A Weekend In The Mountains: Friday

A Weekend In The Mountains: Friday – by Victor Field (Cindy Crawford, Hilary Duff, Katharine McPhee, Hayden Panettiere, Kellie Pickler, Rihanna, MF, Mf, MFf, Ff, con, oral, anal, mast)

This started out as last year’s CSSA Chain Story called “Snow Bunnies Galore” (thank you, Evil), but we decided to turn it into a sort of anthology series with each contributing writer having their own separate story set over the same weekend (set before Hayden’s 18th); I didn’t want to waste my parts, so here they are. Friday’s main event is a snowboard race down the mountain, hence Hilary’s antics. And apologies to Evil,
but I couldn’t wait any longer before starting to send them in.

Needless to say, none of the stuff here actually happened, and it’s all for adults; no under-18s reading it.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Skull Mesa, huh?” Hayden Panettiere said, looking down over the fields of Vermont from their light aircraft. “So where’s the skull?”

“Right there,” Hilary Duff giggled, knocking on Hayden’s blonde-maned head. “Hmmm… sounds kinda hollow…”

Hayden shook her head in amusement; even though Hilary was two years older she couldn’t help acting like a baby sister. “You’re lucky, though,” she added, getting out a cigarette and patting around herself wondering where the hell she put her lighter. Ah, there it was… “You’ve cut the ol’ apron strings, don’t have to worry about Mom and Dad…”

“Like that ever stopped you,” Hilary laughed. “Put that thing out, okay? You know how Cindy gets when people light up in places like this.”

This was usually the moment when Hayden said something on the lines of “Like I care” and started puffing away (and inviting Hilary to join in). So you could have knocked Miss Duff down with a fingersnap when Miss Panettiere closed the lighter and crumpled up the cigarette. “Oh what the hell, I’m trying to quit anyway,” she said flippantly – but not flippantly enough for Hilary to think she wasn’t joking. And then there was the expression on Hayden’s face the second she’d said “Cindy”; it hadn’t been there long, but before it could be hidden Hilary had seen it.

Behind the two young women, the sounds of their two older companions came through the locked door to fill the cabin. Hilary saw that look appear on Hayden’s beautiful face again; in an instant she knew what was on her friend’s mind. When Victor and Cindy had taken their leave shortly after the first-stage plane had left New York, Hayden had said “Lucky so-and-so” – until this moment, Hilary had thought she was referring to Cindy…

“How long?” she asked.

“Since we took off,” Hayden replied with a chuckle. “Man, I thought he took his time with ME, but-”

“Drop the act, Hay. You know what I mean.”

Hayden dropped the act, and looked at her feet for a moment while Victor and Cindy continued to moan. “Since the cruise. Don’t get me wrong, I still like guys, and I mean like ’em a lot – but Cindy… she probably wouldn’t give me the time of day.”

“Victor would, though,” Hilary pointed out.

“Yeah,” Hayden replied wistfully. “Yeah, he would…”

* * * * * * * * * *

“You were robbed,” the matronly woman who had recognised Katharine McPhee on the flight to Vermont said kindly. “That Jay Leno lookalike wouldn’t know real soul from Dover sole…”

“Thanks,” Kat replied with a smile, wishing she’d go away and leave her.

One of those interchangeable gossip blogs had joked that Katharine McPhee’s boyfriend was either great around the house or had a 13-inch cock; the guy who had written that was partly right. He was great around the house.

Katharine figured he probably did have a nice dick (like many women, she’d heard that the ugliest guys often had the biggest ones); not that she’d have been interested in finding out. He was simply a cover for one of the music world’s most secret – and now finished – relationships; as the lovely Kat tried to concentrate on the inflight entertainment options, she reflected that it had been ironic how her dislike of penises had probably cost her everything…


Snap – snap – snap – snap. Or tiny noise – tiny noise – tiny noise – tiny noise.

Katharine had said no to “Maxim,” “FHM,” and all the rest; but she had said yes to Kellie Pickler. Fuck “Grey’s Anatomy,” this well-built girl with the really hot, big behind was TV’s real McDreamy. Flinging hair out of her face, she beamed up at Kellie while she lay naked on the bed, as the blonde singer captured one image after another on her digital phone – Katharine holding up the blanket to her chest, Katharine dropping the blanket and holding up her generous rack, Katharine standing with her bare ass jutting towards the camera… “If these turn up on the ‘net I’ll never speak to you again!” she laughed.

“You think I’d do a thing like that, honey?” Kellie drawled as she got the money shot of Katharine’s quim and chute. “Give me SOME credit. Plus you didn’t put out mine after I got kicked out of the competition.”

It was true – Kellie Pickler’s nude shower pictures remained unhacked on Katharine’s digital phone. Kellie had known she could trust her on that, just as Katharine had known the first time they had met on the “American Idol” trail that her stupidity wasn’t the only thing about her that was an act; Katharine had seen something in her eyes. It was a look that she was used to getting from guys – the “I want you. Now” look. Katharine had paid her a visit on the first night, and found to her delight that her gaydar had once again not let her down; in the ensuing weeks their friendship strengthened and the two had covered their tracks so well that no one had the slightest suspicion that once a week, as soon as possible after the show had ended, Katharine and Kellie were wrapped in each other’s arms, giggling over their rival contestants and tasting each other’s bodies. The night Kellie had been voted off, Katharine had consoled her as much as Kellie had just

Laughing as she sat up for one last shot, Katharine opened her arms to her lover. “How about one of the two of us?”

“Nah, I’ve got enough to be going on with.”

Something had happened; Kellie had been all effusive and excited, and now it was as if she had been possessed by a calculus professor.

“What’s wrong, Kellie?” Katharine asked, putting an arm around her lover and kissing her shoulder. “You lost cash betting on me, right? The guy just showed off more.”

“You’d know about that, McPhee,” Kellie answered, pulling away.

“‘Scuse me?”

Kellie shook her head and looked back at her. “I’ll give you this – he’s just as big a cheat as you.”

“A CHEAT? What are you talking about, Kell?”

“Only people I love can call me Kell,” Kellie said flatly.

Katharine’s mind was in a total whirl; Kellie (Miss M still loved Miss P) becoming an iceberg, calling some guy and her cheaters… “What are you talking about?” she repeated. “Humour me. Pretend I don’t know.”

“The finals. The dressing room. You. And Taylor Hicks.” Kellie said the last two words as if she was swearing.

“Okay, we met before the show but nothing happened…”

“Except Mr. Soul Patrol saying that if you gave him a blowjob he’d suddenly do some sucking himself on stage.”

“He always sucked on stage,” Katharine pointed out, futilely hoping a joke would help.

“And he was bragging about how you did it. He said you were good, I’ll say that for you.”

“For heaven’s sake, Kell…ie Pickler,” Katharine begged, “I like guys about as much as you do, and you like ’em as much as Gordon Ramsay and Hugh Jackman like girls! And if I was going to put a dick in my mouth, you really think it would be HIS?”

“You know what they say about ugly ones and big packages,” Kellie replied. “It must suck though; gobbling that meat and then he goes and wins…”

“But I didn’t do it!”

“That’s not what I heard. That’s not what I saw.”

“What…” Katharine started to giggle. So that was it. “This is gonna sound so silly, but Taylor came over to wish me luck for the night, and he had a couple of loose buttons on his suit; I said I’d sew them on tight for him ’cause I don’t trust anyone to do my repairs but me and I always have some needle-and-thread with me, so that was it.”

This was actually true, but Katharine’s sincere smile didn’t get the ideal response. Kellie had stared at her, and icily said “Get out of this bed. Get out of this room. Get out of my LIFE.”

“But… but what was all this then?”

“Break-up sex. You ever seen ‘Entourage’?”

Katharine couldn’t say anything.

“Oh, and these pictures? I’m keeping them to remind me of what you are – the only women who do shots like this,” she added, showing Katharine the closeup picture of the McPhee pussy and asshole, “are whores.”

And that had been the last thing Kellie had said to the upset Katharine; she went over it again and again in my mind on the plane, having given up trying to repress it. Someone had poisoned Kellie against her. Someone had taken advantage of Kellie Pickler being the kind of girl who you only had one chance with, and shattered Katharine’s dreams of love. The voluptuous brunette put the headphones in and turned the volume up, hoping it wouldn’t be long before arriving in Vermont for this CSSA ski holiday thing – anything to forget the past few weeks.

Katharine McPhee gritted her teeth on hearing the sweet tones of blonde lesbophobe Carrie Underwood, and changed the channel.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hayden was right.

And as well as with regards to what side of the plane she was seated, she was also bang on concerning the time Victor had been enjoying Cindy Crawford’s company since the four of them had met up in New York.

