A Weekend With A Billionaire

A Weekend With A Billionaire

Story Author: sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Jessica Alba, Neve Campbell, and Rosario Dawson

Codes: MF, FF, MC, SCI-FI, Anul, oral

The story you are about to read is not true in any way, shape or form. I doubt that any of the women in this story would come to someone’s house for the weekend without an escort. If you believe that this story actually happened or could happen I recomend you get some help. Anyone under eightteen years of age or can easily be offended please stop reading now. Send any questions or comments to sharkboy77@hotmail.com

By sharkboy

Ian Johnson stands outside of his house in an island close to Greece, as his eyes look up at the morning sky. He looks at his watch once more, and then he looks up once again. A smile crosses his face, as a helicopter comes out of the sky. It heads right for his island and he smiles, as he drinks his drink.

His eyes watch the helicopter, as it lands slowly on the airfield. Then a wide smile crosses his face, as the door opens and she walks out of the helicopter. She kisses the handsome young copter pilot on the cheek, and she walks towards him. She waves some, as her eyes go over his huge house and she mouths the word nice, as she walks to him.

“Hello Susan Richards,” Ian says, as he offers her his hand.

She stops and she looks at his hand, and then she looks up at him. “Please out of costume called me Jessica, please?” Jessica Alba then walks to the handsome thirty-eight year-old Ian Johnson. She shakes his hand. “Some of my fans do not understand the difference between me and the roles that I play.”

The handsome 6’6 Ian smiles down at the beautiful star of so many roles including that of Dark Angel, The Invisible Woman, Nancy and so many more. “Some of your fans are small boys who would have no idea what to do with you if they had you.”

Jessica smiles up at the handsome Ian, as that amazing grin crosses those sexy lips. “Yes, I have to give groan men dirrections on how to touch a woman, so most of my fans do not have a clue. Remember the rules that I set?”

“Yes, no sex all weekend. You can be a real killjoy you know?” Ian looks down at the beautiful star, and he shakes his head no. “The reason I invited you here again was?”

Jessica opens her bag, and she shows him the visible but very stored uniform of Susan Richards from The Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer. Jessica then smiles up at the handsome Ian. “We both know why I am here.” She smiles up at the man real sexy like.

“Yes, that damn uniform, it haunts my dreams.” Ian looks into her bag, and he shakes his head no. He then looks into the beautiful eyes of the ultra sexy Jessica Alba, and she closes the bag.

“I am so sorry. I hope it makes you want to go see my next movies.” Jessica smiles up at the handsome Ian, as she fights back some fantasies that run through her head. Ian is not a man who Jessica would normally trust herself to be around, but for the money that he’s paying she can take that chance.

“Actually I have got both of them on DVD already.” Ian smiles down at the beautiful Jessica Alba. “I loved both The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and The Eye. How did you get in that movie?”

Jessica stops and she looks at the very handsome Ian and she blinks hard. “Are you suggesting that I can’t act?” Jessica then turns her body to the him and she tells him. “I did A LOT of training in acting before I took the role of Max on Dark Angel.”

“Yeah, you went into some handsome actors trailers and you learned to act on your back.” Ian smiles, as he makes his comment to her.

Her eyes become angry with fury and she walks to the asshole before her. She stops within her arms length of the man and she points her finger at him. “LOOK! I never played those games with anyone. Yes, I get him on during some shoots and sometimes I nearly give in and other times I want to go into the shower and scrub myself clean.” She then turns away from the handsome Ian. “I want to go home now.”

Ian then takes out his walkie talkie and he radios the pilot. “Take Jessica Alba to whereever she wishes to go that you can fly.” He looks looks at her. “He will be back in twenty minutes.” He then hands her a credit card. “Use this to book travel to where you need to go next.”

He then begins to walk away from the beautiful movie star and Jessica looks down at the credit card and she blinks. “What happens to our deal we had?”

“What deal?” Ian turns back to her, and his eyes go over her form. “You have not forfilled your part have you?”

Jessica shakes her head, as tears come down her cheeks. The charity that Jessica plans to give a very large sum of the money she shall earn for this weekend is a animal shelter close to where she grew up. It has been hit hard by some floods and general bad weather. “You can’t…” She shakes, as she imagines what might happen if those poor kitties and puppies forced out of it. The place is so big that it needs more money than what even Jessica could afford to give it.

“I did not do anything. You want to take your toys and go home. Now go and leave those poor animals to their fate.” Ian begins to walk away from the beautiful movie star. He has checked her finances, and if she used her own money to do what he told her that he would do for them it would break her.

“Can I change my mind then? I can’t live with the thought of whats to happen if you do not send that check.” Jessica walks after Ian hoping he might change his mind. “Some of the pictures can be… topless…” Jessica closes her eyes, and she shudders hard when the words come from her sexy lips. “Please do not show them to anyone. That is all that I ask.”

Ian turns and he looks at the beautiful former Dark Angel, as her eyes look at the walkway. She still walks to him, but she cannot look him in the eyes. She walks to him very slowly with her eyes on the cement before her. “So, you wish to stay now?”

“Yes, both you and I know what might happen if that shelter is closed.” Jessica tries not to cry, but tears do stream down her cheeks. The horror of cute puppies and kitties getting put to sleep come into her mind over and over. She relives a horrorible nightmare that she had last night.

“They get sold to some local Chinese resteruants?” Jessica then looks up at the handsome, and grinning Ian completely mortified. Her mouth hangs open as she imagines those same puppies and kitties being slaughtered in a resteruant, and she shakes her head no.

“There are laws against such things, besides people would never eat any dogs or cats.” Jessica looks up at the very rich and very handsome man. One thing has been made clear to her. “You are not very nice are you?”

“Jessica, nice does not put bread on the table.” Ian smiles down at her, and once again she shakes her head no, and she holds her neck some. “Hurt your neck some?”

“Yeah. I hurt my neck doing a stunt last week. I am getting too old for these action movies that I tend to do. Besides what does it matter if you can buy beard if you only eat alone.” Jessica might not make it all weekend, because this guy has an effect on her neck.

“When you have enough bread you can eat with whoever you wish to do so.” Ian smiles, as his eyes scan her body and Jessica sighs hard because he is right. “Go upstairs and get a massage. He might be able to take care of what happened to your neck. I do ask one thing while you stay here, Jessica.” She turns to him and she smiles some. “I have people working for me and some of their family live here too. If any come to say anything or ask for an autograph do what you can for them?”

“I always do what I can do for my fans if they are cool. I’ll go get that massage now.” As she walks away from the tall, rich, and very handsome Ian she sighs some, because Jessica Alba hates to give autographs.

Neve Campbell comes out of her bedroom in her one piece, top hat and talls with her magic hat in her right hand. She sighs some, as she looks at the picture once again and she shakes her head. “Did they come up with this character after Scream came out or something?” Neve has no idea that the character that DC Comics came up with named Zatanna was created in the 1960s and first appeared in Hawkman’s comic book.

She then walks down the hall with the picture in her hand and Neve wonders how Ian had the serum made that grew her hair so much that she is a dead ringer for the beautiful Zatanna. Maybe she should go to the company that made Zatanna comic book and ask them if she could star in a movie about her.

As she walks down the hall she blinks as someone else comes towards her. “Jessica Alba?” She shakes her head, as she looks at the beautiful star from so many movies.

“Hello, I used to so love Party of Five, but those Scream films…” Jessica shudders some sending some pain down her neck. “Ouch! My neck!”

“Trying to prove to everyone that you are a badass and doing your own stunts?” Neve asks, as she looks into her eyes.

“Yeah, and I am so paying for it now. Wait a minute…” Jessica looks into her eyes. “I thought you had brown eyes?”

“They are brown…” Neve looking into her eyes. “Why?”

“They look really blue now.” Jessica gets a little bit closer to look into her now extremely beautiful blue eyes.

Neve walks to the nearest mirror, and she looks into it. She blinks at her very blue eyes now. “Holy side effects!” She looks into her eyes so deep and they are so blue and beautiful now. “Think I can keep them?”

“Yeah, he likely has some mind control serum in that stuff too.” Jessica shakes her head, as Neve looks into the mirror at her beautiful blue eyes.

“Hardly, Ian happens to be a really nice guy, so do not be a bitch.” Neve turns and she glares at the beautiful Jessica. “You will regret that if you do.”

“Holy crap! When did you become such a bitch?” Jessica looks Neve into her blue eyes, and she shakes her head no. “What did I do?”

