A Weekend In The Mountains: Saturday

A Weekend In The Mountains: Saturday
(Cindy Crawford, Kate Beckinsale, Hilary Duff, Delta Goodrem, Ashley  Judd, Katharine McPhee, Maria Menounos, Hayden Panettiere, Kellie  Pickler, Rachael Ray, Rihanna)
Codes: MF, Mf, MFF, FF, FFf, Ff, con, oral, anal, mast, bond, slave, lact

This started out as last year’s CSSA Chain Story under the title of
“Snow Bunnies Galore” (thank you, Evil), but we decided to turn it
into a sort of anthology series with each contributing writer having their own
separate story set over the same weekend. Needless to say, none of the stuff
here actually happened, and it’s all for adults; no under-18s reading it.

The second day contains a section by The Archivist (hence the appearance of
Delta and Rachel Gibson)…

The morning sent its rays of sunlight into the house, with the far-away
birdsongs ushering in the day. Victor was always an early riser, and he liked to
lie there in bed and listen to the sounds of birds cooing and trilling. Yes,
there was nothing like the sound of a pigeon going “Coo-coo” to make
him feel at peace… but listening to birds singing was the last thing on his
mind; not when he had Hayden Panettiere’s wide eyes looking up at him, her
tiny mouth happily gorging on his cock. Hayden’s fingers played his prick
like a flute as she teased and tasted him; he couldn’t say anything but
“ooohhhhh… uhhhhhh….” as he stroked her pretty blonde head, hoping
he wouldn’t find himself coming down her throat – although knowing this
girl, she’d be bringing out more soon.
Knowing to save it for later, Hayden slowly let his prick out of her mouth,
circling her tongue around it one last time before moving back up him. She went
into his arms, their warm bodies melding together as he circled his hands over
the girl’s small breasts, before kissing her petite nipples. Hayden ran her
hands down Victor’s back, clutching his butt as she felt his lips on her
body. “Wanna put that slab in me?” she asked.
“Where do you want it?” Victor murmured, his hands on her back in
“I hear you called dibs on my ass,” Hayden winked. “Already
greased up down there for you.”
How Hayden had heard about him and some of the other writers talking about what
they’d do to her never occurred to him; Victor had Hayden flipped over
within nanoseconds, admiring the sight of her perfect bubble butt. He spread his
hands out over her cheeks, massaging the firm flesh and thinking about the tight
butthole between them. Hayden moaned as she felt Victor stroking her, and lifted
herself up a little to make it easier for both of them. Clutching her hips,
Victor prodded his cockhead against the girl’s rump and slowly pushed
inside, enjoying Hayden’s long, low “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh….” and
sighing himself as he entered her asshole, feeling her body moving as he thrust;
he was glad he’d saved her soft, full behind for last this morning – and
even the fact that he knew why she was there didn’t hurt. His body pumping
against her buns, he knew that Hayden was playing the slut card to take
advantage of Cindy not being there this morning, the same way Nicollette
Sheridan had
gotten to Hayden before him.
“Yes, Hayden… oh girl… Hayden, your ass is so hot…”
But Victor just couldn’t hate Hayden for trying this, because he would have
done the same thing if it had been him… and because, dammit, he wanted Hayden
just as much as she wanted Cindy. And not only because the girl had such a sexy
behind… “Shit…Hayden oh fuck me Hayden…oh HAYDENNNNN!!!!!!!”
Victor pounded harder against the girl, day finally breaking as he came between
her sweet cheeks. The man and the girl bucked against each other as he drained
his juice into her asshole, not for the first or the last time. Oh man, Hilary
was great, but Hayden was…
Their screams of delight weren’t lost on Cindy Crawford, standing in the
doorway and watching them. Neither had heard her enter and neither would hear
her leave, and the look on Cindy’s face wasn’t anger, or jealousy. It
was longing. For both of them.

“Yeah, ‘lo?” Rihanna said as she answered the phone, woken up
more by its ringing than by Katharine McPhee’s hands on her breasts.
“Uh-huh… yeah, we’ll be right there… Kat, there’ll be time for
that later,” she told her lover as she reluctantly lifted Katharine’s
hands off. “Hilary’s awake now. Begging for us.”
“Mmmm… be right there,” Katharine said lazily. “Thank goodness
she’s okay.”
“She’s got a broken leg, girl,” Rihanna pointed out as she got
“Yeah, but it could’ve been worse,” Kat pointed out in turn,
patting Rihanna’s ass.
“What did I just say? Time for that later. Plus I gotta work out my
routine for the contest.”

Hilary Duff had finally gotten some sleep, helped along by the painkillers Maya
had given her. But the pain from her casted-up leg was nothing compared to how
she felt on waking up and realising what a waste this weekend was going to be,
stuck up here with nothing to do and no one to see (especially since her family
had been offlimits ever since the island holiday).
“Morning, Hilary,” Maya said cheerfully. “Breakfast is
“Yeah, downstairs,” Hilary said glumly. “And you know what they
say about hospital food.”
“HOSPITAL FOOD?!? Around here?!? No chance. Besides, your guests insisted
on bringing you some of the stuff from downstairs.”
“My guests…?”
“Yeah,” Rihanna laughed, entering with a loaded tray as Katharine
followed. “You think we’re gonna let you starve up here without
company? We’ll be popping in all the time while you’re here.”
“Hey, thanks guys!” Hilary smiled as Maya bowed her head and left.
“You didn’t have to…”
“We wanted to,” Katharine replied. “There’s your
after-breakfast stuff on the tray.”
“AFTER breakfast? Then what am I having?”
“Us,” said the visitors together.
For once the itch around Hilary’s lower region wasn’t around her leg.

“Any chance I can see Victor?” asked his dad.
“Not until after breakfast, sir.”
“Well, can I join him for breakfast?”
“No chance. It’s only for the celebrities and guests, sir.”

“Waffles and syrup and sex on the side,” Cindy said thoughtfully as
they took their seats. “Too bad Hilary isn’t here.”
“Too bad Nigella Lawson IS here,” Victor said bitterly.
“Huh?” asked Kellie Pickler. She was still steaming over yesterday,
but a girl had to eat.
“Back when she was a TV critic, she was mean to Cindy once. He’s been
the only man in Britain who doesn’t want to fuck her ever since,”
Hayden explained. “Feel that way about Rachael Ray?”
Victor shook his head, grinning, before his eye was caught by two tables down.
“Cindy, before Nigella brings her ample backside over here there’s
someone I want you to meet…”
Cindy took a look over. “At least it’s not your dad. See you guys in a
Victor and Cindy scooted over to Kira’s Slave as Rachael Ray and a
cleaned-out Nigella Lawson bubbled over to take their orders.
“Victor. Cindy,” Kira’s Slave said to the two. “Didn’t
think I’d be seeing you here.” He looked down at his plate of waffles,
taking the last bite.
Victor shrugged. “It’s rare to meet everyone at these events,
true,” he said. “But I did want to try and catch you at some
“Why bother with me when you have a very gorgeous woman next to you?”
asked Kira’s Slave. “She’s a far better catch.”
“Flattery will get you everywhere,” said Cindy, smiling.
Victor grinned, shaking his head. “Evil kinda let slip something’s up
with your friend,” he said slowly, looking at Delta, who was gazing at
Michael in complete adoration.
“What, that she’s a filthy little skank who’s only good for
fucking?” KS said, his voice filled with utter loathing. Delta just beamed
happily as she realised her Master was speaking of her.
“Um… yes,” Cindy said slowly, her woman’s intuition picking up
on the fact that his loathing was not actually directed at Delta, but rather at
himself. “It’s not exactly… normal.”
“She isn’t normal,” KS spat bitterly. “She hasn’t been
fucking normal for ages. Not since the 24th of July, 2005.”
A thought occurred to Victor. “Wasn’t that during her tour, the one
postponed because of her cancer?”
“Yeah. That was her second Sydney Superdome performance, the one recorded
for the DVD release,” Rachel said quietly. She’d heard the story
before; she knew it as well as Kira’s Slave did. “Delta, honey… go
suck Victor’s cock. Don’t try to make him cum until ordered, just
Delta looked at her Master, who nodded, and she moved to obey. When they were
sure Delta was immersed in her job, Rachel let out a sigh. “I’d better
tell the story,” she said slowly. “You never tell it plainly.”
KS shrugged and Victor and Cindy leant in.
“It was July 24th, 2005,” Rachel began.

Kira’s Slave looked around. Somehow, he’d managed to get diverted in
the crush of bodies and he was now backstage, but with no clear way of getting
out. He tried a few doors, which led nowhere. Really, about the only thing he
succeeded in doing was getting himself lost, which pissed him off a bit.
Rubbing his head slowly, he finally found a door leading outside and prayed
that the fresh air might relieve his headache. Still muttering a variety of
unsavoury things, he stepped out into the alleyway, scaring the living daylights
out of Delta Goodrem, who had been leaning against the wall, a bottle of Coke in
her hand.
“What are you doing?!” she snapped.
“Trying to find my way out of that goddamn maze,” KS said shortly.
“Not that it matters, I’m still bloody well lost.” The pounding in
his head began to increase and with a groan, he leant against the wall,
grimacing. He began to glow blindingly white, though the only person who noticed
this was Delta.
“Um… are you okay?” she asked nervously, but taking a step closer,
in spite of all her instincts saying to just get the hell away.
KS didn’t hear her; the pounding in his head was just getting worse and
worse and to add to the trouble, all sorts of phrases were burning through his
mind, some degrading, some demanding, some gentle… but all them were for the
same purpose: to ensnare the nearest female and make her into a loyal slave.
“It hurts like a fucking bitch,” he muttered, not even paying
attention to Delta, to focused on the splitting pain. But this opened up another
set of phrases, these ones going through his mind so fast he couldn’t even
tell what they were. His eyes snapped open, glowing white. Delta froze, looking
into them. And then she was glowing white as well, the power sinking into her.
She tried to scream, but she couldn’t.
She tried to move, but she couldn’t.
Delta just stood there, her mind warping and changing.

