria’s mind was blanketed by a cloud of lust but a corner of her mind screamed at her to get up from the chair and leave. She even put her hands on the arms of the chair to lift herself up but Hilarie chose that moment to rub her pussy through her panties and her arms went weak and wouldn’t support her weight. Moaning she sank back down in the chair and gave in.

Sensing that Maria was hers for the taking Hilarie hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and tugged. When she finally got them past Maria’s ass she slowly pulled them down the long legs of the former beauty queen. Lifting Maria’s feet one at a time Hilarie pulled them off but decided she liked the high heeled boots enough to leave them on.

“Oh,” Maria moaned when she felt Hilarie’s fingers travel over the sensitive skin around her pussy.

+ * + * +

Outside, Chris had the tape out and was searching for a blank one to put in while he listened to AC/DC playing loud enough in the trailer to wake the dead. Not finding one he cursed silently and pocketed the tape so he could go all the way back to the truck to get one. As he did so he made a mental note to grab a couple just in case so he wouldn’t have to make the walk again.

+ * + * +

Hilarie’s nose filled with the scent of pussy as she slipped a finger into Maria’s quickly moistening cunt. The moan that accompanied the move made her heart skip a beat and she added a second finger for good measure.

Sitting the chair Maria’s fingers clawed at the arms of the chair as Hilarie fingered her pussy. Her head leaned back against the chair and humped her hips at the invading digits. Her mind had completely given in to her body’s whims and she was just trying to hold on for dear life.

“Open your shirt,” Hilarie urged, seeing Maria’s fingers searching for something to do.

Unable to resist, Maria’s hands shakily lifted from the arms of the chair and fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. When they were undone she tugged at the knot holding the bottom of the blouse together and pulled it apart the rest of the way. Taking it from there she pulled her black bra up over her breasts and immediately cupped the now naked tits with her hands.

The sight of Maria’s ample tits swinging free for the split second before they were covered with fingers and palms was enough to take Hilarie’s cravings to another level. Slamming her two fingers home into Maria’s snatch she leaned her head in and took a swipe at the little bud that was trying to emerge from the sheath at the top of Maria’s pussy.

“Ahh,” Maria groaned, stiffening as her clit was stimulated.

+ * + * +

Making his way back Chris double checked to make sure he had everything he needed. He had the camera in one hand, fresh tape in it, and two extra tapes in the bag in his other hand. Now all he needed to do was get Maria and he’d be set.

“She must still be inside,” he muttered to himself, not seeing her standing outside Hilarie’s trailer as he knocked on the door.

+ * + * +

“Did you hear something?” Maria asked, hysterical with the thought that someone might catch them.

“My ears were kind of covered by your thighs,” Hilarie replied, using her thumb to rub Maria’s clit.

“Ooh,” Maria moaned, already chalking the noise up to her imagination, or the stereo, or maybe Hilarie bumped something.

“Is Maria still in-,” Chris started to ask, poking his head inside the trailer. The sight of Maria hunched down in the chair she had been in with Hilarie on her knees eating Maria’s pussy shocked him enough that he lost his train of thought. He couldn’t even get his mind going enough to leave. He just stood there half inside the door staring at the floor show until Maria opened her eyes and saw him standing there.

“OH MY GOD,” Maria screamed, making a desperate effort to push Hilarie away with one hand and cover herself with her other.

“I know I’m good, but you shouldn’t have gotten off already,” Hilarie said, popping her head up. Seeing Maria’s head turned toward the door she turned her head in that direction as well and spotted the camera guy in the doorway. “This is kind of private.”

“Sorry,” Chris said, quickly turning his head but not quite clear headed enough to actually back out the door.

Suddenly Hilarie got an idea. If he had his camera, and since he had gone to get a fresh tape he probably did, then she might have a use for him. “Hey you, get in here.”

Maria had been frantic when she’d seen Chris in the doorway, but now she was beside herself with fright that Hilarie was inviting him in. Sure he was cute but she didn’t want someone she had to work with seeing her naked and getting hot and heavy with another woman.

“I’ll just wait outside,” Chris said, seeing the panic in Maria’s eyes.

“Get in here,” Hilarie demanded and he quickly obeyed. Seeing the camera in his hand, she knew what she had to do. “Film us.”

“WHAT?” Maria screeched.