Neve walks towards Jessica and she gets nose to nose with her and she looks into her brown eyes. “If you are here to fuck up what I have planned, you with suffer big time.”

Jessica does push Neve away, and she looks into her eyes. “I have the feeling that you are here for a similar reason that I am here, so back off and be cool. I am not going to mess up anything you have planned here.”

Neve does let Jessica back her off some, and she looks into her eyes with such fire in her eyes. “Good, because I plan on feeding a lot of poor children with the money that I get from Ian.”

“So, we both have good plans with the money that we get from the handsome billionare named Ian Johnson? Good for you. Now can you tell me where I go to get my neck worked on?”

Neve points down the hall and she gives Jessica a kinky smile. “Walk down this hall and take a left. At the end of that hallway is a door marked massage & therapy room and you go inside, and someone will be out to screw you in a moment.”

Jessica shakes her head, as she and Neve head down their seperate ways down the hallway. “What a little cunt. How can anyone stand her ass is beyond me. Then she looks pretty fine in those fishnets.” She turns to look at her ass, as Neve Campbell walks away from her. Jessica then gets to the end of the hallway and she turns left. She looks at the wall and she sighs so hard. Then Jessica turns around and she rolls her eyes, “Drug addled little bitch.”

She walks to the door, and she looks inside and she opens the door. Then Jessica walks inside the room and she smiles at all of the therapy equiptment. Someone then comes in behind her. “Oh my God!”

As she hears the voice behind her Jessica turns around, and she smiles at the man who looks at her ass. His eyes follow her body, and he smiles as he gets eye level with her. “You are…” He puts his hands over his mouth to supress his scream.

“Yes, I am the actress who’s name happens to be Jessica Alba.” She walks to him, and she offers him her hand. “Do you have a name, or do you just plan on staring at me.” She then gives him her sexiest smile hoping that it wakes his ass up.

“Hello my name is Jon. I am a huge fan of your work!” Jon shakes her hand, as he looks into her beautiful brown eyes. “I am so in love with Max from Dark Angel.”

“You are huh? Go to Wyoming and when the pulse hits you and she shall be stuck in whatever city that show happened to take place inside.” Jessica removes her hand from the handshake. “Can I get some treatment here?”

“You may get whatever you wish to from here.” Jon smiles, as he points into the small room that exists off of the main room. “You may change into anything that fits in there.”

“And if nothing in that room fits?” Jessica smiles at the tall, handsome Jon.

“Then you get a massage naked.” Jon has loosen up some, and Jessica is very happy.

She shakes her head, as she looks at the handsome Jon. She does smile, as she listens to his comments. “Lucky for me I do have something in my bag that I can be massaged inside.” Jessica then walks into the small room, as she gives Jon an alluring glance.

Once Jessica walks into the dressing room she looks over the clothes that have been set out. She looks over them, and she has no problem picking out some that do fit her. As she slides them onto her body, her eyes look at the handsome Jon, as he sets the table up for her. “Very nice…” She closes her eyes, as she has a naughty fantasy about the man who shall make her neck feel so much better.

Inside a room that Neve Campbell walks inside, Ian sits in the room with a bath robe on. He whistles, as she walks into the room and Neve blushes bad. She then posses for the handsome Ian. “So, do I look like this Zuccine girl?”

“Her name happens to be Zatanna. Please remember that.” Ian takes a drink, as his eyes rove her beautiful body. “You look great.”

“Thank you. How did you turn my hair so long and make my eyes such a pretty shade of blue?” Neve walks to Ian, as she sways her hips for him making a show out of walking.

“Drugs, like I told you when I gave them to you.” He smiles, as his eyes move over her beautiful body.

“I have never done drugs before I came here.” Neve then sits on his lap, and she crosses her sexy legs. “So, do you like?”

His hand moves over her legs, and she shivers so hard. She shudders, as his hand glide over her super sexy legs. Neve closes her eyes, and she moans so hard. His hands are so wonderful, as they move all over Neve’s fishnet covered stocking legs.

“Uhhh… we should not be doing this…” She presses her eyes closed, as his hands move higher up her legs. The drugs are ebbing away her will power, and her chest heaves so much.

“Why not Neve? You are so hot and sexy and I am so handsome and horny.” His hands still move all over her sexy legs.

“Because… oh God… I am engagged.” He lies Neve on her back, as Ian kisses her with great passion. She wraps her arms around him, and they kiss with such lust. His hands then begin to unbutton her top and she shivers so hard.

Neve closes her eyes, as Ian kisses her neck with such want and passion. His hands move over her sexy legs, and she shivers so hard. She breathes so hard, as the drugs addle her brain and her world becomes Ian and his sexuality. Her weakness happens to be her shapely legs, and the fishnets make it even worse. “Neve, you may leave if you can give me his first name.” Ian kisses her neck inbetween his offer, and she shivers so hard.

“Um… like that is fair. Whose name do I have to remember?” Neve opens her eyes, as Ian begins to undo her top and she smiles at the handsome man. She does not care whom he speaks, because she happens to be so close to getting laid.

His hands move over her wonderful legs, and Neve shivers with such passion. His experienced hands move over her legs, and her chest heaves so hard. Her half opened eyes look up at the handsome Ian, while he has a smile on his handsome face. Ian’s hand then begins to unbutton her shirt.

The tits of Neve Campbell then becomes fully exposed, and she smiles as it happens. His hand then begins to touch them, and she ohs and ahs as it happens. His hands are very strong, but yet yelding as they explore her tits. “Do you like them?” Neve asks while she giggles so loud.

“Who would dislike these tits?” Ian kisses them with passion, as his hands move over her legs. Neve shivers so hard, as his hands and his lips work her beautiful body. Fishnets have always turned the beautiful Neve Campbell into a borderline slut, and with these drugs in her system they remove the borderline part.

Ian then removes the rest of both her clothes and his own clothes. All Neve now wears are her ultra sexy fishnets. He begins to kiss them with such passion, and she shakes while it happens. “Your legs are so sexy Neve. Do you know that?”

“I still have my panties on so yes, you must love my legs so much.” Ian then removes her panties, and Neve gasps so hard. He looks into her now beautiful blue eyes, and he smiles so wide. “That was easy.”

His hand then begins to move over her vagina and Neve moans and she shakes so hard. Ian’s hands are pure magic and she can hardly take them. He kisses her chest, as it heaves so hard. “No fair. I am engagged.”

“So you need to escape, huh?” Neve nods, as he looks into her beautiful blue eyes. “Fight me at all and you may leave.”

Neve then begins to fight the handsome Ian for her freedom, and he refuses to let her escape. She fights him for two or three minutes and she finally gives up. Her chest heaves even harder as all of the fight has been taken from her, and his hands continue to play with her vagina. “Oh God!”

Then as a total shock, Ian hands her the panties that she was wearing and he removes his hand from her pussy. “You may go now.”

“What the…” Neve sits up, as she looks at her panties. They are soak and wet, and her lips purse as she looks at them. “Dude, you had me.”

“If I had you then I can let you go and you cannot file any rape charges if we make love.” His hand does move over her knee some, and Neve shivers hard.

Then Never lies down in his arms, and she tosses her panties across the room. She takes his hand, and she places it back on her pussy. “Make love to me then Ian. Fuck Zatanna like the slut that you know that she can be.” As she and Ian kiss something comes into her mind. If she ever sees the man that she’s to marry again she’ll have to know his name. That might come in handy.

As Jessica lies on the table, and Jon massages her neck she enjoys the feeling that he does to her sexy body. His hands have not left her neck yet, and she can see his erection under the table. Jessica does find this one impressive indeed, and she smiles at it as it comes into her view often.

“So tell me more of your dogs?” Jon asks, as he rubs her neck even harder than before. The problem has been taken care of a long time ago, but Jessica enjoys this way too much.

“Like you give a shit about my dogs.” Jessica chuckles some, as his hands work her neck. “What kind are they?” Jessica smiles, because Jon does not have a clue what kind of dogs that she owns.

“They are Saint Bearnards?” Jon asks, as he pulls that out of thin air, and he shakes his head no. “German Shepards? Boxers?” Jon has no idea what kind of dogs that the beautiful Jessica Alba happens to own.

“Wrong, wrong and not even close.” Jessica giggles, as his hands tighten around the back of her neck some more. She smiles, as Jon tries to give her a really rough massage, but she loves how he does it. “Are you mad?” For the record Jessica Alba owns a pair of pugs.