“…and when it was all said and done,” said Rachel with a sigh,
“Delta was as she is now, if a little less trained. Since then, she’s
learned that I’m to be obeyed just as he is, although she always checks with
him if he is with me at the time.”
Victor nodded, letting out a small gasp; apparently Delta was beginning to suck
even harder.
“Make him cum, Delta,” KS said. And with that, Delta began bobbing
her head up and down, licking Victor’s cock. Sucking hard on the head of his
cock, Delta quickly brought Victor to orgasm, swallowing down his load. Once she
was done, she resumed her seat.
“Anything else?” KS asked with a smirk.
Victor swallowed in surprise at the unexpected aperitif, as Cindy winked at KS
and slid under the table. The smirk soon changed to a gape as Cindy stroked the
Slave’s prick to its fullest length, licked it from balls to tip, and then
started to suck. The man found himself gripping Delta’s hand a lot harder
than he wanted to, but she just smiled at him while Cindy swallowed his cock,
stroking his balls and looking up at him through the gap between him and the
“Hungry, Cindy?” asked Victor as KS came into Cindy’s mouth.
“Nice starter,” Cindy replied as she sidled back up onto her seat,
looking at the drained KS. “Great meeting you, KS. Take care of
Delta.” He could only sit there as she and Victor headed back to their
table just as Rachael Ray came over to their table, bearing her goodies. And
“No need to freak, Vic, we know how you feel about Nigella – I’ll be
your waitress this morning!” the chef chirped as she set down the first
trays of waffles and syrup. “Enjoying it so far?”
Cindy indicated KS, looking as if he’d just gotten some head from a
“I’ll take that as a yes,” Rachael laughed. “You want
anything else, just whistle.” As she turned, they saw that she wasn’t
wearing anything under her white apron; the writer, the actresses and the model
all fixed their eyes on Rachael Ray’s round, ravishing rump.
Rachael stopped and turned around, giving them a dazzling grin on hearing four
simultaneous whistles. “Why is it always my butt?”
“We can’t help it,” Victor replied. “It’s just…
“Sticking out behind you like a shelf… my dad loves it,” Hayden
“Awww – that’s great. Love to meet your dad sometime and thank him
personally,” the commercial trademark added, “but I don’t have
enough time for all of you now – just two. And the rule is, the boys get an
automatic place. Gotta have my meat.”
“Well, I already had some this morning,” Cindy said as she started
her waffles. “How about Kellie and Hayden toss for it?”
“Maybe Vic’ll be a proper English gent and let us both sit in?”
Kellie asked, starting to relax a little now; it wasn’t like McSlut was
around here right now.
Hayden pointed over Kellie’s shoulder – Rachael was on the ground. To be
precise, Victor was on the ground and Rachael was lying on his lap, rubbing his
cock harder than it already was as he enjoyed the heat from her soft, warm body
and laid five waffles on her ass, two on each cheek and the last one slotted
right into her crack like a piece of toast. “Yum. And these waffles look
pretty good too,” he said as he poured the golden syrup over Rachael’s
seat and the waffles.
“You’re not gonna let him eat alone, are you?” the chef called.
Hayden was out of her chair fast, but Kellie – her appetites restored – was
closer, hitting the ground and facing the chubbily sexy woman from behind;
Rachael had her legs apart, and the little river of syrup was flowing over her
pussy like a waterfall. Both her customers dipped their heads and began to eat;
Kellie swirled her tongue inside Rachael, feeling the syrup and the woman’s
pussy-fluids mixing. She started to catch some of the still dripping syrup on
her tongue and send it inside the woman to make her cunt even sweeter as Victor
took bites of the waffles, letting his teeth just touch Rachael’s flesh, and
sucked the bitesize portions into his mouth while also sucking on her seat meat.
Rachael fondled her customers as they supped, hoping Martha Stewart was watching
this, ripping her heart from her chest, and eating it.
Hayden and Cindy watched them as they finished their breakfast. Or rather,
Cindy watched them – Hayden had one eye on Cindy as she ate with her right hand.
Her left hand was creeping under the table and edging towards Cindy’s legs,
unaware that Cindy’s right hand was heading towards Hayden’s legs. Their
hands came closer and closer… Hayden felt a tingling sensation around her
DAMMIT! It was her phone. She had the sound turned off so if anyone called the
ringing wouldn’t get in the way… “I got this,” she said
regretfully. “Yeah?”
“You’re on our list,” said an English voice.
“Be there as soon as I’ve eaten, ‘kay? See ya,” Hayden said.
“I gotta go… meeting someone around here. Promises to keep, you
“See you later,” Cindy said wistfully as she turned her attention
back to Victor, Kellie, and the heaving Rachael. “Tell her I said hi.”
“I’ll tell them,” Hayden replied, and skipped off to keep her
side of the bargain with Ashley Judd, Maria Menounos and Kate Beckinsale.

Kellie liked Rachael’s pussy, but she really liked Rachael’s butt. She
and Victor had finished eating their breakfast and since neither of them liked
coffee, they were continuing to munch off the woman, whose squeals and giggles
as they licked and nipped her flesh made a portion of Victor’s morning.
Rachael was grinning up at Cindy, almost daring her to join in, but Cindy just
shook her head.
Kellie liked Rachael’s sweet, moist pussy, but she really liked
Rachael’s meaty butt; she loved how soft it felt when she took tiny little
love bites, and she loved patting the outcropping flesh. From the sounds of
approval Victor was making alongside her as he tasted Rachael’s butthole, he
agreed; they looked at each other across Rachael, and they both had the same
look of lust. Except in Kellie’s case, there was something else there –
Rachael Ray was hot, but part of her was wishing that she was a few years
younger. And a little tighter. And maybe a little lighter…
Oh, who was Kellie kidding?
“She’s all yours, Vic,” she said hastily, giving Rachael one last
lick as she got up. “I’ll be in El Matador.”
“Hang on, I’ll come with you,” Cindy said. “I’ve got a date
with Victor’s dad.”
Kellie’s eyebrows shot up.
“Not that way,” Cindy added hastily. “Just got some things to
sort out about us. Speed it up, Victor – I can hear TRL panting for her from
Kellie and Cindy left the table without a look behind them; Kellie liked
Rachael’s butt… she liked it a lot… but dammit, Rachael Ray was no
Katharine McPhee.

It wasn’t so much no room at the inn as not enough room in the inn.
Upstairs there were only three rooms, and Hilary had one of them. Victor’s
dad had another one, and unlike Hilary he was alone.
He could hear every groan and grunt in the room next door; that guy Evil had
told him some girl called Hilary Duff had broken her leg and was going to be
there for the whole weekend. And the gasps that came through the wall weren’t
from some new kind of treatment; nor were the occasional slams against the wall,
thumping right over his head and making it hard for him to concentrate on his
book. Victor’s dad considered asking them to keep it down, but he didn’t
want to burst in on them again… besides, from what he’d seen of that girl,
she wasn’t his type. Dammit, there was that slamming again…
Those slams came from Rihanna bumping her butt hard against the wall as she
writhed energetically between Hilary’s legs, licking her little clit while
Hilary rubbed Rihanna with her left, unhurt leg; the girl had brought plenty of
tropical heat with her, for sure. Both of Hilary’s arms were busy wrapping
themselves around Katharine, happily stroking her warm body. “Doctor
doctor, gimme the news… I got a bad case of loving you…” Hilary
laughed. “Mom loves that old song… Haylie hates looking at my boobs. Says
she’s jealous. Now I know how she feels,” she added as she fondled
Kat’s jugs and squeezed them like a hungry baby, with the McPheever-generator
easing up the girl. Hilary never even tried to hide the expectant look on her
face as she saw Kat’s muff getting closer. “Come on, McPhee – I’ll
give that little lost pussy a good HOMMMMMMM…” her voice shot up as
Rihanna inserted a perfectly clipped middle finger into her anus while slowly
kissing her box.
Rihanna gurgled and groaned as she kept on sucking, occasionally looking up to
enjoy Katharine’s naked form riding Hilary Duff’s face. It was that night
with Jay-Z and Beyonce all over again, except no enormous dicks of any kind.
Then her view of Katharine’s ass was blocked out by Hilary’s hands grabbing
it as its owner squatted on her lips; as Rihanna placed her tongue further
inside the girl’s snatch, she felt it become wetter – it had to be
McPhee’s cunt working…
“Uhhhh… Ooohhh… be my… nurses…” Hilary begged in between dabs
as Katharine thrust herself along the girl.
“Can you say that… more Southern?”
“Be… mah nurses…” Hilary gasped, before fully returning to
Kat’s cunt.
“Bet Rihanna… wants the gig…” Katharine replied, wishing
Hilary’s accent was a bit less Texan and a bit more antebellum. Kind of like

Hayden rapped on the door of the cabin, the long walk to their place finally
“It’s open, Hayden!”
“It could’ve been Star Jones,” the girl laughed as she entered,
unfazed by the collection of handcuffs, nipple clamps, gags, and other
paraphernalia that was waiting there – not even the sight of a whip-wielding
Kate Beckinsale threw her off.
“Like she’d ever turn up here,” Maria Menounos chuckled. “Glad
you hadn’t forgotten the bet… time to pay up.”
Hayden immediately started to undress as Ashley Judd eyed the girl. Ashley was
going to be the one to go first, right back to when that bet was made after the
party; she and the others had wanted to have some fun and games, but they had to
sort it out for the next CSSA holiday – at the time Hayden had been filming a
TV pilot, and Ashley had cracked that Hayden could be their submissive slave up
in the mountains after it was done. A young and innocent-looking girl at the
mercies of three older and more experienced women – just the way they all
liked it. Up until Hayden stopped stripping when she’d reached her white
“Why’d you stop?” Ashley asked.
“Part of the deal,” Hayden replied. “Forgotten, Ash? If
‘Heroes’ flopped I’d be a slave to you guys – it didn’t, so you’re
mine. I’ve got three pieces of clothing left on – you want to see the rest
and get fucked, get naked. And Kate, give me the whip.”
“Why couldn’t you have gotten on that show with Ray Liotta?” Kate
pretended to grumble as she handed Hayden the whip and joined the other two in
stripping, with Hayden eyeing the stuff on the bed. Ashley was undressed first;
Hayden fixed her eyes on the slimmest Judd as she placed one leg on the chair
and slowly rolled her tights down, sure they were checking out her thighs and
letting them look as long as they wanted.
Throwing aside the stockings, Hayden watched Kate finish, and scanned the
woman’s MILFy body as she lowered her panties. She let them look at her
rosebud for a few moments before undoing her bra and flinging it aside once
Maria was nude; she gave Maria a smile at the sight of her breasts. “Love
the view,” she said.
“Same here,” Maria replied.
“Okay, now what position do you ladies like the most?”
“I like being on top,” Kate answered. “Always have.”
“Tough,” Hayden told her. “You’re it, Katie.”
“I told you not to call me Katie!”
“Now Katie,” Hayden admonished, walking towards her and hefting one
of her boobs in her direction while pouting, “I bet you’d like some of
this, wouldn’t you? A sweet, cute, innocent young thing like me being
corrupted by a big mature woman like you… you’d love that, wouldn’t
Kate’s eyes spoke her assent.
“Well, you’re not getting any,” Hayden laughed. “Not yet.
First, I’m gonna have my fun…” and that was as far as she got before
Ashley lunged forward and grabbed the girl around her waist, while Maria clapped
an arm around her mouth and Kate took away the whip.
“Uh-uh, Panettiere,” Maria said, ignoring Hayden’s kicking and
struggling as they carried her to the bed. “First WE’RE gonna have OUR

“Scoot, scoot,” Maya said as Katharine signed Hilary’s cast.
“Time for Hilary to get some rest, to wash up…”
“Can’t I help her with that?” Rihanna asked. “The girl needs
a nurse, and I need some practice space for tonight.”
“Well, I could use some help – I’ve got that old guy back there to
sort out, and I know you could use some company, right?”
“You bet. See you later… sign my leg?”
“I’ll do more than that if you’re lucky,” Rihanna grinned,
signing before they left.
“Proud of yourselves?” came a male voice as the two singers stepped
out of Hilary’s room; Victor’s dad was standing there, looking at them
with his arms folded disapprovingly. Kat and Rihanna were at first glad that he
hadn’t been getting his jollies by listening to or watching them; then anger
replaced relief.
“It’s MY LIFE!” Rihanna snapped.
“Yeah, she isn’t hurting anybody and neither am I!” Katharine
added. “None of us are – we’re just having a little fun, can’t you
see? Ask the other writers. Ask your son.”
“Can’t; they won’t let me out of here yet. Probably think I’ll
go wild amongst all these girlies – nothing to worry about, none of you are my
“Sir,” Katharine begged, “we’re just letting our hair down
with folks who don’t talk about it. Maybe if you wrote as well you’d –

“Be quiet. I’ve never written anything like that, and I am not about
to start now. And when I get back home, I *will* start talking. They need to
know the kind of people you really are.” And he marched back into his room
and slammed the door.
“Well, that went well,” Katharine muttered. “Come on, Rie…
Rihanna was standing there, her mind elsewhere since that speech of Kat’s.
She had been thinking about hurting other people. And about Kat’s request to
Hilary earlier. And about other women… it was time to ruin her entire weekend,
but it would keep the rest of her life at peace.
“Katharine, before we go downstairs I have to tell you something,”
she said nervously. “It’s about–”
“–Kellie Pickler?” Katharine interrupted, and Rihanna just nodded.

“What can I get for the little lady?” Lance asked Kellie.
“Milk. With a whisky chaser.”
“The customer’s always right…”
“Hey, where’s that music coming from?”