Cindy and Victor had been inseparable practically from the moment they got on board the plane, the unpleasantness that had come from Victor’s mental and actual infidelity on the CSSA cruise over and behind them. A little hand-holding at first, then the odd kiss – and now, inside the bathroom (they had considerately waited until *after* the younger ladies had used it, although neither Hayden nor Hilary had missed the look in their eyes), Cindy had her lovely MILFy self thrust up against the door, banging on it and yelling as Victor eagerly slammed into her. It had been a really long remake of the makeout scene from “Snakes on a Plane,” except the only snake was of the trouser variety and the only bite marks and bruises were of the love kind, starting with a little mark being made on Cindy’s back as Victor pounded her against the wall, shaking the tiny room as he plunged his pole inside her right up to the ballsack. The room was sweltering, but the air
conditioning kicking in wouldn’t have cooled either of them down; Victor’s uncontrollable hands and Cindy’s endless kisses saw to that.

Victor ran his hands over Cindy’s beautiful body as if he hadn’t seen her in years, which was almost true – following the cruise and their reconciliation he had avoided sleeping with her so he could cherish the moments like this all the more; except for that one time when Cindy had given him a very special 36th birthday present, they’d kept it clean. Until now. And Victor was an excitable 18-year-old all over again as he took hold of Cindy’s breasts, kissing each one like it was an original Michelangelo. Cindy’s hands were fondling his butt as he ground away inside her steamy dark pussy, the tight hole he’d already managed to fill up twice this trip. Running his hands down the supermodel’s strong, sensuous back, Victor cupped her velvet seat. “Best. Model Ass. Ever,” ghe grunted, searching for Cindy’s puckery rear entrance as she kissed him fiercely.

“I love it up there… but you’ll get… to play with it… when we… land…” Cindy gasped between thrusts, her legs caressing Victor as he felt himself boiling over inside her again.

“Apres skiHEREICOME!!!!!!!!!!!” Victor howled, making the room shake as the two crashed into the walls again and again, the CSSA member’s member draining his passion into Cindy Crawford yet again; neither one could believe he still had some left over.

Neither could Hayden Panettiere, listening outside and ignoring Hilary Duff’s disapproving looks. One of the two people inside that impromptu lovenest would be hers by the time this trip was over; she would bet on it. And unlike Victor, she didn’t want to share.

* * * * * * * * * *

“You sure you can’t come?” Alveta asked.

Rihanna loved Barbados. She was happy to promote the island of her birth at every chance, and she didn’t want to let her family and friends down. But sometimes… “Sorry, they changed the schedule on me,” the lovely singer said apologetically to her friend. “Pushed everything UP one day, can you believe it? Like they didn’t have me practising enough already. I was really looking forward to the party as well.”

“Never mind, there’ll be other ones,” Alveta assured her. “And don’t think we didn’t see you bending and shaking for your vid… you got to go and shoot it where now?”

“Toronto,” Rihanna lied. It was true that she had been practising dance moves, but not for her new video – which was going to be shot nowhere near Toronto. Rihanna had been cavorting in front of her bedroom mirror and in secluded parts of the beach in progressively skimpier outfits because she had to keep in practice; the day before she’d flown home for a well-earned rest she’d gotten the invite for her first CSSA holiday weekend. Up in the mountains, lying in the grass, there’d be Rihanna, showing off her

Asking about one of the activities that had been planned for the weekend – maybe white men could jump, but this black girl could NOT ski – Rihanna had gotten a reply of yes almost as soon as she’d sent it. Stuff that was out in the cold? Maybe not. But warm things? You bet. Rihanna’s butt was warm all right; full, round and covered with skin as soft as the rest of her as well. And she had entered the contest to see which lady did the best job of revealing her own rump and everything else. She didn’t know who else was going to be entering, but if she was going to go down (as it were), Rihanna was going to go down fighting.

Seated on the plane now, she was still kind of nervous. Nervous that she might chicken out at the last moment, or worse yet right there on stage; and nervous that word might still leakout (even though Evil had assured her that there would be no cameras or press allowed in the ski lodge at all – security around this event was tighter than Jennifer Aniston’s ass, and since all the celebs who attended were sworn to secrecy, as far as the outside world was concerned the first time they had held the event was the only time). But if she had known that the best reason of all for her to be nervous had a seat on the very same flight to Burlington, she would have chickened out on the spot.

Fortunately for Rihanna’s male fans who’d be at the getaway, she DIDN’T know Katharine McPhee was on the same flight.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Looking forward to it, Hayden?”

Hayden’s lovely face went every shade of the rainbow in under seven seconds when they stepped onto the tarmac after landing at Burlington. “Yeah, Cindy!” she beamed, as happy to be here as to have been singled out by the woman. “You?”

“Always,” the veteran replied. “Too bad they all keep going off to their own little cliques though – what’s wrong with some mixing?”

“Yeah, I could do with some of that myself. Shit, it’s cold!”

“That’s supposed to be my line,” Victor said, rubbing his hands.

“You’re from England; I thought you guys were used to cold,” Hilary joked.

“You’re from Disney; I thought you weren’t supposed to have sex.”

Hilary mimed an arrow to her chest as Hayden and Cindy, weighed down a bit because they had more luggage, lagged a bit behind. The terminal where they’d be meeting up with Jonas was in sight, but with their load it might as well have been in Tokyo… “These staff around here, they might be crap,” Hayden said.

“I don’t know – those CSSA guys get great help. Give or take the odd fake TRL.”

“Yeah… but if you ever need anything at all, just call.”

“Winter, spring, summer or fall, huh?” Cindy cracked. “Sorry, I gues James Taylor’s before your time.”

“Mariah Carey isn’t,” Hayden grimaced. “But anyway, I mean it… anything.” She gave Cindy’s free hand a quick squeeze, as the ring of a mobile phone ruined the mood of bonding – and brought all four of them together as they searched themselves for their phones.

“I got it!” Victor announced. “Hello?”

“Hi, Vic.”

“Oh, hi Dad!” Why did his parents always call when he was on CSSA stuff?

“How are you? Enjoying your holiday?”

“Oh yeah, everything’s fine. Retirement treating you well?”

“Not bad, you know. Having my first vacation up north… thought it was about time I came to your neck of the woods, see how you’re doing…”

All the while Victor was talking to his dad, the ladies were silent; the rule was no possible clues as to what was going on could ever get out. None of them had voices of Marge Simpson-distinctiveness, but they couldn’t take the chance; ever since the first holiday in the Caribbean, people had been trying to confirm rumours that they were having followups, but no one had ever managed to prove anything. There was too much at stake; the day everyone was due to leave after the first holiday, Victoria had gathered everyone – celebs and non-celebs alike – and assured them that if the outside world EVER found out that this was an ongoing thing she’d cancel it for good. And nobody doubted she meant it.

“Welcome to Burlington, ladies. And gentlemen,” Jonas grinned on meeting them at the terminal. “Fellows, take their luggage – no heavy lifting for the ladies. A nice mix of veterans and newcomers we got here for the first trip.”

“We’ve all been here before,” Cindy pointed out, gratefully handing one of the assistants her bags.

“Yes, but *we* haven’t,” a Barbadian voice piped up.


Seeing Hayden Panettiere and Rihanna running towards each other and embracing made everyone there feel a lot warmer. (Especially the men.) The young women had met during “Bring It On: All Or Nothing” and taken an instant shine to each other (rumour had it that Hayden had taken Rihanna’s lesbian virginity, but neither had confirmed it… or denied it), and had been hoping to reunite ever since.

“You never told me you were gonna be here!” Hayden squealed.

“I didn’t want to let you down if I couldn’t make it! It’s her first time too!”

“And who is this gorgeous creature?” Victor asked, looking at Katharine McPhee and smiling as the two young women embraced again. “Besides Rihanna.”

“Your voice sounds a little mixed… you Bajan?” asked the Caribbean girl.

“My dad is. I’d love to see the ‘Nation’ if they knew about this,” he said, shaking Rihanna’s hand.

“Victoria wouldn’t – Evil made that VERY clear,” Rihanna smiled, waving to the others in turn. “You my competition, Hilary?”

“Heck, no!” Hilary laughed. “I’m saving my stuff for the slopes.”

“How about it, McPhee?” Hayden asked. “You entering?”

“Oh yeah, that’s who you are – Katharine McPhee!” Victor beamed. “Best reality TV singer EVER.”

“He means best-looking, right?” Cindy winked.

“Thanks either way,” Katharine said. “I’m almost sorry I’m not in that stripping thing, but I’m not sure I could do it.”

“Wanna switch?” Hayden suggested with a cheeky grin.

“It’s a shame,” Victor sighed. “You want to enter it (pointing to Hayden) but can’t, you don’t want to (to Katharine) but you can. Just one more year to go, kid.”