“Not really. I was just made an ass by Jessica Alba. I can tell our grandkids about that.” Jon smiles, as his hands move over her sexy neck.

“So, do I and all of these kids and grandkids that we’re going to have going to live on this island with Ian, I would not trust him with me. I’d likely kill him or screw him.” Jessica grins at both thoughts, because she would so love to kill the handsome billionaire, as well as screw his brains out too.

“We could all live in my place on the island. I do not pay for it and my money mostly goes to meals and fun.” His fingers dance down her spine, and Jessica shudders so hard. “You like that, huh?”

Jessica can only moan loud, as his hand moves up and down her spine and she closes her brown eyes. He then places his hand on her ass, and Jessica smiles so wide. “The last guy who gave me a massage got so lucky.” Why did she tell him that? Oh my God she must be stoned or something! She then shakes her head, as her hand moves to her panties and she exposes her pussy under the sheet that covers her nearly naked form.

He then moves the towel off of her ass and her nearly naked body. His eyes look over her exposed pussy, and Jon smiles so wide. “You must know what is coming next then?”

“Do you have to do that, because if you do I’ll have to kick your… uhhhh!” Jessica closes her eyes, and she moans so hard as his hand moves up her inner thigh. Jessica presses her eyes shut, as she feels what’s going to turn this from a massage into a sexual frenzy.

When his hand nearly touches her exposed vagina, his beeper then goes off. “God damnit!” Jon shouts, as he grabs it and he sighs so hard. “Someone better have lost their freaking head!”

Jessica smiles some, and she sighs in relief as Jon looks at his beeper and he begins to swear some. She turns onto her side making sure that the sheet covered her nearly naked form. “So what happened?” Her eyes move over his body, while she acts so smug. She has just come a couple of fingers away from getting her brains fucked out of her head.

“That freakin’…” Jon takes a breath to clear his head and he looks away from Jessica. “Okay… I have to go… a maid broke her leg doing something she should not have been. Now I have to make sure that she is okay and escort her to the mainland.”

Jon then begins to get dressed for the ride and his eyes follow her outstanding body. He was so close to screwing that, and he tries not to drool. “If you need any more medical attention I can send someone else up.”

Jessica shakes her head no, as she looks at the handsome man who nearly screwed her brains out of her head. “I am fine and thank you. I feel nineteen again.” Jessica stands up, and she lowers the sheet so he can nearly see her entire naked body. She jaw falls and his eyes nearly bug out of his head at the sight before him. “You like?”

“I’ll take that image to my grave!” Jon shouts, as he picks up his bag. He might not be a real doctor yet, but on this island he happens to be the closet thing that they have got. Jon then leaves the room, as he begins to swear hot and heavy. Jessica then goes and she sits down on the couch. Her hand then moves into her panties, as she finishes what the handsome Jon nearly started. Damn him for starting this and double damn her for needing to finish it. Once she orgasms she shall be so vulnerable.

Neve and Ian screw with such power and passion. Her hair is so messed up, as Ian fucks her with great lust. His hands move over her legs and ass, as they make love like animals. Ian screws his penis inside of her with incredible want and need, and she screws like she has not made love in so long. Neve has never had anyone with the size of Ian before and she loves how he stretches her pussy, and how his manhood slams into her g-spot over and over.

Her eyes close, as she feels the great pleasure that he causes her, and her chest heaves as she comes so close to orgasm. Ian notices this, and he begins to play with her clit with such passion and he leans down to kiss her tits. “Oh God! Not that anything but…. UHHHHH!” Neve has the mother of all orgasms, as she cums so hard. Her orgasm has to last maybe five minutes, and she cums with powerful joy. “Oh shit, yeah!”

Once Neve orgasms Ian cums like a freighttrain inside of her, and he pumps his seamen inside of her. Her chest heaves, as Neve enjoys her orgasm and Ian kisses it more. His left hand moves over her sexy legs, and she loves how he touches her so much. “Jesus Christ what a woman!” Ian has never came like this before too. “Oh God!”

He then pulls out of Neve and he lies beside of her. He looks into her deep blue eyes, and he asks. “So, how was I?”

“Dude, I am still coming!” Neve is still orgasming all over her fishnets and the sheets. Her naked body has sweat all over it and her chest heaves so hard. Ian kisses it some, as she tries to breath so hard. “Jesus Christ!”

His hands move over her legs, and he smiles as he looks at her pretty face. His fingers make her so horny, and Neve glows as his hands move over them too. Her legs look and feel so incredible inside of the fishnet stockings that she wears. “You were fantastic in bed.”

“I was?” Neve seems a little bit shocked by this, and she looks into Ian’s eyes. She then begins to explain to him. “Some men have said that I am not very good in bed.” She frowns some, as she looks into his eyes.

“So, who were these fools and how should they be killed?” Ian takes out his phone, and he looks into her eyes.

“NO! Don’t hurt them!” Neve looks up with alarm in her eyes. They turn back to brown for maybe one second. “Please, some of them were mistakes.” Neve hugs Ian, as she kisses him with such intense pleasure. “Please….”

Ian kisses Neve back in lust, as his hands move over her tits and legs. His hand then goes to her ass, and one finger slides inside of her tight asshole. Neve moans as his finger works inside of her asshole, and her chest heaves so hard. “Uhhh…” She moans softly, as Ian figures something out for himself.

“Neve, is your asshole a virgin?” His finger works inside of her asshole and Neve shivers so hard.

“Yes, no one has ever fucked my butt before….” Neve then looks at the handsome Ian in great fear, as she asks. “Do you wish to do so, now?”

“Can you get on your hands and knees?” Neve sighs some, and tears come down her cheeks while she gets on her hands and knees.

Ian gets up and he inserts his finger deep into her anus and Neve screams so hard. Her butt is a virgin and by how Neve shakes he can tell that she is terrified of an assfuck too. “Neve, may I fuck your asshole?”

She stays quiet for maybe a minute, then she speaks. “By how you made me orgasm I have no right to deny anything to you.” Neve squeezes her eyes shut, as she braces for impact.

Ian then takes his finger out of her asshole, and he watches her shivering frame and how low she cries at the thought of being assfucked. His hands move over her asshole, as he takes some time to make her sweat hard. He then presses down onto the small of her back, and Neve fights him so hard. “Neve, lie down.”

“Don’t you want to screw my asshole?” Neve looks back at the handsome Ian, as she sees the look of lust in his eyes.

“I am too tired to screw your asshole right now.” Neve does lie down, and she exhales in relief. She turns and she smiles at the handsome Ian. He grins as he looks into her beautiful blue eyes. “Maybe tomorrow?”

Neve then gets a look of complete joy on her face, as she hugs Ian so hard. Ian hugs her back, and he plays with her ass. Neve wiggles in complete joy, as Ian figures something out about what has happened. Neve just offered to give him something that she fears to have happen to her so much. She is under his complete control.

Jessica masturebates inside of the massage room, and she squeezes her eyes shut as she thinks of how hard and long she would fuck the handsome Jon. Her fingers move over her clit, as her left hand plays with her pussy with such need and want. Both of her hands play with her pussy with such want and need and Jessica drives herself over the breaking point. “Oh God!” She orgasms so hard, as she cums all over her hands.

She then removes her hands from her pussy and she smiles down at her cum covered hands. Then she realizes something. She is not alone! Jessica looks up wide eyed, as she looks at Rosario Dawson, as she wears her costume from the movie Sin City.

Rosairo glides into the room, as she claps some. “What I would have given to have my cell phone right now.”

“What did you see?” Jessica covers her body, as she goes red with complete shame.

“I came in here when you were shouting Jon at the top of your lungs, and both your arms were halfway up your pussy.” Rosario smiles, as she walks to Jessica. “If America knew you were that loose you would loose your number two ranking wouldn’t you?”

“If America knew a damn thing about either of us we would both loose a lot of fans.” Jessica shakes her head, as she looks at Rosario. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“I happen to live here now.” She smiles at a very shocked Jessica Alba. “Yes, I left my man for the handsome Ian Johnson. I also let him fuck the shit out of me every night completely.” She sits down, as Rosario looks at Jessica’s hands. “Need some help?”

“I was just… how could you leave your boyfriend? He was not hard on the eyes at all!” Jessica looks at her friend in shock, because it seemed that Rosario and her man happened to be so in love with each other.

Rosario then writes something down and she hands it to Jessica. “That is his phone number have fun!” Jessica reads his phone number due to pure shock, and she shakes her head no. Then she slips the number back into her pocket, and she looks up at Rosario.