“So you still love her after all that?” Rihanna asked as she gyrated
to her music for the contest.
“Yeah,” Katharine admitted. “Never stopped.”
“Then why all the fucking?”
“I was trying to convince myself I could forget about Kellie; find another
woman, move on. Lots of sex, some of it great…” she winked at Rihanna.
“…but I just couldn’t keep Kellie out of my mind. You came close, I
gotta admit. You came real close…”
“Yeah, you came close for me too,” Rihanna admitted. “But I
couldn’t keep quiet any longer… I love fucking you, Kat, but you gotta get
out of bed sometime.”
“Hey, Rihanna…” Kellie Pickler poked her head around the door of
the room. “I’m trying to have a quiet drink… you mind?”
“Can’t you wait until the song’s finished? Rihanna needs the
practice,” Kat said, from her chair behind the door.
“Stay out of this, McPhee – this is between me and…” Then Kellie
forgot all about Pink telling men she wasn’t there for their entertainment,
and remembered that the woman who’d cheated on her was there. “How much
cock you gobbled this trip, Kat?”
“I haven’t! I still love you, always have, always will! It was all a
misunderstanding, Kell…ie!” Katharine cried.
“She’s telling the truth,” Rihanna said. “What happened
between the two of you was my fault, not hers… I just wanted to teach Taylor
Pricks a lesson for being shit in bed and telling everyone it was me…”
Her audience was glad she hadn’t finished her drink; she needed something
strong to swallow while Rihanna was spilling the beans. Even about the sex.
And as the Caribbean sexpot talked, Kellie found she did feel something
intense; something close to jealousy. Not hate… jealousy. Of Rihanna. The
blonde turned to Katharine, still sitting next to her, and looked at her with
her eyes softening. “You couldn’t keep your hands off her, could
you?” she said, half-smiling.
“I wanted to forget you,” Katharine replied. “I just
couldn’t… I love fucking Rie, but I love YOU.”
“You mean you didn’t like banging me?” Kellie chuckled, patting
Katharine’s hand. “You could’ve fooled me. I should’ve known
you’d never do Taylor – Rihanna’s just a really good actress.” The
two leaned across their chairs and kissed, as their matchmaker looked on
benevolently. “You know, I still got those pictures on my phone…”
“What pictures?” Rihanna asked.
“I never deleted them,” Kellie continued. “I guess part of me
was hoping it wasn’t the end.”
“Even if you did you could get another session, Kellie.”
Kellie kissed Katharine again. “My friends call me Kell.”
Katharine squealed with joy and hugged her lover as Rihanna started to edge
out, stopped by Katharine calling her name. “And where do you think
YOU’RE going? You still owe us for the trouble you caused.”
“I *what?!?*”
“Slavery’s dead, but we’re bringing it back next weekend,”
Katharine continued as Kellie sat on her lap, her arms around McPhee’s neck.
“Just for you.” Kat slapped Rihanna’s ass. “Doesn’t mean
we can’t… take turns later on. I don’t mind being your sub
“How many times?” Rihanna asked resignedly.
Katharine McPhee and Kellie Pickler just grinned. “We’ll get back to
you…” Kat cooed, and shooed the singer out as they began to make up.

“We had a deal, Ash!” Hayden yelled, still fighting Maria and Ashley
as they pinned her to the bed and Maria slapped a pair of handcuffs on her.
“I’m a welsher. Old family trait,” the sexiest Judd replied,
picking up a set of nipple clamps. “Now how about we see what these feel
like on you…”
“Silly little-girl slut,” Maria hissed into Hayden’s ear as Kate
slipped a set of manacles around her ankles and Ashley affixed the clamps to her
chest. “Did you really think we were going to get a silly little-girl slut
boss around the grownups? You’re not in the playground now, Pantie-erre;
here’s how it’s happening – we’re going to plug you up tighter than
my assistant’s wallet and you’re going to enjoy it. And after that…
you know that movie ‘Saw’ or the old ‘Beat the Clock’?
You’re going to make each of us come in a time limit – ”
“Oh, not that again,” the spirited teenager interrupted, and yelped
as Kate tugged and twisted on one of the nipple clamps.
“You speak when we LET you speak, mini-whore. Go on, Maria,” said
“As I was saying; if we all get to come before time’s up, we’ll
let you go. If you don’t, you’re going to be our little plaything for
the whole weekend… and for as long as we damn well want.”
Ashley kicked Hayden onto the floor. “Don’t move until we tell you
to,” she added, giving her an extra kick on the butt. Hayden bit her tongue
to keep from telling her what she thought of all this.
“Now you’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?” Kate added, taking
up the whip. “Running around with Paris Hilton and cockteasing every chance
you get.. you’ve been a very naughty girl, haven’t you?”
“Just having my fun,” Hayden cracked – and yelled as Kate, in turn,
cracked the whip once along her back. “I mean yes ma’am.”
“And you know what happens to bad little girls, don’t you? They get a
spanking… or do lines. This kind. Look at me.”
Hayden peered at Kate, and saw her holding a small cylinder with white powder
inside which she handed to Ashley. She opened her mouth to protest that she
didn’t do drugs, but what came out of her mouth was a wail as Maria,
crouched down beside her, pulled on the nipple clamps again. “If you say
anything, you get the clitty clamp,” she said calmly while Ashley sashayed
away, sprinkling three lines of the powder onto the floor in front of Hayden.
“And it’s a LOT tighter.”
Ashley finished making like the Morton Salt girl and sat down at the end of the
longest line, her legs spread apart and the end of the trail in line with her
open pussy. “Call it a little incentive,” she grinned.
Hayden really didn’t want to do this, especially with Kate and Maria busy
rubbing her thighs in anticipation – but when she felt something tiny and
metallic touching her pussy, the thought that this might be the clitty clamp
being put on her changed her mind. She was kneeling all the way down before
another thought went through her head, her nostrils touching the white powder as
her cunt and anus exploded; the shock sent her springing forward, her head
hitting the floor and the first granules dissolving up her nose. She hadn’t
been able to see Maria and Kate strapping on their hard dildos, and she
didn’t know what was worse; Kate Beckinsale slamming what she called her
pride and joy into her pussy, Maria Menounos cramming her blessedly oiled
plastic prick into her asshole at the same time, or the taste of… SUGAR?
Another dual thrust into her holes forced Hayden along, sniffling up more and
just glad she wasn’t bleeding from her nose. She grunted half in pain and
half in delight as Kate and Maria pumped her entrance and exit again while she
crawled along the ground, sniffing it up. Hayden felt Ashley’s hands
swatting her as she turned around for the second line of powdered sugar, giving
her butt a little more of a wiggle this time as the other two stayed in contact.
She sped up as she consumed the last line, and lifted her head up to see Ashley
Judd at the end of it. Hayden smiled for the first time as she neared her
destination, feeling her pussy flooding as she thrust back against the other
“No, girl… you’re enjoying yourself too much! That ain’t how it
goes….!” Maria cried, trying to ignore how great Hayden’s jiggling
ass was making her feel.
“Stop! STOP, SLAVE!” Kate shouted as Hayden kept on approaching
Ashley’s cunt. The girl turned to peer at the furious women, and saw Kate
wielding the whip, but she really didn’t care.
“I’m not your damn slave… Katie,” Hayden smirked, and took the
last of the sugar before sticking her sweetened tongue into Ashley’s hot
pussy, enjoying the sound of Kate’s wailing; her mistress was loving that
cunt, for sure. As Hayden started to lick Ashley, she wondered just who was
really in charge around here…

“How come you didn’t join in?” Victor asked Cindy as they made
their way to El Matador.
“Rachael? I wasn’t in the mood.”
“For her? Or me?”
“Victor, don’t start. It’s going to be bad enough talking to
“Tell me about it. Maybe he’s still asleep.”
In yet another example of dramatic timing, Victor’s cellphone chose that
moment to go off, startling him. “He isn’t asleep,” Cindy sighed,
knowing that startled look. “Put him out of his misery.”
She was right; it was Victor’s dad ringing him again; his first words on
being answered were “Look, when am I getting out of here?”
“When the weeekend’s over. They’ll fix you up with flights home –

“I can’t even go for a walk?”
“Nope. You’re lucky Victoria didn’t have you taken up a mountain
and left there.”
“And another thing, who’s this Victoria? Let me have a word with
“A very nice woman with an awesome bubble butt,” Victor almost said
but thought better of it, settling for “The woman in charge of this place.
And trust me, you won’t get anywhere near her. Look, we’re coming in
now… we’ll see you in a second.” Ignoring the sounds of Pink coming
from the back room, he and Cindy went upstairs.
“Maybe I could talk them into letting him stay at my place…”
“You really want that? He doesn’t sound like the kind of man who’d
take the idea of his son fucking 17-year-olds first thing in the morning too
“You heard us? Those walls are supposed to be – ”
“I didn’t hear you… I saw you.”
Victor stopped on the stairs. “You’re spying on me now? Is that why
you just sat there at breakfast? Because of that?”
“No. I was… wanting to join in, actually.”
“What stopped you this time?”
“Rachael doesn’t do it for me,” Cindy admitted.
“I meant earlier.”
Cindy sighed. “I didn’t want to break in and ruin it. For either of
“Either of us?” Victor took Cindy’s hand. “You could never
ruin it. Don’t ever think like that again… if I’d known you were there
I’d either have stopped right there or asked you to join in.”
“I bet Hayden would’ve loved it too. Look, about yesterday-”
“Shhh. We had an argument. It happens. That’s in the past… this
isn’t.” Right on cue, they entered to face Victor’s dad.

In the cabin, Hayden Panettiere instinctively reached to touch Ashley Judd
before remembering the restraints on her arms; she settled for tonguing the
woman rapidly as she felt Kate Beckinsale and Maria Menounos pressing against
her, shaking as their orgasms rushed through them. The girl’s cunt and
asshole were sending blissful pain through her as she licked deeper inside
Ashley, feeling her woman quaking and hearing her telling Hayden to keep
going… yesssssssss!!!!! As Ashley started to shudder in delight with her cunt
creaming, Hayden felt two pairs of hands gently stroking up her sides, moving up
towards her shoulders…
…tightening their grips and yanking her away from Ashley’s pussy.
“You need a little discipline in your life, Missy,” Maria grunted as
she and Kate dragged the girl to the vertical bar overhead. “*You’re*
here for *our* pleasure, Panettiere. Not vice versa.”
“Twenty lashes should get that into your empty little head,” Kate
added, hoisting up a struggling Hayden and securing her manacles to the bar
before letting the girl go, dangling a foot or two off the ground. “Do you
want the honours, Maria?”
“Hell, I know you want the job,” the reporter replied.
“You’ve been playing with that thing ever since we got here.”
“Right. And Hayden – every time you scream, you get five more.” Kate
stroked the girl’s back with the lash before drawing her hand back as Maria
sat on Ashley’s lap and kissed her friend. “Maria hopes you scream – it
turns her on. So do I.”
“Damn right you turn her on,” Ashley laughed as she rubbed
Maria’s tits. They glanced at the dangling Hayden wincing as Kate lashed her
for the first time; the crack echoed around the cabin as Maria spread her
fingers inside Ashley’s warm, steaming pussy. “Tell me if it still
tastes like teenager,” Naomi’s finest offspring murmured, and smiled as
Maria guided her mouth down her body while listening to each crack across
Hayden’s back and getting hotter by the second. Not long before she
Kate knew how to hit Hayden hard enough to hurt but not hard enough to make her
bleed (not yet, anyway); like most of the guests that weekend, she was also
checking out the girl’s round, full buns. That is, when she wasn’t
giving them a lash or eight. Hayden’s back and ass were getting a nice
little reddish tinge from the beating, and the only thing that was keeping it
from going perfectly was Hayden’s impersonation of Jessica Alba in “Sin
City.” Not a peep, not a wail – if she’d been dressed, the
transformation would have been perfect.
Maria, who’d gobbled Naomi (surprisingly tender) and Wynonna (she was part
of the package deal), had reached Ashley’s gaping pussy when she heard Kate
growl “Fine” and undo Hayden from the bar. She also heard the thud as
Hayden fell to the floor, since Kate hadn’t been holding her. She also heard
the British babe say “Me first, then Maria, then Ashley.” But she
couldn’t see Kate squatting above Hayden’s face, giving her a perfect
view of her quim and chute. And she couldn’t see Hayden wriggling her tongue
upward and starting to taste Kate’s asshole.
And none of them could tell Hayden was wishing it was Cindy, which was all that
was getting her through this.

“Maybe you could talk Kat into doing this for you?” Rihanna suggested
as she finished her practice strip.
“Hey, I don’t need to talk her into stripping,” Kellie laughed,
trying and failing not to look at Rihanna’s perfect tits. “You just
watch when she gets back from wherever the heck it is she’s gone. You sure
you need me along?”
“I want a co-star for this routine, yeah,” the Bajan siren replied.
“You won’t have to take your clothes off, don’t worry. Just act
Pink started up again. “Hang on, I’ll change the CD…”
“Nah, it’s okay. I LOVE this song!”