“It IS odd,” Jonas admitted. “Hayden can’t take part in all the activities and she’ll still be… er…” Even though he knew why she and the others were there, he stilll searched for the right words. She was still only 17, after all.

“Sucking cocks with the best of them?” cornfed Midwestern sweetheart Cindy Crawford suggested. “She’s been a woman ever since she was, like, 16.”

“Before that, grandma,” Hayden grinned.

“Um… Jonas, I got a question,” Katharine said hesitantly. “Is Kellie Pickler coming?”

“If she is, she isn’t on this trip. I could check with Evil once we arrive. Is she a friend of yours?”

“Not now,” Katharine replied slowly. “Not now.”

* * * * * * * * * *

The only picture of Cindy with Victor to ever appear in the press had been when Rande was in sight, and he had only been ID’d as an “unidentified friend.” No one had thought any more of it, except that one of Victor’s dad’s new wife’s friends had seen the snap in an issue of “US Weekly.” And sent the picture to Victor’s dad’s new wife. Who had shown it to Victor’s dad. Even though this had never happened again, Victor’s dad had been pondering how to bring it up with his son. All this time and the boy had never mentioned it…

Victor was his father’s son, not one to talk much about his personal relationships. And okay, he wasn’t about to get some young twit pregnant, but his dad still wanted to know what was going on. If he was hanging around someone like Cindy Crawford… he remembered lecturing the lad about thinking about her so much. For a while there it looked like Victor had actually listened, but now…

In his wallet Victor’s dad had the number of a very good woman he knew in Barbados. Once he’d had a good long talk with his son, he’d get the boy to ring her up, nip this obsession with that model in the bud. Knowing those celebs, she’d probably put a restraining order on him after meeting the first time. Victor’s dad shook his head; what was wrong with a nice Bajan girl?

* * * * * * * * * *

“Too bad you didn’t win, Ma’am. Enjoy your stay in Vermont.”

“Thanks, I bet I do!” Kellie Pickler beamed, taking her passport back.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Forget it, Vic,” Rihanna said amiably as they watched Katharine McPhee, sitting across from them on the plane taking them to the mountain resort.

“Forget what?”

“I saw that thing in your pants…”

“We all have,” Hayden cracked.

“You know what I mean,” Rihanna chided. “I… can see how you feel about McPhee, and she doesn’t do guys. Ever.”

“Hey, I know,” Victor protested. “But sexy’s still sexy; you think all the women hot for Dr. Kildare would’ve been put off if they knew he was gay?”

“Who’s Dr. Kildare?” Hilary asked.

“Ask your mom,” Cindy replied.

“Plus it doesn’t matter for most people… they wouldn’t get into Katharine’s bed even if she was straight.”

“You can bet on it, sweetheart,” Katharine smiled.

* * * * * * * * * *

669 Putnam Avenue was big enough for each one to have their own room when they weren’t out on the slopes or boozing it up with the others in the Matador. Whether because he’d been the first to sign on or because he was bringing the oldest woman, Victor had gotten the largest lodging not being occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Evil – who didn’t mind the title having not gone to medical school – and he, like the ladies, treated the honour with the respect it deserved.


Damn, Katharine was fast. And after a quick once-over of the house, they had found the place was short on bedrooms… one short, amazingly. Cindy, Hayden, Rihanna and now Katharine had nabbed theirs, and now it was down to two.

“That’s what you get for being picky, Vic,” Hilary chuckled. “One left; looks like you’re sleeping on the couch…”

“Let him have the other one,” Rihanna suggested. “We can share.”

“No way! She snores!” Hayden argued.

“I do NOT snore!”

“Yeah, and Christina Aguilera’s got real boobies. C’mon…”

“What’s wrong with flipping a coin?” Katharine asked.

“Rock, paper, scissors?” Cindy asked.

“I got a better idea…” Hilary smiled. “Get the watch out, Cindy.”

Victor immediately cracked a grin as Hilary patted his chest, slid her hand down and snaked it into his trousers, rubbing what was inside while Cindy took her watch out. “We went through this the last time we were down in your neck of the woods, Rihanna,” the supermodel explained. “He wanted the same room I did, and I… ah… talked him out of it…”

“Gives me practice as well,” Hilary continued, stroking Victor’s swelling cock. “I get the room if I make him come in… what’s the time limit, Cindy?”

“You’ve got two minutes,” Cindy announced as Hilary dropped to her knees, smiling up at Victor and pulling his dick out. “Starting from… NOW!”

Hilary closed her mouth around Victor’s chocolate organ, gorging on the meat and dandling the balls eagerly. Her tongue entwined around his cock like a snake, sliding along it with her lips as she kept on teasing his ballsack. He patted her head as he watched her suck; Hilary really wanted that room, the way she was gobbling him. Gritting his teeth, he did his usual tricks of focusing on something UNsexy to keep from how Hilary Duff was treating him…

“Thirty seconds!”

…but every time he tried to lengthen it, Hilary would flick the tip of her tongue on the head of his cock, or give it a quick kiss in between sucks, or swallow it up to the balls, “Mmm”-ing in appreciation and concentration. And all the while she was playing with the sacs, never letting the rhythm stop. Not even a tiny nip from her teeth was in the offing to ruin it this time – and the sight of Katharine McPhee looking jealous (of him), Hayden Panettiere grinning wickedly, Rihanna showing a mixture of bemusement and excitement, and Cindy Crawford eyeing him and the watch, was not helping.

“One minute!”

Victor started to groan as he tried everything to keep off the inevitable at least for ninety more seconds, but now Hilary was looking up at him as he started to drip onto her tongue, eyeing him while she was greedily sucking away and taking time out to lick each sac to boot. Hilary lolled them in her mouth, rolling each around her tongue briefly before taking in his aching cock again – and the moment her lips swallowed him again, that was it. Clutching her head tightly to his crotch, Victor finally and rapidly pumped his first load of the getaway down her lovely throat; it wasn’t a classic, basically a glorified wank, but it was enough as Hilary, still sucking like a pro, snapped some of her free fingers.

“Ninety-eight seconds!” Cindy announced as the others applauded and Hilary pulled away, licking her lips and leaning aside to give the others a view of Victor’s still-tumescent but softening prick. “Better than Rande managed…”

“Never mind,” Hilary smiled as she got up. “You can still sleep in MY room tonight.”

“You know what’s the worst thing about this weekend?” Victor said, putting it away. “It’s only three nights and there’s five of you.”

“Oh, we’ll work something out,” Hayden assured him. “It gets so cold up here we’ll probably be bundling up anyway.”

“Better go and unpack. In the front room,” Victor said. “See y’all later.”

Katharine watched him go, wondering if she’d misheard what Cindy had said… “Er – Cindy… did you say better than RANDE?”

“Yep,” Cindy told her. “We’ve both got a foot in each camp – Rande doesn’t mind getting it from guys every now and then, and neither does Victor. I hear he and MuffinMan had a little thing going too.”

“Is that a fact,” Katharine said thoughtfully, eyeing Rihanna.

To the Bajan singer’s delight, the look in her eyes was one of lust rather than distrust…

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy Crawford’s body was beautiful at 20, it was beautiful at 30, and it was beautiful at 40. Having unpacked in her room, she was treating it to a warm shower before they had to turn up at the Matador. Behind her, Hayden Panettiere scrubbed Cindy’s back, keeping her hand steady and willing herself not to glance downwards, telling herself that she was only returning the favour Cindy had done when they’d gone into the shower together.

“Oooh, that’s it Hayd,” Cindy murmured, lathering the front as Hayden finished washing the older woman’s back. If she could have had her way she’d have rested her head against it and purred like a cat; instead she started soaping Cindy’s wonderful ass, telling herself to be careful. She might be in a position a lot of guys her dad’s age (and some closer to her own) would die to have, but if Cindy got freaked out…

“How are you on the slopes?” Hayden asked as she took hold of one of Cindy’s buttcheeks and washed under the shower’s stream.

“Well, I’ve never wiped out yet… you?”

“Same here; maybe I could enter the stripping instead?”

“Should’ve thought of that before you sent the forms back. But you could strip out of competition,” Cindy smiled. “You’ve got a good body there and I know you like to work it.”

Hayden had never understood the concept of “coming on the spot” until this moment; she couldn’t believe that the woman she loved had just complimented her looks. She was used to it from guys, but when it came from her… “Th-thanks,” she managed to say as a cleaned Cindy turned the jets off.