“So you threw him away like trash, huh? That’s so cold.” Jessica looks into her eyes, as she promises herself to call on Rosario’s ex-boyfriend to make sure that he happens to be okay. Then she notices something. “How did your eyes become blue?”

Rosario grins, as she looks at Jessica and she crosses her legs. “I would tell you that my eyes were always blue, but we both know that I am lying.” She takes a colored contact out of her eye. “You like me better as blue eyed or brown eyed?”

“I am not sure on that…” Jessica looks at the contacts and she sighs some in relief. “I was really concerned though. Neve Campbell has beautiful blue eyes and she seems to be acting funny.

“Yeah, the last time I checked she had brown eyes, but I have worked with some people who have worked with her too. She can be pretty odd sometimes, so do not say that the drugs that Ian gave her made her become bizzare.”

Jessica looks at Rosario a little bit funny and she asks. “So, Neve Campbell is kinda a flake then?”

“Lets just say that her face should be on the ceral box and not Tony the Tiger’s picture.” Rosario smiles, as Jessica laughs so hard. “So Jessica, what are the chances that you and I can continue what we were doing on the set of Sin City?” Rosario places a hand on Jessica’s knee and the beautiful movie star shivers so hard.

She looks at her hand as Rosario moves it all over her sexy thigh, and she moans so hard. Jessica closes her eyes, as her hands move over her thigh with such passion. “Rosario… we can’t…” Jessica shakes, as her hand moves higher up her thighs than any woman’s has before in her life. “Uhhhh!”

Rosario then lies Jessica on her back, as she removes her sheet from her fabulous body. Her fingers move over Jessica’s flat tummy, and she shudders so hard as it happens. “Uhhh!” Jessica moans, as her hands move over her stomach and she closes her eyes due to lust.

She looks down at the beautiful and very sexy Jessica Alba, as her hands move over her flat tummy. Her eyes rolls, as her hands move over her stomach and Rosario grins. “Someone has a sexy tummy.” Rosario sings before she leans down, and she begins to kiss it with such passion.

Jessica shivers hard, and she arches her back as she is seduced by the super sexy Rosario Dawson. Her body quivers so hard, while her hands and lips move over her tummy. “Oh God! Oh God!”

Then her hand move down Jessica’s sexy body to between her stunning legs. Her panties are soak and wet, and Jessica’s eyes roll over the alluring hands that belong to Rosario Dawson. She grins at Jessica and her soak and wet panties due some to what she does to her body, and due some to the fact that she knows her sexual weakness.

Rosario kisses her tits, as her hands move inside of Jessica’s panties. She came already before she decided to hit on Jessica, and it paid so well that she did. Her hand then works its way into her panties and Jessica moans so loud, as it happens. “Uhhhh!”

“You are so fucking wet, but then you came before we started, huh beautiful?” Jessica shakes and she shivers, as the expert hands that belong to Rosario Dawson works on her pussy with such want and lust. Her chest heaves so hard, as her lips move over her tits. “Your tits taste so excellent.”

Jessica moans and she groans with such fury and lust, as Rosario’s hands and lips move over her beautiful body. Her hands feel so wonderful and so experienced on her skin, and she does have some mad skills.

Rosario then begins to kiss Jessica’s incredibly sexy legs, and her chest heaves so hard while it happens. Her skin tastes so sweet and it turns Rosario on so much. She kisses and runs her tongue up and down her legs and Jessica moans and she groans so loud. “Oh fuck!”

The Rosario removes her soak and wet panties, and Jessica closes her eyes and she shivers. She kisses down her legs as the panties slide off of them, and Jessica smiles so wide. Her hands and her lips feel so great on her ultra sexy legs.

She then smiles up at the sexy Rosario Dawson, and her eyes move over her sexy body too. Jessica bites her lip some, as she looks at her body. “So, Rosario do you plan on getting naked too, or is this all about seeing me naked?”

Rosario stands and she puts her hands on her hips and she looks down at the naked Jessica Abla. She licks her lips due to pure lust, and then she begins to strip slowly. She very seductively wiggles out of her leather costume she wore, as the character named Gail in Sin City.

Before Jessica Alba can yell female rapist or anything like that the beautiful and very sexy Rosario Dawson happens to be completely naked before her. “Do you like?” Rosario poses before Jessica so naked and so ultra sexy, and her partner nods with glee in her eyes.

“How are we going to fuck? We lack dicks.” Jessica’s eyes do go over her fine body and she can see that Rosario happens to be soak and wet too.

Then she walks between Jessica’s sexy legs, and she leans down and she begins to grind her clit against the clit that belong to Jessica. Her eyes roll on contact and she breaths so hard. “Oh God!” She so loves the feeling that comes from Rosario rubbing her clit against hers.

Her eyes roll around inside of her head, as Rosario rubs her clit against Jessica’s clit. Rosario grins, as she grinds her clit against that of Jessica’s. Her head moves down, and she begins to kiss her chest, while they fuck with such heart and fury.

“Oh God! I’m going to…. AHHHHHH!” Jessica cums so hard all over Rosario’s clit. Her chest heaves so hard, as she orgasms so hard all over both her and Rosario. She then uses her legs to bring the beautiful Rosario in for a kiss, and they kiss with firey passion.

Rosario smiles at the orgasmed out Jessica, as she stands back up and she looks down at her good friend. She has not came yet, but she smiles down at the exhausted superstar. “So, you like Lesbian sex, huh?”

“God yes, I am so exhausted that I cannot keep my eyes open. Care to go someplace with me and Cash some weekend?” Her foot moves over Rosario’s leg, and she shivers so hard. Jessica gives her such a sexy smile.

“Only if you screw Ian so hard with me.” Rosario gives her an evil smile, as her eyes get so heavy that she cannot no longer stay awake. Jessica Alba then falls to sleep with a sexy smile on her sleepy face.

Rosario smiles, as she looks at the sleeping star from so many movies, and then she walks to the wall. She pulls out a false wall that leads into a small office where the massage room gets video tapped. She walks to the recorder and she turns it off and she takes the tape out of it.

Then she walks to the VCR and she slips the video in it and she replays the scene where she and Jessica screw like monkeyes. She smiles an evil smile, as she watches the scene over and over. Jessica is so into anything sexual after she cama already that it makes Rosario smile so wide. When some women orgasm they are done, but some get so turned on that they must have more and more. Jessica Alba appears to be the later.

After she closes the video tape room, and smiles at the naked and very vulnerable Jessica Alba while she sleeps so heavy. Rosario does not do anything to cover her body up. If anyone comes inside of here to find her naked, he or she may do what they wish to do to her.

As she leaves the room Rosario Dawson looks at Jessica Alba and one phrase comes out of her sexy lips. “Fucking whore, we could all hear you screwing Robert on the set.” She then slams the door behind her.

While Rosario walks down the hall with her video tape in hand, the normal lights in the hallway make her eyes turn into the blue that they happen to be now. The massage room has special lights that can turn brown eyes into blue eyes and blue eyes into brown eyes. There is one small problem with the drugs that are in the blood of Neve Campbell and Rosario Dawson. Sometimes the drugs affect memory recall. Jessica Alba and the man who directed Sin City never screwed. Robert and Rosario did screw some though.

Neve Campbell walks down the stair of the huge mansion, as Rosario walks over her head in the hallway above her. She has no idea that Rosario happens to be here, besides it would not bother her at all if she did. A handsome kid with blonde hair and light blue eyes smiles, as he stands at the bottom of the stairs. His eyes cannot leave her legs, as Neve walks down the stairs. “Hello handsome.” Neve stops at the bottom step, and she smiles at the handsome kid.

“Hi… were you in Scream?” The kid blushes, as his eyes go over her body with such lust and want. The kid can’t be over forteen.

“Yes, I was in all of them. I was not in the I Know What You Did Last Summer movies. That was Jennifer Love Hewitt.” Neve then grins at the kid. “I’m Neve Campbell.”

“I know. I saw you naked in Wild Things…” The kid blushes, as he looks at her feet.

“Um… no you didn’t. In the threesome in that movie I used a body double. I did not wish to get naked with Matt and Denise.” Neve gives the kid an appologtic grin. “I am so sorry. Do you hate me now?”

“I could never hate you, but can you make it up to me?” The kid smiles so wide at the sexy star from many so movies, and the TV show called Party of Five.

“How can I make that up to you?” Right now Neve is up for anything due to the drugs in her system. If the kid asked to eat her pussy she would lie down and part her legs for him. “May I get your name before you tell me too?”