“Man, I hate that song,” Victor’s dad grumbled as he had his
coffee. “The bimbo’s downstairs been playing that same CD over and over
and over again… does he still play nothing but TV themes?”
“And film music, yes. Could be worse,” Cindy laughed.
“I didn’t know we were here to talk about my taste in music,”
Victor said. “I think we have to sort something out about this.”
“Yes. Had time to think about it?”
“Yeah. And I’m still not going.”
“Then we’ve got nothing to talk about. And I’m sorry, but
there’s nothing you can offer me to keep quiet.”
“So you really want to ruin the whole thing for everyone just like that?
Not just for me and Cindy, but everyone? Suppose the shoe was on the other
foot?” Victor argued.
“Ah, but it isn’t.”
“Really? Does your wife know you’re here?” Cindy asked.
His coffee cup shook a little bit. Only a little bit; but it shook.
“I’ll take that as a ‘no.’ I’m sure your wife would love
to know what you’re doing in a town filled with celebrities a lot younger
than you in the name of porn.”
“Especially since the only invited guests are people who write the
stuff,” Victor added.
“You’ve never met Cheryl. Either of you,” his dad pointed out.
“No, but if Victor goes to Barbados to meet Fiona and winds up marrying
her I’ll make sure Cheryl gets invited,” Cindy replied. “And
I’ll make sure she knows you were here.”
“She trusts me.”
“Yeah? Did you tell her you were following him? Because my husband knows
I’m here. And like Victor said, the only guests are writers. And he writes
under his real name – the same as yours.” Cindy smiled. “Get it?”
From the way he slowly set his coffee cup down, they could tell that the idea
that if he blabbed someone might put it all together and get the wrong
conclusion had not occurred to Victor’s dad. And Cheryl *could* get a little
jealous sometimes.
“There’s another reason as well,” Cindy added. “But I’ll
tell you after the weekend’s done. Think about it.”
“Why not tell me?” Victor asked.
“I’ll tell you too. AFTER the weekend’s done. C’mon, maybe
Hilary’s woken up…”

“Mmmmm… that’s good tonguework, Miss,” Kate said as Hayden
continued to excacate the woman’s anus. “You’ve done this a
As a matter of fact, she had, but Hayden didn’t want to be reminded of that
right now. At least Kate wasn’t doing anything foul like Victor had written
in one of his stories the year before last, and it was nice and puckery, just as
she liked it, if a little loose – Hayden Panettiere knew an anal lover when she
saw one (er, tongued one), and she also knew when someone was about to come.
Maybe if she brought Kate around quicker, she’d be able to get loose…
Hayden could smell a strong, musky odour coming from Kate’s pussy as she
kissed the woman’s butt; Kate oculdn’t hold it any longer…
And neither could Ashley, shouting Maria’s name (“Oh that’s good
Maria… ooohhhhh right so fucking great make me SCREAM DAMMIT!!!!”) and
clutching her head, her body heaving as Maria’s mouth tasted the other’s
clit. With every caress of her hand and every touch of her tongue, Ashley was
driven ever closer to burning up; her own right hand was kept busy stroking
Maria’s head. Her left hand, meanwhile, had found its way over to the
mattress; most of Ashley’s mind was either on Maria’s expert tongue or
the way Miss Menounos was pinching her toned glutes, but part of it was sending
her left hand over the extra thick mattress as she thrashed on the chair,
begging Maria to keep going as she pulled her hand back, bringing with it a
small chain – and a studded collar.
Ashley had to fight to keep just a little control as the orgasms burst inside
her body, but as she shook with delight she managed to slip the collar around
Maria’s neck; then she finally gave in to the reporter’s lips, howling
her love – but not before she pulled the rest of the chain out.
Lapping up Ashley’s juices, Maria’s body was steaming as she felt
herself starting to come; next to her, Kate had her eyes closed as she savoured
the last moments of Hayden’s anilingus before she too succumbed to the
inevitable; and Hayden couldn’t sense anything but the warmth of her
mistress as she did her job. So none of them noticed Ashley leaning out of her
chair and locking the other end of the chain to the end of the bed, all the
while relishing Maria’s mouth – not until Ashley let herself collapse back
and rub Maria’s head in gratitude. Maria looked up as Kate’s yells of
delight filled the air, smiled, and started up to kiss Ashley.
She got as far as her nipples before the collar and chain stopped her sharply.
“WHA-?!?” she shouted as Ashley patted her and moved herself back.
The yell snapped Kate back to reality; her eyes shot over and she took in the
situation, shock turning to delight as she swatted Hayden from her ass with a
sharp “Enough!” One slave was good, two was even better… Ashley Judd
could read minds a lot better than she could act. “You come with me,”
she commanded Hayden. “Work on Maria’s bum, and Maria can do my pussy
now. She *has* been getting a little above herself, Ash.”
“You heard the lady,” Ashley grinned, as Kate stood in front of the
shocked Maria. “Get to work. And just so you don’t miss the G-spot like
you did last time…”
“I never miss!” Maria protested.
“…I’ll just stop her from moving,” Ashley finished, and winked
at Hayden. Kate realised a fraction of a second too late what was up as Ashley
snatched up another pair of cuffs and locked her to the bedstead before you
could say “Underworld.”
“Wait… what the hell is this?!?” Kate protested, as Maria’s
eyes darted from one to the other like she was at a tennis match.
“Like you said, Hayden – we had a deal,” Ashley chuckled, and took a
set of keys from the table by the bed on the way to the teen. “Sorry this
took so long.”
“Hey, no foul. It’s not like I was tonguefucking Missy Elliott.
“I just had to let them have a little fun first,” Ashley explained,
releasing Hayden. “You okay?”
“Never better. Now how about we see how these feel on you? And can we get
some quiet around here?”
“Yes, ma’am,” Ashley replied as shyly as she could. She took up a
roll of strong sealing tape and ripped a generous strip off, slapping it over
Kate’s mouth and reducing her cries to muffled angry sounds. Then she put
the manacles that had been on Hayden’s feet around Maria’s wrists, and
taped her mouth shut. “All done, ma’am.”
“Good,” Hayden said, clamping Ashley up. “I think we ought to
get you hanging from that bar. Turn to face me, please… it’s not gonna
come crashing down, is it?”
“No, ma’am.” Ashley raised her arms, and Hayden climbed onto the
chair before tying Ashley’s hands to the bar. Very tightly. Gordian
Knot-level tightly.
“Think you can swing those hot legs of yours up here?”
Ashley swung said legs up; Hayden held each foot on either side of the bar and
chained them in place even more tightly than her hands, locking them and leaving
Ashley looking like the world’s sexiest sloth. “Now I’ve just gotta
get a drink before we start – BRB.”
She dashed to the cabin’s kitchen, and soon returned carrying a glass of
water. “Okay, now we’re set.”
“Ma’am, aren’t you thirsty?”
“I didn’t say it was for me,” Hayden said, smiling. “Open
“Yes, ma’am,” Ashley said gratefully, and did so. Hayden quickly
dropped the smallest key from the set into Ashley’s mouth – the key she had
surreptitiously taken off the keyring after using it to padlock her legs – and
poured the water in after it. The surprised woman had no choice but to swallow;
she felt the tiny piece of metal going down her throat – and then it was inside
her. Quickly Hayden jumped away, swallowed the rest of the water, and beamed at
the three furious and trapped women.
“WH–WHAT THE FUCK?!?” Ashley spluttered. “I GOT YOU OUT OF
“That was for *last* time,” the blonde explained while she got
dressed. “Remember Missy Elliott’s place? You said I wouldn’t have
to go down on the stinky skanky carpetmuncher and come the time I couldn’t
see you for dust, Judd! Do you know how long it took to get the taste of that
flabby ass out of my mouth?”
“Is it my fault she likes young white girls a lot?” Ashley protested,
struggling against the bonds.
“But you *did* get me out of here this time. Why do you think I left your
key… with you? The ones for the others are in the kitchen – I stuck all the
keys in another glass and put them in the freezer.”
“Now now, you catch more flies with honey,” Hayden chided as she went
back to Ashley. “I know you like to eat, so you should be getting the key
back in a few hours or so. I might even come back and let you out if you behave.
Or if you promise to at least leave me with someone nice next time like those
Pussycat Dolls. Except Carmit, of course,” she added as her face wrinkled.
“Bite me.”
“You had your chance.” Taking up the tape, Hayden soon had Ashley in
the same state as her friends; she then patted each seething woman as she
wiggled her way to the door before turning to take one last look at Ashley,
Maria and Kate.
“It’s been fun, ladies,” Hayden cooed. “Toodles.” And
blowing them a kiss, she closed the door.