“I call them like I see them. Come on before you turn into a raisin,” Cindy said, facing Hayden and not noticing the teenager’s blissful expression. Cindy Crawford, dripping and naked in front of her, was something she had dreamed of seeing ever since the cruise; Nicolette Sheridan may have taken her cherry on the trip, but it had been Cindy who the girl had secretly hoped would do the deed. The biggest disappointment of the cruise had been that on the island Hayden had never gotten to share a bed with Cindy; time had not been on her side.

Unlike Jared and Jensen from “Supernatural” (who couldn’t admit even to themselves that they were gay) or Alexis Bledel (who would only admit to having “experimented,” even though she’d been “experimenting” for around seven years now), Hayden was under no illusions; she’d known and accepted from a very early age that she liked both her own sex. *And* the other one; none of this repressed lesbian shit for her, Hayden was too turned on by boys and was too happy to turn ’em on for her to think she could ever be truly vegetarian. But there was something about Cindy that went beyond fucking; she had loved that night with Cat Deeley (it had been a three-way with Stephen at first, but then he’d gone and satisfied himself while the other two were still awake and eager; Cat had claimed she didn’t usually do it with another girl, but either she was lying or this Brit babe had one HELLuva knack), but Hayden didn’t want to be with her out of bed. Cindy, on the other

“Cindy?” Hayden said tentatively.

“What’s on your mind?” the older woman asked expectantly, looking kindly at Hayden as they started to dress.

Hayden knew that if she hesitated, she might never get the chance or courage again. “I… um…”


“I… I love you.”

Cindy paused in mid-brassiere-clip. This was not what she’d expected to hear from her – plenty of people she’d slept with had said it, but never on these CSSA jaunts. Not even Victor usually said it, but he didn’t need to.

“I know this sounds like puppy love but it’s not,” Hayden continued. “Ever since the CSSA Cruise you’ve always been on my mind. Well, apart from when I see a cute guy but you always come back…”

“We were never together the last time, Hayden,” Cindy pointed out.

“You don’t need to fuck someone to love them.”

Cindy sat down, trying to sort out Hayden’s words.

“I know you’re married, and I know you’re with Victor, but… dammit, Cindy, every time I see you I just want to melt. I need you so bad… oh shit, this is so hard.”

“Hayden, there’s something I’ve got to tell you…”

“I know, you can’t love me back,” Hayden interrupted. “I should have known; you’ve already got two guys in your life and you’ve probably already got something going with Hilary so why would you want to be with me? I’m no crazy stalker, I understand.”

“No, you don’t-”

“But let me tell you something,” Hayden finished. “I’ll always love you. ALWAYS. No matter what.” And before Cindy could say anything, the girl kissed her deeply on the lips and left hurriedly.

Cindy watched Hayden leave, and sighed. Hayden could have wrapped it all up right there, no more complications; it was true that she, Cindy, had accommodated both Rande and Victor. And she had had something going with Hilary, but emphasis on “had.” And Cindy could have told Hayden that she didn’t love her back, the way Hayden had thought.

The trouble is, she wasn’t sure she’d be telling the truth.

* * * * * * * * * *

Rihanna had been nervous when she answered the knock on the door and saw Katharine McPhee standing there, even though she was the bigger star of the two. She hadn’t found out, had she…?

“You know, we’ve never been properly introduced” were the first words to come out of Big Sexy Hair’s mouth as she thrust her hand out, which put Rihanna at ease. “I’ve been really wanting to meet you – I *love* your music, and I don’t say that to just anyone…”

It was true; Katharine may have been gushy in public but in private she rarely praised any other singers. With her arm being pumped up and down while Katharine shook her hand, Rihanna started to tentatively let her guard down… if anyone knew, they weren’t here. She was even more relaxed ten minutes later, as their bodies thrashed around her room in a perfect rhythm, building up sweat as they moved.

“Nice mix here,” Katharine beamed as she and Rihanna danced around to the strains of Stacy Ferguson bragging about her huh her huh her humps, her lovely lady lumps. “You using this one?”

“That would be telling,” laughed the Barbadian beauty. “Maybe you should do something like this one day.”

Kat retched.

“No, you’d be surprised what you can do…” Rihanna clicked her hips in time to the beat as Katharine checked her out. Nice, trim little body… lovely satin skin… Katharine was so glad she wasn’t a guy; no sudden embarrassing bulges in her pants for her.

“We’ve got some time before we gotta go around the corner,” Miss McPhee said as the song finally ended and something slower came on. “Any suggestions?”

“How about cards?”

“Think I came all the way to Vermont to play CARDS? Do I look like a nun?”

“Nuh-uh,” Rihanna answered. “Unless you’re the world’s hottest nun.”

“And don’t tell me you’ve never done it with a girl before,” Katharine added, taking her new friend’s hands as Usher came up.

“I’ve never done it with a *white* girl before,” Rihanna smiled.

Katharine just looked at her knowingly.

“Okay, I HAVE,” Rihanna laughed. “I’ve never done it with YOU before… I’m gonna skip my mix disc forward, ’cause when I’m in action I like something to suit it.”

“And Usher doesn’t?”

“No. I do.” Rihanna’s unexpected ego reared its head as her own singing came along, and the two women laughed very lightly before each started to undo their tops; Katharine started swaying closer to Rihanna, popping each button in time to the music and showing the girl more and more of her splendid rack. Not to be outdone, Rihanna slowly unzipped her shirt, letting it drop to show her dark-skinned, white-bra covered chest. Katharine shrugged her top off and rested her hand on Rihanna’s chest as her bounty was exposed, and undid the girl’s bra as Rihanna spread her fingers on Kat’s jugs. Rihanna smiled in satisfaction as she moved her hands from her lover’s chest to wrap her arms around Katharine’s milky torso.

“I’ve been wanting this ever since I saw you,” she sighed, running her hands down Katharine McPhee’s beautiful body.

“Shut up,” Kat whispered, kissing Rihanna as she got her lover’s breasts free and pushed her dress down, sliding her tongue deeper down Rihanna’s throat on feeling her hand clutching Miss McPhee’s juicy ass. As Rihanna stroked Katharine’s sexy tail, she let her mind go back to how this had nearly not happened…


Before getting out of the car, Rihanna stared in horror down between her legs.

Unlike those racist, xenophobic cunts called Girls Aloud (Rihanna would never forgive Nadine for looking at her naked form and sneering “We don’t eat dark meat”) or that equally racist bitch Keyshia “I only suck black dicks” Cole, Rihanna was colourblind in matters of bed. So it wasn’t the fact that she’d been left wanting by her first white man that put her off – it was the fact that she’d let Taylor Fucking Hicks do her. Getting banged by him had been about as much fun as waiting for a bus in winter; she had tried her best, but his pencil dick just couldn’t do the job. “Ah, don’t worry about it,” he’d laughed as he’d mercifully gotten dressed. “It happens.”

Rihanna knew when sex was bad, and she also knew when it was her fault. This time it had been HIS, and here he was blaming her like he was the world’s greatest lover… but even that wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t gone blabbing off the record about how crap she was in bed. Yeah, like any woman faced with fucking a guy with that chin and that hair could work up the strength to even fake it. Thankfully, very few had believed him – but among the very few were a couple of very nice men with some strong interest in her…

Gah. A bit of clubbing was what she needed; nothing like some dancing to get rid of her troubles for a little while. Even if it was to the worst music ever, at least it wouldn’t be to Taylor Hicks, Rihanna thought as she was about to be let in.

“What do you mean, I can’t come in? C’mon!!!!” Oh, who was this mewling little bint wanting in now?

“Sorry, no one from ‘American Idol’ gets in unless they’re Kelly Clarkson,” the big guy at the door told the petulant blonde in front of Rihanna. “And maybe not even her.”

“American Idol”?… “It’s okay, Bruno,” Rihanna smiled at the man. “She’s with me.”

“Hmmm… you got lucky, Miss.” And the rope was parted to let Rihanna and Kellie Pickler into the nightclub…

“Thanks! You’re SO nice…” Kellie bubbled an hour later as they had their drinks.

“No trouble,” Rihanna said with a wave of her hand. “Think they’d let ME in if I hadn’t sold a few records and shook my botsy a few times?”

“Botsy? Haven’t heard it called THAT before! The next one’s on me…”

“Do they let you drink so much before a show?”

“What Fox doesn’t know won’t hurt ’em,” Kellie giggled. “C’mon, you only live once…”

“I guess that’s why some of you fit so much in,” Rihanna smiled, and started a little – Kellie Pickler had patted her ass. And not in a friendly way either. “I don’t play that way,” she told the blonde.

“If you’d waited till I was drunk to say that I might have believed ya, Rie,” Kellie smiled. “But if you’ve got someone else and you don’t wanna stray, more power to you.”

“A little kiss can’t hurt…” Rihanna and Kellie kissed once as their drinks arrived. (“Having fun, ladies?” the waiter asked, before moving on.)