“My name is Matt. Can you walk up and down those stairs a few more times?” Matt smiles at the sexy Neve Campbell, as his eyes move over her legs. God, he is so hard right now!

Neve blushes and she smiles at the handsome kid who stands before her, and she begins to walk up the stairs once more. She makes a production out of every step, and even on her third time up the stairs she drops her hat, so she has to bend down straight legged to pick it up.

Once Neve makes it down the stairs she looks at him, and her eyes widen some in shock. Matt has his hands move his pants, but his hands cannot cover the cum stain that he made when she bent over to pick up her hat. “Nice to know that I still got it.” Neve then trotts to the handsome young man before her with a grin plastered to her pretty face. “Care to go somewhere so we can talk?” Neve offers young Matt her hand, and he takes it.

As Matt walks a little bit behind Neve Campbell, as they walk up the stairs to her bedroom. His eyes move over her amazing legs that are only covered by some fishnets. “Can I ask what we are going to talk about?”

“We both have cum stains on our clothes kid. What do you think that we are going to talk about?” Neve gives the kid a grin that nearly makes him cum once again.

“But I’m…” Matt then shuts up, before he tells her something that might kill her mood.

“Matt, I love to fuck virgins, so don’t worry.” Neve smiles down to the very excite Matt, and she so loves his reaction to that comment. Yes, this shall be fun!

Ian lies inside of his bedroom, and he looks at where he fucked Neve Campbell with such lust and want. Her legs are so incredible and her body is so outstanding. Fucking Neve Campbell was like an instant passport to Heaven. He smiles, as his hand moves over the bed where he fucked Neve and where she also slept too.

He then turns to Rosario, as she walks into the room with a video in her hand. She turns and she smiles at the handsome Ian. “Good evening, Gail.” Ian grins at the beauty before him, and she nods.

“Hello Master, I have got a show for you.” Rosario slides the tape into the VCR. Then she walks to her handsome master. The drugs have been in her system for months, and now she is his total sex slave. She then lies beside of him in Neve’s wet spot. “Who have you been fucking, Master?”

“Why do you think I have been fucking someone else?” He smiles at her, as his eyes move over her body. God she is so fucking hot!

“I am lying in a wet spot that I did not make. Did you fuck Neve Campbell? She any good?” Rosario smiles at Ian, as his eyes go over her body.

“She was the second best fuck that I had this week.” His fingers move over the skin that her outfit exposes on her hips. Her outfit exposes so much skin, and Rosario looks so fucking sexy. “How did you know that she was here?”

“Neve and I came face to face when we both went to the bathroom last night. Not a big deal really. So who was the best? I know you have not fucked Jessica Alba yet.” Her eyes narrow at him, before she smiles so wide. “I have though!” She takes the remote from the VCR and she turns it and the TV on.

His mouth pops open, as he watches Rosario Dawson kiss up the leg of Jessica Alba. Her hand moves over her flat tummy and Jessica’s chest heaves so hard as it happens.

“Holy crap!” Ian looks at both the beautiful Jessica Alba and the ultra-sexy Rosario Dawson, as they begin to fuck he grins so wide. His fingers continue to move over her legs and that drives her so crazy.

“Oh my God… Master!” Her eyes roll back, as she breathes so hard. Her chest heaves so hard, as he plays with the part of her body that her costume and skin meet. “You know doing that drives me totally nuts!”

His other hand moves across her body, and his other hand plays with the same parts of her skin and outfit. Rosario shakes and she shivers so hard, as his awesome fingers move over her sexy flesh.

Before she can begin to gain any control, not that Rosario does not wish to fuck the handsome Ian Johnson, his hands begin to move over her so sexy legs. Rosario moans so hard, as his hands move over her sexy legs. She closes her eyes to enjoy his touch with such want and need.

Then Ian begins to kiss her legs with incredible lust, and her eyes flutter while his lips move over her sexy legs. Her chest heaves so hard, as he kisses her legs and his hands glide up and down them with passion.

“Oh God… uhhhh!” Rosario begins to moan and groan with great rythem, as his hands and lips begin to move up and down her legs. She shudders, as she begins to undo her tight costume. Her chest explodes out of her outfit, as she grins so wide for the handsome Ian.

His lips then begin to kiss her large nipples, and she shivers so hard as his hands move over her tits too. Her eyes roll, as Ian sucks her nipples with such passion and want. No milk comes out, but Rosario loves the attention that the handsome Ian gives her nipples.

Then Ian begins to remove the rest of her costume and before she knows it, Rosario Dawson happens to be stark naked before the handsome Ian. He then removes his underwear, and then he begins to eat out her pussy with such passion and want.

“Oh Jesus Christ! Uhhh! YES!” If there is one thing sexually that Ian Johnson is great at it is eatting pussy. How his tongue moves over her clit always drives her so wild. Her eyes roll, and her chest heaves with such thrust while his tongue moves over her inflammed pussy.

Rosario arches her back, as she pushes her hips into Ian’s mouth with such need and desire. Sweat runs down her body, as she becomes lost in sexual esctasy. Her eyes are pressed shut, as his tongue and hands pleasure her in so many ways.

She then begins to swear with a string of profanty that would more likely come from her character’s mouth than her own. Her chest moves up and down, as her pussy is eaten out by an expert. “Oh for the love of mother fucking God! YES, YES, YES!” She then orgasms all over his face with such lust and desire. Her body collapses due to exhaustion, and her eyes roll hard. “Oh shit, yeah….”

Rosario breathes heavy, as she enjoys her orgasm with such glee and gladness. Her eyes flutter, as she enjoys the afterglow of her orgasm, and her chest moves up and down. His head is still between her very sexy legs, and Rosario smiles a grin of pure joy.

Then Ian looks up at her in the eyes, and he smiles so wide. “So, you like getting your pussy licked out then?” His eyes cover her exceptional body.

“What woman would say that she dislikes having that done to her?” Rosario smiles at the handsome Ian. Her eyes then go to his huge penis. “Tell me the truth. Is that thing real?”

Ian sets it before her pretty face, and her full sex lips. Rosario smiles at it, as her fingers move over it. “Impressive, most impressive.”

“So, you like Little Ian then?” Ian gives her a really playful smile, and Rosario laughs so hard.

Then she takes his penis into her hands, and she slides it inside of her mouth with a sexy grin on her face. Her tongue moves under his penis, and his body becomes as stiff as his penis has become.

Ian arches his back, as Rosario Dawson gives him the greatest head job that he has ever received before in his life. Her tongue moves under his penis with want, as she tastes his flesh. His chest heaves so hard, as Ian lies on his side. “Oh God, Gail! Oh God!”

He tries to fight the powerful feelings that the extremely sexy Gail from the movie Sin City brings into his loins; but no man can take the sexual feelings that the real woman behind the character can do to a man. As her expert tongue moves over his dick with such skill and want Ian begins to cum and cum hard.

Rosario does her best to swallow as much seamen as she can, but some gets onto her chin. She smiles up to the handsome Ian, as she licks it off of his member and her chin. She then kisses him with passion, and he kisses her back with lust.

“Master, you are kissing my cum filled face. You are eating your own seamen.” Rosario grins at him, as she pulls away from his face.

Ian smiles, as he looks into her eyes too. “Gail, you are eating your own cum too. Not really a big deal to me. I am not fifteen-years old my sexy friend.” His hands move over her sexy legs, before Ian stands and he walks to a desk. He then takes out a huge vibrator that would scare the shit out of any woman, and he mouth pops open some.

“Oh my God!” Rosario closes her eyes, as Ian takes out some leather straps, and he begins to tie her to the bed. She inhails deeply, as he slides it inside of her and she becomes so afraid. “Master… I dislike this…” She really does not want this thing inside of her.

As Ian slides the vibrator inside of her, he smiles so wide. He then turns it on and she begins to scream loud out of agony. Her body goes tense, as she endures a sexual torture that would make even the most fool hearty vixen shudder in fear. As Rosario Dawson endures this very sadist torture, as the huge and bone shattering vibrator moves inside of her one thing becomes clear to the handsome Ian. “Only two to go now.” For the recond, Rosario endures this torture for well over a half hour before she passes out from agony.

Neve and the very young Matt walks into her bedroom that she has inside of the mansion. She still cannot get over how this room was so designed to her tastes. She has some stuffed animals in her room and her bed is so soft and comfy. “So, do you like my bedroom?” She smiles down to Matt, as he blinks some.