Hilary was awake again, and was getting some fresh pillows and a drink from
Nurse Rihanna. The only problem, apart from Rihanna not wearing a white
nurse’s uniform, was that her leg was itching.
“Is there anything else?” Rihanna asked kindly.
“Well, think you could scratch inside my cast before I hack my leg
off?” Hilary urged. “Driving me mad.”
Rihanna sat next to Hilary, moved her injured leg gingerly onto her lap and
started to push a rod into the space. “Is that better?”
“A bit to the side… a little lower… aaaahhh, that’s better… keep
it up…” (Victor’s dad rolled his eyes in the room next door. Did she
NEVER stop?)
“Yeah, I’ll tell ’em…” Victor beamed as she hung up.
“That was Hayden. She’s coming over here to meet us.”
“About time,” said Rihanna, moving the rod to take care of
Hilary’s itch. “I need to talk to her about the contest.”
“Is she taking your place?” asked Cindy.
“Well… no….”
* * * * * * * * * *
Victor’s dad was undecided between wanting to go in there to see exactly
what his son was doing with two popsies or staying in the room. The latter was
the less risky option, but he was BORED STIFF. And he couldn’t even see if
there was any sport on; cricket, football – even American football would do…
A few little taps sounded on the door. “Mr. Field?”
Now that was something he hadn’t expected to get around here – a little
respect. “Come in, I’m decent,” he called, biting his tongue to
keep from adding “Unlike most of you.”
There were a lot of Barbadian males who would have been thrilled if Rihanna had
stepped into their room, smiling demurely and with plenty of skin showing.
Victor’s dad wasn’t really one of them, though he could see why she was
popular. And she looked as if there was something weighing on her mind.
“Come here to try and sway me over?” he chuckled despite himself.
“No, my clothes are staying on this time,” the girl assured him,
still standing as she shut the door. “I know your son and Cindy talked to
you – ”
“I know, you want me to stay quiet about this place when I get out,”
Victor’s dad interrupted. “She said there was another reason. You going
to tell me it?”
“Probably not – I don’t think it’s the same reason I have,”
Rihanna said quietly. “Is it okay if I sit down?”
“Just a good little Bajan girl at heart, aren’t you?”
Victor’s dad smiled. “Take a seat.”
“The thing is,” Rihanna continued as she sat, “what you saw
through the window… with me and Katharine… you know what it would be like if
they found out.”
“That you were experimenting?”
“I’ve been ‘experimenting’ since I was 11,” she told him.
“My family doesn’t know; no one in Barbados knows I like girls more
than boys. I don’t think the place is ready yet…”
Victor’s dad nodded; it was true that the laws against same-sex relations
in Barbados weren’t really enforced, but it was also true that they were
still illegal. And though times had changed, Rihanna coming out of the closet
would still be the proverbial storm in a teacup back home.
* * * * * * * * * *
Hilary Duff had more weight to bear, but she didn’t mind.
“Enjoying my room, Victor?” Hilary asked as she stroked him while he
lay on one side of the bed. “‘Course, if I was still there you’d be
getting to sleep with Hayden or Rie…”
“Shall I tell her or will you?” Cindy smiled on the other side,
gently stroking Hilary’s head. “You look a little peaky, kid.”
“I could use a drink,” Hilary admitted. “And something
else…” The girl’s hand patted Victor’s crotch. “Think your
dad’ll be mad with you?”
“He’s not going to come bursting in here, and don’t talk about him
any more,” he replied. “Ruin the mood.” As he pulled his trousers
off, Cindy leaned in closer to Hilary, undoing her top.
“I’ve got your drink… right here.” Cindy slipped off the top,
her breasts spilling out near Hilary’s face. The patient took in Cindy’s
mams; they were a little bigger than she could recall them being of late. Hilary
didn’t think Cindy had been down to Dr. 90210, and she knew that Rande liked
putting it in her a lot, so was she about to… before she started thinking
gossipy thoughts, Cindy brushed her right breast closer to Hilary’s lovely
face. Now that Presley and Kaia were old enough, Cindy hadn’t had to feed
anyone with her tits for a while now; Hilary’s soft, pouty lips kissed her
waiting freckled nipple as she kept on rubbing Victor’s prick, feeling it
getting harder.
Glad that Hilary hadn’t put on any panties since getting the cast, he
gently widened her legs while watching her suck on Cindy – that milk would do a
body *DAMN* good. Hilary had very sexy legs, and even though one was in plaster
he could still have jerked off over the other one; Victor settled instead for
kissing her thigh as he prepared to tongue the girl, before Hilary slapped his
head. “No…” she groaned in between tastes of Cindy. “Fuck
that… just fuck me. NOW.” Then she didn’t say anything, because her
mouth was filled with Cindy’s right breast and her mind was filled with how
Cindy’s hands were feeling on her own small tits, fondling them
affectionately and making tiny circles on the girl’s nipples with her
thumbs. She knew that both Cindy and Victor had been among the 23 people who saw
“Material Girls” and that they’d both enjoyed Hilary’s push-up
cleavage, but there wasn’t a darn thing wrong with what the girl had.
And even less wrong with what Cindy had; Hilary felt the sweet milk seeping
from the woman’s nip and landing on her tongue, and licked the teat before
sucking away. She flicked her eyes upwards at her lover, and was delighted to
see Cindy’s baby browns looking down at her in turn, her face looking as if
she’d been wanting Hilary to do this since they met. Hilary switched her
attention to Cindy’s left breast, resting her hand on the right one and
fondling it as she began to enjoy the milky goodness.
Between her legs, she felt something large and familiar start to enter – Hilary
gripped Cindy’s tit a little harder as she drew Victor’s swollen prick
into her, listening to him sigh and gasp as he began to pump her cunt, his hands
joining Cindy’s in caressing Hilary’s beautiful body. Even though he
couldn’t grind into her as far as he’d like for fear of hitting Cindy,
he could still slide fairly deeply inside Hilary, and it was still a fine
feeling even after all the times he’d banged her already. Victor thrust
faster into her, producing a muffled grunt as she thrust back, hooking her free
leg around his waist as she held Cindy closer. As he pumped the girl more
eagerly, he had a quick image of his father next door disapprovingly looking at
him – before the image vanished, replaced by the begging of Hilary to shove that
thing in deeper as Cindy, shaking herself with Hilary’s lips, gently
disengaged herself and bent down to nuzzle the girl’s boobs.
“Ohhhhhh yesssss…. yessss guys… I want MORE!” Hilary screamed as
she grabbed Cindy’s head and pressed it closer, heaving on the bed as
Victor’s cock slammed into her aching cunt. Best healthcare ever.
“Sounds like they’re having a good time,” Kellie Pickler laughed
as their orgasmic screams came through the ceiling from behind two dark round
The circles were Rihanna’s buns. She crouched down in front of Kellie,
shaking her hips and gyrating her ass as the perky blonde tried to keep from
touching them – if Rihanna had been wearing a thong Kellie would’ve given
in, but even with the girl wearing bikini bottoms it was all she could do to at
least try to stay in character in the little game. But DAMN… er, DARN,
Fenty’s ass bounding all over the place right in front of her… Kellie
reached out like a moth to the flame. Her fingertips only just brushed
Rihanna’s butt before the singer pulled back and stretched up, wagging a
finger as she looked over her shoulder.
“Nuh uh uh, no touching the merchandise,” the Caribbean queen
announced. “You’d have been thrown out if this was a club.”
“Good thing I’m not gonna be your partner,” Kellie laughed.
“Can I just get me a look without all that covering it? As a
souvenir?” She took up her cameraphone and groaned. “Shoot, I gotta
print stuff off before it gets full!”
“Just delete some of the files.”
“Are you crazy? I got Kat on there – I don’t delete my baby!”
“In that case…” Rihanna tossed Kellie her own phone. “Use
mine; I’ll send you the files later. ‘Sides, it’ll kill time until
Hayden and Katharine get back.”
“You mean it?” Kellie asked hopefully.
“Sure,” Rihanna said casually as she began to undress. “I’ve
done it before.”
* * * * * * * * * *
“Hi, this is Rihanna. You know what to do.”
“Hi Rie, this is Hay! Back at base in a few minutes… I’ve been kinda
tied up,” Hayden giggled. “Tell you about it when I get in, and I
wanna talk to you about the strip show. Later!” The message left
(Rihanna’s phone wasn’t taking messages for some reason, the reason
being she didn’t want any interruptions while she was spreading her legs and
playing with herself for Kellie’s benefit), the sexy girl hung up and
finished her long walk towards the bar; if they weren’t there then she’d
try Victor’s place. More people were turning up there as the day wore on, so
not much chance for peace and quiet – not that she minded.
Hayden was right; there were more people in there now, but not enough so
she’d have to wait ages for a drink. Figuring she’d better wet her
insides now before the place got even more crowded for the stripping contest,
Hayden moved among the customers – pausing only to wink at the odd groper – and
plumped herself down at the bar. “Heya Lance!” she beamed.
“What can I get the little lady?” asked the bartender.
“Would you believe some Mountain Dew? Having fun here?” Hayden asked
the man next to her casually. “I’ve seen most of the writers since I
started coming to these things – ”
“I’m not a writer, Miss…”
“Panettiere. Hayden Panettiere.”
“I know who you are,” said Victor’s dad, finishing his drink.
“How’s my son?”
“Your… wait, you’re Victor’s dad, right? Pleased to meet
you,” she said amiably, offering her hand. “It kinda freaked me out
when I heard you were around these parts, but whatever – we’re all grown ups
here right?”
“Most of us are,” replied the man, shaking the girl’s hand.
“You’re very young for this kind of thing…”
“Hey, I’ve played a crazy murderer and a manipulative nutcase and
I’m not even 18 yet!” Hayden laughed.
“But those were movies.”
“TV shows,” she corrected.
“Well anyway, this is real life – I don’t suppose most family members
know about what goes on here. I don’t suppose your mother knows?”
“Sure she does,” Hayden said casually, and smiled as Victor’s dad
almost spat his beer out.
“She trusts me,” Hayden assured Victor’s dad, patting his forearm
affectionately and smiling. “She doesn’t have to follow me, and I call
her up anyway.”
“Concerned,” he said approvingly.
“That too, but she’s pretty close anyway. After last time she knows I
wouldn’t get into any real… trouble.”
“Don’t they have Social Services in America?” Victor’s dad
asked. “You’re a very charming young lady – ”
“Wow, thanks!”
” – and I don’t want to see someone like you getting hurt. I know what
goes on in these things… all these stories about girls getting on
“Victoria’s fair but firm,” Hayden said. “This place is a
lot tighter since last time. And if anything did happen, I got people who’d
take care of me. Cindy, your son… you’ve gotta learn to trust people
sometime. LANCE! Whatever he wants for the rest of the trip is on me,” she
told the bartender.
“He hasn’t actually paid me yet,” Lance pointed out.
Hayden took her credit card out and handed it to him. “All taken care
of,” she cooed. “Put on a… let’s see… $200 tab?”
“Teenage girls paying for my drinks? Never happened back home,”
Victor’s dad laughed. “Give her one as well.”
“Ah, forget it. You could do me one favour though – is Cindy still
* * * * * * * * * *
The answer was no, as Hayden confirmed ten minutes later when she stepped into
Victor’s place. Cindy had come back by herself, and was having a little
workout upstairs; Hayden followed the grunts until she got to Cindy’s room,
and was rewarded by entering to see Cindy Crawford’s leotard-covered ass in
her face – Cindy was putting herself through her paces as if *she* was in the
“Oh hi, Hayden,” Cindy grinned, looking through her legs and checking
out the upside-down Hayden. “Enjoy the fresh air?”
“What little I got,” the girl laughed. “You should do another
“Think I haven’t been asked? Three are enough. How about you do
“And get shit about how I’ve lost weight? Forget it. Anyway,”
Hayden continued, edging around the supermodel as she undulated, “it’s
more fun to look at you…”
“Same with you,” Cindy admitted. “Switch off the music for a
moment, could you? We have to talk.”
Hayden knew what *that* meant; she snapped off the music and sat on the bed as
Cindy returned to fully vertical, looking at the girl anxiously. The blonde
prepared herself to get some very bad news – she was going to get the whole
“I know you love me but I don’t love you but we can still be friends,
right?” speech. Hayden knew she could at least pretend she didn’t mind,
or at least she hoped she could… it all depended on how Cindy put it.
“I saw you and Victor this morning,” Cindy started. “You were
really… you were really happy together.”
“Uh-huh,” Hayden said flatly. “And you want me to leave him
“You what?!” the girl asked, as Cindy sat down next to Hayden.
“I don’t force people I love to do things they don’t want
to,” the supermodel said gently. “Not Victor, and not you… I
can’t lie to myself any longer, Hayden. I always knew I liked both boys and
girls, but I thought I could keep from… from feeling how I feel about
you.” She paused, trying to gauge how Hayden was feeling in turn.
Cindy got her answer an instant later as Hayden leaned in and kissed her
passionately and lovingly. And Cindy returned the kiss…
* * * * * * * * * * *
“Enjoying my room, Victor?” Hilary asked.
“You already asked me that,” he pointed out, smiling as he gently
stroked her head.
“Yeah, but you never answered.”
