A Walk In The Park

Title: A Walk In The Park

Author: Tori

Celebs: Mckenna Grace

Codes: Mf, pedo, oral, anal, WS

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.


Mckenna Grace was just about to call it a day and go home.  She’d been walking around the park for almost two hours but no one, and I mean no one, was out.  She’d expected at least two or three pervs hitting on her by this time but for some reason, today was not her day.  Just as she was heading out of the park, a large black windowless van slowly cruised by.  She stopped and smoothed out her short blue gingham dress and pulled her white knee socks up and then continued walking slowly next to the van.  She glanced over and saw the passenger side window come down and then he called out, “Hey little girl.  Want some candy?  Mckenna giggled and then shook head as she slowly kept walking.  The man looked her over and then said, “Hey, how would you like to come with me and see my puppies?  They’re really cute!”  Mckenna laughed out loud this time and then stopped.  She turned and put her hands on her hips and said, laughing, “Is that the best you can do?  I mean, come on.  Candy?  Puppies?  What the hell!”

The van stopped and then the side door opened and the man hopped out.  He came over to the tiny teener and said, “What’s so funny?”  Mckenna just stood there and said, “Listen buddy.  I’ve heard it all before.  I mean, sure, that shit might work on some other girl but you’ve got to try harder to get me into that van.”  Just then the man looked around and then grabbed her.  He quickly pulled her in the back of the van and shut the door.  Mckenna sat down with her legs spread wide and said, “So, aren’t you going to tie me up?”  The man looked at her with a puzzled looked on his face and said, “Um, sure baby.  Sure I’m going tie you up.”  He pulled out some zip ties and pulled her wrists behind her back.  He then took another one and bound her ankles.  Mckenna pulled at the ties and said, “That’s better.  I’m pretty sure I can’t go anywhere.”  The man then went to get back behind the wheel but Mckenna stopped him and said, “Hey, didn’t you forget something?”  He looked back at her and said, “You’re one weird little girl, you know that?”  He thought about it for a few seconds and then said, “Ok, I’m game.  What did I forget?”  The cute blonde 12 year old opened her mouth and said, “The gag stupid.  You forgot to gag me.”  He reached over the passenger seat and grabbed a roll of duct tape and ripped off a piece.  She laughed again and said, “Do I have to tell you how to do everything?  First, rip off my panties and stuff them in my slutty mouth, THEN, put the tape on.”  He sat back for a second and said, “Ok, if you insist.”  He reached under her dress and pulled her panties tighter and tighter until they finally tore away from her body.  He quickly stuffed them in her mouth and put the tape on.  He squeezed her tiny breast and said, “I don’t know what you’re up too but I’m going to enjoy fucking the shit out of you little girl.”  Mckenna nodded and he could see her smile under the duct tape.

The ride didn’t take very long and as soon as the van pulled into the abandoned warehouse, the man climbed in back and pushed his hand under Mckenna’s dress.  He started to rub her bald pussy and then pushed his fat finger inside causing the tiny blonde to moan.  He stopped and said, “Jeez, you’re not a virgin anymore, are you?”  Mckenna shook her head and then the man said, “Well, virgin or not, I’m going to shove my cock so far up your ass that you’ll feel it in your throat.  Is that what you want slut?”  Mckenna nodded several times and then started to cum from the finger banging she was receiving.  He pulled his finger out and licked it clean and said, “Tasty baby.  Very tasty.”  He opened the side door to the van and picked Mckenna up and carried her over to an old mattress lying next to the wall.  He propped her up and tore the tap from her mouth.  After pulling her panties out he shoved his fingers in and said, “Suck!”  Mckenna started sucking, tasting what was left of her orgasm from them as he pulled his cock out.  She looked at it and said, “Wow Mister Pedophile.  You’ve got a nice cock.  Not the biggest I’ve had but still nice.  Are you going rape me now?”  The man stood up and looked down at her and said, “Not yet.”  He started to piss all over her face causing her to open her mouth and swallow what she could.  He shook off his cock and said, “You are one fucked up bitch, aren’t you?”  Mckenna laughed and said, “You’re the one that picked me up, fingered my pussy and pissed on me and you call me fucked up?”  She stared at his hard cock and said, “Come on Perv.  Choke me with that hard cock.”

The man reached down and grabbed her piss soaked hair and said, “Open up whore.”  Mckenna opened her mouth as wide as she could and let the man push his eight inches down her tiny throat.  He held her nose against his pubes for a few seconds and then pulled out.  He pushed it down her throat again and when he felt her little tongue lick his balls he said, “Geez bitch.  You’re a better cocksucker than some of the whores I’ve fucked.”  The man started to fuck her mouth hard and deep, shoving his cock down her throat with each hard thrust.  When he looked down, he saw her looking up at him with her eyes wide open, tears running down her cheeks.  He smiled and kept up his assault on her mouth and after several long minutes, he pulled out and covered her face with his hot load.  After he shook off his cock, he stepped back and said, “You’re beautiful covered in my cum baby girl.  I might just have to keep you for awhile.  Mckenna licked her lips and said, “Sorry but I have to be home for dinner Mister Pedophile so why don’t you just shut up and fuck me already.  K?”

The man pulled out a pocket knife and cut the ties off her ankles and wrists and stood her up.  He pulled her piss soaked dress up over her head and used it to wipe the cum off her face.  After tossing it in the corner, he stopped and stared at the skinny little girl standing there naked in nothing but her knee socks and Chuck Taylors and said, “On your hands and knees slut.  You wanted to get fucked so you’re about to get your wish.  Mckenna clapped her hands and said, “Goodie!  I can’t wait.”  She quickly got down on the mattress and said, “Do you want to fuck my little cunny or my ass?”  He just stood there, not saying a word when Mckenna said, “Never mind.  Surprise me.”  The man took off his jeans and boxers and got down behind her and started slapping his cock against her tight little butt cheeks.  “Let’s see.  Where do I want to……”  Before he finished his sentence, he shoved his cock straight up her ass.  Mckenna screamed out but not in pain.  The man only heard pleasure coming from her mouth and as he started to fuck her, she screamed, “YES MISTER PEDOPHILE, FUCK ME, FUCK MY DIRTY ASSSS!!!!!”

The man pounded her for several minutes and then pulled out, admiring her gaping hole.  He shoved his cock back in and then grabbed her and flipped over on his back, keeping Mckenna impaled on his cock.  He held her by her thin thighs and spread her legs wide open, driving his cock balls deep into her.  By this time, she’d stopped screaming.  The only sound in the warehouse was the sound of her ass smacking down against him every time she bottomed out.  He kept this up for almost ten minutes and then slammed her down hard and started to cum.  Mckenna felt him fill her bowels with his load.  What he couldn’t see was the huge smile on her face since her back was to him.  When he finally finished, he pushed her off and said, “Suck your shit off my cock slut.”  Mckenna quickly grabbed his flaccid meat and stuffed it in her mouth, sucking and licking the nasty mixture of cum and shit off.  When she finished, she sat back and looked at her watch.  She stood up and picked up her dress.  As she put it on she said, “Listen Mister Pedophile.  My folks will be expecting me so you’re going to have to wait to fuck my cunny until another time.”  She slowly made her way to the door and then she turned around, ran over to him and jumped on his stomach.  She bent down and kissed him hard on his mouth and then got back up.  She put her hands behind her back and said, smiling, “You did a good job banging my pooper Mister Pedophile.  I hope I see you again real soon.”  He just laid there and said, “Anytime baby girl.”  After she skipped out of the warehouse, he got up and got dressed.  He thought about what just happened and said to himself, “Jesus, that was one weird little girl.”


The End

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