“What are you, five?” Matt looks at her bedroom, it looks like it was made for a kid and not a grown up woman to him.

She then looks down at Matt with narrowed eyes, as she comments. “Did you just insult me?”

Matt blinks, as he remembers that he does not need the sexy Neve Campbell mad at him or anything. “I am sorry. You have the right to sleep with any teddy bear that you wish to sleep with.”

Neve then smiles at the handsome Matt, as she walks into the room. Her heels so kill her, but she takes the pain with charm. Compared to ballet shoes high heels are not that bad at all. “So Matt, what do you sleep with?” Neve smiles, as she turns and she looks at him.

“I have a poster that use to mean something to me.” Matt sighs, as Neve rolls her eyes.

“So, you stold a poster from Wild Things? That movie shall haunt me to my grave.” Neve sits down, and she crosses her sexy legs for Matt. “She and I did make out on camera, remember?”

“Yeah, why was that stand in so clothed? We could have seen her tits or something?” Matt smiles, as his eyes go over her sexy legs.

“Because if you could see her tits then you might see her face. Besides that scene was all about Denise. Can we talk about anything else please?” Neve smiles, as her eyes go over his hard on. She has gotten so sick of talking about Wild Things, because of that so-called nude scene. “If I could wipe that movie from my resume I would do so.”

“I would erase Drowning Mona before that movie. That was a piece of crap.” Matt smiles, as Neve and she begins to laugh so hard.

“Okay, was I in anything good then?” Neve giggles some, as she remembers back when she was so popular that she got all sorts of movie offers, and some of them were truly terrible.

“Me and you could make a movie.” Matt walks to her, and he places a hand on her leg.

Neve smiles down at his hand, and she grins at the handsome young man before her. His hands are very nice, and she happens to be so freaking horny. “What kind of plot could we do? We have no camera too.”

Matt leans in to kiss her, and Neve kisses him back teasingly. She then pulls away from him, and she chuckles so hard. “A porno, huh?”

“It could be anything you want it to be.” Matt removes her bow tie, and Neve shudders so hard. He then begins to kiss her sexy neck, as his hands move over her fishnet covered gams. Her eyes roll, as his hands moves over her legs, and his lips move over her neck.

“Oh my fuck God! There must be something in the water!” Neve falls onto her back, as Matt begins to open her shirt up. His hands move over her tits, as he looks into her sexy eyes. Neve looks back up to the handsome Matt with fire and passion in her eyes. His hands move over her tits with a want and desire that has so been missing from her current relationship, and she loves it so much. She puffs out her chest, so it looks bigger and Matt kisses it with so much lust.

His tongue moves over her large nipples, and she shakes so hard while his hands move outside of her tits on her mounds. Neve then begins to need oxygen, and Matt begins to tickle her ribs so hard. Then she begins to laugh, and her tits go down to their normal size as she laughs so hard.

Matt continues to tickle her with such lust and want, and Neve fights him so hard. His fingers move over her ribs, and Neve laughs so hard. She closes her eyes, as she begins to yell so loud. “Oh my God! I have to pee so bad!”

Then his hand begins to move over her tummy, and she closes her eyes to breath so hard. “Do you need to use the potty?” Matt asks, as Neve stops laughing so much.

“Yes, I have regressed into a five-year old. I do need to use the toilet.” Neve smiles up to handsome Matt, as she giggles some.

He smiles down at Neve, as his hand move over her stomach. He then asks her something strange. “Can I watch?” By how her eyes widen, Matt thinks he just might have blown it. “Did I just fuck something great up?” His face becomes so sad.

Neve shakes her head no, as she looks up at the handsome Matt. “No, but some might be offended. Don’t ask that for a really long time.” Neve then gets off of the bed, and she smiles at the handsome Matt. “Give me five minutes before you come into the bathroom, because you’ll get to wash my back.” She begins to walk away from the handsome Matt, and then she turns to him. “And maybe my front too.”

Jessica Alba walks inside of the steam room that is close to the room that she and Rosario Dawson fucked inside. She holds her towel to her chest, as her eyes go over the steam room. She has some horny left inside of her and a good steam tends to calm those demons down some. She looks for anything that might record her nearly naked body. “Girl, you should not be so paranoid.” She says, as she looks at the seat that she intends to sit in.

She crosses her sexy legs, as she sits down and she wonders how she plans to tell her boyfriend, Cash Warren, that she cheated on him with the sexy Rosario Dawson. She ponders maybe doing it again with her and video tapping it, because no man who watches that tape could stay angry very long. “Girl, you might have fucked something up that was real.”

Tears begin to fall down her cheeks, and Jessica begins to bawl hard as she imagines Cash tearing into her like a rabid wolverine. She cries hard, as she shivers so hard out of pure fear and dread. “I am a horrible girlfriend.” Jessica comments to no one, as the door comes open before her. “Hello?”

“Hello Jessica, its me Ian. May I come in for my daily steam?” Ian smiles, because the room happens to be so foggy. Maybe he might accidently sit on her or something.

“You own the place. Come on in.” Jessica smiles, as she does her best to tolerate the handsome, but mean Ian. “Thank you for the massage. How much do I owe for it?”

“You get whatever my house has inside of it all weekend. You may bowl, deepship fish, sail a boat, dance disco or get a massage. Anything you can find in this house you may enjoy, but do not take it.”

“Okay, do you have an issue that comic book with Superman first appeared inside, because I need to use the bathroom before I hit the wine cellar?” Jessica smiles, as sexy for him and Ian laughs so hard.

“My only issue of Action Comics the issue that Superman first appeared inside is on the third floor. If you can get your hands on it you may use it for whatever you wish to use it for. I am sure that an issue of Action Comics that Jessica Alba used to wipe her ass would go for some big money on E-Bay.”

“No one would buy that from you.” Jessica giggles, because that auction would be shut down very quickly. “Someone tried to sell a pair of panties that they stold from my dressing room, and that was shut down very quickly.”

“So, was that all that he got in the divorce? He lost you and all that he got was a pair of your panties? How sad.”

“My ex-husband was not that person. Jeez!” Jessica rolls her eyes at his little joke. “God, him and I loved each other and then life happened.” Jessica shrugs some. “I did not cheat on him or he did not do anything truly perverted to gross me out, or whatever made up rumor that you might hear.”

“You must get so sick of the rumor mill.” Ian’s eyes go over her body, and she sighs some.

“I have learned to live with it. Some people see me do something, and the next thing I know that something has become something else entirely.” Jessica places her hands in her lap, as she sighs some hard. “I have done something so stupid today.”

“Yes, Rosario told me what you and she did.” Jessica then becomes very cold, as she sits inside of the steam room.

“She told you what?” Jessica looks up at the tall and handsome Ian with tear filled eyes.

“Lets watch what was recorded inside of the massage room.” Ian pushes a button and a special TV comes out of the wall.

Jessica looks at the television that was designed so it can exist inside of this hot house in complete horror, as she and Rosario begin to go through their foreplay. She cries so hard, as she and Rosario begin to fuck like rabid monkeys. “Oh my God… NO!” Jessica cannot take her eyes off of what she and the sexy Rosario Dawson does. She has watched Lesbian sex on porno before, but never with herself as a star. That stuff was only for laughs too.

Ian rewinds and replays the tape over and over again for her, and Jessica cannot stop crying. Tears come down her beautiful face, as she watches her and Rosario fuck with such passion and lust. There is no way that Cash can foregive this and what would her… “Oh my God, what will my parents think?”

“There is my beautiful daughter, the dike, God the boys at work will be so heart broken.” Ian smiles at the beautiful Jessica, as she stands up and removes her towel. His eyes move over her sexy naked body, and Ian grins so wide. “Beautiful.”

“Where do you want me?” Jessica waits for any intrustions that the handsome Ian might have for her. She stands before the handsome Ian in her birthday suit with sweat coating her sexy body. “You know that I hate you, right?”

“Yes, I know Jessica. Do what I wish and that tape shall become yours.” Ian smiles at her, as his eyes scan her beautiful body.

Ian takes out a large vibrator and he turns it on. Jessica licks her full sexy lips, as she walks to it and she sits down on it. She shudders, as the huge vibrator parts her lips, and it begins to fill her so tight. “Ahhh!” Shivers go up her very sexy body, as she begins to ride the vibrator. She then looks at Ian with such hate in her eyes.