“Better than the last Idol wannabe,” the Barbadian singer said before taking a gulp.

“Thanks! Who was it?”

“Like I’m telling you out here?” And Rihanna dragged the blonde off to the ladies’…

“You are HOT,” Kellie sighed as she and Rihanna entered the only free stall. “If I wasn’t involved with someone…”

“You and me both. Anyway, you’re a lot better than Taylor Hicks.”

“Taylor HICKS?! No WAY!”

“Way – the fucker’s been boasting about how he’s nailing all the girls on ‘AI’ next. Saying that they’re all bad in bed. That’s what he said to me; the ones he had were crap so far, and the guy said he wanted me for PRACTICE before nailing that girl McPhee! Can you believe that? This time next year he’ll be lucky to have sex with his hand!”

“It’ll be a lot sooner than that when I get my hands on him,” Kellie vowed. “He pulls anything like that before the finals and he’ll have about as much of a cock as you do…”

A few nights later, in their plush bedroom Rihanna gyrated on top of Jay-Z, grabbing his chest as she felt his red-hot cock driving up her. How the hell could this man keep going for so long, she wondered as her body shook with the thrusts, her pussy clamped tight on Jay’s organ and dripping with ecstasy. Rihanna’s rapid breaths and her pert bouncy tits would have had any man underneath her transfixed, but Jay-Z’s eyes were elsewhere, growling approval though he was.

Rihanna wasn’t mad, however; directly in front of her, sitting on the rapper’s face, was Beyonce Knowles. An unrepetant showoff even in bed, her hair was flying even more frantically and she was pumping her body even more energetically than the new girl was. The more Jay-Z’s cock pumped Rihanna, the more she looked at Beyonce’s caramel back and awesome rump, envying Jay’s fingers kneading Beyonce’s buns, and Beyonce coming forward as the butt widened a bit – Rihanna’s heart flipped and her pussy flooded at the sight of Beyonce’s winking asshole. If only the only member of Destiny’s Child who was willing to do women wasn’t Kelly Rowland.

“….oooooooAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” The first waves of heat were shooting through Rihanna as she found herself about to give in to Jay’s poking, watching his hands moving up Beyonce as he kept on gobbling Miss K’s cunt. He was a bighead, but he sure knew how to eat; he was making Bey wail like anything. And from the way Jay-Z was shaking underneath the two beauties, it wouldn’t be long before he was screaming into her snatch. Beyonce whipped back and forth, riding her man for all she was worth and whooping to the heavens; Rihanna could feel Jay-Z’s grinding upwards building up as she rode him also… then all she could think of was Jay-Z’s enormous member pounding into her, mashing her insides and making her love every damn minute of it.

“YEEEAAAHHHHHHHSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!” Rihanna screamed to the ceiling, clutching Jay-Z like a Nubian Lady Godiva, her proud mount bucking upwards under his riders. Beyonce, herself not yet done, howled with joy as Jay-Z shot his juice deep into Rihanna, pumping stream after stream into her warm Bajan pussy until he had nothing more to give, for now. His dick was soon softening inside the glowing Rihanna, but from the sounds of Beyonce moaning as he kept tasting her snatch, Jay would be ready for real action again soon. Lifting herself off Jay-Z and seeing that his hands were down by their sides while he munched, Rihanna gently caressed Beyonce’s seat meat before giving her a light slap.

“Hey baby,” Beyonce laughed, “you’ll get plenty of that later. Just stay with me for now, hear?”

Taking Jay-Z’s cock in her hand, Rihanna wished she could believe Beyonce was talking to her…

“Double your pleasure, double your fun right?” Beyonce asked afterwards as Jay-Z caressed her and Rihanna.

“Could be double YOUR fun one day,” Jay replied.

“You gonna invite Snoop?” Beyonce asked laughing. “Gotta tell you, two girls can be nothing but trouble sometimes… Missy tod me that word is two of those dykes on ‘American Idol’ broke up.”

“Ryan and Simon broke up?” Rihanna asked chuckling.

“Hope for you yet, Rie! No, that brunette with the big butt and that girl… what’s her name… Kellie Pickles or something…”

“Kellie Pickler?”

“That’s it! Someone tipped her off that Taylor was fucking all the other women, and Kellie walked in on Taylor and Kat McPhee in the dressing room. Too bad; for a pair of lesbians they made a nice couple…”

Rihanna had suddenly lost the urge for a second go-round. She had wanted to get her own back on Taylor, not get other people hurt in the blowback. Beyonce was right – from what she had seen of Katharine McPhee, whoever was her girlfriend was lucky. And now they were broken up, and it was all her fault…

… but here on Skull Mesa, as Katharine started to stroke the girl who was responsible for her being single again, Rihanna found herself fighting a battle between guilt and lust.

Katharine began to nuzzle Rihanna’s breasts, and the tie was broken in favour of lust.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Kellie Pickler?”

“That’s my name.”

“I thought you were never going to show up,” Jonas grinned with relief. “The others are waiting for you.”

“Am I the last one here? I really wanted to be early, but I couldn’t get a flight sooner…”

“The fun won’t start until we’re ALL there. You will have to share a house though… it’ll be short notice, but there’s plenty of room. The only one that’s freed up is 669 Putnam Avenue.”

“Well, beggars can’t be choosers…”

Elsewhere in the airport, Victor’s dad got into his hire car; he made a note to give a generous tip to whoever had recommended the investigator he’d hired. Exactly why his son had flown out to Stephen King Country with Cindy Crawford and two young actresses, he didn’t know (and he made another note to ask the investigator why he had sounded so excited about Victor the Younger being with “that super-hot indestructible cheerleader,” whoever that was), but it probably wasn’t good. He’d have to drive from here up to Skull Mesa, so thank goodness for maps and IPS, and at least he wouldn’t be ploughing through snow…

* * * * * * * * * *

“Um… Victor, before we go and cheer on Hilary there’s something we need to talk about…” Cindy said hesitantly.

“If it’s about the bobsledding, I’m still not going out there.”

“No, not that. About Hayden.”

“Oh yes, lovely little Hayden. I know how you feel about her,” Victor said smiling. “And you know how *I* feel. She’s nice, she’s cute, she’s sexy – if I were half my age…”

“Like that ever stopped you,” Cindy laughed.

“Or you,” Victor parried, kissing her. “Don’t think I didn’t hear about you and Vanessa Hudgens.”

Cindy smiled. “Touché. But Hayden… the girl’s got it bad for me. She came up just now and said she loves me – she didn’t try to jump me either. If she’d done that I might have thought it was just an excuse to get me into bed, but…”

“Well, you can wait until the end of this holiday to break her heart. I’m sure she’ll pick up someone on the rebound like THAT,” Victor said with a fingersnap.

“I don’t know… I can usually tell the real thing when I hear it. Hayden’s a good actress, but even Bette Davis wasn’t that good.”

“You ever know anyone who wanted to fuck Bette Davis?”

* * * * * * * * * *

If Hayden Panettiere had been around in the olden days, she could have seen herself doing Rock Hudson if he hadn’t been gay. She could definitely have banged Clint Eastwood before he became old enough to have been her grandad. And DAMN, Barbara Stanwyck and Grace Kelly were smokin’ back in the day. But no way would she ever have done Bette Davis. Not that the beautiful young blonde was thinking about any of them right now; she was going to go and cheer on Hilary Duff and hope she wouldn’t “do a Bogataj,” whatever Cindy had meant by that. But first she had to get herself warmed up, and after a little searching in her bag she’d found just the thing.

She unscrewed her Thermos and poured the (now cold) coffee down the bathroom drain before returning to her bed, casually holding the jug. Upending it, Hayden grinned on seeing the carefully wrapped vibrator fall out; she wasn’t overly picky, but she did like them to be big if she had the chance. Her only regret was that she wouldn’t have time to get her clothes off; once she was bare it took ages for her to be in the mood to get dressed, and even around her you couldn’t show up to proceedings naked. (Of course, what you did with your clothes once you got there was another matter.)

Hayden lowered her jeans and panties to her ankles and fondled the vibrator as she sat on the edge of the bed. Considering for a moment what it would be like to suck on it when it was switched on before instantly deciding against it, she turned it on and clasped it between her hands, feeling it whirring away happily. Lying down on the mattress, she peered at her reflection in the wardrobe mirror in front of her; propping herself up, she could see it more clearly smiling back at her with her legs spread apart and the vibrator placed just above her lovely little blond-coated slit.

She teased her opening, squirming on the bed as it started to work. “Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss….” she moaned as she gradually worked the vibrator up her, shaking with the sensations it sent through her hot young body before thrusting it deep into her. Hayden began to feel her nipples hardening under her shirt with the excitement; she started jerking around on the bed the more she fucked herself, hoping the others could hear the buzzing and were jealous. Except for Cindy – Hayden hoped she could hear it and feel sorry she wasn’t there.