“It’s great; you’d love it.”
“What I’d really love is some more of this. A little therapy,”
she continued, gently stroking Victor’s cock as she covered it with
Vaseline. “You wanna help me out a bit?”
“You don’t get this on the NHS,” he said with a grin as he
carefully pushed Hilary’s legs up, gingerly rolling her like a carpet and
gazing at her quim lying there. Not knowing what the NHS was but figuring she
could guess, Hilary followed his glance and grinned in return as her body
contorted until her pussy and back door were in ideal porno mag position.
“I hear you like banging MuffinMan this way,” Haylie’s more
talented and attractive sister said casually as Victor manoeuvred his throbbing
cock into position beneath her cunt.
“I hear Joel doesn’t like banging you this way at all.”
“Why do you think we broke up?” Hilary winked up at Victor before her
mouth dropped open as his prick began its first slide into her back passage.
* * * * * * * * * *
Hayden’s heart was racing faster than an episode of “Prison
Break,” and the situation she was in was almost as hard for her to believe.
She kissed Cindy again, her arms circling the woman; she felt Cindy’s hands
sliding down her back as she nuzzled her neck, moving her own hands down the
woman’s back in turn and cupping Cindy’s buttocks, and squeezing. No
wonder her husband always looked so damn smug… Hayden continued to caress
Cindy, knowing this was where she belonged. Shivering with delight as
Cindy’s fingers traced a path up her path, Hayden waited for her to start to
undo her shirt, to slip her fingers underneath the top and…
And that was when Hayden’s phone beeped out the Barbadian national anthem,
causing a pre-coitus interruptus. “DAMMIT!” the women snapped in
unison, throwing angry glances towards the phone.
“I *knew* I should have turned this off!” Hayden continued as she
fished the phone out. “Whoever this is, you busted into something really…
oh hi Rie!… Yeah, I was with someone now you mention it… uh-huh… You bet!
See you in about ten minutes…”
“That was about the contest, right?” Cindy asked resignedly.
Hayden saw how Cindy looked, and rested her hands on the woman’s legs.
“But I did tell her ten minutes…”
With a huge grin on her face, Hayden spread Cindy’s legs.
* * * * * * * * * *
“Ooohhhh yessss…!!!!” gasped Hilary, grabbing Victor harder and
with her legs almost touching her head as his cock filled up her back alley, his
thrusting getting ever faster as Hilary begged him to go deeper and harder; they
looked deep into each other’s eyes, beaming with lust and holding tightly,
the cast on Hilary’s leg not on either mind. “FUCK ME VIC!!!”
screamed the young woman. “FUCK MY ASS NOW!!!!”
Victor pounded faster against Hilary, delighted that her ass was tighter than
butt-slut Haylie’s. The look in her eyes when he gave the final thrust
before his balls emptied into her asshole was one he never got tired of; holding
her upraised legs, he pumped and pumped and pumped as Hilary screamed his name
again and again until her anus was filled with his cum, by which time he was
screaming too. Heaving back against the sodden sheets, she creamed herself as
Victor slowly pulled out, still holding her legs up.
“Now isn’t that better than boy butt?” Hilary teased.
“Isn’t this better than girls?” Victor parried.
“Touché,” chuckled the other.
* * * * * * * * * *
Hayden studied Cindy’s thatch for a moment before diving in; she really
wanted to savour this moment. Then she started to dip her tongue into her lover
before Cindy took hold of her head. “Not yet,” she said softly.
“You seem to be giving all the head on this trip – it’s about time
someone else did the work for a change.”
Without protesting (not that she would have), Hayden lay down on the bed and
unzipped her pants, lowering them to just around her knees; it was Cindy’s
turn to check out the girl’s neat little snatch. Blonde and cute, just like
the rest of her; Cindy lowered her head and put her tongue inside the girl.
Hayden was already moist between her legs, and her tender little button gave
Cindy a tingle the second she licked it; the supermodel could feel the girl
warming up with every touch of her mouth. Cindy herself was starting to heat up
– Hayden was such a hot little thing that for once she had something of an idea
of what men felt like when they were about to come far too soon…
Panting as Cindy’s tongue slipped through each and every little part of her
cunt, Hayden grabbed the blanket and rolled her eyes to the ceiling as she found
herself wishing she hadn’t told Rihanna she’d be there in ten minutes.
* * * * * * * * * *
Ashley Judd, Maria Menounos and Kate Beckinsale stared at KMB. KMB stared at
Ashley Judd, Maria Menounos and Kate Beckinsale. The Harem-meister was unsure
whether to be shocked or pleased, and Ashley couldn’t speak because of the
tape around her mouth. But her eyes told Mr. B to let them out of this, right
the fuck NOW.
* * * * * * * * * *
Alone again (naturally), Hilary had finally relaxed enough to bring her legs
down. She was going to miss the stripping contest, but Rihanna had promised to
do a reprise of her routine for her the next day, since they wouldn’t be
allowed to make a video of it. Snuggling back, she decided to get a little nap
before they brought up what was laughably called dinner. She felt everything was
going to be all right…
“Something’s wrong,” Rihanna said thoughtfully as she thrust her
nubile body to the rhythm of Pink. She was down to a pair of thong panties, and
grinding on top of Hayden, doing a better job of keeping herself in check than
Kellie. “It ain’t YOU,” she added hurriedly.
“I hope not,” Hayden laughed. “I get where you’re coming
from – it doesn’t go with the song somehow.”
“Too late to change it now. Can’t change the song, gotta change the
“I got an idea,” Hayden said. “The song’s about two women
together, right?”
Rihanna cracked a grin.
* * * * * * * * * *
“Whatever you’re doing, have fun! Love ya! Peace out!” Kellie
finished the message for Katharine, wherever she was, and got back down to
business as the song downstairs faded out.
Kellie Pickler had the bathroom to herself, and she was naked in the tub. No
water, but she was dripping wet as she clicked through the pictures of Katharine
McPhee and Rihanna posing nude for her. One by one, the images went by of the
smiling beauties, each enjoyed by Kellie as slowly as possible. Kellie lingered
over the closeup pictures of Katharine’s heavy breasts and Rihanna’s
smaller but equally tasty ones, playing with her own set. She pressed the phone
to her chest and rubbed it in a circle around her boobs, moaning with delight as
she imagined Kat and Rihanna nibbling on each one… Kat licking Kellie as
Rihanna pressed against her from behind… Rihanna thrusting her fingers between
Kellie’s legs…
Kellie kissed the last picture of Katharine, devotion in her eyes. “These
are for you, honeypie,” she sighed as she moved the phone back and turned
it around, pinching her nipples and feeling them hardening. She was seriously
thinking about getting her breasts augmented; Katharine kept reassuring her that
her boobs were fine just as nature intended, but Kellie KNEW that Kat
wouldn’t have minded too much if she had a little extra bounce to the ounce,
and with some of those surgeons you really couldn’t tell afterwards. Making
a mental note to bring it up with Katharine when she got back from… wherever
the heck she was… she started to snap herself as she enjoyed her still-natural
tits, occasionally remembering not to look right into the phone.
With one hand spreading her snatch, Kellie moved the phone down to get some
shots there for her girl Kat. Whatever problems they had in the past were just
that – in the past. From now on, she swore as she started to fuck herself for
the lens, Kellie would always have McPhee’s back. Always.
* * * * * * * * * *
“You got yourself a partner!” Cindy said to Rihanna enthusiastically.
* * * * * * * * * *
“What the hell kept you?!?” snarled Ashley Judd when the tape was
pulled off.
“I do have a job, you know,” Ken said. “AND deadlines. My bosses
are more understanding of sexy actresses than bald writers. Now where’s the
key to this?”
“Oh, it’s coming,” Maria Menounos laughed. “Give her a few
“No need,” the Harem-meister announced, reaching into his pants and
brandishing his set. Of keys. “Behold – the skeleton key, and no Kate
Hudson in sight!”
“Thank goodness,” Kate Beckinsale said to herself.
“Me and Rose had a nasty time once when we couldn’t find the
key,” he continued as he unlocked the fuming and fidgeting but relieved (as
it were) Ashley. “We had a whole set of these made up so it would never
happen again. Now who’d be mean enough to–” He broke off, suprised as
a liberated Ashley legged it for the toilet. “Man, what’d she eat?
Anyway, who did this to you?” he continued as he freed the other two.
Maria opened her mouth, and then realised she was about to tell CSSA’s most
celebrated writer that three big strong women had been locked up by a pint-sized
teenage blonde. Kate had also figured out the embarrassment potential of this,
and just settled for looking at Ken nervously.
“Suit up, ladies!” Ashley shouted from the bathroom. “We got us
a cheerleader to find!”
* * * * * * * * * *
“Don’t try and keep the noise down, okay?” Hilary asked, kissing
Victor once more as he finished dressing. “If I’m going to fall asleep,
I’d love some inspiration.”
“How does thinking about women stripping help you SLEEP? Are you the only
fully straight woman here?”
“No,” Hilary smiled. “That would be-”
“Don’t tell me, I want it to be a surprise. Sorry I can’t film it
for you, but rules are rules. See you later, Hilary… get some rest.”
“See ya, Vic.”
The door closed behind him as Hilary finally turned her attention to the TV.
About the only one of the bunch who hadn’t turned up yet was Kellie, but
knowing the horny little miss goody two shoes it was only a matter of time.
Hilary picked up the remote, hoping that she wouldn’t come across a
“Lizzie McGuire” rerun or, Heaven forbid, “Casper Meets
KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. “Forgot something, Victor?” Hilary called, setting
down the remote.
“Right name, wrong man,” Victor’s dad said as he came in, looking
sympathetically at the invalid. “Mind if I ask you a couple of
“I could use the company.”
“Who’s MuffinMan? And don’t pretend you don’t know,” he
continued. “I heard you and Victor earlier… I wish I hadn’t…”
“You don’t need to explain,” Hilary interrrupted, having failed
to repress the memory of hearing Haylie riding her boyfriend’s baloney pony
one night. One very, very long night.
“Anyway. Is there something about my son I should know?”
“If you want to find out, ask him yourself,” Hilary answered stiffly.
“Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to watch some TV. Alone.”
“I thought you wanted company.”
“Not yours.” And Hilary clicked on the TV. Loud.
* * * * * * * * * *
“Why didn’t we bring Ken along?” Maria asked as she and Kate
tried to keep up with Ashley’s power-walking through the snow. “The guy
could sniff out underage pussy at an AARP meeting.”
“You know what he’s like – a regular Sir Galahad. He’d probably
try to warn her somehow. Anyway, he likes being tied up,” Ashley replied.
“He does?”
“Why do it now, anyway? I hear Jada Pinkett Smith and her friends do…
favours,” Kate suggested. “Maybe we could send them after Hayden when
the weekend’s over?”
“You breathing the same air as the rest of us, Beck-n-call? Ashley Judd
*never* outsources whupass. The second we catch up with her she’s dead, got
me? D-E-A-D.”
“Hasn’t she died, like, twice already?” Maria pointed out,
smiling until she saw the icy look in Ashley’s eyes.
“C’mon – let’s ask in the bar and get a drink. If she isn’t
there we’re knocking on every door in town.”
“But Evil–” Kate started.
“FUCK Evil.”
“That’s Jennifer Garner’s job, I believe,” Kate laughed.
“Everyone’s a comedian,” Ashley grunted as they entered El
Matador – and ran into a whole load of people, with the place’s sound system
soundtracking the women’s going through the onlookers as they started their
search… until Ashley glanced at the stage. The search was over.
“Check it out, going out on the late night/Looking tight, feeling nice,
it’s a cockfight…” As Pink pumped over the loudspeakers, up on the
stage was one of the love seats from the bar floor, with a table for two in
front of it and a pineapple cordial in the centre. Sitting on the cushions and
ignoring the drink was Cindy Crawford; she and the rest of the crowd were
watching Rihanna grinding her body to Pink’s guttural moans. She was dressed
in a light blue dress that came to above her knees, and lipsyncing the lyrics as
she gently stroked the left side of the girl behind her.
Wearing a matching outfit, Hayden Panettiere rested her head against
Rihanna’s back and took up the syncing from “At the door we don’t
wait ’cause we know them,” swaying in perfect rhythm with the Bajan
queen and lightly touching her partner’s breasts. The two came dancing ever
closer to Cindy, clutching each other’s dresses and bobbing up and down as
the supermodel reached out and brushed her hand against them. As she did, the
two whipped back and away, each pulling the other’s dress off. Perfectly on
cue with the chorus and now clad in matching white T-shirts and denim cutoff
shorts, Rihanna and Hayden bumped and ground against each other, rubbing
together and exchanging a little kiss for Cindy’s benefit before wagging
their fingers at her. Cindy looked suitably disappointed, and on the other side
of the room Victor – who had a perfect view of the girls’ tight globes in
the shorts – looked very jealous.
The duo twirled off stage and began to make a little tour around the onlookers,
and Ashley grinned as she saw her big chance approaching… “Not during the
contest, Judd!” Maria hissed. Ashley’s grin vanished.
This time Hayden started the second verse as she wiggled through the audience,