“I never asked you to screw Rosario Dawson in my massage parol that has a sign that the room is being video taped.” Ian grins, as Jessica begins to enjoy what she is doing to his vibrator. His hand moves over her hips, as she presses her tits right into his face.

As Jessica rides the vibrator that fills her with such lust and want, she slowly breaks down and she begins to love it so much. The vibrator slams into her g-spot so perfectly each time, she lowers herself upon it. Her tits rub against Ian’s face, as she fucks it so hard.

Then she orgasms all over his vibrator, and it sends shivers up her sexy and very beautiful body. Her chest heaves in his face, as Ian smiles so wide. She then sits on his lap, as he kisses her tits and she shivers so hard. While this happens Jessica begins to cry even harder than before.

Ian then lifts her off of his lap, so she can look into the mirror over his head and he asks her. “Jessica, look into the mirror?”

Jessica looks into the mirror before her, and she gasps so hard. Her eyes are slowly turning blue. “You bastard!” Jessica looks at her eyes and she wonders what has happened to turn her eyes from brown to blue. “How?”

He holds her, as she breathes in the steamed air inside of the steam room. Her breathing is heavy and ragged, and she answers her own question. What makes her eyes go blue and what shall cloud her mind happens to be the steam inside of the steam room. She sobs, as Jessica tries to work up the strength to escape from his arms, but she is to exhausted to do so. “No…. please…” Jessica can do nothing but breath in the vapors from the steam room, and her eyes become bluer and bluer. Tears come down her cheeks, as she realizes that she has no escape.

Inside of the bathroom connected to Neve Campbell’s and Rosario Dawson’s bedrooms, Neve and Matt shower together. His hands lather soap all over her tight tummy, and Neve sighs so hard while it happens. His hands are so great for a guy who has never screwed anyone before, and Neve ponders why she has gotten so lucky to be this guy’s first.

His hands move farther and farther down her stomach, and he touches her pubic hair some. Matt’s hand does not dare to move any more. His fingers do move over the top of her bush, and Neve finds this to be great torture.

Neve then looks at the handsome Matt with a smoldering stare and she tells him. “You may touch it.” Her hips go foreward, as she takes his hand and she guides it to her pussy.

His fingers move over her clit, and electricty runs down her body. Her chest heaves, as Neve huffs and puffs so hard while she tries to breath. Neve’s eyes roll around her pretty head, as Matt explores her clit with such want. “Oh God…”

Matt plays with her clit with incredible joy, and Neve shakes and she shivers so hard. His other hand then begins to move over her shapely ass, and Neve is too turned on to say anything. His hand moves over her ass getting closer to her anus, while his other hand moves over Neve’s pussy.

Neve then screams out of fear, as one of Matt’s fingers move into her asshole. Her asshole feels so tight, and her body quivers as his finger sits inside of it. “Are you okay?” Matt stops finger fucking her asshole. He places his other hand over her stomach, so Neve does not fall or anything.

“No man has ever… done that to me before.” She then feels his finger slide out of her asshole, as tears come down her face. His hands go to the small of her back and her stomach so she does not fall over or anything.

“Did I hurt you bad?” His hands make her feel so secure as he holds her with such care and love. The shampoo washes from her now long hair, as he holds her. Her chest heaves, as Neve tries to focus.

Neve remembers how the finger felt in her asshole, and she smiles because it is not as bad as how her mother said it would be. His finger did not feel that bad in her asshole and his hand felt great on her body. Neve smiles, as she finishes washing the soap off of her beautiful body. She then looks at the handsome Matt. “Dry us off, please?”

She takes his hand, and she leads Matt out of the shower. Neve then hands him a towel, as he begins to dry her off with lust in his eyes.

The star from the Scream movies so loves how Matt dries off her beautiful and very toned body. The towel moves over her sexy legs to make sure that he leaves no wet spots on her skin. The cloth then moves over her tits and tummy to make sure that poor Neve does not get a chill or anything like that. “All dry now.”

He then begins to dry off her long and beautiful dark black hair, but the hair is nearly dry and niether he nor her have touched it at all. “Wow, great hair!”

“Thank you. Ian gave it to me so I could play Zatanna. Care to fuck my asshole?” Neve then gets on her hands and knees on top of the bed, and she looks at the handsome Matt with a comehither look.

Matt walks to her, and his hands move over her nice sexy ass, and Neve shivers so hard. He slaps it some, and she moans so hard. His hand then begins to move over her pussy, and Neve shakes so hard. “Uhhhh!”

Then Matt takes a stand up dildo out of her drawers, and it sets it under her pussy. Neve lowers her pussy onto the dildo, and she shudders so hard. “Oh God…” Neve lets the dildo stretch her pussy, and sweat comes down her body.

While this happens, Matt uses his fingers to part her asshole, and he slides his dick into it. Neve bellows in pain, as his member slides into her anus and Matt holds it inside of her.

“Oh God! So UNNATURAL!” Neve begins to cry like a little girl, as his member sits in her asshole. Matt does not dare move, as Neve weeps so loud.

“Want me to pull out of you?” Matt is kind of screwing her ass, and Neve can tell that he so wants to do this.

“You may screw me if you wish to do so.” Neve grits her teeth, as she perpares for her ass screw.

Matt moves inside of her asshole slowly, as he tells her. “The stop phrase shall be dark angel.” Neve growls some at that word, while Matt fucks her ass.

Neve closes her eyes, as she feels her first dick up her asshole. It is not a huge penis, but it does hurt some. She thinks of saying the word, but she does not wish to say that word. “Uhhh God!”

His hand then moves over her clit, as she gets the double fuck by the dildo and his penis. Her hand moves over her tits, as her other arm gives out and Matt begins to fuck her even harder than before.

“Oh God, yes!” Neve feels both members deep inside of her, as they rub her walls and her body shudders so hard. “UHHHHHHHHHHH OH GOD DAMN IT!” Neve cums all over the place, and her body shudders so hard.

He finally cums inside of her asshole, and Neve moans so loud as her asshole becomes filled with his seamen. She shakes so hard, as he fills her. “Ahhhh!” Matt moans, as he cums so hard inside of her. “Oh my God!”

Matt lies beside of the exhausted Neve, as she lacks the will to remove the huge dildo from her pussy. “Did someone see Jessica Alba today?”

“I might have… are you mad?” Matt swallows some, as he looks into her eyes.

“No, do you wish to fuck her though?” Neve smiles, as she looks into his handsome eyes.

“If it wouldn’t make you mad, I would.” Matt shakes some, as Neve looks into his eyes.

“No, I’ll talk to her tomorrow, and I’ll see what I can do.” Neve kisses him before both she and he fall to sleep in each others arms. As the former virgin sleeps in the arms of the beautiful star from so many movies one things goes through his mind. Today Neve Campbell, tomorrow Jessica Alba, and then Rosario Dawson!

Inside of his bedroom, Ian runs his hands over the beautiful and very sexy body that belongs to Jessica Alba. Her chest heaves so hard, as his hands move over her chest. Her nipples feel so sexy, as Ian plays with them in great lust. Ian’s hands are so wonderful, and Jessica’s mind is so scramnbled from the drugs that she inhaled from the steam room.

“You are so beautiful Susan Richards.” His hands move over her tits with such want, and Jessica cannot help but enjoy it so much.

His hands then begin to move over her legs, and Jessica’s eyes roll so much while she breathes so hard. Ian has well practiced hands, and Jessica has very vulnerable legs. Ian’s hands move over her tender flesh making her body break into goosebumps, and her chest heaves so hard. “Oh God!”

“Someone have very sensative legs?” Ian asks, as his hands move over her very sexy thighs. Her chest heaves so hard, as her eyes rolls around in her head. Her skin breaks out into goosebumps, as her feet moves some. His lips kiss up the flesh on her legs, as Jessica tries to focus so hard.

“Must remember boyfriends name!” Jessica shouts, while she realizes that she cannot remember her own name right now. “Oh God!” Right now she happens to be Susan Richards from the Fantastic Four.

Ian then removes her black panties, and Jessica shakes so hard. Her eyes look like they are a pinball and her chest moves, as she works so hard to breath. His fingers then move over her pussy, and Jessica’s hands go over her mouth to mask her gasps.

Jessica feels shivers go down her spine, as Ian uses his fingers to play with her pussy. His fingers move over her clit, and she arches her back pushing her pelvis into his hand. Her eyes flutter, as she moans so hard. “UUUUUUHHHH!”