“Don’t worry,” Hilarie said, trying her best to soothe Maria. “No one will see the tape.”

Maria was about to respond but Hilarie moved fast to rekindle the lust that had been all encompassing just a few moments ago. The fingers were quickly pushed back into her pussy and Hilarie’s tongue was back to work on her clit but it took her a little bit to get over the presence of Chris and his camera taping the action. Finally her will was broken and she had to admit to herself that getting fucked on tape was at least a little exciting.

Chris couldn’t believe what was happening. He’d popped his head in expecting to just let Maria know he was ready and they’d go on their way. Instead he’d accidentally walked in on a scene that would make him the envy of millions of men if they found out. To top it off he was now standing inside the trailer using his camera to record the event for posterity.

“Oh yeahhhh,” Maria moaned, her blouse open again as fingers pinched her painfully erect nipples for the camera.

“Come on, cum for me,” Hilarie urged Maria, in between writing letters on her clit.

“Ohhhhhh,” Maria moaned, feeling her orgasm right there for the taking. She had all but forgotten about the camera and was just playing for Hilarie’s benefit.

Standing over them Chris zoomed in on Maria’s cunt spread around Hilarie’s fingers. As Maria’s orgasm hit her pussy clamped down on the fingers and quivered as the muscles tightened and loosened. Hilarie even leaned in and smiled for the camera before pulling her fingers out and holding them up to show Maria’s cream coating them.

“Now me,” Hilarie said as Maria slid from the chair. She licked her fingers clean while she waited for one of them to volunteer. “Come on Maria, return the favor?”

“I guess,” Maria answered. It was the least she could do but she was finally becoming aware of Chris’ presence again and wasn’t really looking forward to having herself taped just in case she wasn’t very good.

Quickly standing, Hilarie unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her legs. Kicking off her tennis shoes she stepped out of them. Smiling for the camera that was trained on her, she used her feet to pull off her socks while she lifted her t-shirt up over her head. Standing there in matching green bra and panties she reached behind her to unhook the bra while Maria nervously pulled down the panties.

“It’s not gonna bite,” Hilarie told Maria as she laid on the floor with Maria inspecting her pussy.

Nervously Maria stuck out her tongue and gave Hilarie’s cunt a broad lick from the bottom to the top. When Hilarie seemed to enjoy the move she repeated it again. Starting to get used to the idea that she was eating pussy she got bolder and let her fingers trace the outline of Hilarie’s labia.

“That’s it,” Hilarie urged Maria, feeling a finger pressing into her pussy. “Finger my slutty little pussy.”

Chris had dropped to his knees next to Hilarie so he could get a better view of the action with both his eyes and the camera. He was so fixed on the Maria’s tongue flicking Hilarie’s clit that he was slightly shocked to feel a hand caress his cock through his jeans. Keeping the camera trained on Maria he looked down to see Hilarie’s hand unzipping his fly so she could get her hand inside.

“It looked a little painful,” Hilarie explained, pulling his rock hard prick out of his jeans.

He moaned as Hilarie’s fingers wrapped around his cock and stroked it. His eyes bounced back and forth between Maria, Hilarie, and the hand stroking his dick. When Hilarie’s hand let go, he looked at her to see why but she just crooked her finger in the universal sign for ‘come here’ at him. Scooting over on his knees he crouched over her face and moaned when he felt her tongue dart out to lick the underside of his cock.

Maria was getting more and more into the act and she wasn’t nearly as bad as she thought she’d be. She concentrated on doing to Hilarie what she liked having done to her and was pleasantly surprised to hear Hilarie gasp and moan every time she hit a certain spot. After a couple times of hitting a certain spot that Hilarie seemed to enjoy quite a bit Maria made a mental note and went back to it every so often.

“Fuck Maria,” Hilarie urged Chris.

Chris had worked with Maria quite a bit in the year that he’d worked for Entertainment Tonight and had tried his best to get into her pants but she had always politely refused. Her excuse was that she didn’t want to get into a relationship with someone she worked with and he understood her position even if he was really only looking for a quick fuck here or there and not a full blown relationship. Hilarie’s command however made him wonder if maybe his number had finally been called or if Maria would object.

His fears were rather groundless since Maria had been so engrossed in eating Hilarie’s pussy she hadn’t heard the comment. Even if she had though, she wouldn’t have objected if he’d bothered to ask. After all, he had already seen more than she wanted known and would’ve been too afraid that he’d take it out on her by telling anyone who would listen if she refused.