She didn’t know that the walls were so thick that you couldn’t hear the other rooms, for extra privacy. Which considering what was happening in the next room was just as well for her concentration…

“What about the snowboarding?” Rihanna asked, in between sliding her fingers through Katharine McPhee’s pussy hairs.

“Snowboarding?” Kat murmured in between kisses. “Why would I want to go play out in the snow when I’ve got some great hills to play on here?” She kissed Rihanna again as she stroked the girl’s perky breasts.

“Not to mention I’d much sooner fall into THIS gully,” the Caribbean girl moaned, continuing to stroke Katharine’s beautiful pussy. Kissing the pale singer again, Rihanna started to kiss her way down Kat’s full body, enjoying every little sigh that the other gave out, and enjoying the way Katharine kept on fondling her as she moved down – not like that Taylor “You do all the work and I’ll take all the credit” Hicks. As she kissed Kat’s stomach, Rihanna would have bet that if Miss McPhee had a cock it would not only have tasted better than Mr. Soul Patrol but would probably have been a lot bigger too. Katharine certainly had herself a pleasing snatch; now down on her knees before her lover, Rihanna felt herself soaking at the sight of those dark delights close up.

Underneath that plush carpet, Katharine’s pussy lips were begging to be sucked on, and that fat clit peeping at her…! The black singer felt the white one’s hands on her head, and an instant later found herself being smothered by Katharine McPhee’s cunt. Though what a way to go – Miss McPhee couldn’t wait any more than Rihanna could; she clutched Katharine’s thighs and eagerly licked what was before her. Mmmmmmmmm… Kat’s front door tasted SO good, and so much of it… sucking and licking, it was llike – like – what was it? Rihanna couldn’t place the taste, but she knew one thing.

“Never had anything this good,” Miss Fenty sighed, gazing up at Katharine. “Never.”

Katharine just moaned in delight, her eyes fixed on Rihanna’s well-rounded ass jutting out behind the girl as she knelt. The second this girl was finished, Kat was going to see if her butthole was as sweet as Tyra “America’s Next Top Dyke” Banks had sworn it was… and the way the girl was greedily eating her that time was going to come soon. Katharine was rocking in her bid to stay upright as Rihanna’s tongue banged her, her breasts swaying and her body sweating as the girl searched more urgently inside her box. “Ooh…yeah Rihanna…. yeahyesyesyesyESYES!!!” Katharine felt herself soaking Rihanna’s mouth and her cunt firing up as she tried to keep from losing her balance to her first orgasm. “DON’TSTOPGIRL!!!PLEASSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Katharine’s knees buckled as Rihanna reluctantly pulled her mouth away and watched her gorgeous lover quaking with joy, losing the ability to speak for a moment.

“Over…” Katharine groaned. “Turn over…”

“It’s always my ass with you guys,” Rihanna said goodnaturedly, and turned around, waiting to feel Katharine’s hands spreading them.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hayden wished she could turn her head fully around so she could see herself in the mirror; now she was crouching on the bed, her pink tush up in the air and one of her hands thrust between her legs, ecstatically playing with her pussy. The other hand was slowly working the buzzing vibrator deeper and deeper into her asshole; Hayden was shooting her breath out in little spurts as she felt the tingling burrowing inside her. There was pain, but compared to the delight she was feeling from her own double-pronged attack, it was nothing – her face was a pure study of joy as her hands moved around.

“AaaaaaaaoooooooooieeeeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!” the girl wailed, her butthole vibrating with that massive lovestick virtually all the way inside and the sensations perfectly balancing her handjob. Hayden’s body was almost tearing itself in two with all the heat in the middle as her fingers rapidly rolled her clit and dipped in and out of her snatch; meanwhile her back door kept on driving her ever onwards to joy as she thrust that vibrator in and out. The teenager pumped her body to and fro on the bed, biting her lip as she felt herself about to come; she closed her eyes, ignoring all but her own loud cries. Even ignoring the ringing of the cellphone; the one that Victor had left in this room when he had come by earlier for a little cuddle. The one that was on the bed next to her.

“Hi, Victor here. Leave your message and… well, you know.” (Chuckle) BEEP!

Hayden thrust again, screaming ever louder – and hit the phone. Not hard enough for it to fall off the bed, or hard enough to break her concentration, but hard enough for her to accidentally hit the answer button, all the while giving it to herself from both ends, jerking ever wilder as it started to happen…


…and in the car, Victor’s dad’s jaw dropped as he heard the sounds of a beautiful 17-year-old girl having a very loud, very real orgasm coming out of his son’s cellphone.

“JEEZUMYESSS!!!YESSAHHHHHHRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!! AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!” panted Hayden as her pussy drenched her fingers, screaming from the way her ass was feeling. Hayden’s beautiful body bucked one more time before she pulled the vibrator out, sinking to the mattress with a short series of contented sighs.

In the car, Victor’s dad hurriedly and embarrassedly hung up, and was very glad that the worst of the road was behind him. He really had to know what that boy was doing up there…

Outside the room meanwhile, Hilary Duff finished waxing down Haylie. “Can’t you take your hands off her for a moment?” Victor asked smiling.

“She’s really important to me,” Hilary said, giving Haylie – her snowboard – a kiss for good luck. “Never gone wrong on the slopes with her. Yo Hayd,” she added, rapping on the door, “we’re ready to go…”

No answer. Cindy pushed open the door; “Hayden, they’re not gonna…”

She, Hilary and Victor saw Hayden Panettiere sprawled on the bed naked from the waist down, giving them that girl/woman look that guys of a certain age liked so much, looking as if she’d just had sex and making for a shot that “Zoo” would have killed for. “Be with you in a minute, Vic,” sighed the most convincing phone sex operator in history. “Just gotta get my ability to walk back…”

* * * * * * * * * *

Hayden still needed a little support to get downstairs ten minutes later, but they were there when they heard the car pulling up outside.

“They’re driving us there? We’re not that lazy,” Victor said as he went to answer the door. “Aren’t we?”

“Hey… it’s Victor, right? I hear you’ve got room at the inn,” Kellie Pickler beamed as soon as he opened it. “I just got in.”

“She’s here too? Who’da guessed you had a thing for Idol singers?” Hilary laughed as Kellie and her baggage came in.

“Looks like you’re gonna have to share with one of us,” Cindy said apologetically.

“Hey, no trouble. I could sleep in the living room – just glad I got here!”

“Got here just in time too…. we’re all about to go up on the slopes for some boarding and sledding and frostbite…” Hayden giggled. “Just stow your bags under the table, we can sort out who you’ll bunk with when we get back.” And supported by Victor and Hilary on either side, the still slightly sore girl led the way out.

Shortly after the door shut, Katharine McPhee and Rihanna Fenty padded downstairs. Like She Whose Name Nobody Spells Right The First Time, Rihanna’s butt was slowing her pace a bit, but with the sight of Kat’s naked body in front of her she wasn’t about to stop. “I never got to fuck in front of a fire before,” the girl said, slapping Katharine’s juicy ass. Katharine turned her head to wink at her, before they headed to the fireplace, neither of them spotting Kellie Pickler’s bags under the table.

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” Rihanna laughed, touching Kat’s generous rack.

“Jack Frost nipping at your nose…” cooed Kat, kissing her lover’s hooter as she started the fire.

“Yuletide carols being sung by a choir…”

* * * * * * * * * *

…and folks dressed up like Eskimos. Cindy Crawford, for instance. And Victor. It wasn’t snowing yet, but it was damn cold and getting colder all the time. With Hilary, Hayden and “Haylie” in front of them and Kellie behind them with one of the other guests (Hilary had “suggested” the two might want some privacy), Victor stared dead straight ahead, gripping Cindy’s hand as their chairlift made its way to the top of the mountain.

“Relax, Victor,” Cindy said soothingly. “If it can hold your weight…”

“Yeah, I guess I’m just nervous. My first time on these things.”

“It’s not far to go. Think about the girls ahead. Take your mind off it.”

“We can’t see them. Besides…” He turned to look at Cindy. “…you’re here.”

“You know how to make a woman feel good, I’ll give you that,” the supermodel smiled. “Before we get there…. er…”

“What? You ski like you golf? So do I,” Victor chuckled.

“No, it’s about the girls. Mainly Hayden… I’m going to tell her tonight.”

“That’s the best thing. Better she finds out now that you don’t love her back than have her be led on for days, right?”

Cindy lowered her head, biting her lip worriedly. And not because of the height.

“Because you don’t love her back, right?”

Cindy raised her head, and Victor got the answer from the look in her eyes.