Ian smiles, as Jessica orgasms so hard all over his hand. Her chest heaves so hard, as the air comes in and out of her full and very sexy lips. Ian lies beside of her, as his fingers trace over her breasts. “You are so freaking sexy.” Ian smiles, as his finger traces over her nipple.

“You are so… oh my god… so turned on… so tired too.” Jessica’s chest heaves so hard, as she tries to intake any air into her lungs. Sometimes the mist from the steam room does this to a woman.

He gets up and he walks across the room to a place where he keeps drugs for this occasion. He takes out a needle and he fills it with something. “Jessica, I am going to give you this drug. When you take it you’ll begin to breath easier. Okay?” He walks back to her with the needle in hand.

Jessica turns to him with her heaving chest, and she smiles at the handsome Ian Johnson. Her eyes then move over the needle and she looks into his eyes. “So where do you wish to inject me?”

She then lifts up her leg so high exposing her inner thigh to him. Ian takes the needle and he injects the drugs in her inner thigh so high that any person looking for a needle mark that high on Jessica Alba must be a complete fag.

Once the drugs are in her system, Jessica falls to sleep. Her breathing calms down like it ALWAYS does on the women who are exposed to the steam from the room that she was inside. The drugs have another purpose and the chemicals do their work on her mind. Ian runs his fingers through her blonde hair, as Jessica sleeps so sound. “When you awaken you shall be someone else.” He then places some earphones over her ears, so Jessica can receive her instructions.

Neve Campbell walks into the room that Rosario has been enduring the vibrator inside of her vagina. It has been way over the time that Ian told her to relieve her of her pain and agony. Neve smiles, as she looks at the passed out Rosario Dawson while she endures the largest vibrator that she or any woman has ever seen. She happens to be lying in a pool of cum, as Rosario orgasms while she is passed out from the pain.

She smiles as she turns the vibrator from medium to very high, and Rosario’s eyes pop open and she cums so hard. “AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!” She bellows in powerful agony. It feels like her vagina has been ripped in half, and her body jerks from the agony.

Then Neve pulls the vibrator out of her, and she turns it off and then she begins to unstrap her. Rosario’s hands then go between her legs, and she cries so hard while she holds her vagina. “You fucking little whore!” Rosario screams at her with such fury in her voice. “I’ll fucking kill you!”

“Yes, kill me because I had some fun with you and your favorite sex toy.” Neve then puts it back into its box, and she puts it away in its secure spot. “God that would never fit inside of me. What a fucking slut!”

Rosario sits up, and she glares at Neve with hate in her eyes. Her vagina has swollen over three times what it should be and Neve gasps some. “Oh my God. I should have turned that off hours ago!”

She then looks at the clock, and then Rosario glares at Neve with so much hatred. Then Rosario tries to stand, but she can’t do it yet. “Six fucking hours of that! How dare both of you do that to me!”

“You must be the stupiest bitch that I have ever seen!” Neve takes out a small vibrator, and she turns it on. Then she lies it on the bed beside of her. Neve then lies down, and she begins to scream so hard. “OH GOD! IT HURTS SO FUCKING BAD! PLEASE MAKING IT FUCKING STOP! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE IT STOP!”

Rosario blinks, as Neve does her act and then she turns and she smiles at Rosario. Her eyes go over her body, and then she looks deep into her eyes. “How much cum do you have in there?” Neve finds that she and her Zatanna costume have gotten stuck to the bed.

“That wet spot is not all my cum. Sweat, cum, maybe a little baby oil make up that spot. I am not that big of a whore.” Rosario so hates Neve Campbell. She has not heard Neve scream in any pain or agony since she has gotten here. Rosario cannot say the same for herself. “Besides, I was tied down, so I could not do that little trick. You must have frostbite on the brain.”

“Lets go and check on Ian and his newest slut. Fifty says that he got her with the steam room.” Neve bounces out of bed, and she smiles as Rosario slowly slides out of bed like an old lady.

“Must be nice to be his favorite, you fucking whore.” Rosario gives Neve a hate glare, as Neve runs down the hallways with a bounce in her step.

“Sister, both of us are going down a peg. What do you think that Jessica Alba was brought here to play volleyball?” Neve then does a complete flip, and she loves what these drugs have done to her body. “You think Master Ian would let us make a team?”

Rosario shakes her head, as she scales the walls like she happens to be Spiderman. She can hardly walk and Neve acts like a cheerleader on speed. “When my bones knit you are a fucking dead woman.” She promises Neve, as she makes her way down the hall. No way she can fuck anyone for a long time. Why does Neve insist on throwing that in her face?

Ian smiles, as the person who was once Jessica Alba fucks him with such fire and passion. Her blue eyes look at him with such lust and want. Her tits bounce up and down, as she only wears her leather boots. Her mask covers her face except for those sexy lips. His penis strikes her just right on every thrust and her body shivers so hard.

“Oh God yes! MALICE!” Ian screams in such passion, as she squeezes his penis. His hands move over her tits and legs, as Malice fucks him so hard. She smiles down at him, as she cums over and over with no signs of running out of power or will.

Neve Campbell stands in the doorway, and she gasps so hard as she watches him and Jessica fuck so hard. “Holy S&M Batman!” Neve blinks, as she looks at her and Ian fuck like savage chimps in lust.

Malice smiles, as she drives herself onto his penis over and over while she enjoys it so much. Her head goes back, as she orgasms one last time. She looks deep into his eyes, as Ian cums inside of her so hard and then a wide and evil grin spreads across the face of the former Jessica Alba.

“Holy crap! Nancy has gone hardcore?” Rosario can barely breath, as she makes it to Neve’s side. Rosario happens to be stark naked too. She did not have the urge to get dressed. Malice and see that some damage has been done to her vagina too.

“You stupid little bitch, Neve. Get her some ice and call the doctor.” Malice gets off of Ian and she smiles, as she looks at his face. Neve then goes to get Rosario some ice.

She looks down at Ian who now appears to be in some pain, and she smiles a wide smile. “Did I hurt you? Awww too bad.” Her finger move over his dick, and she gives him such an evil smile.

“Malice, I think you might have done something really bad. Look at the guy.” Rosario can hardly even stand, and her pussy hurts so bad. Neve comes in with a bag of ice, and she looks at Ian with deep concern. This is her master afterall.

“Oh, I did do something bad. Ian, I did not make you some viagra, but I made you a heart attack cocktail.” Malice smiles at the girls, as she looks down at the helpless Ian. He begins to have his heart attack, and Malice laughs as it happens.

As Ian looks up at the very sexy Jessica Alba, the alluring Rosario Dawson, and the extremely beautiful Neve Campbell one thing goes through his mind. He programed Jessica Alba too well to become Sue Richard’s darkside, a woman named Malice. As his heart begins to shut down, his eyes go over her body and he can’t help but smile. How many men would give their souls to be screwed to death by Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba looks down at Ian, as he dies a very painful death and then she smiles at Rosario Dawson. “Looks like that handsome kid who I saw eariler owns this place now. What is he his nephew?”

“Something like that. He is willed to get all of his stuff when he dies. Only one problem. The kid shall have a guardian until he happens to be eightteen.”

Malice takes out a sheet of paper, and she shows it to Rosario and Neve. “I am his guardian now. Yay me!” Both Neve and Rosario look at the paper with gapped jaws.

“What are you going to do with the body, Jessica?” Neve asks, as she looks at Ian. Maybe she can keep it and try to make her dead master happy?

“My name is Malice now! I suggest you get a shovel bitch.” Malice shakes her head, as she looks at the very shocked Neve Campbell. “Unless you plan to dig his grave with your hands. And NO Rosario and I will not help you too.”

As Neve drags the very dead Ian out of the room, Rosario smiles down as it takes her great effort to drag the billionaire out of the room. “That ought to take some pep out of your step.” Rosario then turns to Malice, and she smiles some. “So, you think that we can control the kid?”

“Rosario, I already have my name on the checks that are coming very soon. By the way Ian fell overboard when he and Neve went fishing.” Malice smiles at Rosario so wide, and she grins back.

“Malice, is Neve going to prison?” Rosario chuckles, as she imagines Neve Campbell as someone’s bitch in prison. “The readers might not like that very much.”

“If Neve does not kiss my ass every day she might have a large hairy cellmate named Becky or something to the sort. I don’t care what the readers think…. Rosario… it looks like we have broken the fourth wall.”

Both Malice and Rosario Dawson look at you and they both shout out loud. “You should be ashamed of yourself!”

THE END. Any questions of comments send them to sharkboy77@hotmail.com

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