Setting the camera aside Chris checked to make sure it would still catch the action just fine he quickly removed his jeans and made his way behind Maria. Maria’s skirt had slid back down a little so he unzipped it and pulled it until it slid over her ass and collected around her knees. Taking a moment to savor the sight of her bare ass waving in the air like that he glanced at Hilarie, who gave him a thumb’s up.

“Uhh,” Maria moaned, feeling the unexpected intrusion of Chris’ cock buried in her pussy in one quick thrust. Reaching underneath her she was surprised to find that her skirt wasn’t in place but the cock in her pussy felt so good that she was hardly going to argue.

Hilarie grabbed the back of Maria’s head and pulled it back to where it belonged, her crotch. She moaned as Maria’s tongue flicked across her clit and she watched Chris pull out of Maria and slam back home. The force of Chris’ thrust pushed Maria’s tongue even harder against her little clit and she gave a loud moan of satisfaction for it.

The added stimulation of the cock in Maria’s pussy made her even more determined to get Hilarie off. Running her fingers along Hilarie’s slit she collected some of the juice leaking out. When the fingers were adequately lubricated she shoved them into Hilarie’s cunt at the same time she sucked her clit into her mouth.

“Yeah baby,” Hilarie moaned, too close to cumming to watch Chris fuck Maria so she leaned her head back and stared at the ceiling. She was partly grateful that she hadn’t installed the mirror on the ceiling like Sophia had suggested since it would’ve defeated the purpose of leaning her head back. Still, it would’ve been nice to just lean back and still be able to see her new friend get the shit fucked out of her.

Grabbing onto Maria’s hips Chris concentrated on fucking her. He had set a nice slow pace and was having a hard time keeping it. The sight of Maria’s head between Hilarie’s splayed thighs and her ass bouncing off his pelvis with each thrust made him want to speed up and just fuck her for all she was worth. However, he had waited so long for this that now matter how hot it was he wanted to at least put some effort into making it last.

“Fuck her,” Hilarie urged Chris. She was right on the verge of cumming and wanted Maria right there with her when it happened.

Hilarie’s command made Chris lose his focus. Instead of blacking out everything but the task of holding out as long as possible he was forced to look down and see Hilarie fondling her own tits, Maria’s tight little ass pounding against him, and her silky cunt gripping his cock oh so nicely

“Shit,” Chris gasped, trying to regain his control. Even as he tried he could feel his hips picking up speed and Maria’s moans getting louder from his quicker plunges into her. Giving in to his body he started fucking her with as much savage intensity as he could muster.

“Fuck me,” Maria panted, driving her fingers into Hilarie’s snatch in time and with the same ferocity as Chris’s thrusts into her.

Finally Hilarie could hold out no longer. Arching her back she humped her pussy onto Maria’s fingers and came with a loud scream just as Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution came on the stereo. Luckily she felt Maria tighten up in orgasm just as she was starting to regain her senses. She hadn’t heard Chris cry out the he was cumming but Hilarie could tell that he wasn’t likely to be able to hold out once Maria’s cunt clamped down on his cock the way he had been really laying it to her.

“I think we better finish our interviews,” Chris said when he caught his breath. He had indeed shot his load deep in Maria’s cunt the moment she’d gone over the edge but now he was actually letting his head do the thinking instead of his cock.

“Give me the tape,” Hilarie said when Chris grabbed the camera. When Chris didn’t act fast enough she snapped her fingers impatiently until he finally put the tape in the palm of her hand. “I’ve got to mail a copy to Angelina and see if she likes my little ‘audition’ I just did.”

“I thought you said no one was going to see it,” Maria pointed out as she straightened her clothes out. Angelina had already had her so she wasn’t very worried about it, but she wasn’t going to let on that Hilarie wasn’t the first woman she’d been with.

“I can send you a copy too if you want,” Hilary offered.

“That’s okay,” Maria said, dragging Chris out of the trailer.

When she was alone in the trailer once more Hilarie popped the tape into her VCR. As Hilarie’s face came into the screen and it pulled back to show it between spread open legs Maria’ with her she leaned back on the couch and enjoyed the show. By the time she’d finished watching the tape she looked at her watch and figured it was time to get dressed and head to the makeup department to get her hair fixed after her little adventure.

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