playing with the hem of her shirt and starting to raise it, seeing onlookers
leaning forward in hope, “deciding against it” and leaving it down,
and then planting a foot on a table and slowly sliding down the shorts to reveal
a pair of thong panties hugging her plump buns as she moved them to the music.
The member with the closest view felt a stickiness in his pants as her ass
caught the rhythm of “Don’t touch, back up, I’m not the one
alright…” on target. Rihanna was providing a similar service for her
guys, making “Hand it over” gestures for imaginary $20 bills, winking
and shaking her head as people tried to touch, having no more luck than a
lustful Cindy was, gazing at them entranced from the stage.
“That guy was right,” Victor whispered to the bartender.
“Someone said Hayden’s superpower is hypnotising men with her
“And women,” Lance agreed, his eye on Cindy.
Rihanna and Hayden flung their discarded shorts into the crowd as the chorus
arrived, and for the only time in their performance they drew attention away
from their bodies as they undulated back to the stage, touching each other when
they met up and eyeing Cindy, who by now would have had balls of the purest blue
if she had balls. Rihanna pulled Hayden’s top as she synced “You know
who you are – high fivin, talkin shit…” caressing the blonde’s
beautiful little tits.
Hayden really relished the “…but you’re going home alone,
arentcha?” bit before revealing Rihanna’s ebony jugs and dropping to
her knees in front of the singer, grabbing the edge of the Caribbean girl’s
panties and sliding it down with her before falling backwards and lying down
with her legs up and aimed at Rihanna, who quickly peeled off the blonde’s
underwear. Cindy tried to get a better look at Hayden naked on the floor before
she could get up, but by then the two performers had tossed the undies to her
and clutched each other, bucking in harmony as the final chorus kicked in.
Rihanna fondled Hayden’s ass and tits while the blonde thrust and moaned for
Cindy’s benefit, and winked as she saw the supermodel holding their panties
to her face and taking a deeeeeeeeeeeep breath. “Just you and your hand
tonight,” the two synced in unison and zoomed in on each other for a big
kiss – as the song finished, they snapped their fingers and the stage went dark.
Kate sniffed the air around them; there was a strong scent. A familiar strong
scent. She and Maria glanced at Ashley.
“What? They’re hot,” she flustered. “Come on, we got a
blonde to snatch…”
“AFTER the contest,” Maria and Kate interrupted.
Ashley was outvoted. And wet.
* * * * * * * * * *
Victor’s dad let himself into the house; if nothing else at least he’d
have it to himself for a bit, so no chance of running into any American sluts
(or Bajan sluts, in the case of Rihanna). He’d heard a couple of guys say
something about Faith off Buffy stripping (whoever that was), but nothing to
make him hang around. In any case, those friends of Evil’s could probably
toss him out of town one-handed. He figured he could sort out sleeping
arrangements when they got back; at the very least he’d get some peace and
quiet. In the meantime, maybe there was some Cockspur or Mount Gay in the
He got lucky; pouring himself a glass, he figured it was Rihanna’s since
his son didn’t drink. “Cheers,” he said and toasted the world
around him. Down the hatch it went, warming him up. “Time for another one,
I guess,” he murmured, as he poured and took the glass back into the living
room; he figured he could relax, put some music on…
When he came in, he heard music all right. Nothing like what he could have
imagined any of the women staying with Victor liking, though. It sounded
pretty… country. And it didn’t sound as if someone had left the radio on
up there – it sounded live. He decided to not investigate, though – probably
just didn’t want to go to the strip show with the others and was singing in
the shower or something.
Which was what he thought until Kellie Pickler, still singing her little heart
out, came downstairs. Her voice was loud, but it wasn’t unpleasant –
Victor’s dad actually nodded in appreciation of the girl. He didn’t want
to turn his head to see who it was; she might get the wrong idea. He had to
figure out a way to explain what he was doing here.
No danger of HIM getting the wrong idea about Kellie though; if he had turned
he would have seen that she was singing into a minicamera, twirling around and
laughing into the lens on some of the notes because she was so darn happy. And
she was naked, touching herself with her free hand as she sang for her darling
Katharine. This last bit Victor’s dad suddenly found out when she patted his
head – she’d seen him on the chair from above. And she didn’t care…
“Hey there, don’t be a stranger!” Kellie giggled, enjoying the
look of shock when he saw her standing there hefting the camera.
“You must be Victor’s dad, right? He phoned ahead just before my girls
Hay and Rie took all their clothes off at the bar, told me you were coming.
Kat,” Kellie continued as she looked into the camera, “this here fine
older guy is Victor’s father – but hey, you probably knew that, you got here
before me! Say hello to my future wife, Mr. Victor’s dad…”
Victor’s dad waved into the lens, feeling even more embarrassed than he had
before. “And you’re…”
“Oh, where *are* my manners?! I’m Kellie Pickler…” Kellie stuck
out her hand and Victor’s dad, his eyes half-shut, took it. “Aw,
c’mon – no need to cover your eyes. Besides, you’re not my type… not
the age, it’s just the whole penis thing is a kind of turn off for me, so
there ain’t gonna be no cry rape here. Sorry about this though… just
making a tape for Katharine…”
“Katharine? Is she brunette? Nice…”
“Ah, you’ve seen her?”
“Yes…” he admitted. “She was with Rihanna…”
“Can’t say I blame her. Hang on, I’ll get changed and get you
another drink! BRB!” Kellie kissed Victor’s dad on the head and dashed
upstairs, leaving him utterly dumbfounded.
* * * * * * * * * *
“Sorry about earlier, sir,” Kellie babbled, apologetic and clothed.
“I really thought I was alone here…”
“Er – that’s all right,” he managed to say as he finished his
drink. “How long has this–”
“–been going on?” Kellie finished, singing. “Any song cue I
get, I take it up. Anyway, it’s my first time here – this time two days ago
if I’d heard Kat was here I’d have stayed home. But now…”
“Can I ask you a question?” Victor’s dad interrupted.
“Sure thing.”
“Is anyone here actually… straight? And you can stop calling me
Kellie eyed him over her drink. “Oh, come ON! What am I supposed to call
you, your real name? Anyway, about the first one; some of the women and nearly
all the writers are – you don’t see any of the guys from
‘Supernatural’ or whatever around here, do ya? – but most of the time if
there’s a famous girl around here she’s AC/DC like Rihanna. Or sometimes
just AC. My girl Kat’s one of them.”
“And Cindy Crawford?”
“Oh baby, I wish! Cindy’s in the middle… suits him perfectly.”
“Who? Victor?” his dad asked uneasily.
“Oh good heavens no – her husband!” Kellie assured him. “Now
could you put that CD yonder in the stereo please and leave me in peace for a
few moments? I gotta practice for tomorrow night.”
“Why?” asked Victor’s dad as he slipped “Here for the
Party” in the player. “What are you doing tomorrow night?”
“The same thing we do every night—”
“—try to take over the world!” they finished, chuckling in unison
before Kellie shook her head. “Tomorrow’s the mechanical bull contest;
nothing’s moving here but I guess I can pretend.” She straddled the arm
of the chair as the music started. “Um… could I have a little privacy
please? I gotta concentrate on stuff like this.”
“You’re the boss, Miss Pickler.”
“KELLIE, please.”
“All right,” he said. He didn’t mind leaving the room – he liked
the odd bit of country music (he’d even bought his son a Marty Robbins LP
once), but not so much the new school like this Wilson woman yelling out of the
speakers. “Is there anywhere I can check my emails around here?”
“Sure thing…” Kellie slapped her thighs as she lowered herself onto
the arm and hoping Victor’s dad wasn’t being too gentlemanly as far as
her open shirt was concerned. Gripping the armrest between her thighs, she
started to rub her crotch along it as she jiggled to Gretchen Wilson demanding a
big hell yeah for all redneck women everywhere, waving an arm as if she was
twirling an invisible cowboy hat and gyrating as if she was hanging on for dear
life. “You can use the PC in the next room – everything’s wired in this
place! You want anything, just call out my name…”
“I know, I know, and you’ll come running. Have fun!” Shooed out
by an attractive young woman for the second time that day, Victor’s dad went
into the next room and did his best to blot out the loud C&W music Kellie
Pickler was practising to. He did want to check his emails, but from experience
he knew they were probably overflowing with ye olde Spamme. A little surfing was
the way to go before giving the delete button a workout, he figured as he revved
the Internet up.
The start page greeted him with a message about how the next page was filled
with stuff that wasn’t real, going on about Britney Spears shaving her head
and so on. “Get off the screen,” he muttered, pressing OK – and that
was how he found himself visiting CSSA, the start page for all the computers of
the writers and guests here. For a moment he thought about closing it down right
then and there or going off somewhere else online, but that little
“Enter” graphic sat there beckoning him. In for a penny, in for a
pound – in he went.
Now what to do? Message boards were out, links could take him who knew where,
but stories… and once there, searches… he tapped in his son’s name, just
to check out what would turn up.
To his surprise, quite a few results turned up – how long had the boy been
doing this? Impressed in spite of himself and of the multiple categories which
made it look like he’d written or co-written more than he had (Butch Rosser?
Evil? MuffinMan… that name again…), Victor’s dad looked through the
titles. “The Untitled Jessica Alba Project,” “The Passion of the
Bellucci,” “Happy Birthday Sweet 16-18,” “Celebs Meet
C-S-S-A: Mariah Carey,” “Cindy Inc.” this, “Cindy Inc.”
that… “You’ve been a very naughty boy, Vic,” he mused, actually
smiling. No wonder he’d said nothing about it offline, but letting his
desires out like this certainly beat giving him grandchildren with women he
barely knew. Or worse.
“Let’s see what you’re like, Vicky boy,” his dad murmured,
opening up “Celebs Meet C-S-S-A: Cindy Crawford” (he was really
curious about “Celebs Meet C-S-S-A: Laetitia Casta,” but that 0kb
thing meant it was out of the question until it was back)…
“Naked, Rande climbed onto the bed and rested his hands on my shoulders,
kissing me without any more chat. I was nervous as I touched him; this was my
first time with a real man, whereas he had slept with more than his share of
guys (and girls). But feeling his strong form, my unease gradually dissipated.
And the important thing was that my cock was still stiff and ready – as Rande
was discovering, his right hand having clutched it.”
This made him sit upright – the idea that his son might have been
“funny” had never occurred to him until now. But there he was,
confronted with Victor letting himself be bulled… and in that magazine photo
Victor, Rande and Cindy had all looked pretty comfy…
“It’s just a one-off,” his dad told himself. “There
aren’t loads of men here, right? Just an experiment.” Yeah, that was
it. He knew the boy had also been mad about getting teased over his sexuality
years ago; it was just a passing thing.
But this MuffinMan… Victor’s dad started to search for him.
* * * * * * * * *
“We make a good team,” Hayden murmured, happily stroking
Rihanna’s back as they held each other, snuggling behind a house a couple of
blocks down from El Matador.
“Feel like doing a repeat? I’m giving a show for the folks back home
and a lot of guys there love foxy girls like you,” Rihanna laughed before
kissing Hayden’s forehead. “You could come on stage and join me – do a
duet or something, plug the CD as well; Disney would LOVE that…”
“Me? I’d love a free trip to Barbados but what about all the moral
Rihanna froze for a second.
“I mean, we’re not even a couple yet!” Hayden cracked, and
Rihanna relaxed. “How about we talk about it later…” and with that,
the blonde leaned in to give her friend another kiss to warm up the snowy
“Oh, there you are! I’ve been looking all over the place for you
girls…” It was bad enough someone had interrupted Hayden and Rihanna
while they were kissing; that the someone had to be one of those damned
HOUSEWIVES made it worse. For both of them.
“Hey Marcia! Nice to see you,” Hayden lied, her arms still around
Rihanna’s neck as she greeted Marcia Cross. “I thought Eva was the only
one of you guys here.”
“Well, after Nicollette told us about the cruise how could we resist?
Besides, no one said you had to come with writers,” the redhead pointed
“You two know each other?” asked Rihanna.
“We’ve… met,” Hayden replied, reluctantly disengaging the
embrace. “I’ll tell you later.”
“Come on, it’s too cold to be petting out here,” Marcia urged.
“I’ve got some friends here who want to meet you; I told them about the
last time we got together.”
“Is Andrea Bowen here?” Hayden asked hopefully.
Marcia laughed. “That cock-crazy tramp? She didn’t show up at the
parties and she didn’t show up here.”
It didn’t take long for Hayden to make the connection once Marcia said
“parties.” As they moved around the corner, the blonde whispered
“Run” to Rihanna.
“RUN!!!!” Hayden yelled as Marcia suddenly grabbed her arm; the
teenager saw three very familiar women standing on the pavement waiting for her.
Rihanna didn’t know why they were all so eager to see Hayden, but her
friend’s word was good enough – before Marcia could react the Bajan princess