“How long? Since the cruise?”

Cindy nodded.

“The same one where you got mad at me for thinking about Hilary.”

Cindy nodded again. “I swear I didn’t plan this, Victor… it just happened. It’s like you said – she’s nice, she’s cute, she’s sexy…”

“Yeah. But tell me one thing; did you ever think about her when you were in bed with me? I don’t mean as a three-way because hell, I’VE thought about that myself – I mean with her instead of me?”

“I’ve thought about Rande sometimes – ”

“This isn’t about him. This isn’t about any guy. This is about Hayden Panettiere. Did you?”

“You thought about Hilary,” Cindy pointed out.

“Doesn’t make it any better.”

“No, but it means we’re even.”

“We’re even,” Victor repeated flatly. “I’ve slept with MuffinMan. I’ve slept with Rande. But I’ll tell you one thing; I never once thought about either of them – or any man – when I’ve slept with you.”

The two rode the rest of the way to the top in silence.

* * * * * * * * * *

The second the race had gotten underway Hilary Duff had schussed down the mountain on Haylie, gripping her beer tightly and proud of how none of it had flown out (if Lindsay Lohan had been here, she’d have probably drunk it before she was halfway down), the wind and kicked-up snowflakes flying into her face; she was cold, and she was loving it more than McDonald’s.

Her and boards went together like Darren Star and low ratings for anything not involving Aaron Spelling or Kim Cattrall naked; she was soon whizzing by Jennifer Garner. “SAY HI TO EVIL!!!” Hilary yelled, turning quickly to wave at her and spotting the “Whaddafuck?” look on her face before turning again, seeing a slope ahead and soaring safely over it, and passing under a rogue tree branch moments later. And still her beer was intact.

About one-third of the way down the mountain, the flying Hilary saw that she was about to catch up to Rachel Bilson; she moved Haylie so she was going directly behind and alongside Rachel – the (real) brunette was going well but looking a little uneasy, her beer wavering. “You gonna finish that?” Hilary called as she drew alongside her, and without waiting for a reply she snatched Rachel’s glass, yelled “Cheers!” and drained it in one gulp. And still her own beer was intact.

“YOU–!!!!” the dumbfounded and disqualified Rachel spluttered as Hilary blew her a kiss, flung away Rachel’s glass, turned her attention to the rest of the slope….

…and saw a still unconscious Tom directly in her path.

“OH, SHIIIIIIT!!!!” Hilary screamed, and swiftly turned Haylie. She did it in time to miss Tom, but in avoiding the poor InThe313 and coating him with a little more snow, her rerouting took her right towards a smaller bump. And THIS time she didn’t spot it in time; with an anguished cry, Hilary Duff flew off Haylie and she, the board and her now-empty beer glass tumbled down the mountain, Haylie smoothly, Hilary less so.

The girl slammed to a stop sixty feet from where she had started; Hilary was dazed and covered in snowflakes, but she wasn’t seriously hurt. Shaking her head, she shook her head for a moment to clear herself as she started to get up – and was stunned out of her dazed state by Rachel Bilson’s snowboard smashing into her right leg.

Pain shot through her body as she saw Rachel and her board, “tripped” by Hilary, hit the snow. At least she’d be taking Summer Roberts with her…

Then Rachel, stunned but only stunned, got to her feet. “Steal my drink, huh?!” the brunette laughed before she started to walk the rest of the way down.

Hilary’s right leg somehow hurt even worse now.

* * * * * * * * * *

Okay, so he’d made it to this mountain town safely; now what? Victor’s dad didn’t see anything unusual about it; houses, a shop, a tavern… but why was it so quiet? Not even a town drunk anywhere. And yet as he went through the streets, he felt something had to be up. If a whole town was empty…

What was this place? El Matador? And it was open. At last he was getting somewhere; if nothing else, he’d get himself a drink. In he went, hoping to see someone in there, even if it was only a guy washing glasses.

“Hey there,” said Lance, the guy behind the bar washing glasses. “You’re early; they ain’t back yet.”

THEY? “Oh, well… I just saw the place was open, my throat was dry and I could use something wet.”

“Wet *and* hot, sir,” said Lance. “Coffee? Or something stronger?”

“A little of both.”

“Coffee with a whisky chaser coming right up.”

“You’re a mind reader, my man,” grinned Victor’s dad. “I figure you’d know about this town’s doings…”

“You’d figure right.”

“I’m trying to find this man…” He showed Lance a picture of Victor. “I understand he’s here on a weekend break.”

“And you would be…?” Lance asked.

“His father.”

“I didn’t think he’d have let you in on this…” Lance muttered.

“Let me in on what?”

But Lance, finishing his coffee, sensed he might have leaped to the wrong conclusion; since everyone in the town was in on it, he had at first thought that Victor’s dad was as well. (There was precedent – didn’t Ithaqua work with his wife or something?) Now, however… “Here you go,” Lance said breezily. “On the house.”

“Cheers,” Victor’s dad said, wondering what he was supposed to have been let in on.

* * * * * * * * * *

“So who else gives you a happy?” Kellie smiled at Victor.


“I heard Hilary Duff there say something about other Idol singers – you look like you’ve got enough love to spread around. So c’mon, who’s up here that you’ve got an eye on?”

Victor smiled back at the downhome beauty as behind them, Cindy Crawford and Hayden Panettiere came a-running with news of the race. “Welllll… I have to admit I wouldn’t say no to — ”

“Hilary broke her leg in the race!” Hayden yelled before Kellie could have her weekend ruined. “Evil’s people are going to bring her back to town – she’s busted up bad!”

“Oh shit!” Rihanna cried. “She gonna be okay?!”

“Maya says she’ll walk, but not over this weekend,” Cindy told her.

“Poor kid, and on the first day too,” Victor sighed as they got up to go the skilifts.

Rihanna glanced at Kellie, hoping her relief at Victor not having said Katharine’s name didn’t show.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ten minutes and two more coffees later, Victor’s dad was back on the street again; if they were all gone he’d go back to the car and wait until they all came back. And then it would be time for him and Junior to have a little chat.

In the stillness of the town, he heard laughing. Two women laughing together. So not everyone was “gone” after all – there were people in the house next to the tavern. Wondering if one of them had been the girl he’d heard from earlier, Victor’s dad marched up to the door of 669 Putnam Ave. and knocked. The laughing and sighing continued, but answer came there none. Victor’s dad looked through the window to see if he could get their attention.

Through the window he saw a large sitting room. The room had a couple of pieces of luggage (Kellie Pickler’s, not that he knew) stowed on the floor under the table; there was a large TV in the corner, and a fireplace burning merrily. All in all, it looked like a very cosy place to
spend a winter evening, or so Victor’s dad would have thought if his view hadn’t been blocked by a voluptuous young white woman stark naked on her hands and knees being enthusiastically fucked with a strapon by a slimmer but equally beautiful black woman.

He was transfixed by the sight of the womens’ bodies thrusting in perfect harmony; part of him wanted to know what kind of orgytown he had stumbled into, but part of him simply wanted to keep watching the black girl stroking the white girl’s sides, to look at the black girl fling her head in delight – and what a beauty. She looked just like that girl who did “Pon De Replay”…

Then he took another look at the writhing girl on top. Holy shit – that WAS Rihanna! And here she was carrying on with the one who almost won “American Idol”… if he’d been a journalist for the “Nation” or “Advocate” or one of those Barbados blogs he’d have gotten the word out right now –

A heavy hand landed on his shoulder, breaking his trance. “We have to talk, sir,” said one of Evil’s staffers.

Lance wasn’t the only man still in town.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Do you want the good news or the bad news?” Maya asked Hilary in the ward just above El Matador, where the injured from the snowboarding race were recovering.

“Did Bilson get hit by an avalanche on the way down?” Hilary asked.


“Then gimme the bad news.”

“Well, you’re going to be out of action for a while,” Maya explained, her hand resting on Hilary’s now-casted-and-slinged right leg. “You’ll certainly be up here for the whole weekend.”

“The whole weekend!?!?”

“The good news is your leg’s going to be fine. And the even better news for you is that Rachel came last… she walks REAL slow.” Maya winked, patted Hilary’s shoulder and got off the bed. “Just buzz me if you need anything.”

What Hilary needed was some company, but Maya had other patients to tend to, and the others hadn’t come back from the top of the mountain yet. At least her leg wasn’t itching or anything… damn, there it went. Hilary peered out of the window to see the street outside, and the mountains towering over the town. Hayden and the rest couldn’t come back soon enough…

“Why is this thing so SLOW?!” Kellie Pickler groaned as the ski lift she and Hayden Panettiere shared crept down the cable, way behind the one carrying Victor, Cindy and Rihanna, which was already at the base. “At least you could jump the rest of the way and you’d make it.”