was hurtling up the road. Hayden would’ve gone too, but if they both ran
they might both get caught.
Maria Menounos started after her, but it was *her* arm that was grabbed.
“Let her go,” Ashley Judd snapped. “Jay-Z’s slut didn’t
make me shit a key out.”
“Too bad you missed the contest,” Kate Beckinsale chuckled.
“Hayden’s quite a little mover.”
“Yes, so I’ve heard,” Marcia replied as she pinched the seething
girl’s butt. “And I’m sure she’ll give me a show of my own
after you’re finished with her. The show I *should* have gotten at Missy
“Westward… ho!” Marcia interrupted, shoving the Panettiere forward
into the arms of her captors. Before Hayden could run, six hands landed on her;
as she struggled the hands came away, each bearing torn-off pieces of her
clothes. Maria yanked away Hayden’s bra and Ashley had the honour of ripping
away her panties; all were flung carelessly into the snow as Marcia watched.
“Marcy came by late; just around the time Faith off Buffy was
onstage,” Ashley explained as she pulled the angry and naked girl up.
“When she heard you were in town she couldn’t wait to help us find you;
Teri and Felicity and Nicollette’ll be waiting for you later.”
“Great. I can’t wait to meet the whore who stole my anal cherry,”
Hayden fumed.
“I hear you liked it,” Marcia sneered.
“I was saving that for–” and Hayden cried out as Maria slapped her.
“Shut it. The others aren’t here yet; back in La-La Land. You’re
leaving on Sunday with us and when we’ve had our fun, they’ll have
theirs. Except for Eva Shortoria; the girl begged out.”
“It figures. She was the only one of you Wisteria whores who didn’t
treat me like crap,” Hayden muttered, her cheek stinging.
“Quiet. And start walking back to our place,” Kate commanded.
Faced with four strong and angry women, Hayden obediently started to walk as
all four women strayed behind to study her globes; the definition of “Hate
to see her go, love to watch her leave,” that girl. Fixing her eyes on
Hayden Panettiere’s swaying ass, Ashley almost regretted all the blisters
and red lines that would decorate it by the time they were done.
* * * * * * * * *
At first Victor’s dad had been happy with reading MuffinMan’s exploits
of Victor with Nicole Kidman and MM with Charlize Theron. He’d allowed
himself a wry smile with “Together Again, Naturally”: “After an
evening of some fun, saucy small talk, they hastily headed to her place, where
they got to her building’s main elevator before succumbing to their flaming
urges. Within mere hours of meeting she was on her knees before Victor, eagerly
sucking away on his massively thick beefpole and happily swallowing his come.
That weekend, Victor gladly returned the favor by treating her to the best
“toungue-lashing” of her hot pussy she could ever remember, then he
took it even further, giving her juicy butthole the same loving treatment,
something she had NEVER experienced before!”
And that had led him to “Visiting Hours, Part 1,” which was the kind
of thing he had expected his son to do – action, girls, nudity. Good clean fun.
But then along came Part 2, and that opened his eyes to how the Rande Gerber
thing wasn’t a one-off; the boy going ATM with Nicole was one thing, but
this… Victor’s dad was a very manly man, and homosexuality – or even
bisexuality – wasn’t how he rolled. He felt it was time to talk to his son.
Right on cue, he heard the front door opening and animated chattering added to
the music.
“How come you didn’t strip?” Victor asked Cindy as they entered.
“You didn’t ask me!” Cindy laughed. “Play your cards right
and I might just do it for you later.”
“You’ll be lucky,” Kellie added, waving to them from the chair.
“Daddy’s here, forgot? I guess he’ll be bunking with you tonight,
Vic. And tomorrow night as well.”
“Yeah,” he replied, with no enthusiasm at all. “Bang goes
playing house.”
“Come again?”
“Oh, we–” Victor was interrupted by a mobile phone ringing in the
front room. One that didn’t belong to any of them
In the den, Victor’s dad heard the ring and his blood ran cold. He had
taken it out of his pocket earlier to see if there were any messages and left it
in the front room when he went to the computer – and as he got up to run to
where he’d left it, he heard a sprightly Southern US-tinged voice say
“I got it!”
“DON’T ANSWER!” he yelled, but it was too late. Kellie had the
phone and was talking to whoever was making him gape, eyes wide. As the others
stared at him he thought the chat was going on forever, but in fact it only took
a few seconds for Kellie to talk, listen, say goodbye and hang up.
“Wrong number,” she smiled, handing him the phone.
“What are you, CRAZY?!? That was–”
“Your wife, right?” Cindy interrupted. He didn’t need to nod for
them to know that it was her.
“Relax, sir,” Kellie assured him. “Like I said, I told her it
was a wrong number. And it’ll stay a wrong number… for now.”
“Excuse me?”
“It’s a funny thing… do you get ‘Heroes’ in Barbados?”
“Never heard of it.”
“Too bad. Anyway, I got a weird power… I can remember phone numbers
after seeing them just once. Like your wife’s.”
“And as long as you keep quiet about everything you saw here the past two
days, Kellie’ll forget about that number,” Cindy continued. “Any
of it leaks out, your wife suddenly starts getting phone calls from her
hubby’s lover – the one he had a weekend with around this time.”
“She won’t believe it.”
“You don’t want to take the chance,” Kellie said.
She was right; he didn’t. Blowing the whistle would be fun, but it
wouldn’t do anybody any good in the long run, not even himself. He nodded
once. “Go tell that guy Evil I’ll be out of here in the morning.”
“The morning? Victoria could get you on a flight in an hour,” Cindy
“You heard the man,” Victor said. “He’s leaving in the
morning. I’ll get the sofa ready – he can have my room.”
“It’s no fun being a nomad, is it?” Cindy asked ruefully.
* * * * * * * * * *
As she finally returned to the scene of the crime, Rihanna cursed herself for
not being brave enough to help Hayden get away from that mob, but at least now
she could figure out how to get her out. There were only so many houses in this
town… it was only a matter of time before they found the one Ashley and the
others were in. Hell, they could even ask Evil; but first, she had to pick up a
few things.
The few things being Hayden’s clothes, which were still lying in the road
where Ashley, Kate and Maria had thrown them. Sticking out of the blonde’s
dress was her cellphone – Rihanna was glad she had got there before snow came
down and messed that up somehow. She gathered up the clothes and phone
(“Early Christmas present for you, Hay”) and set off towards
Victor’s place; she knew she’d have no difficulty rounding up the troops
when they heard about this.
The silence was suddenly broken by the Barbadian National Anthem in ringtone
form. “Oh, not now…” Rihanna groaned, resolving to let it go to
“Hi, Rihanna? This is–”
Damn her sense of duty. “Hello?” she said, snatching it out of her
pocket as she heard Hilary about to leave a message.
“Nurse Rihanna?” Hilary said on the other end. “I need some
kinda company here tonight… they got rid of Victor’s dad and Maya
won’t be here, so can you come over?”
Rihanna really wanted to say no, but a promise was a promise. At least Hayden
wasn’t going to be killed. “I’ll be there,” she managed to
“Thanks,” sighed Hilary. “I could really use the help…”
* * * * * * * * * *
“I could really use some help.”
Cindy looked up from her bed to see Kellie in the doorway, twisting her hands
and looking awkward.
“What is it, Kell? I’ll do what I can.”
“Look… I want to get to sleep.”
“Then count sheep.”
“I have to relax first – I’m still wondering where Kat is. She never
told me and she hasn’t rung… I just can’t sleep, and… I want some
company tonight.”
Cindy pointed to herself and raised her eyebrows; Kellie nodded.
“Why me?”
“You’re the closest thing there is to Katharine here,” Kellie
said, coming closer. “You got the same hair, the same eyes… I can use
that to kinda pretend you’re the real thing. It’s not like you’re
gonna be with Vic tonight.”
Kellie was right; Victor was sleeping on the sofa while his dad had his room,
and the sofa wasn’t big enough for two to sleep on. Not comfortably, anyway.
Cindy beckoned to Kellie to come over. “I could do with someone with me as
well,” she admitted. “Hayden’s off who knows where and Rihanna
called me just before you came in – she’s staying with Hilary overnight.
“She doesn’t want to be alone either,” Kellie nodded as she let
her clothes drop to the floor en route to the bed. “Just do me one favour,
huh? Don’t talk.”
Having had at least one lover with similar leanings, Cindy contented herself
with smiling as she leant back, shedding her few remaining clothes and opening
her legs. Kellie mounted Cindy and took her face in her hands; it didn’t
escape Cindy’s notice that the blonde’s eyes were closed as they kissed.
Their tongues circled in each other’s mouth for a few moments as Kellie
slowly caressed the woman; Cindy reached up to take Kellie into her arms. They
held each other, fondling each other before Kellie started to move down the
woman, nuzzling her all the way down and murmuring approval of her warm lover.
Cindy breathed lightly and quickly, never saying a word as she felt
Kellie’s hands spreading over her full ass with the girl’s tongue
dabbing over her navel before moving along her cunt. Kellie gently kneaded
Cindy’s buns as she tasted the woman before pushing her tongue deep inside;
though the girl was good, and her mouth was eager, Cindy looked up at the
ceiling and told herself not to break the girl’s fantasy.
Not even when Kellie cried out Katharine’s name the first time…
* * * * * * * * * *
“Is this fellow MuffinMan here?” Victor’s dad asked.
“I don’t know… he hasn’t been in touch yet. He might still show
“Well, whatever happens, you’re still my son,” his dad said,
hugging him tight. “Always.”
“And you’re still my dad,” Victor replied. “I’ll come
and see you off tomorrow…”
“Nah, it’s okay. I have to drive to the airport, but how are you going
to get back here? Plus, I think your ladyfriend’ll be waiting for you.
Can’t keep women like that waiting, right?”
“And I promise I’m not telling a soul about this place. Just don’t
do anything rash.”
“That’s a promise.” They shook hands. “Good night,
“‘Night, Vic,” said his dad as the lad left the room for the
Safely alone, and with the heating turned on, he picked up the phone and
dialled one of two more numbers. First he had a private investigator to call off
and to pay off. Second, he had a wife to call.
* * * * * * * * * *
While Kellie was pretending, so was Hayden.
Back in the cabin, she was one of five females with only one man there. KMB was
watching and was naked – he was also tied up. “Sorry about that, Ken,”
Kate lied, “but this is woman’s work.”
“I’ll get my turn later, right?” asked the Harem-meister as he
watched Kate rubbing one of her tits over Hayden’s lovely face.
“Sure you will,” Maria lied as well, kissing the teenager’s
beautiful little body. Hayden had given up trying to wriggle away from the hands
and lips all over her; Maria sliding all over her left as she lay on her side,
Ashley buried between her legs licking out her little cunt, Marcia behind her
happily tonguing her asshole, and Kate moving on to resting her snatch on the
blonde’s lips… it was heaven for some, but for Hayden it was pure hell,
even if she instinctively knew to start tasting Kate’s clit. Her tongue
moved over the Brit’s pussy as she felt Marcia’s own tongue slipping up
her anus with hands spreading her cheeks for the best effect, making a perfect
match with Ashley’s greedy mouth. At least none of them had cocks or she
wouldn’t be able to breathe, Hayden thought as she felt Maria sucking
lightly on her boobs.
No… as she felt CINDY sucking lightly on her boobs. Cindy gently stroking her
legs as she licked her steaming cunt. Cindy eating out her soft ass. Cindy
striding Hayden’s face, rubbing herself and begging the girl to work on her
pussy like only she could… Hayden groaned happily as she moved her hands up
onto Kate’s buns and buried her face deeper into her brunette cunt. As she
pushed her tongue up the woman, she didn’t even notice Ashley moving away
fron her own pussy and pushing her thighs apart.
“Step aside, ladies,” the brunette smirked. “It’s
Kate pulled herself off Hayden, who glanced up at her with something like
dismay before Maria and Marcia grabbed her arms. “We know you’re not
going to try and run, but just in case…” Marcia laughed as Ashley leant
over the blonde, holding the biggest dildo any of them had ever seen in her
hands and smiling down at the gaping Hayden.
“WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” Hayden yelled, jerking back against the
women’s grip as Ashley plunged it inside her. She did it quickly and
smoothly, and both fucker and fuckee were amazed that something that big could
slide into someone so small so easily. Hayden thrashed about on the bed,
screaming and yelling as Ashley thrust it in and out of the girl, begging her to
keep going and don’t fucking stop… she found herself coming in almost no
time, quaking and sweating as she creamed on the sheets. Her body shook as she
came down from the treatment, her blonde hair having flown everywhere with some
strands sticking on her face.
“One down, seven to go,” the slimmest Judd smiled, handing the sticky
dildo to Marcia.
“…seven?” Hayden asked, puzzled.
“No, I’ll wait,” Marcia replied, handing it in turn to Kate, who
climbed off the bed and took Ashley’s place. “That’s why she said
seven, dear,” she added to Hayden. “Four of us, and I’ll be the
last one here…” Marcia tapped Hayden’s cunt. “…and the first
one up your hot little chute.”
Hayden stared at that massive rod, and hoped she wouldn’t scream if that
thing was up her ass as Marcia sat down to wait.

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