“That’s my identical twin, Kellie,” Hayden laughed. “She’s the one who’s all Captain Scarletty.”


“Blame Victor. I’ll tell you later… you doing anything else over the weekend?”

“Maybe get to know a few of the authors, sing a little, anything they want.”


“Yeah, why not?”

“Like warm me up a bit?”

As Katharine could testify, Kellie wasn’t as innocent as she looked. “Wait… up here?”

“Like you said, it’s a while before the terminal. I bet you could finish before then,” Hayden winked.

“Ah… no…” Kellie winked back, negotiating her jeans off carefully so the lift swayed as little as possible. “I bet YOU could finish.”

Hayden watched as Kellie gradually revealed a lot of leg and some cotton panties, half-grumbling “If I’d known this was gonna happen I’d have worn shorts or something…OH SHOOT!” Both blondes watched as Kellie’s jeans, pushed down a bit too far, slid gracefully over her feet and sailed through the afternoon air to the snowy ground far below. “Now what am I gonna do?”

“Better give *me* the panties,” Hayden chuckled as Kellie lowered them, wincing when her no longer insulated behind touched the seat.

“Uh-uh, I need the warmth,” the singer said, stuffing them under her tush. “You’re on, Miss Panty-air.”

“You’ve heard that one too, huh?” Hayden smiled, leaning towards Kellie as she sat there, smiling back at her and swinging her lovely legs. “Dare you to take the top off.”

Kellie folded her arms over her chest and pointed downwards.

“Worth a try.” And slowly Hayden lowered her head until it was in Kellie’s lap, the cold of the afternoon neutered a bit by the warmth of the singer’s pussy near her mouth; Hayden delicately licked Kellie’s slot with the tip of her tongue, flicking her eyes up so Kellie could get the full puppy dog effect. Kellie started tapping the seat as she felt Hayden’s experienced mouth teasing her slit like the good little slut she was; sucking for a moment, then slackening off to leave a little kiss, then letting her tongue search a little, but always with a rhythm that was gradually speeding up. She wanted to get faster right away, because Kellie tasted… pretty nice, really. Not as sweet as Lacey Chabert, but a lot better than Marcia Cross. By now totally oblivious to the mountain breeze as the chairlift continued downward, Hayden thrust her eager tongue further into Kellie’s blonde box, enjoying the first satisfied grunts she heard.

As the people in the chair behind them nervously wondered why that chair was swaying slightly, Hayden swirled her tongue around Kellie’s clit and gave her another knowing glance. Kellie was far too busy moaning to respond, or to notice the approaching terminal (let alone the people milling there and wondering if they were seeing what they were really seeing coming closer); all she wanted was Hayden’s mouth. And Hayden’s hands, idly groping Kellie’s body – “Maybe… later…” she breathed unconvincingly as Miss Panettiere gently caressed her upper bod, all the while more urgently tasting and probing the singer’s sugary tangy cunt. “Whoooo…. oh yeah…. uhhhh…. you been doing this since BIRTH or somethin’…?!” Kellie gasped as Hayden’s tongue found her surest spot – only one other person had ever found it…

“Baby baby baby Hayden…ooooooooohoooooooooohOHHHHHHHHH…..” Her voice trailed into a high, piercing note as she felt herself giving in to this talented girl’s head. Kellie Pickler knew she had to find out how Hayden’s snatch tasted; if this girl had stuff as good as she gave out – and then Kellie didn’t think of anything except the joy between her legs, each touch more thrilling than the next, her pussy making her hotter and more excited to return the favour…. “WWWHOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” she screamed, grabbing Hayden’s head as those fantastic familiar feelings swept through her body.

Shaking and glowing, Kellie gazed at Hayden as the sexy teenager raised her head. “Pretty good; you sure know your way around down there,” she sighed as she retrieved her panties.

“Looking forward to trying it tonight with that girl McPhee,” Hayden smiled, licking her lips – and started in her seat, not because the skilift had come to a stop safe on the ground, but because she saw Kellie Pickler’s face change so quickly it was like a bad jumpcut.

“What did you just say?” Kellie asked.

* * * * * * * * * *

“I said your dad’s here,” the Evil representative told a disbelieving Victor as they and Cindy Crawford headed into one of the rooms above El Matador. “Or someone who says he is, anyway.”

“You’re kidding, right? I never told him about this, or anyone who wasn’t already here.”

“We caught him peeping at Rihanna and Katharine McPhee – lucky they don’t know. He didn’t have any cameras, lucky for him.” The Evil rep ushered Victor and Cindy inside. “Is this him?”

Victor stopped dead on seeing the tall, grey-haired man sitting there, glaring back at him. “…dad?” he said, in disbelief.

“Should I keep out of this family reunion?” Cindy asked.

“No, I want to have a word with you as well…” Victor’s dad said. “I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but it stops now.”

“I’m not playing any-” Victor started.

“Not you, her,” Victor’s dad interrupted. “I saw that picture of the two of you with Mr. Supermodel; you’re just stringing him along and I want you to stop it. And you, Victor, I know you think she loves you but—”

“She does lo-”

“No, you think she does. Just like you think you love her. You know how these rich stars work, they’re just playing with you. I admit she probably shows you a good time…” he continued, thinking about that phone call earlier.

Both Cindy and Victor glared at him.

“…but there’s more to life than a few laughs and some fun in bed. She’ll throw you aside like she did that gerbil guy… look, this is for your own good. You don’t want to be in this town where you’ve got girls fucking other girls with the curtains open – you’re not like that…”

“Maybe I am and you just don’t know it,” Victor replied. “And how’d you get to this place anyway?”

“I had you followed,” his dad said. “And it looks like I did the right thing. You want me to leave, you tell me what’s happening here.”

“We can’t do that,” Cindy said. “And if we did, you’d have to keep your mouth shut.”

“I saw Fiona Hinds last month,” Victor’s dad said casually, and his son shifted nervously. “She told me she’d like to see you again; she’s single now. You liked her a lot in school, remember? Maybe you could come down to the island, look her up… see how it goes from there…”

“He’s already spoken for.”

“Not if you want me to keep quiet about this celebrity meetup, you’re not.”

Cindy and Victor looked at him hard for any possible signs of bluffing; not a one. Before they could say something to him they’d regret, they left the room and went down to the bar.

Hayden and Kellie were both sitting in the bar, but they might as well have been on opposite sides of the universe; Kellie had been an iceberg ever since she had found out about Katharine being here, and Hayden had been downing one soft drink after another to try and keep her mind off how angry the singer had been at her – like she could have known they had a history… The seats near Hayden were taken up by a seething Cindy and Victor, the former forcefully calling Lance over with a “Whatever Hayden’s having, I’ll have it and stronger.”

“Some weekend this is turning out to be,” Hayden muttered.

“Hey, you’re the lucky one here,” Cindy said, working up a smile at seeing a friendly face.

“Yeah,” Victor agreed, patting Hayden’s arm. “You haven’t been screwed by anyone.”

“No,” the girl said, putting back another drink. “No, I haven’t.” She patted Victor back, squeezing his leg, and smiled.

Kellie just ignored them, wishing she could stay here instead of having to go to that damn place.

* * * * * * * * * *

In that damn place, Katharine and Rihanna were asleep at last, having exhausted themselves in each other’s arms.

In that damn place, Kellie had stayed silent all the way back, stormed into what would have been Kat’s room if Kat hadn’t bedded with Rihanna, and had stared at the ceiling until she got what would be a fitful sleep.

In that damn place, Cindy had managed to sleep, but she didn’t sleep peacefully – she kept seeing Victor’s dad watching over them, and she was afraid he’d be with them a lot longer than a weekend.

And in that damn place, Victor had gotten the one benefit of Hilary’s accident – he’d inherited her room. Not that he was able to sleep; quite apart from the fact that he had been looking forward to sharing rooms over the weekend (Cindy on the last night!), he was also thinking about his dad. This kind of situation had to be cleared up; never mind what Victoria would do if his dad blabbed and if someone believed him (and they probably would after the first time), what would Victor do if he DIDN’T blab? He liked Fiona, but that was then and this was now…

Facing the wall, he didn’t notice the door quietly open or hear the feet padding softly towards his bed; it wasn’t until he felt a form slip under the blankets next to him that he knew he had some company. And it wasn’t Cindy; he knew her smell and her body immediately even before the intruder folded her arms around him and kissed his back.

“I didn’t want you to be in here all alone,” Hayden whispered, running her hands down Victor’s front and taking hold of his cock.

As midnight struck, Victor responded by turning to face Hayden, and while she still stroked his hardened member he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

To Be, as they say, Continued.

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